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autumn 2014

Sweet Spot Club Newsletter

 President’s Word

 members

 Pennant notices

Marcus Smith

Club Practice do’s+Don’ts

supper common room

It’s been an exciting few months for the Club, and we hope all our members, old and new, are enjoying being a part of the Club so far.

One of the great benefits for members is access to practice sessions held five times a week. Here are 10 Club Practice Tips that the Club advocates our members to follow:

Due to a recent incident, the pie warmer is no longer available for use. Pennant teams should be aware that the ability to maintain food at temperature is very limited until further notice, and should plan suppers accordingly.

There are lots of activities going on around the Club, including the start-up of an in-house competition for students as well as coaching sessions and social events. Take advantage of them – meet new people, learn new skills and have fun at the same time. To the members who are playing pennant for the first time, we hope that you’re enjoying the season so far. There have been a number of unsavoury incidents on court recently, involving both Monash players as well as players from other Clubs, and so it is perhaps timely to remind everyone of the importance of good sportsmanship and game etiquette both on and off court. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and representing you and the Club in a positive light is important. It’s been fantastic seeing more faces around the Club. To ensure members continue to enjoy practice sessions, we’ve developed 10 Club Practice Tips for members to follow. In the meantime, happy squashing!

Squash Club

 Rotate. Play only two games/15mins if

others members are waiting.  Ask for court lights. Kindly ask Monash

Sport staff to turn lights on for practice.

 Meet and introduce yourself - get to

know more players to practice with.

 Verify players on a practice court are Club

members - kindly evict them if they are not.

 Do drills. Ghost. Court ghosting and

squash drills help you to keep improving!

 Group. If there many members waiting,

start a group on court for 3/4’s or drills.

 Learn. Sign up to a coaching program to

improve your technique and game play.

 Report any found racquets during practice

for members who may have lost theirs.

 Bring a guest, once. Guests can attend

practice sessions but must become a member after their first visit.

 Feedback. If you have suggestions, issues

or questions, contact the Club Committee via email, facebook or in person.

court+playing pennant etiquette Do’s  Share the warm up time equally  Call your own lets and double bounces  Cede the point if you know the referee has

made a wrong call to your benefit  Shake hands at the end of the match  Have fun Don’ts  Be late  Take excessive time between games

 Expect a let without asking, i.e. ‘let please’  Argue with the referee  Play dangerously

Remember, it is only a game, and winning isn’t everything. How you behave before, during and after play says much about you as a person, a player and a Club member.

 coaching

 events

 where are they now?

5-week coaching programs

24 hour squash fundraiser

past members

The Club is running 5-week subsidised group coaching programs for members. We are seeking expressions of interest from all members as we aim to cater to all levels, availabilities and preferred days/times. Coaching programs help members to improve quickly with the basics, footwork, technique, and shot selection. Players can also improve deception and touch, as well as the mental aspects of competing at squash.

Josh, Menusha, Alex, Jacqui, Jonty, Derek, Ben, Harshil, Yasser, and Tom joined over 130 players to participate in the 24 Hour Mega Squash event for people with MS.

 Jen Catto: 2010-2012

 Dates will vary depending on members

 Josh, Alex and Tom played racquetball...

 35 for 5 sessions

 Spot prizes won by Jonty and Tom


 Alex raised $835 by pledging +6hrs of play!


 Tournaments

The team raised an amazing $3,010 and came third overall (fundraising+points)! With nine other teams, the event raised $32,430!  Yasser and Harshil kicked off and closed  Ben, Jonty, Jac, Menu, Tom played kids...

 STUDENT activities

Knee injury and arthroscopy in 2011. Doing lots of cycling as it gets better. Hoping for a social hit soon.  George Smith: 2011-2012 Moved back to UK and finished degree. Coached by former world #3 Simon Parke. Starting beginners coaching at local gym. International zoologist and budding tv star.  georgesmithzoology  Jimmy Tan: 2008-2013 Achilles injury last year. Recovering slowly. Has not done any exercise, put on 5kg. Desperate to come back, could be June.


gippsland Open @MAFFRA

squash bootcamp for students

News Bites

Nine members from the Club ventured to Maffra to compete in the Gippsland Open in March. Good squash, fanatic team support, a friendly rivarly with UniMelb and podium positions made for a great weekend.

In April, Baey conducted the inaugural Squash Boot Camp for students. The program included a range of technique and movement drills, court fitness, strength training, PSA SquashTV, and GoPro video review of participants. Feedback was very positive and more will be run this year.

 Congrats to Jacqui (Volunteer Award) and

in-house competition

 Marcus, Henry, Josh, Baey, Harshil and

The new ‘Student Showdown 2014’ in-house competition is open to all current student club members. Matches can take place during Monday, Thursday and/or Friday Club practice sessions.

 New 2014 Club shirts to be available soon

Players will play matches (best out of three games) and will be ranked on a ladder system that will be updated every 1-2 weeks. Check the noticeboard for more rules. Awards (tbc) to be presented at the end of every semester.

 2014 membership cards are available for

 Division 5, Winner: Mel Gray  Division 4, Winner: Josh Tonzing  Division 3, Runner-up: Tom Nguyen  Division 2, 3rd place: Himanshu Sarin

upcoming tournaments  Ballarat and District Open: 21-22 June  Victorian Open at MSAC: 12-13 July  Mornington Peninsula Open: 10-11 Aug  Shepparton International: 23-24 Aug  Monash Squash Club Championships

(graded and free for members): 25 Oct

Squash Club

Himanshu (Vic Squash Grand Prix Circuit Div3 Champion) for receiving their 2013 awards at the recent SquashVic AGM

 Alex and Harshil represented Monash at

the inaugural and competitive Ballarat Plate - Uni Squash Tournament in April Tom recently completed Club Development Coaching Day 1 - so more coaching programs and activities are planned

 SquashVic is offering a free Foundation

Coaching Course on Saturday 14 June in Ballarat - register via their website collection at Club practice via Mel or Tom

 280 facebook likes and counting...

The Sweet Spot is a quarterly newsletter for the Monash University Squash Club. If you would like to contribute or have news/updates/stories for the newsletter, get in touch with Tom Nguyen, Editor and Club Vice-President.

Sweet Spot: Club Newsletter, Autumn 2014  

Monash University Squash Club

Sweet Spot: Club Newsletter, Autumn 2014  

Monash University Squash Club