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MONACO life MARCH 2012 - NUMBER 16

MONACO life MARCH, 2012

MONACO life Embracing the digital future I have worked in newspapers and magazines for almost 40 years, long before the Internet was invented. During that time I have stood so often at the end of a huge newspaper press, in the US and in Europe, and watched in awe as the latest edition of my very own newspaper has come tumbling out from the last unit of a massive, rumbling press, folded, fresh, slightly warm to the touch, and with a distinctive odour of ink. It’s a magic feeling. And since I have always been a small publisher, not a big one, it was usually me, too, that took the papers round the shops and pubs and other places that would take a stack so readers could pick up their copy of the Lampeter Advertiser in rural Wales, the British Weekly in California, or the Central European Business Weekly in Prague, Warsaw and Budapest. There is something magic about a publication in print. I am truly amazed that Monaco has never had it’s own English-language weekly. But that opportunity has come and gone. Now, readers expect their news almost before it’s happened. No-one will wait a week. Not any more. My own Monaco Life print magazine – published 10 times a year – was a glossy attempt to keep the print tradition alive. I tried to turn news into features, in-depth analysis, or photo-spreads, and to some extent the effort worked, at least for the readers. But the amalgamation and re-publishing of news briefs that first appeared weeks earlier in Monaco Today or on our website was unnecessary and expensive. The print magazine – delivered free of charge to more than 2,000 wealthy readers in residences and palaces across the Principality, was well-liked and well-read. But it was a business model of the 19th and early 20th century, and without the income. News is now. Sadly, for an old newspaper man like me, I have had to admit the truth of the fact that the daily newsletter and website are the only formats to make any sense at all in the 21st century. Monaco Life has not died, but will follow the digital pathway to the future. You can still read us on-line. But you won’t be able to smell the ink. Ian Brodie, Publisher

COVER: The Odeon Tower rises from the ground after more than two years of work

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+377 6 80 86 98 83 or +44 7733 200502 BUSINESS OFFICE: 1, Clifford Villas, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 8PH, United Kingdom


MONACO life MARCH, 2012


It must be Spring!

Top Marques offers its seasonal welcome

Ian Brodie interviewed Lawrie Lewis, founder and chairman

insult to injury by using the same logo and branding.




Lawrie is philosophical about an attempt last year to steal the Top Marques brand in China. Just weeks before Top Marques Asia made its debut in Macao, an exposition claiming to be a Top Marques show opened in Shanghai. The organisers used the same concept, and added




Top Marques has added prestigious, limited edition watches to its repertoire, power boats and luxury limited series tenders, although supercars remain very much the main focus of the event.




“The old practice for a car show was to allow the public to see the new models, kept at a distance by ropes. We not only invite visitors to touch the cars, they can sit in them, drive them and buy them. We are unique.”


The contribution the show brings to Monaco, in terms of revenue and prestige, has been recognised at the highest levels. Lawrie was made a member of the Order of Saint Charles by Prince Albert in recognition of his achievements. Lawrie is also an enthusiast for exhibitions in general: “Exhibiting is the second-oldest profession in the world. Wherever there was a cross in the road, people would lay out their wares.” Top Marques continues the tradition of exhibiting, not as a tired repetition of what’s gone before, but as a trailblazer, as we shall see again this year. Top Marques Monaco runs from April 19 to April 22 at the Grimaldi Forum and at the Port of Fontvieille.








Not every car maker can showcase his wares at Top Marques. “We reject some. We know who the supercar makers are and we cherrypick the best.” He adds that makers also succumb to what he calls ‘the blackmail factor.’ Their cars have to be seen, so they have to take part, even in a year that may be quieter.

Car makers are always anxious to have space at Top Marques, because of its established reputation, unique character, and the guaranteed attendance of the HNWIs who are eager to buy the latest, state-of-the-art machines on the market.



“Manufacturers bring out new models every two years, therefore this year we won’t have the same magic six world premiere that we hosted in 2011; most of the engineers are busy designing for 2013. We already have 40 applications for next year. However, 2012 will be quite spectacular in the context of the euro crisis,” Lawrie said.

Lawrie Lewis

Lawrie may sometimes portray himself as the little guy, but he has 30 years of experience in the exhibition industry, not just in the UK but across Europe and unexplored territories such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and the Urals. Top Marques is now bigger than Monaco Yacht Show in terms of the VAT it brings to the Principality, he says.



Taking place at the same time as the Monte-Carlo Masters tennis tournament, Top Marques is now indelibly linked to the arrival of spring, and is part of the fabric of Monaco life as well as a permanent date in the international car show calendar. The Principality has had a very strong link with cars since William Grover-Williams won the first Grand Prix in 1929. The Top Marques annual event is a natural precursor to the world’s favourite Grand Prix each May and naturally the show uses a section of its famous circuit for test drives.

“It may look as if they got away with it, but the manufacturers know what’s going on and we had the supercars in Macao they didn’t have in Shanghai. You have to take this sort of thing in your stride. If Apple has intellectual property rights problems in China, what can a little guy from England expect? And, of course, imitation is the highest form of flattery.”


Top Marques is coming again in April, for its ninth edition. Each year it’s bigger and better, and 2012 is no different, despite the fact that the motor industry has experienced lower sales worldwide in the first quarter of this year compared to an already slow year in 2011, founder and chairman Lawrie Lewis told me.







MONACO life MARCH, 2012

Simon Morris, Francesco Grosoli, CEO Barclays Wealth Monaco, and Rick Denton, Barclays Wealth Advisory.

“Wealth generation gives way to wealth protection. Entrepreneurs are very good at making business decisions, but they may not identify what’s needed in succession...”


issues. Research has suggested that a major concern of many very successful people is the issue of succession: “One in two Monaco residents are worried about inheritance issues. I can suggest solutions.” “I work as an enabler, a facilitator, listening to clients’ hopes and fears. Wealth does bring worries and responsibilities. A private banker is at the centre of that relationship.”   “My services are available to any client of Barclays Wealth. The fee is a fraction of the assets concerned.”   “Wealth generation gives way to wealth protection. Entrepreneurs are very good at making business decisions, but they may not identify what’s needed in succession. I deal with a broad palate of issues. Sometimes, for example, there is a health scare and that can bring sudden problems that need to be dealt with. I am here to have broad conversations that help me understand what the client may need, if not now, than at some point in the future.”

The new Lifting Facial treatments include:

As we age, our skin tends to lose elasticity and become susceptible to wrinkles. But now with Willow Stream’s K-Lift Technology from Kerstin Florian International your skin can look fresh, youthful … radiantly glowing.

Lift and Tone Facial Energize and transform skin with this high performance treatment that includes an exfoliating multi-acid peel for the face, neck and décolleté. The skin tightening treatment dedicates 40-minutes of Red LED Light, Impulse Micro-Current and Transdermal Delivery. Red LED Light and Impulse Micro-Current help cells function at a younger level, accelerate cell repair, re-educate muscle tone for a more lifted appearance and trigger DNA regeneration. The treatment concludes with the infusion of essential nutrients into the skin with cutting edge Transdermal Delivery technology. 60-minutes

Willow Stream’s new non-invasive high results treatments use three high-performance energy technologies in one device to address and treat the aging process. The three phases include:

Barclays opens Barclays Wealth SARL office Simon Morris has recently joined the Barclays presence in Monaco, but he is careful to explain that he works alongside Barclays Wealth, rather than as a private banker. Simon now heads Barclays Wealth SARL, Monaco: “We are not part of Barclays Bank PLC Monaco but a new entity with distinct legal ownership, providing a complementary service to private banking. Our aim is to be the wealth manager of choice in Monaco. My line of work is broader, dealing with ultra high net worth individuals with a range of assets. I am not a lawyer and not a tax adviser. I aim to learn more about my clients. It’s a broader conversation than a banker would have.”   Certainly, Simon brings a range and depth of experience to his new post. He worked for five years for Barclays in Geneva, and spent two years in Jersey working in the trust department. In Monaco his task will be to work closely with clients in finding solutions to a wide range of potential

This is big news, indeed.

• Red LED Spectrum Light to energize and repair cells and promote collagen production. • Impulsed MicroCurrent to re-educate muscle tissue and redefine facial contours while improving elasticity. Helps to stimulate DNA regeneration and repair. • Transdermal Delivery to infuse essential nutrients into the deep layers of the skin. These latest scientific advances in skincare were developed by Kerstin Florian International and blended with Willow Stream's spa philosophy to create age management and age reversal treatments in relaxing, comfortable and sensorial experiences. The treatments produce immediate lifting and firming results, restoring dermal density, increasing collagen growth, reducing lines and smoothing wrinkles in relaxing treatments that give visible results in a short amount of time. "Willow Stream Spas are all about energy – living with abundant energy and offering energy-enhancing treatments and we're also about results," says Anne McCall Wilson, Vice President of Spas, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International. "With our spa partner Kerstin Florian, we are able to address the aging process providing natural, effective treatments to re-energize the skin."

To look great now, call Willow Stream at a Fairmont Resort listed below to book your Lifting Facial.

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Ultra Lift Facial An upgrade to the Lift and Tone Facial, this tightening and transforming treatment dedicates 60-minutes of Red LED Light, Impulse Micro-Current and Transdermal Delivery focusing on areas of concern. The treatment concludes with the application of Biomarine Matrix Sheet for enhanced delivery of minerals and vitamins to revitalize and nourish the skin. Recommended for mature skin. 90-minutes UpLift enhancements can be added to any Willow Stream Spa facial treatment. The 30-minute upgrades include: Express Eyes, Express Skin Clarity, Express Lift and Express Lips.

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MONACO life MARCH, 2012


In the world of Zero

Sem Art is now showing the work of Otto Piene, Gunther Uecker, Heinz Mack, Yves Klein, Piero Manzoni, Lucio Fontana, Enrico Castellani, Gutulio Alviani, Dadamaino, Agostino Bonalumi, and Walter Leblanc. These artists are part of the international movement known as Zero that started in the mid 1950s. They all represent a change in thinking probably due to the limited beliefs of the post war period. When a like-minded group of artists become aware of each other, their ideas and energy becomes stronger. It is not an exhibition based around ‘Sensation’ but quietly suggests paying attention to more everyday objects. Today, looking at this work it appears as fairly mainstream, although it still has an avant guard edge and the freshness of a clear new way of thinking. The passage of time escapes Zero. The title of the show ‘In the World of ” is perfect as it is very much its own entity; within its own universe. The work varies between paintings, sculpture and mixed media in which time has stood still. Great art does not associate with the concept of time. The movement Zero was interested in the space between objects, space itself. The work encourages the viewer to question abstract thoughts such as: What is the air we breathe, what is it made of? The space between objects is unlimited, one cannot see it or feel it but it is there. The colour white has been used by Piero Manzoni to highlight purity and to create a surface that is blank with no divisions.

A work by Otto Piene

ink and watercolour, as the effects are stunning. Burning yellows and forest greens melt into the canvas creating a poetic resemblance of peacocks or sunflowers or something in-between. The work is burnt, perhaps dead, but it is conflicting with the crimson yellow drips and the efflorescent green, dragged and smudged into the canvas, like a teenager experimenting with make up. The materials used are bold and create associations with death and endings. This work has grown, died and now realised.

A more well-known name is Lucio Fontana, born in 1899 in Argentina. The artist was interested in opening space. Opening our awareness to the space around us, the space that occupies our thoughts. Fontana is known for piercing the canvas. Concetto Spaziale 1965 is (56cm x 44cm). Mixed media. Perforations and scratching on The work of Otto Piene, born in 1928 paper. A simple, plain image with a holds a moment of eternal mystery. line of performations that carry a mulThere are 10 pieces of his work that are titude of thoughts. Kay Hare quite exquisite. In the upstairs of the gallery is a corner of his work. Untitled The exhibition continues until April 20. (Feuerbild) 1965/72 is a large (68cm x Monday to Friday 9:00 – 18:00. Saturday 96cm), bold canvas of oil with traces of by appointment. Please contact the galfire and soot. It looks more like Indian lery for further information.

Kay Hare exhibits at Metropole Centre Kay Hare will be one of three young artists whose work is being shown in the Metropole shopping from next Friday, March 23, until April 11. Kay, who now lives in Beausoleil, studied art at the University of Nottingham and the St Martins College in London. In 2010 she decided to move to Monaco to continue her work inspired by the climate and colours of the Riviera. Kay also writes press reviews for The Spectator, Apollo Magazine, and Monaco Life. The Metropole exhibition is supported by the Commission for Arts and Culture and the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Kay’s work can be seen in the premises of the Association of Young Monegasques on the first floor of the centre. See more at


MONACO life MARCH, 2012

MONACO life MARCH, 2012


Concerts and shows Tuesday, March 6, 20:30, Théâtre des Variétés: Tuesday Cinema Club “Vertiges du pouvoir” – Film projection of “L’Argent de la vieille” by Luigi Comencini, organised by the Archives Audiovisuelles de Monaco. Info: + 377 97 98 43 26 Wednesday, March 7, 20:00, Théâtre des Variétés: Violin recital by Solenne Païdassi (winner of the Long-Thibaud competition in 2010.) With a performance from pianist Maki Belkin, organised by the Ars Antonina Association. Info: 06 03 44 20 66 Saturday, March 10, 20:00, Théâtre des Variétés: “Les 3 Serge” musical show by the Y.G. Music Company. With Lama, Gainsbourg and Reggiani. Info: 06 80 86 23 57 Tuesday, March 13, 20:30, Théâtre des Variétés: Violin and piano recital with performances from Kristi Gjezi and Thibaud


Epp, organised by the Crescendo Association. On the programme: Brahms (left), Franck, Sarasate and Ravel. Info: + 377 93 25 82 39

çoise Thuriès. A theatrical adaption based on the book ‘Sœur Emmanuelle’, organised by the Service Diocésain de la Culture. Info: +377 92 05 36 99

Wednesday, March 14, 12:30, Théâtre des Variétés: “Les Midis Musicaux” chamber music concert by “S.L.A.M. Quartet”. With performances from Peter Szüts and Katalin Szüts-Lukacs, violins; Cyrille Mercier, viola; Thierry Amadi, cello, organised by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra. On the programme: Chausson and Bartók. Info: + 377 98 06 28 28

Friday, March 16 and Saturday, March 17, 21:00, Théâtre Princesse Grace: “Laissez-moi sortir” with Annie Cordy. Info: + 377 93 25 32 27

Wednesday, March 14, 20:00, Théâtre Princesse Grace: “Il faut qu’une porte soit ouverte ou fermée” by Alfred de Musset. With Isabelle Andréani and Xavier Lemaire. Info: + 377 93 25 32 27 Thursday, March 15; Tuesday, March, 20; Friday, March 23 at 20:00, and Sunday, March, 18 at 15:00, Salle Garnier de l’Opéra de Monte-Carlo: “Francesca da Rimini” by Riccardo Zandonai. With performances from EvaMaria Westbroek, Laura Brioli, Roberto Accurso, Alberto Gazale, Zoran Todorovich, William Joyner, Son Hyun Kyun, Michelle Canniccioni, Annunziata Vestri, Karine Ohanyan, Svetlana Lifar, Enrico Facini, Guy Bonfiglio, the Monte-Carlo Opera Choir and the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Gianluigi Gelmetti and organised by the Monte-Carlo Opera. Info: + 377 98 06 28 28 Thursday, March 15, at 20:30: “Sœur Emmanuelle, le temps du plus grand amour“ by Fran-

Saturday, March 17, 20:00, Salle Yakov Kreizberg de l’Auditorium Rainier III: Concert with performances from Elīna Garanča, soprano; and the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Karel Mark Chichon and organised by the Monte-Carlo Opera. Info: + 377 98 06 28 28 Sunday, March 18, 12 noon, Salle Empire de l’Hôtel de Paris: “Les Brunchs Musicaux” music concert on the theme of “Folies Tziganes!” With performances from David Lefèvre, violon; Sofia Sperry, viola; Delphine Peronne, cello; and Héloïse Hervouët, piano. Info: + 377 98 06 36 36 Tuesday, March 20, 20:30, Théâtre des Variétés: Tuesday Cinema Club “Vertiges du pouvoir” – Film projection of “La Commissaire” by Alexandre Askoldov, organised by the Archives Audiovisuelles de Monaco. Info: + 377 97 98 43 26 Tuesday, March 20, 21:00, Théâtre Princesse Grace: Anthéa Sogno’s “Victor Hugo, Mon Amour” by the Anthéa Sogno Company. Info: + 377 93 25 32 27 Thursday, March 22, 820:30, Salle Prince Pierre du Grimaldi

Soeur Marie. Info: + 377 93 30 14 77

Forum Monaco: As part of the Sérénissimes de l’Humour Festival - “J’ai l’impression que je vous plais vraiment!” by Chantal Ladesou. Info: + 377 99 99 3000

From Thursday, March 22 to Sunday, March 25: 13th edition of the Monte-Carlo renewable energy and electric car rally. Info: + 377 93 15 26 00

Friday, March 23, 20:30, Salle Prince Pierre du Grimaldi Forum Monaco: As part of the the Sérénissimes de l’Humour Festival- “le Président, Sa Femme et Moi!” comedy by Bernard Uzan. Info: + 377 99 99 3000 Friday, March 23, 21:00, Théâtre des Variétés: Stéphane Titeca’s “R.T.T.” by the J.C.B. Art Association and Company. Info: 06 64 89 07 17 Saturday, March 24, 20:30, Salle Camille Blanc du Grimaldi Forum Monaco: A comedy performance by the Comte de Bouderbala as part of the Sérénissimes de l’Humour Festival. Info: + 377 99 99 3000 Sunday, March 25, 18:00, Salle des Princes du Grimaldi Forum Monaco: As part of the Sérénissimes de l’Humour Festival: “Les Confessions de Rousseau” with Stéphane Rousseau. Info: + 377 99 99 3000 Tuesday, March 27, 21:00, Théâtre Princesse Grace: “Salut Brassens.” Recital by Joël Favreau and Jean-Jacques Franchin. Info: + 377 93 25 32 27 Wednesday, March 28, 18:00: Spring concert by students from the Music Academy. Info: + 377 93 15 28 91 Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31, 21:00: Théâtre Prin

From Thursday, March 22 to Sunday, March 25, Espace Ravel du Grimaldi Forum Monaco: “Ever Monaco 2012” eco-friendly car show. Info: + 377 93 50 13 44 The Oceanographic Museum

cesse Grace: “A deux lits du délit” by Derek Benfield. With performances from Arthur Jugnot, Juliette Meyniac, Garnier and Sentou. Info: + 377 93 25 32 27 ***** Until Sunday, March 11, Stade Nautique Rainier III: Municipal ice rink- Ice skating and karting. Info: + 377 93 30 64 83 Friday, March 9, 14:00 to 19:00, Saturday, March 10 and Sunday, March, 11:00 to 19:00, Auditorium Rainier III: 6th edition of the Monaco-Japan Artistic Meeting, organised by the Department of Tourism, in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Affairs. Info: + 377 92 166 166 Sunday, March 11, Rotonde du Quai Albert Ier: International dog show competition. Info: 04 93 78 06 91 Friday, March 16, from noon to 22:00 and Saturday, March 17, from 10:00 to 19:00, Espace Fontvieille: Festival: l’Œuvre de

Saturday, March 24, 20:30, Sporting Monte-Carlo: The Pink Ball. Info: + 377 98 06 36 36 Ongoing throughout the year, Musée océanographique: Ongoing exhibition on “Méditerranée Splendide. Fragile. Vivante”. Info: + 377 93 15 36 00 Until Saturday, March 10, 15:00 to 20:00, except Sundays and bank holidays, Maison de l’Amérique Latine: Exhibition by Brazilian painter Aliana Minillo. Info: + 377 93 25 17 51 Until Monday, March 12, 15:00 to 20:00, except Sundays and bank holidays, Maison de l’Amérique Latine: Exhibition by Romanian Alexandru Ciucu. Info: + 377 93 25 17 51 From Wednesday, March 14 until Wednesday, March 28, 15:00 to 20:00, except Sundays and bank holidays, Maison de l’Amérique Latine: Art exhibition by painter Delorme. Info: + 377 93 25 17 51

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MONACO life MARCH, 2012

MONACO life MARCH, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 18:00, la Turbie, St Michel Church: Night of the accordion with performances from Philippe de Ezcurra, Max Bonnay and Claude Delangle. On the programme: Ziegler, Piazzolla, Beytelmann, Milhaud and Rada.

From Friday, March 30 until Sunday, April 1, 15:00 to 20:00, except Sundays and bank holidays, Maison de l’Amérique Latine: Exhibition by the Monegasque Alzheimers Research Association. Info: + 377 93 25 17 51 Friday, March 9, 20:00, Stade Louis II: Football match between lAS Monaco and EA Guingamp. Info: + 377 92 05 37 54 Sunday, March 18: “Monaco Run 2012.” The Riviera Classic 23.5km course from Monaco to Ventimiglia or 10km Monte-Carlo course, organised by the Fédération Monégasque d’Athlétisme. Info: + 377 92 05 40 66 Sunday, March 18, 9:30, Port Hercule: The first Pink Ribbon Walk in Monaco to raise money for breast cancer. Info: 06 82 22 16 38 Friday, March 23, 20:00, Stade Louis II: Football match between AS Monaco and Châteauroux. Info: + 377 92 05 37 54 Tuesday, March 13, 18:30, Salle Belle Epoque de l’Hôtel Hermitage: “Où allons-nous ?“ Talk held by the Monaco Méditerranée Foundation, with special guest


Alain Minc, political adviser, economist, writer and director. Info: +377 97 77 61 10 Monday, March 19, 18:30, Théâtre des Variétés: “L’hiver de la culture.” Conference by Jean Clair, organised by the Prince Pierre of Monaco Foundation. Info: + 377 98 98 85 15 Friday, March 23, 19:30, Maison de l’Amérique Latine: “Les Impressionnistes.” Conference by senior lecturer Charles Tinelli. Info: + 377 93 25 17 51 Monday, March 26, 19:00, Théâtre des Variétés: “La création contemporaine en Méditerranée.” The Mediterranean and Monaco International evening debate moderated by Laure Adler. Info: + 377 97 70 65 27 From Friday, March 16 until Sunday, April 8: Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo. Info: + 377 93 25 58 04 Friday, March 16, 17:30, Galerie Marlborough: “Rencontre avec les œuvres” A night of the accordion with Pascal Contet. Friday, March 16, 19:30, Salle Empire de l’Hôtel de Paris: Night

of the accordion: A concert with performances from Pascal Contet and Janick Martin. On the programme: Nordheim, Mantovani, Bedrossian, Contet and Rebotier. Friday, March 16, 21:30, Salle Empire de l’Hôtel de Paris: Night of the accordion: A concert with Richard Galliano. Cocktails will be served at 20:45, before the concert begins. Saturday, March 17, 10:00, Théâtre des Variétés: A free accordion master class. Saturday, March 17, 14:00 to 17:00, Théâtre des Variétés: Night of the accordion: A presentation of various “FINALE” musical software. Saturday, March 17, 20:30, Cap d’Ail (Château des Terrasses): Night of the accordion concert with performances from Philippe de Ezcurra, accordion; and the Bottasso Duo. On the programme: Ibarrondo, Lazkano, Martinez and Pablo. Sunday, March 18, 15:00, Beaulieu, Anglican Church: Night of the accordion with performances from Germano Scurti and Charlie Harris. On the programme: Bach and Ligeti.

Friday, March 23, 20:30, Salle Empire de l’Hôtel de Paris: Night of the tambourine with performances from the Tambour Quartet, Paul Mindy, Ravi Prasad, Adel Shams El-Din and Carlo Rizzo. Saturday, March,10:00, Théâtre des Variétés: Free tambourine master class. Saturday, March 24, 18:30, Galerie Marlborough: “Rencontre avec les œuvres.” Medieval religious theatre performance by Isabelle Ragnard. Saturday, March 24, 20:30, Salle Garnier de l’Opéra de MonteCarlo: “Rendez-vous avec la musique ancienne” by the Dialogos Ensemble. On the programme: Judith based on works by Marko Marulic. Sunday, March 25, 14:30 to 18:00, Auditorium Rainier III: A day to discover works by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra. With Jean Deroyer, Bertrand Chamayou and Maki Belkin, piano; Geneviève Strosser, viola; Otto Katzameier, MarcAndré Dalbavie, Philippe Hurel, Philipp Maintz and Gilbert Amy, the Princess Grace Dance Academy, Rainier III Music Academy, Julie Durant; actress and Charles Pennequin; poet and writer. Friday, March 30, 10:00 and 14:00, Théâtre des Variétés: Free piano master class.

British Association of Monaco The next Friday Friendship Club will be on Friday March 16 at St Paul’s Church Library. The BAM FFC is for members to meet up for afternoon tea twice a month (every first and third Friday of each month). This is free to members and friends and is an opportunity to meet with old friends or to make some new ones. Members can chat and read magazines, exchange books (new titles to choose from), play cards/games or help with the ongoing jigsaw while enjoying complimentary tea, coffee and delicious homemade cakes. We now have an extensive DVD lending library with lots of new titles - help us to increase our ever-growing selection and bring along some DVDs. Also books and magazines are always welcome. The first Friday Friendship Club in April will be on the 6th. MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS - You can renew your membership at the Happy Hour, or drop in your renewal form which can be found at <>. On Wednesday, March 14, Hugh Mitford Raymond will give a presentation on the Mitford dynasty and the family village of Mitford in Northumberland. A lighthearted and intimate insight to his family background and heritage, his life in South Africa, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, England, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland and events leading up to settling on the Riviera. As he says - ‘A relaxed and open conversation in true South African style, cool and casual. Price for members: €15 and for non-members €20. Booking forms were sent out with the March issue of BAM News and can be found at <> . 19:00, St Paul’s Church Library. Friday, March 23 - BAM and MonacoUSA are jointly hosting an old fashioned ‘Cabaret Evening’ on Friday, March 23, from 19:00 at Zest on the Port of Monaco. This special event will feature ‘Best of Brits & Yanks” food specialities, great drinks and some outstanding musical talent. Three members of the associations have put together a foot-tapping list of songs to entertain us. It will give you an opportunity to relive those Hollywood movies moments while enjoying a delicious selection of dishes served at your table. Book soon as places are limited. Price: €55 euros per person. Booking forms were sent out with the March issue of BAM News and can be found at <> . more listings on next page

Info: + 377 93 25 58 04 Friday, March 30, 18:30, Galerie Marlborough: “Rencontre avec les œuvres” by Emmanuel Hondré. Friday, March 30, 20:30, Salle des Princes du Grimaldi Forum Monaco: ‘Cycle Bruckner Grands Orchestres:’ Symphony concert by the Tonhalle de Zürich Orchestra, conducted by David Zinmann. Saturday, March 31, 14:00 to 17:00, Théâtre des Variétés:

Presentation of the musical software “SIBELIUS”. Saturday, March 31, 18:30, Galerie Marlborough: “Rencontre avec les œuvres” by Corinne Schneider. Saturday, March 31, 20:30, Salle Garnier de l’Opéra de MonteCarlo: ‘Le nouveau piano’ with performances from pianists Jan Michiels, Stephanos Thomopoulos, Wilhem Latchoumia. On the programme: Xenakis, Harvey, Bartók and Ligeti.


MONACO life MARCH, 2012 BAM events continued... Sunday, March 25 - Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny’s on his way with treats for girls and boys. So please joins us on this day for the Easter Bunny trail! This takes place at Stade A. Vanco in Beausoleil. Starts at 11:00. Teas and coffee on arrival. Members’ price €10 and for non-members €15. Booking forms were sent out with the March issue of BAM News and can be found at <> . Wednesday, March 28 - British Association of Monaco Annual General Meeting at St Paul’s Church Library, Monaco starting at 19:00. Other Forthcoming Events In March and April: Sunday, March 18 - 1st Pink Ribbon Monaco Walk starting at 9:30. For further details and to register visit: <http://www.pinkribbon. mc> Friday, March 30 - Monaco Ireland Arts Society presents A Brendan Behan Evening starting at 20.30 at the Auditorium of the Lycee Technique. Complimentary invitations may be had by telephoning + 33 (0)4 93 41 97 22 Special Group Offer for BAM Members - Two concerts at the Printemps des Arts: Thursday, April 5 - ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY - London Symphony Orchestra who will be performing Bruckner at the Grimaldi Forum. Sunday, April 8 - Soiree Bling Bling Classic: The soloist is a Russian prodigy playing Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov. This will take place at Salle Garnier. Reservation forms were sent out with the March newsletter and can be found here. For further information on Printemps des Arts, visit: <> + (377) 93 25 58 04

Monaco Diary Rail service not at all on track

Everyone knows what a disaster the French rail service is. Or do they? I can confirm the fact that the TER service through Monaco Monte-Carlo is an ongoing disaster. I use the service frequently to get to the airport…. Ah, you may say, there is no rail station at the airport. True and false at the same time. If you are prepared to use your feet, the Nice St Augustin station is very convenient. It takes just seven minutes to walk to the route of the Terminal 1- Terminal 2 free shuttle. If you are on the train already, it makes very little sense to get off at Nice Ville and wait for a bus. Not only will you lose time, but another four euros. Of course, I am talking here to those who can’t easily afford the options of helicopter, limo, taxi, 110 bus or a good friend to make one direct hop from Monte-Carlo to the airport.

The Works and Sayings of Brendan Behan

So where’s the problem? The problem is that 40 percent of the time something will go wrong. Of course, that still means that 60 percent of the time everything will be just as it should be, which is that the train arrives at the station at the right time, on the correct platform, and so on.

Of course, it’s not all over once the train arrives, on time, at St. Augustin. A couple of months ago the driver failed to open the doors on the platform side. However, they were open on the track side, so, to be fair, I was able to jump onto the track, first remembering my highway code, before hauling myself and my luggage up onto the Number 1 platform on the other side. The driver not only missed being included in the 60 percent category, but neatly illustrated the fact that French train drivers absolutely despise their passengers. As someone who has to get off a train as often as he gets on it to some extent I understand why.

This ‘bugger the passengers’ mentality extends to those who organise which platforms a train leaves from. No-one seems to care if they get the number right or not, resulting in frequent stampedes of passengers from one platform to another, even one train to another, as rumours spread of which train is going where, and when. I have been a victim of this on Monaco station, as well as Nice, where you come to expect it. It is, I imagine, rather like being caught up in the French revolution. Chaos is fuelled by rumour. Throw in the frequent strikes by always disgruntled staff and the mix is noxious. The French railway service, at least along the Riviera, is a shambles. I can’t see it getting any better, and the fact that the Principality expects an increase to six trains an hour servicing Monaco is of little help if the way in which the service operates doesn’t change.

Jeff Daniels

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Extracts: The Hostage and The Quare Fellow Actors:

Nick O’Conor, Paul Connell, Mike Muston, Ashley Muston, Derek Smith, Frank Dubuisson, Silke, Lynn Sharpe, Anne Fafoutakis

and Irish dancer: Nonna Varley


Monaco Life March 2012  

Issue 16, published 10 times per year

Monaco Life March 2012  

Issue 16, published 10 times per year