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Autumn 2012

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Marcus Smith

Squash Olympic Bid

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As I write, we are deep into the finals, with great results so far. Congratulations to all of those teams who have (or still are) participating in finals. On behalf of the Club, best of luck to everyone, including those of us who are refereeing.

SQUASH 2020 is a campaign to coordinate support for Squash, the “world’s healthiest sport” according to Forbes Magazine, to become part of the 2020 Olympic Games.

It has been great to see members wearing the new Club polo shirt during O-week, practice sessions and on Pennant nights (as modeled by the State 3 team - Simon, Wayne, Marcus and Ian).

As the picture on the other side of the page shows, the new Club shirts look terrific, especially when all of the team are wearing them. Plenty are still available so lash out and support the Club. The coaching sessions run early in the year were a big success and we will be running some more soon for all skill levels. Keep an eye out for the notices and register early. Finally, keep an eye on the website and facebook page to keep up to date with everything going on around the Club. In the next few months we will be holding our flagship tournament, the Club Championship, with some great squash and terrific prizes on offer. Until then, happy squashing!

The World Squash Federation (WSF) is hoping to make it third time lucky when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) convenes in Buenos Aires next year to decide which sport to add to the 2020 Olympic programme. As part of Squash’s campaign, the WSF unveiled - a social media portal enabling the sport’s global fanbase to learn more about the bid and show their support for the campaign. will feature a wide range of social media tools including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, enabling squash fans worldwide to keep up to date with the campaign. The Club strongly supports the SQUASH 2020 bid and is encouraging all members to do so too!

Squash and Racquetball Club

Shirts cost $30 (men’s and women’s) and are still available for purchase at Club Practice (ask Tom or a Committee member).

Mid Year Fees Social members wishing to upgrade to a Pennant membership can do so now for next season. Please contact the Club for upgrade fees and to register for a team. For new members wishing to join the club, half year memberships are now available. Monash Students Social $55, Pennant $105 Monash Staff / Alumni Social $85, Pennant $150 Community Social $95, Pennant $165



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Autumn Social Tournament

Selena Shaikh

The Club recently conducted 5-week coaching programs for members. The program aimed to develop skills for players of all levels and was delivered by some of our senior players and qualified coaches.

The Autumn Social Tournament was held on Saturday March 31, 2012 with a great turn out and bbq afterwards. Special thanks to everyone who helped to organise the event and to those who participated.

Hits and Giggles

Congratulations to the champions from their groups: George Smith, Joshua Altmann, Rakesh Talwar, Emelia Long and Max Roy.

What team do you play for? State Grade 3 for Monash. I have competed in and captained a number of Victorian junior teams as well as competing in 2 Australian teams (World University Championships & World Junior Womens Championships).

In partnership with Squash Victoria, the Club recently ran the new ‘Hits & Giggles’ program. The 6-week program introduces women and girls to Squash, providing the opportunity to increase fitness, improve general wellbeing and learn a new sport. All coaching programs will start again in July.

Club Championships The annual Club Championships will be held soon. The tournament is free for all members with lunch and prizes provided. More details to be annouced soon.

How did you get started? My mum used to play squash and one day she took me to have a hit and I loved it. I have been playing for nearly 7 years now. Why did you join the Club? I study at Monash and I really like the facilities and how close they are to where I live. What do you enjoy most about squash? I love competing and comp squash lets me play lots of different players with different styles and this always keeps it interesting. Favourite squash shot? I use the lob in my game quite a bit, but my favourite is going for it and hitting the nick! Future goal? To continue to compete at a high level and represent Australia and Victoria at every opportunity.

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Injury Prevention

Club Practice Rotation

Here are some simple guidelines for preventing squash injuries:

One of the great benefits for Club members is our Club Practice Sessions that are scheduled four times a week. If there are members waiting to play, please remember to rotate around to give everyone a fair go.

1. Avoid playing with an unhealed injury. 2. Always warm up before playing - the lower back, hamstrings, groin muscles and calf muscles are especially important. 3. Stretch immediately after playing. That is, immediately after stepping off the court 4. Avoid too rapid a cool down. Put on some sweat pants or a jumper after play. 5. If you have an area that is frequently sore or repeatedly injured, use exercise machines to isolate and strengthen the muscle or muscles around the area.

As a general rule, a player on court should only stay on court for a maximum of 2 games before rotating, if players are waiting.

Facebook The Club Facebook page is now live Like us to receive notifications of upcoming events, news and tournaments and to connect with other Club members.

Squash and Racquetball Club

Selena coaches in the members coaching program and the Hits and Giggles program.

Pennant Update Best wishes to players for this season’s finals. If you wish to join a team for next season, contact the club now. Remember to check court allocations for Pennant on the noticeboard to avoid disruption to any matches. It is also important that we keep the kitchen and tables in the Club Room clean and tidy or our privileges will be revoked. All players are asked to adhere to any instruction from Monash Sport staff and to display utmost respect at all times. Failure to respect these rights could result in the withdrawal of playing and membership privileges.

Sweet Spot: Club Newsletter, Autumn 2012  

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Sweet Spot: Club Newsletter, Autumn 2012  

Monash University Squash Club