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Lisa Staib is heading up our Staff Toy Drive for Leila and Se

Sept. 17, 2010 Volume 1, Issue 6

Equality is the public recognition, effectively expressed in institutions and manners, of the principle that an equal degree of attention is due to the needs of all human beings. – Simone Weil

Principal Notes

As we’ve seen in many celebratory emails lately, the work Aspire does with students in under-resourced communities will be featured on the Oprah Show this coming Monday. This is a stellar moment in our organization’s history and will surely bring a lot of welldeserved public attention to our students’ achievements and staff’s efforts. While working at St. HOPE Public Schools in Sacramento the week that charter organization was focused on Oprah’s show, we saw over a 4000% increase in our website hits the day after the show aired! As we discussed at our staff meeting, James Wilcox has invited all interested staff in each region to attend a celebratory viewing with snacks, discussion and perhaps media/press attendance. I am looking forward to sharing this experience with those of you who indicated you will be joining us on Monday. Please join me in welcoming Paul Klein to our Monarch community. Paul joins us as our interim music teacher for grades 1-5 through the remainder of Rachel Houk’s maternity leave. Paul’s first day will be 9/27 and he will be with us through 11/5. On Friday mornings through the CELDT deadline he will assist in administering 1:1 CELDT tests, as well. Paul brings an impressive credential set to this role, with a degree in music from UCLA, many years of experience leading a music program at a middle school in South Central Los Angeles (Gage in Huntington Park) and a graduate degree in counseling/social services which led him to work in teen counseling and intervention here in Oakland for several years. Paul and Ben will be working together to ensure a seamless transition of our music program and I am confident that he will soon feel what a loving and joyful workplace we are blessed with here at Monarch!

Admin Miscellany

Please note that September’s Fire Drill is upcoming on 9/22. We are still finessing some of the procedural details. A protocol packet will be placed in your box by Monday covering procedures for emergency drills (for those familiar with our process, there will be at most nominal changes from last year.) After today’s ROPES meeting we will finalize the new staff meeting schedule and distribute on Monday. Know that our first ROPES Mentors Meeting will be Friday, September 24. Contact Ryan by Tuesday if you have a specific mentee request. Mentees will come to your room at 12:45. You will receive a lesson plan by Thursday morning to structure your meeting with your mentees. Equity staff PD will start at 1:40 in CAL. Thanks to all for supporting our fifth grade scholars! Please remember when sending students to the office that you must either send them with a green referral (preferred) or if that’s not possible in the moment, call the office to let us know they’re coming, and why. Students sometimes get lost or misrepresent the purpose for this visit – please help make our incident response most effective!

ASC News Our first meeting will occur before fall break, and will be a community safety forum with guest speakers from the community and/or law enforcement. We are still working to finalize the time and date. Thanks to all of you who sent the lists that the ASC parents requested. It will help as the ASC group prioritizes its first steps over the next several weeks.

Overheard in reading recovery: When asked about the name of a comma, answering, “Hmmm, I think Ms. ElLaissi calls it a „maraca.‟” – Jared Moore

This Week’s Highlights Monday Weekly Goals to Jill by 8 a.m. Tabachnick off campus to Aspire Principals Meeting, 8-1 Make-Up Student Pictures Bay Area Aspire-on-Oprah Screening and Celebration, Wilson Prep, 4:00 p.m. Tuesday Catherine Foster on Campus Lisa and Mina off campus to OnCourse training, 12:30-3 p.m. Wednesday Tatiana Epanchin on Campus September Fire Drill, 10:45


9/20 – Jose de Leon 9/21 – Barbara Pena

Monarch SpEd Collab meeting, 2:30 Rescheduled Leads Meeting, 3:45-5 Thursday Kristin Gallagher on Campus Aspire Hoops, 5:00 -6:00, Gym ASC Meeting, 6:30-7:30, University Hall Friday Villanova Meeting (Office Staff) 9-10 Town Hall;Buddy Reading DRA and Words their Way Assts Due ROPES Mentors, 12:45-1:30 Staff Meeting, Equity, 1:30 (Macalester) Catechism

Upcoming Events Student-Led Conferences, 9/27-10/1

9/23 – Diana Mendoza, Moises Pena-Aranda

Mr. Byrd  Brown, Paul Klein  Music, 9/27

9/26 – Charlie Hernandez, Leonela Mejia, Aylin

Fall Break, 10/4 – 10/8


Magnificent Monarchs!

MM, continued…

To Melanie, Emi, and Natasha for modeling such instructional excellence that this past week, principals from three different Aspire schools have asked to send their first grade teachers to observe our team!

To everyone who brought cold treats when it was so hot- Thank you so much for the fudgsicles, push-pops, and orangesicles during the hot times. They kept me sane and my students benefitted from a happy, cool, sugarenergized teacher! Sorry this is late but better late than never… ~Cori

To Keisa- For hooking me up with a great resource for classroom speakers! Thank you and thanks for the evening phone call to clue me in! ~Cori

Thank you to Ms. Ana for always offering to help and prepare beautiful materials for my classroom! You're the best! KC

To Wendi T-Z- For jumping right into guided reading with great questions and excellent ideas! ~Cori

Thank you Angelica for all the "mothering" and for making sure I always get something to eat. ~ Nyere (Ditto from Jill!)

To Ramon for bringing such energy and dedication to everything you do, even when you aren’t feeling well! ~ Monarch

Jack ~ you rock as a gym buddy. ~ Nyere

KC – I so appreciate all of the generous support you have offered to help with ___’s transition. ~ Nyere

Rachel, thank you for jumping in the madness with me and helping to save the kitten’s life. ~Nyere


Monarch Memo 9-17-10