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Indian Institute of Management Indore 2013

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Abhish Nair

Monami Bagchi

Kiran Radhakrishnan

Mainak Bhowmik

Sumanth J

Sneha Landge

Saurish Jagdale

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Surbhi Soni

We wish to thank the batch of 2013 for being the most awesome seniors we could have asked for! Right from the guidance we received through the iMentor program, the virtual ragging we faced during Bakra, the advice we received during our summer internship, to all the fun and excitement we have shared together, you have been one set of amazing seniors we will all so very miss! Never did we think that a year would pass so soon and we would have to say a farewell to you all. As they say, time never waits for none, but we all will always await the day we would meet you all again! We wish you all the very best in your career ahead. - Eshwar MS (Batch of 2014)

Dear seniors, As you enter a new phase of your lives, experiencing a transition from classrooms to boardrooms, instructors to superiors, and deadlines to…well, more deadlines, please take a moment to reflect upon your two years at the hallowed grounds of IIM Indore. You came here with great hopes two years back – hopes of living your dream of a fabulous campus life, hopes of meeting some awesome people, hopes of a great learning experience, hopes of a secure future… As you reminisce, you will find that you have fulfilled some of the hopes, if not all. As you reminisce, you will find that the two years would not be something you would ever regret. And more importantly, as you reminisce, you will find that the experience was wholesome with great joys and bitter sorrows, and certainly one worth experiencing. Some of you must be relieved that there would be no more surprise quizzes, boring lectures, sleepless nights spent on copying stuff off Google in the name of assignments or the secret weapon of mass destruction that is the mess food. But doesn’t a part of you feel empty deep down? I’m sure you feel a little dejected knowing that you are going to leave behind this intellectually fertile land, where DCPs are the law of the land and “globers” are kings. Life might throw some curved balls at you, life may hand you lemons, or life may be extremely kind to you. Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure – life will never be the same. Years down the lane, you would look back with smile at the festival celebrations, the activities by various clubs, the “mega events” that are Ahvan and Mridang, and most of all, your friends who kept you in good spirits in times, good and bad. I hope that this year book serves as a reminder of all the good times you had at Planet-I. Through this, we make a humble request to remember all that defined you, to remember all the gala times you had, to remember the fondest moments that you cherish. And most of all, remember us…for we will never forget you! by Kiran Radhakrishnan, Secretary, Media and PR Committee (2013-14)

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I address Arvind as the ‘rockstar’. He truly is rocking, I have known him from the first year as the guy who got the girl in a short film played during the Talent nite.He came across as a very approachable and genuine guy. He has been a great friend eversince.I will never forget the Waisty/Mundu snaps along with him. May he get the best of everything he aspires for! Stay in touch. God bless you! ...VIKAS PARIHAR Attitude, thatâ??s what the whole batch saw in his portrayal of Chitti; the guy who always gets the girl without even trying. Talk to him once and you would realise that all that was totally an act. Meet one of the sweetest and most down-to-earth guys in campus, who punctuates each sentence with a smile. This tall dark and handsome ( whom I like better with spectacles) is one half of a father-son interchangeable duo, and has a killer wit ( I will forever remember the hand-sanitizer incident! That was plain mean). Our motley HOP group became one and went on to perform this awesomely because of his invigorating leadership. I will always remember our little after party fondly, especially his gushing over his niece. I have often wondered how can someone this fun be a finance person? I just regret our not spending more time together, especially after the last party proved to be such a blockbuster. Just next time when you are making me push it to climb a 70 degrees incline, remember if there is a filled water bottle in your bag and not eat snowflakes!...RUPSA CHAKRAVARTY Aurbindo Goneshan is fun loving but if he says he is little bit lazy ,then I would say he deserves to take rest sometime in his life. He is very hardworking (most of the IIMites are/were hardworking but he really puts in a lot) and any understatement will be unjustified. Only thing he currently lacks is confidence which he eventually gain in the next few years. Wish that you reach the goals that you aspire for soon and go on achieving more. ...KRISHANU SIKDAR Aravind Ganesan... A highly committed individual and an extremely hard working chap.. His commitment to Finance is awe inspiring.. Aravind, I have known you for two years and we have spent a lot of time working together in the Alumni committee.. It has been a pleasure working with you.. All the hustle and bustle during events, our ideas packed planning sessions etc etc have all been really wonderful.. As a person you are really kind to all... And you are really friendly and open.. These are traits in you that ll take you to places.. Always do your thing and keep in touch !!!...M PRASANNA KUMAR Aravind ..... when I’ll look back at these days, you would be one of things that i’ll miss the most .... perhaps it was destiny that got us together from day one ..being bench mates .. friends .. best buddies !! you where one of the guys on campus who was clear about what you wanted to do in life ... hope you get what you really want in life ..!! adorable .. caring .. hard working ... and of course handsome are few of the adjectives that go for you ..! there are some many mermories that we share that it just would not fit in here .. hope we’ll stay this way and make many more more memories in the time to come .. !!! ...SUMIT KUMAR SAHA

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-113, H-103 Permanent Address : New no:24, Old no:18, Vishwanathapuram 2nd street, kodambakkam, Chennai-600024 About Me : Fun loving, Little lazy Most Memorable CP : Diversification strategies (I can sell my milk at a cheaper price :p) PORs on campus : Secretary of Alumni Committee, Financial Advisor of Ahvan 2011 and Member of Share Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : WTF, Dayava Senji Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Egg Masala Maggi 10 years from now you will be : Married If not MBA then : Civil Service :p Favourite spot on campus : Melting pot Friend groups on campus : Saha, Bala, Tam Group, 1st term assignment group, RIP, Himalayan group First crush in the institute : Seriously forgot who the first one was, was surelly one of my first year classmates :p Lasting impressions about college : The place which made me a little serious about life Best memory of IIMI : Parties, Birthday celebrations, Himalayan Trip and the friends i made :)

My best wishes for your future!...ARUN STALIN Ganesa/Bangala/Orbit - his famous nicknames. He is always the man with lotsa hair! Embedded in my memory as a CFA, hardcore finance specialist! Super cool guy but serious at his work! Being pragmatic and down to earth eh manages all the issues very easily. Manages time with all his friend circles very well. He bullies me very well, has a nice way of laughing!! loses/gains weight in a jiffy!! My goto guy for advices and finance study(?) tips! Alumcom secy - he will not forget diro’s speech on him :D Hardworking by nature, usually gets to where he wants to be ultimately. very caring by nature, he advised me , warned me of what all not to do (of which i did everything and then the story.....). machi ll miss u at chennai da .. atb :)...NAVIN.I One of the most humble and friendly guys you can find! never afraid to help anyone on any topic he can, he is the kind of personality everyone wants to be friends with.. He is a natural leader and handles all his tasks to perfection. I admire you for your calmness and your dedication. Wish you all the best for the future. God bless :)...ANURAG GUPTA

Aravind Ganesan Roll No. : 2010PGP448 DOB : 21-08-1988 NickName : Chitti, Orbit

Well you were my term 3 Group mate.. :P You are an amazing person. More Matured then your age. Scolding people comes naturally to you :P but at the same time earning everyone’s respect with your actions also comes naturally to you. You encouraged me every time I needed that. You came to my room to teach me all the Statistics subjects just to make me pass and not only that I remember you teaching the whole class on the night before the exam. You are an extremely hard working person and needless to say I enjoyed your company a lot whenever I was with you. I wish you stay the same for ever :) God bless you!! ...DEBARSHI ROY Hello Shivani. Let me start this paragraph with one snasani vali khabar. In whole college you were my first and last crush! :D I will remember you sleeping in the classes, specially in OM classes as you were/are already champion in operations(apart from your voice, this is the reason why you were my crush :P ). Anyways I wish you a really wonderful life, full of happiness and joy. Wish one day we meet in some big corporate conference and you will kill me for this idiotic testimonial....PARAMVEER SGS was privileged to be my group mate in term 1. SGS was blessed to have me by her side in times of troubles. SGS was fortunate to ride free in assignments as I made it up for her. But SGS forgot all dis and left the college midway and that too without informing :(...KHUMAN VIJAY C Nani!!!!!!!!!. She was the first person who scolded me for getting very low marks in examination. :). For me you were my best friend (more of a sisterly figure) :) . I liked your caring and smiling nature.I should not state this fact but anyways I am putting it, You remembered the last day of First year when I cried after the class, You were the first person to support me. I never thanked you for that, but now i am saying it Thank You very much for being with me and supporting me at that time :). Pata hai, Campus may tu hi ek larki thi jisay Gtalk may chat hota tha, tere chale jane k baad koi mila nahi yaar :(. May the grace of God Always be there for you. Stay Happy and keep smiling Nani !!!! :)...TOPPO VINEET WALTER

Roll No. : 2011FPM11 DOB : 8th April, 1987 NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : No CP :) PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Sleeping in the class Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Egg Masala Maggi 10 years from now you will be : Professor If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Behind ER2 and ER3 Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Assignments with the group of term 3

My sweetheart i miss you so much!! You were my room mate, friend, sister, partner in crime and a lot lot more... those walks we used to have..the long endless talks in our room..even when our rooms became separate...i love you so much and wish that you achieve the height of your potential...i believe you are one of the most capable person i have determination and will definitely go places..i respect you a lot and have learnt so much from you..yes we will always always be in touch coz you have touched my life in so many ways..... SHALINA VERMA I hardly talked to you before term III and you didn’t come back for term IV. During this small span of time, I had some of the best memories of my life at IIM Indore. I honestly respect the person you are. When it comes to friends, you really own the friendship. And you are the least complicated girl I have ever met. Life seems so simple when I talk to you. We all wish you were here with us today, but surely you didn’t deserve anything less than ‘A’. Wish you all d best. Have a wonderful life ahead. Lots of love - Your Beloved Husband :)...Nishikant C SGS- u r one f the most helpful gals i hv met. U taught concepts with sincerity n dedication n term-3. The best part about u is dat u never keep cribbing about othrs but u always believe that evry1 has the caliber n intellignc to do somethng gr8 in their wrk (not every1 excel at seeing others goodness). I respect u fr being d way u r. U will achieve many successes like being in “A”. Wish u gud luck fr future :)...AMRITANSH GUPTA

Shivani Gautam Shuk la

Roll No. : 2011PGP501 DOB : 22/03/89 NickName : A.K, Adike, Aak (very few people call me Ashish :P) A very sweet, humble & no-nonsense guy. Somewhat timid by nature, but, comes to his own when giving CP’s in class. Lives just below my room. Meet everyday when he’s on his way to the canteen. Overall, a very gentle & soft-spoken guy wid a gud heart. Here goes ur 1st testimonial. Wish u all the best for the future.. kip in tuch!...Akashjyoti Suni A clam & hard working guy. Speaks less even in the closest group. Not many moments to share but the few have been worth remembering. Thanks for being a part of my roller coaster ride at IIM I ... Vinod Sangana... SANGANA VINOD BABU

A.K.ASHISH Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D 101 Permanent Address : Hyderabad About Me : HighlY fluCtuating mateRiaL NeveR constanT Most Memorable CP : CPs made in Mr.Jayasimha’s class, Mrs.Sreenath’s class PORs on campus : MerCuri, Ahvan Ops Coordinator, IBL Ideal endorser for : Reid n Taylor suitings One song you symbolize :Mein hoon Don :P Mostly caught doing : eating and chatting Frequently uttered lines : ***** Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Biryani, Omlette Maggi, milk, chai 10 years from now you will be : a better human being If not MBA then : IAS Favourite spot on campus : area outside mess Friend groups on campus : Bhaico group, AnTeRa group First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : You will learn to lead a more challenging life, as you will realize there is no other option but to face them. Best memory of IIMI : Winning an election, leading a team and all the bakar with friends

People call him just “AK”, but I prefer to call him “AK BOND” for multiple reasons. With a mischievous smile on his face & arms bent slightly while walking, he can really be a terrifying sight :P Although, he is the Marketing Guru of our Group, but he has dared to think beyond it & has the distinction of picking up the toughest Fin courses as well :P That is the reason why he believes that he deserves the salary of two MBA Post-grads :) Jokes apart, “AK Bond” is a very intelligent & sensible person!! Thanks for being such a good friend of mine and All the Best for future!!...KSHITIJ AGRAWAL AK Ashish unlike AK 47 is shy, calm and a mind your own business type of guy. Though an introvert has a good sense of humour. A great friend who never shows intentions of harming even his deadliest enemies. Though our interactions have been few they have always been memorable. Hope you have a great life and a successful career....Joy Daniel Patala Call him aaK (CS name), AK (nick name) or Slo-bo (title earned for his amazing speed in cricket :P) it doesn’t matter to this person and he never cares cause it is what people see him from outside. He is a person with such a clarity in mind that at all the points of time he completely knows what he is doing and stays focused on his goal. He doesn’t mix up things or words, talks straight to the point and never hesitates to question something/someone wrong. We’ve been friends for last 8-9 years and he’s been the same person throughout, the fact that he was a topper since then throughout justifies the amount of dedication and hardwork he puts in everything he does. I sometimes tell him on our way to gym that even if I was half as disciplined and regular as he was I would have lost half my weight (or not gained at all :P). In spite of all these serious talks about him this guy is one of the funniest person i’ve ever been with. He can be so innovative that at times instead of laughing he just says out “lol” literally and keeps quiet to everyone’s amazement. All said and done he’s one of my best pals on campus and outside the campus and had a good time these 2 years and as if this is not enough i’ll have to see him for some more years again after these 2 years :P (jus kidding and you know that) ;)...Kushal C AK was among the first people I befriended at IIMI and since then it has been an amazingly exciting journey. From doing assignments and group meetings to, AK has been wonderfully sincere and consistent. A good hearted and quiet person, AK is one person I always like to approach for any help. His friendly nature and kind gestures will always be cherished. Among the first members of the BhaiCo group, I will always miss AK for his abrupt killer smiles. Wish you all the best! Take care!...HARENDER KUMAR

Jaiswal...Jaiswal...the only guy to main a consistent beard in any IIM as far as my knowledge. Neither did the Profs influence him nor the Placom in removing his daadi. He beleives 3 things are very important for any person, which are, Khaana, sona and h*g*n*. He is a food enthusiast and we find him around mess most of the times. ATB for ur IAS dream Jaiswal :)...A.K.ASHISH O re juggler.. He was in my group in first sem, Ab woh time toh sab log ekdum padhai karne ke junoon se bhare rehte hai, par yeh bhai, assignment milne se pehle, solution ke saath ready!!! Ekdum dangerous, kabhi yeh badi dadhi aur kabhi poora shave toh kabhi yeh kandhe pe beamer, 90 ke speed se, toh kabhi yuhi mere side me gaadi ruka ke poochega.. “Sports complex? Chal baith ja.” Bhai, salute. Hope apka rutba kabhi kam na ho. ATB. ...Hrishikesh B. ABhijeet .the beard one of the most talented people on planet-I.He is a juggler,thats how i gotta know him during the preparation for talent nite;and the shocking part was hat he learnt it from youtube. He is a sports enthusiast. There is hardly any sport on the campus that he has not tried a hand on to.Even his room is quite a recreational place as it has a DART BOARD.He is an amazing guy, he will go places an no matter where we finish he will always suffix our names with ‘SAHAB’..May god bless you Abhijeet SAHAB!!...VIKAS PARIHAR The time spent with Abhijeet at IIMI has been thoroughly enjoyable and immensely fulfilling. A die hard tennis fan and a brilliant tennis player himself, Jaiswal is a true gentleman and an enthusiast of fine food. A man with an everlasting beard and a core member of the BhaiCo group, Jaiswal has always maintained a calm composure. His views on investments and his juggling skills will always be a prized memory. I will always remember Jaiswal for his simplicity and his fondness for food. All the best for your future endeavors!...HARENDER KUMAR

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-107 Permanent Address : 337 Vishnupuri Annex, Indore About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : Bhaico group First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Jaiswal is one of the chillest guys on the campus and a good friend. He has sported a beard from the time I first saw him and its still on. He is a very passionate guy about sports and gives it his all whenever he plays. I would remember the numerous matches played against him in the tennis and badminton courts. Being a localite, he made sure that we could always go the the sports complex in his car without any hassle. Keep up the passion and all the best for your future !...SAYAN MAITI Abhijeet!!!...tall lanky bearded guy. I remember us standing at a corner during the talent nite rehearsal. Inspite of being the star juggler, Abhijeet was so shy he did not even bask in his own glory!!!! His penchant for food is part of folklore now. But the best thing about Jaiswal is his cool attitude towards life. Life main Chill raho,,,,,,,,,He loves to play and he plays well...natural athlete hain bhai hamara!!!! Tennis champ, pagal hain tennis ke peeche...I sincerely hope you own a court one day!!!! And your walks, chalo tehlne... Jaiswal ke testi uske gaadis ke bina complete nahi ho sakti....His car has given me many memories (even scary one)...Random trips to 26 hills, Celebration and VIP, all because of his car. But I remember how his car saved me and Bhrigu outside MDC... Jaiswal is a friend I can blindly trust. I know if I am ever in trouble whom to call. I hope you become an IAS..aur jyaada kaam main aayega naa..All d best Jaiswal.....!!! Chill rahiyo chahe koi kuch bole!!!... NAGARE TRUSHANT TRIMBAK Daaddi, the most interesting person of BhaiCo Group. has only three ambitions in life: own land, land and more land :P He is very adjusting person and this was very much evident during the Himalaya Trip where he said that he just wants three things: khana, sona and ***<<censored>>!! Daadi, is the most important person of BhaiCo Group, because every other joke is cracked on him :P Time is not far when “Jaiswal ke Jokes” will surpass the popularity of “Santa Banta jokes”. haha :P Jokes apart, Jaiswal is an ardent sports lover, and padhai mai bhi dinraat mehnat karta hai :) Given his intelligence and determination, very soon he will be the Collector of Indore :) All the best Jaiswal bhai..and always be our own sweet entertainer “Daaddi”!!...KSHITIJ AGRAWAL

ABHIJEET JAISWAL Roll No. : 2011PGP502 DOB : 29-10-88 NickName :

Abhimanyu is a silent killer, His one liners can make anyone laugh like a laughing buddha, he has got nerves of steel too, took a straight jump from a 32 feet cliff into the icy cold waters at rishikesh, without even thinking for a second time, and that too, on his very first cliff jump of his life! others took a lil longer of course :P He is pure at heart and will be always ready to help you out, Being his friend was a gift. Awesome time spent playing dumsharaz, and acting Kur-kur-ray with u and reddy. World is a small place, we will keep bumping into each other. Till then, take care and play cricket ;) .:D ...RISHABH RATNA Abhimanyu - mix of silence, intellect and fun. Silent and smiling most of the time but really dynamic and energetic at heart. I will always cherish the days spent in first year as the part of most live section. :) ...SMITA VERMA Manyu or Thaila Bhai... If it hadnt been for out Rural outing i would have missed the best of u... Such a simple and down to earth guy- you might mistake him in the first go cz he’s silent most of the times... but wait for his one liners.. U will die laughing out of their sheer wittiness... A magnificent person with a golden heart and a true friend... All the very best for the future :)...RISHABH CHAUHAN Thaila bhai se apna cricket maidan mein parichay hua.....and we really bonded well!! this later extended to the D-block cricket matches where he was a regular....and then to the dance floor at the section parties!! a very silent but passionate guy, he is a great friend once you get to know him...wish you all the luck for the future....will surely be in touch :)...PULKIT PANDEY Thaila Bhai is one guy you should really meet (specially when he is four pegs down :P) He is an awesome cricketer and as said already Silent Killer. His timing of cracking jokes and his sense of humor are really awesome. Sometimes witty sometimes sarcastic but full of fun. I really enjoyed his company during our IIM journey and I know this guy will someday touch the heights of success in his life. Wishing you all the best for your career. Never ever put off your smile and the world will be yours Thaila Bhai :)...ADARSH MANISH TIGGA He believes in “100 sunar ki aur 1 lohar ki”, displayed through his witty one-liners & PJs on the daily mundane topics. Calm & composed person, I passed a lot of time with you in ‘Waiting Area’, thank you :P. Few ‘Patiala-Pegs’ you can observe a wittier & worthwhile behavior from him, again thanks for sharing that in after-party times :P. B+, keep Rocking thaila bhai :)...NAVNEET KUMAR

Roll No. : 2011PGP503 DOB : 03-05-1988 NickName : Thaila Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-102 Permanent Address : About Me : Comfortably DUMB Most Memorable CP : Never had One PORs on campus : Not my cup of tea. Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Thaila mai thaila, aisa mai thaila ... Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi with 2 eggs 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : farmer, teacher Favourite spot on campus : D-Block Basketball court (for NightCricket) Friend groups on campus : section D First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : RIP, Himalayan trip

Thaila bhai is a chupa rustam personified.. a quiet person generally.. but when he opens up .. it is a blast.. We have shared some of the awesomest PJs in the BF classes.. m still laughing at those when i recall.. this guy honors his word.. sincere in the assignments.. does his part well.. really well.. Thaila bhai.. “Finally it will see the light of the day” because your “Passion Point” is unique !! Dont be “Baychain” !! :P :D Stay in touch ! :) ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL You wonâ??t know him until you have spent a good amount of time with him. When this cool and calm guy speaks....he literally kills ppl with sheer wit of his comments...hence named the silent killer! I got to know of him more during RIP and thence I am a fan of his humility. Section D ki cricket team ki bowling ki jaan h Thaila bhai....I wish you achieve great success at personal and professional front....Stay in touch brother....MAYANK SONI I still remember the shots i played and hit you for runs at D-Block basketball court for night cricket. I never saw you in pressure... you are enjoying the sports like it should be enjoyed....As a quick learner, you came back hard so that no one can score on your bowling....I am glad that I met you ...Wish you all the best for your future ...stay in touch :-)...KOLI RAHULKUMAR RAMDAS


Roll No. : 2011PGP505 DOB : 19/12/1985 NickName : Shetty Shetty bhai!! Yeh naam kaise pada yeh toh hum nahi jaante, par hume iss naam me iss insaan se milti julti kai khoobiya dikhi. Wiase toh pehle hum mile bakra de dance party mein. Shetty bhai aur Vikas, ekdum full-tu form me! Yeh step kar rahe woh step kar rahe, aur hum garib inhe kopy kar rahe.. Phir, class me jaake pata chala, bhai sahab mimicry bhi karte hai... Sunil Shetty ko dialog marna, bhai ne sikhaya hai. Aur hum demo manga toh u hanse, jaise Ramanand Sagar ka Raavan sharama jaye.. Aise insaan ke saath toh apni banani thi.. Abhi toh lamba safar hai aage.. tab tak aish karenge, volleyball khelenge aur time mila toh koi short movie bhi banayenge....Hrishikesh B.

ABHINAV KUMAR Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-105 Permanent Address : 6A/6, Vivekanand Marg, North S.K.Puri About Me : Something has drastically changed me, still not able to define myself. Most Memorable CP : Being a participant of Sec-B, attended a session for Sec-E and uttered something about high-end technical support. Rarest of the rare occasion when I opened my mouth for CP. :) PORs on campus : Was a part of Student Exchange program, so no PORs. Ideal endorser for : KFC, McD, 56’s momos, Jabong, Myntra... One song you symbolize :Kati Patang... Mostly caught doing : Rationing cigarettes during parties. Frequently uttered lines : Yeh dharti meri maa hai sir, “lagta hai tumhe bado se baat karne ki tameez nahi”. Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : May be an “Entrepreneur” If not MBA then : Never thought of anything else. Would have continued with my job. Favourite spot on campus : My Bed Friend groups on campus : Family (Bhasad Group) First crush in the institute : _ _ _ _ /****/----------- <”> :) :D Lasting impressions about college : No comments Best memory of IIMI : Partying and dancing with friends (Bhasad Family)

Abhinav aka SHetty!! ..the most talented guy in the entire campus, and also the most amazing dancer.He doesn’t show his moves around , otherwise girls would have been going gaga over him. I always wait for that slot at DJ party’s where he would get a bit jiggy n i would follow his steps..the best part is when evryone around stops thinking of us as some dance gurus!!..ACTING is another talent that he possesses..the role play in LAB class wher he played ANURADHAA(the make-up obsessed wife) will forever remain with us.He is a great guy to be around with , always making you smile..and his sheer innocence and genuinity adds to the delight.Love you bro! ...VIKAS PARIHAR Jus one thing to describe our beloved Shetty .... Aap Dude Hain ... :P...PHURBA GYALTSEN SHERPA I know ABHINAV aka Shetty from the first term of PGP1... Always filled with fun, he is always ready to help friends, a genuine person who always gives practical advice. I was always impressed by his wittiness and the way he thinks about the things, it was always a learning experience talking to him.... He is one of the closest friends of mine at IIM Indore. he gives his 110% to all the tasks he undertake. He is a soul which is a proper blend of wittiness and fun. It was always fun to have BAKAR with him, he takes everything sportingly and never loses out his calm even in the toughest of the situations. I wish you all the very best for your life Dude and I know u will get all the success and happiness in your life... We will be in touch always :-)...OM PRAKASH VERMA

Bhai...I never understood why you were given a seat in the last row where all 6 footers used to sit :) But with your loud voice anyone could have heard your points. Really a great experience to be in the same section as you. All the very best in life do well....Vivek Gupta Little guy with big ambitions, Saini is one of the most down-to-earth and perseverant persons I know. Don’t be fooled by his serious looks,he has this knack of finding humor in any scenario ( his sense of humor can range from ROFLMAO to downright weird :P ) Saini is a great debater and was my neighbour in 2nd year & I thank him for being such a great captive audience for countless philosophical discussions on any topic under the sun !! Saini, here’s wishing you all the best for a great future and may the force be with you :) ...PATANGE PRASANNA SATISH Mr. Saini my first term group mate, at first looking at him one assumes him to be calm and soft spoken untill you listen his threatening voice. Even prof’s feel threatened by his CP, they are confused as to he is giving an answer or he is warning them. I’ve heard some of the best (to be read worst) PJ’s and i’m sure there’ll be a perennial flow of those PJ’s even if i meet you some 20 years down the road. He has a distinction of being one of the few pharma guys our batch has and is extremely talented, intelligent and an cool guy. All the very best for your future dude and keep in touch :)...KUSHAL C monsieur are the shortest guy I know who wants to build a six pack...seriously dude, you are an inspiration to me :) I have always wondered, how the hell did you manage to get a seat in the coveted Backbenchers Association of Section C...but then I realized, its not because of your less than average height, its because of your tall persona which shadows the greatness of greatest in the batch...even Chuck Norris shy’s away from you when it comes to CP...i think shadow is the wrong word over here, ECLIPSE should be the right I will rephrase, your persona eclipses the greatness of the greatest!!! among other things, you are the coolest delhite I know...a great debater...the one guy who can b.e.a.t. the likes of prasanna patange when it comes to PJs...and a born rockstar... dude, go on, ROCK THE WORLD!!!...ADITYA KUMAR SINGH

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B 309 Permanent Address : WZ 67 Om Vihar Phase 2, Uttam Nagar New Dellhi About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Debsoc, Livewire Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Vagabond, Wolfmother Mostly caught doing : Watching movies, videos on youtube Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half fry 10 years from now you will be : Jesus If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Sports complex Friend groups on campus : Marandi, Ntin, Patange, Aks,Chitti,Patil, Naveen, Nirnay First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : The whole rainy season in the first term

Saini...,This friend of mine is a seemingly serious guy, a kind of loner, the knowledge bank, body builder, guitarist and an awesome singer...You made my life easy here in the campus. We had great fun together these 2 years and will keep having the same for the years to come. Don’t threaten anybody with your voice and by the serious way you speak...! Keep Rocking...!...MARANDI SANJAY KUMAR Saini.... Main tumhare height ke baare mein koi mazak nahi karoonga (abe meri bhi height utni hi hai, tumhare anusaar tere se 1 inch kam). I don’t know ki tu itna serious sahi mein hai ya chehra aisa bana ke ghoomta hai :p, waise it’s always better to loosen up. Got to know you better during the HOP, aur wahan kya bakar nahi ki. Waise I like the way you put your points forward in any conversation. Your confidence is amazing (your voice adds to it to a large extent :P). Hope we keep in touch, and may you enjoy the company of your colleagues (in the company you are going to :P)....NIRNAY BHASKAR Roomie... You really impressed me with the respect you showed to my parents... A very helpful guy you are... You have an appreciation for everything... Had fun torturing you with Tamil songs, “Chillax Chillax” esp... A look alike of Prof. Asish Sadh (:P)... If a person can make to 8:45 class even after waking up by 8:44, it could only be you... All the best for everything... Keep in touch......GOKULNATH R

ABHISAKE SAINI Roll No. : 2011PGP506 DOB : 29-04-1990 NickName :

“ Shaktimaan” chivalrous to girls and shaktimaan :P for guys !... Chowdhary is a person who enjoys life at its fullest especially by sitting on back benches and clapping on every cp point of friends.....His gifted voice makes him a remarkable speaker and contributes to his rowdy image at times. I’ll always cherish the memories of these days... Wish you Success and Luck for future :)...SMITA VERMA The dude of our section. I sometime feel jealous of you the way u handle tough situation in a east way. Ladka kafi mehanti aur dabang hai....HIMANSHU KANAUJIA Iske baare mein kya kahun ab main....pehle taarif karenge aur fir sachai bateyenge...He is my Bhai in the campus. He is damn intelligent but often denies the same as most genius are modest u know. Jubin, He and I were part of same group in d very first term. The moment I met him, maine kaha yaar ye kaun bekaar sa banda aa gaya group mein but I was totally wrong.,ye toh heera aaya tha group mein. But seriuosly, bhai I always admir u for ur committment to friendship..U truly define friendship..Be like this only bas apna hairstyle change karle...thoda thik dikhega nahi toh ladkian aise hi haath se nikalti rahengi....lolz...chal be thanks hai mera frnd banne ke liye....baaki mil ke batata hun!!!!!:)...BALJINDER SINGH One of my first acquaintances in the batch .... we were part of the same GD panel at IIML selection process .... but came to know him better when we interned with the same organization .... he is probably one of the most smart and intelligent soul on the campus, although he would always attribute his success to sheer luck .... willing to help friends at all times and bindaas attitude .... has been a privilege knowing you and I believe you r destined for bigger achievements in life .... atb...JITESH RAJENDRA KETKAR Chowdhary is one of the smartest guys I know in the section along with Jubin. Doesn’t take pressure, not even on placement days. For me the best memories would be studying for the stupid DADM, MU and even SAPM exams in Jubin’s room and the crazy dancing along with Jubin and Gaur that went down in the section parties. You were the perfect example for dancing like a drunk when not actually drunk :P Thanks for being a great friend man and i hope we keep in touch....JAMMI SUNIL RAO

Roll No. : 2011PGP507 DOB : 21/04/1989 NickName : Cho Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : Mumbai About Me : Most Memorable CP : Still searching for one PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines :Load nahi hai Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aloo Parantha 10 years from now you will be : Kal kisne dekha dost If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Sports Complex Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Some things are better kept as secrets :P Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Friends

Easily the dude of our batch. Cant describe him in few words...actually there is no adjective that can completely describe him. No doubt he is most intelligent fellow not only in our batch but in our institute including profs. In decent words, Iske saamne to saari duniya hi bewakoof hai. Is chowdhary ka dimaag bhi computer se tez chalta hai. Good for the batch that he never cared about the materialistic things like marks or CPs because ye kah ke leta hai. Anyday he can put any prof to shame. Apart from his few mistakes, he is the head of the bajrangi dal on campus. He has the most blushing smiles on campus. Its really impossible to find a friend like him ever. I have been lucky to have him and Gour as my closest friends here. Actually I have enjoyed the boyfriend status that you have been given in campus with respect to me.He will never say No to friends even when he is very busy. Really he sacrifices a lot for his friends. He has part of each and every moment I have cherished on campus. I have learnt a lot from him. He has taught me the way to study, how to remain motivated, how to smile no matter what the situation, how to distribute time and above all what friendship means. No doubt he is the most admired fellow on campus. Really cant thank you in such small space here. Just wish you keep consulting me in future. All the best for future. I am dead sure very soon we will see you in newspapers. Cheers!!!...Jubin Mahajan the friendship between cho and me goes a long way back....had some great chit-chats outside the A-block....made a mockery of friends (read manchanda) and shared awesome old memories at 5 AM post completion of our cricket matches!! while being a special talent himself, he is one of those people who revel in the success of others, which is one of the greatest characteristics you can have!! am sure our friendship will go a long of luck for the future :)...PULKIT PANDEY


Roll No. : 2011PGP508 DOB : 26 December 1989 NickName : Pai When one listen this name - the first question comes to mind is - which one? :P whereas the name R-Pai is something unique - something one can’t forget .. an image of a familiar smile comes to mind with this name :).. ..... always cheerful Abhishek is a person who cares for everybody. So humble and down to earth you are,that I always found it nice interacting with you. I’ll always cherish the memorable days of first year spent in your company :) Wish you great success and happiness in life ahead!...SMITA VERMA Pai is my faithful comrade in watching weird, out of the normal TV Shows and movies. He is the only other person I know who watches Colbert and The Daily Show. A good quizzer, a knowledgable and intelligent guy who has no pretensions. Had a great time with you in these two years. The best memory I can recall is the full on bakar we had during the boring HRM and SM presentations :) . Have a great life ahead and hope we stay in touch...JAMMI SUNIL RAO

ABHISHEK R PAI Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-118 Permanent Address : Mangalore About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Pi-Shop Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

“Mr. ABHISHEK PAI is the best quizzer in the Karnataka university circuit” was what Keertan told me..and I swear by God he really is one of the best in the country! We would hold our pretty own ‘Quizzing session’ at the night mess.He is also a funny guy to hang around with.He is really very shy of girls.Perhaps that was taken care due to his PI-Shop stint. He is also a reliable left-handed LOWER ORDER batsman, I remember all those irritating innings where he would literally sit in front of the wickets and win matches at the Basket ball court nite cricket.I have never seen him tense and carefree smile always keeps up the mood.Always keep smiling! ...VIKAS PARIHAR the life of this â??pieâ?? is as different from the â??piâ?? in the movie as it can be!! looks to be a silent guy, but is so good at spreading rumours that he can get a direct entry to Mediacom :D he is someone who you will always find laughing, and is the butt of a good no of my jokes ;) a great quizzer, he is a man of knowledge along with of luck for your future :)...PULKIT PANDEY Pai mere the most sincere and chillax guy I have seen in this campus. Never saw him angry or sad or anything like that...he always wears a beautiful smile and greets his friends with joy. I believe and wish your nature, knowledge and sincerity takes you to the highest peaks of your career. Wishing you all the best for your future. Stay happy n keep in touch :)...ADARSH MANISH TIGGA Abhishek Ï? & I share the common interest of quizzing & that’s precisely how we became such good friends. In addition to being a great quizzer, Ï? is a dogged left-handed batsmen who can hit good bowlers out of the park (yeah, don’t go by his size zero figure). Ï? has to be one of the most clever & wittiest persons I know, but I like the most is his cheerful attitude & constant smile. All the best dude, keep in touch & do invite us for the sequel i.e. Wife of Pai :P ...PATANGE PRASANNA SATISH “Pai in PI-Shop - Pi squared” He is one of the interesting guys i have met in the campus.... didn’t really knew the guy until he landed in pi shop as FINANCIAL ADVISER :P. Starting off with our common activities and talking on some random topics and to the depths of it.... Special drinking parties at my room were memorable and willing to have the same in the near future.... Pai naam roshan kario :D ...ANIRUDDHA DOBRE

One of my first friends on Planet I - Abhishek is a true maverick - sporting, social and adventurous. Though we sat miles apart in the class, we had great conversations all through the period breaks and on midnight chats :D ...Be it DOTA, or Operations - he is truly passionate about a thing once he develops an interest in it. I hope you keep your passion channelized and reach the top in no time. The future is yours, Bro! -BISHAKHA MAJUMDAR” One & Only secy to go foreign exhcange among 450 students (His resume point) ==> says he is King of Globe , Also, he is Wulf in a Hunting Game , Highly unbothered for small things, DOTA Addict, Friend carer, Stock Market Tyro , CS player, AOE Noob, Pizza eater.. Good Guy to hang with !! All the Best !! -SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI” The gentle giant also known as “Globeraj” is effusive, enthusiastic and that is why is prone to chatter a tad too much, hence earning the nick. But his globe holds merit as he was the only one offered a life project by Venky on spot! Thoroughly helpful and with a heart of gold, he always keeps his promises. Even from pardes he remembered his desi live project and delivered. His single-minded concentration is best exemplified during computer gaming though. He got me the most delicious chocolates I have ever had, and for that alone I am grateful forever. Just do not give in to his kamikaze strategies, especially for sales simulations or you may lose all your profits. A finance whiz should better stick to finance. -RUPSA CHAKRAVARTY” I met ARG in SFIMR during my internship period in Mumbai and he was my roomie for 2 months . He was the one along with Siva ,who introduced DoTA to me and I learnt the game from him. I had an enjoyable experience with countless DOTA nights playing till 5 in the morning. He is a good friend and a RabidWulf :P. King of Globe ! Sample is “One & Only secy to go foreign exchange among 450 students” was his resume point :P All the Best for your future ! -SIBE SHANMUGHAM”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-217,E-106 Permanent Address : M/S Gupta Bus Service, Civil Lines, Park Road Gorakhpur About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Seceretary, Arena, Member, Bazinga Ideal endorser for : EA Games, Ubisoft (or chug in any gaming company) One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Sleeping Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Diet Coke and Aloo Parantha 10 years from now you will be : Running my own company If not MBA then : Research Scientist in Nanoscience Favourite spot on campus : My Room, CC Lab Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Ye quarvaan mushkil hai bas itna hi samjahiye, ki aag ka dariya hai aur tair ke jaana hai Best memory of IIMI : Exchange program

Gyanni - a perfect name for a person who can give you lots of gyan at any point- mess , street , guard room , class room, and at any time - morning , noon , evening .. no restriction . He is so persuasive in his approach during CP time that people amaze. Jokes Apart - Abhishek is very chill person who doesn’t let trifles things to bother him. I remember the Salzberg’s adventurous trip when our group lost way during sunset... the whole way I was praying to get glimpse of city road and he was smiling in peace and asked us to follow the flow of river water based on principle that water always goes to city :).. .. He is very lucky- the only guy among our group who made profit in poker of Monaco’s famous casino.. and the one who got the fortune offer of Finair to stay at Helsinki at their cost and even paid for that:P.....I hope you stay in touch .... wish you All the best for life ahead :) -SMITA VERMA” Globe Raj Gupta, this guy is humorous but he puts it so much subtly that you wouldn’t be able to know whether he was serious or was just joking.. I have had wonderful memories playing CS with you. He was our team captain. We used to devise strategies to take down the opposition. The only reason why we became good friends because our interests were same i.e GAMING... DOTA fan and expert.. 24X7 his laptop will be on and he will sit infront of it without eating anything and play games.. Wish you all the best man! Cheers! -ROHIT PHULSUNGE”

ABHISHEK RAJ GUPTA Roll No. : 2011PGP509 DOB : 21-Oct-1987 NickName : Wulf

A simple and prudent person.. who does things after considering all dimensions of it. I got to know him more during Euro trip and I was impressed by the way he kept track of each and every trip. He had lots of stories to tell about each place he had visited. A very patient person , Abhishek is always ready to help others .. Wish you luck and success in coming years :)...SMITA VERMA Brilliant Quizzer and Quizmaster, that’s the minimalist description of Abhishek. But he is a very interesting person to talk to, who has in-depth knowledge of various subjects. He also likes to travel a lot, as evident from his recent Eurotrip and his schooling experience all across India. Have an adventure filled life ahead :) ...NITIN NAGORI Abishek or LOGIK as he calls himself (whats the logic with this name) is one of the best quizzers i have come across.He was the Head-nodding and pen-shaking guy, who from a distance appeared to be getting the most from the profs, but in reality this bugger slept while doing all this!! I tried imitating this and it really helped. He is quite a dynamic personality.I admire the ways he administers the quizzes @IIM I;he could very well be a quiz master in 10 years time.I envy you SHEK! He is a livewire during DJ nights.Also, he is a sort of GOPHER for the HARMON-I, but he insists on being referred to as the manager! SHEK! All the best buddy!...VIKAS PARIHAR The witty quizzer who would any day prefer to go & win the 10K worth prize in mood-I to attending classes in Planet-I, is also the best company one could have any time. Sarcasm, humor, knowledge ranging from some geeky books to gol-gappas on a street in Indore & Bangalore, he makes sure you are not in the least bored in his presence. Uppi, be it the stories about your Euro-trip or our cribs about our former Diro (Y V Rao), they have been the most entertaining & interesting conversations ever! Too much praising I have done - can’t forget how pepped up you were for making the birthday video for Nandini!!I have known you personally for a few days now & enjoying every bit of it! Wishing you loads of luck! ...MANTHA S TEJASWINI One of my best-est frnds on campus, holy cow as he is often called has the unique ability to make you wonder if he is indeed part of this world or is existing in some parallel universe with weird timing and s a mystery how he always manages to get embroiled in funny scenarios from which his friends have to bail him out :P..... Spending time with him is greatest fun as he can converse on any topic under the sun, and supply interesting trivia...thank you for the amazing video on my birthday!....can’t forget your favorite dance step...I will always cherish the fun outings and the night mess hanging outs we have put :P :P......all the very very best and you’d better stay in touch :) :).........NANDINI RAMANI

Roll No. : 2011PGP510 DOB : 26-10-1986 NickName : Holy Cowboy, Logik, Uppu, Uppi Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-114 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi with Egg half Fry 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : You. Mostly you. Ok, maybe not. Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

U to the P to the P to the U - UPPU thats what we say!!! :D HolyCow belongs to the ‘serious-outside-comicalinside’ breed. Comes across as a very intelligent and studious chap who is one of the best quizzers on and around campus. He is kind of spaced out most of the time and manages to miss deadlines and often even skips them :) Was really shocked to see his ‘rap’ skills recently. Given his wit and trivia, people around him will be entertained for hours. He has a slight problem of being completely oblivious to his surrounding certain times. He has the knack of blurting out CP even when he jolts out of his nap during class hours, now thats really some cool talent :P A very genuine person and one who keeps his word, its a different thing that he makes promises once in a blue-moon ;) Had many memorable - partly silly and partly amazing experiences with this creature called Logik :P :) We would obviously be in touch with each other coz am one for the few who gives you close competition when it comes to firing non stop PJ’s :P ...BHAVYA AMULYA MARTHATI


Roll No. : 2011PGP511 DOB : 14th November 1988 NickName : Tiggu I would like to start with a small quote here, “Good Friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.” I’ll still remember this guy as my first friend at IIM Indore. Luckily we met each other in the Bakra Group and since then we are together as Best Friends ï?? . Tiggu, as they famously call him in campus is a rocking singer, Star of Harmoni Club ï?? (No Need for this introduction I guess ). Foodie and Very Moody Guy. Keeps track of every single girl in the campus: P. Helpful and Honest but very lazy. (Bas Aur Kitna Likhe ï?? ). May your all dream come true buddy and wish you success in life. ...TOPPO VINEET WALTER

ADARSH MANISH TIGGA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : a08/8b2/ Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-320, B-302 Permanent Address : Near A.Y.Club, Karandih, Jamshedpur-831002 About Me : ==> Most Memorable CP : Analyzing current year’s B/S is just like focusing on your present girlfriend PORs on campus : Senior Team-Harmon-I, Senior Team CnD Mridang & Indore Marathon, Core Member-Distortion Ideal endorser for : Guitar, Frooti aur Jaam One song you symbolize :Musafir hoon Yaaro... Mostly caught doing : sleeping-singing-eating Frequently uttered lines : Kya bawa!! , arreee lawa , Maaaadhuriii!!, Arree Maila!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aalu k parathe, Plain Parathe & Egg Bhurji 10 years from now you will be : HAPPY! :) If not MBA then : Berozgaar! :P Well Banker actually. Favourite spot on campus : C Block Terrace, Sunset Point Friend groups on campus : Harmon-I Nirnay, Naveen, Hussain, Bodo; Bakar - Dhruv, Reddy, Azad, Saket, Maloo, Ratna First crush in the institute : YEM YES Lasting impressions about college : Most memorable part of my life! Best memory of IIMI : Jamming wid pals specially the head-banging sessions

Mr. Tiggu has been an awesome friend of mine.. He is the friend with whom I can almost share anything... our favorite pass time used to be pulling each other’s legs :P. He taught (I mean tried teaching) me how to play a guitar and we shared all the music we could. PGP1 was the time when he used to work as an alarm clock for me. I got so used to it that if on any day I was the one who woke up without his assistance, I was sure we missed the morning class.. The rock-star of our campus who had the guts to successfully mix metal with A.R. Rehman music. A creative fellow who was hailed by the whole section.. A true friend.. I wish the best for you and that you continue rocking the people around you!!!!!!...Dhruv Shandil Adarsh , Manish and Tigga - 3 in one , Adarsh is a great singer and JAAN of our section. Always smiling and making other smiles.. Adarsh is a perfect friend material :P. Always full of energy, he is ready to teach Guitar any time with joy. I will miss your playing guitar and Vivek’s singing with you.These days are the best days of life .. Hoping to meet you again, I wish you success and happiness in future :).. stay in touch !...SMITA VERMA The tiny little Rockstar of our college. A person whom I’ve never seen without a smile on his face, be it any time of the day. A cheerful person who’s always full of life. I still remember the request you made to me, during our internship days at IIM Bangalore, to write a story on your life. And I hereby assure you bro, that someday I’ll make your story see the light of the day. All the best for your future. :)...Shaishav Solanki Bawa kya likhna hai tere baare mein. Jo tum 10 saal baad padh ke hans sako aisa kuch likhna jaroori hai. We have been partners in crime. Time pass humlog saath mein karte the (remember all the episodes, when you carried me back to my room after the party, and the head banging near the stage during Mridang). Fate even landed us at the same place in Bangalore during summers, aur wahan kya masti nahi ki. Except I left Bangalore early. So hoping to God that our parths keep crossing in future too and may you cofidently face the world and achieve great heights (just as you do onstage :p)...NIRNAY BHASKAR Adarsh!!!! All practices of Harmon-I were total masti because of the bakar that u used to do!! :P One of the most talented singers I have ever seen... Harmon-I shows ke true rockstar tum hi the yaar! Be super fun always... All the best! :) :)...NITHYA  HARIHARAN Adarsh...among first guys with whom I became friends with....same Bakra group..same section...a hardworking chap...come Talent Night...he became the ‘Rockstar Tigga’...multi-talented personality...Guitar,Drums, Singing...Always have been a dear friend...a great company to have...a happy go lucky persona...Heartbeat of Planet-I...Wish you all the success and glory in life...suggestion..MBA khtm kar...but start your music venture...:)...All the best Addie.. :)...ALFRED LAKRA Adarsh ....... i have always had fun talking to you.You are amongst the first few friends i made in the campus and you always will be :). Forgive me if i have ever offended you , i swear i never meant to .... I know you must have heard it a thousand times from many people but i am going to say it again “You are an awesome singer and A ROCKSTAR :)” . You are fun filled and the one with the pure heart ... ALL the best for your future dea and may god bless you always :) ...SUSMITA LAKRA

Meeting you during those meals in ER2 was not just a pleasant coincidence but the beginning of a beautiful friendship that I will cherish all my life. You are one of the most confident persons I’ve come across, always projecting that aura of fearlessness I have always felt so comfortable around you, and talking to you took me away from all the (imaginary) stress I used to bundle myself in. I loved listening to your stories and want to be present in the final take.. ;). Your dazzling smile, amazing brains, and the willingness to go that extra mile, will take you a long way ahead -SHWETA KALLA” My third and final roomie walked into ER 308 with a stiff upper lip, a collection of inspirational books and a 10 inch Eiffel Tower model. And I knew from day 1 that here is a girl determined to go the distance - come what may. But she also has a very fun-loving, dreamy, tender side and quite a sense of humour. The end result is, when you think she’d give up, she comes back twice as strong -BISHAKHA MAJUMDAR” A swish of the hand here, a flick of the head there, Debate with Ms.Dixit and she will lay you bare, Hardworking, restless and ambitious to the core, Gossiping, nattering and gabbing with her is never a bore, Has a better half who is her complement in body and spirit ;), I am sure she will blast her way to the top (a.k.a Lara Croft) with the perfect mix of enthusiasm, hard work and merit! -MRINAL KUMAR MISHRA” A very good friend and a good partner (in crime). Life is good when she’s around. Her absence can be felt when you see some colors missing in your life :) -VIKRAM RATHI” Definitely one of my closest friends on campus!! I fondly remember our long chats where we discussed our common problems and tried to help each other! A very intelligent girl, she works hard in whatever task she does and completes it to perfection.. I consider myself fortunate to be close friends with such an awesome girl! She deserves the best in life and I am sure she will achieve whatever she aims!! We used to sit directly opposite in our Section E and used to have these strange CP fights, where she made a CP point once, and then I made one on top of that, and then she again :P -ANURAG GUPTA”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Everchanging!!! Permanent Address : MX 169,E7,Arera Colony Bhopal MP 462003 About Me : Well behaved women seldom make history Most Memorable CP : OB I class Role Play,when I acted quite effortlessly and Sumit Ghosh sir said I played my role the best PORs on campus : Utsaha-Events team,Mridang-Participation Ideal endorser for : Crossword book store,FabIndia One song you symbolize : Dhunki Mostly caught doing : talking to Rathi :p Frequently uttered lines : jo hoga dekh lenge :) Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : milk 10 years from now you will be : Earning big bucks :) If not MBA then : IT refugee Favourite spot on campus : Road behind Ph.D block,Shiv Temple Friend groups on campus : :D First crush in the institute : I don’t need to answer that !!! Lasting impressions about college : Good days are memories,Bad days are experiences Best memory of IIMI : Intern offer,RIP,Proposal,Exchange term,Job offer

AditiJI.... I still remember when this gal continuously gave the CP points and I used to think are kab tak yeh CP chalegi, khatam karo yaar.. and the most imp point the way your headed noded after teacher explanation... jokes apart... a really hard working gal and a great friend... Though we didn’t interacted much in first year... but became good friends in the second year.. and till date we address each other by adding ‘Ji’ to our names.. right na ADITIJI... :P -HIMANSHU SURI” One of the most hardworking and intelligent girl in the batch. She also has one of the sweetest voices around... Our first acquaintance was in second year as group members. Though I was insisting everyone to work hard during the assignments, she was one of the most helpful member :P. She can make people around her comfortable very easily. -DINABANDHU KEJRIWAL” Aditiji.. An awesome package of brains and humor. Someone who would come across as a very serious person at the first meet, the more you interact with her, the more you know about the fun side of her. A sincere and hard worker who is always committed to delivering her best, she can bowl you over with her non stop chats and jokes.. -MRINAL ROUSHAN”

ADITI DIXIT Roll No. : 2011PGP512 DOB : 21-Jun NickName : Jhansi ki Rani

Simple , Sweet and responsile... As far as I know her she is one of those few people who take their work as their first priority and are so simple in their approach that you can anytime call upon them. I wish you great success in life ahead .. All the Best!...SMITA VERMA do I start....I met Aditi by chance since she was my roommate (probably the coolest room mate I have ever had..:D)...She has been one of those persons in IIM Indore who have known all my secrets..;) all the good and bad things I have done...All the good and not so good experiences I have had (and definitely not to forget the gossiping part..:P). It has been an absolute pleasure and good luck to have met her. So madam...Thank you for helping me create so many beautiful memories here . I hope we continue to do so always in future....:) Loads of love....Ishita Kishore Miss IT Com, prob the one whom i could ping in the middle of night to discuss any issue. She prob was one of the pillar of strengths of the whole SAC body for our year. Also solely responsible for conducting all the elections :P. You are sure to get an unbiased view from her regarding any issue. Apart from that a very good friend, one that would stand by you in worst of times. Very very calm in extreme situations, bas kabhi kabhi thodi kaam chor thi :P :P . Anyways had a great time interacting with you right from section E till now. You are surely going to climb up that ladder pretty fast. Stay the way you are and i m sure we will keep in touch....MANPREET SINGH REKHI she was part of my bakra that time i though she was a quiet little girl....but i came to know her better after we went to our internship together....she is a sweet and hardworking person....conducting all the elections, answering my ppo waali queries and the random chit-chats we had are things which i will remember about you!! all the best for your future aur plz mera net thoda fast chalwa de :P...PULKIT PANDEY Got to know her during RIP and have been friends since....has been always good at sports and good sport ..... One word to describe her “Nariyal” :P ...Continue to be what you are...waiting for the grand party ... keep in touch :)... PRAHLAD KUSHWAHA

Roll No. : 2011PGP513 DOB : 23rd March NickName : SITCOM Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER-303, SR14-318, SR14-222, A-107 Permanent Address : Kolkata About Me : Cool chick to hang out with !! :P Most Memorable CP : My 1st CP ever.. was 20 mins long... PORs on campus : Secretary, IT Committee Ideal endorser for : Coffee... in any form !! One song you symbolize : We Will..We Will Rock You.. Mostly caught doing : Munching and Snoozing Frequently uttered lines :Oye... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Plain Paratha & Egg Bhurji 10 years from now you will be : Happy :) If not MBA then : sarkari naukri @ IOCL... Favourite spot on campus : Our usual...Loser Point#1, #2, view from ER2 Friend groups on campus : Tons of them... :D First crush in the institute : the firang from India... ;) Lasting impressions about college : The place that bought me time.. Best memory of IIMI : Friends We made...Walks We took...

I came to know of this great lady (Miss IT Com) the day i landed in PIRAN’S group in CB class of term V .. :P.. Soft spoken and always SMILING.. A DILIGENT and a great team mate!!! God Bless You ADITI in all that you do and wish you the very BEST in LIFE!!! :)...MICHAEL LALHRIATPUIA This Biharan has spent her entire life in Kolkata â?? thatâ??s long enough to have metamorphosed into a Bong Mishti Doi â?? she even looks like one of those delicious white rosogollas from Hindustan Sweets. And her sweetness (of character, of course) is beyond question- she actually went to the extent of writing my resume while I was busy touring the land of the Greek Gods and Roman Goddesses. The unofficial Grade-keeper of IIM Indore, this excel-queen can do more than just crunch numbers. She is a force to reckon with a TT bat in her hand and a ping pong ball to put away. Throw in her DSLR experiments, and you have the entire package!! The extra-ordinary love she garnered from everyone in the campus made her win an election with an record-breaking majority to become the IT Secy â?? a position reserved for only the bravest of the souls, and a few thousand spams aside, she pulled off even that with dignity!! An amazing woman, a dear friend and now a true â??Engineerâ??, here is wishing you all the luck for the future!! ...SAYAN GUPTA


Roll No. : 2011PGP514 DOB : 21st Aug’90 NickName : akon AKN a.k.a Enigmatc Enigma.... The saviour of all lost souls... A few of his salient features include his impeccable taste in high calorie packaged food items and drinks (obv. non alcoholic) , a brain competent enough to beat all competitors in any argument and with his evergreen question which comes out of bag in case of distress “Hows life”... Must say he’s a brilliant guy and a great friend... Will miss you brother :).. All the best... RISHABH CHAUHAN Sleeping or Awake, often people find difficult to ascertain! So legendary is his sleeping style, most probably he would’ve passed 60-70% of his credits while sleeping, still always he’s able to explain the most intricate of the concepts. That “Nor-I” expression, irrespective of frustrations or times of distress, sheer brilliance in Finance, and interest in literature, e-shopping, downloading etc. make his personality multi-talented & multifaceted. I sincerely appreciate you brother & hope for the best for your life....NAVNEET KUMAR

ADITYA KIRAN NORI Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : adityakirannori Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-116 Permanent Address : HNO 858, Banjara Avenue, Khairatabad, Hyd-4 About Me : G33K Most Memorable CP : Above such mundane things :P PORs on campus : Equit-I, Quiz Club Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : sleeping Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Onion Paratha 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Something on the tech side Favourite spot on campus : My room Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Silent , Decent and studious Guy of our section - who speaks once in a blue moon but when he says something, he makes everybody quite. Your spec number is the proof of your being complete compu geek. I remember knocking your room to always find you playing games on lappy- kept between few experimented gadget components on a dusty table. Must say you are very intelligent, sincere and a nice person .. All the best :)...SMITA VERMA Dear Equiti, 1st word that comes to my mind is - most focused , hardworking, super talented brilliant guy. Vocab God. Official DC++ Downloader. TV Shows Mad Maniac. Close friends most caring person. Mad fan of BS (Balance Sheets). Equiti Enthusiastic and Energitic and always seen in league of finances. Periodic Table in 30 seconds is most memorable thing. Upgrade all your friend company ratings from CRISIL . Good Luck. Thanks, Voyage Capital...SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI akon......arey mama upload cheyyara dc lo.......these are the common words used by many of our friends. well i have to revisit the dictionary to find a new word to describe this awesomest guy on campus. arey mama, give me 10% of your brain, i will show miracles in the world. no more words to express.wish you all the best and have a great future ahead..donn forget to update dc....checking for your updates..hahaha:-)... SANDEEP VEMULAKONDA Aditya is among the most focused and sincere people I have come across. He knows clearly what he wants to achieve and where he wants to be, and hence he is always able to confidently work on the things he takes up. His way of admiring people is also among the most happening on campus ! ;) Hope you achieve the best going forward !...ROOPAK BHARTEE From ‘jeevitam sankanakipoindi’ to ‘ downgrade chesi padestanu ra rey’ Aditya or AKN always has the weirdest ways to describe life. An absolute shy genius, there is always something awesome that this guy can do and you have no clue about it. From reciting the periodic table in 35 secs to dancing on gangnam style, AKN always surprises you. A sincere friend who’ll always have your back. A gigantic body with a heart of gold is how one can describe Aditya. Regardless of my wishes, I’m sure you’re going to achieve whatever you set out to. It’s been great knowing you so far, hope that it continues....MOHAMMED SHAHBAAZ

I know adi from the Junior team of Ahvan, a wonderful, rockstar kind of person. Never takes any tension. Is super creative ( more than me I feel ). Helped me a lot during ahvan 2012 poster making. Was a super awesome team member all along. I hope you rock in future also :) All the best adi ...MOHAMMED ARSHAD Got to know u during our RIP trip :) You came across as very down-to-earth,freindly and fun-loving person. And I cna never forget -” Azamgarh kiske liye famous hai-Abu Salem ke liye” :P maza hi aa gya tha :D And u and JJ are like Andaz Apna Apna ke ‘Amar Prem’ !! I hope soon Azamgarh would be famous for Aditya Kumar Singh and not Abu Salem :P in a good sense of course. Your creative streak and hard-work is definitely going to take you places. Best Wishes :) ...ADITI DIXIT AKS is one of the most creative & helpful guys on campus. He has been kind enough to let us use his room as our favorite hangout & as a movie theatre. This has taken a toll on his sleeping habits but he is too kind to complain :). Also AKS is a gifted sportsman and is good at everything from Tennis to Linetix :P He was our group leader during the Himalayan Trek & we can never forget his frustrated outburst on our useless driver... All in all, AKS is a fun guy to hangout with and is truly “Azamgarh ki Shaan”. ATB :D ...PATANGE PRASANNA SATISH Creative genius and a happy go lucky guy has a very simple approach to life, never complicate it... right?? I’ve learnt a lot of useful things from him and a lot more useless things to be frank :P. Got to know him better in 2nd term as he was my group mate because it was me, AKS, and prasanna being the outliers (me being the outmost-lier :P) as remaining all were toppers in the group. Thanks for the memories and the ok ok no no video, i hope we’ll come together and do lot more virals in future :P. All the best for your future and rock on :)...Kushal C Aditya or AKS as he is called is an amazing athelete and more importantly ,an amazing person.I met him quite late; got to know him from the Hostel versions of cricket matches on the Basket ball court.He is equally good at all sports be it tennis or volley-ball.He is extremely fun loving and comes across as a thorough gentleman.He will surely big someday.All the best buddy!...VIKAS PARIHAR

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-218, D-117 Permanent Address : About Me : owl by day...human by night... Most Memorable CP : 1 to 1 dialogue with Jayasimha in MOS presentation PORs on campus : CnD, Sponsorship Team (Ahvan), Management Canvas, AIESEC Ideal endorser for : Movies One song you symbolize : Dream On (Aerosmith) Mostly caught doing : Photoshop Frequently uttered lines : thik hai... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi with 2 eggs 10 years from now you will be : Legen...wait for it...dary!!! If not MBA then : working day & night refining oil at IOCL :’( Favourite spot on campus : my room...which is also a movie theater... :) Friend groups on campus : everyone First crush in the institute : **** ********* Lasting impressions about college : tennis with koli, ****** in the central lawn Best memory of IIMI : Friends, Booze Boys

Aditya is one hell of a reliable guy in the college! One of the 1st guys I met here, he is the most patient, trust-worthy & the most helpful guy on the campus. As a term 1 group mate, he always bore the brunt of my constant cribs about free-riders & took on him the responsibility of doing all the work when needed without a complaint. A splendid designer (you maintain an awesome blog!), great marketer & overall a wonderful friend that one could have, AKS is the one person that you could go to after a long bad day. Aditya, have a great life & I will keep bugging you forever to understand C&D and make ppts! PS: it is high time you get a girlfriend! ...MANTHA S TEJASWINI I would have preferred to write a biography instead of just a testimonial. He would be perhaps the greatest and most valuable thing that I got out of PLANET I. “The friend who would be always there for you”. {no sentiaypa intended]. He is honest, laid back, modest, helpful and the MOST CREATIVE guy I have ever seen in his life. He is also the most helpful guy that I have ever seen and is a friend to keep till the very end. I have also the immense growth in character in this guy. My partner is crime, competitions, electives, class groups. Being an awesome Guy with a passion for marketing, he is going to be at the pinnacle for Indian Success story. I am fully confident that we are looking at a Future CMO/CEO. ...JANMAJIT DAS probably the most unpretentious person in the whole batch, i wont have difficulty describing u as that is the way u are, simple, direct, and fun, u can design great posters faster than chuck norris can dodge bullets, u can speak out marketing frameworks so fast u can put kotler to shame, and u can be so fun to hang out with that ur sleep cycles are disturbed as ur friends are ALWAYS in your room, even when u have to sleep, to sum it up u will find a way to achieve whatever you want in life, and if u dont u’ll create one and come what may u’ll always be remembered by everyone who comes to know you, best of luck for your future! ...ABHISAKE SAINI

ADITYA KUMAR SINGH Roll No. : 2011PGP515 DOB : 18th January, 1990 NickName : adi, aks

The frnd who olwez go by logic (no emotions, just Machine.. :p), The frnd who has achieved heights of craziness, The frnd who has got some brain damage in past :p, The frnd whose suggestions (sitcoms) become my addictions, The frnd who teaches me lot of things, And the frnd wid whom I shared laughter the most. The best thing abt u is that u look at lyf wid different angle and do almost everything wid logic applied aptly. You really helped me enjoying watching and knowing sitcoms and makes my hostel lyf as experiencing as possible. One suggestion - Bro, do experience emotions a tym. It really good!!! The name has different meaning: A - Aptly applying logic D - Dare not u best him in PJs I - Indepedent T - The creative minds (one among them) Y - Yzarc (Guess the anagram. Hint: go thru this message again, you will find ur answer) A - Awesome tennis player ((Man, I really hate ur mouse.. :p)) Wish you luck and you may achieve great heights in future and we can party then. lol I hope you will not forget me too.. :p P.S. : Gift of friendship is attached with this message, I hope you will keep it forever, :)...MUDIT KALRA ADI , in my opinion ,is the most sophisticated guy in the campus.His no nonsense attitude and optimism enchants all alike.He was among the very few meaningful CP makers.He was in the scene with all the major events -WAR Room and the ACE manger.He was also my neighbour in the SRs(Patal-lok).It could have not been anyone but him as the editor of the ‘Management Canvas’.He commands reverence.I will definitely follow some of his traits to perfect the art of good conduct.May you achieve great heights! My wishes will always be there with you....VIKAS PARIHAR this poker faced guy and can make you feel dumb by his wittiness.. i have always enjoyed any conversation between him and mudit,, full on entertainment.. \\m//.. always very clear about what he thought or said.. talking to him will make you realize how less you know about what ‘you’ think and do!! he’s very protective, i especially found so during our RIP when you used to make sure that each of us had company.. :).. he’s too mature for his age, but wouldn’t mind letting down his hair once in a while.. a great company to be with, enlightening i must say.. May God bless you with all the luck and success and happiness.. have a good tym selling!! :P Keep in touch.. :)...SHWETA KALLA It was probably around this time last year I got to know Aditya ... he has been a gr8 friend ever since .. from what I have seen him in the last year ... he is very organized .. manages his time very well .. etc etc ... I am sure he did good justice to the responsibility he took .. we have nice time talking about the things here .. subjects, profs etc ... I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with him .. he is definitely one of the good friends I’ve made here best wishes to you for a wonderful career dear friend...RAGAVENDRAN K

Roll No. : 2011PGP516 DOB : 04-10-1987 NickName : Adi (or) Maira Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER3-313 (and) SR12-104 (and) D-105 Permanent Address : 1-3-183/40/103, Flat 202, SBI Colony, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad - 500080 About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Chief Editor (Man Can), Coordinator (Anvesh), Senior member (Hospitality, Anvesh) Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Watching sitcoms/movies, Chilling out with friends Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Orange juice, Anda Maggi, Aalo Parantha 10 years from now you will be : CXO of my company If not MBA then : Continue as engineer or Become a teacher Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : Paul, Mudit, Karan, Archita, Shweta, Smita First crush in the institute : TM Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : 22.09.12 and Prank in Guna

Aditya! wow, seriously, he is an enigma for me just like I am to him...he is one of the most intelligent guys I have come across...initially I was a little scared to talk to him...he is very reserved on the outside, but once u break the ice, he is a different guy altogether. I got to know him well in rip and during himalayas, he was one of my saviors.. that conversation was really difficult for me too but Aditya has this way about him that one feels like opening up to him about one’s problems. He is logic personified!! everything, be it emotional issues, matters of the heart, any trivial thing also, he has this way of solving it systematically. He goes into the depth of an issue, separates the pros and cons and dissects the problem to bits till one gets a lot of clarity. U gave me a lot of clarity when I came to with issues that concerned me. He is a great friend, a very good companion to be with; the best part is his jokes; they are so highly intellectual that it always takes me a minute to even figure out what he meant. He is a great debater... impossible win an argument with Aditya, he is very sensible and grounded. All the very best Maira, wishing u a very bright future and a successful career!...SUGATHA KARTHIKEYAN Adityam - the MUKHYA SAMPADAK (read ‘editor-in-chief’) - is a serious, sincere and has a huge sense of sarcasm though i find him a bit reserved... Most of the times it’s difficult to assess which side is he on..!! And is one of the most intelligent and hardworking people on Planet I.. The times spent together have been full of fun, we have pulled Mudit a lot together ;) .. I have learnt a quite in his company.. He is one extremely composed guy and quite a good cook I must add, the cake was awesome.. Wish you all the very best and luck in the years ahead... Have a wonderful life and hope we shall stay in touch :) ...ARCHITA JOSHI


Roll No. : 2011PGP517 DOB : 2nd Dec 1988 NickName : Anku, KITA, other nick names I can’t reveal ;) Hey sweety ... you are the deadly combination of beauty, brain and humbleness. I spent a very good time with you in Barcelona. It was fun being with you and enjoying your jolly nature :) - still remember your posing in La Rambla Food market. It is always nice talking to you and smiling at your passion for photography or of photos of own ;). You are a precious friend. We are going to have great time together in future. Wish you all happiness and colors of life :)...SMITA VERMA

AGGARWAL ANKITA RAJENDRA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER2-322, SR14-308, SR14-121, A-121, J-106 :P Permanent Address : Flat no. 6,7;Varsha Apt, Shivalaya Soc, Sus Road, Pashan Pune-21 About Me : I am crazy..I think my greatest strength is being an extrovert. No one will get bored in my company. I am crazy about photographs, my own i.e ;) I love my brother the most in this world. Most Memorable CP : I don’t remember the CP, but I got 2 smileys for 1 CP by Jaysimha :D PORs on campus : Mercuri, Debsoc, Mycampaign, Hospitality, Toastmasters, Utsah, Mridang Ideal endorser for : Colgate or Cannon (any damn toothpaste or any damn Camera :P ) One song you symbolize :Roshni se bhare bhare, bhare bhare, naina tere Mostly caught doing : Dressing up for no reason, hanging out with Preeti or Bhavesh Frequently uttered lines : BhaiSahaaaab, awesomeness! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : half boiled maggi and bhavesh ne banai hui coffee :) 10 years from now you will be : married with 2 kids, and I will be owning a dance school ;) If not MBA then : Dancer, choreographer, phd in dance :) (I’m still going to be a dancer though) Favourite spot on campus : NC-3, 3rd row, middle section, second row from left ;) Friend groups on campus : Preeti,Bhavesh, RIP, Nitin(eurotrip) First crush in the institute : Faiz Rehman Lasting impressions about college : IIM I has changed my life in more than 1 way, it has given me memories which will last throughout my life. I have traveled a lot and IIM I has made me a whole new confident and dynamic girl :) Best memory of IIMI : Being picked up by my section mates on winning talent night :), RIP trip (technically not an inside campus memory)

My style guide, my interview questions prep guide, my complex-issues-resolver, my gatekeeper (doesnt let the bad things reach me/affect me :) the fun element in my boring dull life- basically, everything u could ask for. A bit overdressed at times? Yes. A bit ‘directionless’ Yes. A bit fat? Yes. Not just ‘a bit’. :P:P:P But is there anything she cant turn right? No! I have never seen a more versatile person who loves living life to the fullest. Even if we have an exam the next day, u cannot stop her from going all the way down to the Radha Krishna temple to celebrate a festival she has never even heard of. Be it the DJ nyt, farewell, festivals, toastmasters, rangoli making, holi in the mud, wedding crashing (on which they ditched me), anything- rest assured ul always have company! Excellent time manager, superb networking skills, avid facebooker- she has an excel record of the number of likes on all the pics of her competitors, and frequently screams out ‘Why does she have so many likes on her pic!!! Ladke paagal hote hain!!’ :D:D Sorry that I couldnt be with you on OUR eurotrip, but I can vouch for it that I missed u more than u missed me :) We share everything, not afraid to spill out our dark sides out in front of each other, and the ‘benefits’ in this relationship are amazing ;) N of course, my family has accepted u as my third sister :P (Also, I get to hear this a lot from them: ‘Ankita se kuch seekh!!’ :-/ ) I am not a strong believer in everlasting friendships, but for u I can say: BFF!! When you are around, I stop worrying, I know ul handle everything :) Sometimes I feel like a midget when u wear heels, but at other times, u are just amazing!!!! :D...PREETI GUPTA Miss Nailpolish! I hope you keep having an attitude that’s as bright as the nailpolish you wear! Loved being your ‘almost neighbor’ in class and I loved it even more when you got caught playing silly games in class. Hope you remember my advice in the bday video we made for’s very much so that I am yet to implement it myself. Jokes apart, you’ve been a real treat to know as a person and I hope we stay in touch. I’ll need fashion tips from you now and then. Also I know someone who would be very sad to lose touch with you :P...RIYA GHOSAL “Truely Glamorous” - thats what my camera whispered in my ears while clicking you for the first time, and naturally - they would know better. If I would have summed up all the moments that I spent with you this is what I would have said - cheerful, masti, confident and blooming. Being a Step-Down Neighbor in the class I had the chance to listen to the Bingo Mastermind and Economics-Geeky CPs and they used to be real fun. Wanna see you attain great heights and spread happiness wherever you go!!! :) ...RUDRANIL CHAKRABORTTY You are a perfect combination of beauty, brain and smartness.Always ready to help others with her innovative suggestion and charming attitude. You always had in store some good joke to crack that keep the atmosphere lively around you. A very delicious “Pasta” maker...Had a great time with you in Europe and enjoyed a lot in your company.Thanks a lot for helping me out during the worst period of my life and always being a very wonderful friend to me. Wishing you all the success in life... ...NITIN JAIN

aglawe, bhai mast mazaaa kiya 2 saal, sutta piya aur aish ki wish u best of luck for future...RAHUL BAKSHI manish bhai....spent great times with ER-3 n in D block... best of luck in touch..!!...ROHIT ARVIND one of the best characters in the campus! chilled out and motivational! best of luck bro!...NIRANJAN K M

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

AGLAWE MANISH RANJIT Roll No. : 2011PGP518 DOB : NickName :

Aishwarya is one of my closest friends at IIM Indore. Every time I speak to her we always would connect because of our similar backgrounds. Talking to her made me miss Hyderabad and the Telangana slang. A great friend who always enjoyed my PJs and encouraged me to reach greater heights. Was my group mate in term 2 and we had amazing fun while preparing the SBM video and the skit. You added a lot of value to my 2 year learning at IIM coz thanks to your timely tips during bidding I could get the electives I wanted. Thanks for making my two years memorable....Joy Daniel Patala I don’t have enough superlatives to describe how great a person she is.... Undoubtedly the sweetest person I know, there is absolutely no malice in her whatsoever... I have been blessed to know and be friends with her... My only message to her would be, “Never Change” :)...GADKHEL ROHIT PREMNATH “ye chilipi kallalona kalavo; ye chiguru gundelona layavo” is an apt description of Aishwarya also the Miss Andhra, Miss mesmerising smile of our batch! Known to have so many fans, Aishu is the sweetest girls I have met here on campus. Gentle, caring & hyderabadi speaking wala girl - makes me feel at home any time I talk to her. Had the most candid conversations & discussions with her, and she has been the most patient confidant of my life. Hardly heard her complain of anything, she takes everything in her cool stride. If you want to have fun or want to confide in some one, or even rely on something - go to Aishu, the typical gult heroine. Brave at heart, she is a source of inspiration for anyone in times of adversity. I have a learnt a lot from you personally Aishu! Would miss all the great time I had chatting up with you. We should definitely catch up on the Balakrishna movie we though of watching together!! Wish you the best in life & Keep Smiling all the time!!...MANTHA S TEJASWINI One place where our Aish surpasses the beauty queen is her ever smiling face.Remember the compliment received in vatican. There is no need for the cameras to have a flash.Very simple and childish at heart you have won my and many a hearts in the short time we have known each other.Definitely a frnd to crave for.You are a part of my memorable europe trip and thanks for giving me wonderful memories.What an awesome cook.Those chicken pickles.People who dont know should try it.Keep smiling and have an awesome life ahead....KASTURI KARUNA Aishwarya is one really simple person who always cares about everyone around her. She is always willing to help ! She is among the few elite to have visited many many countries ! hi fi ! Nd then she is a very responsible person who puts in a lot of effort at every task taken up ! Does get worried rather quickly at times but is strong at heart ! Achieve the best ahead champ ! \m/...ROOPAK BHARTEE

Roll No. : 2011PGP519 DOB : 15/01/1990 NickName : Aish,Ash,aishu, Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-315 Permanent Address : hyderabad About Me : simple..lil Lazy n CraZy gal Most Memorable CP : lol.. PORs on campus : Members of participation vertical Ahvan,mridang Ideal endorser for : Have fun in your way One song you symbolize : All zzz wellll!! Mostly caught doing : Skyping,fone call Frequently uttered lines :OMG,kool,lite Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : should go and hr back to order half fry If i am awake ;) 10 years from now you will be : Hopefully not working for some firm.. If not MBA then : got married by this time(its one of the reasons to do mba to escape from it :P) Favourite spot on campus : anywhere except OLD audi :P :P Friend groups on campus : Rip,gult gang First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : this period taught me to handle all extremes of life Best memory of IIMI : Rip,Exchange program,every hangout with my lovely friends :)

Let me try to describe this amazing lady with some adjectives.... beautiful, charming, generous and helpful, caring, considerate,composed, smart, strong and determined, diligent, patient, great cook, shopaholic, fun-loving and charismatic... this girl is a wholesome package, both as a friend as well as a partner (for any guy) ! We have spent great time together in the section as well in the group, and to add, the happening section parties, RIP and group outings. Quite often u’ve been an epitome for me... You are a very helpful and a great friend to have. I’ll definitely cherish all the great time spent with you.. Wish you all the success in life.. Hope to catch up with you sometime in Hyderabad ! :)...PRIYANKA S KARADGI I regret that, though we were in the same section, I did not know much about her before the exchange programme. But all the trips that we took together almostâ?¦not completely but almostâ?¦ made up for that. She is an awesome cook and I think she is bored by this but Iâ??ll just remind her again. I have seen her cook delicious food under all types of constraints( time, utensils, ingredients, support, distractions,me :D). She has a million dollar smile and is willing to try out a thousand poses even for a novice photographer like me. I will always remember the long discussions that we had during our trips and the Telugu movie that I watched without subtitles. You have a very chilled out attitudeâ?¦never change that. Keep in touch and all the very best for future. ...K PALLAVI JHA

Aishwarya Samala

Roll No. : 2011PGP520 DOB : 22 Nov 1988 NickName : AJ

AJAY SINGH Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-204, D-202 Permanent Address : Dadri, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Dus Eggs 10 years from now you will be : an environmentalist and social worker If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Is pagal k bhare me kya bolungi kam pagal tha pagal hai aur pagal hi rahega....the most caring person in the world...jaise care karna to janm sidh adhikaar hai inka....aur massom to itna ki bacha b sarma jaye...upar se inki hansi to mashallah....apne aapko sabse handsome samjhte hai..par....(u know) galti se b inki burai inke samne mat karna...dil me baith jati hai baat...khas kar ke handsomeness ki to bilkul nahi... padhai me to dhyaan inka kabhi tha hi nahi...sitcoms se hi guzara karte hain....10 eggs khane wale parani hai ye jo gym me patah nahi kya kya uthate kabhi bore nahi hote kissi kaam se....mann laga kar karte rehte hain..chahe wo ladkiyon ki bitching ho, shopping ho, trip ho ya kuch b....body building ka sauk rakte hain janab...aur din bar body builders ki pic dekte rehte hai...kabhi-2 mujhe inke charitra par sanka hone lagti hai.... OM k guru hain...inki wajah se hum jaise non-OM wale log SCM jaise khatarnak subject me pass ho pate hai....inke tang karna hamari aadat aur inki majburi ban gayi hai....kapde dhone k saukin hai ye....inhe dekh k koi b kahega kitna khata hoga...par real me hum inhe khane me pachar dete hai...inka sapna bahut hi nek aur samajwadi hai....logon k dard ko kafi gehrai se mehsoos karte hain....bhagwan inhe aise hi masoomiyat aur nek banaye rakhe...btw sundar ladkiyan inki kamjori hai...har kisiko dekh k yehi sochte hai...”kash ye mil jaye”... lagta hai tariff jaad ho gaya....but seriously ur the best....i owe my life to champ...wish u all the hapiness in life...:) take care....baki baad me tak k liye dhanyabaad ...namaskar...SONI KUMARI DORAI We met for the first time during Mridang 2011 CnD works and spent many freezing cold nights out there painting cups, colouring stairs and decorating the college. Ajay is a bundle of enthusiasm and energy once he opens up...and makes work a lot of fun. Tough on outside, he has a real soft, caring side to him. Thanks for being a great friend. Wish you the best in life! :) ...Bishakha Majumdar Rarely to be seen at IIMI, I took note of him only in my second year. â??More than happy staying in his roomâ?? guy, he is too sincere and honest a personality. He takes everything in his stride and will always have that smile in his face, whatever the condition he might be in. Sometimes, he may get angry, but he would get over it sooner rather than later. He is fun to talk to and to be with. Although a little introvert, taking care and giving good advises are his USP. He is a well-wisher to everyone he comes in contact with. He is the person who tries his best to make the world beautiful for everyone....MANISH MANOHAR Hi AJ,tu to mera dear bhai hai.... :).Isiliye tujhe tease krne mein mujhe jo majaa aata hai,wo shayaad hi kisi aur ko tease krne mein aata hoga.Pata hai tu agar mujhe bachpan mein milta na to main tujhe paka paka ke tera jo haalat banati.... :p,wo to tu soch bhi nahin skta hai.Jokes apart you are a very good,innocent,childish and enthusiastic person.Its my request to you AJ ,dont ever lose the charm of this childish attitude.Bachpan se iski bachpana krne ki aadat gayi nahin.Lekin tujhe sahi rkhne ke liye hum aur soni hain... ;p.Kaise bhi maar maar ke seedha rakhenge tujhe.... :p.You know AJ,you are the real dude.You took so good care of us in Nainital.How can I ever forget the story sessions in your room,our unlimited masti and your birthday surprise.Tera leg pull krna to hum logon ki sabse bari recreation hai jaise... :p.During first year I never thought of becoming friends with you,but who knows that you will be such a loving and caring kiddo brother of mine. Though many people will not be knowing this but you have got awesome numerical skills.Teri wajah se hi to Soni ne OM lene ka socha aur achhe grades bhi laaye.Tune use daat daat ke jo padhaya tha OM.Hamara group bara mast hai,tujhe pata hai tu nahin hota hamare group mein to hum masti kar hi nahin pate.You are the real charm of our group....:p.All my love and care for my kiddo brother....Wish you great success in life... :)....DEBARUPA SAHA

Jao mein tumse baat nahi karti, Machana mere kala hai, finger pointing... all these lines/ acts will bring smile on my face & freshen my memories of pandey ji:D She is a real Dabang !! kya panga leti hai logo se RESPECT !! u r kind, humble and adorable with bindaas attitude. You won my heart when u went with me in rain for shopping at TI and Chappan :) Had an awesome time in this college with u and hope to carry good-time legacy outside college too. -VARUN SINGH BOTHIYAL” Akanks- My roomy n soulmate- in happiness n in sorrow, in sickness n in health :) Chirpy, bubbly, cute and super-awesome. You have made life worth living here at IIMI. Will miss d talks, d walks, d shaitanis, d heart-tohearts, gym&guitar ;) dresses&gossips.. wo roz late class jaana, wo door knock karke bhaagna, wo hamesha ek team types rehna.. Love u so much darling. Wish u loads of happiness n success. Will miss u so much <3 -ISHITA SINGH” Akanksha Pandey has absolutely no inhibitions in doing anything in public. Be it jeering at people, gossiping about people right when they are staring you in the face, or shaking her booty. She was like a child who had to be escorted to the toilet in the train because she was scared, and Motu had to catch her while she was getting down from the top berth. In other words, abhi naabaalig hi hai. :D The one who always takes Varun heads on in defending her actions, and in turn gives us all a good laugh. Pandey poori shraddha se game khelti hai, tongue rolled, and pandey rolling to the side the bike goes :D. Enjoyed every bit of gossipping and joking with you. Keep the gossip mills running :D- Fellow gamer and Bihari. Jai Bihar ! :) -SURBHI SINGH” Akuuu is one of the sweetest , bubbliest n cutest frnd I have here in IIMI :) the days right from campaignng for Mediacom, in class gossips to our innumerous group outings, the summers at NCR n the mast shopping..was so much fun:) Always be the cheerful and smart lady that u are. Luv u loads :) -DEBASHREE MOHAPATRA” Pandeyji.. My McDowell :) Full of life, energy, masti.. the only person who always laughs at my stupid jokes. Still remember the day we met, the first class at IIM I. I always loved ur company.. be it in class, parties, JAM or watching horror movies :) U enjoy parties like no one else does.. I mean who gets high by just listening to the “Ganja” song :P You are just awesome pandeyji. In the past 2 yrs u were a gr8 habbit in my life.. Will miss u a lot.. Aur haan... Tu aur mein rock kar denge.. Soch ke dekh ;) I wont wish u luck for ur upcoming life/job.. I know that u will NAIL it ! Loads of luv :) -SUBHANAN SAHOO”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : pandeyakanksha Facebook Page : akanksha.pandey.12 Hostel Room : ER-207, SR14-222, A-113, SR14-201 Permanent Address : H.No. 7c/15, West Anandpuri, West Boring Canal Road, Patna- 800001 About Me : From PWC to IIMI ..have come a long long way and the journey has been a very interesting one. Hope it continues in Dabur too :) Most Memorable CP : Product Concept in Marketing of FMCG PORs on campus : Junior Media Com, Marketing Club, Utsaha Ideal endorser for : Frooti One song you symbolize : Young At Heart - Frank Sinatra Mostly caught doing : Watching Sitcoms, Playing some racing wala game Frequently uttered lines : Ab kya hi karein :P Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Coffee 10 years from now you will be : Running my own restaurant If not MBA then : Public Services may be Favourite spot on campus : JAM Friend groups on campus : lots of them First crush in the institute : None Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : The whole two years

Pandey..walks with utmost confidnc in her big sized goggles :P jahan jaati hai macha deti hai. One f d gals who takes jokes lightly, crazy krne ke liye everready, gang parties mei sabse zyada enjoy krti hai nd carngunderstndng hai..The best part s dat u r honest in expressng urself, love to gossip nd carry a beautiful smile be it ur or ny othr frnds’ achievemnt. Jst keep lovng life nd u will achieve gr8 heights f success :) (atleast uss height par apna BOP phone chng kr lena :P) -AMRITANSH GUPTA” Although I agree with what everybody has said cute, bubbly, super-awesome etc etc, I also believe u r one of the most sensible person on the campus.. thanks for making grp meetings fun and lively .. and I thank god for making u Ishita’s roommate, else we all might have missed the opportunity to spend time with such a wonderful person -JITESH RAJENDRA KETKAR” Pandey is like a Chota dynamite. The most bubbly, energetic person I have ever seen. Never afraid to speak her mind, one hell of a person. Also shes a pretty creative person and is full of great new ideas (Had a dose of it when we were doing all the competitions together) Pandeyji it was gr8 fun knowing u. Always keep in touch :) -DILIP TOMMY MONSON”

AKANKSHA PANDEY Roll No. : 2011PGP522 DOB : 27th November NickName : Akanks, Pandey, Akku, Pandu

People say that a good listener is usually thinking about something else during a conversation. Iâ??ll always remember you for your quality of Doubts and Questions raised by you during conversation :)...TOPPO VINEET WALTER AkashJyoti Sunni is one of the sweetest people I have met in my life. His innocent looks and calm composure has been his USP. Sunni is one of the rare people who fits into almost every group and has been the dearest of the entire class. His doubts and queries raised in the classroom have surprised everyone. A true friend and a wonderful person, I will always remember Sunni for his childlike look ,cool temperament and carefree attitude...HARENDER KUMAR Suni is one of the coolest guys I have come across in my life. He has never cared what the entire world is doing or thinking about him. With a pleasant smile he always looks to be imagining something good even during a class :P, because of which most of the professors used to catch him and he had to do some CP. The best thing about him is his child like looks. All the best bro and keep smiling n dreaming :) ...A.K.ASHISH Suni bhai...perhaps the most quiet person I have seen in my entire life...have you seen a sea? can see the waves but you can never able to feel the depth of silent friend Suni is that kind of human being... during the entire second term I have got the opportunity to observe you very closely...and many-a-times your questions were really thought provoking...keeping aside these moments, how can I forget the funniest memories of you in childish smile will be cherished by me forever...God bless you Suni bhai...keep rocking...keep smiling...keep living the way you live the life......Avik Sinha Other people have always said this about me “Bhai, ye kar kya raha hai? :O “ But if there has to be one person, who has left me perplexed and about whom I have to say the same thing, he is Suni. One day carries a boiled egg to class; on another carries an ice cream to Director’s session in auditorium. Plays CoD in MU/DADM, finishes it, starts another game. My usual partner to play FIFA multiplayer. Suni, your hoody rocks. And the way u stretch ur arms when a prof is giving us a very tough time, I adore u. Moreover, when I was with you in RIP, seen amazing ways to joke, laugh and make fun, especially, where we planed for pics. Keep rocking, i will be there to witness your big leap about with I am confident. ATB...Hrishikesh B. Suuni Bhai...........a outspoken, cute person still child at heart.foodie(still remember him eating half a dozen boiled eggs in class.). He has a very cute smile and irreverence attitude towards life..which i like the most. He used to speak very less in C.P.......but one day i think after 6 months he spoke first time in class.........I asked what happen ......he said aaj sai C.P. karenge Bahi(mostly uttered line). person u would love to talk to .......will never hurt you, soft spoken and good sense of humor.......A very good friend of mine and I Wish you great success for all future endeavors ...PEEYUSH KUMAR

Roll No. : 2011PGP523 DOB : 20 December 1988 NickName : Sunni bhai Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-318, D-203 Permanent Address : House No.-11, Samannay Path, Narengi Tiniali, Guwahati About Me : Simple Living guy with a queer sense of humour Most Memorable CP : Boring Question- NA PORs on campus : None. But, Volunteer for Marathon & Utsaha Ideal endorser for : IIM Indore, Nike, Mirinda, Amul Kool One song you symbolize : Musafir hoon yaaron. Na ghar hai na thikana Mostly caught doing : Sleeping, Mess, Near PGP / Placement Office Frequently uttered lines :Kya be.. Kaisa hain?, shiiiitt Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : Well settled in a comfortable position in an MNC(P&L and stuff) having the firepower to buy a Merc E-Class; which is why dream vehicle If not MBA then : MTech Favourite spot on campus : Pi-Shop, Porch between Mess & D Block Friend groups on campus : RIP Group, Bhaiko Group First crush in the institute : All transient; nothing shaky :) Lasting impressions about college : Diro ki dictatorship, Washing your own laundry, ppt making institute, Rumours can be deadly Best memory of IIMI : Himalayan Outbound Program

Sunni Sahab is very different from a regular kid around the blocks, he has his own way of enjoying life and that is what makes him a special person. A lover of FIFA PC Game and CoD, he can start playing them anywhere, everywhere and all the time. He is also known for some of the most hilarious events that happened in section B. A person who can smile let what may come, and thats what makes him a tough guy to beat when he actually pursues his dream....RUDRANIL CHAKRABORTTY A quiet, soft spoken guy. During the first year, i thought this guy loved playing football but he didn’t turn up for play even once during the second year. He loves food and was found in the mess almost every time I went to mess. One thing that surprised me was that he neither drink nor smoke, more so because he happens to be form Ghy, NE India. Bro come along to my place at Haflong someday, shall treat you to nature. All the best for times ahead. :)...Goutom Bodo

Akashjyoti Suni

Roll No. : 2011PGP524 DOB : 22/09/1987 NickName : Kumar Akhil, Babul Bhai na! Globemaster hai apna Akhil. Globe ko aisa marta h ke, globe bechara pichak hi jata h! :D Anyways on a serious note, he is one of those people who are really sweet and innocent even after their mind being grilled in an MBA course for two years. He can be a good leader for a team of 10 atleast as I saw him during Himalayan workshop. :) Cheers Akhilva! Best of Luck! :) :)...PARAMVEER You are an extremely good Human Being.. Sunne mein aaya hain.. ki Himalaya mein kaafi machaye ho :P .. anyway, stay as you are.. don’t change :) Best of Luck!!...DEBARSHI ROY As i always say, Akhil reminds me of Forrest Gump, He seriously teaches a lesson that it isn’t difficult to achieve a lot and yet stay grounded. All the best AK. ...KHUMAN VIJAY C

AKHIL KUMAR Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : J-002, D-106 Permanent Address : S/o-Aun Kumar Varnwal, Adarsh Medical, Sagauli, East Champaran, Bihar, P/o-845456 About Me : I m innovative, virtually great, lovable and a kind hearted person.I know abt medicines. Always ready to play Badminton and help people in need.I love Singing, playing Drums and reading novels Most Memorable CP : Shivaji’s white horse colour :P PORs on campus : Livewire, Marathon, Pragati, Group Leader in RIP, H.O.P, Class C.R, Coordinator GCL event Ideal endorser for : Forest Gump movie and Happiness One song you symbolize :Sajadey Mein Yuhi Jhukta hun, O nadaan Parindey Mostly caught doing : Singing songs in corridors Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : One Glass milk ! 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : An IAS officer ! Favourite spot on campus : JAM, Badminton Court in E block, Sunset Point Friend groups on campus : RIP, H.O.P, 1st term group ! First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : One of the best part of my life ! Best memory of IIMI : Awesome friends like “Miss Aaj Mujhe ghar jaana hai”, Royal princess, Phanni, Rama and many more, RIP, HOP, Dance with Livewire team,Section F, Gunta Sir’s class, On the house & Sayaji parties

A bold but clumsy talker, and a nice guy with a pleasant smile. Always carries a calm childlike and relaxed look on his face. Wish you all the success in life :)...ANKUR KANORIA Akhil...The Group Leader. Probably we would have never talked had it not been for RIP. Got to know you during RIP and then more with each passing day. You are testimony to the fact that innocence has no age. I’ll remember you for the awesome breakfast you would arrange during RIP, the prank you played on Shruti and managed a great stay at the guest house and the famous comment/compliment you made. Thanks for being such a helpful and caring friend and a great well-wisher. May you get all that you want in life. God Bless You !...NEHA HAJELA Will remember ur CPs in BOP class. U r hardworking person, It has been motivation for many to see your determination and efforts....RUCHIKA CHAUDHARY Akhil... pure heart, childlike innocence, childish stubbornness (:P) .. Akhil ... determined, diligent, patient... Akhil.. talks a lot :) , excellent badminton player.. knows a lot about medicines :P ... gives his best to cheer you up .. :), Akhil.... good singer, good listener, good friend.. :) .. will miss you Akhil... All the best for your future :)... HIMADRI BASUMATARY A very honest, sweet, courteous, helpful and motivated guy. All the best for all of life’s challenges!!...SHALINA VERMA Group leader at Himalaya and yes a very genuine person who takes the responsibilities and tries to abide by them. sometimes do messes aaround :P It has been great knowing you as a group leader, team mate, classmate and a friend. I’l remember the times of IMC,indeed and the way you panicked in MIB. :P. Wish you all the best for your future and a great life ahead!...Hemlata Jindal my badminton court buddy....despite the fact that we have totally different playing styles, we always want to play together in doubles whenever the opponents becomes strong!! had a great time with you on and off the court....all the best for the future :)...PULKIT PANDEY

one of those ppl jinke saath maine yeh do saal strt to end bitaaye hai.hadd gossip karta hai.kaafi kuch seekha hai tujhse.tension free hoke life jeena.faaltu ki baaton mein zyada energy waste naa karna.u hav dat maturity ki kis situation ko kaise handle karna chahiye.apne grp ka livewire...n tera dating n setting ka gyan stored hai dimaag mein...future mein use ho jaayega...baaki toh ab aage icici mein machani hai...:) -ANKIT BHARGAVA” I have no doubt in saying that taking Akshat out of a party is like taking the life out of it.The mastikhor guy who always looks out for fun and is never shy of pulling anyone’s legs.. Just watch him dance and u’ll have a good time laughing... I met him first at the RIP and unlike what other say abt him, i liked him from day 1 (may be coz mujhe mere type ke bakchod log jaldi pasand aate hain :P Globe me koi match nhi hai eska.. Most importantly, a very good friend whom i can trust blindfolded anyday. -RITESH KUMAR” Nothing I say will be enough :P All the fun that we had on campus, you were my partner in crime in all the pranks. Ready company for eating out, no matter how many times a week :) You were the one person who coached me in PGP1 (courses and otherwise :P), From term 1 till term 6, people still ask me how I deal with you :P And I have just 1 answer, “he’s a great guy once you get to know him”. -MAITREYEE KORGAONKAR” I remember asking mai and do they deal with you? and well, you are just not that irritating once anybody gets to know you...DJ parties are never fun without you, without your unique and spectacular dance moves...!! Dos salsa moves, snooker lessons and ice skating fiasco s would nicely garnish the sugar and spice of our friendship I would still never get into an argument with u But i love them anyways :) All the best and be sure to keep in touch :) -HARITA KUPPA”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-204 Permanent Address : Doon Valley :) About Me : um..I like to have fun..all the time :) Most Memorable CP : mein CP jyada nahin karta :P PORs on campus : Placom, Ahwamedha, Currenc-I Ideal endorser for : Bakar-I One song you symbolize : The Rembrandts - I ll Be There For You Mostly caught doing : Bakar, wat else? Frequently uttered lines : Kya pagal h kya? Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : Exploring the world If not MBA then : Passionate traveller Favourite spot on campus : ER-2 Friend groups on campus : RIP,placom, the ‘small’ ashwa group First crush in the institute : Sunset Point :) Lasting impressions about college : Fun, Masti, Bakar Best memory of IIMI : Ashwaaaa, HOP, placom fun

Its always such a pleasure being around you. Charming, intelligent and street smart. I always admired how you were never afraid about placement and maintained your cool and focus. I am sure anytime we meet in life, we will catch up on all the gossip and feel as if we have been together. I wish you all the best for future and I know you will be the first one from our team to feature in Economic Times -VIBHU KAPOOR” Love the confidence he has in himself (should have listened to you:P)...a clear and focused person, Akshat will definitely go far (completely agree with Vibhu :))...A charming personality, he is fun to hang out with. He is very dedicated towards what he wants and works really hard for it...Usually seen with a flock of girls around him. it definitely is fun working with you in the office...and wish to see more of you going ahead..keep in touch..!! -SHIVANI JAIN” Itni bakar karta hai ki bas pucho mat!! He’s got that talent of getting away by saying anything and everything!! DJ parties wouldnt be fun without his amazing dance moves:P While he enjoys everything like crazy, hes also very focussed and passionate about things he does!! He knows to live life to the fullest and inspires ppl around for the same!! You are awesome dude!! Would miss u a lot!! And contact me to rehna hi hai!! -PRACHI GUPTA” CP master, Eco-guru, talented glober is how i had pictured u before Ashwa happened.had a great time working in r ‘small’ team.. helpful, resourceful, dedicated towards his responsibilities, really good person---u r awesome FUN during parties.. Placom mein aate hi wo attitude aa gaya, but with r team u were still wahi same mast Akshat. it’s always fun talking to u.. All the Best for everything in life.Jai Ashwa :) -ISHITA SINGH”

AKSHAT SAXENA Roll No. : 2011PGP525 DOB : 5 aug 1989 NickName : akki, akku , aks

Akshay Guptaji.....on the exterior seems very reserved, silent and serious types....he is the complete opposite in to be with talkative ( though not as much as me) and thoroughly happy go lucky....seldom does he crib.... seldom does he lose control.....patient and smart...i give him all the credit for helping me clear to man for many during IF examinations...the likable nerd with a complete lack of CP making skills....all in all a “sundar susheel bhaarteeya yogya pati” material as he himself says.....Guptaji u will definitely make it big in life...i have always admired your dedication and single point agenda while working in term 1...i do hope we remain in touch for many more years to come...wishing you all the best for life ahead...rock on Guptaji.........ANUSHA K Another smart GUPTA who made his presence felt by being the Topper in almost every single subject in 1st term of PGP1 but what acted as the icing on the cake was your presentation making and delivering skills. A very calm and composed person who never speaks or make farzi CPs in class but has very strong finance fundaes. We shared some really good moments together. When you and Shweta took our team to 26th spot globally in BNP Paribas, while I was busy sleeping, when we were waiting for the cab to Sarovar Portico while rest of the section was enjoying the starters and when we went to PATAAL PANI and enjoyed the bhuttas before our dinner at Nakhrali Dani.Definitely one of the best persons whom I have met at Planet-I. I wish you all the very best in your life. Do well and make all of us and the GUPTAs proud....Vivek Gupta Akshay or guptaji as he is so fondly called by many is someone who i have had the fortune of knowing very closely in the past 2 years........a sincere person who helps others in need at anytime as I have experienced many times...... has a great work ethic & superb time management skills.... ( best among the people i know well).......a guy who has a very level head on his shoulders and someone who shows amazing maturity for his age...........someone who always has a grin on his face......part of the quietest bench in terms of CP in first year (along with me & Prasad)...... we never spoke anything unless there was a cold call............we really had a rocking time in first year (starting from the LAB quizzes)........will never forget the bench party v had at Sayaji.........u have let me in on every single secret in ur life..........and u hav always been there for me wenever i needed it help in studies or any advice or for anything............. I am happy to say dat i know d true value of Akshay Gupta and U are priceless........thanks for being such a dear friend............and I hope u will cherish my friendship d way I will cherish urs.............I am sure u will achieve the gr88 heights befitting ur talent & attitude......all the very best 2 u in life..........and keep welcoming every success with ur trademark revoir.... ...PAUL PRATAP

Roll No. : 2011PGP526 DOB : 11th Aug NickName : guptaji Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER3-302 -> SR12-108 -> F-004 -> E-119 Permanent Address : A-27, Rohit Apartments, Sector-10, Dwarka, Delhi About Me : Aren’t testimonials supposed to reveal that? Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Member of Consulting Club, Member of Gordian Knot (Ahvan’11) Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Hum hain seedhe saadhe Akshay Mostly caught doing : giving gyaan Frequently uttered lines :ye kya mazaak hai Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Plain maggi 10 years from now you will be : Searching for this yearbook If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Outside the main mess Friend groups on campus : the whole section-C! First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Entering from gate-2 and finding children’s park! Best memory of IIMI : Birthday celebrations

Guptaji has always been one of the most affable chaps in Section C. I first got to know him when we were neighbours (almost) in the ER3 hotel, er, hostel. I was told (horror) stories by Aman regarding the famed studying pattern of this serial topper and it sort of made sense when he topped one subject after another in the first term. Thankfully, Aman’s stories have all been proved false and I declare Guptaji to be a super-smart human who doesn’t need to spend hours pouring over a text book. Stay awesome Guptaji and hope you do make some CP in the remaining 40 days on campus. ...KRISHNA S. BAJAJ Topper!! he’s got that air of calmness around him, you hardly find in most people..i’ve always found him a lil mysterious.. there’s much more to him than you can make out.. very intelligent, very clear about his life and work, and very confident.. he’ll never his hair down but will enjoy nevertheless.. he’s very impressive when it comes to giving presentations..a surprise package, i must say.. :P he can analyze everything from all perspectives and is one of the few who can still take a stand,.. a perfect CEO material.. Wising you great luck.. May you be blessed with all that you deserve and more.. :) ...SHWETA KALLA


Roll No. : 2011PGP527 DOB : 06-02-90 NickName : Pasricha My Best Friend on Campus...Isse zyada kya bolu :P Mr placomer who has none of the traits symbolic f a placom guy ;) The most helpful person I hav ever met who cares more about other people’s happiness more than his own!! Thoda zyada praise kr dia isliye- A very lazy person!! U wud put in so much effort just to make him answer ur question (even if it is a yes/no answer)...Shutup and aisa kyun are his two favourite lines ;) Will remember the chuck marathon sessions and wish him all the best for life ahead. I know he has great potential and will make everyone proud :):) ...SAKSHI MAKKAR

AKSHAY PASRICHA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER3-303-->SR12-401-->D-205 Permanent Address : C-302, Lovely Home Apartments, Sector-5, Plot No. 5, Dwarka, New Delhi-75 About Me : Most Memorable CP : CRM- Prof. couldn’t ans the ques and then sent a mail to the whole class!! PORs on campus : Placom Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Nothing Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Akshay :) When we first met, I thought he must have got atleast 4 years of work-ex!!! He finally came back to his *YOUTH* after changing his hairstyle ;) We’ve had our share of *MIS-UNDERSTANDINGS*.. but I know he’s caring and will always be there when the need arises. He’s a mix of seriousness as well us cheerfulness.... Probably the *PLACOM* tag must have changed him a li’l ;) Was fun working with him in the competitions and hanging out in the 1st year. Hopefully, after everyone gets placed, we’ll RE-CHERISH the memories of 1st year ;) Btw, you look good smiling.. Aise :) :) :)...KARAN B NATHWANI Group ke sab se chota member( though lagta nhi h )...jab se french beared rakhi hai chote bolne ka man hi nhi karta but it suits u so well with the title of placomer. if i compare maturity with age, then u are the most mature guy at this age i have come across. arre abhi umar hi kya hai ladke ki and itni samajhdari :P first impression was totally different from what u are as person..ek dum akdu and adiyal insaan lagta tha jab pehli baar dekha to ,,,to tu ekdum nariyal ki tarah nikla ..bahra se tough and andar se soft spoken and kind hearted..:) hope to see you holding the youngest CEO title or something like that...:) Keep in touch buddy. Best wishes for u and have a great career ahead..:)...SUNDEEP SUTHAR One of my best friends, Akshay has always been a person jisse main kitni bhi gossip kar sakti hu..about anything & everything! He is a wonderful person and has a really sweet smile...but beware! us smile se kabhi dhokha mat khana....Though he is reasonable and rational (blah blah !) but he can get really crazy at times....I know we’ve had loads of fights and misunderstandings but in spite of all that, I’ve always considered u as one of my best friends and can never forget that Delhi station wala night when I made u run with your broken toe! ..thanks fro everything Akshay and hope that we can come to normal terms in future (which seems quite impossible given we have now become professional rivals!)...Will miss u loads and hope u have a great career and an awesome wife (:P :P) in future...bii...BHAWNA GOKANI Akshay, is exactly like the most quiet guy in the suspense flicks who is always mistook for the culprit but comes out something else instead. He appeared to be the participant with the highest working experience especially after the Talent nite.He is the youngest of our RIP group; intelligent and hardworking, most of his nights were spent sleeping head down on the table with a coca cola bottle on the side. He can get really angry at times, especially with lousy waiters. He is soft spoken or rather a hush talker, he can never be a victim of eavesdropping; we can never forget the papaâ??s call that he would respond to! He also happens to be the most stern and composed place-commer with the French Beard avatar. I guess he trained himself for hours every day to follow his clandestine conduct. He is a brilliant cook, he treated us with Pasta at his house during the summer internship. His wife will always remain happy! All the best for your future endeavours buddy!...VIKAS PARIHAR

â??Talented, experienced and hardworking Guy, but Still a kid from heartâ??, Ladies and Gentlemen this is Alfred for you. Loves travelling and paying my food bills, my second financial aid provider of IIM Indore :) . True friend, always helps in finishing the bottle (you know what I mean â?? Poker face). One advice, stop worrying about your hair and tummy, they are inversely proportional to each other :) . Health tip- starts jogging. (Bahut Likh liye). Wish you luck, success and happiness for your future. ...TOPPO VINEET WALTER A silent hard worker, Alfred is good in performing arts . He was in different avatar while playing Christ during Christmas performance... I know him as Section mate. He is very sincere and dedicated person.. Wish you great career and success ahead :)...SMITA VERMA Very talented and focused person. I would love t c the moment when u r tense or frustrated. Always ful of +ve energy. Good luck for ur future. ...HIMANSHU KANAUJIA Alf... Da saviour as i call him.... A true and warm hearted guy... a great friend...down to earth, Simple and caring... Loves to make others happy... helps whenever anyone needs... I do hope the very best for u brother :)... Have a great life ahead... Keep in touch :)...RISHABH CHAUHAN Mr. Freddie here is the most sincere guy of our campus. From unknown to best friends it was a really wonderful journey. Vary calm, soothing personality he can win hearts just like that. He is one guy I can always rely on with anything and everything. I wish you great success and happiness in life brother :)...ADARSH MANISH TIGGA one of the most sincere guys i have ever come across ... did so many group assignments alone without complaining when others free rode ... will definitely make it big in life .... hope we remain friends forever ... Good luck dude !!!...PIRAN ENGINEER

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-206 Permanent Address : Ranchi About Me : Most Memorable CP : OB-2 (Chinese Proverbs) PORs on campus : Co-Secy (Pragati), Mridang (12,13 Participation) Ideal endorser for : Ray Ban One song you symbolize : Hero Mostly caught doing : Chatting Frequently uttered lines : Everything would be fine.. Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : A Cup of Tea 10 years from now you will be : still the same Alfred If not MBA then : IT Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : Toppo, Addie, PK, RIP, HOP, Mridang, Pragati First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Architectural Design Best memory of IIMI : Bakra

Ally has been my college fellow and we share a good deal of old memories. He is a very soft natured person and equally soft spoken. Ally is always ready to help and I wish that he keeps up this good nature forever.... RAHUL KUMAR Alfred... A truly honest and modest guy. He would one of the guys who would come prepared to class and help me out with a quick summary. A very soft-spoken and amicable person is what would aptly describe Alfred. We shared those wonderful moments as neighbours where he’d be the only sane person around me (the others were Piran Engn, Navin I and Suhas LAndge). Hope u have a great life ahead....RAKESH JENA Alfred ... hmmm nice name ... An epitome of a good man, upright, humble and God fearing ... A man of few words ... thanx for being a good friend and a brother... Wish you the best in your future endeavours... God Bless! :)...MICHAEL LALHRIATPUIA Alfred and I were in the same group for term 1.. we had a gr8 time together sailing thru the assignments n submissions.. Alfred is a very sincere guy.. gives his 200% every single time.. no nonsense.. no bak-bak.. always ready to help.. doesnt give up on things easily.. Alfred.. remember the night out for war room ?? :) I know he will be at the top of whatever work he’ll do and more than that he will Njoy it to the core ! Atb for the future bro.. Keep smiling :) ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL Alfred is a hardworking and a sincere person. He is a strong believer of the Almighty, which I feel is one of the common things that we both share...guessed it from the kind of posts or status he usually updates on FB...a very responsible person...always acting as an initiator of group always remain the same, modest and simple..and if yu change do change but for the better...wish yu lots of luck and happiness for a successful future..a fren to remain......MADHVI GHISSING

ALFRED LAKRA Roll No. : 2011PGP528 DOB : 11 June 1986 NickName : Ronnie

are aaj canteen mein Alok nahi mila...2 hi reasons ho sakte hain: ya to ghar gaya hai...ya to ghar gaya hai Kher ye to baat thi inke thikane ki...yadi inki dosti ke liye kurbaniyan dene ki baat chhedi jaaye to bas in short samajh lo ki sholay ka “Jai” hai ye banda...aur karta kya tha campus mein? bas 2 kaam the, ek to football khelna aur dusra chane khana with peanut butter (ladka baady builder hai, aur sunne mein to yeh bhi aaya hai ki kuchh bandiyan puri tarah fida bhi hain inpe)...aur haan apne 4 o’clock club ka permanent sadasya hai...thank you for making these 2 years a pleasant experience for all of us and KEEP ROCKING :) ...HIMANSHU AGRAWAL I so badly want to take this unique opportunity to list down a string of incidents and embarrass you here. The only thing that is stopping me is the fact that u can reciprocate with the exact same thing with equal gusto. So, lets keep it gentlemanly. :| ‘Moderation’ can never be his middle name. Meticulate and organized (to the extent that u feel like the laziest person on earth), a health freak (to the extent that Kareena Kapoor will be put to shame), punctual (to the extent that Japanese will feel inadequate), and crazy (to the extent that I can’t comprehend). And, this, is the max extent to which I can force myself to talk nice things about you. While I am happy to know that he has this fascination for South India, I just don’t understand why. If you need a helpful friend , you cant go wrong with Alok! This, I can definitely vouch for....SENTHOORAN K A No matter what happened you could always count on Alok to be ready for a late night “chai” and a heart-to-heart chat. He is a very patient listener, understanding friend and sensible guy, though at times fails to comprehend people’s feelings ( not in a hurtful way of course). The best thing about him is that he respects girls. “Tehzeeb” wala banda hai. Lately, we haven’t been as close as we used to be before, but of the few times that we have hung out, I have had immense fun. You have been a helpful critic to me (for gymming) and a much needed advisor (for what to eat and what not to). I will miss all the times that you have made me laugh and for understanding some of my jokes that other people couldn’t. Bhangra was one of the best times I ever had participating for something. I want to take this opportunity to Thank You for making these 2 years of my life in IIM I memorable. :)...KASHYAP SURUCHI BRHAMPRAKASH OKKKKK...really I dont know what to say about Alok...but yeah the guy who is about friends, togetherness etc etc. The mess is his second home, if u dont find him in his room, he is sure to be in the mess. And I think he is the guy with the largest number of friends and acquaintances out here. U take anyone’s name and he knows about them. It is all about socializing and networking when it comes to Alok. Oh yeah, big time fitness freak, he hits the gym whenever he can coz he believes that happy hormones are released which makes you look and feel good!:P....he is the ideal 3 am friend you can count on. Any issue and one can go and knock on his door and be sure to get his support. He loves his friends and is always happy to help, putiing them before his own needs. He loves listening to music, especially honey singh ka rap and songs with a lot of feel and it is typical of him to appreciate by saying, “kya likha hai bhai saab”, his favourite songs are Punjabi songs which I cant even pronounce or remember. He likes Challa, and listens to all songs by Sukhmani. He actually has a diet plan and counts how many calories he consumes in a day. He likes to try out anything he hasnt. He is very receptive and easy to talk to! He can be a little blind at times and not understand the person at times, but all u have to do is knock him on his head and tell him he is getting it wrong. He absolutely has no problem with people finding fautls with him. Infact, he is always trying to improve himself. I wish u all the very best Alok, hope u meet a very nice demure, shy, south Indian girl with nice eyes, smile and voice and the rest is history!!!!:P Shaadi mein pakka bula lena!!!!! ...SUGATHA KARTHIKEYAN The great thing about Alok is that he is always in the forefront of things, may it be planning our party, doing the assignments, celebrating birthdays or just helping someone, Alok is always there. He makes people happy. One can rarely find a great caring and fun friend like Alok. Every moment spent with Alok can never be dull- let it be a group meet, a late night tea at night mess or our frequent excursions to a certain number of Hills- I just love Alok to be my partner...........the best memories of IIM Indore are incomplete without you. ...DEBAYAN GHOSH

Roll No. : 2011PGP529 DOB : JULY 10, 1989 NickName : Bharti, Cutee, Barfeeee, Khiladi, Shikari Personal Email ID : ALOKBHARTI107@GMAIL.COM LinkedIn Id : HTTP://IN.LINKEDIN.COM/IN/ALOKBHARTI10/ Facebook Page : HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ALOK. BHARTI.98?REF=TN_TNMN Hostel Room : B-205 >>> D-207 Permanent Address : 13, PATEL NAGAR EXTENSION, INDIRA NAGAR, LUCKNOW - 226016, U.P. About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ahvan OPS; Marathon OPS; Utsaha OPS; Vibes Production Head :D Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Fix You - Coldplay Mostly caught doing : Jay-Z, Kanye West, Coldplay and Punjabi Music Frequently uttered lines :Bhaaai...; “Aur Sunao kya chal raha hai”; “Chal Na! Chai peeke aate hain” Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chai! 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Mess Friend groups on campus : Ankit P, Anusha, Mithun, Sneha, Nitin, Sanjay, Himanshu, Ashima, Suchit, Pa, Sugatha, Senthooran First crush in the institute : Friends Know! Lasting impressions about college : Glad to have met the wonderful people here Best memory of IIMI : NC2, RIP, The entire year 2012 for several


Roll No. : 2011PGP530 DOB : 16 September NickName : ALL OK ! Hey ex-roomy, I know its been a long time since term 1, but it doesnâ??t feel that way. You were one of the first persons I knew on campus and I am going to miss all the long discussions we used to have ï??. Some of them were really funny when you think about it (before we were disillusioned) such as not settling for any company that pays less than 20lacs (lol). Good luck and keep in touch....B S SHASHANK One of the most understanding, calm (or should i put it as ‘peace-loving’ :P) and sensible persons I have come across in the campus. An amazing person at heart who would go out of his way to lend a helping hand.Exchange would not have been half as easy without you around. Sharing my worries and apprehensions with you always made me feel a lot lighter. And how can I not mention about his exceptional cooking skills and all those cooking lessons (which I have conveniently forgotten). I owe it to you for standing by me when I needed it the most. I am sure you’ll do really well in life..All the best..Do keep in touch :)...NIKITA RAJESH TANEJA

ALOK NIGAM Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-201 Permanent Address : Lucknow About Me : intricate yet simple Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : sugar cubes One song you symbolize :Mai Kya Karu - Barfi Mostly caught doing : absolutely nothing Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : plain paratha + egg half fry 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : a RJ/ a cartoonist/ a traveler/ a history student Favourite spot on campus : The vantage point behind ER3 Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Siddhi Moolam Prabandhanam Best memory of IIMI : RIP and Exchange Program

With a stock of medicines that can lay Pfizer, Novartis and Eli Lilly to shame, Women, Romance and Love is Mr.Nigam’s middle name, He questions the the existence of all and sundry, From the Prime Minister of Britain to the farmer in the heartland of the country, Challenging the laws of life, nature and existence is his forte, For his friends and loved ones, he will travel city, country and every port, A jester and joker (worrywart at times ;) )in his own right, I wish you untangle your intellections and shine for us in the sky to see you very bright ;) ...MRINAL KUMAR MISHRA The greatest guy to hang out with!! I made really good friends with him during our internship in Reliance. He can bring out the humour in every situation. He was pretty much troubled during his internship by one of his mentors who was useless anyway. Nevertheless, I know of his Market Research techniques and all that he put to use then :P . Yeah, he has got his ways with girls, very stylish and contemplative at the same time. Seriously Man, u rock!! Do keep in touch....Sudeep Tripathy This guy is always fun...:) i will never forget the skit we made for SBM for lifetime. hariya vs sariya...the dialogues were meaningless.. scenes were useless..everything was impromptu...ultimately fun filled...we enjoyed it completely while making the video..:D and also as a group mate in the 1st term he was the guy who made the group meetings entertaining..will never forget him wrking hard as a gym mate - his preparation for the exchange program...:P keep entertaining us forever... also pl return my belt...:P :D ...K.HARISH KUMAR It is very difficult to write on his wall as I am stuck with words that will surely not meet his approval. ï?? The first thing I noticed about him was his propensity to use unusual words which were generally not known to mere mortals like me. He would stare at the laptop screen for about 15-20 minutes just to come up with a single word which I would be sure was a typo until I reached for a dictionary. A brilliant mimic, he and his partner in crime can be very entertaining especially with an approaching deadline. I hope he remains as fun loving as he is now and achieves all the success that he deserves. ...K PALLAVI JHA Pochain Arret: St Eloi... Whenever Navpreet and I pass this station, we couldn’t help giggling... I wonder if you still make your weekend trips there... I was actually happy to welcome you Home when Navpreet said you are an expert in cooking... But i didn’t know the cooking he meant was boiling rice in an electric cooker :P And of course, you are hyper creative... Was surprised to know you have a good eye on the camera too, thanks for the nice shots... Keep in touch... ...GOKULNATH R

One of my first friends since coming to the campus. Have been part of many groups. An extremely dependable fellow with clear cut thought process. Being an experienced person, he ws my first choice to get info about which mobile phone schemes are best after one gets engaged ;-). Wish you all the very best, dude. I was lucky to have you as a friend....BHAVESH VIJAY Coming from same place & even from same school, I know that he believes in smart hard-work & puts grey matter to use only when situation is worth demanding. A mobile tech-geek (I always purchase gadgets after consulting him). Also every time visit his room I find something new ordered online, & often unique items. People close to him understand that heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fun to be with person, & can be relied upon in extremes. Alok Bhai, your marriage is coming soon, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be invited from both sides I guess. B+ & have success in your all your endeavors :)...NAVNEET KUMAR Alok dear friend....I remember the time spent with u in mess and class discussions......those were fun filled with lots of learnigs ( remember E-Gov class)....a very hard and smart working guy....who has a passion for technology......wish you all the very best dude......:-)...SANDEEP VEMULAKONDA

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

ALOK YADAV Roll No. : 2011PGP531 DOB : NickName :

Don’t let his ‘serious’ face scare you. Or even his ‘on again, off again’ french beard. Aman is a surprising mix of old conventions and new horizons. My first mulaqaat with him was when he came campaigning for votes as a JPC. His proud declaration was “My rank is first. So vote for me or else watch your placements go down the drain”. Ok he didn’t really say that but that’s what it looked like wrt the intensity he had. Our rural immersion trip was the perfect opportunity to gauge his psyche. Aman is a fabulous friend, a very patient guy, an all-rounder and a delight as a person. His only weakness is people getting their food orders before him :P Keep in touch Aman (at least through the bakar of the mote log!) ;)...RIYA GHOSAL The first time we met was outside the interview room for the post of CR in PGP1. Our seniors told me that deciding between both of us was the toughest decision they ever took. Very soon your ppt making skills became famous at Planet-I and then came the blaster when you received the highest votes in JPCs election. We also shared the same group in term I and enjoyed Bajaj’s mini Pi Shop with a mix of Honey Singh’s songs and repeated a bit of it while preparing for consulting interviews. I always see you sleeping in the class but you still outperform others in terms of performance (D guy missed section parties for work :(). I have always been very open and comfortable in discussing things with you and you are definitely one of the best intellectuals I have met at Planet-I. I am sure you’ll do really great in life. All the best!!...Vivek Gupta Probably one of the few guys on campus with whom I share an extremely high comfort level, Aman was also my first friend at Planet-I. He was part of my Term 1 group and I share some great camaraderie with this group. It was a coincidence that 4 of us from that group, Deepak, Vivek, Aman and I met for the first time outside the interview room when applying for Acad Com. At that time, we were unaware that we would be meeting again the next day and thereafter everyday for the next 5 months for the most epic group meetings. And not to mention that the same group of 4 would also be in the top 10 of the class after the first term. Later Aman made it to the JPC but that didn’t stop him from contributing the most to group assignments, especially from 5 m to 7 am everyday, when he sat making the ppts for the marketing submissions. I can’t forget that one time when he sent 4-5 mails to Prof. Jayasimha without actually attaching the submissions. :P He looks like a true drunkard but surprisingly isn’t an alcoholic, which is pertinent since he comes from DU. He’s been the backbone of Placom right since he got elected into JPC and been one of the few non-controversial members there. We have shared some great times together, especially when troubling Richa, along with Vivek and Deepak. Keep rocking and wander the villages of Tamil Nadu during your sales stint with ITC. Hopefully you will help get some villagers some jobs in local industries. ...KRISHNA S. BAJAJ

Roll No. : 2011PGP532 DOB : 29-07-1988 NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-209 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : Used Pi Shop randomly in a CP in a finance class as a part of CP Challenge PORs on campus : Member, Placement Committee; Member, Chanakya, Ahvan Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Calling in the placement office Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi Half Fry 10 years from now you will be : Certainly not any youger If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Like Krishna and Vivek already pointed out we met during the CR interviews and then ended up in the same term 1 group, and what a group it was! I still remember the weird timings that Krishna set up for group meets and how after a while we started ignoring his mails. Our group meets were mainly Aman and Krishna singing songs in weird accents, watching CID videos, listening to Honey Singh songs, eating Krishna’s never-ending food supply and troubling Richa. Aman is one of the most well-suited members in Placom with his hardworking, diplomatic, dedicated attitude and calm demeanor. But the greulling work of Placom did not stop him from contributing in group assignments and scoring high marks in exams (we salute you man!)... The Himalayan trip was truly memorable, enjoying Delhi and then huffing and puffing to the top of Kedarkantha :D... We’ve had a lot of fun together in college and we’re going to continue this in our work place!! ITC is doomed :P Undoubtedly we will always be in touch.. Cheers :)...DEEPAK SUDHAKAR Aman has been synonymous to perfection for me. His dedication towards work is amazing. He was always there whether it was those late night jpc meets, consoling me after i got fired ;), RIP Trip and then throughout the second year. I seriously admire how you manage your time so well. Not to forget the vast amount of knowledge he has given any topic. Be it be books, music, hollywood and aman always has to contribute. Probably one of the few people on campus whom I can say with confidence will stay in touch. I wish you all the best of luck for all your endevours . I am confident, no matter how late you get anything in life, it will be the best :)...VIBHU KAPOOR


Roll No. : 2011PGP533 DOB : 16th July 1982 NickName : Amar Amarendra has a quiet, confident way of making a point - that whenever he spoke in class he made me turn back and listen. And he has a most pleasant personality - a real gentleman in every sense! Wish you all the best in life ! :) ...Bishakha Majumdar Better known as Chacha but is a lot different from the famous Chacha Choudhary!! My neighbor in class and my partner for all my tough times in campus. Always used to be ashamed of being an Infosyian. He is calm, composed and really patient. Wish his patience always pays him whatever he wishes in life. Thanks a lot for being there with me every time I needed you. Wish you be successful in your dream of opening a Hospital and may you save thousand lives. Memorable moments: Those Desperate CP in class and Dhamekedar discussions in your room...SUBRATA MONDAL

AMARENDRA SAHOO Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D 210 Permanent Address : Kamakshya Nagar, Odisha About Me : Male Guy... :) Most Memorable CP : Mondal’s CP on emotional control PORs on campus : Senior Member, Infinit-I Club Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize :Yunhi Chala.. chal rahi.. Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aloo Parantha 10 years from now you will be : some manager somewhere..... If not MBA then : No option left now :( Favourite spot on campus : 1.4’ N 4.3” W of Sunset Point Wooden Board Friend groups on campus : ....Na Kahu Se Bair First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : awesome long break.... Best memory of IIMI : Business Formal...mandatory attendance...

Chacha..............a very shy personality, very helpful person with golden heart....He want to do something for society and i am sure he will do.........A very good friend of mine and I Wish you great success for all future endeavors...PEEYUSH KUMAR I always felt that Amarendra is a person whom sincerity comes naturally. A person shall be lucky to have a heart as nice as his. Chacha would have great stories to tell about his company and being from the same profession we could always strike a conversation on the IT Industry. I am sure with the super humility and sincerity he carries with his personality, he shall be loved by everyone in his professional and personal life.... RUDRANIL CHAKRABORTTY The decent Guy... I have a lots to respect for you.... Amarendra is a down to earth person, does not believe in show off and enjoys a lot of respect from fellow mates... It was always an awesome experience to have bakar with u Dude... May God give u all the happiness and success in life... We will be in touch :-)...OM PRAKASH VERMA Shy personality...Deep thoughts....very helpful...bhai aur bhi kuchh achchha likhan ho to bata de...I am luck to have friend like you..thanks for being there for me whenever I needed....wish you all the best for your future :)...SHAILESH CHANDRA GAUTAM A fellow club member at InfinitI.. a true hardworking guy.. doe everything after proper planning and understanding.... working together at InfinitI guest lectures..junior team selection.. have enjoyed every moment.. he always remain calm and possess a deep IT knowledge... All the best for future .. stay in touch ..!!!... HIMANSHU SURI

Hum sabke pyare chacha :) I know chacha before joinin insti, our IKABCL group :). Chacha was the indespensible part of our group during those fb chats. He is few of the people who really made me feel like I’m awesome. praising me all along. One of the best part of Alok is that if he thinks you are awesome, he’ll start praising you everywhere. Thanks chacha, All the best for future ahead....MOHAMMED ARSHAD Chacha as people say him, is a perfect example for ‘Dil to Bacha hai ji’. It has been fun sharing the Senior citizen title along with him. Special thanks for coining a nickname for me. A great salesman, Alok will definitely be able to sell soaps and detergents one day. Just in case he uses my comment in the yearbook section in Mahindra form, I would like to say “He is not fit for a general management role’...VIBHU KAPOOR We bonded over our common craze for Harry Potter...chanting stupid spells and pointing umbrellas at people..:P Since then Alok aka Snapey has been one of my best friends on campus..A great guy with a very peculiar sense of humor (definitely in a good way)..:P. It has been a pleasure knowing him and working with him. Again..wishes from my side as well for selling soaps & shampoos in every nook and corner of the country...:P Lots of luck and wishes..:) Confundus....ISHITA KISHORE Chachcha= blackberry wielding die-hard placomer + sometimes obnoxious ManU fan + finicky with cleanliness + fellow chocolate lover + aspiring basketball pro + loves old Bollywood songs, all draped in a good soul ...ANIRBAN GHOSH Alok, you have tried your best to make life difficult for me!! you always always find ways to pull my leg, be it while playing temple run or a simple chat near the canteen...nevertheless, i believe you are a solid guy, rock solid (even though you dont like shahrukh)...and i respect you a was awesome working with you in MyCampaign...i learnt a lot from of them is to stay quiet in front of you!! I always felt as if you were a big brother of sorts...teasing me, comforting me and sometimes scolding me too!! I wish you get the best out of life and hope all your dreams come true... ...SHALINA VERMA

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D 211 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : PGP2 : Placom, Utsaha Projects Coordinator, My Campaign Member. PGP1 : Sports Committee, Indore Marathon Participation Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Egg Biryani 10 years from now you will be : A proud Alumnus of IIM Indore If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Alok has the capacity and intensity to speak crap on any topic under the sun yet when he gets serious, he for sure has lots of interesting things to share. A national finalist at an advertising comp and captaining a basketball team alongside working at placom, some serious stuff ! Room filled with charts and what not ! Working hard at every task taken is his trademark ! Yaar itna kuch kaise kar leta hain ! Amazing :P :) ! Achieve the best ahead champ ! \m/ ...ROOPAK BHARTEE It has to start with ‘Chachcha’ a die-hard placomer. Got to know him before coming to IIM I and since then he has been a good friend. A bakchod to the core and one that would go the extra mile to help friends. Shared awesome times with him on RIP and Himalayas ( can’t forget u fighting over a punjabi song in tempo :P :P ). Have fun, njoy and keep rocking....MANPREET SINGH REKHI Where do I start? Ambadi has been one of the most fun guys on campus. Right from the summer’s bitching days where we were each other’s shoulder to cry on’ we have had an awesome journey. We have had many fights (for reasons which only you know of :P) along the way but you can always count on Ambadi to deliver when you need him the most. If there was one guy whom I wanted in Britannia with me it has to be you. Will always fondly remember the infamous ‘tax’ which you used to impose on people, the sledging on the basketball court (you play really well for a short guy) and you’ll rock HCL for sure. Hope one day we meet in an FMCG company. Please keep in touch and donâ??t tarnish your brand equity of being an ‘always irritated, kamchor, awesome marketer and a true friend for life’...B VARUN

AMBADIPUDI ALOKRAJ Roll No. : 2011PGP534 DOB : 18 January 1987 NickName : Chacha

Amit was my room mate when we started out on our two year journey at Planet-I. Incidentally, our fathers also happened to be in the same organization. At first sight, I was honestly not able to make any opinion of Amit. But gradually, he came out as an extremely determined and confident person. Extremely crazy about football, I had no surprise when he chose Brazil for his student exchange programme. Definitely one of my best friends on campus, he is also one of the popular guys here. Dude, it was really fun making that video resume for you ;P. I wish you all the best and hope you get success in all your endeavours....BHAVESH VIJAY This guy is seen with two things at campus at any point of time, football or case material. The surprising fact about him is even in the final term, he comes to class after reading all assigned readings and cases. And his skills of GD/PI conversion rate is an all-time record here which even American presidents would be scared to achieve. If creativity is a state, he would be the indefinite ruler of that. I have been amazed by the sheer sense he thinks and creates ideas for anything. Ready to debate or work at anything or anytime, he resembles agility both in football field and life. An audacious and aggressive individual, he probably fears nothing in life. We both can be seen poking at each other most of the time and discussing about random things like how nigeria is safer than India to why the little girl should get the Oscar this year. Enjoyed every bit with you from making presentations and assignments to playing football and cricket. Missed you at MWR ppt. Hope, you goto Africa soon :P. A friend for life, I wish you ATB for future. ...BISWAJEET MALLIK Apna Ronaldo, his passion for sports is awesome....I used to believe that i was sportsperson myself but after seeing him watch all sorts of cricket and football matches on TV and playing football even if no one else was around, I felt humbled. And then i also discovered that he was highly dedicated in studies, reading all cases and making CP even when everyone else was busy in their own world. He is a great guy to talk to and fun to be of luck for the future buddy :)...PULKIT PANDEY Straightforward, hardworking, and very sporty - I got to know you in term 3 and it was an honor! When no one would be ready to take on the load of assignments, you would. You were very dependable in that sense. I never found you gossiping around or cribbing - gosh! how do you manage that???? I have always found you enthusiastic and energetic. I wish I could be that way! Thank you for your support during the third term and do stay in touch. Also, please never grow your hair - your bald look is terrific! It suits you well....Shivani Gautam Shukla

Roll No. : 2011PGP535 DOB : 24th Nov NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : amit bhuyan Facebook Page : amit bhuyan Hostel Room : ER-307,SR14-313,F-102,E-203 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Amit is a gem of a person. You can always count on him, he will help you in anyway he can. Crazy about sports, he will watch any sports shit thats coming on television. :) I first noticed him when he was involved in some controversial decision against our team in IPL. But got to know him better when we were staying in Gurgaon during intern. He is always ready for going out to eat, I will always remember our late night ice cream walks in Gurgaon. You me and srinivas had amazing time during intern. We will stay in touch is needless to say. All the best buddy!!!... KARTIK SHRIVASTAVA Classmates in the same school, same engineering college and for the last 2 years at IIM Indore. Bhuyan, as I call him is supremely confident in whatever he does or is about to do!! Comes across as aggressive, he fears no authority, yet is a very disciplined and sincere guy. Pretty enthusiastic about sports, he can play almost everything. We used to call him ‘Buddhia’ at NIT after the kid who made records in running. Keep running bro till you achieve all that is your due!! Best Wishes :)...Sudeep Tripathy Amit is a perfect example of all rounder- u play a lot f football, a good athlete nd an a quick reader..u read almost all cases in first yr with such a pace nd do contribute n all assgnmnts. The best thng is u r straightforward, honest nd opinionistic. I feel lucky to knw u n ER3 nd hvng wrkd wid u in Term-3 (really enjoyed a lot with u, Debarshi, Shivani). Wishng u a gr8 future nd stay in touch :)...AMRITANSH GUPTA


Roll No. : 2011PGP536 DOB : 01/05/1987 NickName : Ranjan An unlikely friendship, I got really close to Amit during the 3rd term when we were in the same group! The night of doing the final assignment of Accounting is unforgettable.. I hope u still remember the DC++ incident!! Wishing you all the best in your life!! Cheers!...VIVEK SURESH Quiet, nice guy who changes character dramatically during section parties.. he got his name “itouch” during 1 such party.. will always remember him sitting 5 feet away from a water cooler n begging for water to everyone who passed by :P. very helpful n always ready for a long chat whenever i go to his room. will miss his simple advice on small things which really made a difference.....Sandip SM

AMIT RANJAN Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B 302, D 212 Permanent Address : Sector 3, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand. About Me : always like to hang around with my friends. I endeavor to put smile on their faces and create nice memories. I am passionate about swimming. Most Memorable CP : While in the first lecture at IIM Indore, Prof. asks to the class “What would you do to sell Nirdosh”. My response” change the packaging to something green and natural to symbolize that its healthy “ PORs on campus : Samanvay(Financial Inclusion event) Team Memeber Ideal endorser for : Swimming One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Butter Toast and egg half fry. 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : My friend’s version of sunsetpoint Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

It was fun fighting with you for the fan... Surprisingly we always took the opposite stand, if you wanted the fan to be ON, I wanted it OFF... We used to irritate you by disturbing your power naps in the class... I am sure you would have thought of changing your place, at least once (:P) But to me, it was fun being your neighbor in class... Missing those good old days... ...GOKULNATH R Amittuuuuuu..... Amittuuuuuu kannaaa.... this is how I call him... He is really a fun filled + frustrated guy... It’s fun frustrating him... We became very close in the 2nd year.... Most of the time, I used to be in his room working on some PPT for some B-School competition... ya we participated in most of the competition but didn’t win EVEN in ONE :(. But still we didn’t give up.... we fought...fought....until we finally gave up :) He is a very dedicated and talented person... we discussed many business plans... His ideas were really awesome... Hope our dream come true soon... Wish you all the best to achieve your dream soon. Keep in touch...!!!... MUTHUKUMAR C Amit bhai......I came to know him during 3rd term or you can say during BNP paribas time....I was amazed with his knowledge of statistics and High level of Mathematics.... I have learnt a lot of things from him. He is Hard working and Sincere guy, Party animal... like to swim alot :P ..mean to say he likes swimming. Will cherish all the moments spent with you be it the DJ nights, section parties,outings , your room bakars. Wish you very best for your future, keep the spirit high and you will achieve great success in your life. Keep in touch... ...SUNIL KUMAR

Amit is always fresh in my memory as I remember him from the first PGP Group Meeting - as an elusive guy with an exasperating mischievous smile - who can take you for a ride when he wills. Often deceptively placid, he is one of the brightest minds in the batch, a scary Counter Strike opponent and a regular source of some of the most wicked humour on FaceBook (you r the YBY guy, aren’t u!!!). Chats with him are worth publication vividly imaginative, tongue-in-cheek and hilarious. He is sure to scale great heights in whatever he does . If one day you find him appointed as the Foreign Secretary of India, don’t be surprised!! -BISHAKHA MAJUMDAR” Hard, really hard to begin describing this person who engages in such diverse range of eccentricities and often, excels at them. It will be against the tone of our usual conversations if I begin appreciating this guy. So, lets begin with some pricks of this personality! Irreparably lazy.. you cannot ask him to move out if he does not want to.. beware of getting his favors coz he will keep nagging you will references to it ever after! Prides himself as the grandmaster of humor but his jokes are deteriorating day by day.. he can piss you off with the wildest of PJs and he might even blame you for it. His PJs were so, so pathetic and he called me the PJ Queen. Irony! Always found at the night mess.. Divine fate he has, of being located so near to the mess! He never spoke to me during Term 1,2 but when he did from Term 3, there was no stopping him. At times I wished he hadnt started :P Had to nag him to work for group, but he worked well and responsibly finished his part (khush ho ja :P). Atleast he would lend his presence to the group throughout, which is mostly a rare phenomenon. Rarely seen guys like him who study 2 hours before the exam and still comfortably beat out half the class. Strong brain am sure (success at Civil Services without prep takes no less) but very misdirected :P Storehouse of information-both GK and batch-reluctant to share at times though x-( , witty (yeah, I have to finally acknowledge that), most frequent companion to mess (would also store for me, thanks!) insomniac, the reason why no one escapes his facebook vigilance star gazer, something I could never accompany him for but always appreciated He has been a great friend and hilarious company. Just an advice, put your super brain to better use! Am sure he will see great heights some day. Best wishes -ANKITA SRIVASTAVA” Rarely do you find a person who turns out to be exactly opposite of the expectations you have. A seemingly silent observer in the class, he is one of the wittiest of the lot in the batch. Sarcasm is his forte and wouldn’t miss the opportunity of trolling you on the smallest of things. A guy who is never disappointed or disheartened, howsoever bad the times may be, something I envy so much. Every wildest thing ever happened on internet is captured as screenshot by him. An impeccable ability to be online all the time (yeah he is the only one who gives me competition :D). He has been one of the crucial sources for gathering information within the campus. We do have some common interests I suppose. Talk of doing brainy stuff, the guy clears Civil Services exams playing CS and watching mallu flicks. He never ceases to surprise you with his activities, the weirdest on the campus and definitely unforgettable. He takes pride in having witnessed the maximum number of meteors etc. in the span of last 2 years. So always ready to go to mess, passionate about badminton, tried his hands at volley too without any success :P His trolls would be something I would really miss when not in campus. Focus your energy in one direction and we will have so many wonder stories to talk about. Cheers! -UTKARSH SINGH” Beneath the forehead, under that unruly curly hair, inside the cranium, there is something we don’t know, something beyond ....Pure evil personified. One person who is far ahead of fathomable human intelligence,.. master of sarcasm,.. The most active friend in my FB list but still hasn’t changed his profile pic in 2yrs,.. I labelled him a social menace early on in IIM I, but I believe that he is far above that label. Founder of the star gazing club as well as a dedicated star gazer,.. He is a one in a billion personality,..totally unlike anybody you have ever seen. Always keep trolling. -ARUN R NAIR”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : vijayamit Facebook Page : amitvijayAV Hostel Room : The longest been in D-213 Permanent Address : SRWA-109, Snehapuri Residence Welfare Association, Kaimanam, Karumam PO, Thiruvananthapuram 695002 About Me : Never a profile pic to identify :D Most Memorable CP : random rumblings to a cold call question which I didn’t listen :D PORs on campus : MBA and then there is Facebook Ideal endorser for : sarcasm, IJs (intellectual jokes :D ) One song you symbolize : been Vande Maataram for 5 years as my ringtone Mostly caught doing : thinking.... some ideas do take shape Frequently uttered lines : Bloody... bullshit... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : A cup of tea along with some PJs & IJs 10 years from now you will be : making policy decisions in a political party If not MBA then : a struggling politician Favourite spot on campus : Under the stars@ Audi roof top Friend groups on campus : a nomad First crush in the institute : Some ants crawling along the corridor of the mess Lasting impressions about college : the hours long chats in the night mess pulling each others legs, cracking PJs, getting to know each and everyone in the batch by name Best memory of IIMI : counting 212 shooting stars, the star gazing night outs, the gaming nights, creating fun

AMIT VIJAY Roll No. : 2011PGP537 DOB : April 15 NickName : AV, Chaathan, Sherlock

A good friend and teammate; we have had fun times working on a lot of events and projects together. He comes off as a smart guy who knows his stuff. Wish him all the success in life :) ...ANKUR KANORIA My neighbour n 2nd yr..jab bhi ghar jata hai free diaries n pen mangwa leta hun..had lots f fun in HOP..he is intellignt- hard wrkng- sincere towards studies. WIsh u a gr8 life n successful career :)...AMRITANSH GUPTA Hey Amrit.. i remember how u used to help me during r initial days at IIMI.. though v lost touch in between but really had loads of fun with u at HOP.. Wish u a successful n happy life ahead... All the Best :)...ISHITA SINGH to know you late...even though we share a junior-senior relationship @NSIT :) It was nice working with you.Had a lot to learn from you. Appreciate you for your soberness and maturity, and ofcourse your inteligence :) All the best.. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sure you are gonna rock ahead :)...KRITI AGARWAL Amrit, my gloves partner. :) To be frank, your friendliness did come as a surprise, because I expected you to be studying 24x7 during HOP. We had a very memorable trip, everyone chipped in, everyone gave their best, we all worked as an awesome team. We must thank you and your Mom for the supply of chocolates :). You are a diligent worker, had my experience of working with during our SCM assignment, when you made sure our submission had a certain minimum quality and drove the entire exercise. Oh and those horrendous PPP assignments. It was nice knowing you. You are an intelligent chap, and I wish you a lifetime of career that suits your intellectual capabilities. All the very best and do keep in touch ! :) ...SURBHI SINGH Hey Amrit Im not sure whether u wd even open this Yearbook Link n see the posts :) As has been the case wid those numerous FB wishes :P But still I would like to mention a few things about u.. Though our interactions have been very limited..I hv always found u as a very intelligent and down to earth guy.. Contrary to the class opinions about u being only studious , I pleasantly found u friendly and down to earth. U open up very easily.. I really liked those career conversations in those bus trips during our HOP. Must say ur really ambitious and Im sure ur hard work would def pay up for u .. But yeah njoy ur life more Im sure even den u can reach the heights u aspire for :) All da best ! Ciao....DEBASHREE MOHAPATRA

Roll No. : 2011PGP538 DOB : NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :


Roll No. : 2011PGP539 DOB : 12-July-1987 NickName : Motuu Motu, Get Lost and Hardworking are the three words which are sufficient to describe Amritansh Gupta. I missed your Sheila Ki Jawani wala dance. (Convo ke pehale ek bar jarur dikha dena :P ). Cassata Ice cream and Get Lost Session Ki Gyan ki Baate, Iâ??ll always remember :). Best of luck for future Buddy. ...TOPPO VINEET WALTER Though we poke u, though we tease u, my dear MOTU, We all love u.. Will remember- d HR gyan, d without-breath speeches, sheila, ur â??closeâ?? friends and irctc with them ;) , HOP-rapid, motu&food, motu&Sur, Motu&pirate :D , n so much more.. will miss u Amritansh..oops.. Ansh ;)...ISHITA SINGH

AMRITANSH GUPTA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-215 Permanent Address : 4- Taru Kunj, Tej Garhi, Garh Road, Shastrinagar, Meerut About Me : Be independent n composed Most Memorable CP : Asked d same qs as CP in term 3 n 4 fr ISM & BIDM to same prof PORs on campus : Projects team-Utsaha (Sr member) Ideal endorser for : some food joint One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : eating Frequently uttered lines : tumse baat, “toh” Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aloo Parantha 10 years from now you will be : somewhr dng somethng If not MBA then : IT field Favourite spot on campus : JAM, area behind fpm block Friend groups on campus : bakar, RIP, Get Lost First crush in the institute : Too public domain to say nythng :P Lasting impressions about college : RIP,HOP, Get Lost parties, Gang parties, Big bash, My dances, beautiful infrastructure of colg Best memory of IIMI : All moments wid my frnds

Let me start with the most important part first - I saved your life and you still owe me a treat :P Jokes apart you are one of the most honest people I have met here. You have a big heat (don’t take it literally :P). And you are really good at expressing your feelings. I’m sure this will help you a lot in future :-) I know I have been irritating you a lot, but I’m sure you didn’t take it in a wrong way. All the best buddy!!...Nishikant C Motu, our awesome team mate for all our events. Motu you had been an awesome team mate. Motu I still remember being the cameraman for shiela ki jawani :). No one can forgot those moves. Motu itna bada rattu hai, poori PPT ghot li thi isne. trust me, the memory power of motu is awesome. I hope you stay as hot with your Hot Pants. All the best for the future Amritnash. Keep rocking....MOHAMMED ARSHAD Motu.. ek choti si ladke hain is collge mein jo tujhe cute aur innocent samajhti hain..but I know what you actually are..public mein nahi bolna chahta hu...anyway best of luck..!!! ;)...DEBARSHI ROY fun loving guy with full of innocence and humbleness. the most awesome abt him is his mahindra ppt kya ghotta thaa :P we had an awesome time in HOP and specially in river rafting.... hehehe ....a big pakao after 4 pecks but overall this is what we like about him. We will remain in touch and all the best for future --bothi... VARUN SINGH BOTHIYAL Amritansh... well u hv to one of the oldest frnds at campus.. coz I know u since the GD PI for IIM Indore :P A chic magnet , sets the party on fire ( Wid the famous dance dat all of Sec F knows :P.), the gossip machine - seriously i hv never seen a guy gossip dat much ..Really jnoyed ur jokes at the grp outings.. :) A very hardworking n dedicated person u are .. One of the few guys who does handle taunts well ( Braveheart hv to mention) .Heres wishing you loadsa luck for future.. Proffessionally toh CBC mein machana n personal front pe bhi..( Gym etc :P )...DEBASHREE MOHAPATRA Canâ??t start to say anything before mentioning the smile he carries wid him and THE â??get lostâ??, the only few words for which he ever opens his mouth..! :) fondly called motu, I still rem the TATA NANO ad in BOP lecture for which he lost his peace of mind. One hell of a wonderful friend this guy is, with loads of fun and prank, he is the sole reason for my survival in BIDM lectures.. For all the random thoughts we shared and ideas we came up around a random dot on my spiral, Iâ??ll always cherish the moments with you and I wish you loads of wonderful moments in your life ahead. You are few of the wonderful person i’ve met on campus..Keep your cool, at least hidden behind the smile.. :) Good luck Champ..!...Anoop S Raj The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Amritansh - his style of speaking. Hearing him, you think “oh ho kitna bhola sa bachcha”. I m sure he has impressed half of his girlfriends in this way :P. Definitely a very studious and sincere guy, he can be a blast when let loose. Everybody expects something BIG from him at any party. He was one of my first friends on campus; had great fun during RIP. Good luck dude for your future and wish you all the success in life. ...BHAVESH VIJAY

The grand old man of IIM Indore. Don’t go by his demeanour he is one of the best sportsman on campus. An eternal pessimist but a great friend who always will help you when you need it. Very very simple the guy just doesn’t understand pretensions hell he is not even on facebook...PINAKI SARKAR “DAAA.....” is one of the ‘simplest’ guy here in Campus. Highly talented in his areas which he doesn’t boast around. Ready to help you anytime. One of the best sportsperson here. The brand ambassador of night mess. Will always remember the moments with you - Tennis, Assignments, Quizzes, random discussions and most recently Basketball :P. You will definitely achieve heights in your life. Just keep in touch , best wishes for future :P...NARESH KUMAR Dei!! you have to start becoming social! start filling your details and for heavens sake join facebook!!! These few words would have given a jist about the kind of person Anand is :p Anyway, He is one of the good friends i have here on campus and one of the few guys i have seen who gossips like crazy!!! and is always all ears for more :p A guy with amazing memory but just forgets what story he told to whom :p I would have heard many a stories multiple times :p but him havin amazin memory is actually true! A really dedicated guy when it comes to work,, puts in so much effort even at such old age :p I always try to have anand is my group so that i can chillax when it comes to assignments. We had many sleepnights with many failed attempts at competitions :p Add foodaholic and sports enthusiasm to all these and you will get Anand :p He has already become a vice president so i guess he will b a CXO very soon :D all the best for that and stay in touch! so join facebook first! ...Aravind Ganesan One of the best TT players I have ever come across. Always seen him as a confident and witty person. True to his heart......all the best machi! :)...NIRANJAN K M

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D216 Permanent Address : 61/7 IV mail road gandhi nagar adyar chennai 600020 About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : captain TT team Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

ANAND MURALIDHARAN Roll No. : 2011PGP540 DOB : 11/12/1986 NickName :

One of my closest friend on campus Mohonto Bhai, a good Sportsman, Fun Loving, always ready 4 bhasads, rough and tough from outside and soft from Heart. Shares almost the same story as that of mine in almost every respect, Had loads of fun with him, can never forget the Panchmari trip. Talking about Mohonto Bhai the only thing dats coming in my mind is bhasads and bhasads, let the bhasad moment remain just in our memories ... :P . Wish you a very happy and prosperous life ahead....PHURBA GYALTSEN SHERPA I met him on the very first day in the campus. I was searching for cig and this guy offered me some.From then, we are friends. In the initial days, our friendship was limited to exchanging cigs and some small talk However, over the time we became very good friends. He is one of my dearest friend now. And, I am really glad by the way he grew and developed in these two years. From a short tempered guy and troublemaker, he became a controlled and fun human being. These days he is also showing impressive sense of humor. He also put on loads of weight ;) I guess he was just half when he joined in. In short, after the Eurotrip, we became very good friends. We had lot of fun and good times all through the college. And, I’m definitely going to keep in touch with him... After all, he is one of our “Family” ...SUDHIR KUMAR S Gopi as i call him is a person i like talking to...this idiot has always been 2 rooms ways from my room ...a person who has bugged me since ages to wake him up for the morning times he has shouted on me when i went to wake him up...he always comes to me and shares his stories of how he screwed the quizzes and exams....but he is a sharp guy...with a good understanding of concepts...the point is he does not give a damm about grades....the drama of grades last for only 5 minutes after the has screwed exam...has been a good friend for almost 2 years now...take care gopi....have a great time :)...ANKIT PARMAR Andu is my idoitic friend...he is a true person...always speaks his heart out. He is a dynamic guy, very good at sports, sharp in studies, very sociable and always has a smile on face. He sometimes is a Drama queen.....he will always deny comin to mess when “On Board”.....he will also get you senti to come on board....he will sometimes get angry when told to make NoOdles...and sometimes laughs at his own “WAYate” & “KOOver”. He is one of the most fun loving guy ...always a sports...i know we will remain in touch. Keep Rocking !!...SHIVAM KANOJIA

Roll No. : 2011PGP541 DOB : NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :


Roll No. : 2011PGP542 DOB : 17 April 1989 NickName : Chopra, a super awesome guy with incredible sense of humor. I know chopra from our group IKABCL. He was funny then and he is funny even now. I still remember our first get together in rajjos room. Chopra is hardworking too, our constant meets during MyC are a testimonial to it. All the best Chopra....MOHAMMED ARSHAD Ab kahan se shru karon ....A fellow thaparian.... prob the most kamina person on campus.... a ladies man ( don’t know who many girls have fought over him) ...... a marketing guru ( D block first floor corridor has been renamed as M.G. Road in his honor)....a squash player etc. etc. the list is endless. One who has been integral part of my two years here - be it RIP, Himalayas, waiting for shortlists in summers, making random stories ( most of the times i ended up as victim) or dancing in DJ parties. The guy just defines what perfection is in all the fields. He is surely the Pepsico’s next big thing. I am sure I would be tr to celebrate ur successes. Chak de Phattey !!!!...MANPREET SINGH REKHI

ANEESH CHOPRA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-217 Permanent Address : House No. 1342, Sector-16, Faridabad About Me : Most Memorable CP : Intel - Fight with Sabita PORs on campus : MyCampaign, Utsaha Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Talking and talking Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : 33 years old If not MBA then : market research/analytics or electronics job or consult = confused! Favourite spot on campus : Mess, room Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Aneesh ‘Pepsico’ Chopra. The guy with whom I’ve been wanting to be friends since undergrad, but he won’t talk to me coz girl won’t leave him! As fate has it, I got a chance to be selected in IIM Indore along with this great guy. With my never give up attitude, I again approached him to be friends at the start of college (girls had not noticed him yet) and he asked: ‘tu bhi Thapar mein tha na?’. But yes, we became friends. Jokes apart, my first and one of the best friends in the institute (not college). Have had so much fun together, be it the RIP, BCG, Himalayan trek, the endless trips to Alcove, city, 26 hills, etc etc. The most harami guy on campus. Kisi bhi choti si baat ki itni badi kahani bana dega. It was fun when he got a taste of his own medicine (100%ile in CAT 2011). Has a very chilled out attitude, everytime if we were late for anything, it was because Aneesh was late :P. A great marketeer. College authorities have decided to convert D-217 into a museum in his honour. A guy who will excel in all the spheres of life be it professional or personal (read girls). Indira Nooyi ko replace karke apne chote doston ko bhool na jana. Will send you my resume some day, forward kar diyo. And kabhi kuch apna start karne ka mann kare then count me in! Wishing you all the success in life!!! And as Rekhi said- Chak de Phattey!...NITISH CHAWLA A few years from now, MBA students will be taking part in a competition called “Become Aneesh Chopra’s Advisors”, A born marketeer and “chill maar” wala dude, Aneesh has been a role model. His attitude towards life and his knowledge of marketing surpasses anyone else on campus. We took mostly the same subjects and always ended up in the same groups, I realized he works in only 2 states: “I don’t care” or “extremely obsessed”. A hit amongst the girls, it was always difficult for him to find time for us lesser mortals :P A cupboard stacked with all the premium brands u can think of, always ready to go out for food, die-hard ManU fan, he will defn excel in whatever he does. Thanks bhai classes k liye subah uthane k liye. Wish u the best of luck and Chak de Phattey!!!...ANIRBAN GHOSH I feel so honored to have the opportunity to write something about this great personality. Aneesh (Sorry, abhi roz ki tarah Sir nahi bolunga..izzat ka sawaal hai mera bhi :P) can make stories about anything that never happened and make it sound real. Bhai jaldi se duniya ko marketing seekha kr movies mei chala jaa.. Bhai ke shauk itne bade hai ki Datia (RIP) mei inhe belgian waffles chahiye hote thei.. A guy who defines perfection and class and it was great to be friends with him here..aage pata nahi woh humei yaad rakhe ya nahi.. ATB waste nahi karunga mai apna..coz anyways m sure that u r gonna rock, buddy! :)...MIRZA FARAZ ALAM

abbe joshi....seems like I am the first one to write in your yearbook...had some realy interesting moments to share with you specially the different quiz competitions...still remember the first time we met in Treasure Island hahahha...dat was just classic sitting next to me and still u cld nt recognize me....really ike ur competitive spirirt and ur fights with Daku are legendary....I really liked to pull ur legs...bhai yaad rakhna humko.......DILIP DEVKOTA bada ch****a hai ....... this is the man with the most competitive spirit on this planet , kabhi bhi haar nahi maanega apni ..... kise bhi apne se bada nahi maanega ...... I admire ur competitive spirit ....... u were the 1st from our section that i was friend with and we got along well together till present ..... duniya, zindagi, etc jaise bade bhaari words se neeche to ye baat hi nahi karta ..... apart from this ..... u are really helpful and jovial person .... i am really thankful to u for being together during placements and helping me out in what to prepare ........ 26 hills and all other Bakchod-Is that we did as a group is what I will cherish the most ...... bhoolna mat bhai ... aage chal kar kahin bada aadmi “Retail King” wagerah ban gaya to .... is gareeb ko bhi rakh lena :P ..... all the best for ur future .... Chennai ki Black beauties mubarak !!! ...NIKHIL SHINDE Cricket in basketball court is how we became friends. Joshi is someone who plays every match as if it is world cup final ( doesnt matter if its a 3 over match in basket-ball court or an inter college match). He is also a hardworking person which is reflected in the number of live projects that he has done (which is rumored to be in double digits). Gives his daily doses of Gyan and is an expert in analyzing thinking patterns:P..Had great fun with you and hope you find all the happiness in life..:)...ABHISHEK R PAI For me Joshi ia all about Cricket in all departments (bat,bowl,field and arguments). A passionate player and follower of the game. Thank you for being a regular to D-Block basketball court for night cricket. I can never forget the Test Match when our team begged you to finish the match. Wish you a successful and fun-filled life ahead. ...ABHIMANYU KUMAR

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-218 Permanent Address : D Block Saraswati Vihar Ajabpur Khurd Dehradun About Me : Love Sports Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chai 10 years from now you will be : Happy If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : outside Gate No; 2 Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : RG Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Himalayan Trip, Rural immersion, Cricket

Joshi alias Ch**** is the guy who made the two years of PGP entertaining for me and our group . With this guy, you will never feel bored. Gets high at the very first peg, I still remember one particular instance where Joshi after having a beer wanted to do the “Rang de Basanti” Sharman joshi and Aamir khan feat where Joshi just like sharman fell into the couch after the beer. He doesn’t believe in giving up and to my knowledge, has the most competitive spirit in the campus. Equipped with nothing at the argument, he still will argue to the end.I love his one liners and kudos to the spirit he has.I love mocking at his courses at NIFT, and many more discussions. Loves marketing to the core, This guy would go long way. All the best and keep in touch, Cause I want my life to entertaining and fun-filled ;)...D.ARAVIND KUMAR Joshi, abbey bada Ch***** hai ye...This has made me an habbit which i am trying get rid off...You are a great sports person ....a person with a lots of Globe....I wish you best for your future and stay in touch :-)... KOLI RAHULKUMAR RAMDAS Joshi bhai as I call him is one of the coolest guy I met and very patient especially in dealing with person like DAKU. He is cool and never takes anything seriously unless it is important enough. I still remember when we used team up against DAKU to shut his bloody debates and logic ;). The whole gang is really good and with all of them having the right attitude, all chilled out. I guess we’ll have to met anyways in near future, so wish you all the success in your personal and professional life. :)...KUSHAL C A co-bowler! Best person by heart! Front bencher to me! All the very best bro! :)...NIRANJAN K M

ANIL JOSHI Roll No. : 2011PGP543 DOB : 07-07-1987 NickName :

No one can ignore Bose babu. Though limited, my interactions with him were always great. Whether it is about finance assignments, bad exams, bitching about section mates, or french chicks, he never lets you down! Excellent sense of humour and a rather coy (artfully playful) demeanor, he lightens up even the most gloomy environments. Obviously, no one can ignore Bose babu. Thank you for the ice creams!...Shivani Gautam Shukla Bas 1 hi comment :P It was nice being in ur group in 1st sem. U r intelligent and fun at same time. wish u all the very best in life....RUCHIKA CHAUDHARY Must mention Im surprised to be the third person writing the testimonial for one of the most popular guys in Campus. :P When effortless humour meets talent one gets Anirban bose.. Okie okie now put ur imaginations to rest :P Dere hasnt been a single instance when I hv met n u hvnt laughed my hungs out n im sure it has been the case with all.. A fin enthusiast turned Marketer by chance- Anirban was a delight of a frnd to have due to our common internship at RB and common section. I bet u were too sophisticated to be a Sales guy sellling Harpic as rightly mentioned..A hard core drinker, if one just browses thru his FB page w/o knowing him one wd surely tag him as the “tharki” :P But den the irony is dat he is of the most popular frnds wid girls in my section n otherwise. :P Heres wishing u all da best as the “Young” airtel leader stint. n pls apna deal yaad rakhna.Happy drinking times ahead.. Ciao bose!...DEBASHREE MOHAPATRA Bose is the most entertaining any person can ever get. There is never a “non jolly” moment when he is around. I am so thankful I got to sit next to him for a full year. God knows how many negative CP points I would have got, but I can take comfort in the fact that Bose and Neha would have definitely beat me. Even losing 60k to CFA became a joke because again, there’s comfort in shared misery :P. It is great to be friends with you, because you never judge, and I don’t need to be pretentious magnanimous and what not, I can just be what the moment is. And best part, it’s all effortless, and in the end, still worth a good laugh. Intelligent, street smart and humorous, Bose is going to be the most entertaining marketer, just don’t go stoned to work. Who knows, even then it will all be a breeze for you! I always tell my guy he has to has to meet you, you are that good a find for me :) . Anirban Bose, aap dude hain :D And please keep in touch. I really doubt that with all the intoxication effects in your life...SURBHI SINGH A for Anirban, B for Bose, C for charming and D for Dog. AB is sophisticated, full of flair and knowledge at the same time there is a spoiled side of Bose (better discussed offline). He is exceptionally good at acting and gyan sharing. AB my very close and generous friend too. Bose, my apologies for not supplementing character GOGO that ni8... all the best....KHUMAN VIJAY C

Roll No. : 2011PGP544 DOB : 25-03-1986 NickName : Bose Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : view?id=75530011&trk=hb_tab_pro_top Facebook Page : Hostel Room : F214 Permanent Address : Kolkata About Me : others know dat better Most Memorable CP : some bullshit in swatantra mam’s class where i didnot hear the question PORs on campus : how i wish Ideal endorser for : Centre Fresh Chewing Gum...zabaan pe lagaam One song you symbolize : a spoof of “mein hoon don” if dere is one Mostly caught doing : sleeping Frequently uttered lines :only if mediacom wouldnt censor it Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : chiken biriyani 10 years from now you will be : Trying to fool someone to think I am capable enough to work for his company If not MBA then : masters in english Favourite spot on campus : hostel room Friend groups on campus : everyone knows First crush in the institute : lets keep that a secret...still have a crush on her Lasting impressions about college : too strict for a lot of things Best memory of IIMI : rural immersion and playing chor police mantri sipahi in class

have known Bose for the past 2 years and he is one of the few guys who hasn’t changed a bit and probably will remain the same throughout his life.But ever since i have known him , he’s trying hard to shed his “good boy” kind of image(though his efforts are in vain). He usually tries to listen to his heart but the moment his freakish brain steps in, he falls into a dilemma. He never stops giving his “avant garde and excessively pragmatic views” which even he is not sure of but defends them like anything. Jokes apart, he is one guy on whom you can trust in any kind of situation.I wish him all successes in life particularly the “one which he is desperately seeking for-his true love” ...SAUGATA HALDER Bose is simply an awesome friend be it for fun or for some serious discussion. He has this uncanny style of fooling other people with his witty and erotic comments. His capability of sleeping in class is matchless while his histrionics in SBM class was simply exceptional. May God bless you with wine, dine and 69 throughout your life. ~ Are pagal, ye sab likhne ka tujse paisa thode hi loonga ~ ...VIPUL SINGH Bose Babu... The Witty Man... He is a fun loving guy with a great sense of humor... It has always been a nice experience to talk to him and have high quality Bakar... He is always open for any help for friends... May God bless you and give u all the happiness and success in ur life... We will be in touch :-)...OM PRAKASH VERMA


Roll No. : 2011PGP545 DOB : V/VIII/LXXXVIII (go figure) NickName : Stuff, “Cool boy”, “RayBan”, “Ghoshie”, “.com” amongst other expletives “STUFF...” The coolest DUDE on campus is “...always doped on life....” , Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Anirban Ghosh for you..As pointed out by almost everyone, he is a full of One-Liners (Bullshit). On a serious note, he is always and always cheerful and entertains anyone and everyone simply by being “HIMSELF”. Loves chocolates..fakes accent a lot...tries tooooooo hard to be cool...can read anything under the sun... An ever smiling face he is the handbook of Marketing. I like his zeal to learn anything and creative thinking. I mean who can name his own house “BLUE FROG”. He just has to do something “Off-Beat”...I attribute all my electives of 5th term solely to this guy (trust me i did not get anything I wanted), Thanks to his utterly flawed reasoning and his convincing skills. All these apart (:P) he is a fun guy to hang out with. A very intelligent, talented and hard working guy. I will cherish every moment i spent with him (be it his room or Himalayan trip)..Hoping to see and many other such websites (Ex: etc..) soon enough. The future face of ITC, I wish you all the best....AMBADIPUDI ALOKRAJ

ANIRBAN GHOSH Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER3-314, Patal Lok someplace, D 219 Permanent Address : Someplace in Calcutta About Me : the geek who shall inherit the earth Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : DebSoc, Ahvan Events, Mridang Anvesh, Consulting Club Ideal endorser for : A Hair Gel which lets its user become the most “chill” person in the room One song you symbolize :Main Aisa kyun hoon Mostly caught doing : Watching random TV shows and reading unheard-of authors Frequently uttered lines : WTF man!!!, “yaar yeh wali series try karle” Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half boiled maggi 10 years from now you will be : Someplace nice living my dreams If not MBA then : Automotive engineering Favourite spot on campus : My room and library 1st floor fiction section Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Its not the best but it surely can be Best memory of IIMI : still a work-in-progress

True dude. Laid back. Relaxed. Follows soccer and F1 with true passion. Interestingly, can debate about anything, but can never be spotted in an argument. Focussed and easy going. Sarcastic yet mature and understanding. A very talented guy. :) Claim to fame: HUL, TBLA among others Controversial claim: Debsoc Can be seen in: Night mess Tricks: Smile, boyish charm, sarcasm Can always do: Talk and debate. Utter the most soothing BC in the whole campus. Future prediction: FMCG CMO. ...VAIBHAV MAHESHWARI W Anirban aka Marketing Wizkid on campus, is surely among the most respected people on campus ! The best thing about Anirban is that he does his thing and does not worry about what others may say or do. Teaming up at various competitions, I always had lots to learn. One person you can always rely upon and bet on the fact that he would put in his best. He has always got the zeal to start something of his own! ‘Mujhe naukri nahi karni yaar’ Hope you enjoy your experience with ITC and then venture out well ! \m/ ...ROOPAK BHARTEE are an awesome different from the others and proud of it too...loved debating with you and learning of your perspective on things...enjoyed all your one are the ultimate sophisticated funny guy...Iâ??m sorry we got to know each other so late, but i hope we stay in touch for long, coz i will really want to know how your life pans are a very interesting guy...donâ??t lose it ever...Iâ??ve also noticed that you are compassionate about a lot of things...hope to see you do something exceptionally remarkable someday...not that i have any doubts that you will...have a rocking life...all the best!...SHALINA VERMA Ghosh the man ..... As Deepak already pointed out you need to experience him words can do justice to this guy !! Surely one of his kind.... Doped on life “ STUFF” that i have encountered who goes out of his way to differentiate himself from others :P. Just check out his about me section on left and you will get to now what i am talking about. A fun guy to hang around with and to talk about weirdest of things. Surely sutte to bach hi lega ....and hope u study hard and are able to by that helicopter :P ...MANPREET SINGH REKHI!! Didn’t get to talk to this ‘peculiar’ guy during the first year. The first time we talked was during the convocation of our seniors, when Aneesh, Piyush, and we 2 were sitting outside JAM. Started talking in the 2nd year, and realized how ‘doped on life’ he is. The Himalayan trip couldn’t have been so memorable without Ghosh’s vomiting in the valleys of Dehradun, his ‘main khoob padhunga khoob padunga’ speech and his alternate day energy! My partner in Interrobang, this hardworking guy has taken part in all the competitions on campus. Hope you buy that helicopter soon. All the best for a ‘smoking’ life ahead!! Keep in touch and stay ‘doped’! ...NITISH CHAWLA

Dobre ...nahi Aniruddha, has excellent selling skill...can sell anything and everything ranging from bond paper to McDonald’s burger ;). He loves to dance..can easily give u complex in any dance form or any song be it ‘Desi boys’ or Halkat jawani’ :P He has a great taste in music, alcohol and girls :P No Idea about his managerial capabilities but he is good at organizing..u just have to ask , he is always ready with some kind of Jugaar.. Besides these as people says he is good at gaming and poetry... mujhe to kabhi nahi samjh aaya. Always ready with some business idea, he never makes me think him as salaries person... confident and daring .. can sleep even in Jayasimha’s class ...Pakke Wala Entrepreneur hai . Proud owner of tough look who loves to kill people with eyes has such a soft heart that will share your pain to make you comfortable. My first friend in campus is always there to support to me whether i m feeling low or high :). His presence has made these two years of life easy , fun and complete... U have made many beautiful memories in my heart be it dancing in dj parties or rain, stupid and same looks in pics, roaming around in different cities, crying in room or shopping in mall..His anger is scary but ladka ab control karna sikh raha hai. All the best... i know u will make it in whatever you do ...baki I am not going to let you forget me so will be always in touch :) -POOJA RANI LODWAL” Hahahaa....this is how we greet each other...the guy wid whom I hav cracked most of my jokes wid....the guy who is loved by all and feared by some...the crackshot in CS...the essential supplier of fun quotient...the best dance partner ever....phew...the list goes on and earliest friend here...I never knew den dat this wud turn out as such fine relationship...we have trolled together....the reliable guy for any kind of a job...and damn good photoshopper....he has been my creative guru...Together wid Hrishi..we were the “Dil Chahta Hai” trio... with do-or-die attitude in his blood...he takes everything head-on-dost...bhool mat jaiyo... -SAHIL SAMBYAL” Dobre is a brand in itself, this name runs in the campus.He defies his big physique to emerge out as an outstanding dancer.I first met him at the Talent Nite preparations. He had the moves, we can never forget the ‘Sweety, Sweety ‘ song performance. He is always fun to be with. He is awesome gamers and good at programming too. At Section B he will always be credited to him for the bulk deals for the section T-shirts. He always saved the day when the OM Prof would ask for Simulations.He is one of the very few who make money with practical implementations. He will surely make big. -VIKAS PARIHAR”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-220 Permanent Address : 214 Ambedkar Nagar, Indore About Me : Look at my testimonials Most Memorable CP : Which ad do you remeber ? - The one with the newly wed couple PORs on campus : Inventory Manager, Merchand-I Ideal endorser for : Jugaadh One song you symbolize : Thoda sa pyaar hua hai.... Thoda hai baaki !! Mostly caught doing : Watching series Frequently uttered lines : Bas ek mauka mile fir kar k batata hun !! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half-Boiled Maggi 10 years from now you will be : Entrepreneur If not MBA then : Startup in Softwares Favourite spot on campus : Stairs near E Block Friend groups on campus : Bahut bada hai :D First crush in the institute : Na tum jaano na hum Lasting impressions about college : Kya le kar aaye the aur kya le kar jaaoge Best memory of IIMI : Sabita mam ki class !!

A real good friend with a cheeky smile and a heart of gold...He always has surprised me no end, from when he happily fell asleep in the Marketing class, to when he danced Salsa like a Pro in the dance workshop. But I remember him best at the Counter Strike tournament - with his awesome skills, and his hilarious codes, that even sent his team mates rolling with laughter, let alone the audience! Bright, energetic, down-to-earth and bold, he is perfectly cut out to be an promising entrepreneur. I am sure he is do extraordinarily well wherever he will go. -BISHAKHA MAJUMDAR” My “Angry Young Man”!!! His anger may be scary but he is a true friend in all respects... Reliable, honest, fun-loving, ready to help. He can talk endlessly, has a funny bone with a hint of sarcasm. An avid gamer!! I started playing many games cuz of him. A fantastic dancer!! I was, I am and will always be a big fan of his dancing skills. Dj parties are so incomplete without him. Ek aur khaas baat... Ladka analogy kamaal ki deta hai!! -NIDHI KANOJIA” A pakka business-man, he can give a Marwari businessman a run for his money. Humble and down-to-earth, very difficult to win an argument with him. He is also one of the best CS and AOE players. I have lost the count of the number of times parting in his room and later discussing about various things from business leaders to movies -ABHISHEK R PAI” Domino[:::] ..bhaisaab benchpartner reh chuke first yr main .. saari hadd classes masst jheli apan ne aur we always found something entertaining to do in class whenever we got bored of the lecture.. CS ka pro launda and bhasad expert.. seedhe dushman ki taraf bhaagna bhai mere se nhi hota ye .. hoped we couldve played more in teams shayad le paate PGP 1 ki kabhi .. as a person always helpful n cheerful .. kabhi phir milenge LAN party main -BHRIGU RAJ SINGH” “

ANIRUDDHA DOBRE Roll No. : 2011PGP546 DOB : 26 July 1989 NickName : Dobre

bhaicoo...the guy one whose name we named our group as the Bhaico group. He is one of the energetic and liviliest person i have encountered in my life. He is a cool dude who does not take much load of things. He is a very straight forward guy who says even shit on your face and *few* people even hesitate to talk to him. He has started showing inclination towards studies in last 2 terms for some strange reasons :P. ATB bhaico :)...A.K.ASHISH Hii.. sitting next to you in class for the first year.. i was always amazed by your energy in any discussion (I meant all discussions other than class discussions) .. your love with numbers..and with your fountain pens and your unique outlook on every topic.. Would always remember the in class computer science pop up quizzes that you gave me, which i could never solve :D.. best thing about you is your straightforward attitude. All the best for future.... NEHA JAIN To me Anirudh Singh will always be synonymous with Bhokal Singh. The founder member of BhaiCo group and BhaiCo himself, Anirudh will always be remembered for his amusing remarks, his affinity for finer things in life and his betting big approach to life. He is one person who carries entertainment along with himself and one can never have a dull moment with him. Anirudh to me will always be a top of the line, thoroughly entertaining and a charismatic friend .I wish you all the best and hope that someday you win a million dollar poker move. In real hard cash. ALL IN!...HARENDER KUMAR Bhaico my neighbor during the whole PGP1 session had a special love for debates, and you could often see a rush of blood during his arguments. A very smart fellow with good acumen loves doing things well. He also has a dream to score big in his life and obviously he is on the right path. All the best!!...RUDRANIL CHAKRABORTTY Aniruddha aka bhaico..his words are sharp and straightforward just like bullets (of M4 of AK :D). Had a really good time playing AOE and CS with you. Will miss those long AOE nights.Hope will continue it through voobly or gameranger :)..All the best dude...have fun..!!...Kapol Sarkar ANIRUDH SINGH!!!!!!!!.......bhokali, bhaico...hes been called many names in the 2 years....he is the most charismatic person on campus....has a unique way of living life....No compromises...cannot be comprehended by mere mortal like me..A true frnd ...yaaro ka yaar...I remember him from day 1...hes fondness for money....he kept on asking every single person..what would be the average and least package on campus., played poker the entire 1st year...rarely touching books...... .Never turned up for grp meetings though (I know u wer genuinely down wid fever but this is more fun story)...he is street smart as well as book smart........knows hw to get things done....saam daam dand bhed!!!..... I have leart many things from,bhokali...everything... I genuinely enjoyed knowing likh sakta hun tere pe.....wo jaiswal ke room ki bakchodi.....his plans for Indian expansion if made public ...would ostracise India from the world.......Bhai aise he rehna.....I wish you earn loads of money...and we do go to vegas to do all that we ever imagined!!!!!....all d best.......NAGARE TRUSHANT TRIMBAK

Roll No. : 2011PGP547 DOB : 15-04-1987 NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-221 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : PI shop, Debsoc Ideal endorser for : Fountain pens One song you symbolize : Duniya main logon ne , dil Mostly caught doing : Watching series Frequently uttered lines :Behatreen Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : You’ll see If not MBA then : Gambnling Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Bhaiko aka Bhokali is one of the most popular guys on campus for many reasons :) He is a care-free guy, totally bindaas, and loves to take it poker or anything else in life! It is this risk-taking ability and his strong determination that will take him to great heights one day :) I have always been a big fan of his uncanny ability to discuss those things at length of which he doesn’t have the slightest idea!! All this makes him an interesting company and a great entertainer! All the best Bhaiko and keep rocking :)...KSHITIJ AGRAWAL Bhaicooo :D .. ispar toh group ka hi naam padd gyaaâ?¦ ever flamboyant, witty aur quick to respond aur bada gambler :P.. doosra entertainer humara jo room se baahar nhi nikalta par jab nikalta hai tab non stop chabber-chabber :D ..â??it was indeed a pleasureâ?? to have had your company here :D.. I hope you get a job that pays you loads of money!! :) ATVB! future ke liye :).. stay in touch!...BHRIGU RAJ SINGH


Roll No. : 2011PGP548 DOB : 23rd December 1987 NickName : Ani Anirudh Suresh was the “INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL” of our back bencher’s group....he likes playing with numbers and data...i got to work with him in group during 2nd term, and i learnt many new things from him... he really thinks OUT OF BOX.....he is one person who balances his life with sports and studies properly....he has appreciation for everyone, though he hates when anyone Globes or talks is certian that wherever he will go, he will be an asset to the organization there...Best luck for future endeavvours brother, and keep in touch...may Lord Bless You abundantly :):)...MAHAJAN ABHIJEET ANIL

ANIRUDH SURESH Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D301 Permanent Address : AL 153, Golden Nest, 11th Main Road, Annanagar West, Chennai - 600040 About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Member-Consulting Club, Coordinator-Corporate Relationship, Mridang Ideal endorser for : Liverpool One song you symbolize :Chekelleeeee Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : CEO’s bitch If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : D Block Basketball court Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Winning the basketball tournament at SP Jain

My first experience with Ani was extremely embarrassing. It had something to do with a company being not good enough, even for him. Man. I was an idiot back then. Consider this my apology in writing. :P Over time we guys were part of the gang of 7 that had numerous fun outings as a group. Sadly he could not join us in RIP, but I’m sure he had lots of fun with his other group. :P He’s yet another all round star in our group and good at almost everything he does. However, I just hope he doesn’t screw up the ops at flipkart. He already seems to have made some mess up during the summer. :P ATB mate and make sure I get my books on time. ;)...KRISHNA S. BAJAJ Namma uru..Bengaluru..saar...Best shooter of our team...(I am happy that my training to you paid off) One of the closest friends who knows almost everything about me, Ani is one of those guys who is at the same frequency as mine always. The perfect Work-Exp yet mischievous partner, I cannot ever forget his dance moves in the corridors of IIM Indore hostels. Totally gets my humour and a proud member of “Ambadi-Ani” team who can piss off / irritate anyone (Appi on the court, Deepak and Buch outside court) :P It was only in the 4th term that I found out that this guy was in the top 20 ! There began the so-called combined studies. He was a great partner till he started supporting Buch on various occasions. “Peace” will only happen if he comes back to his senses (i.e. anti - Buch). We have shared so many uncontrollable laughs (in class, in the mess, at MDI, SPJ, Himalayas) its tough and unfair to just quote a few. Ohh yeah..Also he needs to be constantly reminded that he is enrolled onto IIM Indore PGP Program and not IIM Lucknow PGP ABM..I wish you all the best at Gurgaon ware-house :P...AMBADIPUDI ALOKRAJ Immediate connect. Both of us are loud and share the same sense of humor: P. The Himalayan trip and the drinking sessions would always remain on top. We were the most sober amongst the lot and were entrusted the responsibility of our group. Thanks for the immense support during the anti-buch movement spearheaded by Ambadi. Right from Deepak’s infamous Beiber episode I have had the best times with you. The time when Appy and me were grilling you about your love life: P would always be special. He’s a real sport and would remain one of my closest friends on campus. Looking forward to another memorable trip to Haze. Stay the same!!...B VARUN

Pagalanjali ... very-2 sweet and jolly baby(‘93 born) in our group..she is full on Chatter box and very-2 fussy about small-2 things espcly food ;) :P She is always around in your need and happy to help always..I remember the incident when she was ready to get suspended for putting my proxy in Himalayas presentation .muaahh... she is very sweet at heart but galiyan and dhamkiyan bhi utni hi mast deti hai - “ chappal se maar dungi “...She is always high without vodka and loves to live every moment with full on energy..M lucky to have her as my BFF... May God bless her and always keep a smile on her face \m/ :D -SHAKUN GUPTA” Dunno how to start it and am sure when I start, it is gonna be even more tough to stop. Am always gonna cherish each and every moment spend here with u. Life here at IIM wud’n have been so easy, if not cause of you.. Don be mistaken by looking at this size zero girl, she is pretty famous for threatening and throwing chappals at others in the campus. Her extreme obsession with Chic Shampoo is the real reason behind her long and strong hair. She cries on anything and everything. I just can”t forget when u actually cried and tried to save mausi on his b day ;);) Jokes apart, she is a sweetheart, I just know I can always count on you no matter. I have had a wonderful time here laughing wid u , laughin at u, fighting wid u and then making up for it. I hope it continues :):) Luv u :) -TANYA MALIK” Chappal, you are a character straight from some Bollywood movie. You’ll tell, almost anyone, “chapet lagau!” “Chappal se marungi” “uthakar fek dungi” and what not!! never think before saying anything and this is the best thing in you. You are just yourself and don’t pretend. You are always smiling (well almost always if not crying) and excited about things. You’ll never let anyone around get bored, either you’ll entertain them or irritate them :P Have spend some awesome times together (and some fighting ones as-well). Have enjoyed pulling your leg with your Chick Shampoo and the rest of Pandavas. You were just awesome at the Himalayan trekking never saw you give up one bit, considering your malnourishment. And thanks for taking us to your home, got to know that we are not the only ones scolded, ‘beta’. -DHRUVAL MEHTA” Anjali.. she is just like the Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (before she fell in love :P), lively, cheerful, standing up for friends.. She writes poems (mostly about herself :)), has a thing for Harvey (just like me :P), likes to paint her nails in ..well.. different style (:P).. throws tea and Maggi parties.. I love her dialogue ‘Bacche ki jaan loge kya?’.. I wish only the best for her.. Will miss you Bhushan ji and will miss being the audience of your hairdo experiments :) -HIMADARI BASUMATARY”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : anji.bhushan Hostel Room : many: ER2-101,SR14-217,A-221,A-201,SR13-106 :P Permanent Address : Ghaziabad About Me : a chatterbox and emotional person/cry baby! Most Memorable CP : baba ramdev one n only CP in 2 yrs.. :P PORs on campus : creative and design team Ahvan and Mridang Ideal endorser for : toothpaste One song you symbolize : mars bruno: count on me Mostly caught doing : dancing, listening ENGLISH songs! Frequently uttered lines : nalayak! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : eating at this time is not good for health.. :P 10 years from now you will be : brand manager of some interesting company If not MBA then : engineer Favourite spot on campus : sunset point behind fpm building Friend groups on campus : tintu, shaku,shaby,peelu,khanna,bhaven bha,nithya & mausi First crush in the institute : senior Lasting impressions about college : depends.. Best memory of IIMI : every moment spent with friends!

Anjali, one of the sweetest girls on campus...sweetest, not by words :P, but by actions :)...She may shout at you, she may scold you, she may irritate you, but then one knows that she is always going to be there for you no matter what the situation is, no matter whether others support you or not. She has a strong conscience, one of the strongest that I have come across. Anjali, dear, I have always appreciated and admired your deep desire to prove yourself, to not look bad or silly in a situation, to not freeride in a group work so that people dont question you. And I was extremely delighted when you added the most sought after competitions-LIME, ITC etc to your crown. And yes, ofcourse, you also refuted my theory of randomness :P :P.( I hate you for that :P)....Jokes apart, my only suggestion to you is be a little more self-assured n you are ready to rock in future. Times are good, times are bad and the only thing that remains is perseverance. And I am sure you are capable of pulling things off in the long run. .......................And yes, one more suggestion, dont get irritated when someone moves a jar of jug around you (you know what I mean :P :P) All the best girl :) :) -HARSHIT GUPTA” Anjali a.k.a Kaptaan, if you are friends with this girl and havent called her for quite some time now, please dont think of calling her ever again - at least not until you are prepared to take some abuses at your own expense... Jokes apart, she is one girl who knows how to care for her friends.. will be there for you always want to go for a walk in the campus at 2a.m. just ping her and she will be there. Helpful, irritating, creative, emotional are few of her characteristics. She is a rare species who can threaten anybody in the world but hit nobody. Have had amazing times with her and the gang during Rural Immersion and Himalayan Trekking trips. Will be in touch(as if we get an option with her) -PRATEEK KHANNA” “

ANJALI BHUSHAN Roll No. : 2011PGP549 DOB : 2nd june NickName : Captain, Anji, Paggo

Tongue-in-cheek sense of humor,lots of brains and well.....far too much stamina...Endless ideas in the never ending grp meets,You were the part of my first and till date the best group I worked with at IIM I. It was an honor working with you,had lots of fun,learnt a lot and enjoyed even more. You are one talented man dude.....make it big in life. Best Wishes :)...ADITI DIXIT Undoubtedly one of the best personalities I have known... An Ambitious, determined and extremely hard working guy professionally, its your funny, gossip loving and extremely cool nature in your personal life that makes you one of my best friends here... We’ve had some great memories together, hope to have many more in days to come.... Cheers!!! ...GADKHEL ROHIT PREMNATH He is one of the most intelligent guys i know on campus. Had the privelege of working with this genius during 2nd term. Among all the classmates, loved ur CPs the most coz ur arguments actually made sense :) Wish you all the best for the future at GS and hope you would rise to great heights in ur career.. (Thanks for appreciating my poems btw)...Ninad Bhangle You are one of the first few friends I made at the campus.. n inspite of having many “dormant” periods, you, still remain one of my best friends... :) You are so easy to gel with and get talking to... We have shared so many moments together chatting for hours.. without realizing we had a quiz/test the next day :P A cheerful person at heart, considerate, helpful, extremely reliable, and ofcuz diligent, determined and ambitious. Being one of the youngest in the group.. you were still the most mature guy in there. And yes, my vegetarian partner in all our outings and parties... I would not have enjoyed all those delicacies without you... :) It was great to know you and we have had some wonderful time together.. We will definitely stay in touch (you have to.. rber that GS cafeteria treat ! :) ).. Wishing you all the success in life.. !!...PRIYANKA S KARADGI A simple guy but an exceptional performer. The first look would never indicate the hard working person within. Acquaintance turned friend turned a good friend. We have had the best times practicing for the case interviews. He has some really high standards with respect to the performance but trust me dude, we did an exceptional job at it ;) Very methodical person, developed a liking for this guy the moment I observed he does not believe in trash talk around anything and everything. He used to be all ears for a new news I used to bombard him with :P We share a great common interest in WWE and can continue discussing each match and player for hours. He is a huge finance enthusiast which he justified pretty well during the finals with a great crack. I know his diligence and focused attitude would continue doing wonders for him in future. All the best buddy :)...UTKARSH SINGH

Roll No. : 2011PGP550 DOB : 14th Nov, 1989 NickName : ankit Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : G-315 Permanent Address : H-74, Patel Nagar-III About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : None Ideal endorser for : VLCC One song you symbolize : Lakshya Mostly caught doing : Bakar Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Plain Maggi or Aloo Parantha with Chai 10 years from now you will be : Too long a time to think of ! If not MBA then : Software engineer Favourite spot on campus : mess Friend groups on campus : RIP 11 First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Amazing friend circle Best memory of IIMI :

Ankit..most sensible and smart guy!! In our first meet on the way to ahvan meeting..I got a feeling of walking with a most studious and serious guy (ofcrse he is) :p this impression never lasted later.. sooner we became very good friends :) We have spent gud time together in the parties sitting aside without drinking and dancing much :P His slow eating skills made us to spent more time in mess :P Love the way you manage to do what you like and always keep others at comfort zone :) :) ..forget to mention his great sense of humour.. and can repeat the same joke for till everyone gets it ;) :P Its always a nice feeling to have u as my friend!! Keep smiling :) Have the most happiest and joyful life ahead :) :)...Aishwarya Samala His lean, grave looks always made me think he would be the no-nonsense type! It was a surprise, pleasant of course, to see that this face lights up very often with a bright smile and this person is as prone to timepass talks as I am :P While he is sincere and conscientious about his career-judging by the seriousness of his case preparationsAnkit is also a delightful person to be with. He lights up the talks with light-hearted comments and anecdotes and is always ready to share some fun with you. An unfailing Haria disciple and an unyielding fin-enthusiast, you can find him at all the fin courses on this Planet. The more interesting part is that he is so attentive to them! Made for big things in life, charged with passion to get the best of him, he is one person who can be an inspiration. Best wishes. May you achieve a Gold(en)-man’s career :P...ANKITA SRIVASTAVA


Roll No. : 2011PGP551 DOB : 09-11-1986 NickName : Luckily didn’t had one...:) Nashta kiya? Breakfast?? :D Well, Ankit is our dark horse.. Class me sota hai, Ghatiya Hindi Movies dekhta hai, Happiness Share karta hai aur 2-3 chhote mote events bhi organize karta hai.. But Padhai kab karta hai pata hi nahi chalta !! Ankit kya cheez hai ye to bas grades dekhne ke baad hi pata chalta hai :) I must say you are very down to earth and honest.. Cheerful, full of energy and hopefully straight ;) We have done a lot of bakar together. I will always remember those moments. Bas ek baat ka dukh hai ki tune muze b’day wish nahi kiya :( Have a wonderful life ahead dost, all the best :)...Nishikant C “Chocolate Boy” says it all. The sweetest looking guy on campus. Full time chi chi jokes... No idea when you study (but my guess would be during free riding :P) :D Always admired your ability to sleep in class- any class, any prof. If you want to win any argument against Ankit, all you have to do is tickle him :D Chanting “Cul-Com hai hai” wouldn’t have been fun without you. Hopefully, someday you will learn to play that guitar and stop watching crappy movies :P Stay sweet :) Always...Maitreyee Korgaonkar

ANKIT BHARGAVA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D303 Permanent Address : 318D, Pocket 2, Mayur Vihar, Phase I, Delhi-91 About Me : A person who believes in making moments and living his life to the fullest Most Memorable CP : Classes are meant to sleep PORs on campus : Gordian Knot, Culcom, Hurdang, Bazinga, Ahvan Participation, Indore Marathon Ideal endorser for : PJsss (on public demand) One song you symbolize :Gulabi aankhein jo teri dekhi... Mostly caught doing : Sleeping in the class...:) Frequently uttered lines : Abbe yaar, hadd hai, maze aa gaye. kaha pe hai Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half boiled maggi, paneer parantha 10 years from now you will be : The same person If not MBA then : Nahi sir main MBA ke liye hi bana hoon...:P Favourite spot on campus : Open space behind ER2 Friend groups on campus : RIP Group, Culcom gang, Gordian ke dangar..:) First crush in the institute : We will take it offline...;) Lasting impressions about college : Maze aa gaye...:) Best memory of IIMI : Seriously don’t want to choose...:)

Cutie Pie of the batch..!! A full time masti dude, who takes too much tension and catches his 40 winks in lectures.... Hamare saath masti marte hue bhi ranker hai...!! the lord of the PJs he is,,on yea, I will never get into an argument with him...specially that girls Vs Boys wala....emotional ho jata hai usme... Mr Right, who is always overthinking how he is not being right...please keep me informed life long about the yuckiest of the movies, and always sing at the top of the voice like you do when you are happy!! :)...K . HARITA “Haan bey”, “kaisa hai”, “kidhar hai”, “bahut yaad aa rahi hai teri” “subah se mila nahi” :-P Ankit Bhargava aka PJ king of our group. Bhai “chi chi award” tujhe hi milna chahiye. My vote goes for you. Bahut kuch shikhaya hai tune life in the to enjoy even in the tensed moment, etc.......Tera dedication for finance was something all of us will remember forever......bhai itna achieve karne ke baad you’re down to earth. Your energy, conviction,and enthusiasm are very unique to you. And please spare us from your “Ankit type movies”. :-P :-D Apne movies ka index bana ke NSE main list kar de....I am 100% sure ,...koi toh nahi hoga buy karne wala. :-P (Last attempt to crack PJ :-P) Good luck for your future and stay in touch. B-)...VIKASH THAKUR Ankit and I have worked together as a part of Gordian Knot on campus.. It was funny because for a marketing event, half of the organizing team members were core finance champs including the leader we are talking about :) Ankit has exceptional sustenance.. he can work for hours without a break.. a trait not seen in delhites :P He’s a cool, fun-loving guy and one of my best friends here.. All the best Ankit for all your future endeavours.. and we’ll stay in touch for sure.. :)...BHAT AJINKYA DILIP denying he is the biggest ‘PJ master’ ever.. Super fun to be with.. Cracks jokes 24X7 .. His ‘fetish’ for B, C, D..... Z grade movies ll surprise u. Remembers all the songs, esp the bad ones.. Ask him anything abt bollywood and u wont be unanswered. His funny dance steps will make u stop dancing and start laughing :D ... The ideal endorser for Cul-com. He really does share happiness.. Narrates the stories so very well tht it makes everyone laugh.. But at the same time, he is the most responsible and mature person in the grp... No matter how hard he tries to shed tht image, it ll always be thr... :P :P .. All in all, a very likable personality and in serious search of his soul-mate :P :P .. Will be thr in ur wedding bro :)...RITESH KUMAR My fellow intern at Citi,Ankit is a person one can look up to.... responsible,hard-working yet fun-loving!! You would be a great resource to any company you join,surely a leader in the making :) Best Wishes!!! Make it big in life :)...ADITI DIXIT

The frnd who i got knw much in first year, The frnd who used to study in dark, The frnd who has a record of max CP, The frnd who is really Loudest among all (guess dere is some mike in ur voice box.. :p), And the frnd who is very confident It was really nyc knowing you. We shared lot of Pizza moments and seems to b true fans increasing the turnover of Dominoes. :p The name... A - Anokhi awaaz N - Noone can beat you in Size (hippo size.. :p) K - Kared and focussed abt future I - Independent in doing his work (just the opposite of that) T - the stan-chart future Wish you luck and you may achieve great heights in future and we can party then. lol I hope you will not forget me too.. :p P.S. : Gift of friendship is attached with this message, I hope you will keep it forever, :)...MUDIT KALRA A person you can rely back.. A person always there to walk to the last point ... You are one of those few people who not only show concerns on problem but can design solution and are ready to take all challenges to transform idea to reality. Wish you great career ahead! ...SMITA VERMA....PRINEET KAUR If you really wanna know him, work with him.. :P.. a very good friend I made in campus.. he’s the one person you can always count on for help and he’d do that without expecting anything in return.. it’s his genuineness that i like the most,.. he’s the dictionary meaning of a friend.. if he’s your friend, you need not be worried about anything.. you can talk to him about anything and everything, and no matter how tensed you may be, you’ll be relieved again..gossiping with you has also been so much fun, those were few moments when i felt i was back to normal life.. He’s very logical in his thinking, and very practical in his approach..and although i don’t say it much, but i really admire his skills,,, and strangely and lately, I’ve also found that he can work if need be..(read IAPM) :P.. the best part is he doesn’t take things to heart, and this makes him live life the way it should ideally be, his way.. you have along way ahead to go. and I’m sure you will.. Wish you a great life ahead, full of happiness and success.. Stay in touch always.. And stay the way you are.. :) ...SHWETA KALLA

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : J-003, D-107 Permanent Address : Safidon City, Haryana About Me : Look here -> Most Memorable CP : I don’t remember :p PORs on campus : :p Ideal endorser for : Standard Chartered One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Laughing aloud Frequently uttered lines : types Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aloo & Paneer Paranta 10 years from now you will be : I will be 33yr old If not MBA then : Dramatics Favourite spot on campus : Sports Complex (Steam bath) Friend groups on campus : Nishanth, Mounika, Karan Singh Rathur, Shweta, Mudit, Sisira, Bindhu, Archita, Paul, Adithya, Mane Smita, Smita Verma, Prineet First crush in the institute : :D Lasting impressions about college : I loveee this place Best memory of IIMI : The PPO Moment !!!

He is one very professional person and knows how to get things done if not how to do them :P we shared the common interest of pulling legs of people and commenting randomly on anything possible.. He does not take things to his heart and not to mention is very intelligent with a good absorbing capacity (in terms of both brains and belly :P :P) wish you a great life ahead.!! :)...ARCHITA JOSHI He is one person who guarantees full entertaintment when he is around..from cracking jokes to sharing interesting stories,he spreads smiles and laughter all around..very intelligent,sincere and outspoken..a reliable team player..its has been a nice experience working together in some group assignments..his dedication towards his work is amazing..Keep up your enthusiasm..I hope u achieve greater heights in your life..May success and happiness follow you wherever you go!!...JHARANA MURMU The mastermind behind the epic prank played on me during RIP(details too graphic :p), this guy is a true genius! He is an amazing actor, and can easily disguise his voice, which I found out the hard way :p His sense of humor and ability to crack jokes in any situation are outta this world! He is a true friends’ person, always seen around his best buddies. I have come to really respect his talent and dedication to work, which is pretty much apparent by his accomplishments :) He would make an amazing debator, as I have seen him talk eloquently and effectively many times. I hope we stay in touch so I get to learn more and more from this unique personality ;) God bless and Good luck :)...ANURAG GUPTA

ANKIT GARG Roll No. : 2011PGP552 DOB : 19th Feb 1990 NickName : Hippo, Onkit, Mote

“Pandey ji”... fun pasandida insaan hai... chill out rehta hai... Bihar ka hai lekin angrezi sunke guess karna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai... Bachcha hai ( “child like” innocense)... Hospital ka khana pasand karta hai... Sundar hai ( janta kehti hai)... Gaata bhi achha hai...Anyways what I would never forget is our talent nite performance “Saadi gali”, ur favourite “T-pakodas” like words which made us laugh all through...aur haan “RIP Dhoka”...HIMANSHU AGRAWAL â??Chulbul Pandeyâ??, â??Robinhood Pandeyâ??, â??Pandeyâ??, his nicknames are many. Had a knack of winning most of the competitions, his group used to take part in. Talented as well as hard working, he took finances but was unfortunate to get in entertainment sector. Without saying, he deserved much better. But much better or rather the best he got, in terms of girlfriend. It seems the law of averages caught up with him. There was an air of casualness in him. Unkempt hairs, room so unmanaged that you will get lost in there. But at the same time, he always used to have that lovely smile on his face and the sort of humbleness that you could never imagine that this guy really was in the top 50 of our batch. Many a times, obvious things are not that obvious....MANISH MANOHAR Pandey is one of the most talented guy on campus. He has achieved excellence in whatever he has stepped into yet he is so humble and down to earth. I have always enjoyed in your company and hope our bonds of friendship remain strong in future too. Best of luck and keep in touch :)...MONINDER BHALLA Pandey, tu bahut khubsurat hai yaar....kya nashili aankhein hain teri!!! Wonderful guy, great friend..!! Doston pe toh jaan lutata hai. We last benchers had too much fun in Section C in the 1st year. Bahut pareshaan kiya yaar tumlog... master plan tera hi hua karta karta tha. We had awesome time here and when I look back, I find that these two years have not been wasted. U’ll be a star performer in whatever u do.....This is what everyone believes and I believe in it too....MARANDI SANJAY KUMAR Kamaal karte ho Pandey jee tum !! :P In my opinion, Pandey is one of the best persons on campus.. not just becos of intellect but as a person as wel..veryyyyy intelligent .. veryyyy humble... Bhai Internship mein bande ki commitment ne dil jeet liya apna..he is just perfect at whtever he does.. eats like a dog.. mumbai ka GDP increased due to pandey’s eating habits in April-May :) He is always smiling.. whenever he meets me.. calls me in a very distinct “PaatiiiiiiiiL” shout.. isne 2nd year mein kitne competitions jeete hain.. uska count rakhna bhi mushkil hain :P ... Bhai.. wish you all the best in life.. tum jab CEO ban jaoge apne company ke..toh mujhe bhi naukri de dena koi choti moti :P :D ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Pandey is Chappal Chor. There was this one time in SR12 when he threatened to lock me in the shower when I was bathing and threatened to steal my chappals kept outside. After that incident, I never left my chappals outside the shower area in SR12. Who can also forget Pandey’s infamous singing skills. I bore the brunt of it when he used to walk past my room every morning on the way to the washroom, singing at the top of is voice. His choice of songs was never the best, and thankfully, the torture lasted for just 6 months or so. Lot’s more to say but not much space left. Keep torturing people with ur radical sense of humour....KRISHNA S. BAJAJ

Roll No. : 2011PGP553 DOB : December 24, 1989 NickName : pandey, pandu Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-314 > SR14-211 > EPGP-318 Permanent Address : M-91, Shyamali Colony, Doranda, Ranchi 834002, Jharkhand About Me : interviews mein bahut bol diya, ab nahi bolunga Most Memorable CP : Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise PORs on campus : Consulting Club, E-Cell, Neethisastra (Ahvan), Utsaha, Marathon Ideal endorser for : What not to do in an Interview? One song you symbolize : hum se hai duniya, hum hin se wafa hai, hum se hai mehfil jawaan, hum naa rahenge toh ro ro ke duniya dhoondegi mere nishaan Mostly caught doing : events, bakar Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : half boil maggi 10 years from now you will be : 10 year older and hopefully wiser and smarter If not MBA then : would have been coding Favourite spot on campus : Swimming Pool, Behind ER-3, Sunset point Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Great infrastructure Cold Administration

Arre bhai inki placement hone par saare congrats humein mil rahe the....samjhate samjhate thak gaye.....a bubbly character, his dedication to work is awesome....with all their group meeting going on in my neighbourhood, I could only watch in awe how 3/4 people could remain locked in a room for a week and still continue working...sahi mein kamala karte ho pandeyji!! wish you all the best in your life :)...PULKIT PANDEY


Roll No. : 2011PGP554 DOB : 20-Feb NickName : Farmer Just one sentence is enough to describe him! “Abe tu BOND hai be!!” A truly all rounder person who really excels in everything, especially sports!! Basketball champ, tennis average and a wanna be squash player!! No words can describe him never ending spirit.. I hope some of it has rubbed on me too in this 2 years of friendship. Wishing u all the best in life.. Tu jaha bhi jayega BOND banke rahega!! Cheers!...VIVEK SURESH Paarmar....awesome athlete... very unusual person and hence refreshing to be with... i enjoy his company cos this guy knows how to appreciate the small pleasures of life which the rest of us take for granted.. works hard for what he wants.. i’ll never forget the times when u told me “give me 2 weeks n i’ll give u a game u will not believe”.... stay true to urself buddy... i’m sure u’ll b happy in life.....Sandip SM

ANKIT PARMAR Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-209 Permanent Address : E209 About Me : Just wana live my life happily Most Memorable CP : Either you are a farmer or have agriculture background PORs on campus : Papa ka right hand Ideal endorser for : Sports shoes One song you symbolize :e zindagi gale lagale Mostly caught doing : Reading random stuff on wikipedia Frequently uttered lines : Barkat hei :) Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : One tea and one tiger biscuit 10 years from now you will be : a happy husband If not MBA then : MS Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Parmar “The Shikaari”. Even though there is nothing common between us except coming from the same state, yet we bond greatly whenever we meet. He is a very “mast” kind of person, but observe him carefully, and you will see how sincere is his work. I remember in one of our droup assignments, I had come to his room to wor with him. Well, while I had a good amount of sleep, he slogged hard with the assignment and single handedly delivered the presentation next morning. Awesome work man!!!. Another thing about him, his singular style of sporting a wide grin in any photograph. All his photos will have the same expression :-). We have been neighbours for most of the time in 2nd year. I have observed a feeling of desperation in him of doing something big in life. Here is a volcano ready to explode, and when he does, I am sure he will get the whole world take notice of him. Best of luck dude and a;ways keep the smile you carry now.... BHAVESH VIJAY My first friend on campus, and what more, he is a very peculiar person. I havenâ??t seen a person with this levels of mood swings in my life for sure, but yea, that makes him special :) A very dedicated person at heart, he has always be there though my tough days on campus. A person with much matured thoughts, he has always been my one door step to all my problems. And yes, thanks to you, I do remember all those movie dialogues you kept chanting all though the first year :P nd of course, Iâ??m still trying to identify which movies those are from.. :P Itâ??s always been a pleasure being in your company, talking about anything random out of the world topics..! Keep rocking buddy..!...Anoop S Raj When I first met Parmar, he looked studious and hard working... But his real personality was revealed on the basketball court... Unparalled aggression and passion for the game, the hard work that he puts in training... As a teammate this guy is as good as they come... And from being teammakes we have gone on to become awesome friends... Personally he is really cool and easy going, a great guy to hang out with... I have shared some great memories with this guy, especially on the court... I hope he keeps enjoying wherever he goes... Cheers!!!...GADKHEL ROHIT PREMNATH “mein parmar hai” :D he uses this line so frequently that I saved his number as mein parmar hai :D a very very determined person he is.. known for his extremely low pitched voice and his songs :P very particular and choosy about what he wants has the attitude of go get it... giving up is something he hates the most :D he doesn’t like anything that comes easily.. should admit that he really works hard for whatever he wants.. well I can write volumes about this guy.. will stop it here :P you’ve always been there whenever i needed support and I won’t say thanks coz I don’t think formalities hai tumhare saath :D all the best dude !! :) :) ...K Divya

There are so many nice shared memories that I really don’t know where to only support when certain ppl in the nite mess keep pulling my leg, super fin brain, trigger happy laughing, super dedicated person in the group, gym companion - there are so many different facets to you, you ve definitely made my two years here a lot more fun and special...i m sure you are going to do brilliantly ahead, stay the same awesome person :) :)...NANDINI RAMANI Onkitaaa!!! The only things I have done in first year are sleeping and irritated her by talking,talking and some more talking :D... First year with her was so much fun - pulling rathi’s leg, gossips with yangchen, playing games.... I’ll never forget her unstoppable laughter (yaar, ki kara hasi band hi ni hondi) :P... Super brainy... But doesn’t show off... (Rarely CP maarti thi!!). Although she isn’t seen in dj parties but shez got the moves (Had the privilege of dancing with her in the Section party). Bcoz of her Nainital trip was a bit more bearable..... Just being around her eased me, the card games we played at night, bashing each other!! Ya, ya... u were the one beating me up....:|. All the best for future. I’ll stay in touch only if you promise me That you won’t hit me ever!! (Lagti hai yaar) :P :P...NIDHI KANOJIA It’s ironic that the sharpest of minds are often caught sleeping the most! (I’m not saying this, it’s on her profile page :P) And what is it with toppers?, “Y U no CP” ? Seriously though, you’ve got cool ppt skills! If we were to ever cross paths in future, professionally, you’d better have made director at DB. Good luck for the future! ...SANKARANARAYANAN KRISHNAN MY INTELLIGENT “FRAND” ... You are a supercool person with super cool brain.. (:D)... you are one of the loveliest and most helpful person i know on campus.. (muah for that :*)... I shall always remember those uncontrollable laughter in class, comments made on you being the “trigger” by ops prof.. and not to forget stealing rathiz parle G biscuit from his bag during breaks, playing “name ,plce, animal, things” and you questioning the weird names i came up with, Nainital trip.. you always laughing at my face when i was dozing off in class... You are one of the top people on my list who am gonna miss when we part ways from here... Lotsa Love, hugs..XOXO... YANGCHEN BHUTIA

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : ankitasriv Facebook Page : ankita.srivastava93 Hostel Room : Permanent Address : 202, Pearl Court, 23/13, Gokhale Marg, Lucknow About Me : Most Memorable CP : Every CP is a memorable CP of mine :P PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : laughing gas!? One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : sleeping Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

I don’t remember a single conversation I’ve had with you that does not involve cursing and insulting you (and you doing the same back!), you AURAT, so this write-up is not going to be any different. :P Had a wonderful time with you in Deutsche where you laughed maniacally like Archana Pooran Singh for two straight months, cracked PJs worse than the entire organization, Biss-ed and Bam-med, and displayed your hard-working traits by coming at 12 in the noon and leaving at 7. My sincere advice is get some awesome profile asap -- you’re too good and too sensible for it and could do much better in your career :) One of the few people I get into late-night conversations with about life, the universe & everything else; one of the dumbest smart humble girls I know on campus. Stay in touch, god bless, and do awesomely in life wherever you go. See you in Lucknow and Mumbai for dinners that you’d pay for, you AURAT and “Short-term Bond” :P...HUSSAIN HAIDRY

ANKITA SRIVASTAVA Roll No. : 2011PGP555 DOB : 09/03/1989 NickName :

We have known each other from Day 1 of college. That time I had no idea that he would be my best friend, my support system, my punch-bag ;). Life @ IIMI wouldn’t have been easy without him - the way he understands things [sometimes even without saying], the way he cares for his friends, the way he handles tantrums [mine only ;)], the way he teaches all those dreadful subjects in which i managed to pass bcuz of him. He comes across as a serious kinda person but hez not at all like that; with his twisted sense of humor, silly tantrums and acts of clumsiness, he always makes me smile. In spite of all our differences, there are many things in common which always come as a surprise to me. Thanks for all the cherished memories, words of encouragement and most of all, your friendship. Will miss you a lot...NIDHI KANOJIA Dear DISHTV , A Year Back, I Knew him as a topper , out-liner , nerd. But he is simple and helpful at times needed. One thing I never forget his the way he speak in class ( his voice is advantage)... Continuous flow of Vocab and Tech mix which takes time for my brain compiler to understand. Whole Class falls silence for sure. Mix of Finance , Computers and Maths. A good friend. All the Best to you in future. Keep in touch Thanks MTNL. ...SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI Ankur...classic example of I-Banker. will speak to the point, help people to shut up their mouth, always in books or with ECG on internet :P, no to party and dance, except that he has many girls as friends.. sorry to say but no idea about boys .. has never seen with any of them :P. He always compliments u no matter how bad u look..secret of having so many GIRLfriends. A good, knowledgeable and patient teacher.. has taught us(me n Nidhi ) in between our chit chat break to pass Fin exams :). he will listen all ur crap n bullshit to finally give u non- experience universal insight at the last... A special place in my heart...i search for him when i dont need everyone else... very understanding and never ever judgmental. He looks very mature or try to pretend that but he is at his best when he shows his carefree boyish smile. Always keep that smile. All the best.. keep in touch ..u dont have any other option :P PS ladki to tujhe choodkar jarur bhagegi ;)...POOJA RANI LODWAL Ankur is one of my first friends here and one of my dearest. :) I remember, during the first few months, we used to communicate in metaphors (sometimes citing sitcom dialogues), which reminds me to let you all know that, amongst his other coveted traits, is his mastery over words and rhythm which he binds together with such deep thoughts and feelings that sometimes it gets hard to believe that he is the same person who is obsessed with numbers and financial derivatives and the likes. But most importantly, Ankur is very kind at heart, uberly caring and understanding; he’s always there for his friends, never misses to compliment or to wish Good luck. It’s ok to cry infront of him, because, you would, most likely, end up smiling. :) I will miss you so much Anky. P.S.: I still won’t agree that Tomato Soup is the best. :P...HIMADRI BASUMATARY

Roll No. : 2011PGP556 DOB : 6th May, 1989 NickName : Anky Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D305 Permanent Address : 27, Rodkol, Kolkata - 700055 About Me : Sarcastic and whimsical to the core Most Memorable CP : Obviously! PORs on campus : Voyage Capital Trader, ShARE NM Ideal endorser for : Raymonds One song you symbolize : Time of Your Time (Green Day) Mostly caught doing : Thinking about doing nothing Frequently uttered lines :I wanna go home! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Nescafe 10 years from now you will be : Too Rich to be true and hopefully a bachelor If not MBA then : PhD in Statistics Favourite spot on campus : SR12-119 Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : It had everything - love, hate, friendship, fun, anxiety, hope Best memory of IIMI : Rural Immersion

When I first met him, his extremely logic-driven conversations and intellectual charisma leapfrogged him straight into the realm of my reverence. He was always the one with the obvious answers to the unobvious questions in class. A true dreamer, mostly lost on the shores of trading and (pardon my ignorance of the intricacies of your subject of interest), this chap was here to beat the market through Liar’s Poker !! Not a geek in the true sense, but I seriously doubt his claims of hacking into peoples cell phones from his phone (sounds really phoney!!). Though he is a really passionate, determined, focused and ambitious guy professionally, he is no less on the human side. Putting up with the tantrums of best friend and listening to their woes, calls for real patience, love and care, all of which he can let flow in abundance. Really enjoyed our extra-terrestrial discussions on life, philosophy and TV series and will definitely miss his subtle sarcasm creamed with insouciance !!. I can already picture him at great heights in the near future...(Not a mountain top)... All the best AnkY !!...KIRAN BENNY


Roll No. : 2011PGP557 DOB : 21st Nov, 1985 NickName : Anoop is a very famous guy amongst his neighbors, classmates and also the Mallu. Very social and likeable that he is, I am sure that he will go a long way in his life and career. But it is very difficult to change his decisions. I would love to change his decision regarding some of the trips in the final trimester but I am scared that I will get bashed up :D ...KRISHANU SIKDAR Simple n elegant.. became frnds in BIDM classes..always stopped him frm sleepng thru stupid questn n illogical answrs..U always gv wrng answers in my illogical ques but u enjoyed a lot..u dont do ny wrk (not brought the eatables i asked u frm market)..Ur humbleness will gv u greater peaks of success in coming time. God bless u !!...AMRITANSH GUPTA

Anoop S Raj Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-306 (Tharavadu) Permanent Address : About Me : u know it better..! Most Memorable CP : Not Audible :) PORs on campus : prefer being a king maker.. Ideal endorser for : Windows 8 cracked ver ;) One song you symbolize :Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho. Toh zinda ho tum! Mostly caught doing : random things.. Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : a bald simple dreaming nomad.. If not MBA then : “inner peace” Favourite spot on campus : Breeze at sandip’s window Friend groups on campus : mallus :) First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : The place where i met Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam :)

‘’Tall, dark, handsome” was coined after him. Well, he thinks so. Though we all know, the last term does not quite fit well. He is a one-of-its-kind: a combination of very conservative with God Belief, fasting, and very radical thoughts of socialism and anti-capitalism. He is the ardent follower of Kayamkulam Kochunni (Mallu ROBINHOOD) strictly believing in “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor”. His creativity peaks during the boring lectures, especially seated in the first bench, that even the foreign girls have fallen for it. He is the BLUE CROSS Member in Planet I - He had successfully operated the rescue operation for the fly in the mess, the mosquitoes in the class; He is the one who feeds the pigeons with Tiger biscuits. I don’t know if he is in anyway responsible for the dogs’ population. Jokes apart he has once rescued and treated a wounded bird. But there is one species which has earned his hatred: Lizards. He gets helpless when they come to share his room. Sandip has played a significant part in fighting away these illegal immigrants from his room. There are more feathers to add in his fear cap: heights, water streams, horror movies; You name it, he has got (the fear of) it I extend the courtesy to him for all my profile pics. If you weren’t there, I wonder how I would have managed to get that number of likes. :’( I am really grateful to you. ;) But the day is not too far when you will be beaten by a mother for trying to take snaps of her child (along with her)! ;) I find a really protective and caring person in him. He has advised me during all occasions when I am in dilemma and it has been really helpful. Wish you a life full with fun and happiness. Prakasham Parakatte!...KALA. P Anoop is a very sweet, caring and understanding guy. I hardly ever knew him in the first 2 terms. i think it was the farewell treat by seniors that actually got us talking to each other. He is a very compassionate and sensitive guy. I remember the number of times I’ve gone to his room to bug him to give me some movie or songs and he has never once sulked or asked me to come at a later time. He can manage tasks very well too...I remember the BMOD class where he had to make a presentation on the spot and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t prepared at all, still he managed to pull it off with ease. He loves making fun of people, but once he knows you have a problem he’s always there to give you sound advice. When my dog passed away, I happened to mention it to him casually and he sent me a card on gmail which actually made me smile. When I had issues adjusting here in college, I remember talking to him and he was a very patient listener helping me introspect and get to the root of the problem. He is very creative, very good with video editing and making them too. He showed me a video he made for a friend of his and it was beautiful. He also likes to read a lot...philosophy and stuff..I don’t know how he reads it..:P...he has a very good sense of humor also..he can make u feel better whenever u r down in the dumps..he has a very good sense of music and I remember watching that video with Nasriya..beautiful song:)...these are a few of the treasured memories...he is a very special friend...keep in touch Anoop and all the very best! ...SUGATHA KARTHIKEYAN

Peelu :) hamara Peelu rocks. The most stud banda from IIT B to make it to IIM I. Came to know Peelu in fb via IKABCL. Tab bhi stud tha, aur ab bhi hai. If you want to find peelu, head to mess around midnight. Peelu apko mil jayega. Baht mehnat kar rha hai apne body pe. Had the best collection for DC before his HD went cranky. Keep Rocking Peepre....MOHAMMED ARSHAD I The frnd who gossips abt F1 and gym, The frnd who olwez makes me laugh, The frnd who carries his bindass attitude, The frnd who is proud of bein an IITian, And the frnd who will b truly remembered I met u first tym in bakra grp who was bragging abt his IIT B degree. Bt, i was rong abt ur nature at first. Got knw u more in second year (we shared common floor, unfortunately.. :p) Your name has some meaning: A- Alwez gyming N - Nice by heart U - Understanding J - Jolly nature Wish you luck and you may achieve great heights in future and we can party then. lol I hope you will not forget me too.. :p P.S. : Gift of friendship is attached with this message, I hope you will keep it forever, :)...MUDIT KALRA peelu....the one with whom i can be myself.. :) he loves gym and F1, i wonder what his life would be like without these two things :P, he is responsible for many chickens who were not able to see light of day because of his egg eating spree...he is a champ in giving nick names to people.. and just like me he is a cry baby too( though he wont agree :P) . he has a mysterious girlfriend whom i will love to meet someday ;) . he made rafting, an unforgettable event for many of us..hehe. and i wish you a very happy life ahead with me as a friend always there with you. :) ...ANJALI BHUSHAN Agar kisine “mera naam joker” dekhi hai, toh wo peelu ki tragedy samajh sakta hai. Before people brag more about how funny he is, let me tell you this guy is a very sensitive guy. He was erstwhile deployed in IIT B to sniff out potential suicide cases, coz you already know, he is sensitive. Peelu mast banda hai. Camerabaz stud hai. Can recall a model by her figure. Yes, he is a top-gear fan and loves cars. Baaki models iske haath nahin aati, toh bas cars ki model se khush ho leta hai :P A very gifted guy. Helpful. Holds no grudges. Shayad hi kabhi CP maara hai, par PK singh ki class me “IQ” define isi ne kia hai. Suzuki samurai ko unposition isi ne kia hai. RIP me 3000+ pics me iska bohot badaa haath hai. Gym instructor swears by Peelu’s biceps. No points for guessing the rockstar of Dabangg 3 :D...VAIBHAV MAHESHWARI

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-307 Permanent Address : E-7 Doctor’s Colony, Idgah Hills, Bhopal-462001 About Me : Man proposes God in his time Disposes, I believe in this quote and live by it Most Memorable CP : none PORs on campus : Operations Head Indore Marathon Ideal endorser for : Formula 1 One song you symbolize : Fix You by Coldplay Mostly caught doing : Playing F1 Frequently uttered lines : Stud hai be Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 6 boiled egg + 1 chai woh bhi steel mein 10 years from now you will be : living my dream If not MBA then : reviewing cars for some Mag/Autochannel Favourite spot on campus : Gym Friend groups on campus : many First crush in the institute : many :P keep guessing Lasting impressions about college : although name, brand is in place but college need good people at the administrative level to really edge ahead of competition Best memory of IIMI : meeting some of the best frds of my life

peelu aka chikni chameli...most gals would die to get fair and glowing skin like him :P :P Always seen in shorts flaunting his curvy/fair legs :P The MOST dedicated person I have come across in my life - “Towards Gym” ofcrs :P.Poor Chickens celebrate Independence Day when peelu is away at home :D... Hard core fan of F1 and cars.. always a pleasure to be around him.. a lovely and committed person...May God bless him \m/...SHAKUN GUPTA Peepu was a rage in the first year due to his PBs and doctorate in a field where we all were novices. we all looked up to this IITB prodigy as our Gurudev. host of many of our grand first year parties, F1 fanatic, always flaunting his newly acquired biceps and swearing by his gym routine, can be found anytime in the mess gorging on his staple diet of egg and chicken, good hearted, simple guy, living life to the fullest. keep rocking bhai... SOMESWAR BASAK Peepre is my junior from IIT-Bombay and an adorable friend of mine. As fate would have it we were put in the same group during the Bakra session and we had been friends since day one at IIM Indore. He is passionate and a fun loving guy, who would always humour you with high level of Bakar activities. Peepo goes to gym regularly and eats all kind of stuff to be in shape. He likes to flaunt his body by wearing revealing dresses in public places like mess :P. His knowledge about F1 and cars will blow your mind. Although he agrees that driving 300 kms at the same place is a waste of petrol :). You can ask him about any car he will tell you the genesis of the same. He is a guru in other important aspects of life too, hopeful that gyan would be useful for me at some point in my life :). He is really helpful whenever you need him and I hope we keep in touch. Peepre RoXXX!!! ...MONINDER BHALLA

ANUJ PEEPRE Roll No. : 2011PGP558 DOB : 22-06-2012 NickName : Peelu

Anuj had been really helpful when I was in Bhopal.It is always fun to meet him. He has good sense of Humor. One of the few things about him is, He was the first person who I find speaking “vishudh hindi” words like “Kathin Karya”(difficult work). :D Wish him best of all the good worlds! :)...PARAMVEER Anuj has a dont care attitude, does what he likes and stays chill out. Spent amazing time with him during RIP and HOP. Has an amazing sense of humor, can get easily provoked. Is an awesome friend to have. I wish thakur all the best for his future....MOHAMMED ARSHAD This person remain a quite until provoked. he best part of Anuj is can do attitude. Always try to live a calm and peaceful life. We had a great time in RIP and HOP. We njoyed every moment with u our karre launde.......HIMANSHU KANAUJIA Thakur is one of my closest friends at IIM Indore. I still remember the days when we used to study together. Each of us used to study half of the course and then we used to explain each other that part. Anuj is really good at what he does. He enjoys taking challenges head on. One thing I like about him is that he doesn’t waste time in thinking too much and believes in action. One weird thing about him is that wo class me kabhi bhi nahi sota tha aur mai hamesh sota tha :D All d best Thakur, keep rocking...Nishikant C I and Anuj have been “padosis” since we landed up in the Institute. We have been partners in crime for almost everything-- RIP, HOP and most frequently the night mess.. most memorable moment was - 1st Jan , 2012..the DJ was blaring outside and we two were studying .. and as we realized its 12 a.m... we looked at each other and said Happy New Year.. and then broke into laughter.. :) .. Anuj is very fond of reading books..example being -- whenever we go to the Library (once or twice in a term) he suddenly realizes that our Learning Center is so rich with all kinds of books.. and he always has this remark “Yaar! Itni saari buks hain.. humne kuch nahi padha ! “ :D .. Truly a happy go lucky guy.. wish we become padosis lifelong. :)...ANUP JHA

Roll No. : 2011PGP559 DOB : 04-051988 NickName : Thakur Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-305, D-308 Permanent Address : Bhoapl About Me : Fun loving person wid slight attitude Most Memorable CP : Mene Cp nahi mara :( PORs on campus : HA ha ha...Marathon Participation vertical Ideal endorser for : kya bakwas ques h..sab kuch chalta h.. One song you symbolize : Lakshya song -haan yahi rashta h tera Mostly caught doing : Skype :P Frequently uttered lines :L**** lag gaye Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chai and Maggi 10 years from now you will be : CEO of Anuj And Sons If not MBA then : 13 lacs savings Favourite spot on campus : Student resident 1 Friend groups on campus : Karre launde group First crush in the institute : No one seriously Lasting impressions about college : I dun know Best memory of IIMI : RIP and HOP

Anuj..a fortunate coincidence from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad to Indore to Sec F to being almost my class neighbor. I have told this to you but would reiterate it that the transformation in you from Ahmedabad to Indore is unbelievable :P. Ab toh bata do ki iski wajah kya hai or shall I say kaun hai :P. Jokes apart, it has always been nice talking to you and you are very lucky for me as well. The morning I was non-stop cribbing to you about placements and the evening, I was placed. Wish you a great life ahead :)...NEHA HAJELA sometime i wonder kaisa Thakur hai jo Non-Veg nahi khata :P should not go with his size b’coz he is a real dynamite on field and in most bakars...a good person to hang around with....simple & easy going personality. Super duper committed to his better half :) (skype, gtalk, phone 24/7) ....Keep smiling and all the best for future ...bothi ...VARUN SINGH BOTHIYAL First of all I am offended because you think i am non-fun loving (just kidding). I have a lot of fun !!! About the pointless stuff .. you are right :P everything is pointless. Your are a nice guy to hang out with :). We did have fun in term 1 .... i know it was technically studies but we did manage to enjoy all the long hours cooped up in phani’s room discussing operations or child labor or one of the other pointless topics. Thanks for tolerating me, i know it must have been hard :D. Best of luck....B S SHASHANK Anuj, neighbor in class, and motivator on HOP. Thanks for pulling me up on the last lap. Had it not been for you, I would surely enough have tumbled down that steep climb to Kedarkantha. Section F was so much fun thanks to you guys- the continuous maine nahi maara rubber pata nahi kisne maara. But as I have always told you, I have seen all of you through the corner of my eyes. Bhoolna mat :D How much noise used to emanate from our location in class, how many TA’s have marked negative CP’s for us, how many times we turned to each other and asked”laga kya mera”... great times to remember. Wish you all the very best. Do keep in touch ! ...SURBHI SINGH


Roll No. : 2011PGP560 DOB : 18th August NickName : Chacha! :D Apki Class participation bada mast hota tha. You always spoke only constructive gyan and no bakar. I believe you know more general knowledge than above average people on this planet-I. A really practical person! Bass preserve karkey rakhna is sabko! Best of Luck! And Shadi ka khat bhejna, jaldi hi! :D... PARAMVEER Jha Sahab, hamare RIP and HOP group ke sabse jyada intellectual sadsya. Jha sahab hamare campus ke chand buddhijiviyo mai se anek hai. One of the most prolific CP master in terms of relevancy. I still remember how all of us used to be afraid, what if Anup asks a question during our presentation. All the best anup for the future ahead....MOHAMMED ARSHAD

ANUP JHA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-306, D-309 Permanent Address : TCP, BSF Tekanpur, Gwalior -475005 (M.P) About Me : Most Memorable CP : The one when I asked Prasanna “Where is the data?” :) PORs on campus : Coordinator- Jigyaasa 2012 Ideal endorser for : Cinthol bathing bar One song you symbolize :Main zindagi ka sath nibhata chala gaya Mostly caught doing : having chai/ coffee Frequently uttered lines : What is this non-sense? Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aalu parantha and chai 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : civil services aspirant Favourite spot on campus : Mess Friend groups on campus : The Karre Laundezzz First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Fun@ Rural Immersion

A recent but a good friend from those Olympics TV viewing days, we had some good time watching all possible sports including some random Basketball matches to fencing. I attending almost all the quizzes he hosted as a quiz club member. Enjoy :)...KEERTHAN G Jha are one of the most intellectual person I have come across in the campus :P .. but you always kept the place where you were around, abuzz with activities..Wish you all the best in life!!...DEBARSHI ROY Jha saab! What to say about the Chambal the Daaku. The wanted guy from the city of Gwalior. Police jisko aaj tak nahi pakad paayi. But jokes apart, I’m very thankful to Jha saab for ‘so-called’ accommodating me in their RIP group. I don’t know what would have happened at that time if not for him. Thanks a lot buddy for being a friend; all the best for your future. :)...Shaishav Solanki Anup jha is a talented person and has a very focused approach. Because of his intellectual inputs we all call him Jha sahab....He has a broader picture of life. Gud luck jha ...HIMANSHU KANAUJIA Jha Sahab jab CP marte hai to Prof bhi dar jaate hai :D Jha is the second most senior member of our group!! He loves reading fundoo books. He is our encyclopedia. We all love debates with him. RIP and HOP wouldn’t have been so interesting without the debates we used to have. He has nice collection of old songs, his favorite song being ‘Najar ke saamane Jigar ke pass’ (for some obvious reasons) :D He is a true environmentalist and saves a lot of water :P All d best Jha, have a wonderful life ahead !!...Nishikant C Anup, his quirky comments and the need to debate on facts are awesome. He is a data/logic oriented person and hates globers. He is a very good quizzer and I had a great time quizzing with him. He had a very strategic position in the class and he made full use of it using different seating postures. Without beard he looks handsome as well. But the most important link between us is Gwalior. He is a true friend though, I think he never missed a b’day or any section party and was always there. I wish you a wonderful life ahead and keep in touch....NITIN NAGORI Mama- can surprise you with trivia and insightful CPs- has amazing memory particularly on facts related to films- had a great time participating in those quizzes and competitions- We have had many a serious discussion over our careers and life in general and found you be a good confidant. You can get a bit moody, reclusive and stubborn at times, but do have your share of fun and frolic.....PRADEEP KIRTHIVASAN RAJAGOPAL

-Rudranil Chakraborty” “ -Rameen Khan” “ -Anushree Kirtania” “ -Kumar Abhishek” “

“ -Priyansha” “ -Bishakha Majumdar” “ -Abhiket Gaurav” “ -Aranya Choudhary”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B 307, D-310 Permanent Address : Vill Bansohi, Po Kherhwan, Via Basantpur, Dist Siwan, Bihar About Me : Casual, Outgoing, Most Memorable CP : My CPs in Cost accounting class where only I used to speak :P PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : Sony One song you symbolize : Hum hain raahi pyar ke... phir ilenge chalte chalte... Mostly caught doing : Photography, net browsing Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Full fried egg, aalu paratha 10 years from now you will be : Same person with a family If not MBA then : a simple engineer in a PSU Favourite spot on campus : Badminton Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : If you know me, you know her :P Lasting impressions about college : This place has the best society I have ever seen Best memory of IIMI : Though the whole period is memorable, but RIP and HOP were the best moments

ANUP KUMAR Roll No. : 2011PGP561 DOB : 28 December NickName : Monu

Anupama, miss ITCom. Thats how i know her. A very helpful person. mostly seen in campus roaming with Richa. We had a few Table Tennis sessions :). You can be a very good TT player, keep practicing. All the best for the future :)...MOHAMMED ARSHAD are one of my first friends on campus (the other one is my roomie)....we went together for the that short time you had made sooooo many friends and I was make friends quickly... but best thing about you is you remain a friend :)...I still believe you should go to Jini n Jonny for your closet :P but you are one of the most mature girls i have met on campus...stable, grounded, helpful, honest and no doubt hard working...and you know your stuff :)...although we haven’t spend a great amount of time together...but I always feel you are there just 1 call away...and that is a great feeling :) all the best wishes and love...shadi me nahi bulaya to maar dalungi :P ...ANUSHREE KIRTANIA Anupama is someone who is smart, helpful, slightly tomboyish, but nonetheless someone who keeps you interested in her company. I first talked to her in ER-2. At a time, when people were busy trying to get ahead in the rat race, Anupama was making friends and trying to make people comfortable in this “Plantet- I”. She was always ready for a short chat during meal times and maybe ease the initial journey in this place by a bit. She is a self-made woman. When I first came to know that she wuz an entrepreneur, I was really impressed by her courage. With her resilience and unflappable optimism, Anupama is sure to go a looong way. I wish you all the best for all your future ventures. Keep smiling. :)...KASHYAP SURUCHI BRHAMPRAKASH My dearest Anupama,one of the first friends I had at Planet-I,always the one you can count on in times of distress.... and of course,when you want to buy sm high-tech gadget. Knowledgeable and helpful,Anupama also has immense energy and eagerness,traits of a The high performance Entrepreneur :) Make it big in life girl :) hope u get whatever you wish for. Best wishes :D...ADITI DIXIT All of you must have heard that “A friend in need is a friend indeed” and Anupama indeed is one such friend. In the past 2 years in campus, despite the rat race which every1 here is a part of, she stood by me through thick and thin. As i always say, I don’t think i can ever even do 10% of wat you have done 4me in the past 2 years. I seriously can’t imagine my campus life without you dost and as Prashant says it, she is “My mom in campus”. I am so grateful to God for sending her here and making me meet her . Best thing about her - despite the hardships she has seen, still believes that hard-work is the way to success :-) :-). I hope and pray that you get watever u desire in life. The only piece of advice: u r just 27. enjoy life to the fullest and stop putting too much stress on ur grey cells unnecessarily when it comes to friends and family ;-) ...RICHA GUPTA

Roll No. : 2011PGP562 DOB : 13 July NickName : NA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER2-113, SR14-208, SR14-219, A-318 Permanent Address : Facebook ;) About Me : Caring Most Memorable CP : NA PORs on campus : IT Committee, Entrepid Ideal endorser for : Canon EOS One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : chatting with friends Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Paratha & Egg Bhurgee 10 years from now you will be : a better person :) If not MBA then : Entrepreneur Favourite spot on campus : Behind ER-2 Friend groups on campus : Khullar, Himanshu, Kaushik, Smita, Richa Gupta, Snehal, Chourasia, Richa Poddar, Sumita, Vidush, Padma & many more First crush in the institute : NA Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : My first study group

Anupama is a friend who always helps, is super nice to people she likes, and a support in times of need. A camera freak, anupama loves to take snaps, and some of those snaps have been the defining moment of my stay here. Likes playing computer games and talking about the latest gadget. Passionate about entrepreneurship, one day this lady would make it real big in life. Very mature girl. Aur jyaada likha idhar to subject to madam’s interpretation i would be charged on a criminal offence :) All the best Anu! ...VAIBHAV MAHESHWARI Anupama is the energy express. I came to know about her during the himalayan outbound program and I was taken aback by the energy she possess. She helped me out throughout the trekking expedition by always being there for me. I am extremely thankful to you. Hope for your success and always be in touch. :) ...MONINDER BHALLA Anupama... Anu...Annu ... :D One of my very first friends on campus....she recognized me immediately as an introvert and took the time out to understand me... I can say that about very few people I have met in my life, let alone this campus :) She is a very perceptive gal, and will immediately understand your state of mind, and she if she can help out in any way... I will always remember her ‘life advice’ to me. From the very beginning, I knew Anu will go on to become very successful on her own skills alone, heck, she was already one successful entrepreneur when she joined IIM I :) ....More than this, I think, she is a constant reminder to us all that All Great things come in Small Packages :D -Lots of Luck, Jo :D...Jyotsna Pantula


Roll No. : 2011PGP563 DOB : 18th October NickName : Aunu, Onu, mediacom, guptajee Hey best friend in the section,miss those days when we were colleagues....used to be in same section....competing for (desperate) CP :P much to the horror of the whole class !!!! u have been a great support. ,friend in need and always a person to back on,take care dude!!! A hard-worker,converting dreams to reality,Achieve it all in life dude :) Have a great life :)...ADITI DIXIT Anurag aka Ghissu.. Very genuine person.. Fun to b with. Very hard working. Very sporting person. uska mazak udaya toh bhi he wont mind... Loved working with you in mediacom as well as during other competitions. P.S: Thank u for the treat at Alcove. aap nahi hote toh hum food poisoning ka shikaar hote... You rock.. ATB! ...Ninad Bhangle

ANURAG GUPTA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER3-320, SR12-208, B-301 Permanent Address : C-1702, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon About Me : High ego, High self esteem, intolerant towards disrespect, diligent, highly ambitious, go-getter, highly sensitive, emotional, master-multitasker(or so I’d wish), success is the only mantra! Most Memorable CP : When I was told by our Micro Eco teacher to replace him and come in front to teach the class :p PORs on campus : Mediacom, Utsaha Core team, Laavanya team, Anvesh team, Participation team Ahvan, operations team Mridang Ideal endorser for : IIM-I! One song you symbolize :What I’ve done- Linkin Park Mostly caught doing : Reading :p Frequently uttered lines : CP, CP, CP!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half boiled Maggi 10 years from now you will be : Anurag Gupta :p If not MBA then : MBA from abroad :p Favourite spot on campus : Night mess Friend groups on campus : RIP group, mediacom, Himalaya group First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : RIP trip, Himalaya trip, mediacom meets, the night outs for various reasons.. Best memory of IIMI : The hard work and the resulting outcome after 2 years :)

Anurag, definitely one of the most studious and talented guys on campus. I always wanted to be in his group in the 1st year, to have that rub off effect on my grades as well :P. Was lucky he considered me to be a part of his group in 2nd year. Being in his group, one can relax that all assignments will get over in time. Definitely a leadership material. Just like his talking style, he is extremely fast and involved in all activities on campus. While extremely fun loving, he can be dead serious when it comes to business. Definitely a helping hand for everyone around him. ATB!!! ...BHAVESH VIJAY Gupta jee.. bande mein fighting spirit bahut hain.. 160 + se 3rd aana koi halwa khane ka kaam nahi hain.. mehnati hain.. apna kaam janta hain . ATB bhai.. may u achieve all that you dream ! Keep in touch.. ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL Hey Anurag, you are an honest person, very dedicated to your work, determined and motivated, and most of all a good friend and brother. Thanks for being there, (thanks for all the chocolates!!) you truly made college interesting...always keep smiling and never lose your sporting attitude.. :) All the best! ...SHALINA VERMA Hehehehe.. He laughs everytime in the funniest tone whenever you meet him. The person who is really amazing and nyc tok to u. The person who get frank too easily and didnâ??t bother when made of fun of. The person who has been teased a lot as MEDIACOM guy by us.. The person who used to score SO HIGH that he becomes the outlier and moves up the average of the class. I must say that this guy is really hardworking and focus (which very few are).. This is one thing I wud lyk to definitely learn from you. The dedication is truly reflected performance shown at academic.. Not only academics, he really great at bringing ideas on table and takes up his POR very seriously. He manages to balance the acad and non-acad stuff really well. You had been close to our â??so called family (group of frnds)â?? and olwez treated as a part of it. We had great tyms in RIP. I got to know you more and we really had super fun in the trip. I hope humaari dosti Delhi (my place) and NCR (ur place) ki tarah close rhe.. I would say it was awesome to have you as a frnd in the campus. Wish you luck and you may achieve great heights in future and we can party then. lol I hope you will not forget me too.. :p P.S. : Gift of friendship is attached with this message, I hope you will keep it forever, :) ...MUDIT KALRA

i believe no one in section C can forget “O...Shut Up” moment...anyways to describe this lady u need to be really careful in choosing right words... aur apni angrezi to kharaab hai!!! ab to matra bhaasha ka hi sahara hai...kher bandi bahut tez hai...chalaati nano hai lekin bolti ferrari ki tarah hai...bahut frank bandi hai... jo man hua bol deti hai maharani ki tarah...haan vaise galat hi kya hai :P -HIMANSHU AGRAWAL” Dear Akka! When I got to know that you and Teja would be accompanying us on RIP, I was very apprehensive but it took just one day to break the ice. And Every time I recount what was the best part of RIP â?? I figure that itâ??s the fact that I got to meet you and know the person you are. We bonded over chai [Cheers to that!] and jogging and other random bakwaas with Nitin. Be it the bhangra, the late night chai with the gang and pulling Sanjayâ??s leg on most occasions, movie trips â?? it was fun all the way. Though there was one time when I was really scared of you [Remember Mashal?]. I canâ??t ever forget the fact that you were a great support when I needed it and you helped me clear my mind about a lot of things. You brought a sense of wisdom to the whole situation and I am glad to have you around at all times. And every time you tell others that â??Wo mere so jhooth nahi bolegaâ??, You have no idea how good it feels. I am so glad that you can trust me. And I must tell you this, Mithun is really lucky to have you..........I like your straight talk and supremely cool attitude towards life, this is one thing that I appreciate about you the most. Thank you for making these two years on campus truly special. -ALOK BHARTI” Ok let me start with PGP1... we used to sit in same row and had really good time doing some group assignments, giving some looks at global CP masters wondering what is he saying. She was also in my first group, we still crib why we wasted so much time in marketing assignments (By Jayasimha). One thing which I would like to mention is her comments before a quiz “Kuch nahi pada hai maine”. And when the marks would come she was usually among the top scorers. Overall an energetic lady with good leadership skills. Hope to see you a CXO some day. Keep in touch..!!! -NITIN KUMAR” Anusha is one of those few who can dictate their authority on me :P One of the most talented girls on campus, she always inspired awe for executing her plans with so much ease. She is amongst those who are willing to take the route less travelled rather than just following the suit. You pick up any topic and she will have something to say about it (which would mostly make sense). Very practical and humble in nature, you can look upto her whenever you need any help or advice. Will cherish the times spent during RIP forever. Wish you all the success in your life and hope to be in touch for a long long time. -AKSHAY GUPTA Ok, so this aint gonna be very structured, coz there are so many things coming to my mind, and not sure how to start ! Before knowing her as well as I do now, I used to think that she may be very reserved. But one â??Oh ! Shut Up!â?? moment in the class and that â??reservedâ??image broke to pieces. A person with many facets and juggling between multiple roles, the words that come to my mind for you are responsible, dynamic and elegant. As smart as she is in Acads and everything else she does, her confidence and exuberance is really contagious. She is one of the few persons I can count on to attend a DJ party (howsoever pathetic the DJ is :P). She can make you smile even at difficult times. Playing Basanti in SBM wasnâ??t difficult for you- After all, you are one convivial person, and you have your own dhaNANO. Jokes apart, sheâ??s one person I can count on for help. .Madam, it has been an amazing time frowning at random CPâ??s in the class (and some Profâ??s too), missing out on having Poha for Breakfast, or simply talking on and on. Having made some amazing memories with the fantastic person that you are, Iâ??ll surely look up to you for advice and help . You are a person whoâ??s mature and yet an innocent kid at heart. Having said that, I wish you the very best for your future. No doubt youâ??ll shine at whatever you do. Stay in touch! And yes Lady, you may have two left feet, but you sure as hell know how to rock the floor! -SUDEEP MOKAL” “

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : anushabharadwaj.75 Hostel Room : K 301 << SR 14 418 << ER 2 307 Permanent Address : 2, sri krupa, 4th cross , 9th main, papaih garden, About Me : Most Memorable CP : never made one :P:P PORs on campus : Utsaha, Mridang FA, Hurdang Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : meri marzi Mostly caught doing : smsing , playing sudoku Frequently uttered lines : really....oh gosh Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : chai 10 years from now you will be : happy :):) If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : night mess Friend groups on campus : himanshu, alok, akshay, amulya, Mokal,nitin,Piyali, Pulkit. Mantha, nandini,ankit,sanjay, suchit,govind... list goes on and on.. First crush in the institute : naah...none were worthy of it :P Lasting impressions about college : good people but over hyped course Best memory of IIMI : term 1 group meets, Bnp paribas - term III

ANUSHA K Roll No. : 2011PGP564 DOB : 06/12/1987 NickName :

A very intelligent, mature girl and winning against her is a big task :) Always see a smile on her face..Keep it going :) Have been part of two memorable trips of IIMI and had great fun. Wish to see you high on mountains and rise above skies..All the very best :) And don’t forget to invite me for your marriage. Go Get married...It is already late.. :-P -- Pratheek Perala...PERALA PRATHEEK Kirtania and me: Got introduced as desk mates (Always scratching her head when giving a good CP :P), became best buddies and learnt many lessons from life together. She practised her drawing skills for 2 years to the best of her capabilities in every lecture, that too in fornt of the podium. She gave me drawing classes when Professors used to give some GLOBAL GYAN, but still i m unable to draw the podium(poor me). She has always been a support pillar, a vivacious,helpful, and appreciating personality. I must admit that she has always aligned to one of my favorite great saying by Robert Hall: “A friend should be one in whose understanding and virtue we can equally confide, and whose opinion we can value at once for its justness and its sincerity. “ Thanks for every precious moment we shared!!...Hemlata Jindal Anushree, the only regret i have as far as we are concerned is that i did not meet you sooner. I wish we had more time together. I love the discussions we have, eating your hand cooked food (you are an amazing cook), and laughing in difficult times..your wise words have always given me are a very balanced person, your thoughts are highly refined...i wouldn’t be overstating if i said that the world needs more people like you...honest, hardworking, confident, cheerful and kind. And your lights up your face and my mood..always keep that 100 watt smile in tact... I wish you the best in life...please keep in touch..because anytime i need nothing in particular i m going to come knock on your you and God bless you... I will cherish each of those precious few moments we had which seem like a lifetime...Cheers to instantaneous friendship...we just click!!...SHALINA VERMA Anushree, you are one of the most awesome and the coolest person i know... i love your attitude and your latest hairstyle..;)... i remember the first time i spoke to u was during yoga sessions when u shared your yoga mat with me cus apparently i had taken a FOOTMAT for yoga session..(lol)... I am glad to have you as “Patalok neighbour” cus you are one of the best people i know in this campus...:)...YANGCHEN BHUTIA Anushree is the COOLEST girl on campus and my neighbor here in SR-14. She has a chilled out personality which makes her just so unique!!! She is down to earth, independent, very friendly and very helpful too ( rem how i used to turn up in your door in IIM-B and here in patalok?? :0) But above all, she is a lovely person and definitely one in a kind! I’m so glad i met you....:) N yes i’ve tried my best to get you out of your den but failed :( but guess what? i’m not giving up!! Muuhahaha (evil laugh!) we are still here!! One more thing, Anushree is very creative too...She makes her own dolls (imagine that) that too pretty ones! and she has a small house stuck to her wall in her room (lol) which is very cute! I wish you all the best in life! may you soar and may the Good Lord always bless and guide you!!! :) ...MANISHA SANGMA

Roll No. : 2011PGP565 DOB : 26th Feb NickName : Anu (Onu) Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : SR 14 (Patal lok)- 206 after SR14-414 and ER2-312 Permanent Address : English Bazar, Malda, West Bengal About Me : Stubborn, narcissist Most Memorable CP : BMW case, Prof. Jaisimha’s class...when I got my 1st smiley :) PORs on campus : Was not that responsible :P Ideal endorser for : ITC One song you symbolize : Bavra mann dekhne chala ek sapna Mostly caught doing : Sketching in lectures Frequently uttered lines :Who cares!!! and What the hell!!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biriyani, and Egg Tawa Fry 10 years from now you will be : 10 years older among other things If not MBA then : apna tea stall Favourite spot on campus : My room Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Big beautiful campus....winding roads...full of amazing insects Best memory of IIMI : Internship, RIP, HOP-River rafting, Durga Pujo ‘12

My journey with you started even before landing on planet I, thanks to Kingfisher who dropped us mid-way at Nagpur. :D. As if it was destined to be together we landed up as roomies. Rebellious, straight forward, tomboy, in short completely opposite to me. I was wondering can we get along with each other, but you turned out to be the sweetest roomie ever. :) :) We managed pretty well right? :D Dunno how you tolerated my naïve-ness. But I must say it was truly truly adorable when you used to take care of me whenever I needed support. Youâ??ve always been there as my friend, sister, guide, perfect critic and needless to say a shoulder to cry (remember that prank?:P). Iâ??ve learnt a lot from you and thank you for always being there for me. And Iâ??m not gonna leave you so easily :D so sochna bhi mat :D...K Divya Wht shd i say about my sister..She knows how to get things done..Whether it is by jumping on people’s head or by blackmailing..She is good at dis ! I think you are a true Piscean..Very kind at heart and extremely helpful..I really admire your artistic capabilities ...:) N Yes I ll try my best that you get what you have ordered me to do :) Do take care of yourself....!!!...ROHIT ARVIND


Roll No. : 2011PGP566 DOB : 23rd October NickName : Appi/Appy Appy, a super chilled out dude. He is an example of a guy, who has pure brains. Always chilled out and yet was in fray for the Gold Medal. Appy was very helpful to me whenever I asked him for any. You deserve where you are going. I hope you keep rocking, hoping to see you as partner some day there. :) All the best for future ahead....MOHAMMED ARSHAD Purely gifted. He is the portrait of right attitude. This makes him fearless and confident - quite apparent from whoever has heard him give presentations in class. He never falters. Personally, I found him clear headed and reliable - two qualities that are quite rare these days. Wishing him all the best with everything. ...Shivani Gautam Shukla

APARAJIT S Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-201 Permanent Address : D-1201, Springfields, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Klueless, Currenc-I Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize :Gimme Hope Jo’anna Mostly caught doing : Sleeping in class! Frequently uttered lines : Chill dude Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Biriyani (sadly, not available at 2:30!) 10 years from now you will be : Eh, enough of such questions! If not MBA then : NBA Front Office Favourite spot on campus : D-block basketball court, “3 Tractors”” Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Lots, but I guess winning the gold at SP Jain would be the best

Dear Junior, Smartest person I have seen in campus. Never Ever appears like the one who crave for minute stuff, acads, marks... But always prepared for classes and a top 10 ranker. Basket ball player- but more than that a flirt :P. He knows how to get things done in a right manner and right efforts to sell for buying better results. God luck appi.. You rock !! Thanks, Senior...SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI Appi is one of the persons I met in my first few days on campus.. Since then, we have been very close friends.. He is, without of doubt, the most brilliant person in campus.. and still a cool, fun-loving, carefree guy.. He knows when and where to put efforts and achieve maximum results.. We have spent countless evenings together as a group, on dinner parties, birthday treats, movies and other outings.. He knows how to make those parties lively.. Also, the most deserving candidate for BCG, which everyone knew right from the first term.. All the best Appi for your future.. I’m sure you’ll rock as always.. and of course, being in Mumbai, we’ll be partying on weekends for sure :)...BHAT AJINKYA DILIP Appi!! Had the amazing luck to have you as the group mate in term sure we never submitted a single assgmnt without you...!! always chilled and asking everyone around to chill...u deserve where you are more than anybody I know!! all the best and please be this cool always :)...K . HARITA Not to start of on a flattery rampage, but to describe Appi, genius is an understatement. This giant of a man, is no ordinary being. He has the stamina of a horse, the agility of a deer, the thirst of a fish and the wisdom of the turtle(hope I got the comparisons right !!). No wonder Mithrandir, the grey beard character, was inspired by him for the LOTR trilogy. But jokes apart, one of the coolest persons to be with, I have never seen him angry at all. People may call it a condition, but I say he is an exception. From bizzare Gtalk status messages to untimely CP in class, this dude has left his unique print over time. Hope you go a long way from being the mock CEO of iKEA, to being the CEO of a fortune 50..All the best !!...KIRAN BENNY Appi.. hmmm... well.. to cut a long story short, Appi is the guy that every other campus guy secretly wants to become.. Smart, Witty, Intelligent, Cool, Chilled, Confident, Focused, Looks.. ..ya, that’s him, that’s Appi.. Hope you continue to awe people with your traits, wherever you go :) .. Wish you all the very best :)... HIMADRI BASUMATARY

Kewl dude with deadliest arguments. According to those who have been attacked by those arguments he should be jailed for ruthlessly devastating them :D Some of them include Manu Mohan :D Definitely would like to see you become a CEO years down the line, but not sure if you d want to be. -KRISHANU SIKDAR” I have known Aranya since our pre-MBA days when we were placed in the same class for the training period in IBM. It was surprising for us when he scored well in CAT and chose to do an MBA, we assumed he would do some MS in USA and excel there. Nevertheless, he has excelled here as well. He is one of those deceptivelybrainy guys, and can amaze you with his grasp and learning power.Add a good dose of sincerity to that, and you got yourself one of IIM Indore’s toppers. He claims to be very lazy, but I find it hard to believe :P A trustworthy friend, he is always ready to help. But his often feeble attempts at cracking PJs stand out for me. Anyway, not that my wishes will help you, but still... Do well in life dude ! :) -MAYUR NALLABALLE” Auro, guy sitting behind me in the first year. Always listening in class, even to the crappiest lecture. He speaks faster than a speeding train. Galat bol raha hai ya sahi ...kisi ko kuch samajh nai aata. :-P Ab toh maan ja, you weren’t the topper in verbal section. :-D I’ve never enjoyed working with you in any competitions. :-P Kya karta... majburi thi. :-P tune itna rag kiya. :-P Bahut ho gayi burai. Chalo ab ruk jata hun warna tu maar dalega. Jokes apart, he is incredibly smart, intelligent and hardworking guy. Very down to earth. Always maintains very low profile. We’ve worked together on multiple competitions, assignments. It was fun working with you. Tu mujhe hamesha Sheldon Cooper ki yaad dilata hai. :-P I know one day, you’ll become CEO of some company. Wish you good luck mate. Do keep in touch. B-) -VIKASH THAKUR” Auro and I were in same section but were not in much contact for a long time. But in the second year we were neighbors and had some good time. His placement treat in Nafees was memorable one. I saw that day how much he loves fish :P He is intelligent, laborious and has a great communication skill. I wish I could ever speak like him. I believe and wish, he will achieve exemplary success in life. God bless.. -ANUP KUMAR”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : /aranyachoudhury Facebook Page : /aranya.choudhury Hostel Room : D-313, ER 326, SR-206 Permanent Address : Kolkata About Me : Most Memorable CP : hardly ever made one .. :P PORs on campus : Chanakya, Utsaha, Man-Can Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : sleeping, watching series Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Egg Masala Maggi 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : D block roof Friend groups on campus : krishanu amit arshdeep thakur etc etc.. First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : blah.... Best memory of IIMI : Himalayan trip

Your nickname is Ronnie? Who calls you that here? :P Aranya, knew about him before he landed in IIMI as he was in my bakra group. I remember he had come with his mom and his laptop charger or so got some problem. During the bakra assignments, he started churning out all the fundas that was part of the bakr preps, I was awestruck at the matrixes and something or the other he was saying :P then I thought ‘ye toh gaya haath se’ :D Bongs and mallus have a deep connection, so he hangs around us most of the time and is ever ready to gorge on some food outside or for movies. Krishanu is his favourite chaddi-buddy :D He has got some weirdest imagination and has the choicest of expletives with out of the world connections. You should be proposing to your crush here on Valentine’s :D He is a ‘maa ka ladla’ and very kiddish :P so whatever he asks me, my first reply is ‘No’:D Is very restless to know things, and pings me from his home early morning to know what is happening but as always I try to stretch the time a little more :D Is dedicated and hardworking- looks to be star in the class, so I mark a star against his name in the attendance sheet :P He is bound to contact me wherever he ends up in, asking for gossips. So will wait for your pings :P -AMIT VIJAY” We were put in the same group in 1st term, that’s how I started to know you. Although you try to be this this competitive person on the outside, you are a really nice person at heart. Competing with you in 1st year was actually fun :). And yeah you are really thorough in your work. You were one of the major factors why we did well in term 1. :P. I’ve found a lively and cheerful person inside you. And reflecting back on these two years, you are one of the good friends I made here :). Have fun and lots of success in your future endeavors.... -PRANAV MEHTA” Aranya :) A really intelligent n hardworking guy...Came to know him right frm first term..When he spearheaded our group’s work...Those outings with u n krishanu wd b memorable :) Among the most trusted friends i made in IIM I...Best of luck !! Be in touch :) :) :) -rohit arvind” “

ARANYA CHOUDHURY Roll No. : 2011PGP567 DOB : 27 Jan 1989 NickName :

The friend whom I can never forget. The friend who taught me a lot of lessons The friend who supported me everytime The friend who is worth fighting with and for The friend whose company I enjoyed the most The friend who use to say “Dimaag phirr gya hai” And the friend whom I will miss the mostâ?¦ I really enjoyed your company. I considered you as one amongst my good and close friends. There were both good and bad times in our friendship. Looking back now, I guess they are worth remembering. A - Amazing person R - Really sophisticated C - Caring H - Helpful I - Independent (kuch zyada hi) T - Trustworthy A - Apple Girl [AJ(obs)] Wish you luck and you may achieve great heights in future and we can party then. lol I hope you will not forget me too.. :p P.S. : Gift of friendship is attached with this message, I hope you will keep it forever. :)...MUDIT KALRA The only girl I really connected with probably because of her no-nonsensical and straight forward attitude. 1st year was tolerable even from the first bench because of the fun we had together. I’ll remember gyming and cribbing about not losing weight..the choking incident in class ( ;-) ) and getting irritated about a certain “guy”. You are a lovely person and a very beautiful girl. I hope we stay in touch even after college. I’ll try my best to..:). Will miss you. .....Suruchi Kashyap...KASHYAP SURUCHI BRHAMPRAKASH My first real close friend among girls.....someone whom i can talk 2 at anytime, abt anything, wenever i want to..... someone who will always give a lending ear 2 my cribs, problems, jokes & advices (:P)....someone who i luk up2 for her independent far as memories go, der r lots & lots............most of dem happy & all of dem started out wid our first mktng assignment......continued thru d many assignments in first term and the TP dat v used 2 do during d same. :P...breakfast,lunch,snacks,dinner,nightmess,RIP, group outings, treats, HOP....all of these wer dat extra bit special because of u.......will never forget d photo sharing sessions in ur lappy(our beloved Mac Book)........never thot at dat tym dat i was getting a friend for a lifetime.....der wer tymes wen our friendship was tested.....and v wer away from each oder....but i missed u lots during those times.....thanx for d many times u stud up 4 me wenever someone used 2 criticize me or shout at me....i know dat dis is getting very long....but there r still lots of things which i want 2 write....maybe another tym....all I want 2 say is dat Im happy dat I came 2 IIM Indore.....and u wer one of d main reasons for it.....will never 4get u werever i go, watever i do......will miss u lots Archita (AJ)......... thank you 4 everything........all d very best 4 all ur future endeavors (u know wat i mean).... Dont ever change d way u r.........coz u rock........ ...PAUL PRATAP We have had great times in the first year even though we had the disadvantage of being seated in the first two rows :( Archita made her presence known by lending Rs.100/- to VKG and earning an Umbrella in return :) thanks Archita for the memorable photo ... can’t forget our in-class assignments esp WAC-1 courtesy - Mr. Rizvi ... she must be a very talented person for handling the hostel officials for two years in a row :) .. I wish her good luck in her future endeavors and hope she learn Telgu in the next 2 months :) ...RAGAVENDRAN K

Roll No. : 2011PGP568 DOB : 17th Aug 1986 NickName : AJ Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-205 (in addition to other 4) Permanent Address : 36/726, Peepli Wali Gali, University Road, Udaipur About Me : the more you wish to hold me, the farther I’ll go Most Memorable CP : A lot.. many of them were ignored :-| .. and the only one in Fin2 class PORs on campus : Member, Hostel Com; Member, Participation Vertical, Jagriti Member, Mridang; Member - Promotions Vertical, Mridang Ideal endorser for : hair products One song you symbolize : Lenka - Everything At Once Mostly caught doing : wondering Frequently uttered lines :bmj, dimaag phirr gaya hai Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : egg-maggi 10 years from now you will be : at peace in one piece If not MBA then : London Favourite spot on campus : the road near sunset point Friend groups on campus : so called “family” + MPP, apart from some oldies First crush in the institute : No chance Lasting impressions about college : Marketing classes, the no more acad block stones Best memory of IIMI : Late night chats

ok....the one thing i hate the most is your ghane, kaale kesh....what hair could give all the actresses a run for their money...and quite a lot of fans you have over it...on a serious note, it been a pleasure having known you...a gentle creature, fun to be with, super cool girl...very simple at pretence no show off...u are indeed to pleasure to talk to......another thing i appreciate is her “early to bed early to rise” habit..(something which i fail miserably at)...i wish and pray you achieve greatness in career and personal life...have a wholesome life ahead “ARCHITIA” Joshi :):)...ANUSHA K


Roll No. : 2011PGP569 DOB : 28-01-1987 NickName : A day left to fill in Yearbook testimonials and Arpit is yet to get started. Last-minute kaam is one of his specialties. Always bindaas, Arpit is one of the most simultaneously vexing and entertaining people on campus. He’s come a long way from running at the sight of me to me running at the sight of him. An undoubtedly bright fellow, he tries to cover up his humbleness by being downright narcissistic. Such a contradiction is the great Renwal! He specialises in getting me to laugh endlessly in the hope that I can postpone strangling him to another day. I’m glad I met the great Renwal and I hope he gets a better phone and starts using it to keep in touch with me :)...RIYA GHOSAL

ARPIT RENWAL Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-314 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Placement Committee Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Talking Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

My association with Arpit in last 2 years has been the most turbulent. I was intimidated by him the first day thinking that he was the dance troupe secy of NIT trichy, only to realize that he was only a hillu. Gradually he has addressed me as Sir, Aap, Bhagwan, Gadha, BC. On a serious note, I am happy to have added one person definitely to the attendee list at my marriage. Arpit is a highly disorganized person who likes to lose things but then God has made up for all the deficiencies he has been slapped with. He is easy to be friends with and do not judge people. Probably one person who will come running when I need him, and that is all i need from a true friend. A classic example of “Luck by chance”, he has landed himself in the second highest paying job on campus. I hope he is able to manage his money well. :)...VIBHU KAPOOR Would describe Arpit as a really entertaining person yet keeps lots to himself. Ab intelligent toh hain hi, the best part is that he is always willing to help poor souls like mine ! He has the ability to crack a joke at the least expected of times. Wish you achieve the best champ ! ...ROOPAK BHARTEE Arpit ..wht to say abt this guy yaar.. undoubtedly he has the most wicked sense of humor on campus... iske “Chita aur Chinta mein sirf ek bindu ka fark hota hain” is PJ bachai hain hamari.. ask Banerjee if you want to know more details :P :D Arpit is one of the most chilled out guys . internship mein sara kaam isne mentor se hi karwa liya tha.. aur khud mast padhai karta rehta :) Banda bahut aage jayega life mein .. Mr Double Millionaire.. :) ATB for life ahead.. Keep in Touch :) :D ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL Hillu! One of the most entertaining guys on campus. Mano-Ranjan ka baap! When I first met him, I thought he is a very serious guy, but the video and dance performance on talent night made me realize that he is just the opposite! It was fun being with him in section-A when every teacher used to scold him and Mirza. A very hard working guy, his video resume is something to remember forever. Iske pet mein koi baat nahi pachti, want to spread anything in the campus, tell it to Arpit and wo mirch masala laga ke sabko bata dega! It was real fun knowing him, a great guy, very knowledgeable and very entertaining. Keep rocking, stay in touch and please name your kids Mano and Ranjan! ...NITISH CHAWLA Hiiillllluuuuu !!! Sahi mein manoranjan ki dukan !! Isse zyada bakchod banda aaj tak nahi mila mujhe !!! Kahin se bhi kuch bhi random baatein karva lo and haan pet mein iske kuch nahi pachta !!! Apart from these very sincere in what he does and would go out of his way to help friends. Ladkiyon pe kafi try marta hai but vahan kuch ho nahi paya iska. You just can’t be bored when he is around, bro keep rocking. Ab galti se consultant to ban gaya hai but i am sure u will excel in that too. Chak de phattey !!!!...MANPREET SINGH REKHI

Arshdeep Sharma is the most down to earth fellow in the whole campus. He is a epitome of academic excellence by being Rank 1 among the boys :). He is the only person on campus whom you donâ??t want to argue with as there is always be a .pdf file in your inbox supporting his argument and then you will be rendered speechless. This guy possesses knowledge of almost everything that is available on this planet. He has a keen interest in comics and loves to sketch, an avid Doga fan. He has always been a dear friend and I hope we will remain in touch. Statutory Warning: Donâ??t make fun of his kite flying skill, he gets really mad!!! :P ...MONINDER BHALLA Arshdeep Sharma... a major BRAINIAC who sits right at the back of the class and blurts out answers to quants upto the 4th decimal place way before we even finish reading what the problem was about!!! - leaving other students including the professors astounded by his intelligence... He processes every information in terms of LOGIC gates and a refined mathematical algorithm to arrive at impressively accurate answers... a person who can read and retain 30 pages in an hour and manages to clear the FRM exam with JUST 3 days of prep!!! and the only one who can endure cold subzero temperatures with JUST one pair of shorts and a T-Shirt during our Himalayan Trek!!!!!! :P ...Maan he’s the Koolest guy i’ve ever met!!!.. yes, that’s correct! he even finished first in climbin up “Mount” Bedni apart from being the first Ranker amongst boys... a HUMBLE Punjabi dude, amazingly good at HEART and a person who has countless things to say as to why he loves the simple rural life rather than the posh urban... not to 4get he loves to fly kites and is crazy about QUANTUM Physics...Thanks bro for being such a close friend and a brother! Wish you all the best in LIFE and God Bless U! :)...MICHAEL LALHRIATPUIA Arshdeep...the AOE pro (few people in coll know this)..remember how excited we were while discussing about voobly and different strategies in aoe, when we meet for the first time. I still cherish those 1v1 was really fun..!! hope we will get the chance to do the same again. Have fun...keep rocking..!! ...Kapol Sarkar Arshdeep bhai....mast hai yar ye banda...real topper I shd say...Love ur punjabi music n finance discussions.... Best of luck ...Be in touch....!! ...ROHIT ARVIND

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Northbridge memories will always be in my mind! All the best bro :)...NIRANJAN K M

ARSHDEEP SHARMA Roll No. : 2011PGP570 DOB : NickName :

The most coolest guy in the campus. 29, RIP and Himalayan Program memories will always cherish in our memories. Best of luck for future. :) ...TOPPO VINEET WALTER ARUN JAGDISH PRASAD.....I call him DON. There are ample amount of memories and incidents to share about this OLD ANGRY MAN because I spent most of the time in campus with him. He is my MENTOR. I met him after term1 and I was in screwed in term1. I wish i would have met you before. what to say about you because I dont where to start now. The time which we (phurba, you and me) spent together was awsome. I am sure that he has watched more TELGU movies than any other telegu guy in the campus. He is big fan of Tammana, kajal agarwal and now samantha :). He always suggest me to sleep early :). Some of the memories which i can never forget is “ Going to City, Playing Snooker, Dinner in Rajdhani, Sayaji, Shaadi at Ujjain :)”. He is also a very good COOK. Fried Rice Specialist :). Whenever He bought something to eat like choclates, fruits, sweets namkeen....whatever he will definately call me and phurba first. He is lucky to have a very caring wife and even he cares our bhabhi alot. I wont say byee and all the best to you because I know I will be in touch with you. :)...KOMTE SUBODH JANKU Man, don’t you ever take tension in life? Seriously, you are the synonym for ‘Mr. Cool’... A pucca gentleman, you are... Our Jaipur trip is still pending... ...GOKULNATH R He is the person who takes everything casual. I always liked his attitude of “Enjoy the present, don’t care about the future”. We were neighbours during 1st year at B Block and had some good times while his speaker playing songs round the clock. I will always remember the times when we visited Indore, tasted different foods and even travelled in a crowded bus. All the best for ur future !!!...Aswin Karthik S My big brother in campus, Mr AJP, with love we call him DON coz of that small Incident in Big Bazaar counter ... :P. DON and I were neighbor in class with DON sitting right at back of me, We use to have grey8 fun in every Interval, run for the tea after the class and discuss the stupidity of others CP while we hardly opened our mouth, making fun of Pandian and what not ... :P. We became very friendly in small time span, and when I came to know about our age difference I could not accept that for a change and went along .... We also had some excellent business plans, which I think DON could bring it on in reality someday. Trip to Ratlam will always be there in my memory, had lots of Bhasad there ... :P. Trip to Ujjain with you and bhabhi was of wonderful experience ... Thanks for the care and support you showed to me, Things have become quite different after we started playing snooker, now we talk only about it most of the time and he has a big dream to white washing me ... :P. Lucky to have such a Loving friend, Wish you all the best in all your endeavors and a prosperous life ahead. Cheers !...PHURBA GYALTSEN SHERPA

Roll No. : 2011PGP571 DOB : NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : prasad.1612?ref=tn_tnmn Hostel Room : Permanent Address : Nagpur About Me : Most Memorable CP : I Dont think i ever opened my mouth :D PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : Indian Railways One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Reservations in train, running timetable of trains Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Peacefully living in some remote nuclear plant location Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Arun..:) Mr.casual, ya.. tat seems to be general perception... and tats 100% right... “tenson nayi lene ka, pineess...” these are his finishing lines...To me he is always the savior in studies... i just take the case book to his room.. be it class discussions, assignments, mid term, end terms,..don even kno what is to be read...He teaches me completely from A-Z...above all this, to waste some more of his time and make him angry, i asks difficult doubts which even the article writer or case writer wont be able to answer..he is so patient that he googles even tat and tries to give me a convincing answer... \m/ after this routine, he started calling me regularly so that i ll ask such difficult qns...:P By this time, u would have realized his helping tendency... not only studies, all possible sorts... like getting food for RIP travel, train information, offering sweets whenever i go to his room.. the list goes on.(am tired of typing :P)..The only way i help is giving information on what tamil songs and movies to hear...:P all the best for ur future Arun..:) am damn sure u ll succeed a lot in career..keep updating me...tats it...:) take care...:)...K.HARISH KUMAR If anyone, it is this fellow (along with Phurba) who have genuinely tried to make a man out of me. The world out there is harsh and the pains that these guys took to make me realise it (and the pains I gave them for trying to make me realise it) is epic and unforgettable. Thanks for all the hard work man and good luck for your future (seriously... who knows when I am going to come back and haunt you). :) (include evil laughter... bwuhahahaha)... SATISH PANDIAN S


Roll No. : 2011PGP572 DOB : 15th July NickName : carpet, Orun Arun is very good dancer and a natural choreographer. I remember how easily he taught the dance steps to whole group and prepared the talent night event in one night. Hope to meet you soon . Wish you all the best till then...:)...SMITA VERMA Mr Arun Kumar.. the one who pokes his nose in others’ presentations :P LOL.. I wont forget ever how he asked unwanted Qs in my IA ppt in the first year :-X he he he .. Arun is very good at heart .takes all my jokes and pranks at him in a very positive way :) Absolutely awesome dancer.. gr8 human being.. Keep Rocking Bro !! ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL

ARUN KUMAR S Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-211 & G-307 Permanent Address : 408-C,TYPE 2, BLOCK 29 About Me : still exploring.... Most Memorable CP : when jayasimha responded with “kal raath kya piyaa??” PORs on campus : Secretary-Club Kaizen,Ahvan events coordinator,Lasya co-ordinator,aperture senior member Ideal endorser for : lights One song you symbolize :Hypnotize Mostly caught doing : nothing Frequently uttered lines : dayavu senji Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : half fry 10 years from now you will be : still confused If not MBA then : no clue... Favourite spot on campus : canteen... Friend groups on campus : section D, Kol I First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : better place to learn many things quickly - both inside and outside CRs Best memory of IIMI : parties, RIP, HOP

Deyvasenji ... i dont even know y i’m writing this .. ayyo.. :) My neighbor in cls & one of my very gud frnds .. A very mature guy , really hardworking fello .. I used to admire him right from our jpc selection days, very helpful person, brilliant photographer, gud dancer .. I still remember all the globe CP we used to crack jokes, trying to pull each others leg during some classes... Wish u all d best 4 ur future and hope we’ll stay in touch :)...N LAKSHMI SAGAR he is fondly called by me n friends is a total comedy fellow...I remember once when i said to him that he would never get a girl if he keeps his mush...From t next day till now, he never keeps one...:) Always laughing at something, he is a very cheerful guy...Carpet’s room in 1st yr was t meeting point of all t friends...We used to study hard together in 1st term but never got good marks..:) Wen he is high, U would meet a totally different person..he becomes a demolition man..:) As a person, apart from his funny side, he is one of t most mature guys i hav met...I m sure that he would achieve great many things... Cheers !!!...K ASHOK KUMAR Orun/Carpet - I met him on the flight from MAA to BOM. Well we missed out our connecting flight to Indore! I thought this guy was very studious and sincere! I had huge respect for him (not anymore!) and didn’t talk much to me! I second all of Ashok’s statement above! He s sooper dooper comedy fellow. His innate ability to “Joke Seriously” - I have fallen for it few times, but the on very cautious (I do not trust whatever he says seriously!). He is the senior person of us all. I can go on and on about him. So much of happy and funny times in the institute. He is the ops guy! Such a funny person - OMG he “performs” very well when he is HIGH! (How many room locks was destroyed!, PHEW!). Everywhere he goes he spreads smiles and happiness!! i love being with him! He is a very deep person! There are things deep down in there which nobody knows. The fact being he is trailed, targeted, pinned down and teased everywhere (airtel presence post on FB!) by every friend circle! A very adventurous, happie go lucky person, he leads by nature! He is sure to reach great heights and I assure you he ll be the same then also (headweight, ego, etc negatives won’t near him) He is very sensible (yes he is at times ‘really’ serious too!) and talks rationally! I love him for what he is. I owe a lot to him. He has been my mentor and guide at times! I consider him my bro than a friend! KEEP ROCKING ANNA :) PS: I have only told about 500MB about 5GB about him!!...NAVIN.I

ARUN ... this guy is one of the most sincere guys i have come across... one among my best friends here on campus, always with a cheerful attitude and humble at heart.. God bless you bro and Wish you the very best in life!!! Cheers!!! :)...MICHAEL LALHRIATPUIA another silent guy in my life@iimi.. likes to speak less n work hard and is great at it..silent outside, violent inside.. spent most of my 2nd year with him and had a great time..wish him all the best, may he achieve what he has worked for so hard... :)...UTTAM KUMAR Arun bhai....I shd say he is really sincere...n always many times we hv shared discussing n doing bakchodi...Best of luck ...Stay in touch !!...ROHIT ARVIND â&#x20AC;&#x153;Abbey saale ruk, 1 hafte me practice karke haraunga tuze Tennis me 6-0, 6-0â&#x20AC;?. I was really scared when u said this to me. But i always knew that you are a friendly person so that took pressure off me. Its my pleasure to know you as person and a friend to be in touch with...All the best...Keep in touch :-) ...KOLI RAHULKUMAR RAMDAS

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

ARUN PRAKASH Roll No. : 2011PGP573 DOB : NickName :

When he was nicknamed “vegetable”, I really thought it’d be true. I never saw Arun(a) taking any interest in any activity within the class. The only mark of his presence would be Prof. Rastogi’s constant endeavor to keep him awake in class. However my perception took a 180 degree hit right from the second term, when we became group mates. I could count on Arun to be on my side and take work up with me whenever I needed it. Hell he completed a lion’s share of my work as well. Really passionate about marketing, he processes amazing amounts of data, and is ready with facts or figures, whatever the occasion. The best bit though is that he’s always on his best behaviour, no matter who he’s with (though some people took objection to his closeness with some others, during one of our trips :P) He’s surely among the best marketing guys on campus. It’s a pity very few of us realized this. Well, if only he didn’t crack such bad jokes :P (What the heck man, keep it up. We’ll laugh at them too!) ...SANKARANARAYANAN KRISHNAN Arun has always been a sweetheart..... Working with him in first term was great... less of work, more of fun. In first year, his room used to be a mess and we still had all group meetings in his room... Thank god, he improved in second year. I won’t forget the look on his face when I played a prank on him and George. (I hid something “precious”, remember???)... I always used to think him to be a Fin guy.... my misconception was cleared during the internship :P. And then came the internship where we had so much fun. But i’ll always remember that you dint play any game during internship inspite of me telling you so many times :X. Hez one person who can talk about almost anything under the sun. He can make you think, make you laugh, make you raise your eyebrows too :)... Wese hez really caring, considerate and modest too :) A true gem of a person.... Stay the way you are... Dont let the big bad world of marketing change you :P... All the best for future... Stay in Touch :)...NIDHI KANOJIA the eternal nokia lumia fan, i first came to know him after we shifted to SR12....he came across as a studious and hardworking guy and my belief was confirmed when i saw how much in advance he completed his assignments, especially WAC and BMOD ones!! his rolling on the floor antics still remain etched in my memory :D we pulled each otherâ??s legs quite a lot and i had a great time with him....wish you all the best for the future bro :)...PULKIT PANDEY Mister Fraad has this amazing power of turning invisible for long stretches of time. This has to be why we never even spoke in Term 1 despite him sitting right behind me. Term 2 proved to be too strong for his powers and he was forced to make conversation with me :P One of the quickest friendships I have forged in my life, it was incredible how much we have in common. From horror/terror movies to night sky fascination to urban legends to random ghissuness to root-canal prone teeth, Arun has been an amazing friend to me. Summer internship didn’t have a day pass by when the two of us didn’t discuss work-life and it’s various irritations. Always motivating me and cheering me on, I’m very glad I met you Arun and I hope we can always stay in touch (I’m slightly bad at this so you’ll have to do the heavy lifting :P )...RIYA GHOSAL

Roll No. : 2011PGP574 DOB : 12 July 1988 NickName : Fraad Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : G 313 Permanent Address : 287, KG 2, Vikas Puri, New Delhi - 110018 About Me : Most Memorable CP : Never did CP,..only CP from PGP1 I remember is when I talked about pleasure factor in discussing about KS in Marketing-2 PORs on campus : Distortion, Pragati, Joint Coordinator - Mridang Ideal endorser for : Sleepwell mattress One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Sleeping in class Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half Boiled Maggi 10 years from now you will be : finally grown up and mature If not MBA then : unemployed (I am a very bad engineer) Favourite spot on campus : The curve near the library circle from where the faraway lights are seen Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Poha Lasting impressions about college : A wonderful journey Best memory of IIMI : Its not a single memory but a collage of memories

The man who single handedly took care of all fun activities at RIP, this guy is fully loaded with fun, bt yea, you need to be at the right moment to experience it..! :) An awesome friend whoâ??s always der around with suggestions to any issue at hand. Fondly called â??Nairâ?? in first year section, this guy held the mast high marking the presence of mallus in my section. A very dedicated and sincere person at heart, truly appreciate the hard work you put up for the college fest last year bro. A non-residential keralite, he likes northie food, and of course, the only mallu Iâ??ve seen admitting in public about his dislike for Kerala meals :) One day, for sure, weâ??ll go for that deer hunting dream of yours buddy..! :P Keep rocking..!...Anoop S Raj Nair nahi.. ‘Khalnair’ hai tu... :P A great personality, i first got to know him closely in our internship together. Sincere, hard working and passionate about the things he wants, he can inspire you. We live on the same floor in 2nd year, and almost always meet up and chat on anything under the sun. Be it sharing tensions or just plain gossiping about campus stuff, he is a great companion to have conversations with. A down-to-earth person, you have to meet him to know the kind of talent that he has. You are definitely going to do great things in life, stay in touch bhai ! :)...MAYUR NALLABALLE


Roll No. : 2011PGP575 DOB : 24-05-1985 NickName : Doc Hey D-O-C-Y, the Ramp walk model... You always operate in ambush... And you had never let anyone click your picture. I had never seen you with your hair cut or trimmed, may be you use your busubusu mudi to cover your face.. Some say they have seen your photo in the Wanted list of Madurai Police Station... With all the gyaan you give about LTTE and al-Qaeda, you still remain a suspect... Next time, when I say that I am not feeling well, say something other than ‘It is very common in this weather condition. Sometimes it happens to me too’. I even heard that you gave the same reply when Carpet complained of a broken finger... An epitome of patience, you are... The best thing I like in you is the respect you have for everyone... And ‘getting you a good profile pic’ is in my Bucket list.....GOKULNATH R Doc....treasury of ideologies...unique in many ways....With all the N**I flirtings...he is one of the most empathetic person I in timing jokes n one liners.... guy having so many cosmetics and healthcare accessories :P...all the best for future :)...RATHINA PRADEEP R

ARUN STALIN Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-319 Permanent Address : 16/9, NSA Bhavanam, Jaihindpuram 2 street, Madurai-625011 About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Oragniser, Distortion, Mridang Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : Entrepreneur If not MBA then : Entrepreneurship Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : Koal-I First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Koal I friends Best memory of IIMI : RIP program model. :) This is how i see/call doctor.. The guy who wears shoes even during sleep...Still i cant convince myself tat he is frm madurai..:)the only way to make him speak more than 2 words is to talk about communism or politics, and it took me 2 years to find out..the guy whose hands start trembling and whose legs travels automatically to city on saturday nights...nobody would have come across a person like this.. one in a Billion...:P and during DJ parties he is a MJ...:) am a big fan of his dance..:)he opened my eyes saying,”Happiness is a state of mind” :P great philosopher...:P :D may u succeed in ur entrepreneurial stint docy...:) all the best for ur future..:) ...K.HARISH KUMAR Docy, or Doggy - an improvised version of the former is how he is generally addressed. Hardly existed for each other during first year. But, got to know each other well the 2nd year. A person who mostly is restrained in action n speech becomes agitated time and again when I am around. And I feel insanely satisfied driving him crazy every time. :D :D Super down-to-earth, a pseudo doctor (we doubt that he was a male nurse), the low-hip attires, male models as his desktop bg, permanently attached to his shoes, a dancer who introduced a new genre called ‘Villupu’, are some of the things he will be remembered for. It was a pleasure knowing you. All the best for all your endeavors. ...SENTHOORAN K A Mr.Egg boy! I would miss all your stories we heard in RIP! keep in touch all the best...!!! Master...... 3 eggs + 1 noodles parcel.............MUTHUKUMAR C

When I heard that for the first term I’ll be getting a twin accommodation, I was much worried about what kind of roommate will Iâ??ll get. I was lucky to have you as my roommate. Together we shared both good and bad memories. Aseem is coolest guy who loves style (remember the Wolverine look u had :)). I liked your determination and will power. One thing which both of us will regret is taking part in HUL L.I.M.E competition instead of studying for ME-1 :). Anyways past is past and as it is rightly said by Søren Kierkegaard- â??Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.â?? With this I would wish you luck for future, Stay blessed and be happy. ...TOPPO VINEET WALTER We went to the Rural Immersion Trip at Sagar - and together were a part of many magical moments, visiting the village schools, talking to farmers, taking bumpy bus rides and savouring ghost stories! Aseem was everenthusiastic with the camera - be it in the harshest sun or after a hard day’s work. I really remember his excitement when he saw the troops at the Sagar cantonment. He is very down-to-earth, polite and honest..a real good person and a great sport. Wish you all the best! :) ...Bishakha Majumdar ASEEM (in CAPS & in BOLD) ... O Yea... one of the best friends i’ve ever had at IIMI... an awesomely GOOD man... one who is always THERE for his friends no matter what!!!... He can sometimes transform himself into an excited little KID the moment you play Santa :P... hehe... i can never forget how caring you were as a friend the day i fell ill during our ascent thousands of feet above sea level and fed me with good food and prayed for me... i have literally no words to describe my GRATITUDE... .. Well, there are countless other stories that i can possibly share about him and go on and on... so, if you reallly wanna know more about him i can take it OFFLINE ;P Juz kiddin! :P ...Well, Lemme keep it short and sweet by ending it with a COLOSSAL THANK YOU!! for being such an awesome friend and a brother! Wish you the best in LIFE! May GOD Bless You Always!... MICHAEL LALHRIATPUIA

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : SR11 - 115 Permanent Address : About Me : only GOD knows Most Memorable CP : My profs will know, for they were the ones to give extreme expressions on my CPs PORs on campus : cheering up the PO-o-RS.... :{P Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chikkkkan Birrryaaaaneeee 10 years from now you will be : 10 years older If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Many Friend groups on campus : Not Many First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : A good 2 year vacation Best memory of IIMI : Countless

Aseem , the rockstar , is the most mysterious guy at the campus. His room has been the best guy’s room at Planet- I, sometimes the worst too :P . He is very Religious. The best thing i like about him is the fact he is truly a 90’s KID. He remenbers each and every song that i can think of.We share many interests and that makes him one of my favourites to spend time with. I will never forget those YOU-TUBE nights, when we would just drown in nostalgia and play every song, theme, jingle , ads from our childhood days.LUCKY ALI is GOD to both of us.He is a lazy bum ,whenit comes to gym-ing.He is VERY STYLISH GUY!! Keep Rocking buddy!... VIKAS PARIHAR Aseem, my neighbor in section B... A jolly person(PJ master), skilled but never the one to boast, biker, believer in God and a lot more. I have always wished Aseem had a better, a more jovial person than me as his neighbor in first year! He had put up me for an entire year.... :P But such is life, sometimes people with entirely different orientations are put together and to their surprise find that they have a lot in common. Aseem is a great guy with a great heart. He would help you in small touching ways and never for a moment make you feel indebted. One more thing about Aseem is that you find the state of mind he is in by looking at his room. One will be amazed by gamut of emotions that his poor little room had to undergo! :P It was really good knowing you buddy. I know that there is one person I can turn to when SHIT HAPPENS :D Stay in touch dude, and I wish you a very happy and prosperous life with your girl. ...S. SHANKAR Kuch bolun...aaj aaya hai beta kaabu Mr. Kullu...the guy who pulls my leg when I am least expecting it...the guy whos room has been inspiration for me...totally devoted...he is the guy i go for rock gyan (well next to Vikas)...and it all started while we were discussing bikers in ER-3 watching TV....till then..he was the roomie of Michael...we have developed a bond that transcends old serials, pop albums, jokes and what not...he the all chill kind of a dude and i revere his T-Shirts...simply awsum choices...god bless ya mate......Sahil Sambyal

ASEEM KULLU Roll No. : 2011PGP576 DOB : 16 jULy NickName :

Ek ho gaye hum aur tum toh udd gayee ninde re, Aur khanki payal masti main toh kangan khanke re, ashima ashima ashima ashima ashima, hey ashima ashima ashima ashima ashima. The girl with the yellow sandals. I would love them as long as you refrain using the same on me. The girl who used to sit beside me in CBN class. The girl whom I used to teach BMOD. A girl with whom I had competition as to who would say â??Good Morning Madam/Sirâ?? to the other first in MCS class. The girl who would sit by my side so that she could be saved from being questioned by the Prof. The girl whom I used to escort to her hostel so that she can reach her room in single piece. The least to say, the list is long. But the girl is the same. The unassuming, ever smiling, jolly, helpful, caring girl full of energy. She is a good dancer too. Less talkative, but humble and soft spoken. ...MANISH MANOHAR Hey beautiful.I can still remember our first interaction with Palka.Kept making fun of Pandeyji and you kept smiling through out the period only to embarrass me in the end.Lovely girl and ever cheerful.Have a wonderful life ahead....KASTURI KARUNA Tell me how many times did we fight? Like real brother-sister fights?? like hundred times??? Dear, I will really miss you for all those after going out of this campus. And how many times we teased each other? How much fun we had, I can only imagine after this. Ashima is a chillax girl, always teasing, fighting, dancing, listening to songs but no studies, dont know what to do with computers (I like that and the way Eddu and I make fun of you :-P). I am very happy for her that she got a job like she actually wanted. I wish you to be a free bird who can fly as high as you like and as far as you want to go. Again this is for THE FAMILY â?? We met, we talked, we laughed, we cried, we liked, we loved, we played, we fought, we ignored, we hated but friends we remain foreverâ?¦we still are THE FAMILY, YOU still are the precious. Keep in touch even if you feel I am just a passing cloud. Will miss you!!!...PERALA PRATHEEK Darling without any exaggeration , you were my world here on campus during dose initial days and a real support system till now....The time spent wid u is the most beautiful time of my life in IIM. U are a real sweetheart..I”ll miss u a lot dear... :-( :-( Love u laods.. God Bless!...Palka Chhillar

Roll No. : 2011PGP577 DOB : 24-09-1989 NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-214 Permanent Address : Gautam Niwas, Kalehli, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh About Me : I hate mornings! Most Memorable CP : Never spoke anything PORs on campus : Vibes, Mridang, Utsaha Ideal endorser for : hmm... One song you symbolize : hmm.. Mostly caught doing : nothing Frequently uttered lines :hmm.. Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Parantha 10 years from now you will be : Homemaker ;) If not MBA then : hmm..... Favourite spot on campus : Behind ER2 Friend groups on campus : Only Families, no groups First crush in the institute : heheheheh Lasting impressions about college : The scenic beauty! Best memory of IIMI : RIP, Himalayan Trip

i admire you for your willpower and determination which is validated through ur dance performance with a broken leg.......i am gonna miss group chat (u, palka and i)... jana hum chair se gir gir ke haste the..... anyways ...chal ..since we are departing now....... ek promise kar de rahi hoon............ car mein petrol BPCL ka hi bharwaungi :D.............. mast rah..swast rah.......... ...Anita Sharma ASHIMAAAAAAAAA.....The girl is sweet and bit childish but a great dancer..! This is one girl who always made me feel like a real Rockstar...! She is gentle and cool and has her own childish way of talking. She likes visiting hospitals a lot....ab thoda kum ho gaya hai. So, Ashimaaaaaa, keep being jovial, keep dancing, keep making me feel like a rockstar and above all keep enjoying life...!...MARANDI SANJAY KUMAR Appearances can be deceptive, at first sight Ashima comes across as a very quiet person who is very docile, talk to her and you see a person of strong valid views. The songs, trushant dancing, cursing the company, debating the questionnaire, laughing over the responses we got, the auto rides, it was all good fun during the summers. The best being,imagining the possible ways in which Sikka might not support us in front of Sid and then contemplating creative reactions if such a situation arose :). Hats off to the way in which you handled Yang (hope she doesn’t see this :D), and your imitation of Yang calling out your name is superb. Btw, you still haven’t sent a mail of appreciation to messcom....ah, chuck it, I do know the food is not that good :D. Goodluck with all your endeavours!!...P N GANAPATHI Apni to paathsaala gusse ki paathsaala...Long back I heard joke like..”hamare pajaab mein to ye bade bade Aam hote hain”... fir himalyan trip mein iss ladki ne hairan kar diya with “Hamare gaon mein to isse bhi khatarnaak raste hain”...sach mein isse zyada tez pahad par koi nahin chadhta...looks good with smile and furious in anger...Wish you all the best and great future ahead :)...SHAILESH CHANDRA GAUTAM


Roll No. : 2011PGP578 DOB : 15/04/1989 NickName : vinnu Ashish is among the first persons I met on campus ! Right from bakra group till date, he has remained the same, simple and always caring for his friends ! He is quite irritating when you meet him for the first time, but then he is very pure at heart, and that more than makes up for everything else. He loves his sports and I still remember that memorable win over you in the badminton match ! :P He is really good at ops and made a significant impact at Maruti ! He does have to bear a lot of words while playing cards! Above all he always helps his friends ! Achieve the best ahead champ ! \m/...ROOPAK BHARTEE the ultimate jugadu on this campus, you have a problem, he’s the person to call! always up for a good time, ashish is a great friend to hang out with. Simple at heart, he is caring and sweet. All the very best Ashish, do stay in touch...BHAVNA SHARMA

ASHISH KUMAR Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : i stay away from all this PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : vellapanti Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Vinu!! The first guy I met from IIM Indore, even before I entered Rendezvous, then bumped into him at Haweli and then at the Golden Temple! One of my closest friends since then, Ashish sure is one of his kind. You can depend on him for anything and once he gives his word, come hail or storm, consider it done. We may laugh at every little thing he does, but I havnt seen anyone as confident and sure about himself as he is, Knows his way around everything and will always help you get around stuff too! Iv had some of the best times over the last two years with him, be it all our party nights, playing cards or simply pulling each others leg over random stuff! Here’s to a life time of great friendship and many more fun times ahead! Cheers!! ...SHIVENDRA RAIZADA One of my first friend on campus and the most dependable one. A friend who would stand by you whenever you are all messed up. We have landed into a lot of trouble and weaved a lot of stories to get out of it . Good times or bad we have partied to the hilt. The badminton matches, cricket week, sheesha debacle and my first birthday on campus are some of the few memorable moments I can think of. Thanks for being there whenever I needed you. All the best and better keep in touch !...NIKITA RAJESH TANEJA We were friends even before reaching campus, thanks to Rendezvous. And as far as I remember, we were the last men standing that night and ensuring that seniors reached home safely. Coming to campus, nothing changed, we took off from where we had left. What followed were innumerable insane moments and beautiful memories: the Saturday ritual, drinking parties, hawa point, trips to the city, movies, sneaking cartons in campus, playing badminton at 4 in the morning, destroying opponents in cricket, his attempts to get me to play cards and what not!! For the last 2 years, Vinnu has been my go to guy for everything. At times I wonder how would I have survived had he not been there to help me day in and day out. There is nothing in the World that this guy can’t arrange, the most jugaadu person on campus undoubtedly. Life hasn’t been all rosy and we have had our share of the bad times as well. Vinnu has always displayed presence of mind in such situations and has always stood by my side. He is street smart, sensible and fun. He will go out of his way to help friends. Has saved my ass more times than I can remember! I am extremely lucky to have met him. Wish you all the best bro, I know you will make it big. Needless to say, stay in touch!... SHRESHTH TOTEJA

Ashish Thakur Munda.. or JUST MUNDA as he better known.. the 6 foot 287 pound GENTLE GIANT.. is one among my DEAREST friends at IIMI.. NEVER says much, AWESOMELY GOOD at HEART.. always there for friends, one who i can share my ups and downs with.. Reallllly lazy at times though :P ... FUN being around with .. Thank you bro for a being an OUTSTANDING FRIEND and a BROTHER! GOD Bless You and wish you all the very BEST in LIFE! “EAT HEALTHY and HITTT the GYM HARD!!!” Hehe Just my TWO CENTS :P.. Just say .... Yo!!!!! :)...MICHAEL LALHRIATPUIA Munda....first time I talked to this giant, he reminded me of the funny side villains of hindi movies who look huge but have feminine voice :P Well Munda doesn’t have that but still he is just so soft spoken and always so calm that you won’t even feel like teasing him. Well I had some really fun moments with him in campus and Himalayan trip...well he kept us dragging all the way though. It was really amazing to know this big guy and I wish him all the success and happiness in life :)...ADARSH MANISH TIGGA The first thing u notice about him is his large size..but this also means he has a large heart..He is friendly,well behaved and humble..from being in the ist pgp group to belonging to the same state,such commonalities have made it made interacting with him a great fun..talking to him has ensured that I dont forget how to speak in Oriya!!..has been nice enough to greet with a smile,ask about haal chaal and treat with respect every time we met..You have a huge potential(much bigger than ur size) bring out the best in u n believe in urself..Wishing you a happy and successful life ahead..Keep in touch....JHARANA MURMU This is one BIG BRO of mine..... too soft spoken, never loses temper, smiles big, walks slowly as if he owns the world....yo man...It was awesome fun to be with you these two years. We had hell lots of fun in our 1st term group. Its always nice to talk to this big guy with a big heart. Bhai...aise hi mast rehne ka hai....! Have wonderful years ahead..! Keep smiling..!! ...MARANDI SANJAY KUMAR

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-321 Permanent Address : Sambalpur,Odisha About Me : Most Memorable CP : no cp .... :P PORs on campus : Secy of Sleeper club.. Ideal endorser for : Chips One song you symbolize : munna bhai Mostly caught doing : sleeping Frequently uttered lines : abe chodna.. Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : half fry 10 years from now you will be : 150 kg. If not MBA then : bike designer Favourite spot on campus : backside of MDC Friend groups on campus : the risk takers... First crush in the institute : mm..cant remember.. Lasting impressions about college : place were life took aturn Best memory of IIMI : himalayan trip

ASHISH THAKUR MUNDA Roll No. : 2011PGP579 DOB : 27th Oct NickName : ATM,Munda bhai,Ashu

Aswin karthik, my room mate during internship in chennai. A super gentle guy, who doesnt create fuss over anything. He was also in our division and remember how hardly he worked during internship on improving his NFS skills. I still remember how we all taught him how to bargain with the Autorickshaw guy in chennai. You were an awesome roommate Aswin. Stay that way. All the best for future ahead. ...MOHAMMED ARSHAD Kosteen, so for you have spoken 3456 sentences to me. Of that 3455 were interrogative sentences. And the one that you missed was the answer you gave when I asked your name. If ‘?’ gets a human form, it would be you... Anyways, how is your sister? :P...GOKULNATH R Came across as quite and calm guy during internship....he was a part of the great digital marketing team-which actually did ntn ..hahaha...i remember each member doin their own wrk-ashwin ws caught watchin movies, series or cricket matches :D...wish u all the best in life and career.......J.SHALINI You are a very simple soul Aswin , don’t let anything change you. Goodness is hard to find these days , so always be as you are. I was great working with you during internship in Chennai , your inputs are remarkable :) . May god bless you and hope you get all the happiness in the world :) ...SUSMITA LAKRA Ashwin is like a pure, simple boy without any deceit. Being my neighbor in 1st year and interested in trains, he was perfect disciple for me :). Well anyhow he didn’t learn to speak hindi even though me n bhaskar tried ... Always smiling and tension free...keep up ur smile and nature preserved... All the best !!!! ...ARUN JAGDISH PRASAD Kosteen...the google guy..always and carefree guy.It was good to find who has lesser stamina than me( Himalayan trip!!) . ..Rarely lost his cool even though going into extreme arguments...well 1 thing u need to be is being more assertive(for increasing GD conversion rates :P )....all the best for future.... :)...RATHINA PRADEEP R gentle..curious.....kind...remains cool all the time....financier for many in the institute :) ..ll always speak his mind (which is usually interrogative) together we have visited many places in and around Indore..we met also in Tuticorin, his hometown.. Wish you the best in everything ahead :)...KARTHIK P Koseeen...Google....ask for any IT help, he ll be the first guy to come fwd..I personally preferred him to do MS rather than MBA for the IT geek in him..:) I could never forget the experience in RIP and HOP... complete fun..:) will never forget the LOST KEY INCIDENT.. “”Key ah? Adhu en kita thane iruku !!!” apdiye bokhunu vaaylaye kuthu...:P really enjoyed motivating u and winning the race of the day in Dayara..:) Cheers..:) He will always provide me the case summaries before class discussions which helped me lead the class once in fact..:) hope u remember tat...:) really enjoyed the conversation between qoseen and docy once.. though i couldn remember any..:P Other than this, he is nice guy to spend time with though he doesn speak much...:P helps a lot...:) All the best for ur career..keep in touch...:) ...K.HARISH KUMAR

Roll No. : 2011PGP580 DOB : 12-11-1989 NickName : Aswin, Question Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-101 & B-309 Permanent Address : Tuticorin About Me : Me? See the Testimonials !!! Most Memorable CP : CP and me are enemies :P PORs on campus : Official Information provider on New Technologies :P Ideal endorser for : Smartphones, Google One song you symbolize : Oorvasi Oorvasi Take it easy Oorvasi !!! Mostly caught doing : Googling Frequently uttered lines :Dei Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Egg Maggi 10 years from now you will be : Reading these funny testimonials :D If not MBA then : Some IT Company (Might have been my own company too :P) Favourite spot on campus : H-Block Friend groups on campus : Koal I, Section E First crush in the institute : :) Lasting impressions about college : Friends, Going to sleep at 3 am.. Best memory of IIMI : Bakra, Himalayan Trip & Rural Immersion Programme

“enna saapudra kosteen?”, “Neenga enna solreengalo adhuve enakkum sollidunga”. TM dialog of him! Vel’s younger brother, he is GOOGLE personified! He keeps my random facts in check. He is very helpful and dependable! He was so happy in beating me to the 2nd camp in HOP. Silent he is, that even if u are talking about something tat he is having he ll be quite and normal. Unless you ask him, he will not answer. But somehow when it comes to me talking with anyone he will jump in with his sony mobile and corroborate my facts! Great kosteen nee.. ATB da:)...NAVIN.I

Aswin Karthik S

Roll No. : 2011PGP581 DOB : 20/12/1988 NickName : Ismail Bhai Came to know Atif quite early. Remember all those iftar and sehri we had for the past two years. Atif, in first year was to be seen generally with Hashim and second year intermittently with mehul and Hashim. Atif shot to fame after Interrobang and then, any event that he participated we lost hope. A very sincere and humble person. All the best Atif bhai. :)...MOHAMMED ARSHAD Atif you are my first friend on campus, and the journey has been are the ultimate gentleman, although i dont treat you as one!! always keep that attitude and that smile...i’ve seen you in tough times and in good ones and you have always kept your head above your are the perfect combination of hardwork and brains...i also admire the way you speak...your humility truly inspires me...will cherish the rural immersion days for ever, and all the times we spent in keep in touch..wishing you the best in life.. :)...SHALINA VERMA

ATIF NAYEEM Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-102 Permanent Address : 10-1-1187, A.C Guards About Me : Answered this enough during interviews Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Utsaha Coordinator Ideal endorser for : De-energizing tablets One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Sleeping Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Parantha and Bhurji 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Law Favourite spot on campus : C-block roof top, Mehul’s Spic and Span room Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Coordinator sahib! I remember meeting Atif in the first term but didnâ??t really get to know him until the 3rd term when we started working for Utsaha. He is friendly, extremely humble and down to earth, a rarity in B-schools... He never loses his cool and is calm and composed under pressure. During the entire Utsaha event I never saw him panic or break a sweat. A true marketing person he is the ideal mix of creativity and strong conceptual knowledge. Weâ??ve had a lot of fun during our so-called Utsaha “meetings”. ATB for the future man and do keep in touch!...DEEPAK SUDHAKAR I admire this guy. He has been a Motivator, a Guide to me.He is Simple and puts a lot of thought in each and every word he utters. Very patient and takes pains to explain on any topic. And marketing any doubts one has, this guy is d one to go to - Always would have loads of examples to share. Atif you are a friend who I would dearly miss once out of campus. Hardly my day moves on without taking a dig at Atif. Say thts like anytime and every time I feel bored and its jus a coincidence tht I generally get bored too often and end up teasing Atif almost all d time. No wonder eating, breathing and teasing Atif are d 3 basic needs of my life..:P He is one real sport who takes all our teasing in his stride and keeps giving us fodder for more teasing all d time. Would read all his messages and mails, but still the gentleman Atif never took it to heart. And I took full advantage of that: P Stay good and be in touch...N wil continue to tease u for life - one of my 3 basic needs remember :P ...F MUHAMMED HASHIM What I admire the most about Atif is his positive attitude towards life. You will not find him down and low for long. He has his own mechanism and he will come back from every setback stronger and tougher. Ismail bhai ki chahe kitni bhi maar lo, ismail bhai muskurate hi rehte hain.. :) Kabhi bura nahi maante. Whatever work he will take in hand he will see that its very well executed. I really admire the amount of hardwork he put in for making Utsaha a success. He can work like a robot and sleep like a log.. :D He is very lazy when it comes to attending classes and has contributed heavily to the PM Fund due to attendance shortage... :) We will be in touch is needless to say. Best of Luck dude... :)...KARTIK SHRIVASTAVA Atif is an example for a person who doesn’t at all crumble under pressure. By far the most cool-headed event head I have met, he is a marketing person who never loses his cool (even when Deepak, Buch and Aneesh are not working). Extremely talented, hard working and a very down to earth person. As Deepak said it, we have had a lot of fun during our so-called Utsaha “meetings”. All the best dude and stay in touch !...AMBADIPUDI ALOKRAJ

Mature, understanding and helpful. Meet Bala. His full name is a real tonguetwister. Bala thinks correct, ethical, and critical. His thought process is really structured. Never loses an argument, Bala is a nice guy to listen to when he argues, and especially when push-pain is around. Very logical and no-nonsense guy. Makes awesome chicken curry and rice. Wants to be a house-husband (so does he claim) and has got very passionate views upon human sexuality. Likes adventures. Pretty chilled out guy. Wish him godspeed for future. ... VAIBHAV MAHESHWARI Balu is a treasure of knowledge and philosophy, with the knowledge of all the extensive reading he has done and observations he has made he tries to impart it to others around him. He is a mentor to all and a good friend who is always there for you. He is really good at all the sports esp. badminton, a quick learner and amazing blogger. I think heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be the first one to get married in our group, wish you all the very best for your future and have great life ahead. Keep in touch :)...Kushal C One of the people in campus to whom I look upon is Balu. THis guy has amazing convincing and reasoning skills which will take him great heights. I do agree that sometimes he is irrational but kudos to his argumentative skills.This guy is ambitious, and a perfect fit to be an entreprenuer.Balu has got a lot of knowledge and loves reading and watching movies.This guy has diverse set of skills at a good level such as badminton, volleyboll, blogging, and reading.One sure guy whom I would want to be in touch with. All the best with your aspirations and Keep living lyfe.Keep in touch....D.ARAVIND KUMAR

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-211 Permanent Address : Vizag About Me : Tall Dark and Ahem Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Superman - Eminem Mostly caught doing : Reading Frequently uttered lines : Lite Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Biryani 10 years from now you will be : someone very important If not MBA then : Entrepreneur Favourite spot on campus : my room Friend groups on campus : Antra Batch First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : week long exams! Best memory of IIMI : Long walk in the campus with special someone

AVADUTALA BALASUBRAHMANYAM Roll No. : 2011PGP582 DOB : Feb-13 NickName : Balu

A sweet girl who talks a lot! She talks persuasively, laughs carelessly, never gets around to boring you, and carries a cute smile on her face more often than not. I’d definitely love to know how you turn out 5 years from now :) Keep in touch....ANKUR KANORIA I have not known Avantika for a long time but I always found her to be very sweet and helpful. She loves to talk and always has me in splits with her college ke kisse and kahani :). She is such a good artist.... One look at her sketches and paintings and the way she has decorated her room, and I can’t stop myself from thinking that wish I could do all that. All the best for future. Stay in Touch. :)...NIDHI KANOJIA I always thought of you as the studious and quiet types. Rip was when I found out that you are anything but :P You are as much fun for gossiping (or rather grapevine :P) as anyone I know. Whatever silliness any of us come up with, you go along anyways. Sharing 2 trips together was a lot of fun. You are awesome at sketching... Don’t ever give it up... Always stay sweet :)...Maitreyee Korgaonkar Avantika!! My partner in crime!! Will always remember you as the reason who got us together with the RIP group.. the nights we spent chatting right out, gossiping and walking..laga nahi tha itnja bologi the first tym we met..from a block to sr to again a block, we have shared a lotta pain in packing and packing again :P..and the last minute prep for xamz, always thinkin kaash thoda pehle se padh lete :P An amazing artist, pata nahi room ke liye kya kya banati rehti hai :P always keep sketching and do continue playing sitar.. I hope your life takes the direction you want to head...all d best and always be in touch!!!...K . HARITA Avantika, my first year NC2 neighbor, cheerful almost 80 % of the time.. While she is an attentive listener and understanding person, she sure knows how to prove her point :) She could always tell when I was sad in the class and would make sure I talk about it and feel lighter... During those deadly boring classes where we could not speak, we would write on each others notebook to continue the conversation.. While it would be her idea to talk about concerns and worries, it would be my duty to jerk her back to consciousness if she fell asleep. which she did, quite often :P I wish her success in all aspects of life. ...HIMADRI BASUMATARY

Roll No. : 2011PGP583 DOB : 28 Feb NickName : Didnt had one...:) Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Kept on Changing..:P Permanent Address : T-4, Niharika Appartments, Sarvodya Nagar, Kanpur About Me : Most Memorable CP : Classes sone ke liye hoti hain..,:P PORs on campus : Ops Team in Ahvan, Utsaha, Team Akriti in Mridang Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Sleeping in class Frequently uttered lines :Yaaar..... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : plain paratha 10 years from now you will be : meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee If not MBA then : Designing bridges Favourite spot on campus : My room Friend groups on campus : Dnt believe in Groupings..:P First crush in the institute : Somethings should be kept secret....:P Lasting impressions about college : Scenic Beauty of IIM Indore Best memory of IIMI : Section F, RIP, Long walks, festival masti

Avantika is sweet, creative person.Though we were in the same group, we never really bonded (which u rightly pointed out in term 4).. But since then we have had some good moments, especially during HOP where we spent a lot of time together. Love ur sketches and loved working with you in GE (would remember the survey in clinics of Rau) and Knowlarity (though knowlarity mein kuch kaam nahi tha :P) ...Stay in touch and ATB for everything..... Ninad Bhangle Miss Avantika...d silent killer...:P...maana u hav got really expressive eyes...par iska yeh matlab nahi hai ki tu kuch bole hi naa...:P...bechaari...mere sade hue jokes bahut jhele naa i told u before...u r rarest of breed of girls who hav got brain...:P...bahut logically sochti hai...miss sensible...par 90% times serious rehti hai...itni fab smile hai...use kar liya kar...:P...n kabhi PJs bhi maar liya kar...its gud for health...gusse mein kya sketches banati hai by god...take it as a profession n gusse mein hi raha of d few ppl in campus jinke aage mein problem discuss karne se pehle sochoonga bhi nahi...because i know u will understand...dats d comfort zone...hav spend some really gud time wid u n hav full faith in ur capabilities...:)...n deal yaad ke baad out of touch hone ki sochna bhi mat...:P...n shaadi ke invitation ke liye mujhe personal call chahiye...:)...ANKIT BHARGAVA Its always a pleasure talkng to u...simple yet very elegant..u r serious, logical nd kabhi kabhi smile karti ho (which is contagious to prompt othrs to smile :)) Wrkg wid u n Term-2 was gr8..kitne farji tareeke se assgnmnts cmplete hote the..dat skit planning fr SBM was cmpletely ur creativity (loved dat videos nd whole concept)..U r hell lot f creatv (sketches sab bolte hai)..wish u ATB fr future :)...AMRITANSH GUPTA


Roll No. : 2011PGP584 DOB : 14 April 1987 NickName : bss Dear Senior, DOTA Dashing Champion BSS rocks. Being server, I always keeps him in my team in order to avoid mess-up. One thing to learn from him is time management skills - for sleep, acads, games. ‘Point less theory’ by BSS shd be in books in upcoming days. Show ur leadership skills in GE and hope u do well. All the Best. Thanks Junior...SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI Mr Pointless!! It is soo much fun talking to you!! I am pretty sure even this must be pointless but then evething other than DOTA and LAN gaming is for u :P Never pegged u for a swimmer!! I would stil say, please upload some pics on your own of your conquers in the foreign land :P A super intelligent yet so down to earth n subtle person, for whom whom more or less evethin is pointless is who u r.. :) All the best and please be in touch always :)...K . HARITA

B S SHASHANK Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-212 Permanent Address : Bangalore About Me : I am a complex person who cannot be summarized in a few words .... Most Memorable CP : I dont globe PORs on campus : Arena, Anvesh (mridang) Ideal endorser for : Alienware Laptops :D One song you symbolize :Mostly caught doing : Sleeping, gaming, watching series etc. etc. no one thing in particular Frequently uttered lines : its pointless “i dont give a damn ... “, “ i dont care ... “ Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi + omelette 10 years from now you will be : I live in the present .. i dont make long term plans If not MBA then : Coding .. i guess Favourite spot on campus : the long winding roads Friend groups on campus : I am against groupism ..... First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : The 3 1/2 months that I was not on campus :P (exchange program)

BSS- one of the pragmatic guys you would meet- reticent but makes an impact whenever he speakshappy go lucky kind attitude to life - my neighbour in SR12 for 2 terms- has few interests but is passionate and excels at them - ...PRADEEP KIRTHIVASAN RAJAGOPAL Shashank, ... this otherwise quiet guy won’t stop talking when it comes to DOTA or AOE or Game of thrones for that matter.. and you would be dumbfounded at the depth of this knowledge about the things he likes, those games being one.. He is Mr. Dependable for his group mates and would be the one finally saving a situation gone wrong.. He is one of the most brilliant persons in the campus and sounds like a foreigner when he speaks Hindi .. :P I wish you fulfillment in whatever you do.. :) Keep in touch.. :) ...HIMADRI BASUMATARY Hey Shashank! It was nice working with you in term 1. You write and present very well. The way you fielded questions after the DA presentation was awesome :). I will always remember you for your ‘pointless’ theory and your different take on things. You once had this debate with Phani about child labour at 3 am after some assignment when the rest of us were dead tired.. It was hilarious :). You are very intelligent and sincere.. and composed all the time. I wish you all the best! :) Keep in touch ...S SHRUTI A very nice, casual and ever-smiling guy. Always takes time for you and is a very down-to-earth person. Its always been a pleasure chatting about some random stuff across the mess tables. Thoughts shared and the laughs had regarding our BPR classes is one of the first things that I can think of now. All the best to you dude and continue to spread smiles across faces....NIRAJ SOUNDARARAJAN Shashank.. My Man, the cool dude... Since the time I have known you, I have always seen you very cool, composed and smiling.. How do you even do that?? Don’t you ever express anger (LOL) :P You are a wonderful guy to hang out with... And our talks on pointless stuff is Legen -- wait for it --- Dary .... We share a lot of common interests and hobbies.. besides that we have had so many good laughs.. And that gets even more better when we are with PnG and Big Daddy.. Dude, I ll surely miss these moments... You are a sincere guy (now don’t deny it :P) and you are very helpful.. We ll always be buddies !!! Cheers.. :D...M PRASANNA KUMAR BSS the man! DOTA champion on campus... I first met him during Anvesh, the treasure hunt (is it happening this year? :P) and it was evident that this guy was an IT-genius too. I always tried to be in BSS’s team in DOTA so as to avoid defeat, he can really own the game at times! I’ve always seen him smiling and he is always cool and composed. I’ve learnt a lot from you in DOTA and its been a lot of fun. All the best in GE man! Do keep in touch :)...DEEPAK SUDHAKAR

Varun is probably the only constant friend I have had since the first term of college. I remember all the marketing assignments, how all the guys in the group used to tease me coz I was the only girl in the group. You were always there to cheer me up when I was upset and say “ F*** them Suruchi, nobody is worth it.” or when I was discouraged, to lift up my spirits. Even when we weren’t close I could depend on you to be there for me. Though we had our fair share of arguments and fights, I always knew that at the end of the day I had a friend in you. Thank you for being there for me all this time. I’ll never ever forget matter what happens in the future. - Suruchi Kashyap...KASHYAP SURUCHI BRHAMPRAKASH Error 404 : Buch is isolated from friends circle due to his - some issues. No additional info available.... -SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI Fellow last row citizen, it was always a treat watching him take on profs in Marketing subjects. Armed with a passion for branding and second-to-none marketing knowledge, this guy is sure to go places. It was fun getting into discussions with him on topics ranging from 4Ps to Formula 1. He has a very unbiased opinion about life and its dealings and speaks without mincing words. The best thing about him is that he doesn’t try and please everybody around him. Best of luck for the future buddy and make some awesome brands for the world to see. And yes we defn need to go and watch a F1 race together. ...ANIRBAN GHOSH My roommate by accident, in first two terms, he happened to switch rooms with my original roomie to work on our “Bakra” assignments :D IIM-I was my first hostel experience in life and it was made so easy by such a wonderful roommate.. We have had a lot of fun, shared each other’s moments of joy and sorrow.. We used to console each other during our internship placements when some dreams broke.. but we encouraged each other and after two years of hard work, both of us have got our dream jobs :) His principle - “friendships are built when two people hate the same person” :P :D Varun can be described by only one word - “Phataka” (it’s a Marathi word Varun, it means a “fire-cracker” :D).. One has to experience his company to really understand what I mean.. Varun, I wish you all the best for your future, and yes, we are going to meet frequently and party frequently.. I won’t let my first-ever roomie to drift apart :) ...BHAT AJINKYA DILIP

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Engineer waiting to be marketeer Most Memorable CP : The monkey one PORs on campus : Mercur-I, Utsaha, Adapt, Ahvan (Spons) Ideal endorser for : An IT guy wanting to do an MBA :P One song you symbolize : It’s my life! Mostly caught doing : Sleeping Frequently uttered lines : My ass Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Egg burji, Paratha, boiled eggs 10 years from now you will be : Force India F1 team’s CMO If not MBA then : A fat IT manager somewhere Favourite spot on campus : Gym, mess Friend groups on campus : Appy, Ani, Deepak, Ambadi, Ajinkya, Govind, Kitty First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : My ticket out of IT Best memory of IIMI : The drinking sessions :)

My friendship with Buch was initially based on a mutual dislike for a certain category of people. Probably one of the most outspoken people on campus, it’s a surprise that he hasn’t gone and got himself arrested as yet. Once termed as a monkey jumping up and down in the last seat, Buch has made a stunning transformation from a marketing warlord to a lazy inmate of Planet-I. Not once did he use his lan cord when we were neighbours in SR12, but was always piggy backing on my wifi. Second year has seen him following EST rather than IST, which has dramatically reduced our meetings. While this may be due to other “personal” reasons as well, I shall give him the benefit of the doubt. :P Now that he has got into Britannia, I hope he fulfils his vow of competing against his former dream company HUL, and beating them in any one strong segment of theirs. ‘Nuf said about him and I shall leave some space for others to comment as well, though I’m very sure he would prefer me to occupy all the space on this page cos I’m the most awesome person he knows. :P ATB....KRISHNA S. BAJAJ The marketing Lord of the batch. He is passionate about marketing, F1 and GYM. His CPs from the last bench were legendary and his trademark CP jargons like vis a vis were really memorable. this marketing genius is HUL Loss and Britannia’s gain, and it is just a matter of time when he becomes the man behind the next BIG marketing Success story. in spite of all this, I am still pissed off by your continuous pestering me about my accent, I hated you for that in the beginning :P but than I started to learn to deal with you and you were always a sport. Keep marketing yourself Buch-face. \m/...JANMAJIT DAS Few things about Butch (beside his marketing related exploits), Amazing drinking company, although he has retired hurt over the last few months. I still remember the legendary evening we had at Purple Haze! Wannabe guitarist! Does not mince his words. Has categorical views about certain categories :D Physically incapable of running :D Die hard love for Bangalore. Hopefully will frequent MTR and Purple Haze when you eventually move there. ...ANIRUDH SURESH

B VARUN Roll No. : 2011PGP585 DOB : 8-9-1987 NickName : Buch

Ah, the pleasure of being the first person to write a testimonial for Balji. The guy is a synonym of fun. We have had so many common interests. Lasya team, CFA, BC and not to forget the Unofficial Delhi meet at Costa in Connaught Place. The meet really set the tone for a friendship for lifetime. It just strengthened over the last 2 years. A brilliant brain and highly enthusiastic person, does not give a damn about irrelevant things in life. Helpful and cheerful to the core, definitely destined for scaling great heights. Cheers dude! ...UTKARSH SINGH Balji is among the first and closest friends on campus. A fun fellow to be with. He had made my life much easier on campus by being my group mate in the first term and right through the second year. One of the most hard working, intelligent and dedicated person on campus. You name a certification and he has it. Also a CP master. The most memorable time was the eve of exams which we used to translate and learn honey singh songs. Really he should be given the credit for making the honey singh songs famous in campus. He has also been the dj of our section parties. I have really cherished the time with him and hope to continue doing so in future. All the best for your future endeavours....Cheers!!...Jubin Mahajan Being a huge Sunny Deol fan myself I always wanted to have a Sardarji friend. Ab yaar aapne aap ko Sunny se compare na karna kyunki tera “sawa kilo ka haath” jab uthta hai na toh sirf bhangra hi kar paata hai!! Jokes apart, friendship with baljeeeeeeee (evil laughter) paaji dates back to the first term when we happened to be in the same group. Trust me paaji doing assignments was so much fun then. If someone asked me a synonym for work-life balance, my answer would be Balji Paaji. Kaise karte ho paaji yeh sab???kaash thodi si tips mujhe bhi di hoti!! Acads ki baat na hi kare toh aacha hai...This guy has the distinction of topping Hariya’s subject. Aur ji haan jaanab is very popular among female academic associates!! :P :P...Paaji thanks for being a friend that you are. I shall always treasure the times we have spent together. Wishing you all the best for all your future endeavours. Cheers! P.S. : Saale bina case padhe CP maarne ka raaz tune aabhi tak nahi baataya!!!...ABHISHEK CHOWDHARY Balji was one of the first people I became good friends with primarily because we sat in the same row for the first year. Everybody has already praised you for your hardwork, intelligence blah blah. So I’ll restrict myself to two of my observations about you. One whenever you enter his room, a Punjabi song will be playing on his laptop even when he is studying he’ll have it on in the background. I think this was the major influence in Jubin memorizing so many punjabi song lyrics :P Second is his ability to write good prose which is borne out by the posts on his blog. This is globe for the fact that Baljinder is one of the best globers in the campus. His CP points when nobody even cares about the case have disrupted many an Angry Birds games for me :P Jokes aside, he is one of the most dedicated and at the same time fun guys to be with and we’ll have many more things to talk about in the next 5-10 years...JAMMI SUNIL RAO

Roll No. : 2011PGP587 DOB : 02-10-1985 NickName : Balji Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : singhbaljinder Facebook Page : honey2021 Hostel Room : C-104, SR12-413, ER3-303 Permanent Address : Jalandhar City About Me : Focused, intuitive and fun loving Most Memorable CP : I forget my CP as soon as I deliver it...:) PORs on campus : Management Canvas, Mridang-Lasya and Idanim Ideal endorser for : Punjabi Music One song you symbolize : Khao piyo aish karo mitro, dil par kise da dukhayo na Mostly caught doing : Playing Punjabi Songs Frequently uttered lines :Ab kya hi batayein!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aloo Parantha and maggi 10 years from now you will be : same If not MBA then : pata nahi yar!!!! Favourite spot on campus : Sunset point Friend groups on campus : I don’t count First crush in the institute : lolz...ask my friends Lasting impressions about college : Immense learning and fun Best memory of IIMI : Friends for life

He is one masst Punjabiâ?¦A party animal who will booze and perform 360 degree random steps. Waah yaar!! His dedication towards academics, competitions and last but not the least GYMMING is super appreciable. We both share a common liking towards Honey Singhâ??s songs. Hindi status shayari ke toh tum ustaad ho, but I still wonder for whom are these shayaris posted (jaate jaate bata dena). Dost tujhe bahut miss karungi, stay in contact.. All The best ..machaate rehna!! P.S: wese laado ko class mein tumne khub teda teda takkaa hai, humein sab khabar haiâ?¦:P...RICHA CHOURASIA


Roll No. : 2011PGP588 DOB : 30th July, 1990 NickName : Secy, Media-mommy, Donut Boy ‘The Teddy Bear’, and one of the youngest members of our 2011-13 family. A dear friend and a wonderful person I’ve got to know at Planet-I. If only I could learn all the good things about you, but nevertheless I’m trying. Whether you believe me or not I really admire your poetry writing skill a lot. ‘Unspoken Desire’ still remains my favorite one. I hope you find all the happiness in this world. :)...Shaishav Solanki Ninad brings out the fun we had during our Junior Mediacom days.. He was one of the very first frnds on campus due to our common PORs- all Media Media :P A very sweet, hardworking person Ninad did justice to his role as the Mediacom secy in second year. We had awesome fun working on many competition cases.. mostly bcoz we wd copy paste common stuff :P Jokes apart a very down to earth n friendly person who has I think more dan 100 FB profile pics :P.. Heres wishing u all da very best for ur stint at Deloitte n hope u reach greater heights in future :) ciao .....DEBASHREE MOHAPATRA

Ninad Bhangle Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-105, SR12-215, ER3-304 Permanent Address : Tata Housing Colony, Chembur, Mumbai About Me : A sweet, friendly, caring introverted poet Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Mediacom Secy; SAC-EC Ideal endorser for : Bengali Sweets One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Texting Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half Fry Maggi aur nescafe 10 years from now you will be : Content with life, married, and hopefully slightly thinner :P If not MBA then : Journalist Favourite spot on campus : My room (No pun intended :P) Friend groups on campus : RIP Khargone, Mediacom First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Serene & Magnificent campus Best memory of IIMI : (1) Getting a sister (2) RIP (3) Addressing PGP-1s as Mediacom Secy

The baby of our group. Have always teased you as the MediaCom Secy- always the source of late news or wrong news :P Iâ??d describe you as calm, quiet, think-before-act. Never to be left out of anything, even if it meant missing lects :) I really admire your writing talent, though I don’t understand some of your poems :P Ready to accompany me to Mumbai at the drop of the hat :D I think we made the maximum visits :P Always sweet and working hard :) Stay calm and sweet always :)...Maitreyee Korgaonkar Mommy!! Or was that title reserved for the junior mediacom members only?? Ninad is just one surprise waiting on top of another. My initial impression of him as a shy, awkward guy has completely reversed in the last 12 months. Though he can be a bit too soft (for a seccy at least), his work ethic, persistence and determination is truly great. Now that we’re both part of the same future organisation, I hope to keep practicing my daily insults and jokes on him and the best part is, he’ll never mind! His 30-line Facebook statuses and random “Whazzap” pings define him. Stay the same, keep smiling and remember to pay 50% of the bill when we finally treat the juniors :P...RIYA GHOSAL Our secyy!! If it wasnt for mediacom, I wouldnt have known him or made such good friends with him! So much down to earth and such a simple guy, its sometimes unbelievable!! He’s very hardworking and possesses a lot of talent, and I was always a big fan of his writing skills :) He made our mediacom meetings and parties lively and fun, made us proud of our committee and took our friendship to great heights.! I feel lucky to have worked with him in the committee and in many case study events, where I learnt a lot! Its a pleasure spending fun time with him as well as working with him on serious tasks! a very fun loving and jovial personality.. I absolutely loved our bakar sessions on fb, mail and whatsapp :P I sooo wish we could continue this forever! I hope we stay in touch for a very long time :) Wish you the very best of luck..!...ANURAG GUPTA The internship colleague. Whenever I think of internship, I get remembered of the sweet shop u visit to eat your favorite “Rasgulla” daily without fail :P .The times we spent together analyzing and globing around was the major fun. I got inspired by the way u can develop content even without clear idea about context. That was really needed. Had u not been there, it would have been difficult for me to type reports in boredom. Also ur phone talks n facebooking near the CEO is simply unforgettable n awesome.Lol.All the best for your future Ninand Bhagle ..Lol....PADMA N

Bhaskar Bhaiya uff “Babaji”. We share some awesome memories during RIP and HOP Program.He was my Group mate in second sem. He is very hardworking guy. He brings new insights into the table. Sometimes you have to bear his dominant personality style. :). God bless you my friend and keep in touch :)... TOPPO VINEET WALTER Well babaji, You were one of the first few people I met on campus and still remember how you got the whole bakra group riled up with your enthusiasm :P. Among the oldies of section (excuse the expression :P) you are the most mature one. I remember having countless arguments with you and at times you have driven me up the wall ( I am sure I have done the same to you .. forgive me for that :P). We’ve had a lot of good times though, lots of random small talk at the mess table. You will be the one I go to if I ever have a spiritual epiphany :). Best of luck for the future and keep in touch....B S SHASHANK

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

BHASKAR  KUMAR Roll No. : 2011PGP589 DOB : NickName :

Our Acquaintance goes back a long time to engineering days. He is the undoubtedly one of most diligent, sincere, focussed & Hard working guys I have ever come across. If there is one person whom I can say for sure does ‘Fundamental’ study,i.e one who has got his basics clear & intact, it is him. One of the things which I like most about him is taking failures like a man. He stays grounded, accepts the reality & internalizes the learnings.A cheerful guy who would always greet you with a big trademark smile flashing through his eyes, he would always be my metaphor for ‘creme de la creme’ of the class. Ajinkya, Dont be surprised If I call you 10 years from now with some question on fundas of finance or electronics. Bcoz I know, I can trust u with dat !!...HAVYAS CHANDRAGIRI Ajinkya... You are one wonderful person and I am really happy that we became close friends... By far a genius, your dedication level amazes me even to today :D But the best part was me teasing you with prachi.. The Ajju-Prachu pair was LEGEN --- Wait for it --- DARY!!! We made a great team along with prachi and Toppo. Team FouRTe was the best !!! You are hardworking, dedicated and willing to listen to others’ opinions. These are traits which will take you to the summit. Just ride along the Tide My friend. May god bless you !!! :) PS- You really did surprise me with your Alcohol tolerance (The beer incident I mean ;) ) :D...M PRASANNA KUMAR Ajju!!! Am so v proud of you!! always talkin and always fun...!! I dont know how mnay people have called u cute, but am adding one more name to the list...a cute guy looking at whom you’d never guess the brains behind the bespectacled face.. :) The cp and the arguments u used to get in with profs, and the doubt clearing sessions you used to have for everyone around you...!! the ajju prachu teasing, and your awesomeness after u r a few pegs down are my fondest memories..!!! We really need to plan that party, and plan it soon...!! All the best and be in touch!! :)...K . HARITA You are a rarity my friend, so genuine, calm, and honest, yet with a sharp mind and a (decent) sense of humour. May you achieve all that your heart desires. God bless and good luck with life. Try to stay the same, always keep that smile.. :)...SHALINA VERMA He is sweetness and sincerity personified. Though I haven’t interacted much with him, since many of my friends are in F section, i have heard about him a lot (even the ajju-prachi thing :P). He has been my neighbour in ER3 and well as now in C-block. I wish you all the best. And needless to say, DB is indeed lucky to have a person like you :)...Ninad Bhangle

Roll No. : 2011PGP590 DOB : 24 May 1988 NickName : Ajju Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-107 Permanent Address : 487 B Narayan Peth, Suvarna Chambers About Me : Hardcore Fin Guy, Have lots of friends Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Vice President, ShARE and Gordian Knot Organizing team member Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Studying (sadly true :P) Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half-Boiled Maggi 10 years from now you will be : Best Investment Banker on Wall Street If not MBA then : sorry, too late for that question.. Favourite spot on campus : The road behind C block, overlooking lush green fields Friend groups on campus : Varun, Krishna, Deepak, Appi, Govind, Ani, Alok, Anirban, Rekhi First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Some great brains, Fiercely competitive Best memory of IIMI : 3 days of Gordian Knot in Ahvan 2012

Ajinkya... The most genuine, honest and sweet guy I have ever met!! N trust me when I am saying this!! Hes a gem of a person.. so incredibly intelligent, brilliant, hardworking, sincere n yet so simple, down to earth, cute n NERD!! :P He uses colourful pens n ruler for assignments in a handwriting so picturesque that we always made him write, worries so much for quiz, assignments, etc. I will never forget how much he scolded me for the LAB assignment where I copied some data without proper reference :( But cant ignore his fun side as well.. Will always remember the incident he told abt laughing hysterically while holding his drink.. Lolz.. We hv had so much fun in group meets, assignments, competitions, not to forget section parties, dance practice and chitchats in night mess!! I probably wouldnt have been able to handle the ajju-prachu thing it was with someone else!! With you, it was always fun!! Its been great having you as a friend and dont worry, even I will make sure that we stay in touch always :) Keep smiling and be the way you are!! Wish you all the success and happiness in life!! ...PRACHI GUPTA Bhat Ajinkya Dilip is the one guy who has seriously made these 2 years at IIM I truly enjoyable. One of the few non-south indian friends that I have on campus, Ajinkya has on the the worst collection of PJs in his “kitty”. But even worse is his timing of coming up with these unbearable one liners. Gawd. Sometimes you just wish to strangle him. And yet, without this, he won’t be Bhat Ajinkya at all. He’s my connection back to my Maharastrian homeland and his conversations back home in Marathi remind me of my plight back in college when I couldn’t understand the language. :P He’s a finance whiz kid and I’m very glad he got his dream job. Keep rocking mate. ATB....KRISHNA S. BAJAJ


Roll No. : 2011PGP591 DOB : 8th Aug NickName : Choro yaar yahan pe nahi likhoonga Bhavesh is the quintessential “cool guy”. He held the important position of being the class representative during first year of college. I tolerated talking to him only because he was part of the power circle :). No seriously, he is a wonderful wonderful person. A person with a very positive attitude and clarity of thought. You never feel bored in his company and he will never make you feel bad. Being an Indori he performed his duties of a guide and car driver well :). A true friend who will stick by you in good times or bad. A very sharp person, he deserves the awesome consulting job he bagged on campus. Wish you all the success and happiness in the world :). May you succeed in your search for a beautiful bride :D....VAIBHAV RASTOGI

BHAVESH KARANDIKAR Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Search “bhavesh Karandikar”, I guess 1 hi hai Hostel Room : 139, Usha Nagar Extn,, Indore -452009 Permanent Address : Yun jaake yun, phir yun phir aage ja ke yun aur phir yun About Me : Ab apni tareef kaise kare, bas itna samajh lijiye alfaaz kam pad jayenge Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Acad Com, Chain Reaction Ideal endorser for : Tata Tea One song you symbolize :Kisi ki muskuraahto pe ho nisaar.... Mostly caught doing : Eating poha & drinking “Chai” Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 1 garam chai ki pyali 10 years from now you will be : pata nahi, manzile kab tay ki hai humne apni If not MBA then : Dolphin trainer Favourite spot on campus : ER-3 ke peeche wala, where wind is awesome Friend groups on campus : RIP, Sec-B, Himalaya, AcadCom First crush in the institute : Bhawna Gokani Lasting impressions about college : The place which changed me :) Best memory of IIMI : Wo BINGO wala game with Ankita - Kaun Jeeta Kaun Haara

My first interaction with Bhavesh was much different from the ones that followed. I first thought - “Does he know the art of smiling and a friendly conversation?”. Well, evidently, he did :-), and he did it so well; always up for planning trips and fun parties. Our CR-Section-B had a great fan following in the class as well. Thankfully, we also had a local Indori in the group. Now, Lets see what does a local Indori have in offer for his friends? A nice comfy car, a human google map, Home food once in a while, ready reference to street food and much more . A solution oriented intelligent person with clear vision is what drives his success and shall drive it further to greater heights. All the best !!...RUDRANIL CHAKRABORTTY “Mr CR” of our Class, in an everlasting thought to do things perfectly. You always been a center point of our group to make things easy for us.Loves to explore and adventure and always ready to help you and suggest something innovative. A friend you would love to be in a company of:) All the best for your future ahead!! ...NITIN JAIN Long before our CR became a really good friend of mine, I knew all about him - from his college roll no. to his Tata Motors anecdotes - from my neighbour, Rahul, who was incidentally, his classmate. He has always been a very responsible CR - commanding respect from a variety of circles. RIP onwards, I found in him a very good pal - charming, kind, sensitive, upright and immensely talented - and a shared passion for movies, especially Ghost Movies!! Love your city, Bhavesh. Go, make us proud! :)...Bishakha Majumdar Bhoveiss is my (farzee) Indori Bhiya of the kilaas! :D One of the most unassuming guys I’ve met here -brilliant yet very humble, a very rare combination. Speaks very well, very sensibly and very politely, but like most guys who’re like that, to my knowledge, he’s never got laid. He’s told me twice about how he lacks being a so-called “all-rounder”, par bhai, remember you’re very, very good at who you are and what you do, and that’s just as important as anything else! All the best in life, god bless. :) And do keep catching up, we’re in the same bloody city, saale kameene! :P...HUSSAIN HAIDRY BHAVS... one of my besties among all d guy frens here in campus. A very sweet caring and a down to earth person with a very attitude, smiling all the time(becareful kabhi kabhi wo smile sarcastic bhi hoti hai :P) The saviour of my life, when I ws abt to tumble from the cliff during the himalayan expedition. I consider myself lucky for being blessed with such a fantabulous friend like you...globe nahi mar rahi, haaso matt :) We had an awesome time together, cracking jokes and making fun of each other...hope you remember “the track pant” incident when I was taking your pic (ROFL)..Im sorry for telling it to everyone..bournvita wala incident bhi yaad hi hoga...hehehhe....You are really too good...Well there are so many cherishable moments spent with you and I can go on and on... Pray that we get the same location, fir to apni bakar chalti rahegi... wish you loads and loads of luck and happiness. A fren to remain...........MADHVI GHISSING

Dedicated, Discplined, Focussed etc and many similar adjectives might come to your mind when you meet him first but looks are deceptive and that is certainly true for Mr. Bhavesh Vijay! The only thing that makes him work is the stick of getting a bad grade in exams/assignments which admittedly he is very afraid of! But frankly speaking he is well and truly a “Hard-Worker”- never afraid to give his best. I think the base of our friendship was that he was a perfect foil to my carefree (sometimes careless) attitude. Lasting memory about him has to be New Year (sonsored by him) & the look on his face when I figured out about Puja! ;) Since you are anyways going to share this with her I would refrain from writing anything about your foreign conquests! Well Done on that friend!! :) -Chirag Bhutani” This guy is one of the most sincere persons I’ve ever come across (even did a night out for our RIP report). Knows the History and Geography of the world like the back of his hand and has a special thing for Germany (and a Chinese lady too :P). We bonded during the RIP and since then I’ve been pulling his leg. The guy likes to splash a lot on food(but alas is a vegan) and has treated us to a couple of awesome Pizza parties. Has a mastery over ‘operations’ and was also my Market Research teacher. The best thing about Bhavesh is the calmness and the maturity that he brings to our mad group. Bhavesh has been an awesome friend on whom I can blindly count upon. Hope this Rajasthani transforms Manila and has a wonderful life ahead!!ATB for the future :) -Snigdharup Banerjee” Bv - the Rajasthani lover boy who updated his relationship status on the new year. Ahh... that’s all about the fun side of the guy... rest can be described as a mature & sincere personal.. He was sort of an elder brother at campus and was the key ingredient of my gang. The memories I would take would be the exam preparation me, chirag, deba and this fellow used to do in first year, RIP, dinner table chitchats and endless discussions on diverse topics starting from Germany to India. Thanks for the tips and tricks you gave me throughout the years and believing in my ways of handling things when others simply discarded. This guy is a true IIM guy who prepares for anything and everything related to classes and terms. Missed you in Himalaya program truly. And will miss your Rajasthani snacks and sweets. Hopefully, cya in November. ATB for your future endeavors buddy. -Biswajeet Malik”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-216 Permanent Address : Jodhpur About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aloo Parantha 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : Group 26 First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Exchange, RIP

Got to knw u as Amit’s roomy in ER3. U r a guy who is humble, knowledgeable, mature nd understndng..The simplicity nd ease wid which u express is simply admirable nd will help u a lot n long way n future.. Tum ghar se bahut tasty mithayii nd othr khaane ka saaman laate ho (always try to grab before Biswa can attack :P). Jaldi shaadi kro..bahut din se acchha khhana nhi khaya :D. Really enjoyed RIP, pizza party in 1st yr wid u. U r one of the few guys who is honest nd dependable. Keep such behaviour nd u will achieve gr8 success in life. Stay in touch :) -Amritansh Gupta” Bhavesh sir! With his humble talk and his friendly attitude, he manages to make a lot of friends easily..He is genuinely respected by everyone around him.. I had the pleasure of knowing him and working with him in group assignments, so very dedicated to his task and a thorough perfectionist, he brings his expertise and has the awesome quality of respecting everyone’s opinions and style of work. Very flexible with his approach, he takes all tasks to be done very seriously and is a source of inspiration for those around him! I wish I learn your expertise and skills with your humbleness.. It was an absolute pleasure being your friend and sharing a lot of time brain storming on our stupid assignments :P All the best for your soon- to-be married life.. Wish you all the luck in the future :) Please keep in touch! -Anurag Gupta” Section-mate,group-mate and what not!!! Bhavesh always came across as a matured,sincere yet fun loving person....he was a company I would search just before entering an examination hall :P it helped me focus better :) coz he would not speak nay nonsense and just focus!!! had a great time working with you :) lots of Best Wishes!!! take care :) -Aditi Dixit” “

BHAVESH VIJAY Roll No. : 2011PGP592 DOB : 13 September 1986 NickName :

You are one cool person to hang out with. So many memories with you, but the most special of them all is the “Himalaya trip” . I clearly remember your “Aur Kitna Duur Hai” incidence :) . . Fun times those were. Be the way you are. That makes you superb and awesome. :) Stay in contact !...Sudeep Mokal Bhavna = Beauty with brains !!! :P You are fun to interact with, chirpy and bubbly. would remember working with you (rather NOT WORKING would be a better word :P) during our live project with Myorangeslate... Really sorry we had to do the stupid TBLA thing on 31st Dec. It was indeed sadistic to make u wait, despite the so apparent desperation on ur face to go celebrate.. Have a great career ahead !! You are fanTAStic.. :D...Ninad Bhangle Someone once said this female has aspirational value; true that. Meet the most gorgeous chick on campus (tending to skeletal and still thinks she can look fat!), who is one of the smartest ones as well. Many a times mistaken for just a pretty face (an â??imageâ?? not helped by that tiny blue short) she is actually one of the hardest working people. Fiercely loyal towards her family and friends, madam is always bubbly and cheerful. I just wish I could have known her sooner, and then my days would have been much more fun (e.g. the pink-sticky revolution). We are so much alike, our love for chit-chatting (one excuse of hot water, and we would end up wasting or utilizing hours!), for marketing and above all our passion for fashion. She is the only one who doesnâ??t thrash me at my many mistakes, but gives surprisingly sane explanations, and I love her for that. Surprisingly for a girl so well-endowed, no pun intended, she has no airs (I mean just because she doesnâ??t like laddus she canâ??t be a snob). I just fear that she might be a little too naïve and go on weird guilt trips at times. But she is also the only person I know who pampered her ego by telling off an entire organization! The world is yours darling; you just have to stand up and claim it!...RUPSA CHAKRAVARTY Bhavna is one person who can give you a thousand reasons to start a fight with! But then they surely are a good way to have fun! Definitely smart and intelligent! The best part being that she can easily force one into believing she’s a genius by speaking in abundance on any random topic! She does have a lot of competitive spirit and does not give up easily ! At times even after knowing that she stands no chance though :P It was fun to see ourselves stand 1st during the competition we did participate together! She is a marketeer + finance chamo and getting into TAS does speak of her leadership ! Achieve the best ahead ! \m/...ROOPAK BHARTEE Well to be honest I haven’t seen an impeccable combination of beauty and brains as you reflect in your persona... Charismatic, aristocracy, elegance define the way you leave an impression on others...I have not been a part of your section but you have been a perfect example of viral marketing for the entire institute. The probability that a person is aware of Bhavna sharma in IIM Indore is a perfect 1...the sample space on which the test is being conducted includes all faculties..the PGP’s + IPM’s...etc etc....On a serious note you have a long way to go and many more achievements have been crafted for you by the almighty...Keep smiling always ..god bless you...Keep in touch!!! ...SHANTANU CONSUL

Roll No. : 2011PGP593 DOB : 21 March 1990 NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER2-314, SR14-216, A-309, SR13-103 Permanent Address : C 704 Mystique Moods New Airport Road, Viman Nagar, Pune 411014 About Me : Most Memorable CP : explaining how an engine works, all for a lousy chocolate PORs on campus : MercurI, MyCampaign, Voice of Indore Ideal endorser for : shopaholic anonymous, boombox, skullcandy headphones One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines :bloody brilliant Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : still not be a day over 22, or atleast that’s what ill claim If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : C block common room Friend groups on campus : ducklings, chappads, crusaders First crush in the institute : who can remember, there have been so many since Lasting impressions about college : its a love-hate relationship but you’ll come out better than when you went in Best memory of IIMI : being chased by a bear at bedni burgyal

Fellow Puneite and iPhone user. Bhavna was the first person I got to know before joining IIM Indore. She’s the one who has the most admirers on campus and I’m sure every single person here knows who Bhavna Sharma is. My most memorable moments with Bhavna have been on a Pune bound plane when I was stuck between her and Ankita. Both of them seriously tortured me with discussions about Vampire Dairies and hot male actors. It was unbearable. :P I always believed her to be a marketing girl but I think she may have confused herself into believing that she’s in the fin league. And yet, she goes out of this place with the most coveted general management role on campus. I shall be ready to meet you when you come to Tata Management Training Centre for your first 2 weeks of training. Incidentally, it’s right next to my place. This association just doesn’t seem like it’s gonna end is it. ATB and I hope you end up solving all the problems of the Tata group....KRISHNA S. BAJAJ


Roll No. : 2011PGP594 DOB : 4th December NickName : Bunny :) , Reddy :| first me first....smiling cheerful mature fun crazy lazy stupid donkey.....brilliant person a gem at heart...i will always remember the LOOONG tea breaks we take...will always cherish the dinners we have together... will always remember the silly jokes and silly things we laugh for...and of course “Tommy” is etched in my memory..that is some thing even your future hubby needs to know...:):) BAM you are a great person and one of the closest friends i have on are a talkative and perpetually hungry gal...almond eating, telugu movie loving and dog adoring creature....perfect the way you are...i am happy to have met you here... we will always be in touch anyhow you are in my fat chance of running away from me... P.S : have praised you so much refer me to GE :P:P ...ANUSHA K

BHAVYA AMULYA MARTHATI Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : view?id=145467708&trk=tab_pro Facebook Page : tnmn Hostel Room : A - 310 Permanent Address : 45-53-5/1, Abidnagar, Akkayapalem, Visakhapatnam -530016 About Me : seldom busy, slightly lazy, often crazy & always searching for reasons to be happy Most Memorable CP : I dont think .... to Gunta Sir PORs on campus : C&D committe Ideal endorser for : Happy Dent :P One song you symbolize :Itni si Hasi, Itni si Khushi !! (Barfi) Mostly caught doing : bugging people Frequently uttered lines : oh my god!!! r u serious ? :| Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : ”All u ppl sitting at the table, give me whtever u r eating right away” :P 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : maybe slightly sane s/w engg with more time at my disposal :) Favourite spot on campus : Garden near ER2 , Jam Friend groups on campus : “We are Family”, Aishwarya, Shruti, Anusha, Padma, Ankita,Mounika First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Crazy journey with many learning experiences Best memory of IIMI :

The person who is a kid.. :p The person who puts her gmail status as things she likes (chocolates, cheese,etc..) The person who laughs and makes you laugh too And the person who carries the beautiful smile everâ?¦. It was nyc watching movie Talaash with you and I really enjoyed scaring you throughout the movie.. The fact is I am not ghost.. (@Others : you will not understand this unless you get to tok to me or Bhavya..:p ) Wish you luck and you may achieve great heights in future and we can party then. lol I hope you will not forget me too.. :p P.S. : Gift of friendship is attached with this message, I hope you will keep it forever, :) ...MUDIT KALRA The first thing you notice is the smile....girl with a smile and always. you are one of the few people on campus so cheerful and cordial (even to a stranger like me).....hahaha. I wish you a great future and many more smiles n your life madamGE. wish you good luck and all the best:-)...SANDEEP VEMULAKONDA A cute girl with a beautiful smile. Always ready to help you around whenever you need her. A person very clear at heart, hardworking and everlasting attitude to improve. Always ready with a solution and lovely suggestion. Thanks for being a wonderful friend to me. Wishing you all the success in life.......NITIN JAIN If looks can be deceptive, then here is the perfect example!! Bhavya, my first year Group-mate, who looks very sincere, sweet & innocent is actually just the opposite :) The time we wasted for our Group assignments without doing any fruitful work is a proof of her sincerity :P Another peculiar thing about her is that she can always be found in the Mess; be it 9 am, 1 pm, 8pm or 2 am!! After bagging PPO, it seemed as if she used to spend all her day and night in the mess :) Bhavya is indeed one of the most amicable & mature person I have ever come across! Hats off to you! All the best for future :)...KSHITIJ AGRAWAL One small package of explosives! She looks serene but can be a nemesis when she comes to it. Anecdotes from her Term 2 groupies would validate this :P Packed with tremendous maturity, she still has her playful ways that are simply adorable. A very loyal friend who is always there for you and takes care of you. Her love for food is remarkable and I am glad nothing really shows up on her, so continue dear :) We have spent some awesome moments giggling and laughing in the mess when we collaborated to pull others’ leg! Most of her conversations have an implicit “ :D “ to them, if not, she will make the face for you :D Seriously though, she has the cheerfulness that can keep you buoyed for eternity. Power packed, witty and fun, I will miss these days with her! Loads of love and best wishes!...ANKITA SRIVASTAVA A fun loving and cheerful person who will always come up with some pranks. Highly balanced personality with some studies and some entertainment and a perfect example of person who is fully satisfied with her life. Rare of a species. Wish you all the best in future. Be in touch...Anurag Chatarkar

Bhawnaaaa :) :) :) The thought of her brings a huuuuuuge smile on my face. The quintessential “QUEEN BEE”, full of laughter and childish innocence (bholi-bhaali). She brings out the best in you during the competitions & never allows you to relax :P One of the most lazy person when it comes to gymming. She never returns empty handed from shopping. Gets affected by silly reasons! Has a very short temper but it is easy to make her smile and normal. My movie partner, breakfast/lunch/dinner partner and partner in almost everything :) But she *finally* broke the pact of not watching a movie without me!!! (I forgive her for doing that;)) Lastly, don’t ever let the smile go away (remember it is your competitive advantage) and make sure that we remain “BEST FRIENDS FOREVER” :) :) :) -Karan B Nathwani” Bhawna,my sweet ‘bachi’ has been my little sis at IIM I.I was always protective to her. She is very intelligent and hard working, her leap in the rankings after the first year were unbelievable. Her versatality amazes me- a trained kathak dancer,singer (she insists),She is very sensitive.The best trait in her personality is the her effervescence; she can light up any gloomy situation by her cheerfulness and even childlike behaviour,dancing with schol kids at a remote village just won my respect gal!! No wonder she was ENTERTAINMENT MINISTER at RIP. I am blessed to have a friend like you. You will shine whereevr you go! Stay in touch.Love n wishes. -Vikas Parihar” My oldest buddies on campus and a real sweetheart...We were destined to become frens...met her on train en route to the campus and then- same hostel & bakra group...2nd year was even more fun participating in competitions...she can make anyone work with her..with Bhawna you can can hide..but you cant escape her work..:p....extremely hard working and intelligent and only in 2nd year did i come to know that she has an emotional side too...a perfect recipe for success...she will make it big in life...bass singapore wala promise yaad rakhna...god bless you dear!! -Rohit Maloo” She is a very beautiful & cheerful girl who is full of life. A hard core princess movie fan, she is a fultoosh entertainer, a great dancer and singer (:D). When in good mood, she can set the tone of any dull party singlehandedly by talking, dancing & singing all alone. Miss pinkie, has her wardrobe overflowing with all shades of pink and red. She is moody sometimes, but if you know her well, you can speak your heart out to her. Time just flies by when you are with her. I always pulled her leg, and she returned the favour by leaking a lot of points that helped others to make fun of me :X . Always stay as mad as you are abhi.. that makes you so adorable !! -Neha Jain”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : bhawna gokani Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-221 Permanent Address : Agra About Me : Unpredictable Most Memorable CP : MEP presentation with Sourabh Sahu when I had not even seen the ppt even once!. PORs on campus : VP Membership, Toastmasters Club; Member,Live Wire, Ahvan Ideal endorser for : All “Pink” products (pink nailpaints, pink apparels, pink shoes, etc) & “Princess” movies One song you symbolize : Hum to bhai jaise hai, waise rahenge. Ab koi khush ho ya ho khawha, hum to nahi badlenge apni aada,samjhe na samjhe koi hum yahi kahenge.......... Mostly caught doing : Sleeping or Laughning or Seeing the doctor! Frequently uttered lines : Aaj main bimar hu, Mujhse nahi hoga yeh, Koi mere se pyaar nahi karta, Ghumne chalo plz. Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi & Turmeric Milk 10 years from now you will be : Country Head - Marketing Division of my firm. If not MBA then : Masters from US. Favourite spot on campus : My room or Maggi point. Friend groups on campus : Irritating Karan, Mera bhai Vikas, Captain, Neha, Ghamandi Akshay, Rotalu Sahu, Consultant Rohit, Topper Saakshi,Gossip partner Neh,Impressive Kriti, Harry PotterSandy First crush in the institute : There were so many.....but the first one was Anmol!! Lasting impressions about college : Group hangouts, Birthday parties, RIP chit chats. Best memory of IIMI : RIP Days.

If I have to describe this fun-loving, crazy, mischievous, and ya somwhat intelligent,smart, beautiful, cute girl too... I just have two words for you.. “Chammak Challo” :P You have been the star of our group 9.... all those dances be it RIP(in the girls’ room or the school), all those times when you have sung my favorite song, “Kasam ki kasam .. “, whenever you have worn those awesome dresses to the parties , you have been the centre of attraction and you will always be! tumhaare bina hamare group mein jaan nahi thi.... jab aap aayi.. toh saans mein hamari saans aayi! always be a fan of Shahrukh... and my friend! :D -Rajiv Singh” Ever so cute, bubbly, and innocent. Her dedication towards studies is phenomenal, and she is one of those who are able to study in all sorts of classes, and do all sorts of assignments and reports with great enthusiasm!! her chit-chatty character makes you instantly like her, and the camaraderie we share is great....wish you all the luck in your future pursuits and keep smiling :) -Pulkit Pandey” Bhawna :) - She is beautiful, fun-loving, super-intelligent and sweet- she always gives that really sweet smile of hers whenever she meets u... needless to say she has a long list of admirers..two months with u were totally awesome at J&J.. street shopping, wo mast party n sleepover, office gossip, secret sharing-- cheers to d amazing times v had.. All the Best for everything in life sweetheart.. Do stay in touch :) -Ishita Singh” “

BHAWNA GOKANI Roll No. : 2011PGP595 DOB : 28 October NickName : Queen B

The guy with a lethal combination of IIT+IIM in our group. He is my gym partner and has inspired me to do heavy workouts in gym. He is coolhead and very friendly guy. I call him Bhirju :P. He is intelligent which is evident from his grades and a fin enthusiast. I really enjoyed the time spent in gym workouts, cycling and the imitation of Salman’s Dabang style. Bhud bhud dabang dabang...we used to sing and walk in his style :P. ATB bro :)...A.K.ASHISH I know Bhrigu since the first term and as the time elapsed we both became very close friends. He is a very quiet & a humble person, and more importantly highly intellectual gentleman! He has been my companion in many competitions and I am always amazed by his quantitative and reasoning skills. He is enthusiastic about almost everything- from acads to competitions, from sports to entertainment!! I am blessed to have a friend like him :) May you achieve all that you want and all the best for future :) ...KSHITIJ AGRAWAL Bhrigu has interests in wide range of things. A wonderful friend and a true gentleman, Bhrigu is one of the few highly intellectual people I have come across in my life. I remember teaming up with Bhrigu for various competitions and the insights that he brought in were truly amazing. A passionate sports player, Bhrigu is an all-rounder who focuses on all aspects of learning. I will always remember Bhrigu as an ever energetic and a versatile friend. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors!...HARENDER KUMAR I dunno whether I will find such a calm and composed partner as I had when we were in a tense situation during lan games. Whenever the team was dying and out of gas, Bhrigu somehow managed to beat all the odds and win those crucial rounds for us. This very well tells about the person he is - A fighter, stable headed IIT banda. We would always have those parent to parent communication where we would call each other Sir respectfully. Win all the success you deserve buddy!! :)...RUDRANIL CHAKRABORTTY Birju!!!!!......the smartest guy I have met.....very sharp...good in so many things one will be astonished...CS,AOE, cricket, football, tennis...u name it!!!!......he rarely takes life seriously and always finds ways to shrug off studies... still he scores well.....somebody rightly said You put a MIT+Harvard + Princeton = IITian...bhrigu just proves this equation......One of my very close friends...had one who I can always count on.....ICICI w/s main saaath nibhaya :) Bahut jaldi bore ho jaata hain.....I hope you get all what you deserve and more....!!!...bhai milte rehenge!!!!...NAGARE TRUSHANT TRIMBAK

Roll No. : 2011PGP596 DOB : NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-109 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : :) None PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : Power naps!! :D One song you symbolize : Be yourself Mostly caught doing : gaming Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : coffee 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Engineer Favourite spot on campus : ER-2 backlawns and terrace Friend groups on campus : Bhaico grp First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Calm and composed, that’s what Bhrigu personifies. He is among the smartest people I have known. Laid back and casual, but is up to whichever task is on hand. Staying up till 6 AM for DADM and OM assignments in term 3 was awesome fun thanks to him. And his people management skills are legendary too, a nary untold facet. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is among the earliest in the batch to make CEO. May you scale all the heights you are destined for. Cheers! ...SANKARANARAYANAN KRISHNAN Aur dost kya haal!!!....One of the very few on this planet who have a deadly combo of IIT and IIM on their resume. I got to know him when we were in the bakra group and from that day we became friends. Once I leave this place, I would be taking back a lot of memories regarding things we did together, whether it be studying for exams, visiting TI, participating in competitions or going for party. Intelligent, dedicated, down to earth, excellent interpersonal skills and what all remaining good qualities a corporate proffesional should have, are in him. He is “THE MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR” of our group (Do remember my bet). I wish him best of luck, and I am 100% confident that he will excel in whatever he will do in life....S. SAFDAR KAZIM HAIDER A good friend but apart from it a tennis partner, Dart rival and Fin helper. Fodu ke sath sath yeh hein todu as he really takes feel of the subject and because of his ability to master in any art I really pulled off my dart board in II year. FIn I ke liye hamesha abhar rahega aur bas yahin kahoonga “ Jab nikolge to phaad ke nikloge” He is quite chilled and apna hi tarika hey logon ke maje lene ka jisi mein kabhi samajh nahi paaya...I just hope that he will remain my tennis partner for years to come. Best of luck for your future and stay in touch....ABHIJEET JAISWAL


Roll No. : 2011PGP597 DOB : NickName : Bips hamare term 1 ka group ka member tha. bips is the only reason why Idanim has progressed so much over the years. Bips ke mallu gaano ki baht tareef suni hai maine get lost club ke members se... Hope I also get to hear it :) Bips keep rocking......MOHAMMED ARSHAD Dear FF Trader, Bips Pandey... A small kid who don’t have clothes.. Watch ur expressions in SBM video. lol max. Term 2 Group mate. Lazy felow - but brilliant - As he has never worked with us , but he worked when he is forex girls group - to show off as Malayali. Marks craver. Trade Moghul Emperor. Not just Nerd, But an active follower of girls. Coward at times to tell them, but definitely a good friend. Let’s trade to increase FF market value. Thanks FF Trader....SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI

BIPIN KUMAR Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Bips Pandey !!!!! He was my group mate in RIP, HOP and “Get Lost team”. He is very funny guy. He had the best time of his life in 5th term when He encountered with the “French Lady”. :). You should listen to him when he boast about “Idanim” and his achievements :P. God bless you my friend and keep in touch buddy !!! :) ...TOPPO VINEET WALTER Bips is a gem of a person, jitna bhi bola issko koi fark nahi padhta.....he is a true kalakar which everyone witnessed in SBM presentation, people got crazy and girls got mad with ur performance :) He is a real entertainer, he can talk non-stop at any topic- especially in get-lost parties. U r intelligent and smart person. Hope u get best in life. God bless bips :)...VARUN SINGH BOTHIYAL

BIswajeet aka Bimal is one of the most energetic character I have seen. He has great insights to share in most situations. With an uncanny knack to turn a grave situation into one of mirth, he is one of the most amicable guys in campus. He has manifested his liveliness to organize get-togethers for us. A truly awesome individual. All the very best for your future endeavours. RJ...RAKESH JENA Biswa. Well what do I say about this guy.. I have always considered him as my chota bhai.. I really respect him for the way he leads his life on his own terms.. He knows what exactly he wants to do in life in general and the life over here at planet I in particular.. Extremely simple, straight forward and at times blunt .. bole toh . jo dil mein woh jupaan pe.. It takes guts to do tht.. I know this guy is gonna rock in whatever work he will do in future.. and haan gr8 blogger..writer and wht not.. Bhai apni kitaab toh reh hi gayi likhni.. koi na mein kabhi na kabhi toh jaroor saath honge and phir likhenge itmenaan se.. Keep Rocking .. Keep BEING YOU.. ! Cheers ! ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL Biswa is a very passionate guy and tries to do something very unique. A blogger, having won the prestigious Smart Manager prize has a zeal for writing. The GD prep sessions are the most memorable. Playing Cricket in C Block lawns is his regular pass time during 5th and 6th terms. Enjoy!...KEERTHAN G BISWAAAA alias MAAAAAALIK. He is one of the most popular guys on campus, mostly because of the so many peculiar and weird things he does. Whatever he does, makes the headlines. One student who will take on even the most fearsome prof. and argue with him. His trademark “SIR, I HAVE A QUESTION”. One of my best friends on campus. He is someone with whom i can discuss on any topic and sharpen my knowledge. He has an unadulterated thinking and a passionate approach to whatever he does. He is never afraid of taking challenges and risk, and I believe it is this attitude which can either cause him to fail, but which can also place him to pinnacles of success. Have shared a lot of fun moments together in campus life. I am still trying to figure out what he says when he talks in his native language. I really hope he gets all the success he deserves and soon becomes a CEO. Best of luck buddy, I am really lucky to have a friend like you!!!...BHAVESH VIJAY Q. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about Maalik? Ans. For exampul......yup, that is how everyone knows him....but few see the personality he has beyond his exampuls....he is without a doubt a highly impulsive guy, evident from his reactions and his shots while playing cricket and badminton....on those lines, it would also be worthwhile to mention that he is part of the gang who pioneered the C-block cricket tournaments!! he is a highly dedicated person, easily observable through his efforts to win all the contests and competitions going on.....and he is a great friend, and we shared a lot of awesome memories from our RIP, HOP, assignments, C-block bakar and sports....wish you all the luck for the future and keep rocking :)...PULKIT PANDEY

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-111 Permanent Address : Bhubaneswar About Me : Passionate + Audacious + Aspiring Most Memorable CP : Marketing-2, summarised the case without reading anything, finally ended saying “Ma’am, do you want me to continue, I can go on like this for an hour :P” PORs on campus : Ahvan ops, Pi shop Ideal endorser for : Royal Challenge One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Sleeping, Complaining about headache !, Playing cricket in C block lawn Frequently uttered lines : Hah... , Horrible , Seriously ? Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : chicken biryani, egg masala maggi 10 years from now you will be : Happily unemployed :) If not MBA then : News Anchor - Arnab Goswami would have got a stiff competitor :P Favourite spot on campus : C-block rooftop Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Nah... noone crossed the threshold limits :( Lasting impressions about college : It will become a colossus entity in future ! Best memory of IIMI : each day is a memory... I don’t distinguish any as best :)

Booswaaa..Some of ur expressions are awsome to look (mostly puzzled ones). U r a gr8 writer..ur blogs r simply amazing..u r simple n dedicated fr ur wrk (won many competitions here). Ur style is too it askng long questn whn othrs lose track f them..or answrng with exampul..or reactng plainly to fun filled moments.. The best thng is dat u r not diplomatic nd honest to evry1. Had a gr8 time in RIP nd mostly in Pune. Stay calm and happy always. U will attain the pinnacles of success in future wid ur dedication nd explorative nature. God bless u!!...AMRITANSH GUPTA The grapevine suggest a few profs might have left the insti because this guy used to bombard them with questions. Biswa is a guy who either likes you or doesn’t and is very upfront about it, a quality that is rare across MBA students. Well since people have already touched upon his awesome skills as a writer, I would also like to bring to the notice that this guy has written some awesome poems(for a certain someone) which might prompt the MediaCom secy for cover. We have spent an awesome time teaming up for competitions, cracking jokes on a

BISWAJEET MALLIK Roll No. : 2011PGP598 DOB : 16th September 1990 NickName : Maalik, biswa

My dearest roommate in ER3. Simple nd nice person,,, bahut pareshaan karta tha mei.. hamare room mei AC chalna baarish mei bhi compulsory tha n mei tumhe jacket and blanket de deta tha jisse tumhe cold na lage :P Hv a gr8 future ahead :)...AMRITANSH GUPTA Reddy Garu! One of the brightest in our friends. Talented, good at heart and humorous at times. Loved all the sarcastic interactions between Reddy, Santosh & Varun. He was also one of member of our B-school contests trio. We worked hard in few and hardly :P in many but couldn’t crack anything other than Eutthopia @ IIM A. Even then the times were memorable and fun-filled. Had a wonderful time at R.I.P with him. I’m one of the ardent fans for his dance during R.I.P :P. Dear Reddy, I wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours. Hope you get all you deserve in life!...SANGANA VINOD BABU Em Reddy...Testimonial rastunna choosko :P C.Narayana Reddy aka Reddy is a very famous guy in here. He is a person who can show multiple expressions on his face within a second. Particularly I like his expressions when there is a satire on him :P. We always argue with each other and never talked decently till date. I am really shocked as to how he maintains that lean figure inspite of eating all those biryanis. Emana tips unte iyyarade Reddanna :P. Jokes apart...Reddy is very friendly person and a very intelligent guy too. He is very helpful whenever u need him. I really like the telugu movie jokes which he reminds us as per the situations. All the best ra Reddy!!...A.K.ASHISH Reddy garu our group leader for himalayan trip successfully lead the group of items ( read typical personalities :P). It is definitely the most memorable experience and the fag end of race where reddy calls in the whole group at once addresses varun alone separately ( arey #%*$ varun vastunava ) is one thing i’ll never forget and it exemplifies their bonding ;). Two peculiar habits of Redddy- never stays in his room, and when in room always listens to old melodies (very old ones even my mom would have missed some of those :P). Discussions with varun and ashish are the one’s i’ll never forget esp. when he tries to intimidate ashish by giving him serious looks. Reddy is a very hard working guy and always is goal oriented and he does give his 100% to achieve it. Anything he does is properly planned and well strategised and has a backup for everything. He has a distinction of being a lone guy from the dangerous Rayalaseema among all telugu guys (so be careful before saying anything to him). Lover of biryani and other fatty dishes with a constant burning aim of gaining weight. Wish you all the best for your future and mammalni gurthupetukondi sir :)...Kushal C

Roll No. : 2011PGP599 DOB : 19-08-1988 NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-112, SR11-111 Permanent Address : 3/736-3,V Road, Krishnapuram Tadipatri Anantapur A.P About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : IBL Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : chitchatting in someone else’s room :D Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biriyani 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Civils Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : Gults First crush in the institute : Sn Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Reddy as we fondly call.......the most active person during our dinners ....:-) if you ask me what’s so special abt Reddy, I wud immediately say his appetite......a person with whom you shud be careful when you go for restaurants.....:-) jokes apart.....Reddy is synonymous to simplicity ....there are many good things ....we shared in the past time.......wish you all the best mama....:-)...SANDEEP VEMULAKONDA Reddy, the talented; Reddy, the genius; Reddy, the handsome:Reddy, the thinnest: Reddy, the Worrier( not Warrior): Reddy, the topper: Reddy, the diamond: Reddy, the Iron; Reddy, the biryani lover; Reddy, the dreamer.....there I have told everything that I know about Reddy....just kidding man....but I love ur passion for getting that extra mark...the crib that you write which becomes more descriptive than the answer itself...:)...but he is one good person at heart.. rarely gets angry but wen he does he surely means it.....have shared memorable moments wid u....hope u have a bright future ahead man!!!!all the best ...DILIP DEVKOTA Reddy gaaru, is an extremely talented and sincere guy. He is the ONE who does not gain weight even after eating a lot. He maintains size zero which most of the girls on campus can only envy :P. All the best for your future and keep rocking :)...KANNAN G A


Roll No. : 2011PGP600 DOB : 28th December 1985 NickName : chaatttaakarr is what I call him. The most studious guy of our group. Although he came here with a job already in hand, he has showed more interest towards studies than any of us. He is quite stylish and also spends quite a lot for his style ;). Chattoo has always been helpful to everyone be it in studies or any other way. He is also the oldy of our group :D. so we treat his words with utmost seriousness :P...A.K.ASHISH Chatarkar is the most sincere, mature and fundoo guy of BhaiCo Group. Be it Operations, Marketing, Finance or Strategy; if you have any doubts, he is the person you can always rely on. With a white chart board and a bunch of colourful markers, his room is indeed a classroom for the entire BhaiCo Group. He is a genius in true sense! He is one of the most helpful and humble persons I have ever come across. Hats off to Chatarkar, way to go!!!...KSHITIJ AGRAWAL

Anurag Chatarkar Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-113 Permanent Address : Kapsikar Bunglow New Godbole Plot, Dabki Road, Old City Akola, Maharashtra About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Masala Maggie 10 years from now you will be : Anurag Chatarkar If not MBA then : MS Favourite spot on campus : My Room Friend groups on campus : Bhaico Group First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Himalayan Trip

Chatty as I started calling him, this is one of the most inspiring people I have EVER come across.Blessed with a super sharp brain that excels especially at Ops and Quant, this guy has an unmatched zeal to learn. His CPs were always the direction for class discussion and you could always expect him to be ready with prereads. Immensely hard working and intelligent, but strictly stays away from show offs. Never feels dejected, takes everything and everyone in such benevolent spirit. Always cheerful, saying “Theek hai na”. WIsh I could adopt this from him! His skinny face is always lit with a broad smile and I donno why he addresses everyone by their full name :P Working with him during RPG was super enriching and we had so much fun while we worked. Just an advice Chatty, dont be so naive that people take advantage of you (like they stole ur CPs :P). Amazing banda hai, jahan bhi jata hai fodke aata hai.. lagta hai kisi din Cummins ka CEO banke hi rahega. Best wishes for that. Stay in touch!...ANKITA SRIVASTAVA Chatty(the name was coined by Ankita): No amount of respect for this guy is enough. An epitome of dedication and commitment, this guy completed his management education solely with the intent of learning and continues to do that. His expertise is not limited to any domain and knowledge unparalleled. He has a knack of coming up with nicknames for everybody and this weird habit of shouting people’s names in classes out of nowhere and for no reason. A good friend of every single person in the batch, he has been my mentor in not one but many spheres. You rarely find a guy who abides by the rules every single time. This guy would come trumps every time he is entrusted with any responsibility. Cheers buddy!...UTKARSH SINGH Chatarrkarrr.. All I can say is that he is a genuine, good, caring, humble, hardworking, honest guy who happened to be a good friend of mine too. Though there’s another side to him as well. He can be really irritating at times(which makes me wanna beat him to pulp) though he knows his limits and does well to be inside it. :) To be true, when I would in the lowest of lows, his shouting out my name from a distance was really a heartwarmer. Apart from this, he is a real hardworker and determined person who taught me OM in 1st yr. A very helpful person who would invite me to his room before exams. A big thanks to you for that. All I can say is that always be like how you are now and I know you’ll be too. Coz some friends never change. And kip in touch. Enjoyed your company buddy. :)...Akashjyoti Suni Anurag Chatarkar is definitely the most sincere person I have met in my life. A core member of the BhaiCo group, Chatarkar has always been the most diligent, hardworking and truthful fellow. He is always willing to assist anyone and everyone who comes knocking for help. A true friend and a wonderful human being, I will always remember Chatarkar for his genuineness. A real gem of a person. Wish you loads of success in life ahead!...HARENDER KUMAR

Chetan, a fellow Bhopali & dear friend of mine, is a great company to be with!! I still remember the countless trips to Bhopal I had with him. Going home would not have been so much of fun without him :) He is a very sincere and hardworking person who is always focused towards his goals. He has always been very helpful to me and is the person you can always rely on! Keep rocking and all the best for future!!...KSHITIJ AGRAWAL Che-Cho is his nick name.. This guy is soft outside but is amazingly tough inside.. got to see that LIVE @ the Himalayan Outbound Programme... :) a very VERY diligent student always very sincere in his studies.. Wish you all the happiness and success in LIFE bro And may God Bless You!! :) ...MICHAEL LALHRIATPUIA

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

CHETAN CHOUHAN Roll No. : 2011PGP601 DOB : NickName :

Hey chintu, you’ve gotto be the most cheerful person I have met on campus so far. Come what may, i have never seen you show any emotion other than happiness. Your discipline is another thing that i have to comment on ... u manage to keep the same “early to bed early to rise” routine ever since I have known you... how do you do it? going to anuppur on RIP with you was fun :). Best of luck and keep in touch....B S SHASHANK

Roll No. : 2011PGP602 DOB : NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :


Roll No. : 2011PGP603 DOB : NickName : Ab PAPA ke baare me kuch bhi likho kam hai!! Partners in business and partners in crime, one gem among the group that shines above others. Unforgettable trip during Diwali with CGV and Sudhir is one of the high points of my life.. A person who enjoys the max at the same time the one person to whom you can go without hesitation in case of a problem, it can only be CGV! Remain the same, I am sure you will reach great heights in your life!! Cheers!...VIVEK SURESH Apna Bada bhai.... I have learned a lot from him, he was the binding force between our group... always ready to help friends, down to earth, a great and genuine personality... I know him from the initial days of PGP1 and still feel why I don’t know him from my B.Tech days :-).... I know u r gonna achieve everything in ur life... May God give u all the happiness and success in ur life bhai... We will always be in touch :-)...OM PRAKASH VERMA

CHINTHA GOWRI VARA PRASAD Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

PAPA ... The most bindaas person on campus, knot of our Family, always ready to help and ever ready for Bhasads. Life at IIMI would not have been so much of fun without PAPA, blessed us with such a grey8 Family. Telling about the stories with PAPA may fill up the entire Yearbook and still may not suffice, In Short had loads of Fun with PAPA will cherish your company throughout lifetime, will be staying in touch with you. Wish you all the very best and a prosperous life ahead. Cheers !...PHURBA GYALTSEN SHERPA Though his name is as big as his heart....i like calling him mera dost Gauri of the insti calls him papa... he is the head of “The Family”..He is natural in socializing and his company has given me a lot of friends...He has the largest fan following in the campus..the best thing is that this following is mainly because of the kind of person he is...i am lucky that he has always been by my side when needed....had a great time with him in Europe....its fun to be with him, listen to his stories....he has ample of them...he is passionate about sports..a good badminton player....excellent volleyball player...he is a very sharp guy....i remember the initial days at IIM I when he used to study in room..the only time i saw him passionate about studies...:P.I am lucky to be a friend of his....this guy does not have a substitute...there can only be one CGV . ...ANKIT PARMAR PAPA alias CGV is one of the most happening guy in the campus.A lot of people look up to him for all the notorious activities :P .THis guy is one the smart guys in campus and a great all rounder , let it be any field. Loves his group and always tries to bind it.This Guy has some amazing leadership skills and this trait of his would take him a long way. He is the uncrowned king and second to none.Has some amazing socializing skills. Only thing to be concerned about him, is that , he keeps his addictions in control, and if he is able to, will be a sure short millionaire because of his great qualities. All the best to the Life, Keep Living Lyfe. Stay in touch....D.ARAVIND KUMAR CGV......One of the person in campus whom I really respect from heart. we call him PAPA. He was bench partner in section E. I remember the way he was sleeping in class, specially harshal lawlekar’s class :). He is born pilot and thats the reason he like Flights. He is the person with whom you can share all your problems. He has vast experience in every thing :). Have spent memorable time in Europe with him :). What to say about Euro tour. The best time we had in europe. CGV was MAN OF SERIES in Euro tour :). Bhai I will always cherish those days which we had together. The reason why everyone likes him is Nature. He never takes things personally. He is the oldest member of the Family but i dont remember a single moment where Papa is fighting with anyone. He always plays the role of Mandvali Badshah. CGV bhai tum kafi sahi insaan ho yaar. you are one of the guy with whom I will like to stay in touch for life long....KOMTE SUBODH JANKU

Chirag was one of the first persons i interacted with on day one in campus. We were neighbors and were assigned the same bakra group.At first look, he appeared as the typical cool dude. But added to that, he is one of the most humble and down to earth persons i have ever met. He is definitely a great leader in making, which i could observe when we worked together in Ahvan and RIP. -Bhavesh Vijay” I used to hear his well articulated CP points and managed to see his hands waving in every possible direction while speaking....Then I came to know him better when he came as an actor for stage play...a brilliant actor .The actual interaction started when we became group mates in Term-II .He doesn’t stop until he shapes the assignment to perfection. . Aamir Khan of IIM Indore.How can I forget our Himalaya trip...the short trips to city before that...d memorable ones!!!! And I can bet u won’t be able to find laptop in his room because it wud be lying somewhere under the blanket..;) -Baljinder Singh” A neighbor for a year in class, a neighbor in hostel for 2 years and a friend for lifetime. The less CP, more assignment guy; I would definitely remember the term 3 SM2 assignment and MOS assignments. I would bet 70% of the exams we both would have written the same answer because the preparation was identical; none reads more and none less. RIP and HOP was definitely a pleasant experience and yes, the Ray-ban guy :P -Biswajeet Mallik” first year was when we initially developed a respect for one another and then eventually became friends. One of my best friends on campus, chirag has always been a combination of wit and playfulness.... our RIP time was the best of our lives....and HOP was almost as good! the various GDs we were part of, the mess bakars, group assignments, random leg-pulling, badminton and cricket, competitions, parties etc etc....the list of instances when we had an awesome time is way too long…. -Pulkit Pandey”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER- 3, Room No. 309; SR-12 Room No.411 ; C-115 Permanent Address : Flat No. 3, RITES Flats, Ashok Vihar Phase-III, Delhi - 110052 About Me : Happy- Go - Lucky Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Many Ideal endorser for : Bingo One song you symbolize : Mere Angane mein tumhara kya kaam hai ? Mostly caught doing : Sleeping, Watching Sitcoms/Movies Frequently uttered lines : *$#@* **&% ^&$# Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : French Toast, Aloo Parantha 10 years from now you will be : Brand Manager (hopefully!) If not MBA then : sports journalist Favourite spot on campus : My Room Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : K. Best memory of IIMI : RIP, Placement Day

I’ll plagiarize Pulkit here, that we became much closer friends in the 2nd year. I’m still undecided about the respect part ;). The things which will strike you first when you meet Chirag are his boisterous laughter, his demeanor, which is always cheerful and his penchant for using paradoxical words (his use of khatarnak means something is very good). Chirag’s thought process is remarkable in that he tries to go to the depth of the issue. Unfortunately that takes up a lot of time leaving us to scramble a presentation in the last 2 hrs :) I’ll end my testimonial with a statement. “Always use Metacritic to judge whether a film is good or bad” -Jammi Sunil Rao” Met him in the endless GDs that we used to give during summers and after that during the Ahvan participation vertical. It was fun working with him. Since all this will be printed, I won’t comment on your free riding throughout the 2 years in the participation vertical! A great guy, very hard working and now an ITC marketeer! -Nitish Chawla” Chirag is a smart, fun-loving guy..We spent a lot of time participating in competitions. He is one of t very few persons whose CPs were actually value addition to class discussions...Through our interactions in Ahvan, french class n events i hav come to know that he is very focussed n dedicated to the things that actually matter...Will always cherish t moments spent with u.. -K Ashok Kumar” Bhutan.,.....often used name to call him......a smart, intellectual, happy going guy........but friends beware of highly inflammable witty comments.....which of course highly enjoyable once you know more of him..:-)...jokes apart....i can say the time we spent since our term-i, is the most fun filled and I wish you remain the same happy going brand... -Sandeep Vemulakonda”

CHIRAG BHUTANI Roll No. : 2011PGP604 DOB : 22 August’89 NickName : Chirag

Dear TCS Employee, He is known for Motivation, Inspiration, Dedication.. Though they stays with them only for some point of time. Emotional at times, Honest person. Mad fan of Pavan Kalyan.. he shd be happy for his name KUSHI. Early morning Jogging and exercises are memorable. Lazy felo to get up. Hard worker. he is BHADRA - A true lover. Stay like what you are. Wish you a good luck.. keep in touch. Thanks, TCS Intern...SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI C.Kushal aka Chitti has been my friend since past 8 years..ya u have read it right. This Physics genius has been my friend from Intermediate where we were rotten to hell in FTB in Narayana Junior College. He used to help me and Charan(our common friend)a lot with Physics. He is a very intelligent and hard working guy. He has always been helpful to me and has listened to all my blabbering patiently. One of the best things we share in common is the Hyderabadi Hindi and Telangana slang. He is also a foodie like me but is presently on diet to reduce few pounds :P. He is probably one of the very few persons who could understand a person like me :D. I really used to enjoy the arguments where Kushal and me used to support Telangana and the rest of our group used to support Andhra though all of us ultimately supported United Andhra :P. ATB mama and of course we are destined to stay in touch ;) ...A.K.ASHISH Ah...Kushal Chittam, better known as Chitti, is an interesting specimen. We were in the same group in the 2nd term (together with Aditya Kumar Singh, another partner in crime of ours) & I have fond memories of the Sholay Skit we had made. Chittam reprised the role of Gabbar Singh to perfection, albeit with a Hyderabadi accent :P Chitti and I have been very good friends ever since, and he has been a willing guinea pig in all of our innovative enterprises. But the real moment of truth was when we launched Chitti’s debut single “Ok Ok No No” under his alter ego of Jatin Babbar. The song proved to be very catchy & still has a cult following (over 5 followers :P )!! Chitti’s best qualities are his optimism & willingness to learn and i hope he stays that way... See you in Chennai, ok? ok .. no? no ...PATANGE PRASANNA SATISH one of the most jovial and fun to hang out with personalities on the campus,u naturally induce confidence in people and have a cool nature, very close to being a natural leader(minus the seriousness:P), i am a big fan of ur’s since u became a youtube celebrity with ur hit number “ok ok no no”:P but none shud take ur happy go lukcy nature for a lack of edge, u have all that it takes to be a star performer in anything you do, learning flute or improving physical fitness or organising events, will always cherish the time spent with u and hope to see u again in life, best of luck for ur future! ...ABHISAKE SAINI

Roll No. : 2011PGP605 DOB : 28 April 1989 NickName : Chitti, tony (at home) Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-116, B-314 Permanent Address : 13-6-939, Karwan, Hydearbad-500067 About Me : Real, random and totally unpredictable Most Memorable CP : CP haha lol PORs on campus : IBL Ideal endorser for : Free life One song you symbolize : IT’ll be a big playlist actually :P Mostly caught doing : sleeping Frequently uttered lines :mama Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : paratha 10 years from now you will be : same n sane Kushal If not MBA then : Telecom engineer Favourite spot on campus : Stargazing on C-Block Terrace Friend groups on campus : the gulti’s and the ok ok no no team and Bodo”HIGH”land First crush in the institute : the Princess to whose castle this pauper never dared to go Lasting impressions about college : the friends, the crush, the experiences and the heavenly campus itself Best memory of IIMI : meeting Mr. APJ is the one which i can sayout and the rest I can’t :P

One of the nicest guys in IIM Indore..remember the time we had during dat NGO thing....da beer bottles we bought and got crashed in my room.....I will always remeber u as the trimmer guy hahahhaha.....da way we used to make fun of DAKU...and i would always ask u to wake me up in the morning for going to the gym but never could I wake up.....and regarding da movie thing..yes brah we will definitely go...wish u a very prosperous life ahead brah........ DILIP DEVKOTA My RIP leader, the bowler I fear the most, model for one of my best pics in RIP..Kushal Chittam . When people call you with your nick, I go back to Jandhyala Movie in which a character gets emotional and calls” Nanna Chitti..”..I see a typical innocence in you which is inimitable and which make you a unique person. I hope you have the potential to achieve your best and I feel it is yet to come...All the best:)...PRITHVI TEJA GONAPA Hahaha, fat boy who is on a mission to lose some pounds :). A great person to talk to and hang out with. A fan of AR Rahman and surprisingly a Pearl Jam fan as well. He also has got the temperament to bear the metal songs and all those bouts of headbangings during our “special sessions” in my room, even though by his own words metal is just plain noise to him. There were many rumor about his ‘out-of-track’ acts after some ‘sips of special juices’ but tell you one thing, he has been with me many times for ‘sipping juices’ and I have always found him as normal as ever. He is really a gem of a friend I made in the institute....Goutom Bodo

Kushal C

Roll No. : 2011PGP607 DOB : NickName : “Jo man kare wahi karna chahiye” the first and last thing that I have(we) learned from DA. “Sometimes” he drinks a lill too much :P...still he never stops giving gyan after getting drunk. People are really lucky to have friends like you. have fun dude...enjoy your life the same way you have been doing...all the best....Kapol Sarkar Dear X-FF, Very smart, but actually unhealthy. DAKU known for what exactly not to do in MBA. Risk taker. Never keeps quiet when he is around.. always mocks or get mocked..mostly latter one. Awesome Cricket player. Knows how to live a life. Though he looks like a dumb stupid, but he has enormous wonder he read many books... Not at all academic records, but novels. Keep in Touch ra. Live long. Thanks Future FF....SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI

D.ARAVIND KUMAR Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

DAKU is abbreviation for “Domala Aravind Kumar: This kumar can be suffixed with any kumar like OMkumar, OBKumar, Finance-kumar, depending on which class is going on. DA is a humble soul, who reads a lot(books other than syllabus), debates a lot, and drinks a lot. A great companion for my euro trip, DA is easy going most of the times. Compassionate and understands the situation one is in. Bas ek hi advice: Control your drinking as it has impacted our health. ...VAIBHAV MAHESHWARI Daku alias TP my neighbor in first year always giving gyaan about anything and everything in whatever state he is sober or not. Anything you write about him is less as he is one of his kind and very rare species to be found :P. He is my mentor and guru under whose guidance i’ve started drinking, so far it has been good and don’t know how far it’ll go (on a positive note). Me and damodhar had some of the best and worst times with him in our first year. He is such a person who encourages you when you are in a low and brings you down when you’re on a real high and thereby tries to keep everyone neutral and normal around him. The one thing i like about him is he is true to himself and he knows what he is doing and what he wants, except in case of drinking. Takes whatever comes his way as it is and lives in the present without worrying much. This is what i like in him and i respect him for that. One of my closest pals on the campus and will always be. Be how you are, never change for anyone or anything, ATB and keep in touch....Kushal C Aravind aka DAKU aka DA aka Daru Kumar ....... most extreme person after drinks ....... i have enjoyed every bit of togetherness with u ..... yaad hai aaj bhi ..... in the first meeting u used to call “AAP” to everyone u met ..... AAP bowling karnge, AAP baating karenge ....... in the same night after our terrace party u started with all ur bc , mc ,...... I have always admired ur “Jo mann kare wo karo” attitude but y does it always come after u’ve boozed ...... Ramanujan of our institute, u had been a great asset of our group ..... all the best ahead in ur life ..... bc bhool mat jana .......NIKHIL SHINDE Though there are many claimants to who actually named him DAKU I can proudly say that it was my idea and also the other less popular though equally imaginative name DARK.....the way he used to repectfully call everyone aap aap during the first couple of days and then shift to maa behen dat transformation was just amazing...dis guy love his booze a little too much...very good at heart and have saved his ass a couple of times for attendance.....a voracious reader...and his cat and mouse fights with joshi to say the least were just awesome!!!!...DILIP DEVKOTA

Bhayya nene nee dantlo first rastuna. My neighbor and classmate in 1st year, me damu and sai were always a team ( the BOP guys :P) always together. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had some of my most memorable experiences with you guys, shared my emotions my joy and pain with you all the time. I used to come to you and sai for anything i needed or not. I always treated you like my brother and more than that and will always be there for you whatever it may be. Wish you all the good luck and may all the success be with you :)...Kushal C Damu - along with Sai, he is my usual hang-out in first year. My counter-strike addiction reason can be attributed to him. He is intelligent, hard-working and yet down to earth. He plays all the sports(Cricket, Badminton, Volley ball, CS) and equally good at all. His reflexes and maturity at sports is something which can not be imitated. He used to send me his assignments so that i can copy :)..we also worked together for lot of electives and his additions to the work is always awesome. All the best Damu for your future...PRAVEEN ALLURI Damodar alias Damu....the team it cricket, badminton, volleyball etc.....mama i like your simplicity....very down to earth.....many of our interactions happened during cricket matches only.....hahaha..:-) wish you all the best and good luck ra.....:-)...SANDEEP VEMULAKONDA

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : rajesh Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-316, C-117 Permanent Address : flat no 204,kasturi encalve, au post,vidyanagar About Me : Most Memorable CP : 530003 PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Playing Volley,CS,Cricket Frequently uttered lines : picha lite Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chick B 10 years from now you will be : data scientist If not MBA then : Consultant Favourite spot on campus : Ground,Volley court Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : :) Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Damodhar Rajesh Attili Roll No. : 2011PGP608 DOB : 25-10-85 NickName : Damu, Mav

Deeeba, as I usually call him, is a person with whom i am always involved in some sort of banter. In our friend circle, he is the person always ready to pull my leg. Even then, we have always shared a great bonding. Definitely a down to earth, sincere and hard working fellow. Had a great time during RIP. A gaming freak, he can be regularly seen busy on a laptop or a mobile. Usually keeps himself behind close doors, no idea what he does inside :P. One of the closest friends on campus. Wish you all the best dude. Hope you achieve big successes in life. ...BHAVESH VIJAY Deba/Mr.White/Male IK are some of the names by which this creature is familiar to me. Mostly caught playing games on laptop/i-Phone, he moved from fifa to tennis to stick cricket. The best word to describe this genius is “Raw talent”, would remember the things you did in the event submissions most notably whirlpool and TBLA. I loved troubling him over late night mess which most of the time prolonged to khati on several matters, one of those ended at morning breakfast table. Living few yards apart for the whole 2 years, it’s unquantifiable how much time I spent with you, be it preparing slides, playing cricket or badminton ( I will defeat you in one series before leaving for sure :P), going to mess or normal bakwaas, and each of those moments is a distinct memory. ATB buddy, you would remain one of the few constants in my life from hereon. “Comapny baneile dakibu be” :P ...BISWAJEET MALLIK the silent looking JPC member was initially an enigma for me....but him being part of biswaâ??s gang made us great friends....the HOP time was awesome, where we were almost always together in our mountain climbing pursuits, and where you could always hear him laughing from the back of bus while others fought amongst themselves....the C-block cricket was equally entertaining!! despite being a fresher, deba comes across as a pretty mature guy....and he is highly dedicated too, being able to study FRM material in the bus....wish you all the luck in the future :)...PULKIT PANDEY Popular as Mr.White in the C-Block circuit, Debabrat is one of the coolest guys on campus!! He was my batch mate at NIT Rkl but bonded with him only at planet-I(he was always flanked by fairer sex at NIT Rkl :D). This guy has a peculiar schedule and is infamous for wasting his leaves early on in the trimester and huffing and puffing in the later part. The second best cricketer/baddy player in the gang(after me of course) but an excellent partner to crack jokes with(Bhavesh and Biswa have often been at the receiving ends). Had an awesome time teaming up with you in the different competitions at planet-I; got a lot to learn from you!! Wishing you all the luck in your life and hopefully we shall stay in touch :) PS: You shall feature as the second lead when I make a movie on our Rafting experience :)...SNIGDHARUP BANERJEE

Roll No. : 2011PGP609 DOB : 04-01-1990 NickName : Debu Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C/118 Permanent Address : HIG-215,K-5,Kalinga Vihar, Bhubaneswar,Odisha About Me : Look at the testimonials for this :) Most Memorable CP : I want to change an organization and influence its decision-making. Most probably goldman sachs :P In OB-II ofcourse PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Duniya ka naara, lage raho... (Taare Zameen Par) Mostly caught doing : sleeping Frequently uttered lines :bhakkk Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Anda maggi 10 years from now you will be : CEO If not MBA then : Job, bike, LIFE ! Favourite spot on campus : C block rooftop Friend groups on campus : Hahhhh, bong, rajasthani-lover buoy, ronaldo and “abey faaaaaaaaaattttt gayyyiiii” First crush in the institute : Now u really think m gonna answer that :-O Lasting impressions about college : Beautiful and serene campus Best memory of IIMI : HOP

One of the most slothful guy on campus. Worked in two-three groups, but always absent during meets:P A very good friend - assertive, modest, and humorous. His equanimity is his forte...extremely cool, even in tough times and obviously real smart. He seems to know his stuff and how to get things done. Wish you best for everything in life :)...DINABANDHU KEJRIWAL Debo! It’s like institute walo ne analyse karke, dhundke do nikamme logon ko room mates banana ki they put us in the same room. There was a time when I thought I knew what the extent of being lazy could be - and then I met Debo and sab khatam. Din bhar sona and sote sote subah quiz miss kar dena mujhe Debo ne hi sikhaya. The endless hours of not studying and random bakwaas karna and then sleeping off when it was finally time to study is exactly how we passed exams. Modest, friendly and extremely smart. All the best for everything in life -first term se bolta aaya hun..kuch bada aadmi banega tu !! be in touch!...ANEESH CHOPRA


Roll No. : 2011PGP610 DOB : 6th September 1984 NickName : Roy Our dear Mr Roy. Roy has been with us on both the trips of life time. RIP and HOP. RIP mai to roy ke insights hum sun nai paye kyunki Roy ka telephone network all time ata tha :), it was only in the second HOP trip that we got to see the insights of Mr Roy. A very responsible person, with a very kind heart. Have respect for his initiatives in Jagriti. All the best Mr Roy...MOHAMMED ARSHAD Mr Roy is always good to everyone and he hardly said no to any of my requests :) will always remember our night mess, gate 2 maggi, get-lost parties, kfc outings and most importantly our jokes on dude :P ....u r a good human being and i have learnt a lot from you....thanx for everything .....have a great future & keep in touch !!...VARUN SINGH BOTHIYAL I always thought i am the biggest joker on this universe but then i met Roy and realized I was terribly wrong....KHUMAN VIJAY C

DEBARSHI ROY Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : H-212 Permanent Address : Silchar About Me : :) Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi and Half Fry 10 years from now you will be : Surely someone big !!! If not MBA then : .. well a software developer .. Favourite spot on campus : The ralling behind ER-3 Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : :P Lasting impressions about college : Well.. changed the way I thoight about life :) Best memory of IIMI : Just too many..

You have always teased me, made fun of me, and tried to irritate me. But trust me, all that was real fun. I still remember our Term 3 group meetings and the chocolates in your drawer that you would give only to me and no one else! You were wonderful and will always be. Keep me posted on Akhil’s jokes. They are just great ;)...Shivani Gautam Shukla The Best Organizer AWARD of all the “GET LOST” Parties Goes to Mr. ROY !!!!!!!! :). He is An Awesome Guy, humble Human being and a best friend. He loves taking Responsibilities and initiatives in every field, like “Get Lost”, Indore Marathon, Pragati, etc etc, You just name it and he is there. :). Best of Luck for Future buddy and Keep in Touch :). ( “Get Lost” Rocks !!!!)...TOPPO VINEET WALTER Detective Roy !!.. Aap bolte kam ho aur haste jyada ho !! Having Bournvita with you at the top of Himalayas was memorable !! You are very simple and humble person, always ready for parties.. And you smile is always genuine, comes directly from the heart. Well, you are world famous among the girls :D And please stop claiming that you helped me in my so called love life :P Wish you all the best, keep smiling :)...Nishikant C A very good, down-to-earth, and self-composed person and a very good friend. He has been making my days for long with his good wishes and smiles and the ‘Good Morning’ that pops up at 12.20 pm sharp! that is his regular hour for waking up. He has a way of surprising you with the loveliest chocolates and the nicest conversations. And I admire him for the immense single-handed effort he puts behind the social initiatives at IIM Indore Thanks for being such a good friend....wish you the best in life with all my heart! :)... Bishakha Majumdar Debarshi, youve been such a good friend for me, always supported me, been there for me, believed in me and cheered me on. You are a very sweet person and i thank God we were in the same group in term 1, or i would have missed out on knowing you and being your friend. You are really intelligent, with a good sense of humour although sometimes you dont get my jokes! Your laughter is so spontaneous, its almost contagious. You have a bright future, dont ever get bogged down by anything, coz you are set to achieve a lot..God bless you. All the best!...SHALINA VERMA My roommate in ER3. Very genuine person. Very sweet and kind. Thank you for taking care of me once when I was really sick. Hope you have a very good life ahead.. and hope someday if i come to assam, you’ll show me around :)...Ninad Bhangle

Hard working and always smiling Debarupa is a great dancer. When she performs , she transforms into a new avatar all together. Being a completely nocturnal personality, she can be easily caught in night mess. Her special past time are bit esscentric :P- studying and eating. She is very simple and down to earth. Be in touch and Always keep smiling . Wish you great Luck and Success! ...SMITA VERMA A sweet bubbly friend... Great person to share your thoughts and views... Best company to have late night mess food :) :) .... Love the way she dances... We have spent a lot of good time together.... I wish you good luck for future and keep smiling always.... !!! ...PRINEET KAUR She is a sweet, charming girl - who is very dedicated to her studies - and also a mesmerizing dancer. Being her neighbour in Patal Lok, we always struck up a lively Bengali conversation on the stairs. She is simple yet confident - and always with a sweet smile. All the best dear. Keep in touch! :)...Bishakha Majumdar A mix of immaturity and look like a fighter who won’t give up easily...I like your smile...and i like you because you are so humble and down to earth...we could not know each other better...that is sad...but hope you keep in touch :) ...and all the best :)...ANUSHREE KIRTANIA Debo...You are unique in such a beautiful way. I have known you since my 1st day in campus as my neighbor in ER2 and it didn’t take us long to be friends. What’s special about you is your extremely selfless helping nature (will never forget how much you ran, getting completely out of breath for my interview), your kiddish talks and your future plans :P. Getting to know you made me realize that we have so much in common and that’s why I am able to relate to you so much. We have chatted so much, possibly on everything and everywhere. I wish you lots of love and luck for your life ahead. I’ll pray that you get the best of everything. Keep that smile on always :)...NEHA HAJELA A very good friend and sister i have on campus. She is Aaj Tak of campus and will give me all information even if i don’t want to listen. She is very helpful. She is nerd of our group and keeps on studying this and that and takes tension for small things. I enjoyed doing assignments with you and eating a lot of burgers and pizza and not to forget all that Biryani. She teases me everyday and i get annoyed she takes it to next level and then laughs like no one. Moti thoda tension kam liya kar and learn to enjoy small things. ...AJAY SINGH

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : tnmn Hostel Room : SR-14,308 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : I almost used to whisper in the prof’s ears while giving CP from the first bench and this tactics was well copied by few people PORs on campus : Missing from resume Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : thodi si raat aur hai kuchh der sone do..... depicts my mood in 8:45 am classes Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : main nahin kar sakti Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : egg full fry 10 years from now you will be : I am very unpredictable and so is my future If not MBA then : dancing Favourite spot on campus : my room that too my bed Friend groups on campus : Soni,Ajay First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : mostly horrifying memories at IIM I.Nevertheless horrifying memories lasts longer than the sweeter ones Best memory of IIMI : Yet to happen

A self proclaimed bookaholic..I have a doubt-tum kitabon main ghusi rehti ho ya kitabein tum mein ghusi rehti hain!!..possesses amazing memory(that I really envy)...remembers every small detail that may otherwise seem trivial..source of my information about what’s happening in the campus..a good dancer and singer..a rare combination..Innocent,cheerful,fun-loving and helpful..Unpredictable and immature at times..Serious, moody,underconfident at one point and giving gyaan about motivation at another point..Plz don’t waste time worrying about small things,u would be laughing about it many years later!!!..Just stay flexible,positive and believe in yourself..May you have a happy and successful life ahead..Keep in touch....JHARANA MURMU Dekh main tera testimonial likh rahi hun....i dnt hav ny clue that RIP will be our stepping stone of friendship...i was not sure whether we will make good frnds or not.... coz i ws more mature...but dhire-2 i realized ur just like us....thoda tension jada leti baki sab me barabar ki hissedaar hai....remember that night train from sehore which u literally missed and we had to pull the chain for u....CP me pata nahi 1st bench me baith k kya-2 bol deti thi....only friend who knows my in-out of IIM life....kitna jheli hai tu mujhe aur pagal ko ye koi nahi kar sakta..... we made the best jodi....ek dusre k bina ab kuch hota nahi....har kaam k liye deba ko call rocked in fin (concept wise)....tera woh group asgnmnt me A milna was a great news for me...we were together in maximum group mates hona to banta hi hai.....kaise-2 kar k bhi sab asgnmnt kiya humne....aur A b laya.... aur competition me to last minute jo karte the...but u made proud of our group ADS in Guesstimation’13....ur a champ....GD group me tu jo bolti thi....i was always amazed ki tujhe itna points milta kahan hai..u knw my

DEBARUPA SAHA Roll No. : 2011PGP611 DOB : 28/10/1988 NickName :

Debashree and me know each more because of trouble in her PC and Mobile. A very very hard working person. Was an awesome team member in Interrobang. I still remember that deadline :p May you achieve all the goals you have set for your life, both personal and professional. :) All the best Debs...MOHAMMED ARSHAD Debo....what can I tell about her! She used to sit near me during first year and used to always score awesome CPs in most of the classes. :D :D Even sometimes she used to tell me that speak this point now or speak that point. It was a great encouragement from her side. And yes, one of the people whom I will remember for their sincerity and sophistication for whatever they do. She donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need my wishes to be a successful person in her life, she posses every virtue to be successful. :) Best of Luck Debby! :)...PARAMVEER real Debo comes out in parties....girl with full of energy and enthu. We had a good time in RIP, HOP and in group outings... what i like most about you is your fighting attitude. You speak your mind straight/ upfront is really impressive !! you truly deserve what u have achieved so far & have always made us proud..keep up the fighting spirit live. the road is not over yet, you can achieve much more ....all the best for future ...God bless ---bothi...VARUN SINGH BOTHIYAL To begin wid, Debo has a never give up attitude..hv seen u as one of the most sincere person towards padhai, PORs etc. Infact while wrkng in Interrobang as a team, I learnt to be serious about contests (Mahindra war room followed ;)) Nevertheless, u love to enjoy equally.. ur free flow dance at 10 downg(pura macha diya tha :p)..rishikesh mei rivr rafting ka fultoo enjoymnt..all big bash n grp parties..I like u as a person who s focussed nd tries balances evrythng. So here wishng u good luck fr future n grtr heights f success :) - Amritansh...AMRITANSH GUPTA Common PORs & events during 2nd year gave me the chance to know this super- sincere, passionate and an extremely sweet and focused person. Though we belonged to different friendsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; groups, we had some memorable moments.. Debo, I would always remember our trip to IIM-B (as finalists of Markguru) and the Independence day article (our first as Jr. Mediacom). Wish u success at JSPL and loads of joy always. Hope to stay in touch !!!...Ninad Bhangle And so I document this....I bought my first business suit because of Debashree :) Saw her first at TIME a sleek grey colored suit...looking smart and super-awesome ;) Tab maine decide kiya ki ek business suit mein invest karna toh banta hai.....later we joined the same B-school. Debashree is hard-working,talented and now... a Steel Girl :) Always smiling,she is fun to talk to and always a great company. Wishing you all the best in life :)...ADITI DIXIT

Roll No. : 2011PGP612 DOB : 15/05/1987 NickName : Micky, Debo, Debs , Debbie Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-309(my 4th at IIMI :P) Permanent Address : Bhubaneswar About Me : Girl Next door , Moody , Music n food freak Most Memorable CP : Lotsa dem :) Loved Speaking in classes after a hiatus PORs on campus : MediaCom, Spons n Media, Ops vertical, Samanvay Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Summer of 69 Mostly caught doing : Listening to songs :) Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Paranthas , Maggi .. Never at 2:30 though :P 10 years from now you will be : at least 10 times happier :P If not MBA then : I aspire to be a master chef :P Favourite spot on campus : I just love the long walkways n ya the view behind ER2 Friend groups on campus : Bakar n so many from Sec F :) First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Meeting People Making frnds Competitons Swimming Partying da list goes on... Best memory of IIMI : Entering the portals of IIM n da beautiful gate n awesome ER2 rooms n the view outside :)

Debashree...There are so many aspects of your personality that one can never claim to know you completely. I wish I could be like you..hardworking like like like you...caring like you..talented like you. One great thing about you is that you are never afraid to speak your heart out. I will cherish the time we have spent together from shopping to movies to walks to gossips on the terrace. You deserve the best life has to offer. Keep in touch....NEHA HAJELA guessin most known for her CP in almost any subject!!! :P An amazin friend with whom chit chat is never ending and is always fun....super hard workin and focused to the core...always cheerful, and always appreciating and supportive...may you have an amazing life ahead...!! All the very best n keep smiling, always :)...K . HARITA Debo, there is so much more to you than meets the eye. You are beautiful, intelligent, hardworking and dedicated. But you are also a party animal, loves to shop (although scared to shop with me now!), a kickass friend, foodie, emotional (yet with an awesomely balanced mind)...You are one of my first friend on campus and will always be close to my heart. Shared a lot with you, will miss you a lot and will obviously never forget you. Do keep in touch. You are going to scale heights girl! All the best.. :)...SHALINA VERMA


Roll No. : 2011PGP613 DOB : 04-08-1989 NickName : -:DG:- ; deba Hate running. Slow walker, believed in â??slow and steady wins the raceâ??. â??DOTAâ?? and â??AOEâ?? freak. Well round personality. I had a 25% stake in his love interest. But he never ever minded. We have been together for almost the whole of the two years at IIMI. Used to crack jokes which sometimes were not that funny, he used to take initiatives and thus was a great help in keeping our group well oiled and close. A well round personality (figure wise), a good leader and a responsible guy to learn from and to be with.... MANISH MANOHAR

DEBAYAN GHOSH Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-120 Permanent Address : Siliguri,West Bengal About Me : Whatever u think!!! Most Memorable CP : 1st CP at IIM Indore: about Nirdosh PORs on campus : Arena, Mridang, AIESEC Ideal endorser for : Fast food One song you symbolize :Aazadian Mostly caught doing : Playing AOE, DoTA Frequently uttered lines : F**k be!!!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aloo Paratha with Egg Bhurji 10 years from now you will be : Left it to destiny!!!! If not MBA then : IT Professional Favourite spot on campus : Night mess Friend groups on campus : pBCs, SEC-C First crush in the institute : Wont disclose Lasting impressions about college : A great place to make memories Best memory of IIMI : Everyday 12-30am at night mess

Debayan is an amazing guy...very nice friend of mine .. he has gr8 clarity of his thoughts .. we had memorable trip during RIP .. I admire him because of his ability to manage his team and have a balanced life .. he watches movies, gets lot of sleep, plays aoe, goes for cycling, swimming, ..damn how many things u pack everyday with... I never came across him loosing his temper .. we had nice times while doing assignments ..our meets used to start on time and end before time :) DG is responsible for that :) Debayan, you rock ... can’t forget the fun we had during the mock GDs sure you will scale up greater heights in ur life...wish u loads of fun as ever and a gr8 career my friend...RAGAVENDRAN K Dear DG, Quiet - silent - slow - peaceful - experienced : comes to my mind. DG - known to me as a DOTA player. Good Strategist. TAS Campus Champion with Operational thought process involved. A proper time manager of all stuff - acads, games, nite mess... btw, he is a part time cook at nite mess, as he claims. Wish you good luck, keep in touch !! Thanks Perfect...SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI Debayan or I should say DebaYawn...hop he wont mind!! A true friend & always ready to guide... ab Debayan ki tareef karna suru kaun toh khatam hi nahi hoga...but few differentiating things which fascinates Mr cool are his story narrating style, bole toh ekdum shama baandh deta hai...His video gaming love and his 75% left stake love both are adorable...all our batchmates recognizes him cos of his being our Campus Champ..he has a photogenic face too., poetic personality and amazing convincing skill, I bet nobody can match in his this skill...our PBCs will alwyas remember him whenever they hear “Songoti ka asar”...very interesting story he has how he chose JU over IITs...manna padega!! a true movie freak, but have excellent talent to utilize tricks learnt from must take suggestions for him regarding movies...thnx to him, otherwise Alcov ka sirf naam hi pata hota...waise toh paratha with egg burji, his altime night mess menu but he loves eating varieties of dishes...khichaai bhi thoda style se karta hai ye banda...studies less but understands more, bhai genius hai ye banda...LOTR his altime favorite..koi Debayan ko bhi LOTR sequel/prequel mein role dila do yaar!! chatted alot on FRIENDS & MOS/FMCG topics with him at his favorite corner balcony area of night mess... bcoz of Debayan’s Gr8 planning & managing, our Rural Immersion trip was more than just a learning experience..& it really feels nice to have a friend like Debayan here in Planet-I.. I wish you may get all the happiness & success in your life...stay in touch......PUNIT MORIS EKKA

Debika - My first n only roomie in IIMI :) Really glad I had ur company even before stepping on the campus which I must mention was a great relief. Have known Debika mostly thru chats before though we were in same school :) Our stay at ER2 was so much fun. U are one beautiful lady wid a lot of brains.. Really adore the hard work u used to put in those days.. (Im sure even now :P ) Was source of inspiration for me to study as well :) Also one of the style icons on campus I look fwd to the way u always look drop dead gorgeous :) Wish u loadsa luck.. Hope we meet sometime in future as well. Ciao !...DEBASHREE MOHAPATRA Debika.. A very beautiful, fun loving, nice at heart girl with whom I got a chance to spend 2 years at IIM-I... Our parting together, dancing, enjoying life to the fullest, our very own “Sister’s Group” ;), our gossiping, our care for each other, our planning of future get-togethers as our favorite trio when we get out of IIM-I..... All these are memories which I’ll cherish for life... Better keep in touch and obviously we’ll be partying together in future as well... ATB :)...VINEETA SINGH You would expect Debika to be sitting calm and pretty, occasionally dozing off but contributing her valuable CPs only in a strategy class. Together we formed the trio which rocked every section D party. Her after-party hilarious self is a sight to watch and her dialogues are narrated for weeks after the party.Its been a pleasure to have a great friend in you. Stay just as cheerful and lovable as you are. Best of luck for your future girl and hope you will keep in touch !...NIKITA RAJESH TANEJA

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

DEBIKA SUBHALAGNA Roll No. : 2011PGP614 DOB : NickName :

DB :)... came to know you from FB... khane ka baht hi shaukeen hai DB, mess ka extra dinner DB ko hi serve karne k liye introduce hua hai. A person who is always ready to help you. Sorry buddy couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do any event with you. Wish you all the very best for your future :) Hope to see you in future :)...MOHAMMED ARSHAD Deboyoti....a very fun loving and friendly guy...He is a great movie buff and very good in movies name guessing game....I had teamed up with him in couple of events and competitions. He is dedicated and hard working person and extremely focussed to finish job perfectly. I wish him best of luck for his future and a great career ahead....... PREM NARAYAN KATIYAR

Roll No. : 2011PGP615 DOB : 20/11/1986 NickName : DB Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : view?id=209361387&trk=tab_pro Facebook Page : Hostel Room : e-101/ h105 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : biriyani 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : civil service Favourite spot on campus : beside er -2 Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : silence of the night and its serenity


Roll No. : 2011PGP616 DOB : 11.10.1987 NickName : Deepak Azad... one of my first friends on campus thanks to PGP office.. i admire him a lot because hes always so cool n friendly.. never gets overly disappointed.. i’ve never seen him behave badly to anyone.. his iphone has kept me awake through many globe classes in first year.. he always keeps his room stocked with food n he is the perfect host every time i go there :).. i dont know if u remember it but the time u fell off the chair while trying to pass something to arya remains the funniest memory that i have of section e... thanks for being such a great friend. have a great life with ur girl. good luck.....Sandip SM

DEEPAK AZAD Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-220 Permanent Address : C-57,Sector-19, Noida About Me : A calm and composed person,loves to travel and spend time with friends Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : E-Cell Ideal endorser for : Apple One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Travelling Frequently uttered lines : hatt salle..!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : Married :( If not MBA then : preparing for MBA Favourite spot on campus : My Room Friend groups on campus : Gunit, Baljee, Gupta, Garg, BamB,Sandi..., First crush in the institute : Same as Baljiee’s ;) Lasting impressions about college : Perfect place to spend your last 2 years of studying Best memory of IIMI : All the times spent with friends partying, studying, playing and chatting

How many times u find a really genuine person and that too all in one....He is hardworking, studies during exams like its d only important thing in life and on the other hand, enjoys life at all other times...I came to know him through Gunit even before 1st term started...We shared a lot together..Be it parties, chit-chats around in the college...He went through some tough times in life and the way he came out of those was remarkable...I must say he is d one tough guy although he’s quite emotional too on some fronts...He is good at heart as he never said a bad word to anyone....I know one thing whenever I wud be calling him 4 help, he’ll be there 4 me..Thats another thing he promised something n didn’t fulfilled it on foreign exchange, but never mind!!!:) Thanks 4 being one of my best buddies here in college...No need to say a good bye because it ll never be as far as we r here on dis earth....God Bless!!!!...BALJINDER SINGH Azad .... one of the most chilled out guy on campus !! u just can’t find him without a smile on his face. A foodieee to the core ...jitna marzi khila lo sab kam hai. My bench mate during first year and prob my first friend in section E. It was always fun to have him around and he was core to making that left corner most happening place in class. And yes as sandy pointed out that u felling of the chair while passing something remains one of my best memories of first year. Also a free rider to the core, but somehow could manage to get assignments from his sources and make our life easier. It wass fun hanging out with you be it ordered food from 26 or having a chat in night mess !! Have fun !! njoy !! Chak de phattey !!...MANPREET SINGH REKHI Deepak, the first name that comes to my mind whenever I’m in any kind of trouble.. He is literally my guiding light :P My first impression of him was that of an extremely polite and down to earth guy and over the time, it has just reaffirmed itself. Right from term 1, he was a back bencher and I would frequently sneak from the front to the seat next to him to enjoy some sleep during the boring classes while he provided cover :P. He is a ‘Sundar ladka’ as our R.I.P. maam used to call him, there’s no drop of arrogance in this guy. Will always cherish our bickering during the RIP days (remember dum aloo incident where I still think we could have called an extra plate :P) No matter how stressful a situation is , I have never seen him panic, the one quality I admire the most about him. He is one cool friend to hang out with, a perfect host who would keep u entertained with his music, cooking & long drives. But he seems to love his hair, even while playing baddy he would conc more on his hair than on the shuttlecock. Thanks for being there when I needed you the most. He is my secret-keeper. You can share all your problems with him and trust him not to tell anybody. He is always so keen on helping others that he doesn’t even care about his own things when it comes to helping his friends. Also, he is too generous when it comes to gifting :) We have countless memories together and there can never be an end to it. From the Euro trip (we were the only ones who spent so lavishly on shopping in almost all the countries, U re the perfect shopping companion with the best choice!!) to all dj parties, gossips, city outings etc etc. I’ll cherish them all. Our trip to Disneyland , Paris stands as the best day of my life (U re such a sport to accompany me to every fairytale ride with the same enthusiasm as when we went for roller coaster rides) I am so glad I got u as my bestest friend in this world & my official partner in all the crimes.. Love & luck always :) ...GUNIT AHLUWALIA

Hey gems !!! :D One of the biggest misers i ve ever seen in my entire life ... This guy got boots from the old hyderabad market, and soon they tore ... he then conned us all into thinking that he misplaced one of his boot at kfc when the actual reason was that he dint want to go to the reebok store cause they would probably charge him with fraud ... die hard chelsea fan, wears a lampard jersey and never manages to find the back of the net, y,sudhakar y? and this guy has the worst sense of humor , he cant crack a decent joke for nuts ... gultigaru, my benchmate for an entire year, man, i dont know what i would have done if it wasnt for you :D ... Cows and bulls, copying, playing cards, u scammn with all those cheap card tricks, suggestn songs which neither of us bothered to check out, teaching me mu and ops, im sure i would ve gotten screwed hadnt u taught me ... Serious respect for your work ethic, this guy is diligent as its given in the dictionary ... rightly deserved to be where he is at, hope we make all the trips that we planned, all the best man ... -Manu Shivanand” Be it the Lotus Flower dance, the “Bieber incident” or singing Killing in the Name, he’s one of the craziest guys here.. He likes to think he’s not lazy and is into fitness and all that crap, but most of that doesn’t last more than a week.. Thinks he’s going to have one burgeoning FMCG career but is going to end up selling milk packaging to Nandini Milk Parlour :P.. On a serious note though, he’s an extremely intelligent guy with a knowledge of most, if not all, things marketing.. But more importantly, he’s ever ready for fun and I’ve never had to ask him twice for any plan.. I’ve had my craziest memories here with this guy.. And I’m sure there are loads more to follow.. But dude, please be like this always.. I don’t think any of us will be able to handle you being brand manager of a luxury brand :P.. Cheers bro! -Aparajit S” One of my closest friends on campus, he is a big scamster and a fraud who somehow managed to prove to everyone on campus that he is a silent and a responsible individual; in reality he is exactly the opposite. He is that one person who me and Ani have irritated a lot. There are people who retaliate and who stay silent. Deepak is someone who plays along...The max he would say is “I will SLLAP YOU” and make a “straight face”. Every competition I have registered in, Deepak has been my team mate in everyone of them and except Interrobang we have not worked on any of the other events. Very lazy guy, he knows a lot about Marketing..”Mercur-i Secy” was the apt role for him. Classes, dinners, himalayan trip, SPJ, IIML - nothing cud hav been more fun without you. -Ambadipudi Alokraj”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-202 Permanent Address : Flat B-104, House No. 1-9-698/1087, Siri Sampada Residency, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad, 500044 About Me : Most Memorable CP : Describing slot machine in ISM class PORs on campus : Secy - Mercuri, Utsaha, My Campaign Ideal endorser for : Chelsea One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : sleeping Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half Boil Maggi 10 years from now you will be : Back on campus floating electives :D If not MBA then : MS in US Favourite spot on campus : Night mess Friend groups on campus : Aparajit, Varun, Ani, Krishna, Govind, Ajinkya, Ambadi, Anirban, Manu First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Numerous...Bdays, drinking sessions, treats, football...

We have had an awesome time together. Right from your Justin days; me taking notes about your exploits, the sermon on ITC :P, the glass breaking session during RIP, the fall near the railway tracks, the Mercur-I treats, the various PORs that we were a part off and the drinking sessions will always be memorable. You’ve got a cool head under pressure and awesome marketing acumen(my opinion: one of the best on campus- respect) . A very simple guy who is real fun to hang around but a complete fraud too :P. Those stupid jokes during class will always stay in my memory. Thank you for bearing with me and I’m sure we’ll meet once again in some company either competing or collaborating. Looking forward to it! -B Varun” Ah, Sudhakar, my first term roommate. Special Sudhakar moments include his solo dance performance to Lotus Flower and his sudden outburst of Bieber fever (all caught on film, contact us to get your hands on a copy). In spite of all this, he has successfully scammed most of the college into believing that he is a calm, gentle, responsible, head on shoulders kinda guy. Respect max! College life would not have been the same if I had not gotten to know the real Deepak Sudhakar. And I am sure our entire group would resonate the same :) -Anirudh Suresh” Yet another first term group mate turned close friend. Yet another case of meeting outside the acad com interview room. Yet another memory of marketing group assignments. But going beyond that, there are memories of awesome dinner outings, breaking bottles during RIP, singing Justin Beiber (only him) and giving hilarious monologues about snakes and Indian Telecom Companies when on a high. Deepak’s a little too mature for his age and will always remind us of those insurance ads before movies. I do hope he gets stuck in Chennai again before moving on to the big league. -Krishna Bajaj” “

DEEPAK SUDHAKAR Roll No. : 2011PGP617 DOB : 18-01-1990 NickName :

Gold Medalist at BIT Meshra. Belonged to the top 50 of our batch. Congenitally brilliant but most importantly too humble in accepting the fact. Hopefully by now, he has decrypted the code â??Songoti ka asarâ??. Has special fascination and sincerity towards swimming. A person with a knack of hard work and even higher aspiration levels, he is closely attached to his family. A well round personality (figure wise), he has those four Hâ??s in him, Honest, Humble Hardworking and Helpful....MANISH MANOHAR Dev bhai .. as he is called by the batch .. would appear to u as some one .. quiet ..seedha saadha types .. its only when you get to know him closely .. that u get to see his true colors . Chidiya dikhane ki kala mein maahir hai ye ... 2 years ke last mein jakar pata chala .. ki Dev bhai .. is a very good player of cricket , basketball and volleyball. always swims on his back when in pool . Gave a great performance as Raavan .. during a play we performed in Nainital in himalaya program . Very hard working . Strategic planner . Innovative thinker. Practical .. and most important ... i really admire the patience he has .. the control he has over his emotions .. never getting angry .. always .. keeping his voice appropriate to the occassion. .... I am personally very mych grateful to him . that he introduced me to the PBC group of our RIP programme .. the group without which journey of IIM Indore might not have gone so smooth. ...MANOJ VERMA Dev is definitely one of the most talented guys on campus........his numerous achievements in academics speaks for it.....but being close to him for the last 18 months I can definitely say that he is much better as a person than as a student....,,,he has versatile talents- a great actor, volleyball player and “Backstroke” swimmer. He is also very “Respectful” of his parents......a great fan of “Biryani”, “FRIENDS”, sleeping and definitely Azerbijan......I am sure he will be a great success in his career as he has “The Ball” to face all obstacles and win.......I am so lucky to meet him from Day-1 at IIM-I and have so many things common with him-from engg. placements, section, electives, competitions and final placements as well. Thanks for being such a great friend...........DEBAYAN GHOSH “Dev babu”, as I loved to call him is one of the most sincere people I’ve met in my life. Keeping studies apart, his take on life is very structured and methodical. Has some hobbies which he doesn’t bring to his public life (if girls knew that he plays the flute so well, many would drool over him, although some of the girls are quiet impressed with him anyway :P ). Is very down to earth and humble, but would amaze you his knowledge and his perception on most of the topics. Having a chat with him made me feel I’m not away from my home. May you always shine in your life and be successful in your endeavours (i’m not talking only about career :P). Hope that we keep in touch and get to meet again in future, Best wishes :) ...NIRNAY BHASKAR

Roll No. : 2011PGP618 DOB : 12th September, 1989 NickName : Dev Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-203 Permanent Address : Laluchak Angari, Mishra Tola, Bhagalpur 812001, Bihar About Me : My friends and family define me Most Memorable CP : Picking up facts from cases and trying to score a CP point - Marketing I classes PORs on campus : Utsaha FA, IBL Events & Concepts Coordinator Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Zindagi Kaisi hai Paheli Mostly caught doing : Sleeping :) Frequently uttered lines :Aaj Bahar chalte hain :) Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : IAS Officer If not MBA then : UPSC Favourite spot on campus : Night Mess Friend groups on campus : PBCs (Debayan, Manish, Manoj, Punit) First crush in the institute : A Secret Lasting impressions about college : Alls well that ends well Best memory of IIMI : Final Placement

Dev never forgets to greet you with a smile. The minute I think of Dev is his simplicity and his nature of helping others at all times. It takes a lot of effort to read every reading in the course and Dev is probably one of the very few who have read them fully and with involvement. Keep it up and I am sure that success will definitely follow your efforts....NIRAJ SOUNDARARAJAN very humble...down to earth person .. with a glowing smile on his face .. very talented ..and helping .. manages his time very well .. does so many things and aces the acads .. have lot of fun doing the assignments in term 1 .. it is gr8 knowing and working with you Dev .. can’t forget those mimics you made during RIP .. I wish Dev Himalayan success .. wud like to see you as an IAS officer in few year :)...RAGAVENDRAN K


Roll No. : 2011PGP619 DOB : 02/11/1986 NickName : Drop... My “skyguru”, taught me how to look at the sky and it has turned into an obsession for me now. We’ve spent some good time in 1st year especially the meteor showers which we watched in chilling cold. As a neighbor i might have bugged you many times and thanks for being patient with me. As a person you are pretty chilled out, talented and athletic, also i’ve followed many of your tips during my exercise and I always approach you for any tips. I told you the first thing i’m going to buy with my salary would be a telescope and will buy it. Hope to meet you in chennai, keep in touch and keep me posted about the sky all the time. :)...Kushal C

DHARMENDAR S Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page :!/dharmendar.sauron Hostel Room : C 204 Permanent Address : No 6, Sangam Street, Lakshmipuram, Chrompet, Chennai About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Idanim Secy, Ahvan Transportation and Logistics Secy Ideal endorser for : Reading Books anything other than Acads One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Sports Frequently uttered lines : Adhu epdingran...illa theriyaama than kekren..... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Coke Float, Biriyani 10 years from now you will be : Definitely a good father If not MBA then : some IT company Favourite spot on campus : G block, TV hall Friend groups on campus : Tamil group, lots of names in that First crush in the institute : I had a girlfreind from my engineering days Lasting impressions about college : it has always being my friends Best memory of IIMI : Many high nights

Drop .. you can find him doing things which will question his sanity / soberness it asking for cigarette/ giving flowers to kinder garden kids or checking with someone why they ddnt turn up for dj/ volunteering himself for breath analyzer test or sincerely testing quality of locks in friends’ can find him running/working out/ playing any game from poker to snooker...but never ever studying... an avid reader with varied interest ranging from birds to astronomy, always open for discussion on any topic and most of all you can see him standing right next to you, even before you feel the need for support..He is the only guy in campus whom I look upto for his straight forward actions, futuristic thoughts and an attitude of giving back to society..Im sure he will reach great heights.... all the best kong kong ..:) ...ARUN KUMAR S King Kong thats how we call him. He is one guy who is always ready for a fight. He had a great presence of mind to document his feeling when he was high. He is always for ready a challenge even if it for the craziest thing ever done. He is more like a cave man or tarzan showcasing his raw behavior. He is got a one of the weirdest hobbies of birding meaning not just watching birds but listening to them I wonder how can a person be so hopeless to do these activities as I said its King Kong you can expect the unexpected. He is a person with forward minded attitude and great work ethic which he displayed as being the sole in charge of Ahvan transportation team. Great friend of mine in the campus and enjoyed his company to the fullest hoping to continue it for years to come. All the best machi :)...SASI SEKARAN CL My so called ‘wingman’ (:P) May be that’s why it was a big flop (:P) I still remember how the happy kid started screaming when you brought it near your face (:P) You have a voice that can even be heard over a turbine noise... On a serious note, you are a very talented, well read and an outspoken person.. And strong at heart too... A fun to be with... And always remember these words: “Adi da adi... Naan thiruppi oru adi adichaa nee sethuruva” (:P)...GOKULNATH R u r one of the hardest guy to check i have played against.. great strength.. all the very best!!...ROHIT ARYA Dharma - We got close right from first term and I always enjoyed his company during our fms, mdi sports fest, RIP and HOP... He is great at heart and ready to help always.. Whatever the situation is, there is always a smile in his face.. (Who else can smile after coming out of Hariya room) I still dont know how he does that and envy him for this quality... And you have to see dharma in our social meetings, he brings all new topics and emotions in our discussions... Above all, I like Dharma for his large hearted personality and Machi wherever you go, dont lose this.. One of my good friends and hope we read this n laugh together for rest of our lifetime.... ATB ...RAJESH KUMAR LAKSHMANAN My best wishes for your future!...ARUN STALIN

I still remember the oath you took on getting elected to the Mess Committee.... ‘I swear on the food I eat that I will include South Indian cuisine in the menu thrice a week’. The next day I kept alarm and woke up eagerly fot my South Indian breakfast... All that I found was Vada Pav... Pacha dhrogi !!!...GOKULNATH R JIndha..:) The guy which tries lot of PJs...the classic was “Kaama maan....” :P:D in HOP base camp dormitory.. Actually a nice guy to be with..always comes with up with new perspectives during discussions...but never gave a treat for his scholarship...:P All the best for ur future..:) Keep in touch..:) All the best for ur HBS dreams da...:)...K.HARISH KUMAR jintha, judge - so many nicknames. My very good friend at IIM. namma ooru payyan maari. We mostly hangout together, whatever it is! He has been thru my THICK AND THIN! Neighbors thru out the 2nd yr (aaah how much he hated taking that room). Usually gets abused and bashed up for the quality if food at the mess! Super tall, handsome - rejected many proposals that came his way! His DREAM - is to study at HARVARD and get into CONSULTING job! Well, ultimately, in 3 yrs her definitely will. One those of rare persons who is very obedient to his parents and puts them and happiness before anything else! Practical mostly we talk nonsense (read: random GK) in my/his room! Very enthusiastic trader (he taught me what is call/put OPTIONS in 5 mins, something FIN-1&2 could not do in 2 terms! Before I forget, without him I would have not cleared most subjects (teaches me before all quizzes and exams, whatever he has read. Never mind about the time left, he allocates time for me). i owe my degree to him! An excellent dancer (ref: DJ parties) :D has a peculiar way of laughing (so peculiar, other around him laugh at it! Smart, casual and bound to reach is sky high goals one day! ATB machi. Keep rocking!!...NAVIN.I

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : 180, A.C.Nagar, Kovai Road, Kangayam-638701 Tirupur (Dt) About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Member, Mess Committee Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi Omelette 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

DHATCHINAMOORTHY K Roll No. : 2011PGP620 DOB : 05/09/1989 NickName : Jintha

I don’t know how you became the Secretary of an IT Club when you don’t even know how to accept a facebook friend request (:P) The words which I hear the most from you: “Docy/Painter dhum irukkaa?” A co-fanatic of Ilaya Thalapathy VJ, very difficult to find in an IIM (:P) I don’t know why you got the nick name ‘Snake Babu’, for whatever it is, it definitely saved me (:P) A calm and a cool guy, you are and a nice person to be with......GOKULNATH R My best wishes for your future!...ARUN STALIN My close friend on campus, if I do not write the testimonial for him then I cannot forgive myself. Though I am writing this I do not know if this could be saved or not. I enjoy and would enjoy for my life the intimacy we had with each other. If you want him to speak, you would need some C2H5OH. And after that you must be all ears. He is an hardworker, a very pratical person. Did some commendable job being the secretary of the IT club on campus. There was fun during his election time, some memories which I would take out of campus. Little bit sincere, we could have done better things / things better together. And I would also remember how he would always take stand against mime and argues. Obviously, I always win. :). Appram vaera yenna pannum campusla? Many things which should not be mentioned here. I hope he achieves his long time target to become thin :) ...DHARMENDAR S

Roll No. : 2011PGP621 DOB : NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :


Roll No. : 2011PGP622 DOB : 8 Oct, 1989 NickName : DSD, Pahadi Super Commando Dhruv - this 6ft 2 beast is the favorite of many. With mountainous origins his extreme love for ghaas phus is justified (:P). He is a hard working soul who never gives up on you....a fan of Heavy Metal he has bored many with its history but still the favorite moments reside with Wierd Al. Famous for FB wars with Messcom Azad he is truly an evil force to be reckoned with :P. Damn gud CS player and a lazy neighbor ..a really nice guy with a golden heart and a great friend... U R Awesome :)... All the best...RISHABH CHAUHAN

Dhruv Shandil Personal Email ID :; LinkedIn Id : dhruvshandil Facebook Page : dhruv.shandil Hostel Room : D-321, G-119 Permanent Address : Shandil Niwas, Tutu, Shimla-11 About Me : ========> Most Memorable CP : I never gave them the opportunity to listen to me for free. PORs on campus : Senior member, Indore Marathon operations team Ideal endorser for : Trolls One song you symbolize :Kashmir Mostly caught doing : staring at the computer screen Frequently uttered lines : Ha Ha Ha Ha Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Biryani 10 years from now you will be : 10 kg more If not MBA then : a banker Favourite spot on campus : G-Block common room (my room) Friend groups on campus : Bakar-I First crush in the institute : :| Lasting impressions about college : Where there are friends there is no place that is boring. Best memory of IIMI : Omaxe party :P

“The Dhruv Shandil”, the dark horse behind every group assignment :P A genuine, fun loving, easy going, hard working, responsible and an adventurous person. The hero of the Himalayan Mountaineering Challenge; kudos for saving my life many times. May you be blessed with lots of happiness and prosperity in the days to come and may you succeed in your highest endevours. A friend to remain........MADHVI GHISSING Pahaadi SBI family ka member, my bestest friend, a guy with whom I can really fkin share anything and everything. Best buddy of mah 1st year I must say u r freakin lazy and moody though....I had pretty tough time wakin u up 4 mornin classes durin PGP1. Man...I personally consider u d closest frnd in dis campus and hope u’ll be as u r throughout ur life. Wishing u all the happiness and success in ur lyf ahead. FU:)...ADARSH MANISH TIGGA Extremely patient listener, He used to listen and at times face the wrath of my aggressive personality, all with a smile. A very matured person, Dhruv is essentially a playboy of shimla. He is my song. movie, series and game consultant.Our friendship is older than SR 11-14 and sports complex. We have been the back benched sleepers of section D. Together we had the achievement of decreasing the IQ of kiran nori, who was struck between us two owing to seating plan structure :P. In PGP1 it was really good to find a like guy who was equally pissed off with the amount of studies we had to do. On a serious note, dhruv is highly intellectual with deep analysis skills, He is perfect for What If analysis role. He is a friend I deeply cherish and wish to extend it on a 99 years lease. Have a nice and happy life ahead. .(its not a fullstop, its him on CS) :D...RISHABH RATNA Most of the time in sleepy mood, a lazy but really jolly person. You’ll find his real activity on FB which now a days is the canvass of his creativity. A person really filled with true spirit of unity and team work, Dhruv is a gem of our section. Always ready to help and talk ... I know you’ll keep entertaining people around you with your jolly nature but I’ll miss that. Hoping to meet you sometime soon , I wish you a great life ahead :)...SMITA VERMA yar jitna likhu kam hai,,,logon kafi kuch likh diya hai. I just want to salute ur trolling ability. Buddy u can troll anyone. wishing a great future ahead....HIMANSHU KANAUJIA I wonder if anyone will read my post after so many posts are written about Dhruv.. But still m giving it a try.. Shandil baba.. the pahadi baba.. had gr8 fun in classes.. is bande ne sabke itne MMS liye hain class mein agar woh sab public ho gaye toh shandil baba ko pahad mein ja kar hi chupna hoga.. this guy is really pure at heart.. superb commitment in whatever he does.. kisi par bhi .,.kisi bhi topic par troll / joke maar sakta hain.. and guess nobody minds it.. becoz it is from shandil baba.. the goody goody guy he is.. Bro.. keep rocking... and I still say.. ‘Data mining’ is the perfect career for you :) ( Dhruv has insider info about everyone ! from FB ofcourse :P ) ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL

.ye launda toh heera hai!!!!!!!!!! koi bhi cheez pucho aur har kisi ka answer rahega iske paas aur is cheez ka ghamand hi nahin hai.....You are one of the simplest person i have ever met in my life, koi matlab nahin hai duniyadaari se.!!!!!! You will go the farthest yaar, bas ye hi attitude maintain rakhna. Aur bahut saari quiz mein bhi part liya maine tere saath where I was the mute spectator. Bhai u were truely MBA unlike where everyone do Cost Benefit analysis before taking any step...Regarding our pact- uski toh koi jarurat hi nahin hai kyunki tere liye toh hamesha haazir rahunga bas tu naa bhul jaana.......ATB for ur future!!!!!!!!!! -Anil Joshi go beyond my mortal understanding...btw iss ladke main baat hai should be given a job of a are so damn good at interviewing (read screwing) people :P...keep us informed if you develop any new framework :) and all the best... (jabardasti ka likh rahi hun tere profile me...par kya karu? control nahi hua :P) ...ANUSHREE KIRTANIA -Anushree Kirtania” Mister Dlilip... an AWESOME friend and a brother .. one who always wears a big SMILE on his face and hands over HAPPINESS to every passers-by .. i really mean it! ... Really Good at heart and very intelligent too! i cant forget the days you used to teach me Cost Accounting and Insurance! Man! Seriously wouldn’t have survived here without you! .. Thanks for all your help.. i dont think words can describe it... God Bless you abundantly bro! ... Wish you All the very best in life and do keep in touch! Cheers! :) ...MICHAEL LALHRIATPUIA -Michael Lalrhiatpuia” u are a great man by heart , helped me a lot when i got my ankle twisted in Nainitaal ...... party dene me kanjoos hai thoda lekin koi nahi tujhe lamba kheechenge in future because u would be earning the most down the line because of ur dedication & commitment towards work (what i have witnessed, atleast out of our group) ...... BHOOL mat jaiyo chinki aur haan hamara PACT ab bhi valid hai :P ..... -Nikhil Shinde”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-318 & C-208 Permanent Address : Rajapara, Kamrup, Assam About Me : Friendly and unsophiscticated Most Memorable CP : Kamasutra condom ad decoding PORs on campus : None Ideal endorser for : Kentucky Fried Chicken One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Napping Frequently uttered lines : Behen ka Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : Some suit draped executive If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : My room!!! Friend groups on campus : Bakchod-I First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : A maze of under costruction buildings!!! Best memory of IIMI :

Dilip bhai one of the most talented persons on campus, extremely knowledgeable and really cool guy. My neighbor in first year and he never hesitates in helping you out. Extremely patient especially with a person like Daku who always used to piss me him off throughout the day right from the morning to night everyday. Lekin bhai humne milke ab tak ek movie bhi nahi dekha bhai (aur fosters bhi nahi piya), jaane se pehle kuch plan karte hain :P. Wish you all the very best for your future and keep in touch -Kushal Chittam” Devkota aka Chinki....the chicken eating machine and the most trusted member of the forum “http://www.” :). He is really a good guy at heart who will help you as long as u feed him chicken :P. Will missing sharing chicken tandoori with you in 26, titoos, Punjabi etc etc. Have fun dude and keep doing what you like the most..ATB.!! -Kapol Sarkar” I was the devil who nicknamed him “chinky” .He is one of the closest friends of the institute to me and is of very good nature and has got great amount of knowledge.Be it defence, be it quizzes, this f***** aces them very well. I enjoyed every bit of bakar, when we used to screw Joshi whenever he used to put some random illogical crap.He is a hardworking guy and a bit of fool as he did assignments one after the other for me.We share a great common love for Mc spicy chicken and have loved going to TI every time for it. -D Aravind” Dont remember when we 1st met :P. But, whenever we met, we commented pulling each other leg... Dilip is down to earth, an easy-going, trustworthy friend. He has a great eye for detail; you just cant hide things from him; he caught me with the Indore methai which I told everyone that it was from my home :P He is my gadget guru. He is such an gadget maniac that he trims rather than shave for even interviews :P I believe he has the best time-management skill on campus: food time to friends, rest to girl-friends ;) wish you a bright and sexy future :) -Dinabandhu Kejriwal”

DILIP DEVKOTA Roll No. : 2011PGP623 DOB : 27/03/1988 NickName : Chinky

Tommy - Came to know him in campus as dilip. We met on TT Table, and then after that came to know him only as tommy. A very soft spoken and sincere guy. Glad to meet you, All the best tommy :)...MOHAMMED ARSHAD Tommy is a close to YO as one can be...:| N yeah he is def nt wannabe ;) :P Jokes apart Dilip Tomson is one of the most helping guys u wd ever com across. Yes I hv updated my list of admiring people - n u come in dat ;) Like ur funny mallu accent, cool cool jargon n u hv been a but of many jokes at our outings which was truly fun. The funniest part wd be the way u dance when ur drunk. Thank u for all those Gyan sessions for Microsoft .. Pie shop mein trt pending hai teri..but yeah dat doesnt mean I hv taken ur taunts for granted :| Wishing u all da very best for ur future! May u party n get drunk n rock on in future as well ! Ciao....DEBASHREE MOHAPATRA Tommy... “sahi hai tommy.. mast” is the memory which comes to mind :D... has the tendency to sing explicit hindi songs when drunk... very friendly guy who is always willing to help.. thanks for all the good memories, but i doubt if u were in a condition to remember most of them ;)...Sandip SM The first thing that comes to my mind bout tommy is his “caring” nature and he helps one and all unconditionally. He is the “Mr.Dependable” guys of my group. Nything pops up and we would be like.. “Aabe.. tommy hai na :)”. He is also a very knowledgeable person who has a constructive opinion about things. Dude I will always cherish the time we spent in Exchange and the way u used to lead in new locations (just like Columbus :P). Dude, u rock :)... SUBHANAN SAHOO Fondly called Tommy (Don’t think there is anyone who calls him Dilip), one of the guys who is ready and up for everything and anything. He is remembered for a lot of famous dialogues of his, some of them really funny. I cannot forget the time I spent in the Flying Pig Hostel at Amsterdam with him. Though Tommy is his nickname he is more famous among his friends circles as Charlie :P Wishing you all the best in your future endevours (pedikanda nammal ore kappalilanu :P) ...VIVEK SURESH

Roll No. : 2011PGP624 DOB : 07/05/1988 NickName : Tommy Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Dilip Monson Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-304 Permanent Address : Santhi Nilayam, Near 4th Railway Gate, Calicut-673032 About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : Charlies Angels (Movie) One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines :No issues, Cool, It’s fine either ways Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Butter Toast 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : F-Block Roof ;) Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Tommy!! One of the most affable guys on campus. He is always ready to lend a hand and help out. Very friendly, caring and a fun person to be around (lets have IB dude :D) ... He always seems to have the best chocolates in his room (Jawa can second that)! We’ve had some great times together.. All the best Tommy.. PS: Just don’t grow that Moushtache again!! And remember the Doctors advice :P ...DEEPAK SUDHAKAR Tommy, my neighbour in the class for a few days in the first year, a fellow TCSer- quiet, yet likes to have fun - Never seen him angry or agitated- the closest thing I have seen him to losing his temper is on the TT table- a whimper of a curse to himself on missing a shot.....PRADEEP KIRTHIVASAN RAJAGOPAL When I first met him, was not sure by what name should I call him .... and over the course of 2 years, the confusion has only increased - “Tommy/ Dilip/ Monson/ Charlie/ Columbus .... etc.. ... etc..” .... though m now sure that he is not offended irrespective of what he is called. In fact I wonder whether he ever gets offended .... the coolest, calm, composed and helping person I might have ever met .... as is also reflected in his frequently used phrases - “yo baby, no issues, cool, either way is fine with me ....” That coupled with his tall-dark-handsome looks, intelligence and knowledge (god only knows where he gets so much gyaan from) makes me feel envious. Lucky to have a friend like him r8 from Term 1 .... hope this association lasts as long as possible. Wld however miss his unique Hindi grammar and accent (IIM Indoor :P)...JITESH RAJENDRA KETKAR Dilip Tommy Monson- dude u r UNIQUE: awesome name, awesome attitude, awesome style, awesome friends, awesome song choice & many more awesome things :P sometimes i wonder how u can be so Awesome and still be so humble :D ..the best thing about u is dat u have an awesome hair style and awesome smile. Ohh how can i miss your awesome walking :P ...tommy- u r cool and intelligent person & u know what u want in life. u maintain equal balance b/w padhai and masti....On serious note, take care of your health. Wishing u a great and fun-filled life.....YO BABY \../ \../...VARUN SINGH BOTHIYAL


Roll No. : 2011PGP625 DOB : 26th Nov NickName : Dinu Dear Jr.VC, A person with minor crack in awesome brain. Brilliant, but stupid. Dedicated, but lazy. Chained thought process involved guy. Friend carer. Many events we participated together. Brilliant in knowledge. Some times hyper active, some times never found. Right person to approach for in need. Competitive. He Knows how to handle things. I got AXIS bank stock after he got PPO and I am in profits. Good luck - Keep in touch !! Thanks VC....SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI Dinu Kejriwal... met him for the first time after Equit-I senior team selection. One of the most hardworking persons among the best finance brains on campus. Had some of the best times in 2nd year conversing and debating with him on various issues...Keep rocking and don’t forget to forward my resume :P :P... ADITYA KIRAN NORI

DINABANDHU KEJRIWAL Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : SR12-412, C-209 Permanent Address : Kaliyaganj, West Bengal About Me : CFA Level 3 Fail... Most Memorable CP : Hariya ki class me.... PORs on campus : Voyage Capital, Equit-I, Marathon & Ahvan Ideal endorser for : Banks One song you symbolize :Gangnam Style Mostly caught doing : Hanging in my friend’s room Frequently uttered lines : Abey aise nahi...waise kar.... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Paratha 10 years from now you will be : Bankrupt If not MBA then : Bankrupt Favourite spot on campus : AKS’s room Friend groups on campus : Booze Boys... First crush in the institute : ****** ***** Lasting impressions about college : BestHoliday destination in India Best memory of IIMI : HOP, RIP, Cricket, AOE

Dinu Sirjee :D got to know you during the PAF group,enjoyed and learnt a lot working with you :) you and rathi leave me awestruck with your Financial lingo conversations,brains and humility,u are a great team player.Honor to work with you..keep up the good work. Sky is the limit for u....Best Wishes :D...ADITI DIXIT Dinu was part of our Himalayan group & has become our resident ‘Fin’gineer ever since. He is a very knowledgeable guy & you can learn more about management & planning from Dinu than from most lectures (i hope you won’t charge anything for this, Dinu) . My best wishes for a prosperous future & don’t stop till you reach CFA level 100 :P...PATANGE PRASANNA SATISH he has an opinion about anything and everything under the roof.. his company for one long year has sure made me more introspective.. :P.. very logical, big sleepyhead and very deceptive by his words..never mistake him on face value..he’s got a habit of putting things in a way you won’t like but he sure means it well for you..helplessly very helpful.. ‘Finatic to the core..he could beat profs with his arguments in minutes.. and very wise at choosing courses.. you know i still wonder why we had that long cold war, but i guess that’s what friends do. :).. i really appreciated your chivalry and i still remember when u would walk us back from SR while u listened to my constant cribs.. you are like an open book written in white pen.. there’s quite a lot that you have taught me about myself.. I wish you a great life ahead full of happiness and success.. May God bless you!! ...SHWETA KALLA DINNU Rani, Please don’t be mistaken by his CFA level 2 certification [CFA level 3 failed :P], Even though he comes to you as a Finance hardcore, he can be as good in marketing subjects. His critical evaluation of situations is impeccable and I sincerely admire his organizing and planning skills. He was instrumental in Interview preparation of many of us. His meticulous approach to any situation and plans is second to none. He is one of the few guys whom you would solely trust with giving a full postmortem of any problem. An unlikely good friend I made in IIMI and I know he is a friend worth keeping till the end. best of luck for the future bro. you rock \m/...JANMAJIT DAS dinu bhaii....really liked pulling ur legs specially regarding the JAM and Pi shop things..with DM in company it was just too hilarious...he is very objective and street smart..have always seen him playing either AOE or Cricket...ur fin skills are legendary bt really was surprised abt ur marketing acumen during the mock interview u took....wishing u all da best bro!!!!...DILIP DEVKOTA

DM... real all rounder... super intelligent.. amazing sportsman (i cant even list all the sports here)... though he really hated losing :P (prbly the reason why he was so good).. Only problem with him is that he is an eternal pessimist, and can destroy your spirits in 5 mins flat.. Still, really enjoyed all the time i spent with him, especially on the squash court. Wishing u a great life... -Sandip SM” This person is most famous for : his Badminton and Squash skills...Smashes as if he is in a battle - would aim to kill: P. Will always carry a smile on his face whatever be the situation and thts why I feel that most his friends and me don’t mind approaching him at any time for anything...and being a Fin god, one can approach him for being coached in finance. Not to forget he loves eating and always/mostly has never entered my room empty handed, his Uncle Chips follows him wherever he goes. Divay it is wonderful having u as a friend :) -F Muhammed Hashim” He is a true legend! His style and panache are one of a kind and I have become a huge fan ;) His ability to solve complex problems in a matter of minutes, and his knowledge about Finance is remarkable.! He is very hardworking towards studies and equally involved in sports, which makes him a perfect all rounder. Infact, I dont think there’s a better all rounder than DM on the whole campus! This IIT+IIM one of his kind lad is sure to take the corporate world by storm, when he steps out.! All the best DM, stay in touch :) -Anurag Gupta” DM....ladies and gentlemen this is the most talented guy on campus period. He is a perfectionist maybe that is why he excels at whatever he does and maybe that is why he can get on your nerves so easily. A great friend to have. It is a treat to beat him at anything and also a treat to be with him on He also has the record of finding anybody on facebook the quickest. -Pinaki Sarkar”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : SR2-210 Permanent Address : About Me : simple and hardworking Most Memorable CP : Shivam’s feedback on Pinkai’s work in Business Communication PORs on campus : ShARE-Energy,Junior Team Ideal endorser for : rackets One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : facebook search Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half boiled maggie 10 years from now you will be : working on a social cause If not MBA then : Masters in Electronics Favourite spot on campus : Sports Complex Friend groups on campus : Shivam,Pinkai,Mehul,SM,Dinu First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : I will miss it for sure Best memory of IIMI : Parties in Seggari’s room

We were hostel neighbors from day zero, starting from ER3 to C-Block. Even our electives were common across all three terms. I had most of my memorable time at IIMI with him...... for gaming, to animated discussions on all possible topics on earth. An all-rounder, gold medalist in acads as well as in sports. Very friendly but loves to tease people. Does not work hard but works smart. Knows exactly what to prepare for in an exam & in the end manages good grades with one day prep. Wish you the best in everything u do -Dinabandhu Kejriwal” DM....well he is a good friend ....he has a very special way of carrying him....a good sportsman...tough when u see him this is the last thing you would think i have seen this guy from being very sacrosanct about assingements even the spacing between the words to free riding..:P...jokes apart..the thing about him is the cool composure which he maintains in all the situations... all the best.. -Ankit Parmar” All-rounder’ is the word to describe him. You can find him doing excellent in all spheres of life here at campus - Acads, Sports, Bakars. Will always cherish the moments spent with you - Group Assignments - Squash - Tennis - Quizzes - Competitions. You are set to achieve great heights in you life. Wish you best for future, keep in touch :) -Naresh Kumar” DM the most laid back character i have met in this college ...still the most hardworking, intelligent guy on the campus who is at zenith; be it studies, tennis, squash, badminton, cricket ...... I first met him during Chunauti after he was almost unseen ...... we became friends at the start of our MDI trip ...... I admire ur enthusiasm...stay in touch and all the best for ur future :) -Nikhil Shinde”

DIVAY MANHAS Roll No. : 2011PGP626 DOB : 12/03/1987 NickName : DM

Eddu.....I wanted to be the first one to write something for you!!!! What can I say about you, I think my love for Mahesh Babu movies was wjat introduced me to Eduu and he has been a rock. I appreciate all the good times we have spent. I will always miss him when I pass out of here. I have come across very few sincere people who have malice or spitefulness and he is one of them, He is a kid in many ways, but he is so growp up in so many ways. He has always been there for me whenever I needed him. He is always there for people, he is soooo selfless. An absolute gem of a person, a very rare breed of human being indeed. I am fortunate I met him. One thing about eddu is that he never gets worked up ever. He is always smiling no matter what time of the day. He is fixated about watching soaps, sleeping. He is a gadget freak. He likes electronic gadgets that look good!! He knows a lot about software, hardware etc etc and he constantly tells me I am dum and I accept it without any issues:)...he hardly studies but is a genius! he is extremely brainy and can score marks without studying and if he decided to out in a little effort, then there is no stopping him. He will surely go places!!! U r the best!! Will miss u lottssssss...SUGATHA KARTHIKEYAN ‘’ (There is nothing left to write about Eddu,everything about him is covered in the above comment by Sugatha:))... PRAVEEN ALLURI Dear IIM Hyd Guy, You don’t look like mahesh babu...not at all. lazy. You can try roles as a villain - better suited to your nature :P. Best part is - always happy - very few people whom i saw has this feature. Ofcourse IIT + IIM Combo - product shd be like eddu.Except His First crush,More or less - everything is explained by 1st comment clearly. keep in touch ra..Thanks, HR...SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI Arey ITEM...Kushal C One can rarely be a gem product (IIT + IIM) and Eddu is one of the rarest species I can say. Takes very less effort but completes the job real quick and efficiently be it HRM or Ops in Greek or Latin for himself or for others :-P. Loves himself very much and thatâ??s the reason for him being so happy all the time. Is one of my special friends and has been on my side when I needed. May not handle some senti situations but capable of making someone smile with ease. Doesnâ??t take much tension and doesnâ??t show it on his face but believe me he is as sensitive as anyone can be. Eddu, thanks for bearing me these two years. I shouted at you many times but you still are my precious friend. Two years is very less, time has passed very soon but of course we gonna have fun later too. Keep the smiling face forever and I wish you all the best for your future endeavours. This is for THE FAMILY â?? We met, we talked, we laughed, we liked, we loved, we cried, we played, we fought, we ignored, we hated but friends we remain foreverâ?¦we still are THE FAMILY, YOU still are the precious. Keep in touch even if you feel I am just a passing cloud. Will miss you!!!...PERALA PRATHEEK

Roll No. : 2011PGP627 DOB : 31-08-1990 NickName : eddu Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-211 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Junior member Humain-I Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

I think most of it is covered by above comments---ITEM ga. If you ever loose your confidence,,just talk to this person for 5 min and am sure you don’t need any yoga or dumb lectures. He is one of the Candid persons, I met in my life. You don’t want to look at your watch when you are with this person- A true entertainer. I have a doubt Eddu- Are you the Heart throb ya body guard of IIM Girls???? Keep in Touch ra and thanks for sharing very valuable insights, you know which can’t be mentioned:)...PRITHVI TEJA GONAPA ONLY MALE in our himalayan trip group. Bhai ladkiyon ki tarah yeh likhna ajeeb lag raha hai ke “ you have heart of gold”. Lekin ye sach hai...Caring by nature. Aur gussa to inki naak par hamesha viraajmaan rahta hai...I guess he will be a tough father in future. Wish you all the best for your upcoming life....SHAILESH CHANDRA GAUTAM Eddu is a f@$%ing loser most of the times yet he gives you a hundred reasons to interact ! The best thing is that he is a really good person at heart and always thinks good about people around him. He does his own thing and does not worry about what others have to say. He did run away from me at many lunch encounters ! Chalo excuse you for that ! Achieve the best ahead champ ! \m/...ROOPAK BHARTEE


Roll No. : 2011PGP628 DOB : 27/06/87 NickName : Hashim Hashim Bhai, kabhi santusht nai rehte. Only satisfied when he is with Atif. hashim is one of the brainy guys of campus, who works also quite hard. Wanted him to be my group mate so that I can free ride. Most of the time Hashim tension mai rehta hai, but jab nai rehta to one of the awesome guide hota hai. Also he is one of the few persons who get so carried over during B’day bumps that they fracture their own toe :p. I still remember carrying you to your room. All the best Hashim, may you get all you aspire for......MOHAMMED ARSHAD

F MUHAMMED HASHIM Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-212 Permanent Address : No 25 Vellala Street,11th Cross,Thillanagar,Trichy About Me : Not again !! Hav answered this questn too many times :P Most Memorable CP : None PORs on campus : Utsaha- Core Team,Club Kaizen Ideal endorser for : KFC,Alcove n Cheese,Nafees One song you symbolize :Crash and Burn Mostly caught doing : Aaram Frequently uttered lines : Sahi mein kya !!!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggiii 10 years from now you will be : Happy as always :) If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : C Block Rooftops Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Missing the Train during RIP - tht too twice

A very hard working and talented person. I shared two months of summer internship days him and learned quite a big lesson on never give up attitude. One thing i always tell u is that u can always be more confident then u currently are. Gud luck bhai and may u achieve heights in future....HIMANSHU KANAUJIA Dear Siva’s friend, An year - beside me - Section F. Hard working and Disciplined person. Just leave up your tensions, you ll reach heights. Fighter. Acads from >100 to <50 ranks in 2 terms. Good logical thinker being worked with few events. Easily gets pissed off, but anger stays for quite a small time. Operational Operating expert. Very happy for kicking me on my B’day bash. Good luck. keep in touch. Thanks Hashim’s friend.... SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI Hashu!! My badminton buddy and a dear friend...kabhi kabhi has bhi deta hai...super hardworking and amazingly fun loving, have shared some awesome moments of masti and gossip with him....He has always had firm belief in me and has helped me get through some of the toughest times here. Will always remember how we both campaigned to get u thru Kaizen and placom elections :P n god knows kya hi ho jata hai tumhe saamne se call karne me....plz always remember my 3 calls rule...that will hold keep in touch. All the best.. :) Harita ...K . HARITA My dear friend Hashim, it would have been a shame if we hadnt met. The sweetest guy on campus, hardworking, really intelligent, dedicated, but with the weirdest sense of humour (if you know what i mean!!), shy and reserved yet unravels quite amusingly (check Rural Immersion). I will miss those long talks we had, shared so much with you. You will always be one of the closest friends i have. Hashim, there is an undercurrent in you, a drive, which makes me confident that you are going to make it big someday (hopefully in the field of Operations and not stand up comedy!). Hope all your dreams come true. Do stay in touch. ...SHALINA VERMA One good thing Russell Peters jokes did other than give the laughs was to get to know Hashu better ( Guess I’m a dead man tomorrow). Very soft spoken, extremely hard working, helpful, sincere, and reliable ( any girls seeing this?). When I try to think about why we managed to connect, I guess it was all about the little things, little things like being a bit too shy and not bothering to come in the frame during birthday photographs. We’ve had our moments too haven’t we? ;) When I talk to you or chat with you, I just can’t resist the innuendos da, afterall it was you who began it all. Will never forget BigD’s reply to your all too familiar antic. But beyond all our immature talks, what I’ve seen in Hashim is a very simple, down to earth person whom I will always respect and admire ( don’t get me wrong :P). Just keep the unnecessary tension in check, you will surely live a blessed life. Will miss the innuendo laden talks, so dare not forget and do keep in touch....P N GANAPATHI

I wish I had known this guy sooner, and I had opportunities too! Gadkhel was my senior at undergrad but we never met there. Even during PGP 1 we were acquaintances. It was only in PGP 2, when we were living in the same hostel that we started talking on a regular basis. I find his company immensely pleasurable and relaxing. He is one of those guys who is passionate about whatever he does, be it watching football, or listening to music. Don’t be fooled by his laid back approach, Gadkhel’s as sharp as they come. It has been nice knowing you. Good luck and best wishes for your career. Glory! Glory! Man Utd.!!!...SANKARANARAYANAN KRISHNAN Goga bhai se meri mulaqaat 2nd year mein hi hui..but we hit off was an absolute delight to watch Man United matches with him week after week in G Block common room..i loved his in depth insights about the game and learnt hell lot from him..his passion for the red devils is saluteworthy..he is an absolutely chilled guy, and the guy u wud love to hang out with..Goga Dada mera dream hai ki ek din main aur aap, theatre of dreams mein saath khade United ka match dekhen..hopefully we will keep in touch and continue sharing our passion for the team :)...RAMEEN KHAN He comes with a bloated stomach and a brain that size to boot, Not to mention the only thing you’d like to do when he’s ranting is .. scoot, When not napping, the leviathan can be found munching, brunching or lunching (occasionally dunking), Yet to one’s amazement can bombard you with analyses which is at the least mentally crunching, I wish you more alcohol, meat and other hedonistic pleasures for the future, Though ManU still sucks and shall always in my opinion remain a loser :D!...MRINAL KUMAR MISHRA of good friend which the game “basketball” has given me..though we were in the same section in the PGP1 but i guess it was playing as a basketball team mate that strengthened the bond of friendship between us...a sincere student and sportsman....a good friend.....a person who always greets you in high spirits with a smile on face.....have a great time in the journey called “life””..:)...ANKIT PARMAR

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : G320 Permanent Address : Nagpur About Me : Im Lazy Most Memorable CP : Naaaiiice PORs on campus : Many positions, no responsibility Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Absolutely Nothing Frequently uttered lines : Peace hai Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : French Toast 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Basketball Court, Mess (0,0,0,0) Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Himalayan Trip

Yeyeye..Gogaa!!!My best best buddy...a super cool, confident guy..u have been in my most of the IIM pages right from the 1st class in 1st term to last class in 6th term..from the brkfast to nightmess in a awesome RIP,group outings , loads n loads of fun....its like writing almost every moment I spent on the campus :) :) I am really lucky to have u as a great friend who never says “No” to anything I ask. All I can say is have a rocking and successful life ahead :) ...Aishwarya Samala Though we were from the same section it was only in the second year that I got to know himâ?courtesy common subjects and group assignments. Very helpfulâ?.that is how I will always remember him. Be it a group assignment, of which he might or might not be a part of, or a last minute bond paper search :D he is always ready to help. A quick mind â?I am sure he will do very well in Trading in/at Future :D. I hope you achieve whatever you wish for and have fun achieving it....K PALLAVI JHA The very first day, after a few of those introductory “where are you from” blah blah.. We came to know that we both enjoyed playing basketball.. Could not have asked for a better roommate in the first two terms! From things like what temperature to set the AC at to playing music while studying to drinking before an assignment submission, those two terms were awesome fun! The amazing thing was that he was one more guy who took very less tension in life - brilliant at whatever he does while doing so without any tension.. Probably my best screen-and-roll teammate.. Keep balling, keep rocking and needless to say, keep in touch! :)...APARAJIT S

GADKHEL ROHIT PREMNATH Roll No. : 2011PGP629 DOB : 25th September NickName : Goga

Probably the closest friend of mine here at campus....Let me put this testimonial into sm context first, he has two lives on campus. Under the first one, he studies a lot..Just look at his SM spiral and u ll come across the dedication that he puts into his studies. Name a certification and he has them all....His fundas r awesome thats why he is called a CP master esp in Strategy classes...Under the other life, he is the Rocket. Those who hv partied wid him know it well...He enjoys to d fullest, doesn’t give a damn to rules, in fact likes to break them all....He is ready to pay sm thousand bucks 4 a couple of hrs of sleep...Our friendship has grown over time and it ll continue to do so...I hv shared d most wid him on this campus...He is really helpful in the things that really matter...U can’t expect him to help u in picking sm Dosa 4 u frm d Dosa Point....;P The time we have spent together was really memorable and I am sure rest of our lives ll only add onto it... Just be urself and stay blessed!!!!! Baaki baatein toh tu samjh hi lega......BALJINDER SINGH Gargi aka Makkhi is an awesome friend to have, be it in parties or in studies. He is very co-operative in all aspects of life and its my bad luck to have him by my side in 2nd year. Hard-core Fin guy, he has been my partner in various company interviews and has always been my guiding light. A true friend at heart, he lives his life to the fullest. His amazing dance steps and crushes for foreign ladies will reside deep in my memories. Although our friendship started quite late, I believe that it doesn’t matter when you can find friends like him. Be yourself and keep in touch. May God bless you with wine, dine and 69 throughout your life. And if college authorities are looking for sudden dearth in the no. of fire extinguishers in the hostels that here is your MAN :)...VIPUL SINGH Gargii..!!! The 2nd Gaurav of our group, who was the part of my Bakra group. Since those days, his BB has been his best friend, You would find him w/o his BB, on which he keeps on playing 1 stupid game. I wish his obsession with that game gets over soon and he starts thinking about real people too ;). On a more serious note, Gargi is a person whom very few people know, he never opens up, not even in front of his best of friends, but once he is high he forgets everything, and cries like a baby and dances like nobody’s watching him. While on the other side, he’s very serious about his life and career aspirations, he knows what’s important for him and what’s not, knows what he wants and continuously strive hard to achieve it. I wish him all the very best for life. I am sure we’re gonna stay in touch as he is one of the few good friends I have made on campus. Tc and EnJoY LiFe ..\m/ ...DEEPAK AZAD Garg one of the most genuine guys going around on campus !! He is unique in his very own ways !! Doesn’t give a damn what others think about him !! Bhai jo man mein aaya karna hai !! An awesome friend with whom you can have a conversation just about anything. Just loves his BB spent the whole first year playing that stupid game on BB. Integral in making that left hand corner of class special. Sort of strategy guru just see him globe his way to glory in these classes. He surely has a split personality one is a normal garg and other an abnormal one after drinking. He would dance, fall, jump and do all sort of weird things when drunk. Really admire the way u brushed up your fin knowledge after getting internship. Keep rocking !! Njoy !!...MANPREET SINGH REKHI

Roll No. : 2011PGP630 DOB : 30-Jan-1987 NickName : GargI Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-214 Permanent Address : Flat II-B, House No 29, Nilumoni Phukan Path, Christian Basti, GS Road, Guwahati - 781029 About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Chanakya’2011 Ideal endorser for : Beer :D One song you symbolize : Char Baj Gaye lekin Party abhi baaki hai ... ;) Mostly caught doing : Watchin TV Series :P Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chaiiiii .... 10 years from now you will be : Running my Lounge If not MBA then : Hotel Management Favourite spot on campus : The balcony outside Mess on 1st floor Friend groups on campus : The Family(Gupta, Khatri, Pawar, Patil, Shishir, Kataria, Dhaka, CGV, Vipul, Arya, Vivekanand, Abhinav, Rahul Singh, Mehul, Pinaki, Sudhir, Shivam), Balji, Azad, Gunit, Vemb, Chirag !! ;) First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Beaautiful Place ... Best memory of IIMI : The all Nighter Parties with my Buddies :)

Gargi.....a great friend .....a guy with a perfect dressing sense...these days i can watch him playing badminton in the E block court...he plays a well which i initially did not expect :) he is a guy who will always be with you tough times and also the party times..he is good at both of them,,he keeps tension 1000km away from him.... Banda yeh Bindass hei:)...ANKIT PARMAR “Queen of Good Times” -Nothing I say could really accurately describe his love for “Good Times”. This guy is a great friend ready to sacrifice anything for his friends, and (surprisingly) has great brains - CIP would always be memorable so would be the Hara Bhara Kebaab instance, Dance Steps on old Hindi songs etc. Even though it has been less than 6 months when we truly met he has been more than a friend - a life savior , a Gym Instructor etc. An extreme “cleanliness” freak - his love for keeping things in neat & clean order is unmatched - I am sure he’ll put his wife to shame with it. Another “girly” aspect of the man is his love for personal care products and his looks in general (matching shirt, sock, shoes et all!). All in all a great great person to hang out with! :)...CHIRAG BHUTANI


Roll No. : 2011PGP631 DOB : 7th Dec, 1986 NickName : Gupta, Guptu, The ‘Punisher’ I got to know Gaurav since Bakra days. I still remember the meeting on his room first day to complete Bakra assignment, where he gave some gyan on fashion and apparel industry. On a serious note, he is intelligent, serious and responsible person, who works silently without show off. Wish you success and happiness in life. ...SMITA VERMA

GAURAV GUPTA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER3 - 223, SR12 - 112, C-215 Permanent Address : 199-B, 16 - A, Faridabad, Haryana - 121002 About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Placement Committee 2011 - 13 Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aloo Parantha and double omlette 10 years from now you will be : CEO, of a Fortune 500 company If not MBA then : Head Chef at my chain of restaurants & Lounges Favourite spot on campus : The balcony outside Mess on 1st floor Friend groups on campus : Garg, Khatri, Pawar, Patil, Shishir, Kataria, Dhaka, CGV, Vipul, Arya, Vivekanand, Azad, Balji, Chirag, Abhinav, Rahul Singh, Mehul, Pinaki, Sudhir, Shivam, Andij, Suhas, Haldar, Harshal First crush in the institute : Nisha Nair Lasting impressions about college : A Roller Coaster Ride... Best memory of IIMI : Every session spent with my gang

One of the first persons to meet on the campus although I came to know him better somewhere from the 2nd term onwards esp RIP..He has all the qualities of being a good guy..He wud order those 30 paranthas for a 5-6 guys at the dhaba and then say firmly, “Baaki baad mein order karenge”...He also beat Pandey in eating...A fun loving guy and always available for d help...He is one intelligent guy and quick grasper of things..He has seen his share of ups and downs in life..Those tough times, u managed to handle them well... Being a part of PlaCom, I must mention u r one of d best guys that it has got....If I starts counting no of moments that we have shared together, this page won’t be enough..The room parties, Outings, RIP and Himalayas..ur presence facilitated d fun part in the trips...Thanks 4 being around and being a really gud frnd of mine....We ll keep in touch, no doubt abt that...Have a great career ahead!!! God Bless.......BALJINDER SINGH GG is one my best friends in campus and one of the few guys who impressed me with his eloquent speech during placom elections and since then I have been voting for him relentlessly. Sad that we met in the 5th sem but the fun we had during this period will remain priceless to me. Thank you for showing your dancing skills on ‘Muqabla Muqabla’ and singing talent on various Mohd. Rafi songs. His passion for food remain matchless while his poker skills still remain in doubt. He is an intelligent, hard working guy who gives due reverence to his duties....and I respect him for that. Quite a child at heart, he always brings new ‘bakar’ ideas to the table. Be yourself and may god bless you with all your wishes. Once again, thank you for being a daring and caring friend of mine for life !!!...VIPUL SINGH Gupta, as we all fondly call him, is a gem of a person, who will always stand by your side no matter what happens. I know him since the 1st day of college, and my 1st impression of him was somebody who is very serious and studious, but as our friendship grew, I realized how bad I am at judging people at 1st sight. He is a perfect party animal, who likes to enjoy both music and good food. However you need to cross verify all the GUPTA FACTS, as the confidence with which he speaks, would actually make you believe in him ;), but he is also one of the most mature and responsible guys I know. It’s been great to have him as a friend, and would always cherish the memories of good times we spent together. I am sure the future holds a lot of opportunities and good things for you. Wish you get them all. Tc and enjoy life king size, as you always do.. Keep in touch :)...DEEPAK AZAD Gupta..”yaaron ka yaar”..though i did not get much opportunity to know him as a person in the 1st year.. finally 2nd year was the time..:)...a good friend who has advises for a range of the first meeting he might look as a tough person mainly due to his physique..he is good at heart....a person whose presence makes friends happy and comfortable.... Guptaji.....bhasad jari rakhna... all the very best...ANKIT PARMAR Even though it has been less than 6 months that we met, there have been some truly memorable moments with Gupta - his Rafting Role - Aage Jaon??, Hara Bara Kebaab instance, his dancing skills during one of those nights, Cooking Skills during HOP etc. Though I would like to specially mention his Food Ordering Skills here which are truly extra -ordinary!Extremely chirpy, he exudes a lot of positive energy and optimism that makes him the perfect guy to hang out when things are not quite going your way. ...CHIRAG BHUTANI

Mr. Khatri - one of my first and best friends on campus - is a gem of a person. Not only is he my good friend but is a very good person. Our friendship was built on a solid foundation of sharing cigarettes :). He has always been there whenever I needed help or support. I can rely on him to stay awake the entire night just so that he can wake me up before my exam. There have been instances where he did assignments throughout the night while I slept peacefully. Where can you find such friends? If I felt sad, he would be there in my room and try to cheer me up. If I was happy, he would be there to share my happiness. If I had a tiff with somebody, we would gang up against him :). We did everything together, from completing assignments to jogging. It would be an understatement to say that this journey would have been colorless without meeting Gaurav. I hope he finds happiness wherever he goes -Vaibhav Rastogi” I don’t know how & when it started. I don’t know who initiated the interaction. I just remember a word of appreciation at Nakharali Dhani, “Are apna CR to achha hai, waisa nahi hai” Since then we’ve never looked back. I don’t know when this “Rangeela-Ratan” became one of my best buddies. Be it anything - classes, assignments, relationships, we always discussed “Politics”. People say that I am a good story teller, but he is simply better than me and the “tadka” of humour he adds to them is simply Superaaaa. Don’t get deceived by his tough angry looks, inside he has a heart of gold. He has been my friend, guide & motivator at all times. Whenever I was down, he was always around and helped me get my feet back on the ground. One of the most impactful person around. Talk to anyone who has come in contact with him, they’ll agree that he has left an ever lasting impression on them. I believe it’s simply because of truthfulness of his character. Has seen ups & downs in life but has never thought ill about anybody who has hurt him. That’s the best and the rarest kind of persons and we are lucky to have him as our friend. -Bhavesh Karandikar”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Are mere will remain close to my heart be it in any circumstances. Khatri is simply one of the few guys in campus with a 24 carat pure heart and thats why I respect him the most. Because of his desire of having a coffee date, I have been relentlessly probed by him for new ideas and tricks but believe me it has quite a fun. -Vipul Singh” Apna Teddy aka Khatri. It was always fun to have Bakar with u. Khatri is such a gem, always don to earth, always ready to give advice, helpful- can go to any extent to help friends.It was an honor to know u, I feel lucky to have u as a friend. May God give u all the happiness and success in ur life. -Om Prakash Verma” met him during the first group assignment...had mixed feelings..but bonded over the first term..he has been a great support ever since. I will always remember the first online chat i had with him..i was feeling very low and he lifted my mood, i am still indebted to him for that chat :) he is one of the most genuine people i have met here and is a great person. always smiling his crooked smile..he has always made me laugh with his antics...a sweetheart, always full of energy, someone i know i can joke with :) he is very caring for everyone around him.. and he will always be there to help! you deserve great things in life...I hope you get all that u wish for in life and keep smiling always. will miss u..please stay in touch :) -Sakshi Makkar” A good friend who thankfully smiles everytime he sees me now :) :) Sweet to talk to n ever energetic. All the best Gaurav ( have never kld u dat before :O) n maintain ur smile :) -Kriti Agarwal” ‘Humtauek hi gaanv se hain’-Vikas Parihar”

GAURAV KHATRI Roll No. : 2011PGP632 DOB : NickName :

Being bakra group members, we met on our first day at Planet-I, when we all ran whole night to complete funniest assignments of our life. Though hectic, those two days were fun. A doctor at heart and a manager by mind, Gautam is a person who enjoys every moment of life. Wish you a happy and successful life ahead ! ...SMITA VERMA The “doctor-saab” of the batch, he will always be the last one i will go to for any type of consultation :P. My lastbench neighbor for over a year, he is almost inseparable from his mobile phone. From taking turns to beat each others scores in random games to asking him to teach me finance at 3 in the night, it was a treat to know him. I think somewhere deep down, he still cant figure out whether he is a “doctor” or a “banker” or a combination of both. He knows how to enjoy himself and makes sure people around him do to. A constant hit amongst the girls, he has certainly gone places :P He might come across as laid back but his propensity to work when needed is unparalleled. All the best for the future. Future prediction: Operating own financial trading firm dealing in healthcare stocks!!! ...ANIRBAN GHOSH The casanova of the batch. I am still skeptical about your MBBS degree, I still the horror and panic on your face when we had that medical emergency in class. lol.. A brilliant and awesome guy and a n awesome sportman, The complete man. Keep rocking and stay in touch. SETH-I....JANMAJIT DAS Sethi ! He is among those people I seriously respect on campus ! A very dear friend and a person who really knows where he wants to be ! Intelligent, smart, a cricketer, squash champ and thods sa TT bhi khel hi leta hain! Some of his other talents are better not written here ! He is one person you can always go for an advice (anything apart from doctory), expect him to be there when you need, and always stays calm & focused. He knows exactly when tp work hard and also get work done at the right time. We did participate in competitions together and it was always fuN ! We are the best cards team on campus ! :) Achieve the best ahead bhai ! \m/...ROOPAK BHARTEE kya be ...ASHISH KUMAR

Roll No. : 2011PGP633 DOB : NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

If there is one person who has tortured me all through these two years, its Sethi! Be it the six terms on campus, internship in Mumbai, Exchange in Vienna, he followed me everywhere to mess with my head, and honestly Im glad that he did! One of the first friends I made, infact even before coming to campus, he’s been by my side through thick and thin. He has the patience like no one else to sit and listen to my endless cribbing and stories and then just say ‘kitna royega’ after that! haha. Mumbai and Vienna were an absolute blast thanks to both of us pulling each other out to party and pushing each other to do all the crazy things! This good for nothing doctor sure has been my closest friend, who will laugh at me endlessly for things i cant do, but then has his ways of helping me through them, be it gyming or making me travel by the stupid train to indore . Sethi features in almost all the memories I take back from my MBA and I hope we continue sharing this fun chemistry for life! Cheers!!...SHIVENDRA RAIZADA


Roll No. : 2011PGP634 DOB : 07/08/1989 NickName : George is a super cool guy who can remain cool even in the most difficult situations. Fondly called GeoFra :P He has been my room mate for the Exchange in Europe and we have had a lotta great times together, be it trekking the mountains of Germany, swimming in the beaches of Portugal or walking the streets of Paris. An avid series watcher, I don’t think there are many series which he has not seen. I hope you remain cool as ever throughout your life. Wishing all the best for your future.. Cheers!!...VIVEK SURESH

GEORGE FRANCIS THARAYIL Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : georganism Hostel Room : F-001 F115 ER3-314 Permanent Address : Cochin Kerala About Me : l Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Distortion , AIESEC Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize :Ramble On Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggie with 2 eggs 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Rooftops, Raghus Room Friend groups on campus : Chappads , Malllus First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : First year with Chappads

i know this classifies as too mainstream but nonetheless, intelligent george is someone who can make you jealous, the bugger doesnt study shit and still manages to score a 3 ... he has a brilliant sense of music and he never misses a barca match even if it is at whatever odd time of the day .... his room has been the ultimate party place for us this year ... that trek back after the shiva sqaud party, the trip on shiva, losing our way back in the jungle at 1 in the night, no phone, no lights, freezing temperatures, i think that would sum up what we ve been through over the last 2 years and it was a brilliant ride throughout ... my fellow chappad, thanks for being there and hoping that we continue tripping at and to all those places we still vnt explored .... ...MANU SHIVANAND George is a person with whom i got to work in the term 3 of PGP 1. Being a very cool guy, he used to come up with very straightforward solutions to the assignment problems. Quite often, we think so much so that we forget the obvious, but he is one person who used to remind us all of that obvious thing, and make our work quite easy. Always ready to throw a party, and being very jolly in nature, he can many times be seen among his friends. keep in touch George, and may God bestow His choicest blessings upon you.... MAHAJAN ABHIJEET ANIL George!!! the hostess with the mostest _______, his room is where the private party is during those unbearable DJ nights, generally flooded with people and about a few hours into the party someone asks, “where’s George? oh class!”, his playlist is insane, he’s my fellow simpsons fan, he knows exactly one dance step but its how well you do the move right?!Its always a blast with you dude! ...BHAVNA SHARMA a real RocknRolla... in everything from his movie n music preferences to his ‘devil may care’ attitude. hardcore messi n barca fan... lazy ass but has more than enough intelligence to make up for it. i’ve known him since 12th class n he has been a great friend all the way.. its been a real pleasure... n im sure it’ll stay that way.....Sandip SM Intelligent George!!! One of the most chilled out and laid back guys on campus though gets really rattled when it comes to calculating the night mess bill :P. His room has been out main hangout spot this term be it for parties, playing cards, listening to music or “rolling in the deep”... A huge football fan esp Barca and Messi and has a brilliant taste in music... You brought life to this boring term man and heres to more fun times ahead. Cheers and keep in touch :)...DEEPAK SUDHAKAR Again, one more person that I really got to know well only in the second year - especially after he came back from exchange.. But it’s been a blast ever since! One of the highlights of the first year was the “tall George, intelligent George” incident :P.. This guy is one completely chilled out, super smart and fun fellow.. His room has been the party-central and we’ve had some of the best times on campus there.. Brilliant taste in music and movies and a major fan of 29 (or 56).. Here’s hoping for a lot more fun times ahead and crazy trips! :)...APARAJIT S

Apna Ghangnam new comer tha apne HOP group. Ghangnam iska nam rakha tha. Ghannu HOP mai rockstar tha stamina ke mamle mai. Super chilled out banda hai. This is to tell you Ghannu that your pre process is over and you are officially the member of Karre Launde group. All the best Ghannu......MOHAMMED ARSHAD A very lively person with dam care attitude. Even he joined our HOP group late but very soon became a major contributor of the group....HIMANSHU KANAUJIA GHAnnu, we became friends when we started playing late night cricket. A brilliant and energetic guy, you can always feel his enthusiasm in the field, keep rocking and stay in touch bro, ...JANMAJIT DAS Gajender (Khatri style) was my group mate for many competitions. A person who should by now know dareto-compete like the back of his hand. Even I don’t have a tally of what-all B-Schools you had sent our B-Plan to. Energetic and extremely hard-working person. All the best dude and do keep in touch....Shaishav Solanki Ghannu Baba as people call him.. We met because of being from the same place... He doesn’t care about anything in the world and knows to have fun always.. I can’t remember a single time when I asked him about having ticket for going home and he said yes... You can’t find him being himself if there are girls present.. :P found out that at RIP.. but still enjoyed your company a lot over there... Best of luck baba and Njoy... :)... PRATEEK BANSAL Ghannnuuuu.. Sholay ki yaad dila dete ho tum yaar.. wo RIP mein bhi mast pose dekar photo liya tha, remember.. thoda sa less talkative but fun ke maamle mein Ghannu bilkul lead karta hai.. All the Best for everything and take care:) .. ...ISHITA SINGH

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

GHANENDRA SINGH Roll No. : 2011PGP635 DOB : NickName :

Giri, my dear bro, is an extremely optimistic guy, always looking for the silver lining... :) And his knowledge about .. well.. everything is really really vaaaast... He can talk about Apple and Kingfisher alike for hours... He is caring and motivating and always tries to cheer up the sad faces around him... If you are feeling sad and need a talking to, Giri’s the guy.. He can talk you out of depression .. :) And ya, if you are not ready to lose, don’t debate with him .. :) :) Wish you happiness and success Giri.. :) Keep in touch.....HIMADRI BASUMATARY Giri... He is my senior from undergraduate, an excellent friend and probably one of the best guys to have a debate with... His gentle smile and wisdom oozes out without him even talking... Giri, you are probably one among the few who is really kind and helpful to everyone.. I still remember the times when we would fight over our point of views.. And our trip during RIP was legendary... Most importantly the varied times when we would discuss about life and stuff.. :P You are a very good speaker and I see clarity of thought in you.. I m happy that our paths crossed and I m sure we ll stay in touch and be good friends for a very long time to come.. :) Cheers and have fun !!! (PS Please don’t be so uptight either man.. Life is meant to be enjoyed :D ;) )...M PRASANNA KUMAR The most soft spoken guy I have ever met. A highly gifted person who has the ability to make his voice heard without raising it, a wonderful orator, and a person of strong convictions. Rarely do you find a person so much at ease with his life and environment, completely satisfied, and with no complaints; it makes me envy you Giri. Will miss the conversations on mutual “disapproval”of BigD’s antics.Got to see a photo crazy Giri at RIP, forever clicking pics, maybe more unplumbed craziness could have been extracted if you’d been on the Himalayan program.Been lucky to have heard soothing words from you, be it at the first big bash, or after the end of first year, hope I get to hear them well into the future as well. You are very clear in your thoughts and actions, I’m sure it will hold you in good stead on the journey ahead. Farewell my dear friend, hope that our paths cross again in the future, and till then keep in touch....P N GANAPATHI Your wisdom radiates not just from your beard, but everything you say- eloquent without being loud- remember us shooting a video for a class room gig and you spoke extempore for 2 min nonstop and it was perfect in the first take itself- you are clear with what you want to do in life which many people aren’t. I have seen you being laguid, laid back and sometimes distant from the frantic campus life. A gadget freak (your comments on Apple earned you CPs for a whole term :) ) and addiction to your morning coffee are two things I would vividly remember about you apart from the spats we had sitting in the back bench and during RIP....PRADEEP KIRTHIVASAN RAJAGOPAL

Roll No. : 2011PGP636 DOB : 03-06-1986 NickName : giri Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : giridharmurali Facebook Page : giridhar.murali Hostel Room : F-002 Permanent Address : G11, A Block, Bhakiyalakshmi Apartments, Ragavendrapuram 2nd St., Srirangam, Trichy - 620006 About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Humain-I, Deb-Soc, Samanvay Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Road behind ER-2 Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Being part of the awesome Sec-F

My bench-mate through the first year! I think I’ve learnt a lot more from our discussions in class than any article/ lecture has taught me here.. It was one of the only things that kept me awake (and interested) in some of the classes! Ofcourse, more than anything, you ensured you woke me up before the prof walks up to our bench every time (although this just balances out all those times you would do CP when I was asleep) :P.. It is impossible to forget all those topics on which we would never agree.. And while you knew I was simply arguing for the sake of arguing, you’d still give it a shot anyway :P.. Well, I must finally admit that I did lose quite a few of those arguments (you’ll never hear this again) :).. On a serious note, if I had to pick out any one thing that I missed in the second year from the first, it would be all those conversations sitting in class.. Whether it be making fun of your age, talking about Apple, about gadgets, about your European experiences, about my basketball and I could go on and on, I don’t think we missed out on anything :).. You will always be my one failed attempt at having someone grab a drink with me ;-).. Here’s hoping you have many assignments in Mumbai or I have many in Hyderabad! Keep in touch! :) ...APARAJIT S Giri...the most awesome orator i have ever met, who has something to say on like every subject....highly spiritual, am pretty sure anyone can talk to for hours and hours endlessly...!!i would and actually do hate arguing with u on ne topic coz u hate to lose.. :P and i end up labeling almost every tambram i meet as reminding me of u..!!as kiran always points out, u have an unmistakable grandfather types laugh and a huge smile...!!! I hope u keep yrself clean shaven during job!! It was fun and very insightful talkin to u about almost everything under the sun!! am glad that our paths crossed in sec f!! all the very best for yr future and do keep in touch!! :)...K . HARITA


Roll No. : 2011PGP637 DOB : 05/10/1987 NickName : Girish Came to know girish before coming here. I am grateful to you Girish for that day, and I think I will be all the time. Just wanted to tell you. Girish is super awesome and cheerful person. I still remember the walks that I had with him during the late hours at Planet I . All the best Girish :)...MOHAMMED ARSHAD (only) one of the best things happened to me during summers is getting to know Girish .. we have had tons of fun and laughter those two months .. I think we created history by working from home during internship .. he is a very friendly ..down to earth person .. so nice of you to get chockit for Hari from France :) ..goes to any extent .. yes I mean it ..literally any extent to help his friends .. a humorous person .. one will not realise how time passes talking to him .. will cherish these memories and your friendship forever my friend... I wish you good luck for your future :)...RAGAVENDRAN K

Girish Pannaram Meena Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : SR11, 306/ ER3 202/ F 117/ F003/ Bois 107 (Shifted 5 times in 6 terms!) Permanent Address : Ankur Apartment, Rambaug lane 5, Kalyan west, Thane, Maharashtra About Me : Quiet types Most Memorable CP : Gunta sir’s SMB class, he asks if Tata Docomo had 1 million likes in 2011 then what you think how many likes they have now in 2012? My answer “hmm...More than a million?” PORs on campus : Systems team, Mridang Ideal endorser for : iPod, 3K One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Listening to music Frequently uttered lines : I have no idea! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : Again a student If not MBA then : Microsoft MVP Favourite spot on campus : Sports Complex Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : ahem ahem...No one Lasting impressions about college : Worst food! Best memory of IIMI : Exchange program, Ziva Spa days and yes RIP!

Well, this is gonna be hard. It feels like I only got to know you a few days ago .. now its already time to say goodbye. When I first met you (at one of the Mridang C&D meetings I think ... I was “technically” a part of it) I had no idea that we would end up being the best of buddies (nothing more than that despite what some people assume :P), I remember thinking you were one of those lonely obsessive types (well .. even more than me I mean) and I was right :). In term 2, you showed another one of your faces, the desperate, flirtatious one, lol. I think we really bonded from term 3 onwards when the whole exchange thingy began. I had some of my best times in term 5, be it touring all of Europe, going to the Indian restaurant or just taking long walks on the empty streets of Rouen ... the Eurotrip wouldn’t have been the same without you. We’ve spent some quality time here at IIMI too, be it cycle rides to the gym / 26 hills or just taking long walks across the campus. I enjoyed some of our “intellectual conversations” too (you are quite knowledgeable when it comes to tech trends or scientists or novels for that matter). These are the things I will miss the most from my MBA days :). Before I bid adieu, I wanna tell you that I am really grateful for your companionship over the past year .. I really appreciate it. Girish, despite appearing selfish, self-centered etc., I know that deep down you are really sensitive; you can be very helpful at times. I always thought you were as lazy as me but you really surprised me at times (you can hit the books and get a lot of work done when you really want to). I really hope you can achieve all of your life goals (failing which settle for African/Chinese :D). I wish you good luck in all your endeavors. I am sure we are gonna keep in touch (make sure you tell me about your exploits as and when they happen. Until our paths cross again... Shashank....B S SHASHANK Hey Girish! :) I had a great time in RIP.. there was never a dull moment with you around .. You managed to lighten the mood with your jokes (and PJs :P) even when the rest of us were worried about the accommodation in some village.. It was fun playing countries and capitals and bluff (we all remember how you missed a very important phone call in that spooky guest house :P) .. You’re so cheerful and witty .. be the same always :) .. Wish you all the happiness and success :) All the best :) ...S SHRUTI Girish- my 1st friend at campus and just like all 1st things- I really have a memorable friendship. U were the 1st person i met after my parents drove off (uske pehle to I was not paying attention to anyone) and i know that u still take the credit of saving me from the senior at the entrance of audi. I had a real fun time with ube it the bakra time, our preparations in cc lab along with prachi, our RIP where u told me so many stories or our talks. Its always fun to be with u. I know everyone thinks that all we do is fight, but I think thats not true exactly... (hope u agree with me), I still remember ur kiddish behaviour on ur bday. U know u are a very nice person, funny , cheerful and helping. Thanks for dropping me to the station and acting like u came for ur own work and for the tour of the party at new audi introducing me and telling me which dish is good and all. I wish that may u achieve all ur dreams Good luck :)...SHRADDHA PALIWAL

Gokul often says .. “ Photography is my profession and MBA is my hobby”!!... I don’t know what people thought about it... but my personal reaction was - Dhayavu seidhu :P. Sometimes all I want to do is bhokku nu khuthify (punch hard) his face. :D He is a bubbly person with lots of energy, care-free, speaks his mind at all times and values friendship.. His USP is that he is an eternally irritating person.. He has remained the same at all times, which helped him have a great time in Euro adventures. -S.SHANKAR” Gokul is one to be with any time when u r sad about something or about urself..coz he or his dialogues can make u feel that we are better.... :P...nonetheless he is a stunning photographer, a good blogger and a cool guy to spend time with. His driving skills are pathetic but he still boasts about it like he is some street racer. He reminds of me of hutch dog sometimes..and u know y..:D... “Machi sorry da..naan iniku thitra moodlaye illa.. illena kaluvi kaluvi oothirupen...”..Wat nonsense..!!..???..Pallavi singha??...appo AVANGA? -VEMB V” Gokul.. the only guy with tanned skin...:P He used to come to my room before exams asking me to teach. (as if I am a topper).. there started my problems...:P neither i studied nor he did.. coming to photography his aarvakolar kept him busy more than anybody...snake, dragon fly, butterfly.. How could i forget his classic CP in OB.. “what nonsense??” apdinu Ghosh asking our gokul.. Above all, Gokul is fun loving and a hard core VIJAY fan... hope u make a career in photography... -K.HARISH KUMAR” Gokul says facts as facts - doesn’t add anything extra to add spice to it. No one can find if he lies... He finds 2 or 3 people who would always believe whatever he says and doesn’t cross question him (like docy) and practice with them first before approaching a crowd... I can never forget the circus we went to during our summers internship... I am waiting for a moment to take revenge for that... -MUTHUKUMAR C” Gokulnath , the official photographer of our group :) Often spotted on campus with a camera clicking almost everything (snakes, chicks, natural scenery etc. ) He has clicked the DP for most number of girls on campus. Though is initial interest was towards Telugu, now his interest lies elsewhere. All the very best for your future and your aim to become FATHER OF FOREIGN COUNTRY :) -KANNAN GA”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : view?id=125834928&trk=hb_tab_pro_top Facebook Page : Hostel Room : F-004 Permanent Address : Salem, Tamilnadu About Me : Theriliyepaaaaa Most Memorable CP : A comblete jero one in OB class (out of compulsion) PORs on campus : Full Time Vetti Ideal endorser for : Vijay films One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Clicking Frequently uttered lines : Dhayavu seidhu Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Bhaiyaa, ek bada Lays 10 years from now you will be : 35 If not MBA then : life would have been much happier Favourite spot on campus : My Room Friend groups on campus : Koal I First crush in the institute : Pallavi Singh Lasting impressions about college : The Last Grill Best memory of IIMI : TAN-U Freshers’ party, Eurotrip

Senior!!! The man because of whom I chose IIM Indore... A die hard Vijay fan. He is a good actor too; he acted like Vijay in our college show. But in IIM he is known for wild life photography (snakes know him better). A guy who is available 24x7 on fb and updates crap like ‘Eating Pani Puri in Spain with KAROL and 7 others’.. He has great taste and you could see that when you enter his room. Keep in touch Senior!!! -LOGESH A” Gokul, the lucky champ.....I know him from term1. He is known for his PHOTOGRAPHY skills. Also I have not seen a TRUE LOVER like him. really appreciated his dedication and commitment. The way he was shopping for his friends and others in Spain is really appreciated. I have never seen such a caring and loving guy. All the best maccha -KOMTE SUBODH JANKU” The person who saved my Euro Trip big time, most of my friends on exchange were because of gokul and his hyperactive facebooking. sharing the same passion as me for travel, we flew, rode, ran, walked all across Europe and had super fun doing it. even the SNCF people could not stop us :P his awesome photography gave a life to my pictures and i have the best collection i could have had. even though we wont have “GAAREE” or “LEADER PRA” to go to here, still i hope we can get some “vegetarian stuff” here together in future. -NAVPREET SINGH”

GOKULNATH R Roll No. : 2011PGP638 DOB : Feb 2, 1989 NickName : Blacknath

Goutom bodo, the great warrior from bodoland, sent here to be made chief of Bodo army once he gets his degree . Cmon guyz i am kidding! now let us get to some serious business. He is a mean goal scoring machine, designed to break any defense ( of course except me!:P), He has the majority share for the credit in scoring goals and winning us silver medal at IIM Lucknow. More than a football guy he is a great person. He never say no his friends, and always ready to party hard! Though his music taste seems a little bizarre, but otherwise fella is quite descent :P. Well for all those who may be wondering that who posed with Indore marathon T-shirt, well the small cute model was him! His baby cute smile flattered a lot of chics. He was a gem for the sportcom and it will be difficult to replace him. I wonder bodo, how all the bus conductors and drivers know your name so well( what’s the mystery??) . Well no doubt about it that he is very quick in mingling with people, and people get to admire him very well. The guy knows to cook so well! made dinner for me during summer internship! well i can go on boasting for his qualities but others will need some space too! so off i go to listen Whiskey lullaby( of course his weird songs are getting onto me). Bodo, have a great time ahead, we will keep meeting! till then take care and have a nice wife... ahem,,,i mean nice life... :) :D...RISHABH RATNA hahaha.... so much already said by Ratna :) when i first noticed him in football field i thot the same way N-E guy who knows only to kick the ball & i was right :) but in 2nd year he improved a lot (after all he trained with us :P) a gem of a person who cares for his friends and always ready for a drink... he always pretend that he never gets drunk but his messages/ posts on fb proves everything (i saved one of them ;)) as u r bodo and keep playing football --- kind regards, bothi...VARUN SINGH BOTHIYAL Mr. one guy who is really dear n near my heart. Football, Booze, Heavy metal, Booze, Himalayan Trip, Booze => Bodo n Me :) I really got to know so much about music and football from him and though I played really bad some times he always used to take me in his team. He is one gem of a person and as I said my beloved. Really awesome footballer and must say when it comes to birthday bumps.....his one kick is enough to paralyze a person from sitting. I’ll always remember the days we spent together listening to metal with Nirnay, Naveen n Chacha. Those parties, those headbanging sessions were the best things I did in this campus. Wish u all the happiness and success in life brother :)...ADARSH MANISH TIGGA Yo!!! Mista Bow-dow! ... This guy is one of the greatest friends ive ever made at IIMI.. astonishingly GOOD at HEART and is a source of UNITY among friends - I can’t 4get the parties that he used to throw @ SR11... arduously making sure that none of his friends went missing.. CHWEET Guy Really :).. A talented FOOTBALLER gifted with TOES made of STEEL used for kicking FOOTBALL Harder than n e body else in this Campus.... also NOT TO FORGET ... used for KICKING ____ @ Birthday BASH for the lucky ones like me that made me twitch with pain for TWO weeks!!! LoL.. Thank goodness i survived... its like saying i took one PUNCH from MIKE TYSON and i survived!!! :P ... Also, one who is FOREVER amused by my frequently UTTERED Lines “Heyy BUUUDDDY!!!”... Wish you the all the BEST in Life BUUUDDDY!!! God Bless You !!! :) JUST say “HeYY BuuuDDDY!!!” :P...MICHAEL LALHRIATPUIA

Roll No. : 2011PGP639 DOB : 06-03-1989 NickName : Bodo Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER3-203, SR11-405, H-111 (SR8-111) Permanent Address : College Road, Haflong, Assam About Me : easy going, contented, friendly but very shy when it comes to opposite sex Most Memorable CP : Never bothered for it PORs on campus : Senior Member, SportsCom; Coordinator, Participation, Indore Marathon 2012; Senior Member, Distortion 2012 Ideal endorser for : Adventure, Beer & Fearless Minds One song you symbolize : Grace Is Gone & Where’d You Go Mostly caught doing : listening to music in high volume Frequently uttered lines :baby please & Arey bhai Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : tea/coffee 10 years from now you will be : happy wherever I may be If not MBA then : Indian Army or Public Services Favourite spot on campus : football ground, where I was always excited Friend groups on campus : headbangers, sports persons & boozers of the institute First crush in the institute : There were many, don’t remember who the first one was :) Lasting impressions about college : friends I have made, people I have known & experienced I have had Best memory of IIMI : the only two things that I did in the institute - playing football & partying

In 2nd year my most visited place is the Bodo “HIGH” land. People go there normally and come out on a high. My classmate in 1st year though at that we just used to do our secret projects and analysis on class in it is in the 2nd year I got to know him much better. Though looks like a serious guy he is the coolest guy i’ve seen on campus. He never really cares about anything and has a really straight forward approach in life basically a happy go lucky guy. The best footballer on campus and equally good at other sports, drinks like fish and is obsessed with metal. The whole section fears him for the dreadful birthday bums by Bodo and each and everyone who was hit by him just looks for one opportunity to kick him on his ass. The not so obvious part is he sometimes becomes emotional too, ya seriously I’m talking about Bodo :P. A good hearted person and i’m sure he’ll be the same forever. Wish you all the best and have a wonderful life ahead bro :) ...Kushal C

Goutom Bodo

Roll No. : 2011PGP640 DOB : 29-Jan-87 NickName : Already enough names in my name :P What can I say about Kaushik? He is an “awesome” guy..and I mean it. He has been a close friend to me since the first week of college. A loyal friend who turned up for the “Talent Night” to listen to me sing and then made fun of me that I was hiding in the shadows. I remember the long hours when we used to do the group assignments and how I used to say that u are the “perfect husband material” and how I teased you about a certain “somebody”. You are the one that I respected as a person and liked as a friend. All the jokes we shared, all the teasings and all the “Telugu”( which of course I didn’t understand), will be with me forever. You are an amazing person and I know that any girl will be lucky to have you in her life; as a friend, a brother or an advisor. I always used to say that you have a heart-melting smile.. so keep smiling and spreading cheer all around. Remember me always ( and that is not a request...itz an order)....KASHYAP SURUCHI BRHAMPRAKASH

GOVIND RAJ KAUSHIK M Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : kaushik.metpally Hostel Room : C-219 Permanent Address : Plot No 307, R.K.Colony, A.S.Rao Nagar, Hyderabad 500062 About Me : A lot is written on this page Most Memorable CP : When I tried to enact Paan Pasand ad in class PORs on campus : Nothing-i club; ‘Play-Calm’ Volunteer Ideal endorser for : i-Globe services ;-) One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Working on competitions :-D Frequently uttered lines : Ya Right ! ;; Kuch bhi !! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi and Mix Paratha 10 years from now you will be : This is too long term to answer !! If not MBA then : Probably a Design Engineer ?! Favourite spot on campus : Wish I could write A-block/ SR-14 :P Friend groups on campus : Lots of them and too little space First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : You only learn crisis management here :-/ Best memory of IIMI : Winning Mahindra War Room !

“Metapally Govind Raj Kaushik”, my benchpartner (Section C), wingmate (ER-3), study group mate (“kisi zamane mein”), co-intern (M&M), cycling partner (proud firefox owners), teammate (“The Simple Minds”, “Catursana”, “Tata African Safari”, “Dhritagya”)... having said that, all the time that we have spent together will occupy a major chunk of the wonderful memoirs I would be carrying back from this place... One thing is for sure, I would never forget our “CP” discussions, sleeping on the floors during classes (remember that day when “Hariya” was almost going to caught me :P )... our jobless discussions on random topics...leg pulling (u know on what :P) and much more... bas baaki senti likhne se fayda nahi hai...same shahar mein hi rehna hai...HIMANSHU AGRAWAL OPs GOD...........................this summarizes the academic pursuit of a certain brainy dude called Govind Raj Kaushik...the leading light of our class in OM I...all of us used to struggle to even decipher what rohit kapoor was saying and lo and behold from the far left top corner of the class a mighty voice used to roar the numerical answer aloud....oh how i used to hate you then....such a show off you were....i think now i understand whom you were trying to impress...anyhow it was highly successful if i may add... M and M is certainly blessed to have you on board(manesar plant almost shut down after u even the universe conspires for your success)..some years down the lane i am hoping to see u in press meets with Anand Mahindra himself....all of us have high hopes on you..u better live upto them...all the best for your life ahead,,.. and yes i pity your future wife...poor thing she will have to live with a cleanliness freak like u...:P:P ...ANUSHA K Dear Operations, Best part is his welcome help to assist friends in problems with a cute smile. Cool attitude. No Mocking words, as you are so clean- perhaps ‘Lord Rama of IIM Indore’. Sincerity, Discipline, Obedience, Structured, pre-planned,patience etc are words which tells about him.Exceptional candidate. hard working, knows his path, where to go - how to hit and continuously focus on it. Heights are waiting for you. Remember us.. Thanks Stock Markets....SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI Govind is always there with his camera for the birthday parties :) a very humble, friendly person .. I think GRK is a smart ..not hard working guy .. used to pick things in no time during the OM classes .. he is a better student but no not a gr8 teacher .. from my experience ... he taught me inventory and he scored 0.5 in that quiz and I scored nothing :) so learn to teach ... hehehehe ... he is a fun person to be with .. am sure he will have no enemies :) wish you a wonderful life dear friend .. ...RAGAVENDRAN K

My best friend on campus, with whom I spend most of my time. She was the 1st person I met on the campus. Since then our friendship has grown by leaps and bounds. She is one sweetheart, who is a kid at heart, and most of the time behaves like one. She is a person who could bring life to any boring place, with whom you can be sure of 1 thing that “U r never gonna get bored”. It’s very difficult to find a person who is pretty, witty and intelligent at the same time. She has always motivated and helped me sail through even the toughest of time. We have shared a lot many moments together, the most memorable ones being during the international exchange where we cooked, partied, traveled and enjoyed each and every day to its fullest. I am glad to have found a friend like you, on whom I can always bank on, who would never leave me alone, who cares for me like anything and whom I can trust blindly. She is a one clean soul, who lives in her own fairy tale world, always wearing a big smile on her face and thus spreading happiness wherever she goes. I’m surely gonna miss chatting, gossiping about everyone possible, teasing you along with Balji and Gargi, partying, discussing my crushes, and a whole lot of crazy things we do. There’s no saying good bye.. Keep Rocking.. !! :) -Deepak Azad” How many instances u can recollect when u find a decent looking girl looking 4 u??...Yes!!! Thats hw I met Ms. Ahluwalia on the very 1st day I landed on Planet-I. Since then, our friendship has only got thicker. She talks like hell...U ask her any question and she ll respond immediately by saying ‘Le, I know that!!!’ and then u just sit back and listen to her. In my group she is d target 4 leg pulling...Thanks 4 putting a big laugh 4 us almost everyday..:P She is actually a smart girl and I hv simply no idea when she studied and got those really good grades. She might pretend to be completely ignorant of things but let me tell u she knows that all....She is a courageous girl unlike many others...Be it life or people!!!!! We shared a lot..Be it DJ Nights, uncountable number of outings to the city and hw can I forget the Rural immersion (Dum Aloo incident specifically). Just keep smiling as u always do.. -Baljinder Singh” A perfect combo of beauty with brain. she is my sweetheart. always smiling, you can always see a spark in her eyes and face. I have nice memories of lavanya and yes, you looked best. To me you have always acted as a positive aura. I hope you will remember my advise n Believe me i have never failed at these.. -Richa Chourasia”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Changed 4 times already :P Permanent Address : Lucknow About Me : Loves to party with my friends :) Most Memorable CP : Fighting with Padhu sir in his class PORs on campus : MyC, Utsaha Ideal endorser for : Disneyland One song you symbolize : When I’ll grow older, I will be stronger (Wavin Flag) Mostly caught doing : chit chatting with friends Frequently uttered lines : oye..!!Kithe!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : alive & kicking (asses) ;) If not MBA then : I’d be married! :p Favourite spot on campus : JAM (will miss Apple shake) Friend groups on campus : G squares, Baljee, Deepak, Vembee n Meee :) First crush in the institute : Harshal Sir Lasting impressions about college : Its a perfect holiday destination :) Best memory of IIMI : Best friends for life!!

Very amusing and sometimes irritating friend.. had plenty of fights with her in first year cos she always wanted to sit in my seat (next to deepak) :P.. very friendly n enthusiastic.. i hav never seen her without that charming smile on her face.. deceptively intelligent too.. she talks like a kid who does not know anything but its far from the truth..thanks for being a great friend.. -Sandip SM” One of my best friends.. Can make any one laugh with her jokes. “Beauty with brains” but still is one of the simplest persons i have come across.. -Vemb V” Pseudo punjabi from lucknow ...... who always wanted to be a back bencher but ended up in front. Ever smiling..Deceptively intelligent ..Ever ready to go out. Just love your childish enthusiasm for different things. -Manpreet Singh Rekhi” Most CONGENIAL girl, I’ve ever come across. One of the cuuuutest girls on campus. Speaks childlike and sounds amazing. Was lucky enough to share the stage with her during the fashion show.. She had become an ANGEL (actually she also looks like an angel) ... -Karan B Nathwani” “

GUNIT AHLUWALIA Roll No. : 2011PGP641 DOB : 23/04/86 NickName : My friends know :p

Hariyaaa...a special member of the Bhaico group and one of the few people with whom I used to talk in my first year and very good friend from that time. He is hardworking,silent and very friendly. He used to teach me Finance fundas in first year. One of the very few guys who still use the word “hum” instead of “mein” while referring to himself. ATB Hariyaa!!...A.K.ASHISH Hariya- we used to call him jokingly.. very humble, soft spoken, gud natured guy.. one of the few gud friends I made in IIM Indore.. but, there’s another side to him, he seldom shows.. he’s sincere, hardworking wid a bit of luck as well.. vry gud in fin- used to teach me fin fundas.. capped off his gud stint in IIMI with a CBC..! overall, ur a gem of a friend I found in IIMI.. kip in tuch.. & be good always !...Akashjyoti Suni “Hariya Saab” as the BhaiCo Group calls him because of his inclination towards Finance and immense maturity that he demonstrates at tough times! “Behtarrreeeeeen”, his favourite word for anything and everything around him, is the best word to describe Harender :) He is a very hardworking and a caring person; speaks little but all that he speaks makes immense sense!! I have great respect fors him because of these unique traits. All the best dude and stay in touch !!...KSHITIJ AGRAWAL For me Harender will never be Hariya but Laddoo! Imagine sitting in your 3rd back-to-back class, hungry as hell because you skipped lunch. And then imagine someone whispering in your ears “I want to eat laddoos”. It’s pure torture but that’s what makes Harender, Harender! We didn’t really speak for the first month as neighbors in Section B, but once we did there was no stopping us! My Bingo partner was frequently assaulted by me with questions like “What’s on the Y-axis” or “Where did he get that extra 2 from?” or “Help me come up with a murder plan to rid this earth of this prof”. I’ll miss you Hariya and I am confident you can never forget me thanks to my name permanently being a part of your’s! :P...RIYA GHOSAL Hariya bhai - sat two places to my left but our first interaction was only at the end of term II. I always wondered why is he so quiet, realized it pretty late that he is quite an observer. Harender is the guy you want to talk to when it has to be sense. A mature person and very practical indeed. AK mentioned it earlier, it is a real treasure to hang out with someone who speaks “Hum”. Don’t stop doing that ever. Would have asked him to keep in touch but then I would ping him regularly on the official communicator. Looking forward to great times together ahead!... UTKARSH SINGH

Roll No. : 2011PGP642 DOB : 04-04-1987 NickName : Hariya Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-220 Permanent Address : Jamshedpur About Me : Most Memorable CP : Rarely gave one PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : listening music, running Frequently uttered lines :Behtereen! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi with eggs 10 years from now you will be : Running If not MBA then : Architect Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : BhaiCo First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Beautiful Campus! Best memory of IIMI : the time spent with the BhaiCo group

Hariyaaa...maine he diya hain tujhe ye naam........soft-spoken, one of my first friends on campus. Term I group 7 kya group banaya PGP office ne. We copied many assignments together..Hum, kyachi, kaunchi, he uses words which I rarely hear. Hariya is honest, helpful and has is damn sincere. His dedication to finance was just superb. He is the friend which I am blessed to have. He is always there for me whenever I have asked for. rarely say No to anything. No matter how much I make fun of him (which I do a lot), he never gets upset. In fact I have never evr seen him loose his cool. Hariya, bahut khush jua tha main when you got placed. Guitar sikha mujhe abb..I wish you get everything you wish for in life..Stay in touch buddy!!!...NAGARE TRUSHANT TRIMBAK Hariyaa saab.. ye naam yaar maine nhi diya par jisne diya who poori tarah se galat diya.. a genuine person from heart, always helpful, a patient listener , shares the love for music with me and a marathon runner :) with loads of energy!! . Always in control of himself with a calm demeanor would define his nature best â?¦ Hope you find everything you desire for in life.. ATB!! and stay in touch!...BHRIGU RAJ SINGH One of the very few people, whom I’ve never seen get angry. Very composed and ever so ready to help others. Not in assignment but everything else. I thoroughly enjoyed going out with him every month ...ok every week . The guy loved finance so much and then went for consulting. What an irony.... I thoroughly enjoyed his company and his advice. He likes to take photographs and ios very passionate about it....ANIRUDH SINGH


Roll No. : 2011PGP643 DOB : NickName : His nick name “Hunter” as all his friends call him was inspired from a hindi film “DESI BOYS” where in the protagonist did not have any thing apart strong biceps which he uses to lure girls to earn his living. Now this says it all about him, Apart from dat the smartest chap from my section has a golden heart and deep investment knowledge too, Wish u all d luck ...KHUMAN VIJAY C Ye kya ho raha hai........ Apna bhasad... aka Hunter... it was always fun to have bakar with u man,,, learned a lot of good things from u bhai... I wish u all the success and happiness in ur life... We will always be in contact... I know u r gonna achieve everything in ur life... I wish I will be there to have cheers with u bhai... God Speed!!!...OM PRAKASH VERMA

HARSHAL KUMAR Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Well..har SHIT is my sweetheart friend.. Thanks to the internship, we got a sense each other’s dumbness and found solidarity..though I managed to surprise him by being dumb beyond his expectations. Great guy to work with..will never forget the MWR and we used to ‘plan’ to crack the case. Learnt a lot from him-thanks to the idea of live projects, harSHIT, you are one those dear friends with whom I find a strong connect. For somebody who looks worried and weird, he is smart, humble, appreciative and helped me grow along with him. Love you, harSHIT. Pls stay dumb and crazy. I don wanna be the only one ;)...SISIRA CUDDAPAH Mausi, the guy is a gem. Very hard working and great in studies, he is always curious and loves to take initiatives. He has a very pure heart but opens up to limited friends though. He loves to work for the society as well, co-founder of an NGO, working for kids’ education. However he has done a course on body language, but sometimes he makes very animated (& annoying) faces while he is under stress. He can always be found with his handkerchief and I-phone. He is a true friend and he is always there when you are in need. All the best for your future dost....NITIN NAGORI Well got to know Harshit pretty late in the 2 yrs..but ever since have found him smiling and super sensible to talk to :) Have been able to converse with him on anything easily..always comes out as a humble and mature person. Would have been good had we known each other earlier...but better late than never :) All the best !... KRITI AGARWAL ...Dhruval Mehta Mausiiiiiiiiii, it has been so long since we started calling u by this name, that I have actually forgotten why did we start with it at first place ;);) But trust me it suits u well ;);) During the first trimester, u were just some weird guy with weird expressions who carries chips with him all the time but then I got to know u better during our futile group meets and RIP. Ohhhh I can never forget the fact that u made me cry during RIP :) but i guess i have taken enough revenge for that. I cannot remember a single day we have not made fun of u mausi:) It is so much fun making fun of u and trust me U are too matured to take it all in a good spirit. Not that U have left any opportunity to make me mad. U have been a jerk at times (when u have called me a free rider or a mean person ;) but u were right there always by my side whenever I needed u :):) U have immense potential to make it big it life and am sure u gonna make it. One suggestion: Get a makeover done ASAP ;);) U know what, I am gonna miss u. Am am sure u gonna be in touch for my all the advice u gonna need for ur relationships ;) Better be in touch. ...TANYA MALIK

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER3 to SR11 to C-221 Permanent Address : E-224/5, Devendra Nagar, Raipur About Me : I love experimenting new things... Most Memorable CP : A congenital CP maker.....No one particular CP PORs on campus : Spons Head, Ahvan Ideal endorser for : Junk food One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Eating... Frequently uttered lines : Everything is random; Chill Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Kurkure, Frooti. 10 years from now you will be : Plan to retire by then after making sufficient bucks. :P :P If not MBA then : surely a student in Psycology(Body Language speicalist) Favourite spot on campus : Pi shop Friend groups on campus : Taniya, Shakun, Daaru, Shabby, Peelu, Anjali, Sisira First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : A beautiful prison.... Best memory of IIMI : The after-dinner walks around the campus

Mausi Jiiii ki toh baat hi nirali hai... lakhon mein ek hai hamari mausi... One of the most famous souls in IIM-I jisne TABLA Champ bankar tahalka macha diya tha aate hi :) :) there are sooo many memories with him ..kahan se shuru karun... whether it is Manoj Kumar look... ya mausi ka constipated look when he does not agree with teacher.. woh last bench se CP ho ya “Moon Daal” ka pyaar... Mausi has always been in news...I have shared as many good memories with him as bitter (gali galoch) ones too :P :P ...but he has been always there with me when in need :) thoda pyaar mein unlucky hai..hamesha committed par hi line marta hai :P :P ;) ....I know yeh padkar mujhe marne wala hai gande wala... Jokes apart, he is very-2 sincere, jugadu, hard working person... very nice at heart..hard core consultant...bas thoda paiso ko lekar senti ho jata hai spcly during placements :P :P M lucky that I met him and have him by my side...I pray from God ki mausi ka jadu barkarar rahe jahan bhi woh jaye...and hope he stays in touch and he meets his sapno ki rani who brings him loads of dowry :P :P...Best of luck for his future ventures :D...SHAKUN GUPTA mausi ki kamariya lachke re,,babu zara bachke re! :D ye h humari mausi aka harshit..its fun to see him on dance floor with all his groovy moves..;) mausi ek aisa idanim member h jo DumbC me ‘Delhibelly’ ko ‘bheegi billi’ inact karta h :P...and that was awesomely hilarious...he is a good entertainer..knowingly or unknowingly;) he is a big foodie..and we plan to gift him moogdal packs on his marriage B). jokes apart. u will be a good consultant, and u have a very bright future ahead..atb tc :)...ANJALI BHUSHAN

HARSHIT GUPTA Roll No. : 2011PGP644 DOB : 3rd July,1987 NickName : Manoj, Mausi, Happy Singh etc

A person who becomes serious and silent as symbol of respect while drawing Tiranga in month of August, Harsimranjit is very patriotic at heart. If not Engg and MBA, he might have ended in army. I met him during induction program of my first company. A person with tastes in materialism and at times in real fun of life, Harsimran lives every part of his life in its respective compartment. The world is small and we can meet soon. Till then, I wish you success and luck in life ahead :) ...SMITA VERMA Harsimran is one of the most knowledgeable persons on campus ! Any quiz, assignment, exams he would always be the person to go to ! At the same time he is a really helpful friend and does love having fun ! He is fun to hang out with and a totally different person when he parties ! He is always responsible and knows exactly what he wants to do next! Achieve the best ahead ! \m/ ...ROOPAK BHARTEE Harsimran is one of the most committed and sincere guys I have worked with. We spent one term working in the same group, he excels in all areas and it was a great experience learn things from him. He is one of the most friendly, humble and helpful people on campus. Wish the best for you!...JAGANNATH KALAIMANI Lovi Paji AKA harry! i remember playing cards all night every night during RIP and you peeping out of your blanket and waving the next morning, how we made you blush talking about your lady love! You have such an infectious sweet smile and its always fun being around you.....all the very best to you!...BHAVNA SHARMA A very chilled out person. Fun loving. Although a moody person, but jb thaan le to very dedicated to his work. He has been one whom you can depend upon for any work and he makes sure to get it done. True and honest at heart. Very soft spoken. Never seen him get furious or angry. Keep rocking paji. Wish you great success in future :)...PRANAV MEHTA One of my early friends at Planet I. A very hard working studious person, and yet very chilled out. Very reliable, if one wants to free-ride and give all group to him :P...Dhruval Mehta

Roll No. : 2011PGP645 DOB : 21/08/1987 NickName : Harry Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : F-204 Permanent Address : C-115A New Ranjit Nagar Patiala-147001 About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Who gives a damn!? Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Plain paratha with egg bhurji 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :


Roll No. : 2011PGP646 DOB : 26th May NickName : Havyas, You have all the skills required to be a good Professional. I won’t be surprised to see u as a great leader. All the best....KHUMAN VIJAY C One of the best minds i’ve come across in planet-i. You have a holistic way of approaching things...curious about things as diverse as physics and spirituality.Your heart is pure and i hope you find your soulmate soon(in case you have not found her by now).Best of luck for your life ahead.It was a pleasure getting to know someone like you....Vivek Khanna

HAVYAS CHANDRAGIRI Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-204, C-301 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Student Exchange Committee Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Mess Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Mess Guys, C-Block View, Infrastructure, Best memory of IIMI :

Hey Havyas.. Our connections go way back to our engineering days, well before IIM Indore.. Although we happened to be hanging out with different people at both the places, I’ve always admired you.. I remember that I used to take notes from your comments in Gunta’s class in first year.. some of the brilliant insights and analyses.. Most importantly, I admire your networking skills and organizational skills, our lead arranger or co-arranger for section F Big Bash series (that went upto version 4:D).. Being seated at one of the most coveted places in the class, surrounded by girls on all sides, I’m sure you enjoyed your first year at college.. I wish you all the best for everything.. Stay in touch.. :)...BHAT AJINKYA DILIP Havyas. a dear friend of mine, I always feel that I have to learn a lot from him. All the best for your personal and professional life... :)...MOHAMMED ARSHAD He is as good person as the innocent and maturity on his face. A true marketing person who know how to apply marketing in his own life and at the same time be true to things. One extrovert; delightful; soft spoken person who can stand tall for his thinking. One thing which I like about him is his at-most faith in God, which most of people lack. On a lighter note, One funny thing is he can give presentations in real time without even preparing and also his witty lines stays awesome! :D God Bless you Havyas! :)...PARAMVEER Dear Romeo surrounded by Girls, Strategic location in Operations - I understood from his place in section F - all sides surrounded by beautiful girls. On top of it, his CP - speeches in classes add weight. Fevicol force towards girls and he is marketing person all by way. One person to reach in case of urgent help, a friend carer. God is good, One good quality being temple. He has M&A activity with Mess people. Honest fellow, Best skill is he can drill people mind and identify what they are looking for by his questions. Enthusiastic & energetic on weekend parties. Good luck, keep in touch. Thanks, Bank bencher commenting on Romeos.... SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI If you wanna know “The true Havyas”, get him a drink and he’ll pour all the gyan which he has inculcated through ages :P. Loves partying, mostly know for his CP’s :P and strategic seating location in first year :). He is a good friend, loves taking initiative and a good orator. Wishing you luck for the future career buddy. Stay happy and stay blessed :)...TOPPO VINEET WALTER havyas- My term 1 group mate, always contests the popular opinion- rebellious, tats why popular with the girls I guess- neo-spiritual if there is such a thing, has a point of view on everything- proactive and wants to get involved in organising things- likes to live royally-always travelled by auto during summers likes to strike up conversation with auto wallahs, mess workers and gets favours done- street smart in that way -... PRADEEP KIRTHIVASAN RAJAGOPAL

Hem J/Don we met as roommates and now you are my dearest friend, family and my guide on campus. You are a rare species because true friends are rare to find. You taught me to make delicious Cake with a bunch of biscuits. You have always allured me to order food from outside the campus and I will take the revenge for that someday!! . You are the first paneer/parathaâ maniac that I have met. Jokes apart you have the potential to conquer the world, so “Keep up your bright swords, for the due will rust them~ William Shakespeare. Please do not try and forget your never say die attitude because thats what makes you unique. And before I end this testimonial, I would like to remind you that you owe me something- â??Authentic Punjabi food!!!â??..SUSMITA -Susmita Lakra” It was great knowing a person like you. It was like coming across a genuine diamond after going through a heap of fake glittering stones. I love the way you are, genuine, simple at heart and responsible towards your family and your friends. Though the time we spent together might be too small but I am glad that our paths crossed and we met each other. The memories shared with you shall last forever. My request, never lose your genuiness in the world of crooks no matter how hard it may be...but God blesses those who are true and honest. So never change and if yu wanna then do it for the better. May you excel in whatever you do in life. Wish you a very happy journey of life ahead, filled with lots of good surprises and prosperity. Love and luck, Madhvi... -Madhvi Ghissing” Ms. Deloitte... pure ek saal tune mere side waali seat pe batith k IIM I ko itti gaaliyan di hai jitti hum sab ne mila k bhi nai di hongi ;) but the best part was the ‘F’ grade that I made u believe in 3rd term :P... u hv been one of d closest frnds of mine jiske pass bas 2 hi kaam hote hai - 1. ghar bhagna aur 2. ghar se aake next trip plan karna... :P but teri ek cheez mujhe hamesha yaad rahegi.. tune party nai di yaar kabhi :P jokes apart, u hv been one of d sweetest person I hv known here on campus and the best part bout u is that u just enjoy doing what u r good at nd don’t wry wid thns around.. I hope this wil take u long in ur career... bas baad mein mera bhi jugaad lagwa dena :P ---njoy!!! :)...SAURABH TANDON -Saurabh Tandon”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : b50 Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER-2>SR-14>A Block Permanent Address : 302/54, Nakshatra Paradise, Shanti Nagar, DCM,Ajmer Road, Jaipur About Me : Crazzyyy... Most Memorable CP : Marketing :P PORs on campus : Samanvaya, Participation Vertical at Ahvan and Mridang Ideal endorser for : Food joints and Certifications :) One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : surfing III :p Frequently uttered lines : Hadd ho Gayi.... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aloo/Paneer Parantha 10 years from now you will be : relaxed, Professor If not MBA then : JCC + on request Padma can also be in the venture!!!! Favourite spot on campus : My Room Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Change is constant Best memory of IIMI : Trip to almost all food joints of Indore

Ms. Cool bada behen..Hemlata yaar, I will miss u after College.The times we spent together in room chit chatting, pulling each other , embarassin :P , Chappan visits, Pizza hut lessons ..The list goes on yaar . How I wish we had known each other in Year 1 and rocked. I know this is not super crap atleast. And our latest pilgrimage visit in Indore. :P I know u ll never forget the laddu thing. Lol.. Wen u come to South India, call me for anything u need .. And yes.. We enjoyd watching Merlin na . U r a very gentle tender hearted person .. who cries for someone’s death in movies or serials .. To cut it short, If I have to describe u as a person in one word, it is “Bubblo” or “Stubborn Arthur” . The way u bully your sister and also me needs regulation. I really wish that ur wish comes true :)...PADMA -Padma N” Hemlata is a very jolly person and a great entertainer who can talk continuously and can bring life into anything. She has this gift of making people feel so homely and comfortable that you end up sharing so much with her. I admire your focussed attitude and your ability to study in almost every situation. I’ll cherish all the fun we had in HOP, all the trouble you gave us after you first trek :P and also for ditching me as a foodie. Have a great life :)... -Neha Hajela” I always felt that I have known you since forever.I have had some heart to heart conversations with you and have always felt very comfortable discussing any issues with you.. You are a great friend.. I highly appreciate your focused approach in life, and the ease with which you prefer to carry on..though its hilarious to see the other side of course ;).. thanks to you, all my train journeys were so pleasant.. Looking back, I laugh now at how upset we we used to get to go back to college after vacation.. I admire your excitement, and it was so contagious, I could feel the same.. Your sincerity, hard work and focus will take you a long way ahead in your life ahead. I wish you very happy and successful life. Stay in touch!... -Shweta Kalla” “

Hemlata Jindal Roll No. : 2011PGP647 DOB : 22nd Aug 1987 NickName : HemJ

Classy, creative, witty, and one with simply the most awesome smile :) While she looks good in anything, black on her dazzles me! She was the one I missed the most when Section F ended; I’ll always remember her looking back and “checking out the wall clock.” Shez been always quick to figure out if there was something wrong with me, and telling me what the right thing to do was. And she was always right. She writes wonderful. Her poems always left me feeling different. :) PS: Tomato Soup is awesome! Without the pickle by the way. And you still have to cook me pasta. ...ANKUR KANORIA The moment I came here I was so happy :), thats what Himadri does to you. An awesome friend, my diagonal neighbor for a year :). Amazing artist and creativity is filled in every nook of hers. Thanks for being an awesome friend of mine and listening to my all cribs :)... keep rocking Himadri and keep smiling. P.S Avoid the midnight calls :P...MOHAMMED ARSHAD Ms. Goody Two-Shoes!!! One of the rare kinds that I have come across. Shez the sweetest, most understanding, most helpful person on campus. Shez very moody will act like a kid when happy and like an adult when sad/angry/ irritated. My Biryani Partner!!! Will always remember that be it 11:30p.m. or 3:30a.m. ; Our order never changed! And I never said so but m a fan of her dressing sense. All the best for future. Stay in touch. Lots of love. Ps: Dont forget to call me on your wedding ;)...NIDHI KANOJIA She is an amazing Girl with a Lovely Smile. It is impossible for you to be around her & not smile, however bad your mood is. If I were the jury, she would definitely be nominated for the ‘Being Human’ award at IIM-I. I would not be surprised to see her starting an NGO in the long term. A good poet mostly whose theme revolves around someone :p . She carries herself very well & looks good in almost anything, but in some she is like a glowing star. It was great having you as my classmate. All the very best for your future & God Bless !!!...HAVYAS CHANDRAGIRI Beautiful, cheerful and an amazing poet - she is my Qarvan friend. Found a great pal and a great human being in you. all the best! Keep shining! :) ...Bishakha Majumdar My akhomia Baido! My elder sis and a fren here in campus! :) Himadri is one of the rarest person i’ve come across in life, she is always helpful, always cheerful and is sure full of surprises! She has a mind of her own and doesn’t hesitate to follow her heart and i admire that in her, but above all, she has a beautiful heart- a real genuine person! She is a true friend, she never gave up on me and believed in our friendship....thank you so much! its rare to find people who actually value friendship! She is someone who will never judge you, no matter what! I could tell her my deepest thoughts without even thinking twice :P Madriiiii stay the same! you are definitely one of a kind! :) wish you all the best and yes keep in touch! :P XOXO...Manisha....MANISHA SANGMA

Roll No. : 2011PGP648 DOB : 13th June NickName : Himi, HimaDRY Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Himadri Basumatary Hostel Room : Permanent Address : House 96, Kerakuchi, P.O.-Sawkuchi, Guwahati-781034 About Me : subtly sarcastic, nonchalant Most Memorable CP : Double Ended Match Sticks PORs on campus : Promotions, Mridang; Pragati Ideal endorser for : Dove One song you symbolize : tere gaalo pe jo kala til hai, wohi mera dil hai :P Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines :I don’t care ! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani ! 10 years from now you will be : reading this yearbook and smiling.. If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : my room :) Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : the winding roads Best memory of IIMI : RIP and Himalayan Outbound Program

Amazing, cool and a very very good friend.. she is someone who is always helping people.. you are one of my first friends in this campus.. always remain your goody goody self himadrii....and keep it up with ur poetry thingy(the ones on fb status.. its refreshing to read the lines you write once in a while)... will miss you... lotsa luv and luck ...... YANGCHEN BHUTIA Hey Himadri.. You are one of the sweetest persons I’ve known on campus.. Always cool, encouraging and a fun person to hang-out with, or may I say, a fun person as a company for half-boiled maggi at 2:30 am :) You got famous in the first week itself with your “innovative” double-ended matchstick concept.. the prof. was blown away :D Always stay as cool and cheerful as you have been.. and do stay in touch :)...BHAT AJINKYA DILIP


Roll No. : 2011PGP649 DOB : 18/06/1987 NickName : None so far... arey baapre, I’m the first to fill this one :). Agrawal sahab ke kya kehne. agar kisiko apna MBA self finance karna hai to vo agrawal sahab ka team member ban jaye. Bhai sahab high return investment hai :). Bhilai ka nam roushan karne vala launda hai apna agrawal :). aur to aur banda creative bhi thik hi thak hai :) Agrawal ji ab dava daru mai deal karenge, thodi davaiya muft mai idhar bhi bhej dena aur daru apne pas rakh lena... keep rocking mere dost. All the best for the new tenure......MOHAMMED ARSHAD

HIMANSHU AGRAWAL Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-302 Permanent Address : 30-B, Maitri Vihar, Bhilai, CG About Me : Just another guy... Most Memorable CP : When ISM prof repeatedly asked “What are actors- what are actors” and I replied Amitabh Bachchan... PORs on campus : I am not responsible for whatever happened... Ideal endorser for : Cycling One song you symbolize :har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo... jo hai samaa “kal ho na ho” Mostly caught doing : b-school competitions Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Bread Toast with “Chaay” 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Primary School Teacher Favourite spot on campus : Behind ER-3 Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Sanwarte kile... Ukhadte Dil... Best memory of IIMI : Winning “TBLA”

Hmmmâ?where do I start? Mr. Talent as Sumanth describes seems just apt. Multi-faceted , EXTREME disregard for rules , highly loyal, great energy , high zeal for cycling and almost feverish attachment to eventsâ?.. phew too much said already.. et la Potter style.. jeevan mein bahut kiya hain ladke ne.. But then jyada khush mat hoâ?tu perfect bhi nahi hainâ?.Hariya ke class mein neeche nagraj style mein sona zaroori tha kya? Diro ke saath aircraft mein panga zaroori tha kya?pagal hain sabse pange lete rahta hainâ?krantikaari styleâ?galat sadi mein paida huva hain bas..u are perfect for a journalistâ?kahaan MBA karke zindagi boring bana raha hain.. But then you are one of the closest friends I have on campus.. someone with whom I can share the deepest secrets n at the same time bully to my heartâ??s content.â? someone at whom I can scream n shout at without having to apologise laterâ? someone who is able to not talk a word but still say a thousand wordsâ?.pragmatic confident efficient brilliant and sharpâ?as pandey puts it â??meri saheli on campusâ??â?.I will make sure I trouble you to infinity and beyondâ? Himanshu this friendship is one thing which I will cherish for everâ?.thanks for being what you areâ?Never ever change...and yes Pahaad mein tumhara hamesha swagat rahega ï??ï?? P.S : I am your guru mayya tooâ?.jaane se pehle Nano chalana zaroor sikha doongi ...ANUSHA K If ever Oxford plans to include the word â??Himanshuâ?? in its dictionary, it would define him as â??a person who is very genuine and true to all his relationshipsâ??. We first met him in library where I was gloatingly preparing my resume and I got to see his and, then & there, he justified the now-famous nickname of TALENT. An excellent dancer and great on vocals, he is a Rockstar. BTW FYI, that was sarcasm. He patronizes Sudeep syndrome and to know what this syndrome is â?? Ask him the same question. His love life is best known by private investigator â?? Pa but from what I know he has too big a criteria for the ideal girl. He is as good in marketing as I am in finance and his extraordinary analytical skills are compensated by his Chattisgaria English. He makes a kickass teammate and a great friend to possess and treasure. ...ANKIT PANDEY Well, I came to know this guy during the first term- he was my group mate in the first term. A guy with real dedication (yea m not counting the time when you overslept and came late for a presentation :P) and passion (those awards and trophies speak for themselves), he is one cool person. As much as he is assiduous in whatever he does, he does take out time to have fun. Himalaya was one cool trip , literally. And yeah, Your cooking skills are amazing dude. And mujhe dance ke liye kuch tips de dena. . . :) . It was an amazing two years doing assignments, Himalaya and hordes of other stuffs with you. Do stay in touch. Wishing the very best for your future. ...Sudeep Mokal If there is one thing that breeds a deep, unerasable amount of respect in me for brilliant people that I come across, then that’s humility. Himanshu is just so damn humble and genuine in his demeanor that sometimes you’re baffled that he’s the same chap who can think twice as fast as you can. He’ll just never let you feel what an amazing achiever he has been in life. You can lecture him on something you know and then he’d ask a brilliant question that’d either make you think in a totally different dimension or make you feel stupid because you won’t have an answer for it! Set to be one of the guys who’ll make it really, really big in life -- not in the way people make it big with money or fame perhaps, but in the way men with their heart up their sleeves do it. All the best, bhai. Stay in touch. :)...HUSSAIN HAIDRY

Hmm karre launde ki profile... I met Himanshu on the train to IIMI :) and since then have been good friends. Himanshu has treated me like his younger brother, been there for me during my lows, to listen to my cribbings, answering all my doubts. Has been an awesome support shoulder at IIMI and I’m really grateful to him for that. He was the one who introduced us to the concept of Karre Launde and since then our group has stuck together. Thanks for everything during this journey at IIMI. All the best for the future Krantikari Cheeteh... -MOHAMMED ARSHAD” Kanaujia...jab bhi miloge to isko haste hue hi dekhoge...yaar you are really a hardworking man...I am impressed by the rigour that you put forward in every of my very close are quite a mature guy...with whom I can discuss whatever I feel like...this guy is very simple and yet ready to take on every task...he has got amazing analytical skills...and his company never lets you feel bored...good luck for your future...keep in touch always -JATIN GANGWAL” Kanaujia was in RIP & HOP group & we have spent very good times together.. he is very enthusiastic guy & keeps the group alive.. alwys took our group for outing in free-time to nearby places... bas ek goa jaana baaki reh gaya hai :p we also participated in some events together... the kind of approach, R&D & commitment he has towards his work is awsome :) all the best for your career ahead & keep in touch :) -SUMEET KUMAR AGRAWAL” If u want to see how a person can maintain his calm irrespective of whatever complex situations he is stuck into.....then meet Mr. HIMANSHU KANAUJIA...!!!! he is one of those persons who wud always tell u about both the pros and cons of anything... and will always encourage u to take the best decision on ur own.... a truely gem by heart... he is one of my close friends i hav on campus..... he has always surprised me by the level of energy he shows ... A deep respect for a person who inspite of being in any circumstances never forgets to take care of his parents... Best Wishes and God Bless U my friend..... ;) -MANISH KUMAR”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-303/C-303 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Kya bakar hai Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Diet Coke 10 years from now you will be : A improved person If not MBA then : PGDM Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : Karre Launde First crush in the institute : NA Lasting impressions about college : lush green environment Best memory of IIMI : First registration day

Kanujia for me is a symbol of Discipline , principles n values..N nt to forget Dare ...D guts n conviction wit which he expresses his thought is wat makes him stand out from rest of the crowd...had an opportunity to knw him pretty well during the summers..He works like a clock ; used to wake up on time and do diligently his power yoga routines everyday :P Can be a person to look up to for new ideas, values n principles....He is one who frankly would speak out to his frens and would motivate them...n Given his smartness won numerous events on campus ...Kinda lost count of them nw...N nt to forget his one liners.. Kanaujia it was great knwin u and havin u as a fren ,, be the Karre Launde u r :) Always !! -F MUHAMMED HASHIM” He is one of my first friends on IIM Indore. I met on him on train while coming to Planet- I. He has always been a source of motivation for me and supported me in my good and bad times. He is a very genuine person and always been like a big brother and mentor to them.......... I wish he always will be like that......All the best Dost..... -SUMIT MALHOTRA” The inventor of Karre Launde concept :) I have come across you as a right mix of bakar and sense :D You are really good at critical thinking.. A focused and dedicated guy.. Very Health conscious.. have enjoyed your company during RIP and HOP.. All d best luande, have a wonderful life ahead :) -Nishikant C” Mr. Kanaujia is really a sincere, hardworking and focused guy. This is one side of him and the other side his party animal, full of fun and always there to help his friends when they need him. Abhi bhi yaad hai ki isne bahut kosis ki mujhe Economics padhane ki and mere ajeeb doubts ko clear karne ki. Thanks for that bhai. And coming to his first and only crush.....koi nahi launde is se to achhi hi milegi ab...IIM waale jo ho :P Bhai tum jaha bhi jao khoob khush raho n khoob kamyabi pao yehi dua hai dil se. All the best for your future :) -ADARSH MANISH TIGGA”

HIMANSHU KANAUJIA Roll No. : 2011PGP650 DOB : 25/06/1985 NickName :

apne suri ji ke andaz nirale hai. SRK se kam nai hai suri ji, ek dum zindadil aur suljhe huye. IT Club ka ek mahatvapurn ang. All the best suri ji for the future ahead......MOHAMMED ARSHAD It feels privileged to write ur testimonial again after B.Tech. To start, u hv been one f my best frnds since graduation colg till now. U hv always been a part of all my good n bad moments f my life..always feel cmfrtable to talk to u about ny matter. Like Btech, I still like to teach u stdy concepts :P. I completely stick to d point dat u like to enjoy evry momnt nd u r very energetic, enthusiastic prsn who loves ur SRK pose, ur pics, doing crazy acts in RIP nd patal pani wid ur gang. But u hv chngd also.. U hv become more sensible nd mature over d yrs ..u became very actv in clubs, evnt organizing, extracurricular here etc. Bas janaab slightly jyada tension lete hai..I love ur expressions whn u say dat my nd ur life hv swapped. Btech me mein kya tha nd ab meri life jyada rockng ho gyi hai ;) (donâ??t mind). Bas 1 shikayat.. itc evnt wali treat nhi mili abhi tak :P. Hope our frndship further strngthns wid times ahead. Suri just be calm nd composed, success tmhare kadmo mei ayegi :) ...AMRITANSH GUPTA Suri saahab, aka Shahrukh Khan. Campus ki kisi bhi activity ko dekho, you will find him involved in it. Koi bhi DJ party ho, Suri will never leave the dance floor until the DJ himself freaks out. His photos always have a typical Suri style. Definitely a fun loving person. Have shared a great bonding with him while on campus. Best of luck Suri saahab, Keep in touch!! ...BHAVESH VIJAY Suri Bhai! One of the member of my WAC,B.Com &LAB Groups :P. Had a wonderful time in Class in First year with him. Our Sharukh Khan n also an exceptionally brilliant dancer during the Discos. Also my future colleague at Cap Gemini. Hope to have the same wonderful time at Cap Gemini, Chrysalis 2013. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavours ...SANGANA VINOD BABU Suri sahab!! you are one colourful personality, so full of life. i have admired the way you handle tough situations, with calmness and a wise head above your shoulders. you are dependable and a true organizer. your ideas are totally crazy, and you are such a fun loving person, its contagious!! always keep that spirit, have a rocking life. God bless and all the best.. :)...SHALINA VERMA Suriji :) Mastmaula personality,Shahrukh fan and full of life :) Suri has always been this for me. Somehow saare time masti marta dikhta tha ladka....and of course,class mein sote hue uth ke CP marna and then phir so jana :P yeh Suri ka hidden talent hai :D abhi tak hamari job treat bachi hui hai....hope we do that soon,warna time nikalte der nei lagti...Wish you all the best in life,Keep Smiling,you have a nice one ;)...ADITI DIXIT

Roll No. : 2011PGP651 DOB : August 15 NickName : Shahrukh, Kaptan Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-304, E-205 Permanent Address : F-199A, Gulam Gaus Khan marg, Railway Colony West, Jhansi (UP)-284003 About Me : Jiyo har pal aise ki agle pal beete pal ke jaane ka gam na ho :) Most Memorable CP : When some discussion was goin..proff Hariprasad teaching some concept standing behind me.. me nodding head and suddenly Proff turns some pages of my spiral and says “We are discussing this “ :P PORs on campus : Coordinator: Laavanya, InfintI :IT club, Liwewire ,Ahvan participation, Mridang Participation and Hospitality, Indore Marathon Participation. Ideal endorser for : Jiyo jee bhar ke...!! One song you symbolize : Life is CRAZY (Wake up Sid..), Life sahi hai ( Pyaar ka Panchnama) Mostly caught doing : Facebook, Gappe, Walking through the campus.. Frequently uttered lines :.Ho jayega yaar. Enjoy kar lo..yeh moment vapas nhi aayega..!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Plain paratha and Half Fry 10 years from now you will be : A Husband.. :P .and probably a senior executive .. :) If not MBA then : IT Nomad,, ;) Favourite spot on campus : C Block Terrace, Mess after 12 Friend groups on campus : Section E and RIP Group and Himalaya Group and Block E and Block C...and bahut hai yaar.. :) First crush in the institute : Danga karaoge kya ?? Lasting impressions about college : Kya Infra hai... baarish season here.. and the institute full packed bus travel.. :) Best memory of IIMI : ITC Interrobang winners...C block terrace chats... Hariya’s assignment prep...!!

apna padosi.....i came to know him after i shifted my room to C-block, and within a day we were getting along as if we had known each other for an entire year!! he makes it a point to always knock on my door the moment the room cleaning guys come, and that almost always ends up in becoming a corridor-wide meeting! a highly bubbly character, we almost always manage to laugh around at anything or everything that is thrown at us, making fun of everything the same time, he is a very hardworking guy and takes initiatives despite being in Guptaâ??s group more or less all the time....i wish you all the best in all your pursuits and do remain in touch :)... PULKIT PANDEY Suri aka SRK is the style icon of Section E. What i admire the most about him is his confidence. He is never shy to speak out his mind ( and his lame shayaris too :D ) :) He knows what he wants and will not be deterred by the external forces. I have seen him working hard only before placements.. :) Suri is very enthusiastic about exploring new places and food joints. He would prefer eating some crappy dish in a new restaurant than eating a tasty dish for the second time. :) He is very helpful and will always be there for his friends. We will surely stay in touch.. :) Best of Luck dude !!!...KARTIK SHRIVASTAVA


Roll No. : 2011PGP652 DOB : 20-December-1986 NickName : Munch Hitesh is a person of intellect and great marketing skills. You can always contact him to rebrush your kotler fundas. A caring friend, Hitesh is very focused and determined when it comes to debate on topics of his specialization and for other person its an opportunity to enrich knowledge. Sometimes I wonder how he manages to store so much data in his mind. I have no doubts about his success in corporate word.. My wishes for future ahead. :) ...SMITA VERMA HItesh has always been a nice interaction with you .. the focus and sincerity which u show for the task you deal with is exceptional. it was memorable day when u were with us at DAVV college for Art of Living program and fought with us to get the entry inside.. Thanks for all those time when i asked u doubts in class NC 4 where u used to sit in front of me and keeping the patience for all those time i bugged u :P Stay in touch and good luck for a great position in the corporate world . Best wishes ...SUNDEEP SUTHAR

HITESH MANCHANDA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : F-120 Permanent Address : Street No-06, Thalesh Bagh Colony, Sangrur, Punjab (148001) About Me : I am wind surfer who loves to ride on the waves of life no matter how hard they thrash you down!! Most Memorable CP : It depends!! PORs on campus : Member of E-Cell and Mridang Ideal endorser for : Apple Products One song you symbolize :Musafir Hoon Yaaro Mostly caught doing : Watching X-Men Frequently uttered lines : Chal na .... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Butter Toast & Tea 10 years from now you will be : Let the future roll on, who knows which way the wind blows. If not MBA then : Ph.D. Favourite spot on campus : Sun Set Point Friend groups on campus : Vineeta, Kumar Abhishek, Shantanu Consul, Nikita, Shreshth, Manish Kumar First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Yaad Aayenge Ye Pal :) Best memory of IIMI : When I met Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

I have known Hitesh since the beginning when we used to be neighbours in ER3. Very hardworking and dedicated guy who knows exactly what he wants and isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afraid to speak his mind. I have very good memories of our second term group, the stupid Edukart project and the always memorable Himalayan Trip. You are in my mind one of the most mature guys around and had all the qualities to be a good manager even before coming here. Hope you succeed in life in your chosen field. Stay in touch :)...JAMMI SUNIL RAO manchanda has to be one of the most dedicated people in our section....i still remember the SDM PPT when he single-handedly went through the entire presentation while all others were taking the flak from sir for their Nil bura thoda jaldi manta hai lekin uske baad sab bhool jaata hai.....that memory when he almost got cho and me in trouble after we were teasing him like anything is still fresh in my mind.... all the best for your future life :) ...PULKIT PANDEY As my term I group member I was amazed at how someone could have such an insane knowledge of almost every industry. I wondered if he he drank the newspaper for breakfast and ate Kotler for dinner.It was only in the last year when I got know him as a person and realized that he was a lot more than just books. My perennial source of seasons and ever-ready partner for coffee. He can be a brutal critique when he wants to and a great source of advice too. We have slogged for competitions and battled with assignments together. Thank you for being an amazing friend. Hope to see you start your own venture soon. All the best. Keep in touch! ...NIKITA RAJESH TANEJA Two years and still so much to learn of this guy. So many memories, laughters, tears, trips, stories shared and lived together. And the best feeling of not being alone through all that, cause you he is always there with you, Love, God bless.....KUMAR ABHISHEK Hitesh Manchanda....the first thing that comes to my mind is sincerity,dedication and passion with which u do ur work....Yeh to pura bond hai marketing ka and I am truly amazed by his passion for marketing.....He can do assignments single handedly and come out with brilliant ones...I will never forget the CIP practice sessions and ur gr8 insights.....By far one of the most hard working people that I have come across at IIM I.....He is a very level headed and matured person....I am sure with all these qualities u re goin to rise high in life and attain gr8 heights.....God bless you and wishing u all the success ,happiness in life....Keep in touch :)!!!...PRIYA ZUTSHI

About you in one line, all i can say is “The most cheerful guy in campus”. Keep the positive energy level consistent. All the best. ...KHUMAN VIJAY C I will always remember [ Hrishi ] as the first guy I talked to after the bakra group. Our being in the same section just strengthened our bond. Hez very down to earth (something I love about him), fun-loving, ready to help and really cares for his friends, his laughter is the best one and the most resounding. Hez quite emotional but does not open up easily. He may not be the first person you run to but he will hear all your problems and make you feel safe in the end. I will always remember this particular habit of his of not wasting food. Hez so into it that he will finish his share of food (As well as others!!!) no matter what. I also admire his enthusiasm to do something for the society. It feels great to have a friend like him. Stay in touch. Will miss you a lot. Lots of love ;)...NIDHI KANOJIA Very creative and cheerful guy! innovative ideas float through his mind in no time. Keep the positive attitude high. Wish you all the best!...SMITA VERMA U want to meet him and donno how to recognize him??....Dont worry he is the only guy who can laugh LOUDLY in class of 75 with professor standing in front. He is a person difficult to define in one line..he can be happy and sad at the same,can lead or be led..depends on team members ;).. can be tense or free. its difficult to understand him at first but soon u will realise that he is a very confused soul...dont know which one to choose and when :P. He has some very good ideas to make the society better. He is good speaker ... no RIP member can forget his long story of cat and ka taraju :D.we have shared some good dance and some good clicks .. will remind you of Govinda. all the best for future.. keep your ideas in action :) ...POOJA RANI LODWAL A great friend with an ever-buoyant spirit and a hearty laugh. He’s very genuine, keen, hard-working and honest with himself and others. Loved your ramp walk on Mridang 2012 - the gun simply rocked!! Be as you are ! :) ...Bishakha Majumdar

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-107, G-308 Permanent Address : Samrat Collections, Natepute, Tal. Malshiras, Solapur 413109 (Maha) About Me : variable ‘x’, not because I keep on changing, but because you can put me in any equation and still make meaning out of it. Most Memorable CP : IMC debate.. Hope present mates agree PORs on campus : Pi Shop Pirate, Mridang - Promo Ideal endorser for : Laughter United One song you symbolize : Tarkebein - Band Baaja Baarat Mostly caught doing : Snoring in class Frequently uttered lines : Aisa Kya?? :O Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Burji aur do plain parantha 10 years from now you will be : in Himalayas, either meditating for playing Golf If not MBA then : probably would have been a director Favourite spot on campus : Library Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Chicken Lasting impressions about college : Pi Shop, Night mess, JAM Best memory of IIMI : Laavanya 2012 ;-)

My only brother in campus, the only one who volunteered that is. But since then it has been an uphill task, me having to protect his reputation than vice-versa. This Casanova is the smoothest and most silent workers in our batch. Not one, not two but an entire race of chickies hover around him and he graciously â??helpsâ?? them all. One of the most happy-go-lucky guys, he has a penchant for spreading happiness all around and my mood too has an immediate facelift when I am with him. Whenever he is not embarrassing me about my looks that is! My Delhi days had a little bit of chicken in them because of him as his appetite is gigantic and we never have to waste food if he is around. Just do not try to converse in Hindi with Mr. Sunshine, you may end up learning a different dialect altogether. ...RUPSA CHAKRAVARTY his attitude is what defines of the most easy-going guys around, and always full of energy.... one who i have to thank for exchanging his room with me, which turned out to be a great decision for me :D on could always find him at the pi-shop....and i also had the pleasure of seeing his dedication during Mridang....all the best and have a great life ahead :)...PULKIT PANDEY Hrishi was one of the first guys that I made frirnds with at IIM I and till date he stands as one of the best friends I have at campus.He is superfull of energy.Our comeraderie flourished during the Talent nite preparations.The DJ nights were incomplete without him. He pulls my leg like anything but he cares as well!He is a crazy guy n I can tell that cuz he can go bald as and when he likes. He is very sentimental and there have been times when we had a difference of opinions but he remains a true friend.PI Shop runs in his veins. Stay in touch. Wishes!... VIKAS PARIHAR

Hrishikesh B. Roll No. : 2011PGP653 DOB : October 24th NickName : Hrishi

is shayar ki yearbook ki shuruat koi shayar karta to behatar hota... kher “dosh suraj ka nahi gar aankh bhinchi aapne...” anyways... inki bansuri ki mithas se to sab parichit hain hi aur inki shayari manch to kya desh videsh ke bade bade investment banks ke desk par padhi ja chuki hai... is bande ko jab bhi dekhta hun pata nahi kyun kapildev ki aawaz mein ek line kaan mein gunjti hai “simplicity mein ek adbhut shakti hai”... kehne ko to aur bhi hai but banda tweeter fan hai isliye sachchai kam shabdon mein simit kar raha hun......HIMANSHU AGRAWAL UNCLE! Chashme laga lo warna padhne mein takleef aayegi, is umra mein ankhon pe zor acha nahi. Yes, this caustic start can only be from me and can only be for him from me :P Our encounters have always been clamorous, with each of us hurling random words at each other. His ability to conceptualize unspeakable, fateechar-est PJs makes me laugh more than the joke itself. Spent some wild moments laughing away at Deutsche where he came in early and left late, yes, but was mostly saying “Saala mera koi kaam nahi hua yaar”.He supported me immensely during the internship, something that underlines his selflessness and genuineness. I shall ever be grateful to him for the SOS-moment help with my ppt. He does blurt some harsh things at first judgement, I wonder if he will ever realize that they are not always correct. We had utmost fun making parodies, Bis-sing and Bam-ming (as he calls it). Appreciated his sense of working towards ‘greater’ things in life. Have had some of the longest and deepest talks with him! Often, he would talk sense but too much of it so you need to make him stop. Some of his keywords were unfailing keys to nagging him like “horrible”, “brilliant”.. Nagged him a lot to work for a couple of unfortunate co-assignments :P I donno why he has so many dusty books on his shelf, I cant read even 3 words without laughing.. Super tolerant he was with my flute-jamming :P ..banta ye bahut serious hai but andar hans raha hota hai.. samajhta khud ko bahut shaana hai but andar taplu ban jata hai.. chalo uncle, “pretty” mahutarma dhoond lo koi, umra nikal rahi hai aur kahin usne ye padh lia to lene ke dene pad jayenge... :D...ANKITA SRIVASTAVA One of the most handsome guys on campus, Hussain is a stunner every way from the word go - be it academic merit or extra curricular talent - in poetry, flute playing, acting and God knows what else! He has a dark sense of humour - which he uses on self on others alike. He is destined to dazzle in his career and achieve great things and I wish him the best for it! :) But there is something else very special about Hussain. He is a Poet...has a poet’s heart, a poet’s eyes to see the world and a poet’s mind to reason out it’s senselessness. May That Poet Prosper Always. :) ...Bishakha Majumdar My favorite Urdu poet... I can go on listening to his urdu poetry recitations for hours even though I would not understand more than half of it.. It is simply mesmerizing... And his satirical english compositions are a treat to the reader.. And he creates soulful magic with his flute ... and you just float there in endless timeless ocean of music.. I wish him a happy and fulfilling life.. :)...HIMADRI BASUMATARY

Roll No. : 2011PGP654 DOB : 21/12/1985 NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : SR11-202, C-306 Permanent Address : Manoramaganj, Indore About Me : An unusual cocktail of Larry David and Sahir Ludhianvi. Most Memorable CP : Kept on asking questions for two minutes to which the prof. replied “Don’t act too smart.” :’( PORs on campus : Event Head, Adapt; Member, E-cell; Member, Harmon-i; Member, Voice of Indore; Projects, Utsaha; Member, Sutra (Lits); Member, ShARE; Member, Qarvan Ideal endorser for : Bombay; Indori Food and Dialect; Urdu Poetry One song you symbolize : Tere Dar Par Sanam Mostly caught doing : FB, Group bakar, Cracking PJs, Cribbing about everything Frequently uttered lines :Arre yaar; Saale Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Egg Masala Maggi and Tea 10 years from now you will be : CEO of a tea stall outside a Corporate Park? If not MBA then : B.A. (Hons.) Urdu Favourite spot on campus : Terrace, C-Block Friend groups on campus : Harmon-i and “We Are Family” clan :P First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Bittersweet. Let’s not talk about it :P Best memory of IIMI : Bakra Party, HOP, Harmon-i shows, Ahvan 2012

Hussain....a rainbow of emotions!! really...he is so creative and poetic...urdu shayri sunna hai to think of Hussain.. he always has some trick up his sleeve...satire main there is no1 to beat hussain...he plays the flute really well...u made all the difference to Pareshaan boss, ur flute portion really brought magic to that song! Again, i think of all the practice sessions at harmony when we have endlessly gossiped or made fun of others!...he is very intelligent, pretty daring in my opinion, not one to shy away from stuff, he likes to try out everything for the feel of it, be it ashwa,or jam or anything for that matter. He believes in persevering till he succeeds..that’s the attitude forward for everyone hussain! he has a flair for numbers, CA hai bhai! he is knowledgeable about music, art, it and he has some opinion to can have a very intellectual conversation with Hussain...way to go boss... hume bhoolna mat! all the best!...SUGATHA KARTHIKEYAN There are many ways of calling someone, but the manner in which we address each other is unique - hurl abuses, Fight for everything, Keep on Arguing, this is our motto. This is what we do all the time. But, many know that beneath all this, there exists love and respect for each other. Every one calls him a great shayari, but i dont know, coz i don’t understand majority of what he writes. I hope that after rejecting 25 proposals for marriage, he accepts one soon. I am extremely lucky to have him as part of my family; feel low - go and abuse him! The times


Roll No. : 2011PGP655 DOB : 16 Nov 1988 NickName : Jawa, Panda Ishang JAVA***...our very own kung fu panda from section A...member of my first pgp group at IIM Indore.. had a lot of fun time doing assignments (i mean pretending to do so) together...ohh and we also got one F for plagiarism :P .....will remember you as a fun loving cheerful and brilliant person...wish you all the best :)... ANUSHREE KIRTANIA

ISHANG JAWA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER2 108 -> SR11 309 -> C 307 Permanent Address : 29 Chanderlok Enclave, Pitampura, New Delhi About Me : Ab ye question IIM ke interviews se leke final placements tak tang karte aaya hai; aise wahiyad questions to daalne nahi bante :P Most Memorable CP : Arrow Brand :D PORs on campus : Ashwa, Equit-I, ShARE, AIESEC Ideal endorser for : Dominoes & la-z-boy. One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Moving from mess to my room to washroom to room to mess Frequently uttered lines : It’s ok; Kuch accha khana hai Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : French Toast, Chicken Biryani, Coke, Chips, Hippo and One Aloo toast, bas itna hi 10 years from now you will be : Haha itni lambi planning nahi hoti hai yahan pe If not MBA then : If not MBA to chup chap naukri kar rahe hote :P Favourite spot on campus : My bed Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Fun place to spend 2 years of your life :D Best memory of IIMI :

Bhaloo bhaiya, one of the most chilled out guys on campus! Bas do kaam karta hai: khana and sona (although ab 2 aur kaam shuru kar diye hain) Never used to study anything and still managed to get such good marks! POR ki dukaan, kabhi koi kaam nahi kiya, be it Equiti, Ace Manager, or Ashwa! A really fun guy to be with, he has made the stay in IIMI really memorable. Be it the RIP where he wanted to visit all the villages without eating anything, or the endless 29 games that he has lost to me and Alok and had to call urgent Ashwa meetings to get out of the humiliation, every moment with him has been filled with fun and laughter. Really missed you during the Himalayan trip, but I believe Shanghai was fun for you (atleast facebook photos dekh ke to yahi lagta hai!) Ab to bada aadmi ho gaya hai, but Pitampura mein hi rehta hai, so we’ll keep catch up some time. Koi achi si ladki dhoond ke settle ho ja, and kha mat jaiyo usse, like you ate your previous girlfriend! Keep in touch and keep eating!...NITISH CHAWLA My partner in crime. No words would be enough to describe the bonding that i have had with this lazy smoked up guy in past two year. Lots of memories right from he borrowing my coat for internship interview to numerous spontaneous trips to city, eating at unheard of places in Indore to RIP and the list just goes on. Probably my MBA would not have been same if i wouldn’t have met him. One gem of a guy whom you can trust upon and from whom u will get an unbiased opinion for every matter. He might look like a kid in a big big body but he surely has a very mature head on his shoulder. One smart ass he just knows how not to work and still be on top. He prob deserved BCG for his shear presence of mind and which is one thing that I envy. Kahani to bahut baki hai ..but abhi ke liye itna kafi hai. I hope there would be lot more of such memories down the years. Just one song symbolizes this guy “ Khao Piyo Aish Karo Mitro ...... “ A true punjabi !! Chak De phattey !!!...MANPREET SINGH REKHI Motu..mera panda of my besties here..we started out on our food drive from the very beginning of these 2 years..Be it late night bc (which was supposed to be studies) with him and Jaggi or our visits to city and Khaani hai times..Khaana darta hai bhai ko dekh kr...have had sooo much fun with this guy..pata nahi how he managed to be amongst the topper kyuki maha moorkh hai yeh..aaj agar yeh chawla har kisi k page par teri meri haarne ki kahaaniya likh rha h na toh its all because of you.. A true punjabi and I he is one of the guys whom I should have met in under grad..par yeh alag DCE mei tha..Hahahaha ATB motey for life ahead and hum toh scene banate hee rahenge..chahe jaha bhi ho.....MIRZA FARAZ ALAM The laziest person on campus! His daily schedule is sleeping, eating, missing classes, asking for proxy, watching TV shows and well just hanging out with us. He has absolute zero self-control. He will make promises of going to the gym or not mixing some “stuff” but will break it the next day. Its hard not to like Jawa with his carefree, chilled out and friendly attitude. But don’t let his laziness fool you. Beneath it all is a remarkably brilliant mind. It was fairly obvious from the beginning he would be one of the main contestants for BCG and believe me, BCG has bagged a true specimen! We have had some really fun times “hanging” out and I look forward to more of the same in years to come. Don’t become so lazy that you wont even keep in touch! :)...DEEPAK SUDHAKAR

Ishank is the most “jugaadu” guy on campus. He lives life to the fullest caring very little about anything. Always running low on attendance, loves to spread the great “Kataria Gyan” :) He will always help you whenever you need him, I admire him for that. Hope for your success and keep in touch...MONINDER BHALLA Bade Log ! is the most chill, easy going, ultra talented people and among the best friends on campus ! He is one person who would never be bothered about how big or small the occasion is and would always deliver ! Though initially his way of handling things leaves you doubting, but when he delivers every single time it reassures one of his knack of getting things done. We have worked and tried to work on competitions :) , fastest at completing assignments and studied together, & the one thing that I do respect is his clear mindedness at where he wants to be ! Hope you achieve the best in the future champ ! \m/ ...ROOPAK BHARTEE Apna B____; sorry thats our group secret :-P... I know him from the time of RIP... He is such an outgoing person with full of confidence that I am sure he can always defeat toughest of the tasks... I have learned a lot from my chota bhai... Many a times we had hard time but yes we will always be friends :-).... Ishank I know u r gonna achieve all the success and happiness in ur life, and I wish we all are present with u to share the happiness :-), May God give u all the success in ur life... We will always be in touch :-)...OM PRAKASH VERMA i call him....a good friend...i enjoy his presence in the parties which we have .......he always have these short episodes of fight with other friends in the group..the most interesting part is the matter of the fight could range from chair to sit to any topic is not worth even caring about...:)....a perfect mix of dedication and fun...have a great time ahead.....ANKIT PARMAR

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-308 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Placom Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

ISHANK KATARIA Roll No. : 2011PGP656 DOB : 19-08-88 NickName :

Very pretty and sweet CR of section-D.. you performed the role so well while receiving lots of appreciations from GUPTA JI and scolding from few ..but she always managed everything with the same smile. Wish you luck for future!...SMITA VERMA Well, Let me return the favor by writing in your year book. It is worth mentioning here that I dont know when we started talking and over time we become very good friend. Verma has already used some adjectives for you and let me reiterate the same for you - Beauty with brain is the one perfect line which goes very well with you :) you are really a very graceful, caring and lively personality. I have hardly seen you losing your calm therefore calm and composed person. Beautiful smile - Cant miss writing this :) . I find myself really privileged to have friend like you. May we remain friends forever. All the very best for your future endeavor. I know you will come up with the shining stars wherever you will go wherever you will work. last but not the least - Be in touch!! Stay the same person as you are today! I will always be there if you need anything. Thanks for all the support and help ;) btw, “Ishi” is very sweet nick name :) ...SAURABH GOUR I still remember the first meeting of all 6 CRs (PGP1) after the selection process where I met Ishita in J block. Simple,beautiful and being nice to others were the first few things I observed about her. Then most of the times we met in GUPTA JI’s office where she used to have a big Dosa and I used to have just a tea :( Thanks to her we together got many accounting quizzes cancelled for section C and D. Definitely one of the best colleagues with whom I have worked at Planet-I. I wish you all the best in your career!!...Vivek Gupta It is amusing how someone can make you smile by a mere ‘Oye’. It has been a pleasure working with a charming and extremely understanding person like Ishita. Infact I dont remember if we ever had an argument.An extremely dedicated worker, she disproved any apprehensions one may have against a good looking girl with a soft voice :) I hope we can pull up a few more Mashaal trips before March. Till then keep oye’ing...VIBHU KAPOOR You are one of the best girls I know on campus. Hard Working, level headed, simple (no girly nakhras :P) beautiful girl who loves The Vampire Diaries. I’ll not be melodramatic like Gour , just hope that you’ll always the sweet, simple and helping person you are now. I’ve run out of adjectives so i’ll just end by wishing you all the best in your career. Keep in touch....JAMMI SUNIL RAO

Roll No. : 2011PGP657 DOB : 8 November, 1989 NickName : Ishi Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-117 Permanent Address : Moradabad About Me : Most Memorable CP : The only time in two years when I managed to bad a smiley from Prof Jaisimha PORs on campus : Placement Committee, Section D CR Ideal endorser for : Samsung One song you symbolize : I got a a pocket full of sunshine..:) Mostly caught doing : checking mails on cellphone Frequently uttered lines :Kya yaar... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Plain Paratha with Butter 10 years from now you will be : fondly looking at my yearbook page..:) If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : from where I could look at lights from the city Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : too many to count...

Ishita is extremely sweet n polite (though i have heard stories that she shouted at a few PGP-1s as a Placommer :P).. Hope to know you better and i hope to have a memorable time with you at Deloitte.. all the best :)...Ninad Bhangle Our section CR and for sure the best ! At one end simple and sweet, but the best thing is that she never steps back when she believes there is a need for taking an action. Alongside helping fellow batchmates on numerous occasions, she does find time to keep in her best efforts at any work she takes up. Hope you achieve the best champ !...ROOPAK BHARTEE Ishita is one of the sweetest and modest girls I have ever met..she was the CR of our section in the first year and is the strongest pillar of our section’s unity even till today..her sweet smile never fades away from her face and I hope it continues to be so..she was the one who inspired and supported me to join Acadcom and I owe a lot to her for that..@Ishita: Keep smling throughout ur life, all the best and please don’t forget this friend of yours..:)... YELLA NISHANTH REDDY the most approachable girl of our section [ not becoz she was the CR ] and one of the sweetest persons I have met here...she will alwz have the same smiling expression, no matter how tough the situation gets...thats why our was the best led section..unmatched!!! Wish you good luck and you will reach great heights..thats for sure..would love to be in touch always!!!...ROHIT MALOO

Ishita Kishore

Roll No. : 2011PGP658 DOB : 18-Aug-1988 NickName : Ish, Ishika Madam :P You are one of the few ‘always happy’ and ‘truly versatile’ persons I met on the campus :) I know you have great people skills but do remember that you failed to trick me into joining your group during HOP :P By the way, thank you for making the â??Orre chhoreâ?? song world famous :P And I do admit that I used to throw a few rubbers into your curly hair :D Wish you all the best; have a wonderful life ahead!! ...Nishikant C Dear Ishita... OMG you were trying to add Tchore to your HOP group. Good job Tchore resisting her. Because Ishita is someone you have difficulty saying NO to. She is very sweet and was an awesome groupmate. When she was in our group, our group work reduced drastically, thanks to her, as she ended up doing all the hardwork ( confessions of a free rider :) ). Immensely hardworking. @ishita - dont forget about my Gantt charts. They were the secret ingredients to your success. :) All the best for the future, keep smilin always like the way you do......MOHAMMED ARSHAD

ISHITA SINGH Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : singhishita Facebook Page : IshitaSingh88 Hostel Room : ER2-207, SR14-423, A-215, SR14-202 Permanent Address : Agra- as of now About Me : Read the testimonials ;) Most Memorable CP : ‘agar fish ho jaata toh’ at RIP PORs on campus : Ashwamedha, Consulting Club, Utsaha’11, Indore Marathon’11 Ideal endorser for : Johnson’s Baby ;) One song you symbolize :I’ll be there for you- Friends Mostly caught doing : Smiling :) Frequently uttered lines : Awwwww.., haan kya.. sach mein! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half-boiled Maggi 10 years from now you will be : Life’s perfect.. would just be happier, more successful, n prettier ;) If not MBA then : McKC Favourite spot on campus : Jam at noon, Sunset Point at night Friend groups on campus : Bakar :) First crush in the institute : None Lasting impressions about college : the beautiful campus, the exciting life and some really awesome people Best memory of IIMI : RIP, HOP, Ashwa, Laavanya, 10D & innumerable other parties

Well you are undoubtedly the most beautiful lady on campus :P. Jokes apart.. you are definitely the most versatile person here.. Brains.. singing.. modeling..partying...bakars.. and what not :) But I will probably give you the the award for being a great friend .. Best of Luck for your future. I am sure you will definitely have a great future !!...DEBARSHI ROY Ishika M’am a complete package of beauty with brain. Had an awesome time in RIP when u “used to arrange” food for us :P (fish and chicken both :P) You have always impressed me with your determination and hard work. We have an awesome group with awesome memories starting with RIP, Sayaji parties, 10D street, HOP, Hostel parties and Car ride.....will cherish all.....hope u get everything what u want ..God bless !! ----bothi...VARUN SINGH BOTHIYAL Ishita has to be most dynamic persons I hv met at IIMI .. Perfect epitome of beauty wid brains ;) Im sure u wd hv hrd it like zillion times already but still :P Got to know her more during my second term PGP grp work, became very good friends during RIP and rest as they say is history... I would miss all the fun we had at the grp outings, the vodka shots ;) , the gossips n fun at Section F n da list goes on...Wish u all da very best for the future n stay in touch alwayz :)...DEBASHREE MOHAPATRA I just looovvvee her curly hair :) :) :)- I’ll be the saddest person if she straightens her hair :( Was very lucky to lift her in front of all the planet-I residents-Must have made dozens of them verrrrryyy jealous ;) She’s a very sweet person and has got a sweeter voice (the Harmon-I people couldn’t recognize her true talent). Never noticed her before Mridang-2012 and thanks to LAVANYA, we could share such awesome memories (btw, you still owe a *WALK* with me :P) One always feels the positive vibes whenever one meets her. One request:- Don’t change the way you laugh (intermittently stopping) :P and yeah, keep smiling :) :D :) ...KARAN B NATHWANI Dear heroine, Till date, The Best combo I have not seen is existence of any girl who is humble, beautiful , talented and smart. That’s Ishita & I really mean it. Never lose them !! Have a nice time @ J&J. Keep in touch. Thanks Director....SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI

A really cute person..and her Hindi is awesome ( she can speak it very well :) ) ..You can never be short of topics when talking to her...and yes not to forget ..her superawesome memory. ( which she claims she lost after her exchange trip..)..Girls envy her style and dressing sense..She is sensitive,smart and adorable.. Best of luck for all future endeavours .!! ...KANIKA...KANIKA ‘EEEEEEEEE’ is what that comes to my mind when I think of you. If there is one person whom I have tortured the most on campus, I think it would be you. :D :D It indeed was a roller-coaster ride! But, I think all these things are the very reasons why college remains special for life. One of the sweetest persons I have come across in a really long time. The long loud conversations we had all night tortured Rajkumar so much that it still remains as his ‘nightmare era’. Up-front, honest, super helpful, the one who sated my DC greed, the ardent fellow B’lore endorser and ever smiling, you have been a super cool awesome friend. I am happy that I got to know you so well. I am sure we will be in touch. So, am cutting out the usual parting crap. :D I shall meet you in B’lore soon,...SENTHOORAN K A Monica Shalini. The name that stirs back lot of memories of my first year in Indore.A best friend and yes the only friend in IIMI whom I bumped into silly fights(Though funny).Fashion girl shalu and I like your straight forward talks. I love your mom’s fish fries and always looked for it wen u come back from home. I can never forget how you fooled me around with the cold thing and made fun of me :P Though time has drifted us apart, u r one person who knows me in and out. Hope we become family friends in Bangalore in near future and go for weekend movies :P :) :) ...PADMA N This space would be insufficient to describe how she describe things! :P A person who can talk non stop on any topic under the sun (sometimes above it too) and never get bored of it. Though I became friends with her pretty late in the first year, the last three terms have compensated enough for it. Really love your fashion sense and description of the various food items you have had. Also I really enjoyed the one long trip we had in exchange in Spain and Portugal! Hope you reach greater heights in your life.. Cheers!!...VIVEK SURESH

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-101 Permanent Address : 107,shiva Enclave, Old airport road, Bangalore About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : Oriflame,VLCC,Pizza Hut, Swarovski One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Sleeping Frequently uttered lines : Fuck man ! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half Boiled Maggi n Full fried egg 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Pilot Favourite spot on campus : my room Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Dats s secret !! Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Shalini is one of the most practical person I have met on campus.... Shez outspoken, has awesome dressing sense, always gives a logical answer, a firm believer, very sensible, always smiling, smtimes dominating ;).... I can go on, i guess... but above it all shez a greta friend. First year would have been so incomplete with her... From chit-chatting in each other’s rooms in ER, RIP masti, sharing almost everything... :) Hope you get everything that you desire.... Stay in touch. :)...NIDHI KANOJIA When I first saw this girl, first thought came into my mind “What an ATTITUDE”...But later on I found myself to be wrong...She is my cute little sister...We shared a lot of good times and bad times together...How can I forget you were the one who made me pass the LAB end-term...My “LAB GODDESS” :D These two years just flew away...who the hell knows where we are gonna land up in future...but I know for sure that my cute little “EEEEEEE” sister is gonna build her own identity midst all...I will miss you a lot... Don’t forget to invite me to your wedding......Avik Sinha The other end of the class for me, I always found Shalini smiling and chirpying around. As I got to know her more, she turned out to be friendly, smart, playful and fun! Some of the common classes we had were a tad more bearable because of our sneak chats and giggles. Her curly hair have always caught my attention, as I am not blessed with even a micron of them! Always positive about life, I am sure Shalini will do great in life and my best wishes for that. Its your life, make it large :D...ANKITA SRIVASTAVA

J.SHALINI Roll No. : 2011PGP659 DOB : 01-07-1989 NickName : Shalu, Shali

jagan was the CR of my section and I found him responsible, unbiased, cooperative and caring. His purity of heart is clearly visible in his smile. He, according to me has the highest leadership quality in the batch. No wonder he is given the most responsible position in IIM. I wish he creates new milestones of success in the history of IIMI.... ANUP KUMAR A truly transparent, simple, unbiased and responsible person , Jagan reflects qualities of leadership in his behavior rather in talks. His simplicity and honesty brings him highest credibility even in critical times. He really deserves the great success in life . I wish him a successful and happy life ahead. :) ...SMITA VERMA There are a very few people I feel intimidated by and Jagan is one of them. He commands great respect not just because of his position but the great maturity and perfection he shows in doing things. Secy, Ashvamedha, he certainly has added a few feathers in his cap in last 2 years but what will always stay with him is a great dedication and humility. If not affordable housing, he will definitely find a solution to affordable medicines...VIBHU KAPOOR There aren’t many persons about whom you can write something without actually knowing much and Jagan is one of them. The sheer enormity of the job he’s taken up itself stands testimony to his character. Things like winning Ashwa are but small manifestations of this. He is the one guy after Diro whose actions have a direct impact on the institute’s public perception and he has handled himself superbly. It is said that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. You can see this everyday in Jagan. All the best for the future ra ..There is absolutely no doubt that you’ll reach great heights :) :)...ADITYA KIRAN NORI I’m writing this after filling in Ishita’s page, so I’ll use many of the same adjectives. Simple, Level headed and hard working (no girly nakhras also). Very dedicated fellow. I have hardly seen him in his room in the 2nd year as he’ll always be in the placement office or handling a process. Unquestionably one of the most talented people on campus who will surely reach very high in his corporate career. On the personal front he has been a good friend from the first year, has given me a lot of advice which is mostly good. But best of all he allowed me to keep the huge bean bag in my room for the better half of the 2nd year :) . I’m not putting in any farewells here because we’ll surely stay in touch after passing out. All the best for your future life....JAMMI SUNIL RAO

Roll No. : 2011PGP660 DOB : 19 Aug NickName : Jagan/Jaggi Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Placom, CR Section A Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Biriyani! 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

One person I really really admire at IIM-I. Fellow SAC-EC member (though absent from all meetings. lol :P).. He deserved to be Our Placom secy.. it tells us a lot about his maturity, calmness and leadership qualities.. winning ashwa kinda reinforced the same adjectives. (i remember getting 180 likes for sharing his photo of winning ashwa, which remains the highest likes on all my posts ever.. so big thank u for that :D :P) .. Brilliant communication skills and politeness, something which I hope to emulate. Haven’t interacted with him much on a personal level, but would definitely love to, in the future!!...Ninad Bhangle Pseudo Tamil....or i might say half tamil half punjabi !!! this guy deserves all the accolades that he has got just for his sheer sense of responsibility, perseverance and maturity. Sometimes a bit too mature for lesser souls like me though :P :P. He is an example on how to remain motivated and also motivate others. It has been great to have him around to support me. He would be the person that i would seek advice from in toughest of situations. Though we missed out on some fun part because of different responsibilities, I am sure we will make up for them in the coming times. Anyways it is granted that you will go places !! Bahut tarif kar di yaar ....chal ab jaldi se shaadi kar nahi to aur koi milni nahi :P :P !! And brush up on ur punjabi skills :P :P ...MANPREET SINGH REKHI for me, he is the talented guy next door jiski koi bhi maar leta hai :P apart from that his humbleness has been what i have always respected and it continues to be the extent that initially i had real difficulty in believing that he shouted during the PlaCom briefings of juniors....a really helpful guy whose patience in dealing with people is something you get to appreciate after you see him solving all sorts of random queries from different people....wish you all the best for the future and have a great life :)...PULKIT PANDEY


Roll No. : 2011PGP661 DOB : 25/11/1988 NickName : Jammi Jammi sir defies the logic of common sense. In class when everybody is busy collecting CPs he is busy clearing game stages. When everybody is busy enjoying, he is busy completing assignments for all groups. When everybody is awake, he is fast asleep (even on his own birthday) and when everybody is fast asleep, he is wide awake. He is a true and deserved topper of our batch. Really cherished the time with you. BTW stage 24 clear ho gayi :P ...Jubin Mahajan Jammi was a member of my bakra group. When i meet him i released that this is the right place to study. He is very focused and talented person. For all 2 years he religiously guarded his sleeping pattern irrespective of whatever is happening in the surrounding....HIMANSHU KANAUJIA

JAMMI SUNIL RAO Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER 3-125, SR 11-309, C 310 Permanent Address : Uttarpara, West Bengal - 712258 About Me : ==>> Most Memorable CP : None. I don’t belive in CP :P PORs on campus : DC Admin, ShARE - Energy, Distortion, Ahvan Ops Ideal endorser for : High Speed Internet Connection One song you symbolize :We will rise - Arch Enemy Mostly caught doing : In class - Either playing on the mobile or reading The Economist. In room - Downloading Frequently uttered lines : I should not mention words I don’t want to see 10 years down the line Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : None as I sleep early. But hypothetically it would be Plain Maggi 10 years from now you will be : 34 years old and married If not MBA then : MS-Phd. Have thought a lot about this choice Favourite spot on campus : C Block Terrace Friend groups on campus : Many but mostly from my section Section D First crush in the institute : Everybody’s second crush is my first Lasting impressions about college : If the admin was as good as the facilities it would have been a much smoother ride Best memory of IIMI :

Dear FF Kolkatta Trader, I know him as Prof. J.S. Rao where he writes cases for pgp1. Dedicated guy, Have participated many events with them, talented fellow. Important Quality is his timings - sleeps before 12 maintaining it is a challenge. You get the feel of jammi, when he is excited and angry. His scoldings and bashings r superb. Keep in touch. Thanks FF Hyd Trader....SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI Jammi Sunil Rao - what do I say.. “the” closest friend.. we’ve seen the ups and downs of mba life together. I can write a book but it wouldn’t suffice to describe him. So I’ll use the mba style 3-word answer : focused, punctual and witty. You begin enjoying his sarcastic remarks directed at others but u’ll fee the pinch when it hits you :P Apart from being one of the brightest minds on campus, he has also taken it upon himself to provide wholesome entertainment of all kinds :);) A testimonial to him would be incomplete without a mention of the “stress busting” initiative taken by us.. it certainly has made life comfortable for the campus residents. No point in saying goodbye cos I know we’ll keep in touch :) ...ADITYA KIRAN NORI Jammi is one guy about whom I hv always wondered how he manages so many things...He is d topper, a quick grasper of things, watches every shitty series and movies (strictly non-hindi) and takes care of the needs of the whole IIM I community....:) Seriously ispe toh kuch tips banti hain!!!! I still remember our own random conversations (Jammi, Pandey, Jubin, Patil and I) in the class during boring lectures which is quite common out here.. He is also d true BAKARite of IIM Indore...I can bet no one can do better than him...Apart from that so much in common, we shared so many difficult electives, assignments were so easy with him... Juniors’ Bakra case preparations...lolz...:) Chalo bhai wishing u an awesome career ahead...baaki baatein mil ke....:)...BALJINDER SINGH Clarity - that is one of his biggest strengths. All his actions are planned and executed well. Jammi is a true and practical person, he never shies away from making his point. He values his friends a lot and showers them with abuses in every second sentence. His depth of knowledge in his areas of interest is astounding. He is someone who will never have regrets about not putting his efforts to seize an opportunity. A blunder which was comitted in recording his name in some official database ages ago led to our becoming neighbors at IIM I. I am really glad the screw up occurred. Wishing this Howrah boy all the luck! :P...JAGANNATH KALAIMANI Jammi, Truly Multi-tasking & Multi-talented, always listened to his remarks about all the bullshits happening in class, understood many concepts whether FIn, Marketing, Ops or whatever from him, religiously discussed the story-lines of TV Shows, got inspired at many occasions (e.g. in busting stress :P), etc etc. All in all I genuinely appreciate him for his varying range of talents, e.g.. confluence of intelligence & ultimate bakar, knowledge on “Certain niche topics” etc. May God bless you in future....NAVNEET KUMAR

First term groupmate and lifelong friend, JJ has clearly transformed from a shy and reserved person to a smart and confident individual. Constant FB and Photoshop addict, he is clearly amongst the more creative of our batch. Knows what he speaks and doesn’t BS around. His knowledge of marketing subjects rival the best on campus. Seemingly confident with himself he can also work hard and enjoy himself at the same time. Here’s wishing u the best of luck in whatever u do -ANIRBAN GHOSH” The words that I use to describe him cannot be put on a public forum, but what I can say is that he’s the dude. A great guy to hang out with, a wonderful friend. You can have the most lighthearted banter with JJ and also a serious marketing discussion. A creative mind ‘ janamjit das’ ;P ne bohot dil jeeten hain. We’ve shared great moments together discussing events in Culcom. Gangnam style and FB ka fan this guy has great spirit. A very down to earth person, JJ wouldn’t let u realize that ur talking to ‘ The dude’ . -MOHAMMED SHAHBAAZ” JJ is a cool personified really...I admire his attitude towards life including the current one that he’ll never stop believing that things happen for the good:). -SUGATHA KARTHIKEYAN” If I was to describe him by only one word, I would say ‘Foodie’ -Sudeep Tripathy” seriously brother i owe my success to u...:)...n multi-talented ladka hai...aoe champ...n chasma utaar ke kya bowling karta hai...i doubt waise tujhe wicket bhi dhikti hai ya nahi...:P...all n all it ws a pleasure knowing u...n ofcourse we will b in touch...keep sharing happiness...:) -ANKIT BHARGAVA” JJ is a kind of person who likes to explore & always likes to try new things, be it viral videos or untested cycling tracks. Although he is from far flung Mizoram, he is as Desi as it gets, especially when he blurts out his awesome Bhojpuri. Janmajit Das sirji, may the force be with you !! -PATANGE PRASANNA SATISH”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-311 Permanent Address : T-54, Rangthanga Building, Thakthing, Aizawl, Mizoram About Me : facebook addict and a friend indeeed Most Memorable CP : CP!!! I try to avoid them PORs on campus : Culcom, Klueless, Arena Ideal endorser for : Honey Singh One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Facebook Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half fry Maggi 10 years from now you will be : a decade older If not MBA then : Software Engineer Favourite spot on campus : My dirt cycling track Friend groups on campus : Booze boys, NE First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : It changed me. Best memory of IIMI : Getting elected to Culcom

This ubiquitous & confident guy is one of the first personsâ?? that I had the fortune to meet in the campus. One of the very few chatty guys in my group, JJ has a way of making any discussion lively by his timely remarks & intriguing opinions -MANTHA S TEJASWINI” An awesome team-mate and a great friend, I’ll always think of you fondly and probably “employ” you to organize parties if I manage to open my restaurant. Be happy always -KASHYAP SURUCHI BRHAMPRAKASH”

JANMAJIT DAS Roll No. : 2011PGP662 DOB : 16th May 1988 NickName : hermit, JJ, Jaan

Jashan is a really good friend and always there to help you when you need. He is a fun person to hang out with ! Among the people who are 24*7 available for a game of cards ! He has an attitude that can only spread positivism to the people around. And then among those who always cursed the decision to join IIMI ! Don’t wanna write much. He is simply an awesome person ! Achieve the best ahead ! \m/...ROOPAK BHARTEE Jashan, the name says it all, the one most likely to burst into bhangra steps in the middle of the was amazing fun hanging out with you Paji, listening to Honey Singh and secretly driving your car ( i swear it happened only once!). Whats funny is that even two years later your playlist hasnt changed! Your lifelong love affair with punjabi music is very entertaining to say the least. You were the first heartthrob in our section but soon we girls discovered you were much more than a pretty face :P. You and Japjeet make such a beautiful couple!!! all the very best to you Paji...BHAVNA SHARMA Only one person can make you love everything Punjabi in no time, and thats Jashan for you! From not knowing a word in punjabi to saying “Daso Dad” on picking up a call without realizing it is the kind of influence he can have on you! haha. Jashan knows how to enjoy life to the fullest and makes sure everyone around him has a good time too. I dont think i’l ever forget the crazy times we had in the parking of ER and driving around in his car, sitting on the roof and boot singing aloud those drunken punjabi numbers! He can carry of an accent well, but the way he calls the mess a ‘cunteen’ always gives it away! Iv had some of the best memories of MBA with Jashan, be it 26hills, Geddi’s, frequent city trips with one one for the way, cards or the eurotrip! & Im sure we’l all continue having the good time we have together! Cheers.....SHIVENDRA RAIZADA

Roll No. : 2011PGP663 DOB : NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :


Roll No. : 2011PGP664 DOB : 25-02-1988 NickName : Still remember Gangu from the night we were preparing for the MAC 1 end term. Gangu is one person who is epitome of change. Seen him transform completely at IIMI. Very friendly person, with amazing sense of humor. All the best Gangu. Keep Rocking......MOHAMMED ARSHAD This person has strong will power do whatever he think is right. a very kind hearted person. He is one of my great friend at campus. I would always cherish the serious discussions we used to do with Balaji in first year. All the best dost...HIMANSHU KANAUJIA Gangu, the man who is down to earth and shares a lot of interests with me... A person who has continuously improved here, he can and he does a lot for his friends.. A genuine person that I am very thankful to have met here... I hope you keep moving forward in life always as I have seen you here. All the best!!! :)... Dhruv Shandil

JATIN GANGWAL Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : F-106 Permanent Address : B-8/156, Sector-3, Rohini, Delhi-110085 About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : dhruv, maloo, gour, himanshu, nagar, Jubin, Palka, Anita, KK, Azad, Ratna, Snehal First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Still remember your describing the encyclopedia on different breeds of Dog to my roomie on exchange program. He is the person who is very jolly at times and very serious at others. He tells the story of his great prudence at Budapest with great interest where he acted as savior against the conspiracy and saved Nagar in foreign land. :D.. Very fun loving and live person :)Keep enjoying life! Wish you luck and success :)...SMITA VERMA Quiet a different kind of guy from usual to have come across.....highly respectful and concerned about females.....knows well how to give time to all his friends....having the guts to do what others can only speak of.....dealing the hardships of life with a smiling face.....keep up your spirits and maintain that smile.......KASTURI KARUNA Gangu B(h) hain apne don. Inke jabazi ke kisse to kaafi famous hain. Internship me boss ko hi company se nikaal dete :P Jokes apart he is a sincere and down to earth guy who is always there to help his friends. 1st year me mere pichhe baith k kaafi ungli ki inhone. Kaafi masti waale time spent kiye humne saath me aur ab jab jaane ka tym aya to flashback me sab kuch clear ho gya hai. Inka dance karne ka to andaaz hi nirala hai. Jab jab inki yaad aati hai to inka pyara sa chehra aur apne masti k din yaad aa jaate hain. Jaha bhi jaao khoob masti karo, khush raho bas yehi dua hai khuda se. All the best for your future bhai...keep in touch :)... ADARSH MANISH TIGGA One of my first few friends in the campus [owing to our first group]...remember the days when we used to come late for the meeting and do nothing...but at the end we would just go out and arrange the assignment somehow...Jatin is one of those fellows who is very determined and if he likes something he will do everything to get that done...woh assignment yaad hai na..OM did it alone and we got an A+ [ was a challenge given to him]...Wish you gr8 luck in the future and yes jab bhi milenge apni style mein party karenge...cheers!!!...ROHIT MALOO

Mere jaisi experienced partner for “process”...aur uske baad our movie session cool as me....tension to jaise iska dushman hai....calm and neighbour for 1 RIP friend...we did shared so many group dinner at Mashal, Sayaji....gud contributor of our GD session....Punctual to itni hai jaise ki clock b ise dekh k time change karta ho....good photograph..RIP me bahut photo khinche the isne mere.....ur really a nice soul....hamesa aise hi hanste khelte rehna....stay in touch nahi likhungi...kyunki tum bhale mujhse bachna chaho...main tume tang karne pahunch hi of my welwishers in u... -SONI KUMARI DORAI” Jharana, as her names describes her truly, continuously flowing and learning things...With a brave heart she takes courage to accomplish things undone before... truly knows the time and its importance... highly talented but quite, loves to work honestly and with complete dedication... speaks less and smiles more... never takes load, always positively optimistic...amazing!! and a quick learner... the things which only few people know about her is, she is an amazing singer!! she knows each & every song, sings melodically...TV serial & dance shows freak... and I must say..she is very well behaved and an industrious girl... Growing up to pursue her dreams, evaded only by time, which she will catch up to fast... All the best! -PUNIT MORIS EKKA” first and best room mate and first person on this planet-I whom i have interacted with. Superb cooool and sweet person i have ever seen. Very matured, she shows her maturity in every single way she live, the way she reacts to the situations, the way she analyzes, in that short period i have learned alot from her. Be urself...... u will reach ur destination for sure. Thanks for the laughing budha and thanks for the sweet memories....... you are the person i admire most on this planet. All the best. Keep in touch :) -SEELAM DIVYA”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : SR-13-113,Patal Lok Permanent Address : Bhubaneswar,Orissa About Me : Optimist,Different-single piece avatar,Helpful, Most Memorable CP : Being cold called and still impressing the prof PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : watches..for my punctuality!!! One song you symbolize : sochna bhi hoga dekha jayega Mostly caught doing : listening to music,sleeping Frequently uttered lines : omg Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Tea 10 years from now you will be : 10 years more older If not MBA then : slogging @office Favourite spot on campus : TV Room Friend groups on campus : Few but valuable First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : planet that never sleeps Best memory of IIMI : Student Exchange Program,RIP

Jharana ,you know when I read your testimony on my wall, I feel that you are one of those few who have been able to understand me to a much fairer extent .You are a very matured person.But unlike you I am not so matured.But you were kind enough to tolerate me throughout the RIP and whenever we met in soni’s room after those frustrating processes. There were times when I was really afraid because you could have disagreed with me and scolded me,but somehow still we manage to be very good friends. I must say that you have very good photography skills.Many times RIP photos were possible because you were there to enjoy clicking photos of others( water park at bhopal). Yes we are different ,but I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment spent with you.God bless you Jharana... :).May you get everything you deserve in your life.Do maintain that absolute calmness on your face because others(people like me) get inspired by that... :). -DEBARUPA SAHA” Jharna... Hw to describe her... d’ only word that best suits her best is COOL!!!. Most tension free person on planet-I, always heard her saying “tho hame kya karna chahiye?” A wonderful person to share anything it comes in your way. Bares all my crazy models that i have created and admits that they were the craziest. I was dumb stuck knowing the fact you also speak Ghost- amazing, impressing story! One among the inspires on scripting my story :p will finish to soon hopefully. It was always great to be with you..It was always fun with you... All the best for your future. -MUPPALA BINDHU MADHURI” My bench-mate for the first year: I think I know a lot about her, and yet I think many things are a mystery to me. Her desire to come in class before most people, her excessive love for listening to FM, and her uncanny ability to understand people around her. I know that she had to tolerate a lot from me which she never tried to hide from me: stares from across the class because I was sleeping, attention from Professors because I was making CP, and more stares because I was putting on my jacket with the hoody. :) Her sarcastic humour never failed to get a chuckle out of me. Though she appears to be a quiet gal, I never felt that during the entire first year. :) Your friendship means a lot to me. Do stay in touch. -ROOPAKSHI PATHANIA”

JHARANA MURMU Roll No. : 2011PGP665 DOB : 24-12-1986 NickName :

Jitesh babu, a very sincere guy. Glad to have him in my section. I still remember the days when I used to go to SR to ask jitesh how to go ahead with accounting. I dint follow them though, thats a different thing. one of those few person who never put a CP, Shruti was your only competitor I guess :P All the best for your future...MOHAMMED ARSHAD the seedha saadha insaan with very pleasing and silent smile :P ...he comes out with full energy in badminton court and yes gets frustrated very easily...also a new recruit of our get-lost club..Bravo!! after all you have to climb corporate ladder :D so this was must !! keep growing big & all the best ---bothi...VARUN SINGH BOTHIYAL One f the most intellignt n simple person (a rare perfect combination) I had d opportunity to meet. His knowledge, witty talks, light humour n sweet smile makes him one f my best frnds. You r gr8 at teachng concepts (esp. finance mei tum bond ho.. accept this fact finally), hv carng attitude (mkt size qs ki end momnt class bfr my placmnt). U r humble, sincere, elegant at parties (bilkul mere ulte in all 3 :P). Just remain d way u r n u hv d potential to reach d pinnacle f success!!! (Bus 1 hot si gf bana lena ;)...AMRITANSH GUPTA My first encounters with Jitesh were during the accounting gyan sessions which he used to conduct for the lesser mortals during first year.. His one single accounting assignment used to have at least a 40 new versions before submission .. A very soft spoken , down to earth guy Jitesh stands as a contrast to the would be bankers still holding dat single CFA L3 degree in campus :P Wish u loadsa luck for ur future! ...DEBASHREE MOHAPATRA There are very few people on campus that I don’t make fun of.. Jitesh Ketkar is one of them or maybe the only one. He is one of the most genuine guy on campus. Extremely helpful, hardworking and sharp. JK is one of the guys that I look upto. The time we spent in exchange was awesome and couldn’t have been any better. I am glad that I met you here..Mark my words.. This guy is the best thing that IIM Indore has had in the last 2 years. Proud of you and all the best for everything :)...SUBHANAN SAHOO

Roll No. : 2011PGP666 DOB : 3rd April 1986 NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Jitesh Ketkar Facebook Page : Jitesh Ketkar Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Jitesh.. I dont think i ll ever meet someone like him. So intelligent, yet without an iota of pride, always ready to help. I remember the way he used to observe things initially. Though still the calm one, he is more open, more talkative now. Will always remember the ever smiling Jitesh, his Mumbai style Hindi, his simplicity. Khoob jama mereko these 2 yrs with u :P Wish we keep sharing the veg platter in outings, the movies and Naruto’s forever :) The most deserving of us all - May god give you more than you wish for :) ...AKANKSHA PANDEY ‘God’ is what I like to call Jitesh. Half of the batch of 2011-2013 has learnt accounting from this guy. The first person I met at IIM-Indore, jitesh is a sharp contrast to the MBA flock with his simplicity humility an helping nature, all the while being one of the best minds and qualifications on campus. I’ve spent considerable time of my life here introducing myself as Jiteshs’ room mate. Without doubt a great friend, a guy one can always turn to for support. I need not wish him luck, coz luck cannot deny him what he sets out to achieve. It’s been a pleasure knowing you Jitesh hope it continues to be....MOHAMMED SHAHBAAZ An extremely down to earth person, so much so that it might be hard for anyone to believe that he is a CFA L3 and CA. He has a small problem that he finds difficult to say no to people, a quality which also makes him unique and dear to all. I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing him as he was my wing-mate in SR-12. Wish him all the best in future :) Please stay in touch......HARSHIT GUPTA It is always personally enriching and a pleasure to know someone like Jitesh. Rarely you find someone with so many qualities so grounded in life. It was during the summer intern ship that we got to know each other really well. Those cricket, football and a particular “panditji’s” (:P) discussion over the lunch table are few things that will be cherished for the lifetime. Stay the way you are mate! Wishing you all the best for all your future endeavours. Hoping to see you making headlines real soon....ABHISHEK CHOWDHARY


Roll No. : 2011PGP667 DOB : 14th March 1989 NickName : Jogaa Im so happy that our paths crossed and we found each other. It was really wonderful knowing such a lovely person like you. You shall always be remembered as an energetic, happy, vibrant, warm and friendly person. If there is anyone who has lived these 2years in IIM Indore to the fullest, then my one and only answer would be you. Be it section parties or DJ nights, you filled the air with excitement and fun. Do always remain the same, happy and happening :) Will cherish the moments spent with you. Wish you a very happy and prosperous life ahead. Best wishes ...MADHVI GHISSING

Jogdand Snehal Shankar Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-316, SR14-211, ER2-204 Permanent Address : Ratnagiri, Maharashtra About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : None :) Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Oh Bhaisaaab, Kya hi... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Mix/Paneer Paratha 10 years from now you will be : Myself If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Mess Friend groups on campus : Many r there First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Each n every moment spent here

Snehal...a girl with whom you can be 100% yourself was one of my first few friends on the would love pulling her leg and she would never mind...never!! will always remember the way we used to exchange gestures in class from 1st bench to last bench not caring if the prof was noticing...her bindaas attitude with a tinge of care sometimes is what makes her the most amicable person of our section..U rock gulaabo!! Dont give a damn to what people around you say and never ever change..Apni ek party due hai.. jald hi hogi !!!...ROHIT MALOO My best friend who made my life full of laughter..... she taught me how to live life to the fullest, how to enjoy each and every when people call me bubbly and cheerful throughout the day, all credit goes to her. she is responsible for my transition from an introvert to people’s person. she knows me well and have given awesome advises at times. she is indeed the most important part and parcel of my life in IIM-I. we do not interact day-in and out, but i feel this perfect connection with her each moment. There are many memories which require a never ending space to be mentioned, infact each moment spent with her is legendary. she makes me feel so important. She loves to pull my leg with an intention to divert my mood. she is one genuine person.she is a real gem. Bet me, it is next to impossible to find a girl like her. How can i ever forget your efforts to make all of us happy. she will leave her work and stand for you. This is Snehal. i remember how she sent angel e-cards whenever she missed me. yaar, i never want to part. i just wish god keeps us together always. In short, She is perfect. Though she wishes to never leave her family and go with a guy, i am damn damn sure the guy who will bag her will be the luckiest one. I know, you will shower happiness wherever you go.. stay happy chotak...i will miss you most. love you so much..All the best!!...RICHA CHOURASIA Snehal, one of the rarest of rare breeds in todays day and age who cares about others more than herself thinks with her heart and speaks her mind. She is full of laughter, life, love, tears, enthusiasm, spark, spunk and to top it all off, Beauty. Whenever you’re sad or feeling blue, Just call on her, she would be there for you with open arms to chase away the sadness, and wipe away the tears. What you mean to me, is more than I can express- a friend, a sister and perhaps more than that. May God keep you always the same as you are- caring, loving, adorable and may you continue to spread love and happiness wherever you go. thanks for the memories bhul na jana aapne bhai ko...Someswar Basak A real sweetheart ..a friend i can always look up to for anything and everything...when i m happy..when i feel low.when i need advice...when i want to go out...when i want to have “cheese”...when i want to take a walk..when we order chicken from 26 hills...She has always been there for me..and she has made each of these moments memorable ones..She is one of those whom I would miss the most when I am out of this campus...The carefree attitude ,the ability to give her friends all she can and Caring for people more than herself makes her “a class apart” .(not to miss her head turning laughter ) ...I can’t think of any party of group/ section/friends which can ever be complete without her... Bhai iska bas chale toh pure section D ko ek aur MBA karva de..she loves everyone so much.. May you get all that you wish for ( and I mean “all “) .. Best of luck for your future endeavours.. ...Kanika ...KANIKA

Jubin is the most genuine person I met at Planet-I. He is intelligent, hard working and cares for his friends..... He is confident and very positive about life and deserves the best..... “Bas Bhai thode khane peeene pe dhyan do.... aur tez hawa mein bahar na nikla karo.”..... Jokes apart had a great time with him at IIM I. Thanks for those valuable memories especially RIP..... all the best :) ...SUMIT MALHOTRA Jubin.. mera first yr class mein padosi ;) sincere.. hardworking.. i remember every class he use to come prepared with pre reads n all.. n i use to curse myself for taking things lightly .. commitment zabardast hain bande mein .. puts in all the efforts in whtever he does.. Mera Jagriti ka team mate bhi tha.. ek saath humne bahut kaam kiya hain ( aur usse jyada kamchori ki hain :P ) m sure u wil achieve al the success in life ahead ! ATB ! ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL Ganju, as fondly we call him although he carries more hairs than many on the campus.....He is a truly smart guy, intelligent, hard working. He has a great habit of never saying No to his friends. U call him for help anytime and he is always there. I know him from the very first term, the very first group. We worked less and enjoyed more in the groups and still got good grades in group assignments. The friendship actually got thicker as days progressed. I wish u a great life ahead (New life soon to be started,,,,!!). Chal bai bahut taarif ho gayi ab....fir milte hain!!!! ...BALJINDER SINGH GANJU HARAMI...intelligent and really hard food dealer..any time I am hungry when In SR block knock ganjus door and get what ever you want..kyunki ganju ke paas kuch na kuch to hoga..and dude never do that coke joke with me will kill you to of the first friends i made here..dude trust are one the best friends I made here..will miss you for sure.....SIBAPRASAD BEHERA

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER3, SR11, F307, F103 Permanent Address : 1/223 Vibhav Khand Gomti Nagar Lucknow About Me : Most Memorable CP : Whats CP? :P PORs on campus : Currenc-I, IBL, Mridang, Jagriti Ideal endorser for : Exchange program One song you symbolize : Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Mostly caught doing : Killing Time Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi, French Toast, Milk 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Automotive Engineer Favourite spot on campus : Great Grasslands outside JAM Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Shhhh :) Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Each and every moment here will be cherished for lifetime

Yeh jaanab haamari team ke Kapil Dev hai, a true allrounder. Give him a task and I am pretty sure the guy will ace it.”Looks are deceptive” fits perfectly well to this bald man. Hanste hanste ladkon ka case le leta hai. Cometh this may, he’s going to break many a hearts. And yes the “cat walk” (read matak ke chalna) comes so naturally to him that he can put any supermodel to shame. On a serious note, had it not been for this guy end terms and quizzes would have been such a pain in the ass for me. Manages his time so well that at times you wonder this guy ain’t any normal human being. Only gifted people have the right mixture of intelligence, sincerity and dedication. Bald man is certainly one of them. Thanks for being such an awesome friend and guide. Wishing you all the best for all your future endeavours. Cheers!! ...ABHISHEK CHOWDHARY When you look at him you always see a sense of reassurance and calm. It reflects in his demeanor and the way he does things. Known for his intelligence and hard work, he is one of those guys who will surprise you with his wit as well. He belongs to that select breed of people who speak less, but speak a lot of sense. Good luck for the future. I’m sure, with your mix of intelligence and hard work you won’t left with a lot of peaks to scale. ...SANKARANARAYANAN KRISHNAN Jubin is an intelligent, hard working guy as others have mentioned but for me he is first and foremost a great friend. Always ready to help others and explain concepts which only he has listened to in class to understand. He works like a machine, studies all the cases, does assignments in time and never shies away from challenges. My best group till date has been the second term group with you.Have a lot of memories with you man both in the class (sitting behind me, passing comments and appreciating my remarks too) and outside the class. Wish you all the best for the future. Bas abhi ke liye itna. Apne milte rahenge to baat hoti hi rahegi ...JAMMI SUNIL RAO Jubin....always full of energy, intellect, passion for what he does and fun. Whenever his name turns up, I look up to him with total respect. Is bande ke liye itni izzat hai dil me ki jab ye aas paas rehta hai to complex kha k main is se kuch bolta hi nahi :P Yaar pata hai ek din ye banda bahut bada aadmi banega.....isne to apne chacha se bhi pehle bada haath maar liya :P Bhai mere best wishes hamesha tere saath hai...tu hamesha khush reh aur khoob tarakki kar.. aur haan yaad rakhiyo mujhe :)...ADARSH MANISH TIGGA

Jubin Mahajan Roll No. : 2011PGP668 DOB : 16 June 1986 NickName : Ganjooo

can’t believe i am the 1st to write testimonial fr u :D One thing i really admire is that you speak your mind out.. very frank girl. (right from RIP)..outgoing, bubbly and fun to hang out with.. And you have a great smile btw.. :) All the best for everything.. May you never be “sad-high” again !!! :) u play amazing badminton and towards the end of MBA loved to have played with u.. n also learnt from u :) would remember accompanying you to C-block post dinner for ur dance practice.. And btw my poems are NOT Mills n Boons type :P Stay in touch and keep rocking always :)...Ninad Bhangle The powerpuff girl :) .. Full of energy, expressive and super fun to hang out when she is in a good mood.. She will go that extra mile for ppl she cares abt.. Awesome fun to have a discussion, debate or gossip with.. And yes, I love to see my dance guru-cum-partner dance in full flow :) .. I somehow relate her personality to dancing- carefree, sophisticated, elegant and passionate...Her smile makes me feel the positivity and optimism that surrounds her.. I like her strange rules and new insights she comes up with everyday, which mostly is funny yet very interesting.. She is volatile but easy to handle (at least for me) :) .. She has been a special frnd to me.. someone I can always count on.. Hope it always stays the same.. Keep smiling coz it makes u look awwwesome!! :)...RITESH KUMAR Hey Harita, if I remember it right, we got to know each other right on the first day in Nisha ma’am’s night time class on solving case studies.. luckily we also were in the section seated nearby.. I can’t recall how many times profs have caught us talking and “disturbing the rest of the class” (lol :P).. Had a lot of fun with you at that 3rd row seat behind you :) And I have always admired you for being one of the few true sportspersons on campus.. I think I tried to join you with badminton on one evening, got lessons from you, realized how badly I sucked, and never continued it :D Always stay as cheerful and fun as you have been.. Stay in touch :)...BHAT AJINKYA DILIP Harita... The first thing that pops in my mind when I think about you is your broad smile... You are a lovely person to hang out with.. Your pleasant smile, chatty personality and a penchant for gossip makes you a really really good friend.. I really like talking with you.. I mean we used to have our own small debates and jokes which others wouldn’t even understand.. Apart from the bubbly side of yours, I have observed you to be kind and caring and you never let go of your friends.. In total, you rock !!! And you dance really well man.. I still remember your IndiBharatnatyam-Michael Jacksson Hybrid dance.. :D :D Brilliant stuff !!! Keep in touch and keep on rocking !!! :D...M PRASANNA KUMAR

Roll No. : 2011PGP669 DOB : 17/11/1989 NickName : Harry Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-320 Permanent Address : 18/2RT Punjagutta Colony, Hyderabad About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Vibes, Lasya, Management Canvas Ideal endorser for : Nescafe One song you symbolize : Yaariyan Mostly caught doing : chit chat Frequently uttered lines :OMG you are awesome Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Veg maggi 10 years from now you will be : still alive...hopefully If not MBA then : a coder, a dancer or a writer Favourite spot on campus : ER 2 Friend groups on campus : RIP Group, A Blockers, Baddy ppl, Sec F ppl First crush in the institute : :) Lasting impressions about college : A place where there is never a dull moment..always full of hustle and bustle Best memory of IIMI : Himalayan Trip

Bubbly, Graceful n Beautiful Eyes - Yes those are the words that come to my mind when I think of Harita :) A trained classical dancer with loadsa intelligence Harita is a perfect allrounder :) Hv spent so much fun time with u gossiping- be it the Sec F breaks or the boring AMR classes :P A happy go lucky girl Harita is one of the rare few who cracked P&G in summers and HUL in finals...;) Well I guess the only one - dat itself speaks volumes about her talent..An ardent FBer she changes profile pics at the drop of a hat :P Heres wishing u all da very best for the life ahead.. Stay in touch :)...DEBASHREE MOHAPATRA Highly talented, highly energetic Harita carries a celebrity status in campus. The most perfect CV she has speaks volumes about her credentials, Be it 10th, 12th, graduation, summer internship offer, final placements or talent shows she has never settled for anything less than “excellent”. She has never tasted failure and that’s what makes me worried, ...KHUMAN VIJAY C My first recollection of Harita is she was having a tough time getting a room during term1 registration, her parents getting worried and the Kuppa family arguing in telugu. She dispels a number of myths associated with a traditional telugu girl- she is confident and fun to hang out with. Has diverse interests apart from academics- dance, reading and art. One of the few people I know who has taken up an IT job because she is passionate about it- I have witnessed her passion and energy rub off on others in the team as well- ...PRADEEP KIRTHIVASAN RAJAGOPAL


Roll No. : 2011PGP670 DOB : 10th Apr, 1989 NickName : Kinsey kumar, angry kumar Ashok Kumar.. the corner guy ! He use to sit on the left most corner seat the whole of 1st year.. and dont know wht he used to do there :P ;) he’s a smart simple guy.. soft spoken.. always helpful.. Thanks to u tht I got my dream block.. the “C” block in the 2nd year ! Thanks a ton for tht :) always greets me with a full 32 teeth smile.. gets all emotional when he’s HIGH.. cant foget that incident in 1st term in the basket ball court ! has a very clean heart.. thats for sure... Bro..always be the simple person u r .. its tough to find one these days u know ! M sure you are gonna go gr8 heights in life.. ATB and Keep in touch !! :) ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL

K ASHOK KUMAR Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : kashokkumar Facebook Page : ashokkumar.89 Hostel Room : H- 204, D-101 Permanent Address : 13/4, Sengeniamman koil st, Ganapathypuram, Tambraram East, Chennai-600059, Tamil Nadu About Me : Most Memorable CP : Repetition ofsmita’s exact words in Gupta sir’s class PORs on campus : Member-Marketing Club, Ahvan’s Participation Vertical, Mridang Ops, Utsaha Projects Team Ideal endorser for : Hollywood movies One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Sleeping, Eating, Chit-chatting Frequently uttered lines : Complete Zero Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Omelette Maggi 10 years from now you will be : An entrepreneur If not MBA then : History or Psychology Major Favourite spot on campus : Kp’s Entertainment Room Friend groups on campus : Section D, Koal-i First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Angry Kumar - as he is called fondly by all. My neighbour for the 1st yr hostel life (I was D-102 and he was D-101). Beware when you knock on his door - for you don’t know what will come hurling at you (abuse, bullets or even missiles) or maybe a sleep deprived cheetah ready to pounce on you. But yeah thanks to him for ensuring me a good sleep by constantly keeping a vigil on the basketball court to prevent unnecessary usage! Son of an army person, mostly has his bones replaced by steel and is very very short tempered. He is the one with highest seasonal nicknames (procter/kotler kumar, etc). His ignorance of many tamil cinemas makes him the target and victim of innumerable jokes. Soft hearted deep down surrounded by a corrugated fence, he is at his best when he is HIGH on C2H5OH. A movie buff and an excellent movie critic, he constantly complains there are not enough movie produced at Hollywood, France, Germany,etc. He is so fluent is so many Indian languages given his stay at different army fronts. Tainted to be very bad at bargaining, his mysterious coughing at a placement exam for being asked answers was an unforgettable one. PS: You can never win an argument with this guy, Fact or force he takes you down! Best wishes for your future as an FMCG marketing specialist!! ...NAVIN.I he is one of the most down-to-earth and humble guys on the campus.....despite having almost nothing in common initially, we clicked immediately and became great friends....the basketball act in SBM was awesome....and our third term interactions (evasions, in fact) helped us gel together pretty well....and fourth term onwards it started looking as if we have everything similar...right from grades to our profiles....the time we spent discussing the various going-ons and the random bakars were all either eye openers or ended in laughter will surely do great in life...all the best and keep in touch :)...PULKIT PANDEY Simple Smart Awesome....these worlds describe this guy (Army Kumar as i call him) most effectively.... although he follows a “Being Human” tagline which is so much as ruined after the 1st section party (I hope u remember that one :P)... U were my first group mate and a very intelligent and helpful guy.. Hadnt it been for u i would hav lost all interest in group assigns ;).. I remember the ruckus we used to create in ur room and outside with the basketball :D... and the ruckus that we created in the rural immersion togather :D... U r awesome man... Have fun in life dont just b geeky ;).. All the best brother :)...RISHABH CHAUHAN Ashokaaa ! :) Tall dark and handsome anna from Chennai :) He is really adorable, charming, intelligent, hardworking and very down to earth. Know him since 1st term......what ever marks I scored in 1st Term is because of him....his contribution to the group assignments saved me. Oh! I forgot to mention he is the only tamil guy I’ve met whose hindi is flawless :) Well he is extremely talented fellow and will really become a great business tycoon very soon. I wish him all the success and happiness in life :)...ADARSH MANISH TIGGA My Savior for most of the marketing classes, would have missed many classes without him, A person to trust and sign a work to. A person who does anything for his friends ( even stopping a train :) ). Responsible person as our H block representative. Good team mate of mine in badminton. Marketing geek of our group. And so many more things to remember of you. Wish you all the best in life :) Stay in touch !...PRADEEP E

My Dearest roomie (and my only roomie at planet I)...I met you on our ill fated kingfisher flight to Indore from Hyderabad which zoinked mid air and returned to was my fate that when i reached campus i was put up with you..just to inform you i liked you from the very were the mature person I always wished to be...even though you are sooooo much gave me the complex of my life time btw.... your side of room was always neat and clean and arranged and godly...and my side was always tornado hit and kept on reading (or at least pretending) while i tried to concentrate on movies...but you are the sweetest roomie I have ever had...we had our share of gloomy faces...but that is well surpassed by the friendship we share...beware dear...i am not gonna leave you in fututre :) i.e. you have to jhelofy me for rest of your life someway or other :P... so no good byes to you at least...I wish you all the best from my heart :) happy always and if you ever lose contact with me I will kill you :) -ANUSHREE KIRTANIA” Dear KD / Divya from being neighbors in the class to having neighboring hostel rooms and having room mates who were desk mates, we have had many things in common. There were many moments of distress and sense of accomplishments that we have shared. Even if we don’t talk to each other in the future and no matter how bad the situation is in between us, I have said it earlier and will say it again that my friendship for you will always be true. The lunch/dinner you cooked with podhi- the powder??, plain rice, ghee & bhindi sabji.. was one of the best dishes I have ever tasted in my life, will always remember its taste! You have always inspired me to keep my room clean and take power naps :P. I really wish you achieve all the success you desire. Stay happy and may god bless you. -SUSMITA LAKRA” Divya... independent, cool, a very supportive person i have ever met. Deep observer and has a very strong memory, u always get shocked when she starts telling all the minute minute things that everybody forgets. Love the attitude of not accepting anything that she is not convinced with. Very statistical, planned and determined. Never i have seen her being pissed off on anything, always be positive The Om Shanti Girl :P. Has got lots of patience in listening to my crazy stories. Always on her heels to help others. Soft nature but very bold to roam many countries alone :D I like the way you carry off your attitude. And I would like to tell you or more likely to suggest you that “Sometimes you should be rude to others or else people might take you for granted.” Remember this always and do keep in touch. :) Luv ya :) -MUPPALA BINDHU MADHURI”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Divya Kokkonda Hostel Room : A-102 Permanent Address : Hyderabad About Me : You can find it here on the right :D Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : Kerala Ayurveda :D One song you symbolize : Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield Mostly caught doing : playing angry birds or listening to music Frequently uttered lines : Bhagawanthuda!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Egg Biryani 10 years from now you will be : Divya :D.. Kidding.. Time will tell me and you :) If not MBA then : Agri Scientist Favourite spot on campus : Sunset Point Friend groups on campus : handful of friends.. no group in particular First crush in the institute : :-) Lasting impressions about college : Window to the world outside Best memory of IIMI : RIP

A decent,soft spoken and well behaved person..different from the crowd because of her non-engineering background..a good listener..someone I look up to update my know-how about Hyderabad..Its has been nice talking to you and sharing your company..Looking forward to knowing u better in coming time..May your dreams come true and your life blessed with happiness and success.All the best for your future..Keep in touch. -JHARANA MURMU” My neighbor and the first person I talked to in class. We had these weird K to K talks on gmail because of our names.She has this enviable ability of staying calm in all the situations. I will always remember the first home cooked Indian meal in France..courtesy Divya. We could not spend much time together but the one trip that we managed together was awesome. We missed most of the things that we wanted to do and yet her hospitality made Marseille memorable. I hope you have as much fun as we had then for the rest of your life...All the best. -K PALLAVI JHA” Divya...a dear friend...has been a caring and helpful friend...a good listener and good observer...she is always there to help when needed ..... a person with a level of maturity well above her age ...i like to tease her and i find a lot of fun in that....have a great time ahead..:) -ANKIT PARMAR” great cook and loving person to have known.... -KASTURI KARUNA”

K Divya Roll No. : 2011PGP671 DOB : 30-Aug-88 NickName :

Yay! I am Number one here :D Enough about me... I want to talk about one of the most sincere gals on campus.. KPJ.... actually what drew my attention to her in the very first place was that here is a girl, who happens to share the same weird combo of initials with me :) Add then working together in Interrobang... bandi thodi shy hai, but befriend KPJ if you want a no-nonsense true friend :D And yeah, she will also be one of the smartest persons you will get know, and it never hurt to know smart ppl, did it? :D Keep in Touch, Lots of Love, - PKJ :D ...Jyotsna Pantula he he and i am number two....she is a topper...a top 5 in the college ...dats how most people who dont knw her closely might remember her...but tell you she is a huge digress that cannot beat her in rapid fire in less than 6 hrs...she claims that and i have seen it last for 2 hrs atleast....she rocks with her knowledge which goes much beyond it some boring as history or amazing as bolly wood and she knows it guide in most of my exchange tours.....a disastrous cook but a glutton...while dis is generally true for men buy way to her heart is through her stomach.....she definitely needs re branding...she is definitely not a book worm...some how has built up a reputation like that...god knows how....does not study a night before exams...nobody would have utilized internet like her...all the time googling,reading articles,watching videos.....girl great brain power to top with that kind of study...keep rocking and give the privilege to many others to know your true self...sorry for any grammatical mistakes done.......KASTURI KARUNA My neighbor in class.. this girl can surprise you with so many angles of her!! name and she knows it..! exaggeration :P but yes she’s like a moving mini encyclopedia.. :D enjoys like hell (ahh.. she’s just not seen.. you can be sure she’s gonna be awesome company ;)).. extremely composed and very mature... crazy about football.. big big chicken fan.. she’s one of the most sweetest and smartest persons I’ve ever met :)... truly an all rounder :D You’re gonna go places girl.. :) I wish you all the best for your future :) loads and loads of love :) ...K Divya Pallavi...yes she is the topper,moving encyclopedia..everyone knows that..I am one of the fewest persons on the campus to know the fun side of her. Eurotrip made us good friends..all adventurous travels,that long train journeys were never boring with her, ...I guess we will be the only two persons on the earth to eat Noodles in amsterdam ;) ;) She was my guide in all the cities,my photographer (thanks for gr8 pics) in europe and gave me best memories. Yea she is a big time foodie..splly cheese.....I would love to cook for u anytime :) Keep smiling...have loads of fun and enjoy the life in ur style :) ;)...Aishwarya Samala

Roll No. : 2011PGP672 DOB : 28th May NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-204 Permanent Address : Jamshedpur About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : None Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi, Biryani 10 years from now you will be : older If not MBA then : MS Favourite spot on campus : My room Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Globe Best memory of IIMI : Quite a few

She is a very sweet and simple soul whom u can find in extremes..both tensed and chilled out avatar..she reads a lot ( A LOT !!) and knows it all..its not just study material..its GK ..its hollywood.bollywood..songs..or anything u need a company for..and she is a foodie like me ( i guess thats what makes us click..) She loves cheese and chocolates to core and is always game for chicken..She was shy to give CP..elevator phobic..and reserved once upon a time.. but after tHE euro-trip we love the change..She has a knack of smart and witty comments and is sensitive and respects senior people ;P ..Movies..Shopping..RIP..studies..dinners..and talks to learn bihari culture with her are all very memorable..She is off to Nigeria now..looking forward to a babe and transformed avatar of foreign returned Pallo very soon...Best of luck for all future endeavous.. Keep in touch.. ..Kanika...KANIKA Hmmn so where should I start....We met the very first day as we were roommates and the very first day became memorable as her parents retorted with something which i can never forget ;)...after that I saw her working hard and she just motivated me to work hard...I had never seen somebody as dedicated ,sincere as her and I owe a part of my hard work to her....I was awestruck n amazed....Thanks pallavi :).....her dedication is something which stands out even if she is watching series,movies....she will keep watching continuously and u ll be wondering if this is d same pallavi,......she is a walking talking encyclopaedia....u ask her anything and mostly she will have an answer for that.....Herez wishing u all the best and success in life...and yeh to dosti ki shuruat hai....Phir milenge chalte chalte.....:)...(U shud keep that promise...:P) ...PRIYA ZUTSHI


Roll No. : 2011PGP673 DOB : 31-05-1987 NickName : One of the most humorous guys I met @ IIM Indore. My R.I.P @ Siddi wouldn’t have been so much fun without him. Could see some of the Brahamanandam antics in him. Spent some of the best moments together. The most favourite moments were the counters against Aravind, the lone victim to his pun. This was the only impression I had about him till the end of first year. Could realize in the second year that he was one of the most hard working guys in our campus. On the whole a wonderful human being. A nice guy to hang out with. Dear Varun, I wish you all the best in all your future endeavours. ...SANGANA VINOD BABU

K VARUN Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-313, E-208 Permanent Address : H:No: 1-1-148/6 Near Shishu mandir school, Adarsh Nagar, Nirmal, Dist: Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh About Me : Most Memorable CP : CP Never..... PORs on campus : Member IT-COM Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : playing badminton Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Biryani, Maggi 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : C - Block Terrace Friend groups on campus : AnTeRa First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

He calls himself Jr. Trivikram or jus ppl call him that and he just blushes in pride after listening to that :P. He immediately responds to anyone with a counter which is and should be a dialogue from one the Trivikram’s movie. And the funny part is he feels it’s his own. Ok this is enough ammo for him to make me his next victim ;). Apart from all this he is a pretty serious when it comes to his acads and stuff, i’ve worked with him for a live project and he inspires others with his dedication (no this is not to avoid his counters for above criticism, it’s true).He keeps himself thoroughly informed about everything and does everything with a clear approach, pretty much opposite of Daku (that is why they always keep fighting). The best part is he makes fun of people without them knowing he is pulling their legs. He is also sensitive to the things which he is not comfortable with and people can attract adverse reactions from him. All said he is a wonderful person and and a natural humorist. Wish you the very best in your career and personal life. Keep in touch :)...Kushal C My neighbor for 2nd year.. m sure i must have disturbed his sleep N number of times with my loud music and looping the same songs for more than 2-3 days :P But he never complained a bit :) He is simple guy with a lot of dedication in whtever work he does.. we shared a real good time during the prep for finals.. though we planned a LOT and DID less. but it was all gr8 experience ! this guy is very very very passionate and emotional abt his family and has no hesitation to share it .. just like me :D I still hate you for you stole my only live project chance :( he he kidding .. u deserved it :) Wish you all the luck for the life ahead dude !! Stay in touch ! ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL Varun Kamarapu...the most mature guy of our the same time he is the most funniest guy to hang around with. He is also my super senior from CBIT. I am a fan of his punch dialogues which he cites from Telugu movies while in group. Unlike in a group you will see a different person when you interact with him individually who is quite serious and always willing to help. I also enjoy the quarrels between him and Reddy and also like to add spices in between :P. Keep smiling ra and all the best for your future!!...A.K.ASHISH One of my best friends.....really loved to pull his legs and dat precious achar...would eat one rice plate extra just because of dat makes u responsiblle for my weight me he plans a lott but implemants them less though more than me....and he is just mad about Telugu movie industry and would explain me da dialogue...i pretended to like dem so as nt to curb his enthusiasm.....and da mahindra waroom dat was awesome...u were the leader and motivator while da rest of us worked just because of u......wish u a very prosperous life ahead...DILIP DEVKOTA Varun is a very brainy, sincere and hardworking guy at the same time he is very humble and straight forward. His knowledge about various topics is immense. I have always learnt new things from him in all the discussions we have had. Wish him all the best!...JAGANNATH KALAIMANI Varun......a simple, sincere, silent guy.....I had very good time spending with you mama.....I like your way of handling Reddy and Dhaaku.......jokes apart.....wish you all the very best and good luck......:-)...SANDEEP VEMULAKONDA

The only guy who calls me Kochachan!! A really spirited guy, my partner in dance during Talent Nite (If you can call that dance!!) :P, and a person who has motivated me during placements more than once! Hope you remain the same and reach greater heights in life.. Cheers!!...VIVEK SURESH My CnD partner....really creative..but not better than me :P (kidding)....will always cherish the moment we spend it the teamwork, interview, planning, delegating etc....ur cool in ur own way...i will never forget ur haria’s mimicry...its awesome..u must try standup comedy....and not to forget ur dance....i still remember hw u used hav known the hindi lyrics without meaning...and sang it as if u knw hindi fluently...but ur hindi is still better than others....may u get all the success u deserve in life...stay cool...stay happy....kip in touch......SONI KUMARI DORAI I have known him since the very first term when he was unfortunate enough to land in my group. A hard worker â?â?.I remember us solving the DA assignment in one night with the others being busy in a tennis match. I was surprised by his dramatics in the second term...I realized there was a third hidden mimic in the group. I have a request-I have a real nameâ?..please use that. I hope you are successful in all your future endeavours and wish you all the best....K PALLAVI JHA This guy...... I always told him not to come to my room...still he will b there with books every time there was quiz or exam....Any how but it was due to him only i passed my exams since i never use to study and whenever he came , i also studied to teach him...So if he was not there , i might not have passed :D. He is very good at intelligent thought provoking questions...unfortunately i could not answer any :( Well anyhow, i hope he will continue to go to Prashant for studying in future as well ;) . And Yes Harris Jayaraj is a good music director... Accept it. Thats it boy... Pineeeeeeeeesh. ...ARUN JAGDISH PRASAD Harri Puttar or Harry potter.......names often i use to call him.....he is a smart and brilliant guy....known for his operations skills.....also known as Arnold,the body builder who inspires him......and salman....who inspires him to be on shirt free mode....jokes apart...:-) a silent chap and a best friend known since internship days....wihs you good luck my friend.....:-)...SANDEEP VEMULAKONDA

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : G 213 Permanent Address : FN 24, Dalmia puram, Trichy 621651 About Me : Most Memorable CP : Making the macro economics prof dumbstruck while I questioned his arguement PORs on campus : Ahvan C&D coordinator, member C&D, Akriti of Mridang, member of Aperture Club Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : coffee 10 years from now you will be : Doing business or cribbing about my job If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

He claims that people call him as “aalavanthan” because of his resembles with Kamal Hasan... I don’t know how true is that.... but he is really ‘aalavanthan’ because he is the laziest person and the most dedicated person at the same time... he knows when he gets lazy.... when it comes to some individual competition, no one can beat him because of his most active involvement and dedications... he will definitely become a successful consultant because of questioning skills... He stunned professors in the class with his complex questions... He is a good body builder... I cat forget the days we spent together in RIP and Himalayn program... Cant forget his classic dialogue “Maavula vizhu...,Yov avan thaan avlo thooram soldran illa, vizhunthu thaan tholayen ya...” :) He would never get angry even if you get angry and scold him.... he gives more importance to relationship... highly matured... I like your character... I would really miss you in Sudarshan...:) Keep in touch...MUTHUKUMAR C Horish aka mottai aka aalavandaan (idu naanga vacha per illeengo :P)..he can explain great phenomenons just like that (apde kai automatica poi eduthutu vandudichiya).. he can embarrass great personalities from profs to collector with a nick of his questions..hes someone who can cry while laughing, sell sweets in pandora bus,interrupt a serious discussion asking for more food or even push the wall citing space constraints..thats the fun part ..this guy is a great artist, an excellent photographer, very dedicated in his workout schedule, a professional ops guy, His work during ahvan was commendable almost every corporate house that visited campus for one reason or the other were awestruck by his work... Hes totally fun loving guy and hes always open for discussion a wonderful friend to be with... atb for your future endeavors daaa stay in touch .. :)...ARUN KUMAR S

K.HARISH KUMAR Roll No. : 2011PGP674 DOB : 09/04/1988 NickName : Harish

Hmm, So i get to be the first one to write. Kala was an awesome stepcom secy. Handled the issues the way they should be handled. Learnt a lot from her. HUL spoiled her very badly in second year. Most of the time she only kept sleeping. I’m still surprised how she managed to not miss any end term inspite of her sleeping habits. Kala, all the best for your future, from your committee member, was nice working with you....MOHAMMED ARSHAD Kala, the Aiyyo girl with her obsession for sleep and anything remotely PINK, the eternal beauty from the Gods own country, lightening up lives with her billion dollar smile. Her face a mirror to her heart reflecting all her feelings and emotions. Without doubt having the most likes on facebook (:P), an internship in UK, stepcom secy, first PPO of the batch yet handling all the success with an inert ease that so very defines her. simplicity, grace and dignity personified no pretentions, no attitude. Really proud to have u as a friend- great things always happen with great people so no surprises as u are one of the very best i have met in my life. Just be the same as u are don’t change for anything and u would definitely scale far greater heights than of wishes for your life ahead... Someswar Basak Kola, my dearest roomie, ...simple, sober, calm, decent beauty yet very witty...!!...i still remember your unique poses while studying...n your cell phone’s ringtone...aiyyoo kalayil dinamum ammmaaaa..:P.(how can i ever forget that!!)... Thanx for all the help Kola...May you achieve heights wherever you go, in whatever you do...Make your parents proud..wishes for happy life forward...All the best!!...RICHA CHOURASIA You are one of the awesome friend I came across in campus...From day 0-Bakra group v have travelled a long way.I cant forget the days I barge into ur room for a quick chat n gossip.. u always been there fr me as friend,guide counseller and not to forget neighbor for a long time... no matter what s goin on world outside, u grab a quick and peaceful nap...U r d first person ever,I have seen falling asleep while standing in a crowded bus :P...ur always quite phone and ur deep slp put many frustrated at itmes ...-Miss Sleeping Beauty s an apt title for you !! Wishing all the very best for future endeavors ...stay in touch :D ...J.SHALINI Sleep, Pink, Facebook Likes, Uncontrolled laughter - this is what Kala is all about!! A bit of a tubelight, it is very easy to confuse her!Her laughter is another thing which is unique. Once started, it doesn’t stop until she has tears in her eyes! Jokes apart, one of my best friends on campus, who is ready to help anytime (unless she is asleep). A very capable and proven secy who has handled things smoothly and efficiently. The fun time and the jokes we shared during dinners will be remembered forever.. Wishing you all the very best for your future and hope you get more likes in fb and buy more pink accessories (I assume the next kill is the pink PUMA purse! :P) ...VIVEK SURESH

Roll No. : 2011PGP675 DOB : 21st October NickName : kola, kola p, kaala, Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : kalap Facebook Page : kala.piravi Hostel Room : ER 2 -118 , SR14 101, A 213, A 218, SR14 219 Permanent Address : TC 38/500, Chenthittai, Chalai P.O, Trivandrum, Kerala About Me : Most Memorable CP : Present Sir PORs on campus : STEP COM Secy Ideal endorser for : Pink Bags, Truly International ;) One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Getting Late to Class Frequently uttered lines :Actually.... , Aiyo! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Never awake 10 years from now you will be : older, richer, wiser and Better! If not MBA then : Frustrated about not doing MBA Favourite spot on campus : Audi Terrace, Mess Friend groups on campus : Mallus, Sec D First crush in the institute : Ramesh Mangaleswaran @ inauguration Lasting impressions about college : IIMI has given me better than my expectations Best memory of IIMI :

Kala P is the goddess of expressions as she has a million of them. In one minute you can witness at least a hundred of them. I came to know about this kerala girl in the beginning of my stay at IIM-Indore. She has always amazed me by her healthy sleeping attitude towards life. Her funda in life is, whenever in trouble go to sleep ï?? . She has slept in all the group meetings that we had in the first year. I will always remember her big pink bag that she use to carry to class, always wondered what should be in it as all her books were always in her hands. She also believes that if a pic on facebook does not fetches her atleast 100 likes the pic is not worth it. Jokes apart, she is one of most respected and wonderful person. Her down to earth nature has always impressed me and I will cherish the time spent with you. Keep in touch and hope for your success in all future endeavours....MONINDER BHALLA


Roll No. : 2011PGP676 DOB : June 03 NickName : Kamalesh Kamalesh Bhai - When I say “Bhai” I really respect him as an elder brother. He is probably one of the sweetest guys on campus. He has been a great friend who has helped me in various things. Most notably, he has always tutored me on Operations subjects. I have shared memorable moments of my 2 years with him starting from the 1st term to the Rural Immersion to the Himalayan Outbound. He is very sincere and that reflects on the crystal clear concepts he has on any subject. I can always boast of the fact that I somehow managed to get one over him in Marketing discussion. It gave me immense pleasure to see that his hard work bore fruit during the placements. U are a wonderful person and wish u a great life ahead. ...RAKESH JENA

KAMALESH KUMAR CHAUDHARY Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : aaa/189 Facebook Page : Search karo, mera jaisa duniya me ek hi hai Hostel Room : MR1-307 Permanent Address : Shahpura (Jaipur) About Me : OB&HR MBTI score says I am ISTJ :) Most Memorable CP : Why Reliance wanted to acquire L&T, but Jayasima sir did not give me a currency sad ? PORs on campus : Infinit-I, IT & Systems club Ideal endorser for : DJ room with 7X24 music One song you symbolize :Badhe chalo…(from Lagaan ) Mostly caught doing : Playing with my daughter Frequently uttered lines : Ha bhai... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aaloo paratha 10 years from now you will be : asking myself what next... If not MBA then : Quality master Favourite spot on campus : Sunset point Friend groups on campus : Section-D, RIP, Himalaya First crush in the institute : Understood value of IIM only after I got crushed Lasting impressions about college : Worth taking break from job/life Best memory of IIMI : Siddhi Moolam Prabandhanam

Kamlesh Kumar Chaudhary alias Bhai alias Babuji.........I am very fortunate and lucky to have you as my friend and more than that as an elder brother. I recall the days we spent in out term-I, as part of group assignments. Those were the memorable days of greatest learning on campus. I still have one wish unfulfilled before leaving the campus.....done from your make Kalpana call as Bhaiyya....hahaha.....:-) I wish you, bhabhiji and Kalpana to have wonderful life ahead. And bhai, reminding you once again, to throw us one more party in ur room ......home made dal puri special food............ and requesting bhabhiji to be out of the food preparation process......we want to see ur culinary skills....:-)...SANDEEP VEMULAKONDA Kamlesh Sirji is one of the most respected person on campus. He is a very hardworking person who will always help you out whenever in need. I admire you for that. Best of luck and keep in touch :)...MONINDER BHALLA One of the member of my first group , Kamlesh bhai is the very respected person. He is very dedicated and sincere person. The only complaint- where is my pic in group photo ? :X... ...SMITA VERMA Kamlesh bhai, it was an honor to meet and spend some quality time with you. U have exceptional clarity of concepts and thoughts and you are such a person who can make even a novice like me to understand the difficult concepts. Thanks for taking all those gyan sessions before exams and making me able to get pass :) Aap ki shadi main to nahi aa paye :P but the fun we did in your friends marriage was incredible. Apne is chote bhai ko yaad rakhana and asha hai ki fir milenge...:) Best Wishes for you and your family and have a great future...:)...SUNDEEP SUTHAR one of the most respected people in our section....your knowledgeable insights in the class and in our assignments were there for all to the same time, the dedicated he showed was something beyond my comprehension â?? while others (and that included priya and kasturi) were all deliberating where and how to start, he completed the entire assignment himself!! at the same time, he is one of the most humble people you will see, his soft-spoken nature and respect towards others bears testimony to this....i wish you all the best in your future endeavours :)...PULKIT PANDEY SIRJI.....!!!! Wat i generally call him is one of those persons who wud always tell u about both the pros and cons of a situation... but will always encourage u to take the best decision on ur own.... I thank IIM Indore for giving me an elder brother here to support and guide me at all walks of life... Thanks bhai for being with me whenever i needed u most.... And yes... i will still continue to trouble u even after moving to Bangalore.... :P...MANISH KUMAR Its rare to find a person whom you respect and I am fortunate to know Kamalesh bhai in that regard. Dependable, Responsible, Intelligent, helpful and most importantly Caring for our benefits where even we might forget, he really embodies an elder brother to most of us, and we love him for it. May I always have your guidance, support and friendship. Love, God bless.....KUMAR ABHISHEK

One of my bestest friends on campus and undoubtedly a gem of a person, Kanika has always impressed me with her resilience and maturity.None of us remember how we became such great friends but I only remember running to her room for the slightest of the help ever since I have been on campus. My confession : ERM was not that interesting but trying all sorts of techniques to cram up and stuff it into each others volatile memory was an ultimate experience .I still remember looking back at you dragging my bag and Vineeta rushing with an umbrella at 5 in the morning to see me off before I left for my Exchange.At that very moment I had realized that I had made two very special friends for life.The all-girls farewell the night before was truly overwhelming. Your quality to slog it out and yet be humble about all your achievements will take you places! Keep smiling sweety.. And you have no choice but to keep in touch ;) -Nikita” Konikaaaa......a gr888 gr888 person....bhai bohot kuchh sikhi hu mai is bandi se....iske jaisa dedication aur mehnat mai puri jindagi me na kar pau...sab kuchh ekdam planned aur structured!!...agar kuchh karna hai to karna hi hai....galtiya karegi lekin jis moment pe realise ho tabhi k tabhi sudharegi bhi....ekdam massttt n straight forward personality...kuchh achieve karo to tarife milengi lekin agar kuchh gadbad kiye ya ignorance dikhao to fir bhagwan hi tumhe bachae :P :P... .dossttt mujhe nahi pata hum 1st year me kyu nahi mile :( -Snehal” Kanika is a gem of a person , scary at times, but nice on most occasions. Its strange how I almost always find myself dialing her number every time I am in trouble whether it be with my lost ATM card, or a last-minute shopping for my Euro Trip, or a spare LAN chord, and a hundred other things .I once told her she is twisted while that might be true, she carries it off with the straightforwardness of an 8-year old. Extremely sentimental on the inside, she is the proverbial coconut exuding maturity and equanimity in everything she does, and it was a pleasure knowing both sides of her :) -Sayan” Kanika, the snow white rabbit from section D, studious, hardworking, sincere, true geek to many, always in LOAD, striving for excellence but found her in a refreshing new avatar in the second year when I got to know her better. Warm, friendly, helpful, talkative sharing positivity around, can count on her for any advice on the professional front. wishing u luck for all your future endeavours -Someswar”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-108 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Student Exchange committe,Hostelcom Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Eating or sleeping Frequently uttered lines : Kuch bhi.. Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : french toast 10 years from now you will be : CEO If not MBA then : Teacher Favourite spot on campus : Sunset point Friend groups on campus : Snehal,Someshwar,Bhalla,Sarangi,Richa& richa,Anupama,Sayan,Prahlad,Kasturi,Pallavi,Priya,Piran,Aditi,Pragya, Abhishek &abhishek,Suhas First crush in the institute : NA :) Lasting impressions about college : its only in mismanagement that you learn how to manage urself .. Best memory of IIMI : Section D parties

Step 1: Take a great thinker, hard worker, sincere-humble-fun-loving friend, a great lover, adviser, non-glober and a foodie Step 2: Put all of them in a blender Step 3: Kanika, who can be a friend for life is just before you. Sitting behind her throughout first year, all I wondered is how can somebody be so dedicated, hardworking and sharp- all at the same time. Each time I meet her, she throws something to learn about. Kanika, you rock, Love you loads. -Sisira” Initially I thought of kanika as a nerd but when I came to know about her in the second year my views about her changed a lot. She is a bindass girl who loves to live life to the fullest, loves to pull legs whenever she gets a chance and a fun person to be with. -Moninder” known her since the start. The first thing I liked about her was that she is a no nonsense person who doesn’t pander to people. As I have gotten to know her, this quality makes her a great friend who points out your mistakes and shortcomings befor you screw up. A very easy person to talk to, she is always ready to help. Its been a pleasure to know you over these two years and I wish you all the success in the future. -Jammi Sunil Rao” Kanika..always caring for people around her, someone u can trust easily...intelligent and hardworking person... she is very frank and open about her thoughts, friendly...someone with whom u can share ur problems and expect to get good advice..will remember badminton and the bakar sessions that we had...u hav great potential and I believe you will reach great heights, best of luck for ur future..keep in touch :):) -Sakshi Makkar”

KANIKA Roll No. : 2011PGP677 DOB : 20/01/1988 NickName :

Kannan, a calm and composed guy is the godson of the trainers in the Gym. I still remember the day when the trainer asked me to do nothing but copy kannanâ??s technique. Am tryin to do just that but in vain... He is referred as â??Police kannanâ?? for his physique and uncanny skill of relating events. He is a chilled out guy and never allows pressure to unsettle himâ?¦u wud forget ur worries when he is around â?¦lucky to have such a friend on campus.....SHRIRAMAN S Police Kannan. Guess Why? All Gossips, all secrets, other’s personal things never misses Kannan’s Database. The secret of his huge database is his determination and control during drinks party where he concentrates more on getting information from drunk people rather than enjoying himself. ...SUVINDH M. S. Kannan is one of the few friends who reminds me of Chennai ... he is a friendly and fun loving person ... quick witted .. he managed to identify that people around him speak Hindi and not some other language .. one of the few quiet guys .. he has a close net around him who wud know his true color :) .. it was nice knowing you Kannan ... wish you good luck in Mumbai .. hope you will start speaking in Hindi in few years :) wish you good luck and keep in touch...RAGAVENDRAN K POLICE, GYM BOY - he has an awesome physique. Works out on most days (at the gym). Fondly called Govindan! He is a super fun loving guy. Never cares about anything. He is so serene even during very turbulent times! He takes max adv of the avbl technology! Never takes to heart anythin. I have not seem him getting upet/emotional etc. Maintains his funny, jovial, happening charisma whenever and wherever (even when he is high)! He could be a great company when you are alone! TOTALLY, a balanced person with no great aims. He likes to live his live in a cool, self-appointed manner! This guy - even when he reaches dizzying heights will be the same and you can talk to him the same you do now even then!!! Godspeed!!...NAVIN.I Kannan was my second term group mate...I didn’t know much about this guy before and even during our brief associations, I couldn’t figure out much about him. He is a very silent sober personality but has a very fun loving and “bindaas” side to him not many know of. He is very even tempered..i have never seen him being temperamental till data. his fb account keeps getting hacked all the time and i think he is the only guy to get engaged at least 5 soon became a standing joke. I have been a great counsellor to him regarding girls and love....I hope u remember all my advice when you finally meet the right person which I hope u do very soon:P...but I think this guy has undergone a tremendous makeover here...I have seen his pics prior to joining IIM I and I really applaud the change!!:P...he is a very stable person and someone you can have very open conversations with. He is a very patient listener and I have a lot of respect for him because he is one of the very few people in the tam gang who doesn’t pull my leg!!! Thanks a ton for that!! He is a very patient listener and a good sport! He lets me pull his leg whenever I can and I do not miss out on an opportunity at all. We have often chatted over gtalk that face-face and he is someone who observes my status messages a lot:):)...and then we end up discussing philosophies of life:) was great knowing u, I hope u keep in touch and have a magical future!!:P:D...SUGATHA KARTHIKEYAN

Roll No. : 2011PGP678 DOB : 11-Dec-1986 NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-213 & G-317 Permanent Address : 4/114, ANBIL NAGAR, DALMIAPURAM About Me : I am somebody. I am me. I like being me. And I need nobody to make me somebody. Most Memorable CP : No CP :) PORs on campus : Ahvan’12 - Systems Coordinator Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : sleeping / eating Frequently uttered lines :Thayavu senji Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 4 Boiled eggs and 1 glass milk 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Ctrl C + Ctrl V Favourite spot on campus : Night Mess Friend groups on campus : Section C , KOAL-I First crush in the institute : An Academic Associate ;) Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Late night parties and volley ball matches :)

Kannan, as the name suggests, a play boy, you are... Your scandal video (:P) of dancing with PGP I girls in the DJ party had been our entertainment throughout Term IV... Some say you are an Undercover Police Officer... But your activities don’t suggest that (:P) With your usual order in the night mess, 4 boiled eggs and a glass of milk, I sometimes wonder if you are a snake in disguise... You call yourself an IT bug, oh yes. you are!!! We can never forget the VIRAL MARKETING experiment we did with your COWBOY Photo... Keep in touch......GOKULNATH R Kannan!! The guy who remind me RajniKanth for a while! :D Anyways, we together worked on the Ahvan’12 website and I found him a really hardworking person. He is good at taking initiative and at the same a good team player who never annoy anyone. Arey yeah! Just remember your disappearing from facebook and then people putting your picture as their diaplay picture. You must be really famous among all friends, that they missed you so much that time! :P Wish you best of luck for all future venture. ;) Best of luck. and Stay in touch. :)...PARAMVEER


Roll No. : 2011PGP679 DOB : 21/02/1990 NickName : kannuri Dear Sintex Call Option, Mumbai - Stock markets - Dota - Pizzas - All Failed Plans etc are things I shared with him past 15 months. Inspite of being good at heart, he maintains a cruel rogue appearance with people. Knows how to handle people than things. Risk taker. His philosophy on girls & marriage is a must listen concept. Good at seeing world from different angle. Good thing is he takes up only things he can do. Lives life in his style not compromising to others. I believe he ll reach heights and when u reach there, remember us. All the Best. Thanks Nifty Put Option....SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI

KANNURI GOWTAM Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Gowtam Kannuri Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C-316 Permanent Address :,s/o k.sri ram murthy(advocate) krishna bazar, narsipatnam-531116 About Me : Fun loving, adventurous, love to chat with friends and sometimes a freak :) Most Memorable CP : Ahhh...hmmm....Ahhhhh PORs on campus : Member Infinit-I Ideal endorser for : Apple One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Sleeping in the class Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Biryani 10 years from now you will be : In MBA what i learnt is “It Depends” If not MBA then : Software Favourite spot on campus : Canteen Friend groups on campus : No specific groups but love to chat with all who are around me First crush in the institute : An IPM...I think most of us will have the sameanswer Lasting impressions about college : IIM INDORE never sleeps.... Best memory of IIMI : Every moment is a wonderful memory for me at indore

As everyone else here Kannuri also wants some different things in life, believe really different from what normal people want and as everyone else too he doesn’t know how :P But what sets him apart is that if he thinks he wants something he’ll get it, more ends focused than means, not saying good or bad but it is how he is and he likes to be that and I really appreciate that. He too like me and many others on campus has known the importance of studies after coming here and stopped studying :P but one thing he always says is that more than studies he wants to learn living so that he can survive in the world outside given face any circumstances in any job or in personal life. I’ve spent a lot of my time on campus with him in two years and we both shared many experiences, he tells everything to me and after damodhar getting busy in 2nd year i used to turn up to kannuri and alluri to share anything. Wish you all the very best for your future and good luck with your personal and professional life. Keep in touch :)...Kushal C You better become a are the person with best convincing skills. Apart from your socializing skills, your parabolic shots in G-block entice me a lot. You are one of the persons who can adapt to any situation and remodel accordingly...Oosaravilli Introduction scene is designed for you, I guess. All the very best in your personal life:)...PRITHVI TEJA GONAPA of the most straight forward persons I have met in here..He has always been my good friend. I really enjoyed the long conversations that I had with him and Kushal regarding the prospective future of an IIM grad in his community :P. He has definite plans about his future with plans A,B,C etc. He is also one of the most funniest persons to hang out with. I am really not sure how many people can actually understand the Real him, because he often blurts out things which he actually does not mean. He will a lot more fans if he can actually gain some control while he speeks. A great friend who has a helping nature. All the best ra!! May you get your dream dowry package also :D...A.K.ASHISH Too much knowledge about Apple, or mobile gadgets instead and I have not seen such a hard core crazy guy who does not withstand anything against Apple. In general he has too much knowledge on many things especially financial markets. I always like the arguments that happen in Alluriâ??s room about anything and everything under the sun. Bechara he used to get caught on the same topic many times and we used to pull his legs but still we all know that he does not take things too much to heart, so we took the liberty. I still remember the hour long topics on marriage we had and I would never forget those moments. And remember the days we danced like hell? I think those were some of the days that will be in my autobiography for sure. Wish you all the best dude and hope you get a girl of the kind you truly wanted. Be in touch as we gonna have too much fun later too....PERALA PRATHEEK

One of the first few friends on campus, and my bench-mate for an year.. a cool person and easy to get along with.. He’s never, well almost never, complained about anything.. always accommodating.. A never say no attitude.. We have enjoyed awesome days sitting at that corner row in NC2, with Mandal, will miss those classes, with two of you constantly chatting :P -Dhruval Mehta” Fellow Bengali on campus, Age of Empires Champion, and a kind, gentlemanly guy. We spent lots of great time working for the Durga Puja. Was really moved when he laid the table at the end of the Bijoya Sammelani for his friends - despite having worked all evening. Hope you do very well in life! :) -Bishakha Majumdar” Hey, u are the most helpful and selfless person I have met. U are kind to all, always ready to help ur friends, sensitive, and caring. -RUCHIKA CHAUDHARY” The man whose logic defies all logic!!! Thats kapol for you :D my desk mate for a year and we’ve shared fun moments in class from comparing scores with ‘bhobenbhai’ to listening to your awesome cps that can put anyone to shame...the past 2 years have been fun....aage bhi milte rahenge :) -Shubhabrata Mandal” KAPOL Sarkar aka KAPS ...... the most innocent yet THARKi guy of our group (although CHINKI is head to head with u) ........ Aate hi COUPLE bana liya lekin fir bhi jab bhi bulao, he always responded positively ...... AOE & CS champ and always wants to be part of each and every team of the sports we play ...... i admire ur energy & passion but I would say dont ever under-estimate urself ........ u have good potential and u’re even better than many of the IIMIians ....... All the best ahead in ur life ... keep in touch :) -NIKHIL SHINDE” The best Age of Empires player I have ever seen. He can take on 2-3 players single handedly without breaking a sweat. He is also good in Counter Strike and other games too. An awesome guy . keep rocking dude -JANMAJIT DAS” kapol sarkar the guy who gives me a tough competition in chicken eating but has eventually accepted defeat in every one of them.....a helpful and fun loving guy and my proxy giving partner....I have told many lies to him and I dnt knw why he seems to believe everyone of them even though they sound pretty ridiculous..bhai dehi ai mera koi ghar war nahi hai aur naa hi kisiko contract mai diya hai....hahahhaah......chal best of luck for ur future!!!! -DILIP DEVKOTA”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : SR-11, 310, C-317 Permanent Address : A.D. Nagar, Road No.1, Agartala, Tripura (W), 799003 About Me : Well, I am a fun loving guy and never miss a chance to do what I like to do :) Most Memorable CP : CP..!!?!.what does it mean..? :D :P PORs on campus : Senior/Junior Member Arena, Event Head- Bazinga!, Junior Member- Arena in Mridang Ideal endorser for : ? One song you symbolize : Thoda hai thode ki zarurat hai :P Mostly caught doing : Gaming (AoE or CS) Frequently uttered lines : 14, 11,1,2 :) Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chai & Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : A happy man. If not MBA then : Chilling in some Sarkari company Favourite spot on campus : My room. Friend groups on campus : Dream Crushers !! First crush in the institute : Its a well know fact :) Lasting impressions about college : Its scenic beauty Best memory of IIMI : Bakra, AoE..FIFA...CS..gaming nites, 26 ka bhasad, n tennis matches, the assignments,..n many more :)

Kapol and me clicked well due to the regular knack towards the game, and he is one hell of a player of AoE. A good-natured person with a knack for success in whatever he does. Have a great time ahead :) -RUDRANIL CHAKRABORTTY”

Kapol Sarkar Roll No. : 2011PGP680 DOB : 09-03-1987 NickName : Kaps

:) :) :) ---> trademark Karan. He’s the only person I have ever met who symbolises emoticons. When he types LOL he means it! Such a die-hard optimist, glober and essentially a lovely person. Our chance encounter at the melting point for the ‘Sportscom elections’ turned into the best thing for both of us! The best person to sit next to in a pre-placement talk, time flies when you’re with Karan. An absolute sweetheart, he can brighten anyone’s day! His ability to put things bluntly can sometimes be envied but overall, a diamond in the rough (of the IIM sands) :D I’ll miss you lots Karan!...RIYA GHOSAL A lot of smile. A lot more of CPs. Hell of a lot of conviction! That is Karan Nathwani for you. I remember this once, when he actually went and asked the TA for answers to an in class quiz, before it actually happened! I thought it was a joke and laughed at his face. He didn’t flinch! Guess that’s what Gujju CAs, who’re settled in AP (and whose granddads own ships !!!), are made of! I’m sure you’ll do well wherever you go! Cheers! ...SANKARANARAYANAN KRISHNAN Natha or Notewani whatever you call him, he is one happy fellow. Dil ka saaf hai ... jo mann main aaye bol deta hai ... bas daant nikal ke hansta rehta hai. Doesn’t pre-read before coming to class but will still globe with confidence and impunity. Always super excited to register his CP and if he done with his share, he will not let me rest in peace till I have marked my CP. I repaid by not letting him sleep in class :). Apart from me, Sankar and Akash Jyoti Suni, he is the only person who was perpetually late to class. I vividly remember his bright yellow water bottle which he brought to class every day - pyason ko paani pilake bahut punya kamaya hai isne :). He has lots and lots and lots of female fans much to the chagrin of other boys in campus :). First year was tough but it was fun because of you. You are an awesome friend - caring, sensitive and always ready to help. I’ll always cherish the times spent together. Wish you loads of success and happiness!...VAIBHAV RASTOGI Karan aaj to tu gaya samajh le..Openly teri sachai samne laane ka time aa that all the girls get to know the truth about you..:P :D Karan ..the most confident guy i have ever come across..Multi talented and a good friend.. saaf and neak dil wala. You are so innocent that some time u dont even know what to do and what not to..Ktini baar mere ko marvya hai tune ,..Hope fully u remember those incidents and take a learning from that..:P hope u get ur dream body very soon and keep following you passion... i always love the amount of smily u put in the mails and messeges..and even professor ko bhi nhi bakshta apni cheesy lines se..:D Ab tu touch main rahe ya na rahe main tera peecha nhi chodne wala...:P Best wishes for u and have a rocking and great career ahead.:) ...SUNDEEP SUTHAR

Roll No. : 2011PGP681 DOB : 14 December 1989 NickName : Natha (given by the LAST-BENCHERS) Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : KaranNathwani Facebook Page : KaranNathwani Hostel Room : C-318, SR14-414, ER3-327 Permanent Address : 3-4-812, 405 A, Paragon apt., Barkatpura, Hyderabad 500027 About Me : Happy go luck and eternal optmist Most Memorable CP : tooooooooo many to figure out one :P PORs on campus : Financial Advisor- The Pi shop, Currenc-I, Ahvan Participation, Akriti member Ideal endorser for : Jogging & Steam Bath One song you symbolize : Kal Ho Na ho Mostly caught doing : jogging/speaking on the phone/smiling Frequently uttered lines :Timepass mat kar, Besharam :P Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Mix Veg Paratha 10 years from now you will be : Professor (secret revealed) ;) If not MBA then : P.H.D. Favourite spot on campus : C block terrace, ER-3,2 Terrace, IIM roads ;) Friend groups on campus : Loads and Loads of friends :D First crush in the institute : Yang Lasting impressions about college : Scenic beauty :) and the Best Friends :D Best memory of IIMI : Night walk with... :) :) :), talent nite & Rural Immersion

Karan...killer looks and confidence...combined with an everlasting smile...I always envy him though for his ability to sleep so less and still remain active throughout the day!! He plays, hangs out with girls and studies all in the same day so easily...Ekdum moofat, jo mann mein aya bol dia, he doesnt believe in mincing words. He is one happy go lucky fellow who is happy for u when you are happy and supports you wen you are sad...and his happiness is visible in his mails and texts, smileys and more smileys :):) Thand lagti nahi hai isse, he is walking around in shorts and a Tshirt wen everyone is shivering..keep smiling the way u do Karan..may u get the best in life. Stay in touch :):)...SAKSHI MAKKAR Prof Swatantra used to call Karan as the CEO, and ya, one day he might actually become so..... The most talkative person in our last bencher group, he used to talk for anything and everything (even without reading anything before, LOL)....a Fin expert, and a good person at heart, he is a transparent person....always helpful to others. Used to send innovative mails thro Pi shop id, some of them are too uniqie and noteworthy...we had an enormously awesome time in first year of PGP in back bencher’s team, where everyday was like a different episode. Best wishes to you freind, and do keep in touch :):)...MAHAJAN ABHIJEET ANIL


Roll No. : 2011PGP682 DOB : NickName : Karan bhai is like big brother to me, he is part of “Doing random shit with no meaning” Group we made here, with Bhalla, Somba, Sarangi, and yours truly. Fin mein interest rakhte hai aur bacho ko darana inko bahut pasand hai :P. Karan is my frd since Day -4 and will be till .... afterlife, yaar wahaan bhi macha denge apan :) All the best in life, kaarnaame karte rehna :P...ANUJ PEEPRE The frnd with whom I share Punjabi language, the frnd who i can talk nethin freely and openly, The frnd whose company I enjoy the most, The frnd who live lyf to fullest, And The frnd who simply njy the live to fullest You wer in my bakra grp bt got to knw thru Aditya. It was really njyable on Himalayan trip wid u paaji and will remember u for long. The name has meaning.. K - Kool paaji A - a truly yo yo honey singh fan R - Rocking punjabi nature A - amazinly possess fin knowledge N - Nyc person Wish you luck and you may achieve great heights in future and we can party then. lol I hope you will not forget me too.. :p P.S. : Gift of friendship is attached with this message, I hope you will keep it forever, :)...MUDIT KALRA

KARAN SINGH RATHAUR Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Karan has unleashed the terror of laughter in D block of IIM Indore. Often people are seen running to his room to check out the reason for the laughter riot. Ladies and gentleman let me introduce Karan Singh Rathaur â?? the king of laughter. Karan has been a very good friend of mine from day 1 onwards. He, along with arshdeep and baljinder, has kept me close to my Punjabi roots. Many times we had enjoyed endless Punjabi music at my room. I will surely going to miss you in my life and hope will be in touch for times to come. Karan RoXXX!!! ...MONINDER BHALLA oye rathore my competition partner, bahut mazaa kiya tere saath.Best of luck for future ...RAHUL BAKSHI Karan bhai (a.k.a Paaaaaaaaaaaji), tu to mere saath Group 1 se leke abhi tak chipka hua hai. Tu please abhi 13 dekh. My neighbor in second year and my closest friend in 1st year, he and I have participated in so many competitions together that we can take an elective in 2nd year on “What not to do in a competition”. He is the guy with whom I can discuss anything under the sun. We have shared innumerable secrets together and experienced many memorable events throughout our times at IIMI. I will miss him a lot after I leave. Karan, i still dont understand why you say “hay” instead of “hey”. Best wishes. Stay in touch buddy \m/ ...ADITYA MAIRA Oye Veere! Karan is the ever jovial person one would want around oneself.He is very calm yet fun loving. I had the privelege to be his desk partner during the 1st year. He was a gentle giant, who rarely Cp-ed but read everthing and knew everything.I would never forget the role plays along with him- ‘M NIKALA GADDI LEKE’ on a moving chair!! He also has this unique quality of maintaining chaos as he did during our group assignments during the 3rd term.His ‘ROWDY RATHORE’ wallpaper on the projector screen at Jaysimha sir’s lecture was an epic moment! He is amazing volleyball player too..amazes the opponents with his out of the world style:P Veerey! all the DJ nights were fun with your trademark steps.Always keep that innocent smile of yours! You rock!...VIKAS PARIHAR

I gt to know Karthik even bfr cmng to campus, thnx to his being so active on fb. Ge used to sit next to me in the class, and he had a knack of always attracting the teacher to ask him questions, which always left me in perpetual fear of getting caught too. Has tremendous self respect and a great love for photography. Good luck dude. Hope you achieve big successes in life. -BHAVESH VIJAY” Arguably the best photographer in the institute (birds, snakes, tigers and monkeys appear out of nowhere and actually pose for his camera !!!) and one of the most modest, kind and courageous persons around. He has the character to stand up for what he knows is right - against the collective will of the crowd. Really admire you for this. A jolly attractive personality and a good friend. May you prosper in life! :) -Bishakha Majumdar” The man who speaks thro’ his lenses... Your passion knows no bounds that you had a tripod even before you bought a camera... And as always, your photos had inspired me... Keep inspiring... -GOKULNATH R” neighbour in first year!!He is into his own world of gaining knowledge be it history,operations and always interested to learn new languages.He has a great sense of humour which made me survive in all those boring lectures :P I can never forget me getting caught by Prof.Gyan Prakash coz of u..that was the most funniest moment.I wish you all the success and hope to see u as an Entrepreneur soon:) -Aishwarya Samala” Karthik....What to say...One of the best photographers i have come across. I simply loved his child labour photo he presented in SBM class. The best ever. I love to get into debate with this person... Always against govt and system ( and a college too :) ) and against railways as well :-p But very genuine and sensible person. He is fond of learning various languages and have good knowledge of various happening around the globe. Took me twice to Sirpur lake for clicking pics when there were no birds in the lake. We planned to go to lot of places but none of them materialize (especially Jaipur) -ARUN JAGDISH PRASAD”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER3-115, SR-11-119, C-320 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : in Prof. Padhu’s Lecture PORs on campus : Aperture,PI-Shop, AIESEC Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : oorvasi..oorvasi Mostly caught doing : photography Frequently uttered lines : actually, I don’t have a camera Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Omlet Maggi 10 years from now you will be : probably in India If not MBA then : filmmaking Favourite spot on campus : C Block Terrace Friend groups on campus : Koal-I,Section E First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : changing colours Best memory of IIMI : climate

PT the Don of photography in IIM Indore has given us some of the beautiful clicks, making the campus look more beautiful than what it is. He puts a lot of efforts for the work he does and also gets same level of recognition for the same. He is really a chilled out guy always roaming around in his black and black dress code :P. Whenever we meet on the terrace of our block ( a favourite spot for both of us ) we discuss some random things which always ends up in debate of some kind ;). He’s always relaxed and takes everything on a lighter note when i tease him or vice-versa. I wish you a great success in your life and all the best for your future. Keep in touch :) -Kushal C” Peteeee :) My Room Mate......The most romantic guy in campus :)......The Best Photographer.......Internship Partner.....Bakra Patner. These guy has change my opinion about south indians. I had a horrible experience in chennai and when I came to know that I will be sharing room with a tamil guy I was not happy initially. But after spending time with him, I realized that stereotyping is not good. He helped by sharing his laptop initially and was so CHILL and RELAX :). we went to city many times and explored many places in Indore. One thing I would like to appreciate about PT is his personel skills. He knows each and evrey one in the campus by name. I also appreciate how quickly he has learned hindi. He is my favourite Tamilian in campus :). One thing I like about him is He never studies :) and I wonder how he manages in exam :) PT I wish u get job location in mumbai. I would like to be in touch with you. All the Best Bro -KOMTE SUBODH JANKU” Peetee the Photographer, or is it the cameraman? :P Walks along serenely in the corridors, talks to everyone he meets, and occassionally stops by the room for a chat. Was good fun with you in during the trek :), can almost hear you saying “map eh paarunga da” right now as I write this. You’ve been a helpful friend who has lightened up the day many a time with your jokes, wish you all the best!! -P N GANAPATHI”

KARTHIK P Roll No. : 2011PGP683 DOB : 15 Dec NickName : Don, Peetee

Very humble and soft spoken guy is what everyone says about him. True but he is a tough businessman, big time bargainer, negotiator too. Only that only in some of the things in his life he does things systematically i.e he is a very cool dude :P ...KRISHANU SIKDAR First of all, Ditto @krishanu’s, I will add some more about this guy..he’s very observant..real businessman, always in-search of opportunities..big-time visionary..very very hard-working..When he’s talking to you, you know that guy is talking sense..with his hard-work and efforts (and krishanu’s LUCK :P),they have made JAM a huge success..whenever I talk to this guy, I feel motivated to pursue my dreams..I know that one day this guy will be a big-shot...I wish you all the best for your future..stay in touch......VIKRAM RATHI As i know Karthikeyan is a hard working and focused on his dreams. Very polite and always felt good talking to you :P My first assignment was with him, as we were late to the class, and observed that he good ideas. Out of box thinker... Always sleeps in the class even after being at the hot seat of NC4. All the best for your future... Keeping rocking :D......MUPPALA BINDHU MADHURI I met you first in Ahmedabad over dinner.You are a very good listener and a keen observer,first impressions of u. But besides that,you do have a ‘High Performance Entrepreneur’ streak :) Its always a pleasure talking to you,listening to your deep calm voice and the thoughts it conveys. As Vikram says,you would make it really big in life :) Best Wishes and Stay blessed :)...ADITI DIXIT Painter - I wonder even if anyone calls him by his actual name at least at IIMI. He is one of the calmest & coolest guys with loads of practicality and a long enduring outlook on life! As far as my memory goes, I don’t remember him getting tensed/emotional/upset/angry for ANYTHING. He does what he feels is right and is one of those guys who can’t be put down by failures. Being a born entrepreneur, he (along with Niranjan) inspired me to sign out of placements and pursue my dream venture! He is driven by his own guts, rationale & intuitions rather than analysis or forecasts. He is very strong in his quantitative abilities and has been a mentor prior to IIM days. I love traveling with this guy, he makes you feel so comfy in your berth and buys food, juice, etc and gets them to your seat. With an individualistic nature he has the uncanny ability to take spot on decisions that are for the larger good. Works very hard to make his dream come true, I am sure he will scale greater heights and be a successful business person in 5 years’ time! ATB and Cheers for that :)...NAVIN.I

Roll No. : 2011PGP684 DOB : 24/02/1988 NickName : Painter Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-304 & C-321 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Secretary E-Cell, Ahvan, Utsaha, Mridang Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines :Onnum prechana illa machi... Paathukalam,, Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : JAM Friend groups on campus : Koal-I First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Calm-ah!!! You-ah!!! You definitely deserve an Oscar for the innocent look you carry... Feels like saying ‘Adheppadi onnume theriyaadha maadhiri moonja vechukara!!!’ But to be true, I too took you to be a tight lipped person and a studious geek before realizing that you are actually a PAINTER... ...GOKULNATH R The most chilled out guy i met in d campus...Always sleeping in the class right frm d first term..Sitting right next to u for one complete year, I made a great friendship with u ...Remember I saved ur ass so many times in d class... Not many people know ur reality ..but u r one hell of a dog :) :) I love d confidence with which u say the biggest ever lies ....Respect u fr dis...:D I dont think u shd change what u r... It is the best !! Wishing you best of luck for the life ahead...N hv a great marriage :) .. I know I wd be in touch with u forever...Best of Luck !! Keep rocking :) :)... ROHIT ARVIND Hi.......thanks for trusting me for JAM activities........u have given me an opportunity..which i can never forget... it was indeed a great experience.......... :) now on departing note ...i wish u great career ahead... good luck!!...Anita Sharma “onnum prachana illa machi.. paathukalam” This was the classic dialogue of our painter...:) later he changed it to “oru aaniyum pudunga venaam”.. The business magnate of our group..:) This guy never studied business but did it....he saw IIM as a market and became successful with JAM..:) :P He is the guy who is gonna get married first from our group...Really cool guy.. who never really cares abt grades n stuff..all the best for ur future as a business man.. Keep in touch..:) ...K.HARISH KUMAR


Roll No. : 2011PGP685 DOB : 17-01-1987 NickName : A great friend..will miss our night mess visits and the engaging discussions that followed. He has an extremely positive attitude towards life. Winning StraIT though was one of the best moments that we’ve seen together. Wish you all the best for the future man.. I know you’ll reach great heights !!...ADITYA KIRAN NORI Confident,cheerful and a great friend...a [person I could always fall back onto :) You bring positivity on table always. Loved working with you during our group assignments ,would miss you when we both leave planet-I,to chase our dreams and finally catch them. wish you all the best in life,you deserve all the success and happiness this world has on offer :)...ADITI DIXIT

KARTIK SHRIVASTAVA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-101 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Event Head - Kalpavriksha, Project Lead - Utsaha, Senior Member - Currenc-I Ideal endorser for : Close Up One song you symbolize :Ruk jaana nahin... Mostly caught doing : Facebook Frequently uttered lines : bhak saala... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : paratha and egg bhurji 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : C block terrace Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Talent, a good heart, humility and honesty rarely come together the way you see it in Kartik. A great friend Kartik has always been a support system. We’ve never respected each other upfront throughout our stay at IIM-Indore but I must tell you, that i hold u in high regard, as a person and a professional. Kartik is a person you have to hug when u meet. Cheerful, light hearted, besides being the reason behind smiles,he’s a guy you can trust. Not to forget you’re my guru in ‘ u know what’. Hopefully we can share a lot more smiles together. ...MOHAMMED SHAHBAAZ kalpa, kalpa, kalpa....with his hoodie on, he never lets anyone forget that he was part of the kalpa team....he is a great personality with a great attitude....always smiling chahe iski jitni bhi maar lo!! the time we spent in mess, in D-block corridors, in suriâ??s room and the outings we had was always full of will go a long way in life...keep smiling and best of luck :)...PULKIT PANDEY Kartik... Mostly famous for his Sher-o-Shayeri (which by the way is awesome) and being a really cool and good friend ;)... The heart of Kalpa - the one who made sure that everyone had unlimited fun... Really nice guy and an awesome chap... Aur iski smile- maasha-allah.... :)... Really had fun with you brother... Have fun ahead and a lot of success :).. All the best... Keep in touch :)...RISHABH CHAUHAN He He Ha Ha... Now is the time to reveal all the secrets about his life. But I will leave these things to remain buried inside me, so that I can black mail you for all the FEVICOL I need to build my house. He is one of the best friends I will carry after IIMI. We officially became neighbors when we shifted to SR11. I wont forget his expressions when he kicked me on my 1st birthday in IIMI. Thats the time I thought is he seriously a friend??? But we had awesome time during the Mashal Party ;), HOP, MWR and etc etc. The list is endless :) . But Kartik as a person is very suave, and laughs every time. Put copied shayari as his FB’s status, but many times do come out with brilliant master pieces. He is very creative and acts well. A very nice person to get along. He is very dedicated and hard working individual and took Kalpa to new heights by leading a strong team. He loves to take initiatives. I wish him all the best for his future both on personnel and professional front. I hope you find your girl soon :). Overall a complete package for a nice girl....RAJESH KUMAR Sher- o - shayari hub - Kartik SIR :P posses multi talents.Kya haste hai janaaab .. Koi mohtarma bhi itna nhi sharma skti :P. He is witty in answering and in very subtle way. Wish you good luck for future :)...SMITA VERMA The smiling, CUTE guy who turned from first year neighbor to dear friend and now colleague. Low profile unobtrusive personality augmenting his character of avoiding conflicts with others to contemplate his own deep thoughts glimpsed in his shayaris.. In contrast, his selection to competitive Sales world, easily explained and strengthened by his hard working and responsible attitude shown in various events organized here.. and in relevance, a friend found at a place where everything is supposed to be competitive, on whom you can rely, is a blessing few have and I wonder how i got so lucky.. Love, God bless......KUMAR ABHISHEK

‘Great things happen at unexpected turns’ seems to be apt in our case. Never did I imagine that I would find an awesome friend, whose company I would later cherish so much, in this non-stop chatter box. Straight forward, down to earth, open-minded, extremely silly, super endearing, short-tempered, empathetic, the fellow foodie and the list can go on, u know. Phew!! and oh man! your tendency to slip and fall down at the stupidest of places has given me some of my best laughs ever! The bloody ‘raccoon’, the cranky security guard near the park, the Salsa lessons (u made ‘me’ DANCE, and u ve no idea how big a deal it is to me), my plight @ the back seat in Nainital & the green-tea endorsements will be treasured for years to come. U would be one of the very few with whom I can be just me sans any qualms. U would also be one of the very few I can irritate to the max extent possible, fight with to my hearts content and yet be confident that we will patch things up the next day. Best of my friends! You have made these years wonderful and memorable! For that, I must thank you. I am sure we would remain the same way! And don’t worry, i will keep thinking of you all the time :P :P -Senthooran K A” It’s been an absolute pleasure knowing you. Right from the time, Govind and me met you; I have had the best times on campus with you. We always used to pull your leg in zest and you would always react in your own special “Suruchi” way that both of us loved. Things changed after the Titli case and I found you to be an extremely friendly crackpot who would always make me chuckle. I always used to think of Appy, Ani and Deepak as my closest friends but after we started gymming I found out a lot about the brand that is “Suruchi”. The tantrums, mood swings and irritations grew on me and you became one of my closest confidants on campus. We have had a lot of fun times on campus and hope you continue in your own special “Suruchi way”. Don’t give a fuck about anyone and live life the way you want it. Please do call me as your first customer when you open your Gourmand restaurant or become the brand manager of your own Royal Enfield bike. Hope you find your Edward and your calling. I was really scared after your ‘I can’t stay after 10 0 clock’ opening salvo but after two years you would be one of my finds on campus. Please don’t change!! A friend for life... -B Varun” When I got to this campus, there were very few people who I thought I could relate to. She is one of them. She is absolutely fashion crazy about me for one; I guess we hit it off immediately. The best thing about her is that she is “on your face”, there are no two ways about Suruchi. She is what she is. She is always smiling, and if not, in her element, if she is pissed!! but she cools down quickly and thats that. She cares a lot for her friends and can do anything for them. I can never forget how sweet she was to me when my dog died and I was going through a tough time. I never expected it, but she relaized intuitively realized that there was something wrond and she extended a helping hand and helped me pull through. It may have beena small gesture for her, but it meant a lot to me. Apart from that, she doesnt care a damn about what people think, or what people talk, she is what she is, totally oblivious to all that coz thats the way she wants it. Thats really cool as it takes lot of courage to be like that. She has a room full of girly stuff which I adore and she can help a person drape a saree really well!!!! She shops just like I do and we often pick up brands which are the same. All said and done, she is at times likes a moving star going round and round, but at times she is there, unchanges just for her friends’ sale!:) Lotsa love Suruchi! Do keep in touch! -Sugatha Karthikeyan” Pagal hai tu :D !! Miss Bramhapr :P , chai ... I’ve irritated you a lot and am not sorry for that coz it has been one of the best things in my life at IIM-I. We share a great rapport, awesome level of bakwass, non-stop laughing at pakau jokes. Life has been a lot smiles with you Suruch-I . Awesome bandi hai tu , most admirably , kya ladti hai yaar :P . Bohot maar khaya hai maine tujhe will miss it all yaar. do stay in touch, lekin zyada mat choona :P ...MOHAMMED SHAHBAAZ -Mohammad Shahbaaz”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Suruchi Kashyap Facebook Page : Suruchi Kashyap Hostel Room : SR-14, 209 Permanent Address : C-87,Sunrise Bungalows, Near Ajitanagar, Sama-Savli Road, Karelibaug, Baroda, Gujarat About Me : Maybe the testimonials (if any) will give a better picture.. Most Memorable CP : ISM I - Prof. Prabin Panigrahi’s class PORs on campus : CulCom member, Mridang Administrator Ideal endorser for : Paints.. One song you symbolize : Rockstar by Nickelback Mostly caught doing : Eating out..:) Frequently uttered lines : Srsly?? Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Mostly coffee 10 years from now you will be : Hopefully running my own restaurant If not MBA then : an artist Favourite spot on campus : The ledge outside Old mess Friend groups on campus : Vibhuti, Senthooran , Varun, Kaushik, Smita N, Shahbaaz, Shivani, Sanjay, Archita, Sudeep, Pulkit, Ragavendran, Sugatha, Ankit, Harita, Alok First crush in the institute : Let it be a secret only.. Lasting impressions about college : Those who are in...want to get out...those who are out..are dying to get in. Best memory of IIMI : Bakra!!! and Nainital trip.

KASHYAP SURUCHI BRHAMPRAKASH Roll No. : 2011PGP686 DOB : 15th June, 1986 NickName : Suchi

One of the most intelligent, independent, ambitious, confident, hard working,responsible, down to earth personalities I have ever come across in life (Phewwww......even words run short of describing her). Her moral values and dedication to achieve success in whatever she does shall take her much ahead in life. Apart from being my best friend she is a reliable, caring, honest and a fun loving person. I feel very happy and blessed that our paths crossed and we found each other. I still remember our 1st interaction when she came to my room calling me for class in 1st year :) ...Though it was a very short span of just 2years that we could spend here together but I am very confident that we shall meet again and again later in life, make more memories to cherish and keep continuing this friendship till the time we cease to exist.... My best wishes for a successful career and a a beautiful life ahead.Love you always. A friend to remain.... ...MADHVI GHISSING Hmmm so I end up at this page. Hello aunty ji :). Thats what I call her. pata nai kaise. Aunty ji is super brainy and lives her life to fullest. Her fb cover pic ( air jump ) is example of it. Aunty is very generous too. Aunty is glamorous too, aise hi thodi koi lavanya ka part ban jaata hai. aur ab kasturi note bhi chapegi. All the best kasturi. One gregarious person I met on campus. Keep Smiling...P.S bhagwan ke liye naya smartphone le lena, iPhone would be good phone to start with....MOHAMMED ARSHAD Hey! I should say you are adorable for dancing, studying and teasing others with the same passion and energy.Your independant and confident nature inspires me! you rock! Just be the way you are..therez no other you,katsy.. <3...SISIRA CUDDAPAH Kasturi Madam.....apne section fact batch ki... sabse honhar, tez, padhaku aur bindaas bandi :) Yaar bahut masti ki humne 1st year me aur kaafi bakar bhi machayi. Inka bina piye wo talli wala dance to mujhe hamesha yaar rahega :P Yaar jaise yaha tune top kiya hai waise hi life me hamesha top karna aur khush rehna...yehi dua hai uparwaale se :) All the best for your future....keep in touch :)...ADARSH MANISH TIGGA

Roll No. : 2011PGP687 DOB : 11/01/1987 NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-314 Permanent Address : C/O S.S.Sinha,Kamla Sadan,Ranchi,Jhrakhand About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Assignments Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : chicken biryani 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : My room Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Awesome Campus Best memory of IIMI :

The topper of section dil mai hai wahi muh par...koi cheez baad ke liye nahi chodti...haath ke haath hisaab hota hai chahe tarref ho ya buraai sab instantly... a very nice are so hardworking and inspite of being a topper so down to earth...keep it up and wishing you all the best for your future....JATIN GANGWAL KK, my best neighbor in the hostel , always loaded with spirals and books...and struggling with fin questions...Had some of the best moments with u in SR.. Will miss u loads dear.. :-( among my best and closest friends, will always remember u for your honesty and integrity... u r so grounded to your roots... Lov u loads.. All d best.. :-) ...Palka Chhillar She is one of the finest personality I have seen on campus.Beauty with brains ..I am always awed by her handwork,dedication,sense of responsibility,initiatives,clarity of purpose and go-getter attitude..She knows what she wants in life and prioritizes it accordingly..she is the only person I know who has read all the pre-reads with full dedication and she was a savior of Section D in many classes when no one knew anything.Her dedication to all the assignments we ever did together( single handed responsibility le leti thi and perfection se karti thi )..her always helpful attitude ( be it operations/marketing/TOC/BF) and her caring and understanding nature made her the strength of any group.And with all those qualities she is ever so humble..Her reactions to Ajit Jee ( her neighbor in first year)...the way she used to sleep in class..her dance ( dandiya ho ya DJ always ek dum hatke).will always be memorable.. She is a bold ,confident girl who can reach the stars if she sets her eyes on them..Always be the same.. It was a privilege knowing you..keep in touch ..Kanika ...KANIKA Kasturi..the most bold,brave,strong at heart gal I hve met. She should be named as Phataphat..js do anything in a it reading,planning,cooking etc etc...I had great time with u in the eurotrip specially while shopping (remem at rome) frm the very first marseille trip to berlin wala :) :) I wish you to have a wonderful and happy life :) :)...Aishwarya Samala


Roll No. : 2011PGP688 DOB : 16 March 1989 NickName : Keerthan Mr. Jugaad of our HOP group. I’ve got to agree that you’ve got guts man. To go for a week long trip to Himalayas with only a small backpack is not everybody’s cup of tea. But the way you survived out there, with all your Jugaad, is a management lesson to learn for all. Any of course the quizzer that you are and the gifts you get by participating in all the quizzes. All the best for your future Mr. Quizzer. :) And finally ‘Screw you man’ (The Aglawe Style) :P...Shaishav Solanki

KEERTHAN G Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-102 Permanent Address : Namana, Koteshwara About Me : Dont like boasting about oneself Most Memorable CP : Liril Ad PORs on campus : Utsaha-Projects, Ahvan-Operations Ideal endorser for : Hero Cycles :) One song you symbolize :Balma Mostly caught doing : nothing Frequently uttered lines : What man! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Paratha with Egg Bhurji 10 years from now you will be : No long term goals If not MBA then : short term IT guy? not sure.. Favourite spot on campus : Library.. really.. Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Ssshhh.. Lasting impressions about college : Great place to spend your vacations Best memory of IIMI : TV room during Olympics

Take a soft spoken guy (and smart too) and add loads of intelligence and knowledge, and there you have Keerthan. He immdiately attracted my attention when I first met him (with his intelligence of course). Humble as well as simple, and impresses people instantly. Talking to you was so much fun and I would forever cherish the RIP trip. Your love for Madras cafe (or maybe south indian food) is what confused me, as I saw you and Pai very happy on finding a Madras Cafe during our RIP. May you always keep smiling and humble as always. And may God showers you with all the success you desire. Hope to meet you once agin in future. Best wishes :)...NIRNAY BHASKAR Keerthan- Baby faced assasin in quizzes (your wipro answer from katrina kaif connecting with yardley in the tata crucible quiz was amazing), soft spoken and grounded.. Has amazing ideas, extremely logical - can be lackadaisical at times- good friend, an outlet to experiment my broken kannada ...PRADEEP KIRTHIVASAN RAJAGOPAL I first met Keerthan G. (the G stands for Genius) in the night mess when he & Vikas Parihar were discussing GK questions. I joined them & we continued till the sun came up !! Keerthan G. is one of the best quizzers i have known & no one can forget how he set the stage on fire during Tata Crucible. He is someone who lives life on his own terms & doesn’t give a damn about the rat race. Don’t be fooled by his innocent baby face, Keerthan G. is sabka baap. I wish you all the very best, live long & prosper !! ...PATANGE PRASANNA SATISH My BALMA star !! ( I know he is gonna kill me for writing this here.. ) As if I care ! :P naah just kidding.. KG is a guy with best satire and sarcasm fit into every single sentence he says.. He was my FREE-Movie-In-NewAudi partner.. we never planned to go together but eventually wud meet at the Sanchi Point.. Watching movies in Audi without KG was no fun :P We made explicit remarks at stupid scenes and laughed like anything.. Dude m yet to get things even for u stole my shortlist in my dream company :-x ha ha .. Bro .. M sure u gonna scale gr8 heights in life. just a little more patience ! :P ATB ! :D ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL Bakra group partner :).....I dnt know who all were there in Bakra happy to find this sarcastic guy as friend. He is a popular personality in Karnataka. His was on the cover page of xyz magzine in karnataka for cracking one of the difficult exam in world(CAT) and getting into his DREAM college IIM Indore :). One of the qualities I like about him is his General Knowledge. He is a Mr. Google. Fan of his quiz cracking ability. His favorite sentence during GD is “Let me complete”. He was rejected in many process and he says that he Tanked :). Had lot of memories with him. Dude u are a STAR. All the Best ...KOMTE SUBODH JANKU

“Baat karne se baat banti hai”... this guy can convince anyone to do anything. Takes stand, speaks out and mesmerizes when he does that. Surprisingly, he is very organized and has an eye for detail when it comes to things that matter. I had the most (well, not *the* most) fun on campus with Khullar and Shishir! One of my best friends and one of the awesomest guys I have known in my life, this guy is going to be huge. Keep looking out! -RAJEEV KUMAR” Hmm...I am out of words already :P ... I don’t think there is a soul in campus who doesn’t know you , you are extraordinarily friendly.King of your own world but some how you have managed to conquer a lil of the real world too..You had to be intelligent and smart coz i think god some how knew you’ll require it to handle the trouble from the PGP office and others ;) I really admire your love for your family, I have never seen a guy who values his family more than you do. You have been a great friend and an forceful lecturer at times but it has always been nice listening to you because even though it was a lot of crap a little bit of it did make sense. I hope you keep spreading joy like you do and stay happy always :) tc -SMITA NARAYAN” Me, Rajeev and Abhinav are perfect complements of each other. Teaming up with the right individuals was crucial to the start of my 2nd year and if ever there was a trio that hit the bullseye on the definition of being a “team”, its been us.” This is something directly picked up from my “Tell me something about yourself” answer. I owe my success to them, to say the least, and these guys have truly been my strength for the past 6 months. There’s a surge in confidence knowing that the three of us are on the same side of the fence and a belief that nothing could do wrong. Good things come in small packages but not this guy. A larger than life personality, he can literally talk his way out of defenseless shit. He knows more than 800 off the 450 in our current batch. He saved my ass from boarding the ship and following the herd to the far off European land. His room has been our team’s place of work, an assortment of our trophy collection and a testament to the effort we’ve put in over the last 6 months. He’s the go-to guy for discussing your problems, sharing your dreams, sharing a smoke, a beer and your obsession with cars, cards & career. A friend’s friend and a Mumbaikar at heart, he’s my brother and a mentor and someone who’ll make it big in the years to come. -RAUT SHISHIR DATTARAM”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B 103 Permanent Address : Parsik Hill, Navi Mumbai About Me : Most Memorable CP : Naukri by CP - Landing that summer internship PORs on campus : Part of ShARE, Alumcom, Kalpavriksha (and rumoured to be in DebSoc too) Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Random bakar around mess... Frequently uttered lines : Sawaal.... or ... Scene ho gaya Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half fry and parathas 10 years from now you will be : Coming back to Planet I for a LEM workshop, hopefully :D If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Outside B 103, with the Sarvagya team... Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Is campus ke bohot rang hai.... jab bhi mein dekhta, alag rang dikhte.... Best memory of IIMI : Working on LIME and Blueprint back to back .. and cracking both...

Machaa Denge Bhaai” is his warcry. Devilish is his laugh. Motivated and inspired always, this is the guy is versatile- can be found drinking Chaai, Beer, coffee and whiskey (based on occasions). Known him from very close quarters. This place is too short to describe him. Awarded “yaaron ka yaar” title by the section mates, he is the go-to guy to discuss every problem. Very passionate about competitions. Puts his points with authority, and backs up with facts. I do not imply a no-nonsense person, coz he is a mahaa super mega bhasaddd banda. Likes south park, soft rock and business articles. He introduced the concept of social butterflying in planet i. Could be found in any group doing any random thing. Studies smart. Dresses sharp. Speaks suave. Jahaazi banda hai. And would sail a long way in this vaste ocean of life. -VAIBHAV MAHESHWARI” Khullar was my neighbour all through PGP-1 no matter we shifted hostels. We used to study together (in times of yore) and I was impressed with his jet-speed reading and comprehending skills. On the top of it, he is the guy who really enjoys ‘Partying’ and ‘Laughing’ of course... has nailed 2 B-school competitions working at the same time... has strong passion for B2B marketing. Wish you great success in life and all the best for your future endeavours... -HIMANSHU AGRAWAL”

KHULLAR ABHINAV BRAHAM Roll No. : 2011PGP689 DOB : 2nd May 1987 NickName : Khullara

Khu-Man!!! I really admire your dabangg style. You are the one person with great heart, mind....and of-course body too. :D Will miss you leading the whole section for the parties and pushing people in second year to have one last big bash. Certainly, because of your witty and awesome style, I know your fan following goes from PGP1 to Teaching associates :P. Wish in your whole life, you stay the same person whatever you are right now. Best of Luck! :) STAY AWESOMME, STAY KHU-MAN!! ;)...PARAMVEER The most creative freak I have ever met in my life, Khu-Man has transformed the word ‘Awesomeness’ to ‘Khumanness’ for ‘Section-F’ such that some of his Birthday posts need to be preserved in literary museums. He was the uniting force behind Section-F. His sessions with Big Daddy in class are memories forever. A mature but moneyminded gujju who sometimes transforms to ‘Angry Young Man’, he personifies the perfect combination of wisdom & childishness. ...HAVYAS CHANDRAGIRI Hi, U r the Santa of our section. :) We spent some nice time together... its always nice to talk to u. All the best in life. :)...RUCHIKA CHAUDHARY You’re one of the most talented and creative people I’ve ever come across. Section F was really lucky to have you. We would have been bored to tears if it weren’t for your surveys and presentations. You and big daddy make a great team. I really miss those in-class shows where none of us were spared :P. We all looked forward to the section bashes and you never failed to surprise us with new events every time. Those amazing birthday posts are going be preserved for posterity. Keep spreading smiles :) I wish you all the happiness and success! :)...S SHRUTI Khuman...!!! Met u in term 1 group, got to know yr amazin talent during our “have to remember” talent night, and have always enjoyed yr amazing party skills and bday posts....everythin awesome rolled into the fashion star of planet I....please never chage and always be the same extremely talented and creative person dat u r...all d v best!!! :)...K . HARITA Khuman - Truely MODEL material ! He doesn’t fear speaking his mind out in an audi full of people :P.. very live person whom you’ll always find smiling and full of entrepreneurial ideas. I remember discussing ideas on real estate business model . Wish you all the best for future :)...SMITA VERMA

Roll No. : 2011PGP690 DOB : 15/08/1984 NickName : khu-MAN Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : vijaykhuman10 Facebook Page : Hostel Room : E-302 Permanent Address : Likhala, Ta-savar kundla Dist-Gujarat About Me : I am kind hearted, soft spoken easy to please, larger than life gentleman. Most Memorable CP : My presentations with Big daddy PORs on campus : Rebel Ideal endorser for : Underwears One song you symbolize : Aal is well Mostly caught doing : Nothing Frequently uttered lines :kyon thak rahi hai Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Tea 10 years from now you will be : unchanged If not MBA then : Billionaire Favourite spot on campus : gym Friend groups on campus : Shalu, manisha, yangchen, sita, gita, Richa, Sweety, preeti, nikita, kavita, anita, surbhi, pinky, parul, shruti, ishita, darshita, pooja, Sapna, Saba, Priyanka, Ankita, Shivani and Ekta First crush in the institute : None Lasting impressions about college : Laavanya Best memory of IIMI : Ask S-placom 2011-12

Adaae bhi hai muhabbat bhi hai, Sharaafat bhi hai mere mahabub me, Vo divaanaapan vo zaalim adaa, Sharaafat bhi hai mere mahabub me ...SHALINA VERMA VIJAY is the MAN! I admire him for the fitness regime that he follows so meticulously.You cannot keep an eye off his ‘Greek God’ physique; he is the show stopper at IIM I.He is a great mimic too, Akshay’s dialogies sound more funny when he mimics them..”Kyun thaak rya hai”.Hey , this is just the outer shell, deep down he is one of the most HONEST and GENUINE person I have met.He is highly trustworthy,ever smiling and can light up any situation with his UNSUAL HUMOUR.I got to know him more from the Negotiations group .He has been a fighter and that reflects in his conduct, no force can shake him from his ideals & beliefs.It was an honour to know a man like him. He will definitely scale great heights! You rock bro!...VIKAS PARIHAR Yours is one of the last testimonials I write - Angry young man, passionate with big dreams in life- rebellious, be it the dramatic walkout after confronting the seniors or your encounters with the PGP office & the placement committee- you like to stretch things to the limit. Apart from being close friends, we share a mutual respect that will last for a long time to come - Absolute fun doing the gags together- feel no shame in admitting all ideas were yours and I just happened to follow your script. Despite the goodie goodie part, you and I have some scores to settle :) ....PRADEEP KIRTHIVASAN RAJAGOPAL


Roll No. : 2011PGP691 DOB : 11-03-1990 NickName : Benny Boy, Kenny First of all, I was not feeling emotions untill I read your answer to question”lasting impression” in yearbook. Well, Kiran my lasting impression about you will always be, you flexing your muscles here and there in front of PGPO and faculties for the whole class. :D You have done your job of being class representative in awesome way! Also, I will remember you for your pathetic( :P ) hindi dialogues in SBM class play. :D :D Wish you best of luck for the awesome life ahead! :)...PARAMVEER

KIRAN BENNY Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : ttps:// Hostel Room : Permanent Address : II/34/4 Srishti, Bhavana Nagar, Paravattani, Thrissur- 680005 About Me : I’m humourous, stabbingly witty,sometimes crazy, occasionally intelligent, mostly technical, highly logical, scarily imaginative, very expressive on paper, love philosophy and friends Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Member- Academic Committee, KNP- ShARE Ideal endorser for : Red in all its PASSION One song you symbolize :Hoobastank- The Reason Mostly caught doing : Sleeping....zzzzz Frequently uttered lines : Holy Cow; Cmon man Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half fry Maggi 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : i would have saved 13lacs Favourite spot on campus : Tree of Life Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : The echoing hostel corridors, buzzing night mess, winding roads, blazing sunset, CP-ing NCs, friendly PGP office, unforgettable friends and most of all, the freedom, which I’m going miss Best memory of IIMI :

“Kiran? Who is he? Isn’t it supposed to be a gal’s name?” That’s how I remember first referring to Benny when he became our CR. I guess he outgrew his first name and went on to becoming renowned for “flexing his muscles.” He can be a lawyer - He knows how to make a convincing argument (atleast to the guys). Or perhaps an actor. People liked it when he killed his wife during the Himalayan trip. Pun intended :P Jokes apart. Benny is your guy if you want to have a stimulating conversation. Or a witty exchange of words. He’s not your guy if you want someone who’s not scared of Diwali crackers. Or someone who shouts like a gal. I seem to have forgotten the “jokes apart” bit. Have a great life dude. ...ANKUR KANORIA Kiran Benny.. The ultimate CR.. Though at first when I heard he became our sec-F CR, I was like.. seriously.. Kiran’s a guy?? But then true to his name, he was the ray of light every time we had to get the deadlines postponed or convince the prof or anything and everything.. He would just flex his muscles and the world would crumble.. :P But besides being an awesome CR, he is a really nice, gentle and helpful person. May you get all the success!! Hv a great life :)...PRACHI GUPTA Benny !!!! Benny !!!! Benny !!!!. Well he was my naughty neighbour for second and third term. He Did an awesome job As a CR of Section F by “flexing his muscles.” .You should listen to him when he narrates any horror story or his dark sexual fantasies !!! :P :P .(I think he is GAY :P :P, well time can only tell the truth behind this fact :P :P). Together we shared some awesome memories like Christmas carol Singing and Drama, Salsa Dance learning ( Clarification: I was with a girl and I am not GAY), Chicken Marathon etc etc. May God Bless you with full of happiness and success. Best of luck for future buddy :)...TOPPO VINEET WALTER Bunny Boy is his name ! Supposedly, Too big is his fame :P Witty he is I cant write some of his famous, Pity that is Sheri appol ... no doubt you will do well in life. Besht of luck ! ...KRISHANU SIKDAR Beeny!!! Lol!! I love calling him that. In a short span of time, we have become close friends. It’s like the kid in me just found another kid. I’ll always remember our silly fights, the way we laugh uncontrollably, the way our eyes gleam when we see non-veg, the way we call each other names :D, his grammatically incorrect Hindi and every “tear” that he sheds which makes me laugh . But there’s more to “Beeny”- Hez tolerant towards most of the things (something I find amazing), he genuinely cares for his friends, hez witty and sarcastic, always ready to take the fall, a smooth talker and a patient listener and I have never met a more picture-crazy guy than him (Itna to ladkiyaan b nhi karti!!) :P. M gonna miss you a lot. Stay in touch.:)...NIDHI KANOJIA Kenny Benny... The muscle flexing CR, the AOE/ DoTA addict, the walking encyclopedia, the poet in the making, the biscuit muncher, the RED wardrobe... and my best and closest friend here ... His temperament fluctuates between cool and cooler .. never met a more patient listener before!.. if you need a person who will accept you for who you are, without judging you, Benny is the guy.. @Benny, I am so glad I met you.. I can’t find words to write anymore... (Rest, you will find in my autobiography which I hope to write someday .. :) )Thank you for everything.....HIMADRI BASUMATARY

Dis guy is d “Wonder - Kid” of our campus...Really like ur attitude of oozing with confidence...N ur enthusiasm for sports...He is among the first guys I met on d campus .. N has been a great friend since den...Find a nice girl for urself now...U r a grown up kid now :D !! Hope u do the best in ur life...N keep playing like a champ !! ...ROHIT ARVIND Got to know Koli during HOP, and what an awesome team mate you are ! My memory of you will be of a guy sticking the rafting paddle right into my face. You also caught me free riding there, :D but in my defense, I was too scared of falling into the water. You are energetic and friendly, always keep that attitude going. I wish you all the very best for your future. Never thamba, always keep walking :D < I had to insert some Marathi> Keep in touch Koli ! ...SURBHI SINGH Wonder kid of the campus....He is a good tennis player and loves to play computer games as well. Although he claims he plays them very well I doubt it since I had not personally seen him playing any good. Overall a nice person with heart of a kid and a very friendly nature. Good luck Koli in your future ahead and keep smiling always....PREM NARAYAN KATIYAR I didn’t know you much before HOP.. But it was honestly awesome having spent a good amount of time with you thereafter. I will never forget that killingly tiresome descend with you, Vivek and obviously the Prof on his horse :D I honestly respect the simplicity in your life. Also thanks for giving me company to answer the nature’s call at 1 AM in the night during HOP :D You are a down to earth and honest guy. You always speak your heart out; with no adulteration :) A fantastic sports-person..You hate when somebody doesn’t play technically right and start abusing him in your typical style :D I wish you fantastic life ahead.. All d best :) Aur muze tennis seekha dena yaar :)...Nishikant C I never even knew you before we made the group for Himalayan Program.. But got to know a whole lot over there.. He is a very fun loving person, likes to get himself photographed.. :P (woh bhi solo).. A simple personality who know how to be happy and make others happy too.. Loved your company and wish we would have met sooner... Best of luck and Cheers.. :)...PRATEEK BANSAL

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : a09 Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B106 Permanent Address : About Me : person with Koool mind Most Memorable CP : Sir, what is syllabus of end term? PORs on campus : Indore Marathon Ideal endorser for : Websites One song you symbolize : I am ON Mostly caught doing : playing FIFA, Lawn tennis Frequently uttered lines : Abbey yaar Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : French Toast 10 years from now you will be : Idol for the Industry I am in and still playing Tennis If not MBA then : Engineer in web development company Favourite spot on campus : Sports complex Friend groups on campus : HoP, RIP First crush in the institute : $$$$$$ Lasting impressions about college : Great place to work out with hectic program Best memory of IIMI : Abbey Yaar in WAC II class

Koliiiii... :) Twas really Nice to have u as part of our HOP group.. Frankly speaking I guess we hadnt seen each other before dat :P :P U were a surprise package full of energy and enthu for evrything -fun , rafting n esp for solo pics :P Sorry for spoiling a few of urs :) U are a early learner too- Learned how to tease Ansh along wid us ;)Always be happy n the rocking person dat u are..Ciao!...DEBASHREE MOHAPATRA Koli.. tumhari ye pic- wo yellow-shirt mein, sar par kapda n haath mein danda-- waali image hi hai dimaag mein.. though i must say- i love getting clicked but not as much as u.. totally energetic n fun-loving u r.. Gosh, how u used to take all d short cuts n run run on d trek...had fun with u in d group at HOP.. all d best for everything in life :)...ISHITA SINGH what Yoda is to the Jedi’s, Koli is to me...I seriously revere this guy...He is an awesome tennis player & I really admire playing with him...I have watched his game more than anyone else in campus & here is what I found about him...He has a great degree of patience, he can make quick decisions & he plays with a strategy in mind...He is the one who taught me Tennis in the first place and though I vowed to defeat him one day, sadly I have never been able to do so...But I promise you dude, I will soon snatch a game from you...But tennis is just one aspect to his life...He is a close friend & a totally down to earth person...who likes to eat chicken, play FIFA, design cool websites...He has a passion for e-Commerce...”Dude, I know that one day, you will become a greater success & greater man than Jeff Bezos himself”...& I sincerely hope that we can play tennis together even after getting out of campus...all the best dude :)...ADITYA KUMAR SINGH

KOLI RAHULKUMAR RAMDAS Roll No. : 2011PGP692 DOB : 21-08-1989 NickName : Calculator, Wonder Kid

My first like minded friend...ur awesome...i never thought that i will be friend with you coz i never saw u in the class before that party...but that party changed our lives....yaad hai fight for chicken...and we became best buddies...... we just rocked...aapke gyan to hum kabhi nahi bhulenge ...i just love ur name “komte”...”wasie ek pagal k aane se hamare dosti me duriyan aa gayi...aur aapke kai sare friends ban really sorry for that ki tujhe bich me chor k chali gayi”.(read the quoted one in my tone)...but mera sabse khasam kash dost tu hi rahega...u know that...u were always there when i needed a friend...and i can never forget the ways u always scare me with ur ghost be honest u literally scare me...thats the reason mere room ki light kabhi off nahi hoti...i m still waiting tu kab mujhe mumbai le jayega....aur foreign se bhi mera itna khayal rakhne k liye dhanyabaad komte ....chocolates k liye b thank you...aur hamara raat ka bakar to i will never forget....kya jo debarupa ki kinchai karte the....will miss all this ....god bless u kamine....aur jaldi se placement ki party de....take care.......SONI KUMARI DORAI Komteee- one of the most popular guys on campus. He can make friends with anyone. I remember the day we met when we were supposed to present Industry analysis during Bakra and we decided on not do it and the long chat that followed. RIP was the most memorable part of the 2 years here and thanks for keeping everyone happy.... KEERTHAN G Komte Bhao.. :).. Naam Komte hai magar sabki khabar rakhta hoon... This is the song apt for him. Except for Diro, everybody must be knowing him. He is the LOCAL GUARDIAN of IPM-2nd year on the campus. He is the actual CONSULTANT. He loves talking and pulling everyone’s leg. But he is very kind-hearted person and helps every one on the campus. Goes out of turn to help people. He has positive outlook for the life and encourages other to do so. God bless him for all his endeavors in the future. My best wishes will always be there with you. Keep in touch and have a rocking life ahead... CHEERS!!!!...RAJESH KUMAR Komte is my big brother in campus. The person with immense interpersonal skill, more or less a ‘Media of Campus’ for me. The First time we met cannot be more fun, we met in the Bakra Dj Party and danced like a Lunatic. He has been there in both my good and bad times. Wish you a very happy and prosperous life ahead. We had so much fun together, I wish the bonding to last forever. Work Hard Party Harder ... baki to Sab Q-Tiyapa Hain ... :P...PHURBA GYALTSEN SHERPA

Roll No. : 2011PGP693 DOB : 02 July NickName : Komte Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : F-107 Permanent Address : Karpechawl, Room No 5, opp anil apt, Jimmibaug, Kalyan East About Me : Simple Living High Thinking Most Memorable CP : Cost is a function of context PORs on campus : Quitapa Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : FB Frequently uttered lines :BC Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Always Chai 24/7 10 years from now you will be : Father If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Canteen corridor Friend groups on campus : Family, RIP, Juniors, GD grp, Don, Karthik PT First crush in the institute : Friday breakfast “POHA” Lasting impressions about college : Awsome placements :) :P Best memory of IIMI : Student Exchange Program

We met during the release of my book and little did I know that that I meeting would evolve into an enduring friendship. We’ve been through thick and thin, and have stood by each other. I admire your attitude towards life. The person who can do any juggad for you on campus; right from the mess staff to the institute guards, Komte knows everyone. I still remember the way you cursed me when I didn’t accompany you to France. I hope you’ll someday forgive me. All the best and do keep in touch....Shaishav Solanki ‘Munnabhai’ of campus (Munna Bhaiya for IPMs :P), most popular person here. He is made for sharing happiness. He has the unique quality of building and continuing the friendship/relationship for long term. Very helpful in nature, will always be with you when you are down.Will be happy from heart in your happiness. Will remember all the outings with you especially the Omaxe one. We will surely be in touch. Wish you best for future :P...NARESH KUMAR Aaple komte Saaheb... a big brother of mine... believes in enjoying the life to its fullest... He is our leader for any MMM events... He is a one point contact to know about any recent happenings in campus... Saahebanchi pohoch war paryant ahe... Yet he is very down to earth, cares for others a lot... I am glad to have a friend like you... I hope all your wishes come true and you remain the way you are for the whole life.... :)...ABHISHEK SURYAWANSHI



Roll No. : 2011PGP694 DOB : 24-02 NickName : Maitreyee was my first friend on campus. Right from Bakra (though she doesnt remember I was in her group), to studying accounts together, to travelling home together, to chatting on Gtalk sitting in office during internship, to reaching Maverick Zonals, I have had really fond memories with her. Our friendship blossomed post- RIP and I feel really lucky to have you as my sister. May you reach the pinnacle of success and may u get all joys.. Keep smiling always :) would love to go on and on, but she would stop me with her trademark “PAKA MAT” :P...Ninad Bhangle First year, First sem, First group with Akshat, Ankit, Hashim, Anita, You and Nishikant,the masti and fun I’ll always remember. Wishing you a happy successful career. :) ...TOPPO VINEET WALTER

Maitreyee Korgaonkar Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER2-302, SR14-108, A-109 Permanent Address : Mumbai About Me : Independent, Sarcastic, Trying to learn the guitar Most Memorable CP : Finance-I, both Amit and Debarshi prompting the answer PORs on campus : SportsCom, Media Coordinator for Marathon Ideal endorser for : Pani puri, Eating out, Badminton One song you symbolize :Voh dekhne me... Mostly caught doing : Watching movies and series Frequently uttered lines : Paka mat Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani, Omelet, Butter Toast 10 years from now you will be : Still eating cheese If not MBA then : Painting Favourite spot on campus : Sunset Point Friend groups on campus : RIP Khargone 2011 First crush in the institute : :) Lasting impressions about college : Awesome-most 2 years of my life :) Best memory of IIMI : Watching the orionid shower

My first roomie, first prsn that i have shared with, fun loving, tension free, movie bug, completely out of Indian timings (it would have matched with New York Time Zone). Glad that i dint fight with you - i do fight with few beloved one’s of mine. See you dont evn remember our room number hehe :P that’s the real you. If she wants to do something serious it would definitely be sketching or some painting:D ... Would love to watch your crazy expressions whenevr we meet :) Love yaaa :) ...MUPPALA BINDHU MADHURI aaj naam ka mazaak nahi udaonga...par sach yehi hai ki tu sirf do mahine chhotti hai mujhse...:P...three of us hav been together frm the very beginning...core team...:)...dis college wouldn’t have been so much fun widout u...:)...tujhe jaanke hi i realized ki girls are seriously weirdo...:P...veg pizza, non veg burger, bina paka aalo, yellow nail paint uffff...n epic ws teri interview ki tyaari...:P...endless list hai...first sem mein tujhe dekhke hi maine seekha freeride karna kya hota hai...:P...ohkk mere chhi chhi jokes some serious stuff... lagti nahi par kaafi sensible hai tu...:P...u know how to handle part tere saath boriyat nahi hoti...mast gossip maari tere saath...achiever in true sense...main yaad rakhoonga tune kabhi badminton mein mere against smash nahi maara...i m so touched...:P...waise kabhi zaroorat hi nahi padi hogi tujhe (main itna kharab hoon)...:)...meri mumbai ki guide...tu nahi hoti toh main bandra kurla complex se naa jaane kaha chala jaata...:)...”thamba n gardi” toh zindagi bhar yaad rakhoonga...:)...aise hi mast reh bas...:)...jai maharashtra......ANKIT BHARGAVA The ideal endorser for the colour *PINK*- Never shy of flaunting flashy nail paints. The right choice for sportscom, a fit (sexy as well ;)) and strong girl. I love her accent (typical Maharashtrian) and the way she speaks (slowly slowly;)) Btw, Maitreyee is the first person to *INVITE* me to write on the yearbook :P (bahut fasssst hai ;)) Aise hi fast-fast achieve karna success and keep smiling :)...KARAN B NATHWANI I can’t tell u how much i love teasing you, It’s funny when u get irritated.. :D .. Always fun to be with.. caring for ppl u consider as friends.. Nakhre hazaar hai eske and is quick to notice ur clothes (esp color) :P ..and guys, don’t be confused by her calmness. she is a gossip queen, just like Harita and Prachi... Awesome Badminton Player (second to me of course coz i defeated u :P).. You have a quality tht is rare in most girls- U r cool, like we guys are :P .. Trust me, It saves a lot of guys a lot of trouble... I wish I could ever understand ur sarcasms :P .. Keep smiling and be in touch :)...RITESH KUMAR Hi, We spent some nice time together... its always nice to talk to u. All the best in life. :)...RUCHIKA CHAUDHARY

pseudo mallu.. pseudo-er bong... but a true friend .. that’s Krishanu..always is there for every1 in times of need... Currently riding high on the success of JAM and steadily progressing to be India’s next big entrepreneur :P ... has tons of guts.. and is a rebel to the core... most memorable experience-> laughing at an idiot who called him an idiot as he was laughing in the first place on that idiot !!! :D -Aranya Choudhury” Guts and Gumption, two words which describe this guy..! A passionate dedicated worker for any cause he believes in, this guy had thoughts and ideas which ¬will keep you thinking. Heâ??s one person Iâ??ve ever met in my life, who questions everything other thing which we take for granted. His â??Why notâ?? questions have always been interesting and thought provoking. Good luck for all future endeavors buddy..! keep rocking..! :) -Anoop S Raj” DEXTER Sikdar - We belong to that the pseudo mallu group. But he doesn’t really have that Thrissur slang. Famous for the out of the blue comments like “Valla samshayam undo?” He is very dedicated and hardworking. His code snippet saved our BIDM project. I can’t believe he brushed up those coding fundas for that assignment. The four of us joined at the eleventh hour for studying for BIDM end term. The Nafees Biriyani eat-together always happens in his room - he set the perfect ambience for all of us to dine there. An entrepreneur has to be gutsy. Going by that, he is an entrepreneur in making (If the guts are not restricted only to section parties). I am sure you have got all that is required for being a successful entrepreneur. Valla samshayam undo? -Kala P” Krishanu - Swear, I did not know a person of this name existed in the 1st yr (I knew almost all by names). Until he came into e-cell and karthik (aka painter) intro’d me to him. We became good friends! He was the pillar behind ecell along with his ally painter! Chill, fun loving guy he runs JAM on campus! He does variety of things very differently. Silent to an extent, he gives importance to the larger practicalities of life for which I admire him! A budding entrepreneur, I hope to see his company on BSE/NSE soon! ATB bro!! -Navin I”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : H-101 Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : Asking a company “How many PhD s they have” PORs on campus : Senior Member, E-cell Ideal endorser for : JAM One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : lazing around Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Tea 10 years from now you will be : a whole new being - an alien If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : jogging Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : another sick place Best memory of IIMI :

The CEO of JAM and one of the best friend I met on the campus....I remember how U n Kartik used to irritate me n I used to get angry :D...The section parties with u were really awesome ...( Remember Anything :P) He advised me on everything right from studies to marriage :D But I am really skeptical abt ur last advice...May be I’ ll take d risk dis time :D...All the very best for life !! -Rohit Arvind” My UG supersenior whom i never knew then, but we became good friends here. Was the lender of last resort for all mallus (though most of it turned into bad debts :P). He is a very adventurous guy; will never forget the day you were hell bent on crossing the Patalpani valley in fading light. He really has the guts to do things differently.. Great work with JAM.. I’m sure u’ll be a great businessman. Good luck.. -Sandip S M” Krishanu - he’s a really nice, smart n intelligent guy ( too many lies for a day :P)..I have to admit that he’s so hardworking that he hardly works (sorry dude, can’t lie anymore)...his favorite past-time is sleeping..but then, whenever he’s awake, he’s actively doing something..most important thing is his dedication towards any job.. if you have an answer, he has 10 questions...gosh, he’s so inquisitive that his mind is always full of doubts.. really tough to convince him with anything, but once he’s convinced, he will do his level-best to achieve the goal.. perseverance is his key..he’s not very brilliant with acads, but he has all it takes to be successful in life..I’m sure he will be very successful in his life ahead...all my best wishes are with him :) -Vikram Rathi” Together in UG, together in PG... One person who has an opinion on all current issues, leading person for the success of JAM and a budding entrepreneur! A lotta people do different things but Krishanu does things differently! Fondly called as Krishnanu by members of medical fraternity, this guy is popular among all.. Hope to see your own company in the near future!! Oru jolikulla option nallathanu.. Cheers!! -Vivek Suresh”

KRISHANU SIKDAR Roll No. : 2011PGP695 DOB : 6/10/1985 NickName : krish do I go about describing this gentleman? Prince, Amul baby, Bearded bard, Snow White naahâ?¦â?¦ â??paanchaali â?? the one with many husbandsâ?? seems perfectâ?¦a kiddo who is very mature for his age, an extremely likable chap who ran an alternate Pi shop for his friends...the only soul on campus who went home more frequently than I didâ?¦(Grrrrâ?¦thou shall never be forgiven for this specific crime )â?¦I believe you will scale great heights In lifeâ?¦I wish and pray that truly happensâ?¦atb KB :) :) ...ANUSHA K SOPHISTICATION is the word that best describes you. One of the person who carries a really nyc heart and perfect attitude. I really like your style of work, dedication and time management of work. The person who will rarely come to nyt mess (and if he comes, will only have maggi and nothing else) and will be the first one to do breakfast in the morning (will have some powder mixed in milk.. :p). Also whose records of trips to home can never been beaten and many people are jealous of that fact.. :p. In short, it was nyc knowing you and will remember the way we used to pull Paulâ??s leg (Joint plot behind every action against Paul.. :) ) Wish you luck and you may achieve great heights in future and we can party then. lol I hope you will not forget me too.. :p P.S. : Gift of friendship is attached with this message, I hope you will keep it forever, :) ...MUDIT KALRA Krishna has been one of the most well-planned and meticulous persons I’ve seen. He prepares well in advance and is always prepared for anything. Truly, his efficiency and a time-bound approach to complete activities need to be admired. His ability to put forth relevant points at any given situation makes him really impressive. He never forgets to greets anyone who passes by him. His love for Apple has no bounds. It has been a good time being with him as in a section and as in a group. All the best Krishna in everything you do in life!...NIRAJ SOUNDARARAJAN Right from the first term at IIMI, Kitty and I have been great friends.. I have spent countless evenings with him on group outings and even more number of flights to and from pune.. he’s a very well organised and sophisticated person I’ve ever seen.. Being an Apple fanboy, it’s hard to stop him once he starts chattering about iPhones and Macs (take it as criticism :P :D :D).. But he’s a fun guy to hangout with :) Wish you all the best dude for your future.. I’m sure you’ll take your company to unparalleled heights.. and of course, we’ll stay in touch no matter where we pursue our careers.. :)...BHAT AJINKYA DILIP Symbolizes a typical Leo - quite friendly,slightly arrogant & wants the best of everything and surprisingly ends up getting it most of the times...for all those who are thinking its due to his grit and determination, let me correct you, its due to his Swiss bank account ( i think you have more than one,right?) :P ;) Despite being pampered and totally spoilt, he is a caring and sensible person (well.. to a certain extent). Often found flaunting his florescent green footwear and Apple gadgets, he graces the mess with his presence as he doesnt eat more than few morsels of rice for a meal. His disheveled appearance goes very well with the kind of person he actually is- an anti-social element :) Not to forget he is the Most Valuable Customer of airlines operating between Indore and Pune. He is quite an evil guy who doesnt leave any opportunity to pull my leg, both in real as well as virtual world. :| :/ May your dream of having a bungalow in each country, across the world come true :P Am sure we will be in touch atleast to keep ourselves entertained by mocking each other :) ...BHAVYA AMULYA MARTHATI Though I would like to say that his evilness and condescension are his best traits, I shall not do so :P :P....Though I got to know him better only in the second year, I ve had hugely interesting and entertaining conversations with Krishna, and that’s a memory I ll always cherish...He loves to pull my leg with a certain person whom now I cannot look at without laughing...An effortless topper, he has come to my rescue in getting back at Pa quite a few times, and that’s something I ll be eternally grateful for.....An Apple fan to the core, many people have asked me if Krishna is a localite ( as he goes home so often), and that is something I definitely envy him for :P :P..also sitting next to Krishna at the dinner/ lunch table is a definite no-no as it only highlights how much more I eat, since he would have served himself only 2 spoon fulls of rice or a roti.....he has a highly critical take on the world at any given point in time..... all the very best Krishna, wish you all the happiness and success in life (or whatever you want :P :P) .....i shall now leave space for junior ani to write, I m sure she has a lot to stay in touch :) :)...NANDINI RAMANI

Roll No. : 2011PGP696 DOB : 21/08/1989 NickName : Kitty, Snow White Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : krishnabajaj Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER3-329, SR12-214, C-218 Permanent Address : Pune About Me : Formerly condescending, now mainly awesome Most Memorable CP : The chain is as strong as its strongest link PORs on campus : Backbone of Ahvan :P Ideal endorser for : Apple One song you symbolize : Gangnam Style Mostly caught doing : Reading TOI online Frequently uttered lines :Duuuuudddeeee Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Who goes to night mess at 2.30..?? I’ll probably be fast asleep.. :P 10 years from now you will be : Probably bored If not MBA then : Chilling out in a galaxy far far away Favourite spot on campus : My Room Friend groups on campus : 1st term Group, RIP Group, P&G Dream Team First crush in the institute : NA Lasting impressions about college : The realisation that I can actually survive 2 years away from home Best memory of IIMI : First term group meets, RIP, Dinner outings and treats


Roll No. : 2011PGP697 DOB : Aug 25 NickName : I have to write good things about Kriti because she let me freeride during our group projects but today I finally repay the debt :P You can’t describe Kriti in such limited space. It is difficult to find such a combination of talent, creativity and good looks :) ... but above all she is a great person. A warning though. It is not advisable to be around when she is angry and god forbid if you are responsible for making her angry - Hell hath no fury like Kriti scorned :)! Lekin ... if you are her friend you can be rest assured she will stick by you whatever be the situation. If you’re sick she’ll be there to cheer you up. If you have an early morning class you can depend on her to give you a wake up call 2 minutes before class - I missed 20% fewer classes due to this :). A fun loving person, you can’t get bored in her company. If nothing else, you’ll at least get updated with the latest gossip in campus. Despite being so talented, you can still expect her to do the right thing even if it carries a personal cost. I was lucky to have you as my friend. Will always cherish these memories. Always keep smiling that sparkling smile. Hope you find happiness in life! :)...VAIBHAV RASTOGI

KRITI AGARWAL Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-> SR14-> A208 Permanent Address : New Delhi About Me : Most Memorable CP : Not CP..but getting caught gossiping with Nandini in Kanagraj Sir’s class PORs on campus : Alumni Committee, Organizer-Adapt,Media VerticalAhvan, Participation Vertical-Ahvan Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Facebooking Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Mixed Parantha 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : PI Shop, chatting outside A Block Friend groups on campus : RIP group among many others :) First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Shoulder fight with Sandy in car & my pic taken thereafter, after dinner walks, Purple Haze, gossip sessions, singing senti songs loudly with Sahu, waking Neha everyday, RIP

Kriti as she is described many times as “the epitome of womanhood”... does surely signify that! She is one dedicated, sincere, competent person who knows what to do! have spent some great times with her... remember the ‘ooh la la’ dance and the himalayan trip where ppl like her were stuck in the sleeping bags! One of the few persons who has tolerated me a lot through lots of competitions, trips, lectures, assignments. parties... phew... I know it wasnt easy... but we did it well! You are gonna surely do well in your life.. keep moving ahead! :D...SINGH RAJIV The perfect woman....Kriti is one girl who is almost perfect in anything sh does...studies, good luks, activities (face painting!) and especially in cracking GDs!....Really keeps a lively ambiance around her...Very caring and always ready to offer her help and can make every1 work...She can carry almost any kind of dress and that is what I really love about her! Always maintain those high standards and keep spreading your charm around....all the best for you future life..:)...BHAWNA GOKANI Kriti is a very good person....i still remember the mock conversation i had with her, as a part of WAC course.... she is a consultiant actually....and she has a very helpful nature....was one of the prominent CPers of our class in first year....some describe her as “epitome of womenhood”, well i guess she is! Quite an inspiring person, and very talented at any task u give her. Pls keep in touch Kriti, and May Lord bestow His choicest blssings unto u! :)...MAHAJAN ABHIJEET ANIL The first thought of her that came to my mind was when one of my friend in Adobe said about her “Kya height hai yaar”:):). My â??front bench neighborâ?? is a unique combination of beauty, brain, smartness, affection and positive attitude. Her pursuit for perfection, ready to learn from failures and her never to die attitude make her a very special person. She is an excellent player of Table Tennis and possesses some unique versatile traits. I know her from my previous employer where she is praised for her excellent work by many of her friends. Undoubtedly she is an excellent manager and would prove be a wonderful asset for an organization. Thank you for being a wonderful friend to me. Wishing her all the success in lifeâ?¦:) ...NITIN JAIN

Dear Kriti, I don’t think I will remember you as anything other than our CR! :P One of the toughest girls who can convincingly confuse even professors with her CP.. The main pillar of partying for our class. I can’t imagine any party plan going well without our dearest CR! One of the few who can remain cool headed even in the time of crisis, I really admire you!! Don’t lose your chirpy, bubbly attitude in life and I hope you reach great heights in life!! Cheers!!...VIVEK SURESH Babe is the word :D My strength on campus,be it any problem- a troublesome roomie :P,be it pressure of studies or be it applying make-up for the first time,you have always been there. Thank you so much for everything Kriti,you have been someone I never thought twice before calling. My section CR,the one word that describes you is proacitve:) And yes babe....m wearning denims for the last 4 months,and yes...they are comfortable :) Love u sweetheart :) always be the way you are. Best Wishes!!!!...ADITI DIXIT Of course like everyone, I also remember her as the energetic, dynamic CR. Were part of my first groups on campus. I remember how you had trouble coming so far from your hostel to my room for group activities. Sometimes you had to fight out the rains to reach the meeting. Well, i hope you will forgive me for keeping the meetings so far :-). Definitely a cherubic as well as dedicated girl. An all rounder doing great in studies while being a hard party animal. Was instrumental in organizing many grand parties, for which our section is envied by others. Has always shown interest in helping the cause of her section mates, definitely a leadership material. Really had fun working with you. Wish you all the best for the future. Keep in touch :-)...BHAVESH VIJAY My first muse on campus! Was totally blown away by her confidence, articulation style and style! She has a unique aura about her that makes her stand out from anyone and everyone.. This girl is tailor-made CEO material with tons of attitude and capabilities that would put any guy to shame! Quite frankly, I have never met a girl like her and I dont think I ever will ;) Will always be her fan by heart.! I wish I had told her this earlier ;) She deserves the best in life! Stay in touch always!! Good luck :)...ANURAG GUPTA Our CR.. extremely bubbly, cute and always so much fun in section parties.. really admire your dressing sense.. we were a part of the same group in Term 2 and we had a great time especially during the SBM presentation :D... wish you all the best. ...Ninad Bhangle People say you do not get BFFs in MBA. True that cause I got a stunner for a Mommy!!!! She feeds me, clothes me, scolds me, consoles me, pampers me (with one of the greatest birthdays ever); she is my home away from home. Little Ms. Know-it-all (she will even tell you how the chicken was though she has never touched it in her life) is also the most rational person I have ever met (a little less rationality wanted). The serenity, the courage, the wisdom, she has all the works of the prayer of St.Francis. Oh she can be rude and mean and a veritable tigress (people have said she looks ready to face anything, the Diro even) and is a tease sometimes but will run far far away from skirmishes. She has been trying to improve my power of speech (she has this record of never ever not cracking a GD/PI) and teach me power balance, and I have been trying to instil some of my ghissuness in her. Her jibes at my OTTness and mine at her over-scented-ness and mirror-face has always been fun, but she is also the only one in campus whose dresses I would ever wear. We can talk for hours, discussing everything from intellectual to judgemental to downright objectionable stuff. The most popular CR has an unhealthy penchant for household chores though! She has always been there for me, to pick up the pieces, to clean up the mess, thrashing me while doing it but doing it nevertheless So I was â??really sadâ?? when she was refused student exchange. But finally I have made her proud, and she unabashedly heralds that everywhere. I really hope that all your decisions prove right as they have always been because your smile makes my day.... RUPSA CHAKRAVARTY

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-115 Permanent Address : 23 Russian Complex Sec-7 Bhilai 490006 C.G. About Me : Most Memorable CP : CPs in Paddus class.... The meaning of the term masochism suddenly became clearer... PORs on campus : CR, Senior Member Acadcom, Events vertical Ahvan Ideal endorser for : a party planning firm... One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : walking around campus, Watching movies, cleaning my room Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Butter Toast and Chai 10 years from now you will be : Hopefully a successful entrepreneur If not MBA then : suicide at Infy... :P Favourite spot on campus : lawn behind C Block, lawn behind ER-2 Friend groups on campus : Rupsa, Philips Group, Himalaya Group, Sec-E group First crush in the institute : a certain Mr Krishnan Lasting impressions about college : A place that changed my life for the better forever... Best memory of IIMI : The first month at IIM I... :)

KRITI SETHI Roll No. : 2011PGP698 DOB : 20 Feb 1989 NickName : Sethi, CRT

The most mature and adorable member of our Bhaico group. I call him KT :). He has been an excellent performer throughout his academic life. His resume would be a dream resume for many. I like the way he carries himself and never deviates from his style. KT is also very friendly and sometimes “not so innocent” types. He is an inspiration for our group and we have immense respect towards what he says. ATB KT bhai :)...A.K.ASHISH KT bhai has been a silent killer and a dark horse for the last two years. A brilliant mind and a jolly person has been exceptional at academics throughout. He believes in maintaining a low profile but in the background is an astonishing hard worker who knows exactly what he is doing at any instant. A guru for his friends during examinations, transforms into a dead serious personality during the examinations. As he mentioned, we first met in Delhi before coming to Indore and we had a really long interaction while traveling in the metro along with Baljinder and Mayank. An instant connect it was and continued for the remaining two years. With the amount of clarity this guy has, he is going to make a great consultant. All the best dude :-)...UTKARSH SINGH KT Saab, the most gentle person I came across in IIM Indore. Highly talented and hardworking guy with great social skills. A great friend and a very good companion from whom you can learn a lot be it in studies or any other thing in life. A master piece of great determination and team spirit, which I witnessed during the Himalayan trip. Always been a source of inspiration for all Baico Group members. I would be missing his humorous style of narrating jokes....Anurag Chatarkar Kshitij is as hard working as he is brilliant... a deadly combo!. My group-mate in term 1 and a great associate for the next two years.. I will remember the g-talks with him before quizzes and ETs and the 5 minute chats in the mess. :) I will also remember his summers debacle. I felt bad for you bhai!! Life in MBA is really a random thing, where efforts and rewards seem uncorrelated. Therefore I was delighted when he became a consultant, amidst all the randomness. He richly DESERVED every bit of it and even more. Lastly, there is one promise, which you made in SR12, which is yet to be fulfilled.. A gentle reminder, before you fly-off :P .. All the very best buddy.. stay in touch!...S. SHANKAR

Roll No. : 2011PGP699 DOB : 29-Nov-1987 NickName : many :) Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-109 Permanent Address : E-7/18, Ashoka Society, Arera Colony, Bhopal About Me : If you know, do let me know :P Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Sponsorship Vertical, Indian B-School League Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines :Lite Lo!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Masala Maggi with a Glass of Hot Milk 10 years from now you will be : I will always be Myself :P If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Open Lawn besides ER-2 Friend groups on campus : BhaiCo Group First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Himalayan Outbound Programme

He is Kshitij Agarwal and he IS a Terrorist ...or so he claims to be!! I remember him mentioning to me that he presumes he is very scary (yea, despite being the only guy to sit in the 1st row of B section and flashing his smile way too often) .My first impression of him was that he is this totally fundoo guy who aims to give his best shot at any assignment. But how wrong was i , our group meets had more of fun filled conversations that ended up in hastily submitted assignments :) hehe. overall a very chilled out guy :) Have a great life ahead and may u manage to scare atleast one person in ur life :P :) ...BHAVYA AMULYA MARTHATI I will always remember Kshitij Agrawal more as ‘KT Sahab’ than Kshitij. KT is very hardworking, dedicated and focused person who believes in keeping things simple. A down to earth person, KT has been excellent in academics at IIMI. On the face of it KT Sahab wears a jolly look but within he is an extremely alert and a master planner. His dedication during the Himalayan Outbound program was remarkable. I had teamed with KT in a few competitions and it had been a great learning experience working with him. All the very best and I hope that you scale the highest peaks in life!...HARENDER KUMAR Chottu..........or Jack i am sure he don’t like nick names.........his nickname field is empty ........I actually met him during my summer intern .........I still remember him running in my room shouting earthquake(just four five people were shouting in my PG and he though it as an earth quake).totally in other state of mind .......Sharp memory, daring looks...hardworking, dependable and street smart . He loves his family a lot..........A very good friend of mine and I Wish you great success for all future endeavors...PEEYUSH KUMAR


Roll No. : 2011PGP700 DOB : 07/02/1988 NickName : kumar Kumar and I are friends before we entered the campus. He doesn’t take tension, whatever be the situation. Sharp by brain and simple in nature along with a great sense of humor makes him a unique personality. He is helping in nature and if you need him, his only focus will be to get you what you need, no matter what it will cost him. I am lucky to have him my friend. I wish all the very best for his life......ANUP KUMAR

KUMAR ABHISHEK Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : F-118 Permanent Address : Katihar Bihar About Me : I care, whether u like it or not... Most Memorable CP : All OM 2 classes.. :P PORs on campus : Founder Bakar-I Ideal endorser for : BAKAR.... One song you symbolize :Ek din mar jaega.... Mostly caught doing : Sleeping bhai... Frequently uttered lines : Ek din mar jaega, kutte ki maut... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : maggie, half fry eggs, coke 10 years from now you will be : :P If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Badminton Court Friend groups on campus : Sec-D First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : main akela nahi, saare C hain.... Best memory of IIMI :

Kumar .... my best friend in campus..The one guy you can count on to be with u in whatever mess u want to get into... His unique characteristic has been his extraordinary sense of humor which make u laugh even in the darkest times...He is pure evil - once he decides to kick your ass he wont rest until he beat u red and blue (harrrrrrramkhor hai 1 no.).... Very creative, smart and intelligent but still he cares about others more than he cares about of the most selfless and trustworthy guys i know...he will be there for u whenever u need.. shared some of the best memories of the campus with u- water holi, rooftop of old audi and sr-11 :P..We were both the first ones to be GPLd by section D on Shantanus bday :P... .. He knows how to handle people when they are down and say the right things when needed... Thanks for always being there.... Live long and Prosper ;)... All the best :)...RISHABH CHAUHAN Simply genius. I wonder what kind of oiling u do that ur mind runs so fast. What makes u so relax yet productive. Hope to work with u again till then Keep in touch & all the very best....KAMALESH KUMAR CHAUDHARY Dear Dota player, You are placed. Your girl friend is not here. You anyway don’t read academic books. You can start business later. You are not a type of guy who plays sports. Stop roaming around people rooms, let them live in peace. Please Join the game now. server @ 5.182. Thanks Dota addict....SIVA KUMAR NANDIPATI A person whom you can rely for almost anything. A person always ready to help everyone without considering self interest. He is blessed with great brain, amazing memory, fabulous Hindi, and very logical reasoning power. If get little more serious, he can achieve almost anything in life. Wish you great success ahead :) ...SMITA VERMA The less you tell about this guy, the better it is :P On a serious note, an ops guy interning with a Fin company in an IT related role and finally getting into sales... this speaks about his versatility and his ability to adapt easily. He is one of the most outgoing persons and has been a great friend through ups and downs (remember the day 1 of kedarkantha trek). It’s been an honor knowing you man.. all the best for your future :)...ADITYA KIRAN NORI Well I always knew him, as a intelligent yet cool guy, but I’ve experienced his “coolness” personally in Term-4 & Term-6 (now-a-days he’s my go-to friend, first thing or last thing of the day I do is some BC with him). He appreciates many ‘not-so-common’ things, few of them being, Paintings, strange toys (no pun intended :P), Comics of Bankelal, Swiss Knives, Hindi Language, A lot of novels (English ones :P), Picturebooks, strange gadgets (as Rollable keyboard, stylus for phone, tie clips, color changing balls etc.) and many more. He takes life seriously in his own funny & charming way (no complaints with life after being through 10+ GDs & 5+ interviews to finally getting a role of selling fevicol :P), can discuss on controversial topics with ease, always willing to accompany to night mess, watch movies, playing temple run, badminton,& table-tennis. I enjoy your company a lot brother. Ishwar kare Fevicol sa jod humari dosti ka kabhi na toote....NAVNEET KUMAR

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B110 Permanent Address : Bihar Sharif About Me : COOL, HONEST, AMICABLE, THOUGHTFUL Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : INDORE MARATHON 2011 Ideal endorser for : WWF One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : NOTHING Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : ENERGY DRINK 10 years from now you will be : No Idea If not MBA then : Civil Services Favourite spot on campus : Sunset Point Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Evening Walking with close friends Best memory of IIMI : Himalayan Trip

KUMAR KISLAY RAJYAVARDAN Roll No. : 2011PGP701 DOB : 31/12/1986 NickName :

Apne vivek zayada bolte nhi hain lekin jab bolte hain to khara bolte hain.....Jee han ye humare grp ki bahut badi uplabdhi hain....on serious note he is very talented person having uncluttered look about life.We had various trips together and i njoyed his company a lot.good luck for future...HIMANSHU KANAUJIA Hi Vivek.......... i have known u as a very silent and calm person...... your thoughts are clear and mature...... though i could have said this verbally but as per yearbook ritual....... i wish you good luck for you future.. stay fit...stay focused.... ...Anita Sharma

Roll No. : 2011PGP702 DOB : NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :


Roll No. : 2011PGP703 DOB : 03-04-1984 NickName : Kunal Kunal is undoubtedly one of the matured guys here in our batch .. it was a good learning exp for me working with him during the first term ... he is very talented .. no wondered he won so many accolades/ competitions .. Sandhiya have had a gr8 company in bhabi... am happy that you got into your area of interest .. am sure you will do very well as ever .. I wish you a happy married life .. and have a successful career... RAGAVENDRAN K

KUNAL BISWAL Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : K-303 Permanent Address : About Me : happy go lucky person Most Memorable CP : In Marketing-1, Prof. Jaisimha PORs on campus : none Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize :Boulevard of broken dreams Mostly caught doing : watching movies on my laptop Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Alu Parantha 10 years from now you will be : running my own business If not MBA then : would have continued at ITC limited Favourite spot on campus : badminton, well a bit Friend groups on campus : lots of them, cant be specific First crush in the institute : Not applicable... and happily so.. :) Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : time after being placed,

Kunal is a very intelligent person who comes across as very courteous and professional in his demeanor & style. But there is a lighter side to him, which I did not know till he became my neighbor. He has this immense love for children, he would pamper peehu to the hilt. She would go & watch movies on his laptop, make him her horse and jump up & down on his back, order for honey, chocolates & what not And he would happily,merrily oblige every order of hers. She would be there for hours. Another secret I would like to divulge, he loves cartoon films so much so that he can watch any number of them....perhaps there is a child within him whom he pampers a lot. Swagatika & Preeti enjoyed good rapport, they would chat together, exchange recipes & many a times invite each other for dinner. Had a gala time here with him & Anusha. We always used to say - Pihu thinks its a 3BHK flat (Kunal’s , Anusha’s & my room). It was like a family get together. Hope our paths cross in future as well. My best wishes for your future endeavors. ...PIYUSH PRAKASH Due to long phone conversations with his to-be wife, Kunal would inevitably be late for our term-1 group-1 meets, but when he would eventually arrive, it was party time! The first priority was to enjoy, nothing was sacred: our attempts of solving the case, Kunalâ??s sudden disappearances from meets, and my attempts of making relevant cps during Marketing-I... Without Kunalâ??s ability witty sense of humor, and his ability to see a lighter side of every situation, we would have struggled even more. I clearly remember the night before Accounting assignment submission how we troubled Kunal. At one point of time Piyali and I left for mess promising Kunal that weâ??ll get something for him to eat, but finally came 1 hour later with absolutely nothing for him! :-) Kunal constantly complains that I took the group twice to Radisson; little that he knows that one more trip to the same hotel is the cards and this time with Swagatika as well. I salute his knowledge of finance, and wish him the best of luck for future....ROOPAKSHI PATHANIA

Suhas- Al reis’s follower, the B2B champ and the social butterfly of college. I am surprised and honored to be the first one to comment on ur yearbook. kaafi seedha bacha hai meri tarah and takes people on their face value. U can always bank on him if u r in any trouble. Even after spending 2 years in a B School finds it difficult to understand the hypocrisy of people around. Like a younger brother to me with a heart of gold. Piece of advice - Stay the way u r whatever happens in life- modest, nice, hard working, kind hearted and ready to help every1. Wish u all the success and IAS officer banne k baad bhool mat jaana. -Richa Gupta” hahahahahaaha .... that’s the first thing anyone will notice about my first friend in IIM Indore ... happened to be my neighbour in class because you lied about your height (you say it was mistake but we all know the truth) . well, there’s a lot that i can write about you .... bhaisaheb/behenji, fresher waale baat, our himalayan trip in which you were a spy (phir bhi tum logo ko bewakoof banaya), the delhi-agra-jaipur trip, etc. etc .... anyway, you are one of my dearest friends, not only in IIM but also overall ... good luck in all your endeavours. -Piran Engineer” Suhas.. A simple ,caring and supportive person ,he has a heart of a child ‘truthful and innocent’..he is my best frnd in campus..Always full of positive energy..he always believed in me when I didn’t believe my self and was always there for me in my highs and lows..and I am grateful for that. How to spot him : Jordaar a booming start to any presentation.Jugaadu..always keen to build network ( he knows the max no of people in campus )..Inka sone pe koi control nahi hai..and his exam ke answers and CP are known to be creative and different ( you can’t help but awe:)May all your dreams come true..Keep in touch -Kanika Diwakar” If I have to narrate incidents about u i think they will never end...From being crowned as bhojan samrat to a besura singer,suhas is one of the most genuinely nice people around .He has an infectious laughter and can make u laugh at ne point of time.Suhas ko koi dhun sawar ho jaaye to use pura karke hi rehta hai.Khana and khilanewali(future mein jo shayad aayegi) iski kamzori hai :P.I am hopeful ki yeh future mein “Rocket Singh Salesman of the year” ke award se puraskrit kiya jaayega.I hope ki u get the best of everything and enjoy every moment of ur life...Keep smiling,be happy n keep in touch. -Priya Zutshi” luckiest team mate.together we won some good many competitions.. a total people person, and i always felt we made the best team possible.;) of the first few friends i could have a good conversation with..he used to remind me that despite everything, humanity does exist.. :)..he’s a great debater, can convince you about anything he ‘feels’ is right, which he feels is mostly the case, and mind you, can convince you this as well. :P.he did help me find my way on more than one occasion, the right one, in hindsight. :) a very practical guy, he was one who could easily draw a link between classroom lectures and practical scenarios.. he’s very helpful, and can go out of his way to help., he’s also a great motivator, and whenever low, i could always turn to him and be sure i’ll feel relieved again. although he appears to be very ‘cool’, he’s very emotional, can i think can easily end up in tears when hurt.. :Phe’s very focused, knows what he should be doing, and will work for it.. It is great to have a friend like him. Wish you a great life ahead.. I’m sure you’ll make all your dreams come true.God bless you!! -Shweta Kalla” Landge, Ekach chava :).....He is a very Innocent Guy. I guess everyone from the campus knows suhas. very popular guy. He has many hidden gf in campus and outside :P :). One of the friends with whom I can speak marathi in campus. Always take initiative, very proactive. No one can compete suhas in Laughing except sidhu. I can easily makeout when he is in my block. I am sure he will do some thing different in life. A B2B sales guy :), really appreciate ur passion and dedication. All the Best Mitra :) -Subodh Komte”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : ER3 201, SR11-117 and now B-112 Permanent Address : Ganesh Nagar, Near Pund Chal, Colony No.13, Ward No.12, Sangamner-422605 About Me : Social, Dependable and Adaptable Most Memorable CP : In BOP class- tie ups with schools, govt. hospitals PORs on campus : Senior Member, Alumni Committee, Head, Operations Vertical, Indore Marathon, Junior Member, Club Kaizen Ideal endorser for : Gulab Jamun One song you symbolize : Kal Ho Na ho Mostly caught doing : sleeping Frequently uttered lines : mereko finance bilkul nahi samjhta Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi, Plain Paratha & Bhurji (aane do) 10 years from now you will be : IAS officer (Babu) If not MBA then : pata nahi kis cubicle mein pada hota coding karte Favourite spot on campus : Losers Point (sunset point) Friend groups on campus : Piran, Priya, Prahlad, Pragya, Aditi, Sayan, Dhruv, Palu, Shweta, Kanika, Richa, Snehal, Subodh, Hitesh, Vineeta, Patil, Arshad, Kasturi, Tigga, Gargi, Gupta (actually a lot of them) First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Great place to be in Best memory of IIMI : Lots of them (RIP, HOP, presentations and yeah Carrefour SA)

LANDGE SUHAS GANGADHAR Roll No. : 2011PGP704 DOB : 12th August 1989 NickName : Bablu

Helpful, Hardworking, Good Orator, Good Singer and Foodie are the best words to describe him as a person. Whenever he get any opportunity, Son of A Gun Always gets lucky and Utilizes it :) (eg J&J now M&M) .But not with Girls, (You know what i mean). Although he keeps track of every single girl in the campus :P. Very Very lazy :P, At times very difficult to Convince him and to win any argument with him (remember our brain storming sessions for Competitions :) ). Not only he Loves watching Movies and TV series but also loves downloading it and sharing it via DC++ :P ( Nick Name :- Optimus). May God Almighty always Help you through every walks of your life and grant you every thing what you need in times. ( Note:- Well I do accept that I really suck in Writing these testimonials, You know because it has to be censored, its gonna be in printed form Blab, Blab, Blab etc. You Should be happy that I didn’t spilt the truth out :P. Stay happy, Stay blessed and Keep in Touch :D ) ...TOPPO VINEET WALTER My group-mate in the first year first term.. Since then, we have been great friends for last two years and will always stay.. Prasanna is a very hard-working guy and works with full dedication.. We enjoyed a lot during our shared assignments, projects, competitions, etc. His specialty is that he is a very good speaker.. So, basically that translates into incidences of his long CP speeches in class even when he has not even read the case (frequently referred as “Globe” on the campus :P :D).. God knows how he finds those points and keeps the prof engaged till the prof finally gives up :P But basically, a very nice guy.. I’m sure he’ll do great in his job at M&M.. All the best to you dude.. you rock :D...BHAT AJINKYA DILIP First term.. First PGP group.. First assignment n First group meet.. N here we were.. fighting like idiots.. I thought wat a stubborn man he is.. Not even ready to listen or consider what others are saying.. Uhh.. N unbelievably.. the second assignment meeting and we were discussing about movies n songs while rest of our group was busy working.. N since then we have been great friends :) We did assignments, projects and competition together n discussed and fought on what not.. He would tease me like anything and I would beat him like crazy.. But still he would download all the episodes I needed.. Though I had to bribe him a lot with sweets.. :P But what is truly admirable about him is how hes able to say something about everything and manages to convince people everytime.. Salute to you man!! May God shower every opportunity in front of you coz you really know how to utilize it best!! Wish you best of luck for the life ahead!! :)...PRACHI GUPTA

Roll No. : 2011PGP705 DOB : NickName : MPK, Pras Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : http://in.linkedin,com/in/prasannakumarm Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-114 Permanent Address : About Me : Well.. My Testimonials Speak :) Most Memorable CP : When I answered the question “ Which Children’s series inspired the creation of Mars Rover? “ - The answers is ‘The Power Rangers “ :P PORs on campus : Senior Member - Alumni Committee, Lead Singer - Harmon-I Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : I m a Joker - Steve Miller Mostly caught doing : Watching Series Frequently uttered lines :Oh Yeah !!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Veg Biriyani 10 years from now you will be : Hopefully a better human being :) If not MBA then : Ph.D in Optical Communications Favourite spot on campus : Sunset Point Friend groups on campus : The FouRTe First crush in the institute : Oh no !! Lasting impressions about college : It was a great run Best memory of IIMI : Every moment !!

I am happy that our paths crossed and we met each other. It was great knowing a wonderful person like you.. always so energetic, happy and ever ready to pull others’ leg(even the proffs, leave aside poor souls like us :P). You are a real example of the gift of the gab and also an awesome vocalist.Do always remain the same happy and funny.... yu rock... My best wishes for your bright and successful career. May you get the best of everything in life. Loads of luck!!!!! :))))))))...MADHVI GHISSING smile, confidence and clarity of thoughts - these are the qualities that comes as soon as I think about you .. its nice knowing you .. you are a very talented person .. am glad that you figured out your talent/passion for singing .. and made it to the Harmoni performances .. I believe you will be very successful in your life ... wishing you good luck...RAGAVENDRAN K Really a very nice person to talk to. Simple, light-hearted and ever-entertaining friend of mine. Easily approachable and is one who cares a lot for his friends. Thank you Prasanna :) Have a great life and be the same throughout :)... NIRAJ SOUNDARARAJAN MPK- multitalented personality who is yet to fulfil his potential, a good person to have a conversation with- would spice up even the most irrelevant pieces of information with his insightful masala- have had lots of good moments (even intimate ones :) ) at RIP and Himalayan trip- good manager material - very organised(draws up time table for everything), leads by example and authoritative when it comes to getting things done ...PRADEEP KIRTHIVASAN RAJAGOPAL


Roll No. : 2011PGP706 DOB : 19th Dec NickName : Maddy; Mad; Madhs; Madhu; Madbee; Mavi A very charming and lovely person to be with, always smiling:) Although we had a short span of time spent together, but I am glad, I met you and it is great to celebrate the great moment of graduation together. Having friends like you make this moment a true triumph. You have always been a friend to whom I can look forward at any point of time when I am in need. Thank you for being there. May God bless you for your successful life ahead! ...Hemlata Jindal My first interaction with Madhvi was during the Himalayan trip. In our team she was the leader while we were trekking up the mountains. Not only that, she used to motivate all other team members not to give up and to keep going. She looks pretty and she is beautiful at heart too. Cooperative, polite, caring and fun loving are few of the words that I feel can define her.... Wish you all the best for life.. :) :)...ANUP KUMAR

MADHVI GHISSING Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : A-202 Permanent Address : Darjeeling About Me : ahem...very difficult to praise oneself.....hehehe ;) Most Memorable CP : My section mates know it well... :D PORs on campus : Ahvan Participation Vertical Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize :Tick Tock .....Kesha..... Mostly caught doing : Listening to loud music or chitchatting :) Frequently uttered lines : kuch bhi.... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Biryani and chilled coke 10 years from now you will be : Happy & happening :)living life King size If not MBA then : Indian Airforce Favourite spot on campus : Sunset Point during latter half of d day.... Friend groups on campus : Dont wana leave out on no names pls....coz all were equally special First crush in the institute : Who oughts to know, knows it well :) Lasting impressions about college : “A Washing Machine” :P jahaan sabko dho daltein hain :D Best memory of IIMI : Anytime with my friends around.....

My first roomi and a very dear friend. I always felt like home with you near. With your straight forward and truthful nature, I have felt comfortable sharing anything with you and seeking your advice almost every time I needed one. Your words have been a great motivation for me during my lows. I really respect you for your assertiveness and still remember the time when you stood up against the ‘tyrant’ herself.. ;). I have cherished the time I spent with you here and will miss you humesha. May you be blessed with all the happiness and success. Love you loads!! ...SHWETA KALLA The always smiling, cool, sweet, friendly bubbly ‘Maddy’ (I don’t know why they added the “dy” in the end :), is an awesome person to talk to.. She knows how to use the child in her to be happy while using her experiences to tackle the world.. She knows how to build relationships and she knows how to live life... I wish that she continues to live her life to the fullest as she always does!!!! :)...Dhruv Shandil I have known her since the bakara days....and now that 2 years are cuming to close our friendship has only grown...... Then it was 2 years of togetherness sharing the same section in the first year..... she has one of the best wardrowe in the campus and plans to extend it further now that she will start working......Highly classy and well groomed......a high mismatch to me who is always found in pajamas in the mess.....thank me for the extra attention that you get(lolz) of the most beautiful girls in the batch..... No wonder people are awed by her beauty...its dangerous to be in her sure nobody will even look at you..people still want to learn make up fundas her but nobody can remotely match her becoz she has blessed with natural beauty and kajal only auguments it...people stop and ask her kajal and lipstick brands....a great dancer and a classy one in pubs.....beware guys before taking her out for a dance..... Knows what she wants from her life and prioritizes it accordingly. Well balanced in terms of academics , sports and fun. Pray that you have the best in life....KASTURI KARUNA A transition from a girl-unknown to someone with whom you can go on and on came as a pleasant surprise. Madhvi is someone who you can trust blind-folded and she would always be right beside you... comforting you and guiding you.. I feel extremely lucky to have you as my friend...dearest and sweetest.... Wish we had become friends way back...Have had great laughter sessions with you and will definitely be in touch for the rest of our lives....simply love your company...Cheers to our friendship and be the same forever and yes your caller ID pic will never change in my phonewa..god bless u bondhu!!...ROHIT MALOO First day sitting together in induction program; to going back to hostel to know that we are allotted adjacent rooms; next day reaching class room to get to know that we are gonna seat together for whole one year .... were not the pure co-incidents. We were destined to be good friends. Beautiful dancer, good TT player and a nice friend - you have a nice mix of everything:). Wish you luck and success. ...SMITA VERMA

Abhijeet Mahajan is a unique guy in many ways. Be it his firm belief in spirituality, or his fondness for HR, Abhijeet treads on paths untreaded. He isn’t part of the rat race, never was, never will be; and that’s because of the choices he has made in his life. I daresay, they don’t make ‘em like ‘em ‘nymore. A calm and composed guy, he literally took me aback by his pranks. The unsuspected are generally the vilest! Among other things, Abhijeet is a star at presenting in public, be it an assignment, or an act in an impromptu skit. I really enjoyed our time together in the last bench of Section B. Here is wishing you an awesome career. I’m sure you’ll do well wherever you go. -SankarNarayanan Krishnan” This person is a complete surprise package. You have been one of the better persons by nature that I have met in my lifetime till now and to let you know I haven’t met many. -Singh Rajiv” The most polite guy in he campus. This Losrd Krishna devotee is a highly effective speaker. I admire him for his eloquonce, be it the class role plays or extempores,he has an unmatchable smooth continuos flow during the conversation that one cannot resist to be spellbound with. -Vikas Parihar” Abhijeet...will remember you as a sweet sober guy..alwz calm and composed to talk to. n yes ofcourse the only HR guy I knew well on campus ! Respect you for following your passion and defying the herd mentality. Always among the firsts to wish people on birthdays :) always ahead in taking initiatives. Abhijeet, it was amazing knowing you. Hope to keep in touch with you and all the best for your future !! -Kriti Agarwal” My friend and companion when it comes to anything about HRM, competitions or sharing related tensions... I think its an honor to know a person like him, a combination of simplicity, krishna-bhakti, innocence n passion for HRM makes him unique. He is dependable, helpful and sensitive, all in all a great friend to have. Stay in touch dude, we will hopefully be in similar fields and collaborate on many things in the years to come. All the best :) -Mayur Nallaballe”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : F - 001 and B - 115 Permanent Address : Nashik, Maharashtra, India About Me : Simple, Humble and Cheerful Most Memorable CP : There is life outside Kotler also PORs on campus : Samanvay member Ideal endorser for : Dont know.... One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Worship and Studying Frequently uttered lines : Hey Govinda...., are yaar, really, etc Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : LOL....I am asleep long before that time 10 years from now you will be : Even i dont know..... If not MBA then : MS Favourite spot on campus : Radha Krishna Temple Friend groups on campus : HOP, RIL, HR group, Bhaico, purple haze. etc etc First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Temple of Learning Best memory of IIMI : The Whole Journey

If you can find a person who has broken all records of politeness and humility, well it must have been Abhijeet. He has his own beliefs and faith on God and I guess thats the reason he seizes to be angry come what may. I thought that HRM would be a natural fit for him with the friendly and understanding behavior that he possesses. Your faith makes you stand out in crowd. -Rudranil Chakraborty” As a person he is very nice, soft-spoken,helpful and hardworking. One of best thing about Abhijeet is he follows his heart, He loves praying to God. May God grant you all the success in life. Keep in touch Buddy. :) -Toppo Vineet Walter” Abhijeet is one of the most polite and well behaved persons I have ever come across. I really admire his calm and composed nature. I am a fan of his presentations in class. He is one of the very few persons who has held on to his dream career in HR which is very rare to observe among people in here. Also I like the cheerful smile on his face which I guess is very essential for an HR guy. Hope u take up ur dream career and gain success in it bro :). Keep smiling and all the best for your future!! -A. K. Ashish”

MAHAJAN ABHIJEET ANIL Roll No. : 2011PGP707 DOB : 28 Dec 89 NickName : Abhi

The frnd who is really cool and crazy, The frnd who is straight forward and live life to fullest, The frnd who dont care wat odrs think, and the frnd who possess good and caring nature. I got knw u better in RIP and Himalayan trip. We shared awsome moments of frndship in second year. You really made awesome soups for us. The name has meaning- S - Smart M - Matured (lolzz) I - Independent thinking T - Tension free A - awsum hairstyle (I m forced to ryt this. :p) Wish you luck and you may achieve great heights in future and we can party then. lol I hope you will not forget me too.. :p P.S. : Gift of friendship is attached with this message, I hope you will keep it forever, :) ...MUDIT KALRA â??Issssmitaaaaâ??, thatâ??s what I used to call her. A girl with a very mature head on her shoulders, she redefined the definition of calmness and motivation. Once, when I talked to her so as to calm her, I was becalmed instead and was in high spirits after the chat. Such was her level of maturity and convincing power. Always around to help with her broad smile, she had that â??I donâ??t careâ?? attitude in her. Jolly, broad-minded, helpful, temperamental and understanding, she had an aura of her own, and obviously a prominent personality. ...MANISH MANOHAR Mane...i really do not know what i would have done without u in terms 4 and 5....u have been a darling to me and taken such good care of me..i felt so safe with u...she is very responsible and mature when it comes to things that matter to her...she is crazy...she is adventurous...she lives life to the fullest...does what she wants...still she is there for people who matter to her...we discovered an unlikely friendship that I never thought possible since she doesn’t make a lot of girl friends and neither do i..:P...i suppose out outlook towards a lot of things in life are similar...i can never forget how well she took care of me during the himalayan trip when i fell ill and also during the rural immersion trip. she goes out of her way to be with people she cares about and she is my biggest critic till date. She told me I would have to get my act right, she gave me confidence when i didn’t believe in myself...she told me my positives and my negatives and gave me the strength to work on my negatives!!..Mane .,..true friends help each other become a better person...and i think u did that for me...i can never thank u enough for it....she is very all i can hope for is that she scales greater heights with her determination and does well at whatever she attempts and is u tons Mane!!!!!...SUGATHA KARTHIKEYAN

Roll No. : 2011PGP708 DOB : Feb 13, 1986 NickName : Mitu Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Aqua.constantine Hostel Room : A-213 Permanent Address : 12-Vijayvilla, Friends Colony, Bhandup East, Mumbai 400042 About Me : I am a free person :) Most Memorable CP : Prof Salwan’s class PORs on campus : Junior member Humain I Ideal endorser for : Diet Coke :P One song you symbolize : Gaye tum gaye ho kyun.... Mostly caught doing : Walking, gymming and eating Frequently uttered lines :Seriously... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Biryani or Bread toast 10 years from now you will be : God knows where If not MBA then : Writer Favourite spot on campus : Gym, library, Temple Friend groups on campus : Sugatha, Paul, Manish, Mudit, Aditya, Karan, Archita, Shweta, First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : The best two years :) Best memory of IIMI : HOP, RIP,

My marathi mulgi :D You and I first chatted over FB before coming to cmapus, you were the first person I met on campus as well, You are one confident,smart and lively person,always greeting people with a broad smile :) Wishing you all the health,wealth,success and happiness in life Girl :) Best Wishes!!! ...ADITI DIXIT Smita...she is such a sweet heart...this girl never forgets to knock my door twice, thrice a day and ask “All fine?”.. She is smart, confident and balances her personal and professional life well..very dedicated and at the same time fun loving, adventurous and energetic. she deserves heights and will achieve them for sure...i know you will rock wherever you go....God bless you....All the best.....RICHA CHOURASIA Smita is a very courageous & confident person, but at the same time, she is a loving, caring and sweet person at heart. We have shared many memorable experiences in RIP and HoP and I have learnt a lot of things about life from her. Term 5 and 6 have been very memorable and I will always remember the tasty soups you have made for Mudit and me. I hope you remain the strong & independent person you are, for the rest of your life and I hope that you never forget me. Smita, you are very talented and very lucky (you are the best example for my hypothesis :P), and I believe you have the potential change the world. You will soon become a leader and I was very lucky to meet you at IIMI. All the best for your future. \m/...ADITYA MAIRA She is one really cool and straight forward girl, and very very caring & sensitive person I have ever known..!! She has a great sense of understanding things around but is most of the times worried about people around..!! She is a girl ready to try out new things.. Wish you a great & successful life ahead :)...ARCHITA JOSHI


Roll No. : 2011PGP709 DOB : 3rd April NickName : Manish Babu; Baliya Babu How many different dimensions could be there to a simple issue? I guess I never met anybody who can think as multi-dimensional as you can. Above that I will remember u for all your love & care towards me. I feel lucky that I met you. Keep in touch & all the very best. ...KAMALESH KUMAR CHAUDHARY Mr Manish kumar has incredible ability to push it till end....He is a great team player and always ready to help any time of the day.Overall a good personality...All the very best ....keep in touch ...HIMANSHU KANAUJIA

MANISH KUMAR Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Firangi Block - 108 Permanent Address : Ballia About Me : Most Memorable CP : Jayasimha Sir’s class aur kaha!!! PORs on campus : Student Exchange and Mridang!!! Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize :Pyar ke liye chaar pal kam nahi the... Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Ok... !!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biryani 10 years from now you will be : A different Manish Kumar If not MBA then : Ericsson Favourite spot on campus : Sunset Point Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : ;) Lasting impressions about college : I love my institute a lot and will always do... Best memory of IIMI : “THE Friends” that God gave me here for lifetime!!!

arey Manish babu.....tera aloo biryani kab khilare...waiting desperately. you are one of the most spectacular personalities on campus. mr hulk. i am lucky to have you as my best friends on campus. i love to call you as baliye.....hamara baliyaji. you are having the charm to connect with people easily. i recall our rip trip, wherein you were explaining the farmers about various schemes and within no time, people realized the importance and talked with you as a brother. Finally baliye....i wish you a great career ahead and see you soon with bhabiji..:-)...SANDEEP VEMULAKONDA “ Kaise hai MANISH BABU- Maa ke Ladle?”.. Manish Babu is very talented , sincere , dedicated team player only in corporate world :P..among friends, he is proper Bihari style nice friend and down to earth person.. always ready to help.. always smiling and ready to self invite himself for saturday lunch :D. As RIP group member and then companion in one of most important challenge of my life.. you have been great support. Thanks for being there :) . Wish you lots of happiness :)...SMITA VERMA Nach BALIYE :) baliya babu.. aka manish babu is a gr8 human being.. very friendly.always there to help u .. caring like a bro..this guy knows most of my secrets on campus ..( Except the sabse bada wala.. woh konda ko pata hain sirf :P ) we both got along so well .. shared each others sorrow.. solved our problems together.. spent hours n hours together chit chatting what to do in life.. wht is correct whts not.. chappan ki radbi.. RIP ki masti .. it has been a gr8 wonderful journey with you .. just one suggestion bhai.. dont keep complicating life ( u know wht m talking abt ) .... u never know when will life get back after us.. keep is simple stupid :P ATB for life ahead ! :) ...SUNIL  SHIVAJI  PATIL I met him at last...bahut baad me mile par shukr hai mille to sahi... Manish is a friend u can always count on... even when u are not able to count ;). I met him on my last trip in Europe... but he made it most memorable.. be it a night in the Prague or shopping in Budapest. He is a friend who will go extra mile to put smile on your face.. even when u dont know him much.. It is always fun to talk to him...on any topic,,,be it college, girls, india or life... he will always ready to give his personal insights. Wish u all the best for future.. Get married soon and dont forget to invite me :P... keep in touch...POOJA RANI LODWAL Manish bhai.. it was pleasure to spend the best time in my life with you during the exchange program, in fact i thank you from the bottom of my heart to encourage me to go for exchange program and make a it a successful event of my life. you have taken care of us like a mummy and cooked us all those tasty food :) isi inspiration se sayad main khana banaa sikh payaaa :)....Bade bahiya ka term tumhare lie apt hoga.... Bhai sorry for the time where i showed some lack of maturity and disappointed you. My favorite dialouge from u “ fun kharab ho raha hai”...:) Jab bhi koi deceisoin lena hota i always get remind me of you diolouge “Decide ho gaya hai” and it gives a smile...:P I admire you the way u put sincere efforts towards your work and equally enjoy life in your own terms.. U have great abililty to take care of dear ones and observing life in details Always be in touch...I wish u a successful and happy life ahead..:) Best regards ...SUNDEEP SUTHAR

Manish Bhai!!!! Mein aapke baare mein kya likhun??? U r a true angel really. U r the besets person here I have come across in the recent days. U r there for me even if i don’t ask you for anything. U don’t mind running around for anyone, climbing that mountain to reach SR any number of times. U are so affectionate towards me and so concerned about me that I felt really close to tears. The past few days when I have been lonely, I think God send you to give me company and make sure I am OK. No matter who changes, I am sure you will always remain the same old Manish Bhai, my number one fan right!!?? Get your camera repaired jaldi and we will take photographs with me in the green salwat suit that you like so much. I have taken all your advice till date seriously and I feel whatever you say will come true.U have so much confidence in my abilities that I feel motivated to perform just so as not to let you down. U are all about friends, happiness, forgiveness, fun and good times! Really, a person like you is very rare to find and you can make a difference to a person’s life. I hope things work out the way you want it. I hope you get exactly what you are waiting for and then I will take a big party from u!!! Stay in touch always Manish Bhai, and thanks a ton for all the kind words, inspiration and trust you have in me! -SUGATHA KARTHIKEYAN” An amazing person probably I would never meet such person again. Those Tshirts, those jokes, those combined studies, assignments I would never forget. Very older to me but never made anyone feel that way. Very young at heart, cracks jokes always, never seen tension on his face. A very sincere intelligent person who prereads all articles and cases. You gave me inspiration to pre-read in 4th term and achieve the target I wanted to. SBM team work was the most memorable moments that we spent and had fun. Never said NO to any help I asked him and such a selfless person. Finally I wish you all the best. And haa Jaldi shaadi karle bhai, kaafi late hogaya :-P. Dont forget to invite me. -PERALA PRATHEEK” The first one to write a testimonial for me without even me asking for it, Manishji is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met! With his whacky T-shirts (colors & taglines included) and (slightly) long mane, he surely does manage to catch your attention.. I first came face to face with his versatality when I saw him in the SBM presentation.. He was superb, to the extent he got offers from other groups too!! :D :D Term 3 gave me an opportunity to work with him.. He was the patient one, and he always had a different and innovative perspective on anything and everything.. He was meticulous and sincere in whatever he did.. I also worked with him in 2nd year- BIDM (net value addition after the course being 0), BMOD (another big disaster :-|), SHRM (Hahaha...) All in all I know him to be an awesome who’ll go out of the way for his friends.. He has been there to support me ALWAYS!! I’ll forever cherish being his good friend:-) :-) May you succeed in whatever you do Manishji! You are a gem of a person and stay the same hamesha, ye order hai mera :P :P -SNEHA PRAVIN RUNWAL”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-116 Permanent Address : 101, anandmoyee apartment, new garden, siromtoli, old H.B. road, ranchi-834001 About Me : Kya bataun Mausi, ladka toh heera hain heera...!!! Most Memorable CP : When I addressed “Pasta” as “Pista”...!!! PORs on campus : Marathon Ideal endorser for : Pagalpanti bhi jaruri hain...!!! One song you symbolize : Meri dosti kamini, Mere yaar bhi kaminey, Ek dil se dosti thi, Yeh huzoor bhi kaminey…!!! Mostly caught doing : Did a lot of things but never got caught till now Frequently uttered lines : Samajh gaye naa...!!! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggi@12:30 am 10 years from now you will be : Older than what I am now...!!! If not MBA then : I would have been a “lakhpati” at least Favourite spot on campus : My Room Friend groups on campus : pBC’s group First crush in the institute : First toh bhool gaya, last bataun kya??? Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : pBC’s, My hll lot of friends, night mess, morning joggings, swimming pool

Manish is one of my closest and bestest buddies at IIMI. I still remember the long walks that we took during the evenings where we discussed at length life in general. He has a rockstar personality. He used to have long hair with different shades and looked like a hero from a foreign movie. :) Though he has cut down his locks, he looks more charming and magnetic than ever. I wonder which of the two looks would the girls die for. He has a sweet smile and a kind heart. I still remember the time in class when I used to look behind and find him smiling back at me. Every professor liked him probably because of his witty CP’s. He is very funny, sweet and his jokes will make you laugh just when you are feeling down. He has been there for me even when the entire world let me down. Thanks Manish. I wish you a ton of success in your life. Keep writing those witty status messages which kept me motivated and working hard. Keep smiling like an angel. Thanks again. With lots of love. -MANE SMITA RATNAKAR” Imagine a chill-out(nerd) guy from IIT-IIM with french beard and pony tail - yes that will be Manish. I came to know Manish better during BIDM project and after that worked with him for several competitions and for placement preparations. Manish is very intelligent, always on time and will do all the pre-reads for the class and makes CP too, but never speaks in GD’s. Though he is very experienced, he is always down to earth and and is very young at heart. If Manish is around, u will have fun for sure and wont forget the experience. Looking forward for u to grow ur ponytail back. All the best for ur career, I know u will rock it. -PRAVEEN ALLURI” “

MANISH MANOHAR Roll No. : 2011PGP710 DOB : 14-06-1982 NickName : vickey/kamlesh

A cute fun loving sweet girl...I got to know Manisha well only when she came to stay next door in patal lok... you are one of my partners in crime :P ...and thanks to you I have had some really fun moments (for example on new year eve)....a true party animal, Manisha has tried her best to pull me out of my room so many times, failing mostly :) ...I absolutely adore your cheerful energetic yet sensitive personality...and can wish nothing but the best for you :)...keep that smile’s really warm like the sunshine in a winter morning :)...ANUSHREE KIRTANIA Ms. Fashionista!!! She is a fun person to be with.... loves talking. One can never be bored with her. I admire her dressing style.... She can carry any look with perfection.... she can look hot one day; she can look cute the other day. She is quite sensible and her relationship advices are worth paying attention :P. All the best for future. Lots of love. :)...NIDHI KANOJIA Bestie... i dont know how i would have survived in this campus without you... YOU are MY Oxygen... hehe... Mucho...Hugs..Love.. XOXOXOXOXOX . ...YaNgChen.....YANGCHEN BHUTIA Manisha.. with you around, I never feel like I am so far from my home.. You are like my family, my friend, my sister.. someone who I can trust, someone who I can rely on, someone who somehow understood me (very few do :P) and someone who I will always remember and cherish.. Thanks for all the listening and being there for me .. :) And ya.. Like everyone else, I am a HUGE fan of your fashion style.. ! :) Love... ...HIMADRI BASUMATARY Although we were in the same Bakra group, we rarely got to meet then. I got to know her better during the later half and she turned out to be the complete reverse of what I had thought of her initially. Donning exquisite dresses, she has always, always caught my eye for it-one of the best dressers in college I must say. Being at Nainital with her took away all the boredom as we gossiped, giggled, trekked and cursed the instructor :P I was so impressed by her knitting skills! As I know of Manisha now, she turns out to be smart, funny, helpful, endearing and always smiling! Keep that smile honey, makes you 10x prettier! Wish you the very best in life, stay blessed :)...ANKITA SRIVASTAVA Manisha :) You’re one of my first few friends on campus... kind, helpful, sweet and witty :). We’ve had some fun times together. I remember how you used to try not to let me sleep when we did MAC assignments :P .. and how we would laugh our guts out in Surbhi’s room (at my expense most of the time :P). How do you manage to look so lovely 24X7 ? :). You’re like this pretty doll :). I love your fashion sense’re always so well dressed! And I really admire your positive attitude. You’re so cheerful and lively .. stay this way always :)...S SHRUTI

Roll No. : 2011PGP711 DOB : 15th june NickName : tannu Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : SR 14-207 Permanent Address : Tawang,Tezpur About Me : Believe in being cheerful always, doing good and being good! Most Memorable CP : most memorable would be that i never gave a CP PORs on campus : Laavanya member, Mridang Vertical team, Pragati team Ideal endorser for : Brand “MANISHA” :) One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : giggling away with yangchen... Frequently uttered lines :hhmmm..... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : successful and happy! If not MBA then : stuck in some IT company( probably HP) Favourite spot on campus : Usanga’s room Friend groups on campus : NE guys mostly, section F group :) First crush in the institute : Prof Harshal (for his wit and intelligence) :) Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : friends, birthday bash, christmas carol practice, party time @ Usanga’s.....

Manisha SANGMA... the pretty looking Garo Pastor’s daughter admired by all human beings especially born with a prominent Adam’s Apple :P :P .. AWESOMELY good at heart and full of LIFE and FUNNY too!... the girl whose voice i heard even before i even met her!!! - i still find it strange!!! haha :).. one who loves to sing and is always cheerful.. one who is always there for FRENZ no matter what!!!... and most importantly one who ALWAYS and UNFAILINGLY manages (including Nawang LoL!) to make me do a Michael Jackson MOON-WALK in front of every body @ every SINGLE birthday BASH no matter what!!! .. one who successfully plays the PARROT mimicking my already funny accent & making me BLUSH endlessly in front of others.. whew!!! those were the days of endless TORTURE :P :P .. Thank you Manisha for being such an AWESOME AWESOME friend!!! GOD bless you in all your endeavours and wish you all the very BEST in life!!! :) ...MICHAEL LALHRIATPUIA


Roll No. : 2011PGP712 DOB : NickName : If there is one thing that made the PBCs awesome-its Manoj. He will be always do some crazy things from time to time, make silly mistakes and sleep at odd times. But thats what makes Vermaji so special-that is why exactly you cannot think of Manoj without a smile in your face. Forcing me to play cricket, go to DJ parties, suggesting awesome TV series, attending cultural events- life at IIM_I would never be this fun without Manoj. You can never be bored with his wonderful stories about stock markets, college days, life at gurgaon, friendhsip etc.However, the best thing about Manoj though is that he has a beautiful heart. I have hardly met anyone in life who is as great as this guy. Thank You for being such an wonderful friend!!!!... DEBAYAN GHOSH

MANOJ VERMA Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : Permanent Address : About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

An incident: I was ready with my shoes and school bag on, to attend class in 5 minutes time. Just before locking my door, I ventured into Manojâ??s room and there he was, playing games on his laptop. Manoj: swimming ja rahe hain kya? Rukiya main bhi chalta hoon. Me: Nahi class hain meri. Tu bhi toh hain iss class main? Manoj: Main bhi hoon kya? Rukiye routine check karta hoon. And there he was, 5 minutes late in the class, panting and gasping for breath. A person who redefined the meaning of casualness. He loved â??Panchayatiâ?? (getting together with local people to chat casually). His motto was to do â??Panchayatiâ?? anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Ready as ever to go to jogging or cycling, be it 10 in the morning or 10 at night, provided he gets a companion. A good person at heart and very helpful, his room used to be a treasure of food items. Belonging to a simple and humble background, his simplicity and helpfulness was hereditary. It is there in his family. Always ready to listen to, always ready with his suggestions. Once asleep, even GOD could not have made him wake up. And his snoring was hellish. ...MANISH MANOHAR Manoj Bhai, is one the most dynamic personalities I have met at the campus .. Ready for any adventure, any task anytime. He has always been a great friend to me and has always been there to help me whenever I needed it. I like his resourcefulness and his knack for making friends and building connections .. I would like to learn that from him .. I could never understand how he was able to make fast friends with participants of different courses like FPM, a talent indeed. I used to call his room as ‘Multi Retail Shop’ jokingly, because of the amazing varieties of things one can find there :) .. I greatly appreciate his attachment with his family and his sense of responsibility towards them .. Manoj Bhai also has his skills with ‘Girls’ . .he was one of the PBCs who had multiple GFs at any point of time and effiiciently managed all of them .. Its great to have you as a friend .. I pray you achieve all your dreams in your life .....DEVANAND SHUKLA Manoj with all the strategic characteristics...very differentiating, unique personality, great sense of learning (only learning :P) ...ability to crack numerous jokes continuously...always talks talks & talks...has great interest in online toh ab bhagwaan ji hi jaanenge ki manoj kya-kya aur kya-kya nahi search karta hai... its really interesting and nice to have manoj in our PBCs...lekin ek baat toh banda hai dil ka achha... I still remember, he voluntarily took initiative to take all possible actions to help one of the person, who was in genuin need...& his always readily helping heart adds more gems in his life...he makes people happy around him...he is quite movie freak, but has good tastes of movies...he loves jogging, cycling aur pata nahi kya-kya... shayad sab kuch :P PBCs enjoys his company & he never stops his enormous gyaan sharing, sometimes interesting & sometimes more interesting ;P this guy has all the ability to convince anyone...wish u all the happiness and success in ur life...stay in touch :) ...PUNIT MORIS EKKA

Yo Yo Manpreet Singh! One of my best friends on campus, maybe because of the Thapar connection. It was so much fun irritating him during these 2 years. Be it SR-11 or B block, iske room pe ja ke knock karne mein alag hi mazza aata tha. Mast punjabi, pathetic singer, great guy. Really did justice to the post assigned to him and worked for the welfare of the batch. It was fun reading the mails he sent to the batch or putting his facebook status when he was not around. The RIP and Himalayan were two of the great events at Indore in his company. A great neighbour, my ‘water guy’. Very sincere and approachable. Indore would have been a dull place without all the Rekhi jokes. Wishing you all the success in the future. Keep in touch Man! (and Preet too). Chakk de phatte and please stop singing! -Nitish Chawla” Fraud Punjabi! The first time I met this guy was during Bakra, when we made a killer presentation on the steel industry! Although back then, I thought he was one serious fellow :P.. Not only was he the face of our batch to the administration, he was surely the most popular guy on campus - his SACC post notwithstanding.. I couldn’t have been more wrong with my first impression.. Rekhi is one of the most chilled out guys here and as Krishna pointed out, the perfect lazy company :).. That laziness would disappear in the blink of an eye if someone suggested a trip to the city to have some good butter chicken and roti! I have never seen this guy lose his temper, irrespective of the situation.. He’s always in the mess chatting with someone or the other.. A super smart fellow (well, I already said Fraud Punjabi but just emphasizing ;-) ) - god knows when he studies between all the mess chit-chatting, the AOE, the eating out, SACC responsibilities and Honey Singh performances!! Truly a gem of a person.. It’s been an amazing journey from Bakra to Klueless to the Himalayas and I hope it will continue in Mumbai too :).. Yo yo! -Aparajit Sudhakar” We just met and we became friends the next moment, never have I bonded so quickly with anyone. Lazy, fun loving, friendly, all that apart, he is one of the sharpest guys which might go unnoticed by his relaxed attitude. Doing the right things at the right time, this is something which has made him excel as the SACC. His quick grasp of things and ability to see the bigger picture makes him a strong leader. His room has been my usual pitstop since first year. To take a break or serious matters he has always been there. Sometimes he is a complete wierdo, he wakes up in class listening to distant trains, starts making strange noises in an otherwise silent classroom, gives great opportunities to build jokes about him. We had a great time together in our first year, looking forward to making up for all that we missed in the second leg :D -Jagannath Kalaimani”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : bhai add kar to liya sab ko ab yahan kyon chahiye Hostel Room : ER 3 room on ground floor with stress buster, SR 11212, Patal Lok, B 306 Permanent Address : BVM-2, DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon About Me : Ab apni tarif khud kaise karon Most Memorable CP : On being asked wr do u see yourself 10 years from now i replied back saying that i see myself living a happy married life PORs on campus : SAC Coordinator, Klueless Ideal endorser for : PUMA One song you symbolize : Sheran di Kaum Punjabi Mostly caught doing : Roaming around in campus, Chit chatting in mess Frequently uttered lines : Aur Kya haal Chal ?? Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Half fry with plain parantha 10 years from now you will be : Living a happy married life If not MBA then : A hardcore mechanical engineer Favourite spot on campus : My room, mess Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Rekhi..lekhi..yoyo! A “fellow Thaparian” and a “pseudo sardar”..The day I came to know of him being rank 1, I knew I’m at a place where randomness rules. Rekhi has been one of my closest friends on campus and a big part of what these two years have been about. From waiting for shortlists during summers and pretty much giving up to RIP to deciding to win all competitions and not even participating, it’s been an unforgettable journey. This extremely lazy sardar sleeps for hours and hours - however, exam aate hi ghissu bahar! Blinded into thinking he’s an amazing singer, this fake Honey Singh has been the centre of a lot of my stories. . One would wait for his mails to the batch to find faults in them (all the “groups in girls”-epic!) A true leader, he has done great justice to the post he held and his hard working and sincerity ensure he is going to be great at Axis. Saath hi lootenge bank ko! All the best kaake.. -Aneesh Chopra” “ Manpreet was my roommate in the first term and so I’ve known him since the beginning (literally in this sense). The first thing that you would notice if you are around Rekhi is that he is the friendliest guy around. Half the people I know in the campus (everyone form Chawla to Jagan to Jawa) are because Rekhi knew them and I being his roommate would know them by default. Everybody mentions that he’s lazy but the f#@ker used to give me a complex while studying for the mid and term exams. I had the best start to my hostel life here with you as roommate and am glad that I gained a friend like you. All the best for your future life (and atleast stay for 2 yrs in Axis. Mera CV refer karke phir chhod dena :P) -Jammi Sunil Rao”

MANPREET SINGH REKHI Roll No. : 2011PGP713 DOB : 6th Sep, 1987 NickName : SACC

The frnd who has awesome nature, The frnd who possess cool attitude, The frnd who get along easyily, The frnd who i asked me to beat Paul everytym, The frnd who read all novels, And the frnd who has many names (teja, mantha, siri, etc...) It was really nyc knowing u. And one thing to say- u r truly an awesome person. The name has some meaning.. T - the longest name E - Extraordinary J - Jolly A - Attitude towards lyf is bindass S - Sharper and Smarter (for stronger , luk down) W - wonderful person I - Intelligent N - not stronger.. Lolz I - Incredible I hope you will not forget me too.. :p P.S. : Gift of friendship is attached with this message, I hope you will keep it forever, :)...MUDIT KALRA Just so you know, I am writing this right after you told me that youâ??ve been placed. I am really relieved and very happy for you. You are one girl who shocked me with the cool quotient when I got to know you over RIP. I was shocked to see how a girl who appears to be totally into books can be so like that. Since then every time I describe you to anyone the first thing that comes to mind is â??Sheâ??s sweetâ??. During RIP we spoke for the first time ever and I was really happy to know you. You are fun talking to and the best part is that you never get angry or irritated with some of the jokes that people might crack including me. People call you “Teja” and you put up with it. I really appreciate that, very few people can do that. You are an insanely sincere person and I still donâ??t get how you manage to do so many things at one time and excel in all of them. Youâ??ve been my group mate in several electives and you being there was good news for everyone else. I am just very happy for my sister today. Have an awesome and fulfilling life and I hope that everything falls in place for you always. Just donâ??t forget me. Stay Cool. Cheers! ...ALOK BHARTI Tejaswini is very pleasant to talk to ... very talented .. we did not get a chance to be in a group ..I believe you are very sincere and down to earth .. wish you good luck and success ...RAGAVENDRAN K Mantha with her signature pout and characteristic condescending look on lesser mortals...the sarojini naidu of our bestest bestest gal pal in Sec C....a charming girl with a golden no diamond heart....brilliant mind and a no nonsense attitude a very soft feminine core....a true gem in every sense of the word...the ops genius who ended up in an equity research profile...(fate has good plans you know.....and i hate it for that..).. i always used to crib that we will not meet again so on and so forth ,,,,do remember you have promised me that you will come to my child’s will dont be too happy u are going are stuck for life with me :):) and yes i will pray u get a 6 footer guy as a life partner just to irritate u on your wedding date...god please please grant me this wish... god bless u mantha and hope u continue writing your brilliant blogs......ANUSHA K

Roll No. : 2011PGP714 DOB : 2nd April NickName : Siri, Mantha, Mentos, Teja Bhai Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : SR4-209 Permanent Address : About Me : love writing, blogging Most Memorable CP : Never made one! PORs on campus : Core Team, Mridang Ideal endorser for : Guinness Book of World Records! :) One song you symbolize : Aazadiyan (Udaan) Mostly caught doing : sleeping, watching sitcoms, reading books Frequently uttered lines :Kuch Bhi! Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Aloo Paratha! 10 years from now you will be : Would travel atleast half the world for sure If not MBA then : Stuck in the field constructing buildings Favourite spot on campus : Night Mess Friend groups on campus : We Are FAMILY - Pa, Jug, Nandini, Amulya, Ramya, Richa, Sumanth, Abhishek, Hussain, Anusha, Mudit, Paul, Akshay & a lot of Sec C gang First crush in the institute : None Lasting impressions about college : Made the best of friends & groups here. Love the way we survive despite the hostile conditions of:You-know-who” Best memory of IIMI : Himalayan Tour & Delhi Trip. Made a BIG brother (PA) apart from some eventful achievements

Yet another case of first name - last name confusion. What is the problem with these gults?? x-( Coming to the point, Tejaswini is one of the most sweetest girls on campus. She’ll always be smiling and always has only positive things to say. As is the case with all my friends, she’s super smart (maybe it’s my effect on all my friends) and one of the very few who actually showed some inclination towards ops. I must say, I’m surprised where the equity research came from :O. Most importantly, she has enthusiastically egged me on in my mission of hacking Ramya’s account over the last few days and has been one of my inspirations, especially when she discovered that EAMCET interview. :P Since I hope to continue this mission even after college, I shall continue expecting a great deal of support from her. Wish you all the very best and I’m sure you’ll do phenomenally well....KRISHNA S. BAJAJ ‘I think we might be distantly related’ were one her first words to me.... instant imagination of Kumbh Mela.... oops wait a bit.. never been to one! :P jokes apart, here is one gal who is nerdy and cool at the same time, very well read, and knowledgeable... Mantha is also one girl who knows how to have fun... don’t you forget to meet up while in Bombay... lots of luck, Jo :)...Jyotsna Pantula



Roll No. : 2011PGP715 DOB : 05-05-1987 NickName : They forgot to give me one :) My fellow internship comrade, my breakfast, lunch and chewing gum partner in Pune.. Manu Mohan.. He tries so hard to show that he doesn’t give a damn about anything.. :P but he is really really caring and helpful.. I remember, when we both got Pune as the summers location, he was more worried about my accommodation than I was.. :) Behind that damn-care look of his, lies a golden hearted person who will hear you out when you have to crib about something, when you have to share your worries.. give you advice... and offer to help.. And he loves to pull others’ legs while I enjoy pulling his.. :P , after which he will throw that “I will kill you this instant” look :P I am glad we became friends Manu.. I will miss you and the fun we had in Hinjewadi with DP and V2 .. :) wish you a happy and successful life...:) take care.. keep in touch.. ...HIMADRI BASUMATARY

MANU MOHAN M Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : F-004/B-119 Permanent Address : Komalavilas, Manissery (PO), Ottappalam, Palakkad, Kerala - 679521 About Me : Simple yet Complicated Most Memorable CP : The Good in Jai’s Marketing II PORs on campus : Marathon, Utsaha, Mridang Ideal endorser for : Carlsberg, IB, Classic (Milds) One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Daydreaming Frequently uttered lines : The Thing is, My point is, You know, Holy..*** Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chicken Biriyani 10 years from now you will be : Who would ask such a lame question? If not MBA then : Life...!!! Favourite spot on campus : Spots - Tharavadu (Bar Attached), George’s Room & My Own Bed Friend groups on campus : Akhila Indore Mallu Association, Rest of India First crush in the institute : Totally Irrelevant.. !!! Lasting impressions about college : No one can save this place... Not even the God himself..!! Best memory of IIMI : RIP, Mandu Trip, Udaipur Trip,Paatal Paani, Nainital Trip, Term 5 Break, Sessions @ Tharavadu

“Effin’ Niggaa”, “my point is.” “ok see..” “ i give a shit yo” are the phrases you will hear nineteen to the dozen from this guy :P .. he does not give a damn about anything but gives a damn about every damn thing too :P my grp mate in first term and used to work like a work horse :O i rem he slogged away at a LAB report even when his wife was visiting him here :O .. but a lot has changed since then, he might not be that laborious.. but he is still a coll guy to hang out with :P always helps ppl readily, and ever ready to head out to a drink or a treat.. dude you will get all that u wanted from life and more.. best wishes !!! :D...ARANYA CHOUDHURY one close bud that you could always have around .. he must ve cursed me for all the times that i ended up banging his door for fags when hes fast asleep ... gets emotional quick and has a tendency to go into trauma when high aggravating it by playing the most sentimental songs in malayalam ... takes a lot of time to share the joint ... Always been of great help whether it is to fill up forms or mark proxies or book flight tickets ... Can’t play football for nuts but still manages to score some of the finest goals that i ve seen ... he likes to get medieval at times :D :D, had some real fun with you man and hoping that continues wherever we end up and wishing you all the best to get into that automotive company u dream of .... ...MANU SHIVANAND Just awake from my deep slumber, I am wondering what to write about this restless guy. He wanders around the campus like “Mario” entertaining people with his extreme views on subjects he is passionate about(rest of the times he is often caught wandering away in his own world of thoughts). What we have never been able to understand is why he has never downloaded the videos for those set of songs he constantly watches on youtube from multiple systems. But thats what is unique about him, the process through which he does things are important. I would always miss the discussions we had with Aranya and you. The last thing which I want you to never forget in your life is “You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.” Well you have already worked on your dreams but you still forget it :P . ...KRISHANU SIKDAR One of the best guys to hang out with. Period. Second year would not have been the same without him... We’ve shared quite a few laughs together, the most recent being Manu’s narration of testimonials :D... I’m sure the laughs will continue till the end of the term.. He has a brilliant taste in movies but I guess he really really hates Pav Bhajji :P... Looking forward to more “fun” in the coming month and hopefully years to come.. ATB dude and keep in touch! Cheers :)...DEEPAK SUDHAKAR None of the ‘excursions’ would have been the same without your endless rants on how PavBhaji is not breakfast, and your constant leg pulling, You’re a damn fun person and a real softy at heart! who else can take care of passed out friends like you do! a true automobile fanatic, also your’s is maybe the cutest love story i have ever heard, dont ever change manu you’re a real gem!...BHAVNA SHARMA

He is one good friend whom I will always respect for his calmness and judgement at all times. Though might appear carefree to people around, he is definitely one of the most sorted out persons I have met. Is a self proclaimed football guru on campus and a businessman on paper. Though loved beating you at poker, shuffle party and what not, will always cherish memories of winning competitions together ! Waiting to see your bakery shape up and you making it big at the Investor Mall, Dubai ! -Roopak” The original “cool-dude”, Manu is the right mix of brains and skills. He might come across as having a “you think i give a damn about anything” attitude but once he puts his mind to something, he can work tirelessly towards his goal. Teaming up with him during TBLA was one such fulfilling experience, the daily meetings in his room, messing his spotless room every now and then, teasing him about his “pink” mattress (why why why pink of all colors), singing ‘Hookah Baar’ at the top of our voices will be fondly remembered. A self attested dancer, he manages to get his steps right even after a few drinks. Wishing u the best of luck and keep rocking... -Anirban” Some of the most boring classes were made enjoyable because of him, Pandey, Alok, Marandi and Swastik. We played cards, troubled Shifaz, gossiped, made fun of your other bench-mate :P and coaxed Marandi into giving CPs. He has some really brilliant points to make but is scared of giving CP :D. Instead he makes some really weird noises in class (would you classify it as a squeal or a yelp? :P). He is a good dancer and an awesome football player but doesn’t know how to strategize except for screaming “Lotus! Lotus!” (it worked in Lucknow! :D). Looking forward to the grand opening of the bakery. Cheers mate! :) -Deepak” knew that you were also one more passionate sports-fellow from an NIT and that you knew my cousin! But, like you said, that term break was bloody killer! We didn’t do a whole lot of what we stayed back for :P, but boy, it was one crazy, memorable, mostly-once-in-a-lifetime week! And I’ll give it to you dude - the best football player on campus (not that you had much competition ;-) ).. MDI, SP Jain, Lucknow have been some of my best memories of this place.. especially our wonderful attempt at “vandalizing” in IIML :P.. But in short, man it’s just been a fucking great time with you here! All the best with everything and keep the party going! Cheers -Aparajit”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : G115 - F114 Permanent Address : Kozhikode beach, Kerala About Me : Most Memorable CP : PORs on campus : Vibes, Spons, Lasya Ideal endorser for : Douchebag t shirts, funny slippers One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : playing football, tripping Frequently uttered lines : Everything is fucked up as usual Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : cups, sprite, coke, munchies, water 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : Favourite spot on campus : football ground, raghu n goerge’s room, spot behind srcc Friend groups on campus : Chappads, crusaders, poker gang, butter chicken group First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI :

Its funny to write a testimonial for you cuz i wdnt know where to begin, you feature in almost every memory i have in this campus......youve been the garbage disposal to my over-ordering disorder, the chauffeur with an attitude, the butt of all jokes, the sulky susan, the ‘before’ for fairness cream ads, the hungry African child, the narcissist, the fashionista we lesser mortals cant understand (the hippie pants, the grandma sweaters, the cowel necks?!)..... You’ve been a constant companion through the wildest episodes these past two years, and to think it all started with setting an alarm....Thank you for always being there -Bhavna” He used to call his room the G Spot .. that’s where we started partying from day 1, then it led to meeting the best seniors ever and formation of the Chappads .. together with shitface we made the deadliest combo in the sex drugs and rocknroll arena (the quiz) .. .... ive navigated him through the most f**ked up roads thanks to my awesome google maps .. been to the freakiest parties and back (thankfully ) .. he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. He’s a silent guardian, watchful protector. The Dark Knight .. (i copied the last part ).. at least he is dark .. -George” The biggest male Diva I have ever met! his occasional fashion eccentricity and his bursts of fits are some of the pointers. Sports a constipated look most of the times, and when he does laugh, u realize that the previous one was so much better. :P Anyone, who has been subjected to the torture of being around when he looks @ himself in a mirror, will understand. But, all these are exactly why it is so much fun to hang out with him. He can go out of his way to help his friends, when his mood permits him - and that’s not so much of a rarity. - the lake trip and the extinguisher episode were kick ass! -Senthoo-

MANU SHIVANAND Roll No. : 2011PGP716 DOB : 10-01-1988 NickName : businessman from dubai, shukur

Sanjay Daaaaaaa, he is my brother. The only person to get that status on campus!!! I think he is the first guy I befriended on campus was close to before I got to know many others. He has been the ideal brother, always there for me and consoling me in his own way whenever i was upset. He is not the typical aansu pochne wall bhai, he would just sit and wait for me to finsih crying and just say “ab rona band karo”. There was some comfort even in those words. Whenever I wanted any favor, I could always go and ask him for help. He would always do anything in his capacity to help me. He is very protective about his lil sister and I simply adore him for that. He is an awesome guitarist, our lead guitarist, and he likes only rock wale, ya stage pe perform karne kayak game. If i were happened to sing some romantic malady, he would scold me and say “yeh bus wale gaane band car! nahi sunna”. However, the best thing about him is that he doesn’t backbite, he tells people what he feels about them on their face and will sulk for a couple of days and things become normal after that. He is a talented palmist and he has been spot on when he mentioned a few things after examining my palm. He told me to stay away from alcohol, avoid driving vehicles and I plan to stick to his word of caution in future also. Thanks Sanjay Da for being the sweetest brother in the whole world. Lots of love from this lil sister of yours...SUGATHA KARTHIKEYAN our own sanjay...silent dude with a greek god physique and extreme guitar skills....just love your husky voice...will never ever forget your “tum gaye ho kyun” song...kya feel tha...kya aawaaz thi....i am sad about one thing..i got to know you only in term 4....chee shud have made friends with you long back...cos you are absolutely amazing...sone jaise paak ( yup i googled that line)...very innocent very cute and childish in your own way...will always remember neeli aankhen...try to complete that unfinished thread some time in life...its definitly worth a try....and make sure you continue to play guitar in future,,,dont let the awesome talent in you while away behind your career......god bless u sanjay....and yes i will always remember your dynamite story :):)...ANUSHA K Sanjay, the Guitarist & Rockstar!! a great guy with silent and impressive amazing guitarist...although Sanjay sings rarely, but one can bet on his singing & guitar playing skills...having Sanjay as a good friend from our NIT Jsr days and here in Planet-I also, has made life a memorable journey...Sanjay a true guide, always there to listen and help...log kahte hain, iski jitni bhi tareef karo kam hai...but main kahta hun, iski jitni bhi khichaai karo kam hai!! hahahaa...juss kidding...whats more?!! his interest in palmistry, manna padega!! inspiration, immense interest in body building and majedaar stories, this makes Sanjay’s company aur bhi jyada majedaar...whatever he decides, he sticks to it and achieves, makes him a real winner...this guy with cute smile always encourages to face challenges which life offers... I wish him all the happiness and success in his life...stay in touch....PUNIT MORIS EKKA

Roll No. : 2011PGP717 DOB : 14/09/1985 NickName : Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : B-120 Permanent Address : Ranchi, Jharkhand About Me : crazy music lover Most Memorable CP : No CPs PORs on campus : Harmon-I Ideal endorser for : Beer One song you symbolize : Summer of 69 Mostly caught doing : nothing.. Frequently uttered lines :SAHI.... Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : tea 10 years from now you will be : ...a Happy Man If not MBA then : Something Better Favourite spot on campus : mess Friend groups on campus : Saini, Himanshu,Suchit,Pandey, Ashima,Alok,Anusha, Mounika,Naveen, Nirnay,Sugatha,Suruchi,Pa,S umanth,Adarsh,Bodo,Nitin,Michael,......RIP Grp, HOP Grp, Harmon-I Grp...& the list goes on.... First crush in the institute : &#^!^!&#(! Lasting impressions about college : Met awesomest people here..! Best memory of IIMI : RIP; 4th term

Sanjay... this dude is Really A man of FEW words but never runs short of smiles... we did our summer internship together and that is how we became the closest of frenz.. Together we had challenged, encountered and endured life threatening, heart pounding situations at the Naxal prone areas of Chhattisgarh, arduously carrying out our surveys.. That was how we learn’t what BRAVERY really means!!! :) an AWESOME LEAD guitarist and a man of perfection.. Perfection??? O yea.. if fortune gives you an opportunity to take a peek at his room you would probably doubt it’s a guy’s room! it’s that neat! believe me! even the pile of trash in his trash-can are all arranged in ascending order!!! hehe juz kiddin!!!.. :P .. but u get wat i mean ;) .. Thank you bro for being such a wonderful friend and a brother... All the best in all your endeavours! n may God Bless you abundantly! Keep in touch!.. n Cheers!!! :)... MICHAEL LALHRIATPUIA


Roll No. : 2011PGP718 DOB : 22 september NickName : My first frnd n this campus...U r too fundoo..techno-gizmo geek, knowledgeable nd intellignt (water testng kit experimnt lovely exprnc).(evry othr frnd wud say these). Wat makes u among my best frnds is the ease wid which i could connect wid u (uptu helped me somewhr finally :P)..u were always thr in my gud nd bad times..tumse bakar nd gossip karke sabse jyada sahi latga hai..pareshan karne mei bhi bahut mazaa aata hai.. nd u place a lot of trust on me fr ur matters. Hv a lot bundle of wonderful memories f all parties, outings nd RIP trip wid u..I know dat u r talented enough to get ur ways of success n life. Just stay n touch as u belong to very forgetful species :) God bless u !!...AMRITANSH GUPTA

MAYANK KUMAR Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : mayankkumar2209?ref=tn_tnmn Hostel Room : G- 321 to Sr412 to B-201 Permanent Address : Sec 62 Nodia About Me : i hate this question Most Memorable CP : I mean ..... PORs on campus : Ideal endorser for : tech toys One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : surfing net Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : paneer paratha 10 years from now you will be : really dontknow If not MBA then : coder Favourite spot on campus : sunset point Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : Rafting during himalayan trip

he is one of my best friends on campus.....he was the first person in our batch whom i had met and interacted with, that was during the IIMK selection process....god knows how we both got rejected by K and landed here!! but good that we did, because that was the beginning of a lifelong friendship....he organized both our informal meets....and after coming here the times that we spent doing bakar in alcove, our rooms, irctc and mess were all awesome....RIP was on an altogether different level :P he has the uncanny ability of overhearing things he is not supposed to, and then spreads it around....and somehow always manages to land up in embarrassing situations!! you will have a great career ahead....keep rocking :)...PULKIT PANDEY mayank, u are a chatterbox and yes u love gossips :P you are also a friend i can look forward to when in need..i hate when u tease me for not knowing things,,,being an engineer,,being a fresher..:P bt thats the kind of friendship we have..:) u just need an opportunity, and u will do wonders in your life.. all the best and be in touch..:)...ANJALI BHUSHAN One of the most energetic and serious guys (from the HOP mountain climbing experience :P) I have come across in the last 2 years. The only time it seems his energy is more is when he puts CP and ends with a typical “..should be there naaa”, all with rocket speed (poor prof.). A very genuine person and deadly serious when it comes to anything remotely close to academics. He can finish entire books in anticipation of quizzes :), or atleast that is what I have expected from him :P. A great friend, very honest and down to earth and always ready to share a good laugh, we had some great times, especially during RIP and HOP, hope to have many more in the future. ...DEBABRAT MISHRA RIP has to be among the most memorable and I’ll have to thank you for that. Wonderfully fun to hang out with, has plenty of experiences to share and surprisingly great stamina for his wiry frame!! Among the few lucky ones to have scrapped through the Rafting Accident unscathed! Another aspect about him is his love for dogs. Most memorable moments have to be the unending laughter during those “Amritansh Moment” & “Kshitij’s Knowledge snippet” during RIP! Do well and stay in touch! :)...CHIRAG BHUTANI

My first frnd n this campus...U r too fundoo..techno-gizmo geek, knowledgeable nd intellignt (water testng kit experimnt lovely exprnc).(evry othr frnd wud say these). Wat makes u among my best frnds is the ease wid which i could connect wid u (uptu helped me somewhr finally :P)..u were always thr in my gud nd bad times.. tumse bakar nd gossip karke sabse jyada sahi latga hai..pareshan karne mei bhi bahut mazaa aata hai..nd u place a lot of trust on me fr ur matters. Hv a lot bundle of wonderful memories f all parties, outings nd RIP trip wid u..I know dat u r talented enough to get ur ways of success n life. Just stay n touch as u belong to very forgetful species :) God bless u !! -Amritansh Gupta” he is one of my best friends on campus.....he was the first person in our batch whom i had met and interacted with, that was during the IIMK selection process....god knows how we both got rejected by K and landed here!! but good that we did, because that was the beginning of a lifelong friendship....he organized both our informal meets....and after coming here the times that we spent doing bakar in alcove, our rooms, irctc and mess were all awesome....RIP was on an altogether different level :P he has the uncanny ability of overhearing things he is not supposed to, and then spreads it around....and somehow always manages to land up in embarrassing situations!! you will have a great career ahead....keep rocking :) -Pulkit Pandey” mayank, u are a chatterbox and yes u love gossips :P you are also a friend i can look forward to when in need..i hate when u tease me for not knowing things,,,being an engineer,,being a fresher..:P bt thats the kind of friendship we have..:) u just need an opportunity, and u will do wonders in your life.. all the best and be in touch..:) -Anjali Bhushan” One of the most energetic and serious guys (from the HOP mountain climbing experience :P) I have come across in the last 2 years. The only time it seems his energy is more is when he puts CP and ends with a typical “..should be there naaa”, all with rocket speed (poor prof.). A very genuine person and deadly serious when it comes to anything remotely close to academics. He can finish entire books in anticipation of quizzes :), or atleast that is what I have expected from him :P. A great friend, very honest and down to earth and always ready to share a good laugh, we had some great times, especially during RIP and HOP, hope to have many more in the future. -Debabrat Mishra”

Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : D-108 Permanent Address : Siwan, Bihar About Me : I m still trying to understand myself. Most Memorable CP : CP is not my cup of tea. :( PORs on campus : Member of Humain-I club, the HR club of IIM Indore. Ideal endorser for : NFS One song you symbolize : Mai Aisa kyu hu from movie Lakshya Mostly caught doing : Playing NFS, sleeping Frequently uttered lines : hey bhagwan bacha lo. Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Tea, Coffee 10 years from now you will be : Who knows where the hell will we land after 10 years. If not MBA then : Photography Favourite spot on campus : sunset point Friend groups on campus : everyone here is a very good friend. First crush in the institute : kisi ko us tarah se dekha hi nhi. :P Lasting impressions about college : Best memory of IIMI : R.I.P. and H.O.P.

RIP has to be among the most memorable and I’ll have to thank you for that. Wonderfully fun to hang out with, has plenty of experiences to share and surprisingly great stamina for his wiry frame!! Among the few lucky ones to have scrapped through the Rafting Accident unscathed! Another aspect about him is his love for dogs. Most memorable moments have to be the unending laughter during those “Amritansh Moment” & “Kshitij’s Knowledge snippet” during RIP! Do well and stay in touch! :) -Chirag Bhutani” NA .Na Na NA ..

MAYANK KUMAR Roll No. : 2011PGP719 DOB : 12/01/1987 NickName : Mayank

Soni ji, ab inke kya hi kehne, bhai sahab dollar mai INR uda ke aye hai. Soni ji bahut hi helpful nature ke hai. Sandy hurricane ke bawajood soni ji macbook air lete chale aye. Soni Ji dhanyvad apka. Soni je apne hai hi nirale. Soni ji glad to meet you on campus. Keep Rocking... All the best for your future....MOHAMMED ARSHAD Soniji... dekhne mein tho bilkul shaant aur nirmal swabav k praani prateet hote hain... par andar se shaitaani bhari padi hai bilkul.. inki height pe mat jaaiye... Bade se bade pehelwaan ko apni baaton se pachaad de aise maharathi hain ye.. poori class mein famous apne nirale perspectives ke liye.. Section D ki jaan ho aap... Still remember how much hardwork u put on teaching me subjects before the exams...those all nighters with u asking for a “chai” every hour or so :D... seriously learnt a lot from u... thanks for the guidance u provided me when i needed it the most.. Aapse mil kar hum dhanya ho gaye ;).. Aapko humara shat shat Pranaam :).. All the best and keep in touch Soniji :)...RISHABH CHAUHAN “ AB kya kahe apki tarif me SONI SAHAB JI” “ The CEO of Merck “ - jab baat aaye HAMARE JAIPUR ki soni sahab bina kuchh tarif kare rah hi nahi skte .. ... aisi aisi bate karte hai ki log bas grand salute karte hi rah jate hai ... ab vo kya hai na ki aap gaate to achha hai hi , dost us se bhi achhe hai ... aur mentor to aap ab kya kahe .. kamaal ke hai ... Yuhi thode IAS prelims foda tha ... .apki hi ki dua se hum to MAC pass kar gaye ..... bas apni kripa banaye rakhe aur FUTURWA ME BHI CONTCT ME RAHE...All the Best ji :) . ......SMITA VERMA Th humble, intelligent and ever-smiling soni-ji, you rock! When we were posing in the library during a photoshoot, I was surprised when he said he liked a dry history book. Only later, I came to know about his passion to become a civil servant! He throws an air of confidence and maturity when he talks. Very impressive. Wishin you all the very best for your dreams come true. Please stay in touch,soni ji.....SISIRA CUDDAPAH soni ji ko dekhke hi aapke chehre pe smile aa jaati personality hi kuchh aisi hai!! the happy-go-lucky guy, who knows how to have all the fun....for more details, ask his exchange waali mentor who showed him around :P his experiences with gupta ji are etched in everyoneâ??s minds, they almost got around to kissing each other :D his simplicity and attitude make him an instantly likeable character...wish you all the best for the future and do keep in touch :)...PULKIT PANDEY

Roll No. : 2011PGP720 DOB : 28 JULY NickName : Soni ji Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : C 106, F 210, F 109 Permanent Address : Earth About Me : refer to the testimonials Most Memorable CP : in some class when prof. said - Sir, you speak like Mr. Manmohan Singh! PORs on campus : Founder member of Bakar-I Ideal endorser for : Nexus 7 One song you symbolize : Mostly caught doing : Singing Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Chai....ek aur Chai Chai....ek aur Chai 10 years from now you will be : If not MBA then : IAS Favourite spot on campus : Suicide point Friend groups on campus : Entire Section D First crush in the institute : Lasting impressions about college : My only experience of hostel life! Best memory of IIMI : during becomes Jannat

Ram ram bhai..jee to kar ryo hai poori yearbook bagdi mein hi bhar du, but angreji bina kaam kon chale. Soni Bhai what a personality you are.. u have an amazing sense of humor..person full of intellect and positive energy, u always keep the surrounding around you full of cheerfulness..ur lovely voice sometimes gives me doubt why u are not a singer ..the time we had in Mumbai was too good, where we had the discussion on life and relationship... what a clarity of thoughts u have about every aspect .. i guess u became one of the hitech gadgetry person after trip to has been always a good interaction with you and felt like home whenever we speak in our desi language... Always keep in touch and i wish u a happy and successful life..:) With regards ...SUNDEEP SUTHAR soni ji...met him first in the cab while going to buy a laptop...still remember when gupta ji used to call the commerce guy and the commerce guy got upset one day...Fun loving guy with a nice sense of humour...quite mature and patient I have come to know him more closely quite late but still its never too late...wish you all the best for your future...with all the qualities you have i wish you have success in all the endeavours of your life....JATIN GANGWAL Soni Bhai...!!! Wat i generally call him is one of those persons who can always be seen cool and calm whatever the situation might be.. Soni bhai is very hard working, down to earth and true at heart and the best part abt him is that he is always easily accessible for any help and suggestions ... ;) :) i really admire him for dat... being my next door neighbor i also get bestowed with some of the best songs in his won voice at times...its really very refreshing and relaxing i must admit :P ... “JAANE KYA HOGA RAAMA RE” was a viral spread by him in the hostel... :P A truely sincere and fun loving guy.. I wish him all the best in his life... Always stay in touch Soni Bhai... :) :) :)...MANISH KUMAR


Roll No. : 2011PGP721 DOB : 30th Sep ‘87 NickName : Daru / Nano / Krantikari Dhruval - we first met as bakra group mate :), after that I only know him as Dhruval. Really grateful for understanding me, guiding me all along. Daaru is true gandhi bhakt. I did finish Steve Jobs :p and thanks for inviting me to your engagement. Will try to ensure I’m there on your marriage with Bhabhiji :). All the best Daaru, do send me the P&G products. Thoda supply chain mai idhar udhar karke mere ghar side bhi divert kar dena P.S - Macbook Air hi kharidna aur pirated office lene ka mood ho to muje yaad kar lena :) ...MOHAMMED ARSHAD

Dhruval Mehta Personal Email ID : LinkedIn Id : Facebook Page : Hostel Room : SR11-313 & B202 Permanent Address : 7-B, Gurukrupa Society,Ghod-dod Road, Surat 395007 About Me : still Discovering ! Most Memorable CP : aaaaaaaaannnnnnnn PORs on campus : Operations Club & Debating Society Ideal endorser for : Brand Modi One song you symbolize :Jana gana Mana Mostly caught doing : Never caught Frequently uttered lines : Your order at 2:30 am in night mess : Maggie !! 10 years from now you will be : .. not NPAD again !! If not MBA then : lifelong with Nano Favourite spot on campus : C Block’s Terrace Friend groups on campus : First crush in the institute : no one worth.. really :P Lasting impressions about college : Rapidly multiplying minicity Best memory of IIMI : every moment spent here

Dhruval...from same camp to enemy camp, the entire journey has been super fun with u...!!! In spite of u being my college senior, i got to know u the day we were selected for summers for the same company... from there on,its been an amazin walk down the line....what with dance lessons for the orientation program, video prep, worrying n worrying about the results and then chit chatting about the same...!!!super hard working and amazingly focused, u totally deserve where u r heading in life...all d v best n be in touch!!! :)...K . HARITA He is known by many names on campus... but one that fits him best is ‘Krantikaari’ ... Dhruval is one dude who can take up a cause, AFTER understanding the issue, and also be SENSIBLE about it, something quite rare these days. Through all the contests we had been through together, I have come to know him as a guy who will be practical, and look for solutions, while the others are figuring out the questions.... the Ops guy of Sec A, P&G has gained a truly great guy :) Dhruval is also one of the few fair, honest and down-to-earth guys you will ever meet, and his no-nonsense attitude will definitely stay with you for a long time. Keep in touch ... yaad haina, painting deni hai mujhe :D -Lots of Luck, Jo :) ...Jyotsna Pantula Daaru or Pysco(:P) is one of my first and best friends here. Nothing has given me more pleasure than when people pull his leg or when he comes out stupid in a situation. And believe me such situations are not rare to happen(:P :P). If there is anything even a bit weird happening on campus-New laws, regional movie screening etc, rest assured our Daaru would have mailed the concerned person for the righteous thing, something that we always appreciate and something that is always made fun of (An irony) . Recently, there has been an addition of another epic incidence, the famous Jan gan Man song, thanx to Dhara. Seriously man, such incidences will always make you memorable :P Khair Dharu, no matter what we say in lighter vein, the truth remains that you are a trustworthy, fair and genuine person. And I have relied on you, sometimes for assistance or sometimes for sharing my secrets. And you have never disappointed me. I really appreciate the fact that you are blunt and straightforward to voice your opinion even on sensitive issues which again makes your advices reliable. And thanx to your egoless and patient nature, I could always be myself in fighting and arguing hard against you. I ll always remember the numerous, everyday debate we would have, almost fight it out over mails in person n public, and be normal in the very next meet. And although I have mostly being against â??college learningâ?? etc , I have always admired your disciplined approach to taking studies - reading cases, contributing in every assignment, never freeriding etc â?? that too after bagging a good job. Thanks for everything and stay in touch . You do have a great career ahead ï?? ...HARSHIT GUPTA you are the one i always look forward to for advice...u are a sincere and hard working person...i hate when u pull my leg or treat me like a kiddo!:P but our friendship is just like that.:)..u are always filled with ideas...and i wonder how come u have so much of knowledge/ opinion/information about everything.. :| its like “ when ur wiki doesn’t bhavenbha!” :) and yes, u will always be ‘Bhavenbha’ for me! :) u are a very caring person and dhara is lucky to have you are.. having her, in your life..:) have a great future ahead!n i want lifetime discount on P&G products! please make sure of that. :D ...ANJALI BHUSHAN

Probably one of the most entertaining guys I have met. You can never have a dull moment with him around. Has a fantastic sense of humour and an extremely unconventional take on things. You can talk to him about the most pedestrian issues and also very intel