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People have heard of crypto, but they don’t know how to use it. The apps and websites are difficult to learn when you first start.


This creates a barrier to entry which makes user adoption a challenge. Monarch makes crypto simple for everyone—even Grandma!


Although crypto is supposed to be techy and advanced, you have to write down a top secret code on a piece of paper. If something happens to that paper, all the money is...POOF...gone!


Monarch plans to create a mobile app that gives the user full control over their financial and digital lives.


No need for remembering passwords, writing codes on paper, or any of those confusing apps and websites.


Monarch handles it all!


Need to set up a recurring payment? No problem! Schedule rent, car payments, utilities, you name it—on a schedule that fits your budget!


With Monarch, it’s easy to send instant or recurring crypto payments to friends, family, or just pay for services.





The Monarch password generator and vault make it easy to sign up for new services. Retail partners and participating merchants will find it easy to sign up new crypto customers by using the Monarch plug-ins and payment solutions. 10




Lose your phone? No problem. All your passwords and the wallet seed are stored securely in the Monarch system. Sync across devices, or recover your information anytime or anywhere! 11

Tired of paying for a subscription or service? You can simply swipe the screen to cancel your payments! It couldn’t be easier.


10% of all the funds raised are invested in real, physical silver. Half of all the transaction fees are applied to even more physical silver! Eventually, every Monarch Security Token will be 100% backed by a full ounce of silver! 13

Monarch makes it easy to trade at the best prices while on-the-go. Buy or sell any supported crypto at the best price across all partnered exchanges! You can make money while you’re standing in line! 14

Monarch users will benefit from built-in verification standards that help them build a clean crypto credit score. This makes it easy to gain access and approvals to outside services. 15

Are you ready to accept your crown? And take control of your financial kingdom?


Monarch. Be your own King or Queen today.



Visit our website, or read our whitepaper for more details!


A Monarch's Tale  

Our mission is simple: to make crypto easy for all users. Crypto is too complex to just pick up and start trading. So…We’re making an app s...

A Monarch's Tale  

Our mission is simple: to make crypto easy for all users. Crypto is too complex to just pick up and start trading. So…We’re making an app s...