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Issue 1 | May 2018

4 Steps That Make You Confident & Heard

Exclusive Rare 1- on- 1 With Coach's A geless M om, Pauline Spiegel

CHILD MISBEHAVIOR CURE! IS HEALING YOUR ADRENALS THE SECRET TO 300% MORE ENERGY? This common misunderstood vitamin could be your answer

THE HUSBAND WHISPERER! The #1 reason it feels like there's no "passion" 1

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M om Warrior

The Very First Mom Warrior, Pauline Spiegel, Shares Her Secrets On How To NEVER GET OLD, Have Confidence, And Triumph Through Troubling Times!

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HEAD DREAMER'SNOTE War Has Been Declared On Stress! You With Me? Warning: Some Realness Ahead, Mom!

He w as su pposed t o be on e sh e w ou ld gr ow old w it h ? Not the one with his strong hands around her throat? . ? pinning her up against the wall, collapsing her breath. She knew this was the end.

She wanted to leave him but was scared.

An d Sh e Welcom ed It . Then the pain would be over. The wondering, the fear, the not knowing would be finished. Her vision and will started to fade little bit, by little bit, with each passing second his angry hands stood clasped around her throat. He was the one she gave her heart to?

Her one bright light in a world of darkness and despair. The person that meant more to her than anything.

She couldn?t breath? and she didn?t care.

She glanced over to where she stood in the hallway.

At least this way she wouldn?t have to live in constant fear and horror.

Vowed her soul & marriage over to. It felt like so many lifetimes ago now. This wasn?t the man she married. This was a monster that drank and then took out his anger on her.

This was how her life was going to end. He had her pressed up against the wall, stealing her life into his hands.

Ju st t h en on e w or d sliced t h r ou gh all t h e pain , all t h e con f u sion ? ? . Cut razor sharp through all the acceptance of her oncoming death.

Sh e w an t ed t o t ak e t h eir dau gh t er an d go,

?Mommy??? That word belonged to a voice?

? but she didn?t know where and she was afraid to be alone.

? a sweet voice. The sweetest voice she?s ever heard.

She remained hopeful that he would change.

That voice belonged to her daughter.

This night was the worst. On this night she said something he REALLY didn?t like and beat her more than ever before. 7 3

There she was? ? . her little angel? ? she stood clutching her blanket and wore a very worried look on her beautiful face? ? ..her daughter ?s huge, beautiful blue eyes looked onward with horror at the scene transpired in the hallway outside her bedroom. Then the thought slammed into our Hero Mom like a ton of bricks. If she was to let this monster of an abusive husband take her life?

? her. daughter ?s. was. next! He would have sole custody and take out his evilness on her! Something overtook our Hero Mom. Som et h in g sh e?s n ever f elt bef or e.

oxygen came flooding in like a thousand rainbows.

? giving her acres of strength and conviction!

? ? .scooped her up in her arms?

? Replacing the fear and quit that once was there.

? ..ran past the monster that now lay on the floor, squealing in pain?

? she fought. ? fought back with everything she had. Herself? she didn?t care about? ? but her little angel? She wasn?t going to let him do this to her!

It ?s t h e st or y of you . You?re that Hero Mom. There?s something that has been keeping the r eal you locked away. Something like that abusive husband that has been keeping her trapped. You have no idea how special that you are, Mom. You have no idea the impact you?re having on your kiddos.

? ran out the front door to her car?

You have no idea how much of a success they are going to be from just watching you live YOUR life.

Escaped him? ? escaped this point of her life? ? ? sped into the dark of the night?

How you?re the Model for their own ?adult-ing? when they get there.

? ? ? ..and unsure of what was to come next.

Th at r eal you is Th e M om War r ior .

It didn?t matter.

She sprang her right foot out up and kicked him straight in the balls.

She had her angel and all she knew was that she was safe.

The first one didn?t penetrate his anger? But, the second one did.

For h er dau gh t er ?s sak e.

He released his grip on her throat and the

It?s your story.

? ? ? ? With that monster bowled over in pain?

It was like a thousand warriors took over her body?

With the last of her strength?


She didn?t take a single second to enjoy it though?

? ? ? she ran as fast as her tired legs took take her to her little angel.

She fought.

welcomed Mom to this very first issue of The Mom Warrior Magazine?

She is the Unstoppable Force Of Potential in You. You?ve felt her, haven?t you? Felt her stirrings before?

Never again.

Never again.

Maybe it scared you?

What?s this true story of this brave Mom have to do with you, my

She is Light. She is Love. She is perfectly designed for Purpose. 4

The fun, peaceful, happy, confident, healthy, high energy, in-control, YOU that you are choosing to become. (notice how I left out ?good-looking?, or ?hot?? It?s because you already ARE! You just don?t see it YET! We?ll help with that! )


Bad guys have kept you from transforming into her. It?s not your fault. May not be an abusive husband like you heard in that true story there, but the threats are real all the same, Mom. St r ess. Em ot ion al Eat in g. Su gar Addict ion s. Tir edn ess. Fear . Th e Ext r a Weigh t . Th e Im post or Syn dr om e. Th at n egat ive lady Voice w it h in . The one that tells you that you?re not good enough. That you don?t deserve this? ? it is t h em ar e w h o w e ar e declar in g WAR on ! Just like that Mom Hero from earlier, she found the strength to fight back from her daughter. When mere

seconds before she was accepting of Death.

? analyzing my short time I?ve been given and asking myself?

Love is the answer. Love is our weapon. Love is how we are going to WIN this war, my brave Mom! That love you felt on that magical, ground-breaking day when they entered this world. When you thought you knew what Love was. You never knew anything so pure, so beautiful. This magazine, and Movement is dedicated to you, Mom. The best beings on this planet. The greatest wielder of this Weapon of Love. ? (whoa, that was a real good line, wasn?t it? I get my writing prowess from my Mom! You wait till you read HER writing! ) No offense to them but men have held the spotlight for too long. It is you r t im e. It?s your time to rise up and bring the good change this world needs. To spread this beautiful idea of Love

? did I do good w it h t h e Pow er s & Gif t s ou r M ak er en t r u st ed m e w it h ?

unleashed upon millions of family?s households.

?bettering the world? that she has had. I would be watching Oprah as a kid and seeing her give houses and cars to families in need.

To h ave a h appy, st r ess-f r ee h om e ch ildr en LOVE com in g h om e t o. To build a future for our children that we can be proud of.

I would hear stories of how Oprah would buy groceries for a year to a struggling, single Mom of two.

This magazine and all accompanying resources is dedicated to banishing them bad guys and helping you discover your Greatness?

Seeds of sparks were planted in that little child brain of mine. I was fascinated by the happiness and joy she created for others.

? t o becom e t h e M om War r ior .

I wanted to make people feel that way.

Unleash the Unstoppable Force of Potential you are.

To know that I mattered.

You know who Oprah is, right? Would you say she is pretty cool, Mom Warrior?

To look back on my life when I?m an old man nearing his end?

Exactly. My dream with this Mom Warrior Movement is to have 1% the impact and

7 5

I owe just about everything to my Mother, who you?ll get to meet in this issue. You?ll hear my story, and stories of growing up before long, my dear Mom. But know that Stress caused plenty of hardships and struggling times for my Parents and kids growing up. Stress caused words to get spewed that were hurtful. Led t o r egr et t able act ion s. Took the Love they felt for us kiddos away. I wasn?t able to help my Mom & Dad much then? ? but I can now. More importantly, I can help you with yours. It is what I was put on this planet to do. It?s a responsibility that scared me. One that I wanted to avoid because it would be hard. It would put

me in the spotlight and the target of controversy.


I didn?t feel good enough, attractive enough? ? nor even qualified enough! (in case you don?t know, I?m not a woman, nor even a MOM myself! ) Begged the good Lord to choose someone else to meet the enormity of carrying this message forward.



? We, as a f am ily, w ou ld h ave been scr ew ed?

A charge I didn?t want because I was scared.

? (probably shouldn?t speak for my siblings because they are greater than me? but I KNOW I WOULD HAVE BEEN!) :)

That was before I realized that to do nothing would be the greatest crime of them all. I can do something.

But you don?t worry about this big picture, ?1% of Oprah? stuff now, okay? That?s my job. That?s for your Coach to worry about.

I may not be able to do everything. But still I can do something. Because I can?t do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. :)

You f ocu s on You . Focu s on you r Fam ily. Focus on your Mission. Focus on grabbing a cool idea or strategy from this Magazine here and taking action on it.

(shout out to Edward Everett Hale?s quote) To not at least share my Mom?s story, (and other amazing Moms you?ll meet)

To kick that stress &/or tiredness in the butt. ? .to not let their inspiration help you out on yours?

It?s an honor to have you, Mom Warrior. Now let?s go start a ruckus, and unleash that Mom Warrior within, shall we? :)

? that would be the greatest abuse of them all! To let my own fear, doubt, false beliefs, and my own Impostor Syndromes win?... ? ?NOT HAPPENING!? So I may be scared, Mom Warrior, but your Coach & Head Dreamer is carrying on anyway. I gain inspiration and motivation from You. Thank you for that. I?ll never stop appreciating you. If my Mother didn?t put commitment to us kids, to Loving us the best way she knew how... ? If she didn?t put an emphasis on nutrition, on exercise, on combating stress for herself? ? On focusing on stuff that made HER happy. Filled up her cup. BEING the Model for her children to emulate after? ? If she didn?t do all that? 6

Does Lavish Here Hold The Secret To Getting Those Kids To Stop Misbehaving?... my typical morning. :)

Ar e you m or e of a cat per son or dog per son , M om War r ior ? The reason I ask is they both hold wonderful lessons for you in lessening some of that parenting stress. Particularly if you?re struggling with them

That?s why I stress to you the importance of those morning routines and starting with gratitude, Mom Warrior. If you?re anything like me, this tends to be the default setting unless I consciously pull myself out!

not listening. A clue comes from our kitty, Lavish. I woke up one Thursday morning, groggy, tired, overwhelmed, pressured, insecure, Impostor Syndrome up the wazoo, unsure, and indecisive? ? yeah, pretty much

Fir st or der of bizn ass is bu llet pr oof COFFEE! As I leave the bedroom and head to the kitchen, Lavish our kitty, starts whining and meowing. 7 This means that her 7

food bowl is empty. That?s about the only time we get any love and attention from her. Otherwise she sticks all to herself. This morning though, she was particularly stubborn. Followed me around, meowing her whining cry? ?Okay, I?ll fill your dish, just let me get my COFFEE first, Lavish.? I said to her. (do you think they understand our language?) But she didn't care I needed COFFEE. She was getting frustrated

these 5 buckets will take care of around 80% of this parenting stress. When these buckets are getting low, he?ll let you know through his behaviors, actions, and emotions. And for the most part, filling these buckets is even easier and a whole lot cheaper than getting them food! Her e?s t h e 5? that her demands weren?t getting met. 3 steps to making Bulletproof Coffee: (feel free to copy it and make your own! It?s incredibly energy-giving for you you!)

St ep 1: Take out yesterday?s filter and grounds and throw away in garbage St ep 2: Put in new filter, water and grounds and tap the ol? ?brew? button St ep 3: Toss the now fresh brewed coffee into the blender, with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, organic butter and a dab of Maple Syrup (thank you, Dad!). Then let the blender do its thing!

garbage door but she wasn?t budging! That?s one way to get my attention! Cats are so mischievous like that! And that?s just for when she is hungry! This is a perfect metaphor for what is going on in your child?s mind.

? and then I?ll explain each one a bit, as well as giving you a specific strategy to deploy! (makes it sound like we are going to WAR, doesn?t it? Parenting does feel like that, though right? Hence, that?s why you?re the MOM WARRIOR! 1. Belonging 2. Significance

There are 5 buckets present in them that need to be filled.

3. Choice & Independence

Lavish had one bucket to fill that morning, her belly bucket. When it?s empty, stuff like that happens.

5. Contribution

We have that too. Our bodily needs: like hunger, thirst, oxygen, shelter and sleep.

Same thing with your kiddos. They have bodily needs, too. If they?re hungry, they?ll let you I opened the garbage door to know. Maybe not as obtrusive as throw away yesterday?s Lavish, but typically it?s with grounds. Pulled out the garbage words. and tossed it in. Your child has 5 buckets of And Lavish comes running in their soul. and PLOPS herself right in front Putting a priority on filling of the door! I tried closing the I didn?t m ak e it t o st ep 2 t h at m or n in g. :)


4. Attention

Let ?s Talk Abou t Belon gin g This one we ALL need! It?s wired into our DNA no matter the age! This one is DIRECTLY correlated with our self-esteem. One of the big lessons I pulled from my psychology classes back in college was that fact right there. Self-esteem (how somebody feels about themselves) rises or falls in direct relation to their standing to the GROUP.

"4 Steps To H elping Y our Child Feel Wanted": Step 1: Sit Them Down Step 2: Give Them ALL Your Attention & Focus Step 3: Say "YOU BELONG HERE! We ARE SO THANKFUL TO HAVE YOU!" Step 4: Repeat! We are social creatures. In schools, kids form cliques and groups. Adults have it going on in the workplace? ? kids have your family. You?re the group. Think of your family as a cozy little tribe. Each member of your family needs to know where they belong in that tribe. They need to know where they fit in. They need roles. They need jobs. They need to know they BELONG. They need to feel WANTED. That they are accepted. Needs to know that she is emotionally connected to other members. M om ?s Tak in g Act ion : Here?s how you carry this one out. Real simple now. Step 1: Sit them down Step 2: Give them all of your attention and focus and say, ?Sweetie, I?ve got something real important to tell you. Could be the most important thing you?ll

ever hear from me? ? Step 3: Say ?YOU BELONG HERE! We accept you!? That?s about it in a nutshell, Mom Warrior. St ep 4: repeat every day if possible. Can?t really wear these ?belonging? muscles out! :) Bu ck et #2: Im por t an ce LOVE this one! And it?s so powerful! Another word to use with this could actually be POWER.

up to pre-teen. Just when they are beginning to understand their emotions, their feelings. That they have control over them.

The big emotion to come out Especially true if it?s a Little Man of this bucket is making them that you are raising. Seems feel special. Letting them know ingrained in us males to be want WHY they are important. to have power. :) Letting them know WHY you It?s vital that he feels a sense of love them so much! Letting personal power. It means they them know that they MATTER! have power over their own How much they are a blessing actions. When they accomplish on this earth and you are so something, let them feel pride for thankful to have them. their work. Nothing discourages a child Even more importantly, let them more than if they start believing feel pride more so for their that they are a burden. I know EFFORT rather than the you don?t feel that way towards accomplishment. them (hopefully), so it?s just a This one is huge right in the matter of pulling that feeling to middle of the toddler years and the surface! 7 9

" ""


One of my students had a Father that all he ever talked about was blaming her for why he never accomplished anything in his life. Blamed her for why he was a failure and was broke all the time. He wished she was never born.

? will be along the lines of what that Father said to his daughter there.

This was DISASTROUS to her development. She ended up using that as motivation to prove him wrong and become a success, but you get my point, right?

This is a GOLDEN opportunity to always look towards the positive of this condition and focus solely on that.

?Oh, Sweetie, look how you drew them trees with the branches and bird?s nest. I really appreciate your attention to detail!?

WHY this is a good thing. Almost likes it?s a superpower and they should feel grateful to have it.

Here?s another one huge actionable tip you can do with this one?

The thing is, Mom, is that unless you point this one out to your child. Let them know WHY they matter. Let them know how GLAD you are to have them? ? the default setting, the conclusion they will come to on their own?

Th is is an especially im por t an t on e if you r ch ild h as a so-called ?disabilit y ?. Like ADHD, for example.

If they start attaching labels to it and letting it be an anchor for why they won?t succeed, the ramifications could last a lifetime.

Another real simple step in following through on this one? ? NOTICE! Point out things about them that you truly love and appreciate about their thought process and effort. Aka, their internal stuff.

LET THEM WIN! Rig games in their favor and let them win.


WINNING is another ?hack? towards filling your child?s Importance bucket. If you?re finding yourself in more power struggles than what you would like? ? pay particularly good attention to this one, okay? Let?s continue on.

WINNING is another ?hack? towards filling your child?s Importance bucket. Bu ck et #3: Ch oice Now as you learn these, dear Mom Warrior, know that your kiddo will likely be stronger in 1 than the others. Be mindful of that and constantly on the lookout for ways to

M om ?s Tak in g Act ion !: 10


add to that particular bucket. Each drop put into their ?behavior ? bucket has exponentially higher returns than the other 4. (good to know, right?! :) )

This seems to be an inherent bucket in all us humans. To make our own choices, have control over our own destiny? ? and was the rallying cry for us going for our independence. But it seems to be an even higher bucket for children. When THEIR ENTIRE LIFE is up to somebody else.

...FREEDOM! And their minds are on fire with possibilities! (especially during them toddler years, which are the EXPLORE stages!) Poor Parents are constantly fighting the battle of how much to let them roam and have freedom vs. saving their life! But a child needs to have freedom to make their own choices. If not that?s when this bucket will begin to run dry. When it?s running dry, that?s when the outpouring of misbehaviors and not listenings begin to happen. Turn EVERYTHING into a choice for your child, it?s just the 2 choices that both work



out for what YOU want?

?Do you want to brush your teeth now, or after your story? Are you familiar with how ketchup came to be?

accessible to children. Easy grip. Squeezeable. Easy pour. So that it wasn?t as much effort for the child to get as much ketchup as they wanted. Pretty cool, huh?


M om ?s t ak in g act ion !

The owners of that company were noticing that 50% of it?s usage was coming from children.

This is one of the foundational reasons what makes my Now They Listen, Discipline & Respect System so powerful.

Using that ketchup was the ONLY experience a child had that it was up to them.

Because your child has complete control!

They had to eat what parents wanted them to eat. They were told to constantly ?clean your plate.? Had to do everything the adults told them. Then they got a hold of ketchup! With that they could put as little or as much ketchup as they wanted. They could put it on whatever they wanted! Heinz noticed this and so made the bottle more

Here?s a nugget taken out of that System that you can employ today. A real simple concept based on the token economy. Grab a piece of paper and cut out little dollar bill shaped rectangles in it. Put a 1 on each one. This is your tribe?s currency. Aka, your family. Have them do a daily chore and let them know when they complete it, they earned 1 ?buck?. They can then turn in that ?buck? either each day or each week for whatever they want. -tv watching time - pick their own movie

7 11

- maybe an actual $1 to go buy whatever they wanted (DOUBLE CHOICE!)

behaviors. Recognize, appreciate, ATTEND to them.

- or Total Mind, Body, Soul, Time with Mommy! (more on that later.) The idea is to leave it up to them! Now onto pretty much the most important one of them all! (I?m kinda sounding like that one lady in Cinderalla ?Who?s the fairest of them all?? :) Bu ck et #4: At t en t ion Here?s a statement that I want burned into your awesome brain, Mom? At t en t ion t o a ch ild = LOVE! We?ll talk about your child?s love language and the best ways they receive that attention later. But really it?s just about showing up and making a conscious effort to acknowledge them. Acknowledge their emotions, their

You get bonus points if it?s under the category of ?play?. The more attention they get from you, the more belief and conviction gets imprinted on them that ?Mommy loves me.? Sometimes it will be hard. Sometimes you will get angry. They will misbehave. Act out. Fight. Yell. Say hurtful things. These are all consequences of an empty Attention Bucket. Do what you can in those moments but in the back of your mind, look to see how you can correct that in the future by planning on opportunities to give them attention. Here?s a fabulous way to go about that?

M om ?s Tak in g




Act ion :


Employ this GAME-CHANGING tool! Totally learned it from the brilliant Amy McCready, called Mind, Body, Soul Time. It?s real easy to deploy, just takes conscious effort on your part, my dear! Once a day, put it in your calendar, set reminders, do all the fancy technology stuff? ? 10 minutes alone with your child. Just you and him/her. Give them ALL OF YOU! Totally engage, ask questions. Play. let them decide the activity. Let them do what they want WITH you. No phone, no tv on in the background. No distractions. Talk about whatever they want. I grew up thinking my dad was a monster. I lived in constant fear of him. It was always stress 12

that ran him amok. He lashed out with anger, yellings, and saying hurtful things (and of course, spankings) :) The thing was, my Mom Warrior, was that Dad loved us kids more than anything. Put so much stress and pressure on himself to provide.


Dad didn?t know it at the time but he deployed this Mind, Body, Soul time. If he didn?t? . I probably would have REALLY ended up as a mess of an adult and made even MORE mistakes than what I did. I might not ever seen him for the kind, caring, loving soul he actually is. Each night, we went for starry night walks on the back country road by our house. Just me, him, and an eager dog. Ah, those walks. Those were some of my favorite memories growing up. And writing to you about

the family. Tell the family of the financial crisis they were in. The family gathered in the kitchen and he broke down and cried. Told them everything. Shared his mistakes and screw-ups and the financial ruin they were now in.

them now is bringing tears of joy to my eyes, Mom. That?s the power and value of this. Not only is it great for filling that Attention Bucket, but you are putting the memories into place for your child for how THEY are going to remember YOU! You?ve got one shot and this thing called Motherhood, Mom. You?re doing a magnificent job already. Stuff like this is merely here to have more of your greatness be known to your cute kiddos. When they themselves look back upon their life and reminiscent about their childhood. Now let?s get to the last one and then I expect you to go continue to be that awesome Mom that you are?

Bu ck et #5 Con t r ibu t ion :

One of the lowest parts of his life. But from it, came one of his most cherished memories.

This one is so often His daughter, only around 4, overlooked. In my mission to be gets up from the table and one of the best Coaches on the runs to her room. planet to help you get those Comes running back out kids to listen and knock off with her piggy bank. parenting stress? Puts it on the kitchen table ? I?ve read and researched A and says, ?Here, Daddy, take LOT. mine! Let me help!? This one never comes up or is This melted his heart even talked about all that much. It goes right along with those first 2 buckets of the Belonging and Importance. Let me give you a good story that very clearly describes what this Contribution is all about. It was the story of one of my mentors in this business world. Him talking about one of the darkest days of his life? ? he just had a business go bankrupt and he was in the hole many thousands of dollars. 7

He had to come home and tell 13

more. He vowed he was going to make this right. True story, by the way, Mom Warrior. It?s what happened to Mike Michalowicz and shares with us in the beginning of his extraordinary book, ?Profit First?. Your kiddos walk around a lot like that. Wondering where they can help. Wanting to contribute to the family. Wanting to help make a difference. Whether it's the family or a good cause. So here?s how to fill that Contribution Bucket for them, my dear? M om ?s Tak in g Act ion ! Do you do an allowance of some sort, Mom Warrior? What?s a cause your whole family can get behind? It doesn?t have to be anything huge, even if it?s donating a dollar. Put in one of the cool rules in your family that if they donate to whatever good cause you decide on, that you?ll match it! Be sure to see the effects of this good will. For example, let?s say you are sponsoring a child in Africa, you are sharing their pictures and letters with the whole family. Letting them feel that internal ?warmth? and feel good that comes from giving like that. What a marvelous gift you?ve given them, Mom Warrior! Proud of you! Until our wandering Warrior paths cross again, my brave One, may you go with the amazingness, the Good-looking-ness, the Greatness that you are? ? keep kicking that fear in the face and Loving up on your Family. I?m with you in this fight till the end. God bless you for being here.

Coach (finally fed the kitty) Spiegel, BTSM World's Most UNLIKELY Parenting Stress Coach! Yeah, I think I "accidenently" just cracked the code on this "getting-kids to listen" and you stop yelling" thing. Just click below to see the free video that reveals what caused this one Mom's son to say to her, "Now I like coming home! It's a Happy home!"

Free Video Reveals... Click Here To See The #1 Secret About Parenting 14

Pauline Spiegel The First M om Warrior

- Her 4 K eys To Conf i dence - Her Secret To Stayi ng Forev er Young! - Th e Rooster Story A bout Wh y You Don't Want To M ak e Her A ngry :) 7 15

L isten To The


I nterview H ere!




Th at t h em e bein g ?con f iden ce?. This non-quantifiable ?thing? that has a profound effect on pretty much every inch of your life? ? including this parenting stuff. There?s no classes on it. There?s no pills to take to up it. When its waning and running low, you have no idea where it?s going. Holy cow, are you ever in for a treat with this interview, Mom Warrior!

Yet it spills EVERYTHING needed that divide the line between victory and defeat!

If you ever wonder if you are making a difference in your child?s life, just come back to this interview here.

You get to learn a few of it?s hidden secrets from one of the best at it with this interview!..

If ever you are fearing that you might be screwing them up, come back to this interview here. If ever you are hoping, praying, and desiring that they grow up to be a success? ? yup, you guessed it, come back to this interview here!

? From my mom! The first Mom Warrior! The one whose love, dedication, direction, model to follow, support, and ?there-for-me-ness? has made all of this possible! An interview that is somewhere around 60 years in the making! (I?m actually not sure how old my ageless Mom is, just that she?s in her 60?s) She does share a few of her ?forever young?

All you ever have to do is Love. When you don?t know what to do, as long as you have their best interest in heart. Acting from a place of love and care? Vs. ? fear, anger or regret. Do that and you?ll be okay! Boy, did my Mom knock it out of the park with this one! You start to see early on a theme. A theme that I wonder if it?s a concern for you as 16

secrets too! In your article here, know that this is meant to COMPLIMENT the recorded interview. You?ll get so much more out of it that way. You?ll get 路 summarized points 路 some of the best stuff taken from the interview here. 路 Answers to all the questions I asked her so you can quickly go back to them if needed. 路 As well as, sort of, a play-by-play of our time spent together. But I do implore that you listen to this on whatever respective devise you have, from the podcast. That way you can FEEL the love that my Mom has. Understand that you have that same Greatness in you as well. Hear it in her voice, in her laughter. Get yourself excited so that the children your raising today

,can go off and live lives that you?re proud of as well!

spreading Sparkle and Light via this interview!


Let?s get to it!

WHY do you think I am so in awe, so fascinated by you!?

In Th e Fir st 5 M in u t es?

A cou ple of m y m om ?s su per h er o or igin st or ies?

- We joke a bit about how Parenting is so NOT FAIR! You don?t find out until YEARS and YEARS and YEARS after it?s too late if you did it ?right? or not!

She grew up on a farm. With her being the oldest of 5 children. She was the first to help out her dad out in the field at the age of 7!

It?s like building a plane to fly and then setting the thing loose. Then you have to sit around and WAIT to see even IF it flew!

He put her to work driving the tractor and bailer (farm talk). But her little legs were too short to reach the pedals!

* * Oh , side n ot e: t h is is a ver y LIVE in t er view !

So what did her dad (my Grandpa) do?

Done while Mom was putting together a wonderful meal.

Just had her shut the key off when it was time to stop! How?s that for problem solving!?

AND With a little 3 year old toddler grandchild in the background!

She found out from a young age that she liked getting a tan in the summers!

Super classic Mom moment! Doing 18 things at once WHILE


4:34 >> Mom got spanked! And she did not like it!

So Fascinated By You!


I asked, ?Who started that!?? 7 17

Where do you fall

on this most controversial of all parenting tactics, Mom? 5:40 >> The ?sport? Mom would play if she could?


6:50 >> special shout-out to her littlest sister, Tina! Mom calls her, ?my teeny, tiny, Tina!? Whom Mom was a wonderful big sis to. She would take her everywhere! 8:32 >> Mom starts dishing some good stuff on everyday leadership! Something pretty important to you being a Mom and all! - We?r e all leader s, M om says. We can embody the qualities of a leader. Of Empathy and care. - Leaders walk the talk. If you?re going to talk it, you have to practice it yourself. - Leaders take action (SUPER AGREE!) Mom didn?t always feel like a leader. Like through those some tough, getting picked on and put down,

times of high school. She had acne really bad, and that certainly brought in the teasings and insecurities. That combined with her being a ?farm girl?? ? totally trashed her confidence totally bad. Something that fueled her to overcome as she sped through adulthood. 10:47 >> Glorious Mom Quote ahead. ?HEY! LOOK AT ME NOW! I turned into something! May have been an ugly duckling before, but now I am a beautiful swan!? ? not to be a show-off or anything, but I am NOT an ugly duckling!? 12:12 >> With the sounds of slicing carrots in the background, Mom shares the day all Moms can relate to? ? the day they found out that they were pregnant! 13:27 >> Mom's quote: ?If that never happened (pregnant

with my older sis, Sabrina) would I still have gotten married?? ? But Family comes first! Wouldn?t you agree, Mom!? 14:12 >> Mom tells Dad that she is pregnant. Dad goes ?Will you marry me?? You know that I am very FOR Moms and in complete dedication to you. But can we take a second to appreciate the Dad Heroes of the world too? Give a man that has done some good in your life some love and appreciation today, won?t you, Mom Warrior? 15:49 >> I ask Mom ?Was abortion an option?? Her answer knocked my socks off! * * 16:24 >> One of Mom?s keys to success: ?Whatever is happening, I just go with it.I just move forward. Make the best of it.? Holy cow is my Mom brilliant! How awesome was that



I share this same sentiment. It wasn?t so much a lesson that Mom passed down to me. More like something I just picked up, being her Son, and following her example. That?s why you being the Mom Warrior is so important, Mom. Because in you living the life you were meant for, your child will learn to do the same! 18:12 >> You get to hear from my Dad! He enters the house from working inside and you get to hear one of the more famous lines that you Parents always say! Ah, good moment! So thankful that it got captured on the recording! 20:02 >> ?Sabrina was actually a pretty good baby!? 21:12 >>The advice she would give her younger self when she was just a kid (21!) when she became a Mom for 18

the first time and was taking care of the baby. 23:00 >> because Mom wasn?t that confident at the start of their marriage and raising their first child, she just had to take on the roles that her husband wanted her to.


The cooking. The cleaning. The taking care of the baby. Changing diapers. ?Hey, when?s supper going to be??is something Dad would ask. So it was just assumed for my Mom: ?Oh, looks like I will have to cook the meals.? 24:28 >> How Mom got to be so good at cooking! ? She just did it! Got recipes. Practiced. Failed. Tried again. That worked. Nobody died. Okay, keep doing that! :) Cooking is such a wonderful metaphor for pretty much anything you want to be successful at in life!

" " ""

I AM OF THE MIND THAT YOU CAN NEVER DISCONTINUE LEARNING It started in typical CLASSIC entrepreneur style, Mom spotted an opportunity!

25:41 >> here?s a real interesting question that I?m sure you?ll appreciate? ? this whole concept of ?healthy eating?. We talk about it here for a couple of minutes about the way we ate was just normal. There were none of this "bad" eating stuff. It?s curious to ponder about when this distinction started occurring? 26:42 >> The birth of JAZZERCIZE in the Chippewa Valley and my Mom?s life! Jazzercise would play a HUGE role in our lives! It would be my Mom?s first foray into

the world of fitness. She loved taking the classes. Loved the social aspect of it and being with other Moms. Loved being challenged by doing it by being in a group setting. Since then, there has never been a time in my Mom?s life where exercise wasn?t a part of it! * 28:49 >> Pr obably m y secon d f avor it e par t of t h is w h ole in t er view ! The origins of my Mom and her first entrepreneur adventure?

An opportunity based on what other people were asking for! ?I wish that they had classes closer to Jim Falls,? the ladies she went to class with would say. After traveling close to half an hour to get to. So Mom took it upon herself to see if she could pull it off! She would be nervous. She was scared. She didn?t have perfect confidence, but she dived in anyway! 30:30 >> Mom would start to train seniors! And said how those ladies are just the best!

I would totally agree! I currently ? Her own Aerobics have my small group class instructor business! 7 of ladies that I train in 19


person, and I just can?t get enough of them! Love them, love them, love them! Special shout-out to you Diane, Dee, Connie, and Shirley, if you?re reading this! So honored to be your Coach! Maybe it was little kid me going with Mom to when she lead this classes where I fell in love working with Grandma?s? Hmmmmm, interesting. * 33:45 >> AWESOM E M OM QUOTE! ?I am of the mind that you can never DISCONTINUE learning. Professional Development. Everything keeps changing!? 34:56 >> #1 The first of Mom?s Keys to Gaining that CONFIDENCE!

She joined a professional organization. Surrounded herself with talent and mentorship. In her case it was the IAAP. International Association Administrative Professionals



Mom jumps into key #2 right away here too: Sh e w as n er vou s, bu t sh e t ook act ion an yw ay. In her case it was being the Leader for the aerobics classes she taught. 35:50 >> Mom?s third key to Confidence right here!...

life as the Mom Warrior and kicking stress & tiredness in the BALLS! So when you sense it going low, follow my Mom?s advice:

Listened to feedback others were saying, good feedback? and BELIEVED them! "Well, if enough people are saying I?m that good, well I must be that good then!" This is so huge for you, Mom, if you are like a lot of women and feeling not so confident most of the time. For most of us it is just being in tuned to what others are saying. A lot of the time they have good stuff to say, but we don?t receive it.


Dr aw on w h at ot h er s h ave been sayin g! Think upon instances of them saying that. Remember that. Pull yourself out of that funk! * 37:06 >> Mom?s best stress combater! (you probably already guessed what it is!) Her top advice she would give her younger self: have more PATIENCE! Be more proactive rather than reactive! 40:40 >> We learn about BESTOLOGY! A pledge on how to be your best!

It?s like a radio station is broadcasting, we just don?t have the radio turned on.

1. believe in your best

That?s a wonderful actionable step from this interview you can take forward if you want.

3. honor authenticity (second this one!) :)

>> Start being on the lookout for anything good or positive someone else is saying about you. Then write it down! Value, recognition, appreciation. That?s all many of us want. It?s time you started getting yours too! Think of your confidence as like a fuel gauge. It?s supposed to ALWAYS be full! When it?s full, that?s when you are rocking

2. do one thing different

4. cultivate purpose 5. be your own Champion! 43:08 >> M om is so sm ar t w it h h er 4t h Key t o Con f iden ce h er e? - It?s just sort of part of life that stuff is going to happen that is going to sap that confidence. Know this. Don?t be surprised by it. And go back to your Confidence raisers when it does. When the internal questions start getting there like, ?Did I do terrible?? 20

?do they not like me??


It happens. Those voices don't mean anything. So Mom says: ?You just have to work through it!?


That?s it! Here?s some more about Confidence that Mom wished to share! Th e 4 agr eem en t s on e m u st h ave w it h t h em selves: 1. Be im peccable w it h you r w or d. * my Mom was fabulous at teaching us, and passing on down to us, the importance of Commitment! If you say you?re going to do something, you do it! This one is probably one of the hardest agreements to keep and at the same time one of the most powerful! This one is so profound that Mom found the strength to pull through some rough times in the marriage in that


round! (we?ll come up with a sexier, cooler sounding name for this later. :) maybe like the GAUNTLET ROUND or something more ?warrior ? sounding ;)

* 46:40 >> Moms top 2 stress tips! Exercise and having friends to talk to! Simple & Awesome! Good job, Mom! Agr eem en t #2

Th e book t h at h as m ade t h e m ost dif f er en ce t o you :

Don?t take anything personally

> The 4 Agreements


Th e book you m ost h igh ly r ecom m en d t o ot h er s:

Don?t make assumptions. #4

7 Habits of Highly Successful People

TRY you r best ! This is one is another huge takeaway, Mom! It?s not so much praising or acknowledging the RESULT for your child?

Begin with the end in mind. Think of the BIG picture! A com m on m iscon cept ion abou t you r self you w ou ld lik e t o clear u p:

? rather it is the effort and work they put in! 51:24 >> Rapid fire


> Mom was hilarious on this one!


Plus you hear all about the angry Mom vs. a rooster story! >> Because my Mom is a fashion superstar, and she always is dressed to kill. Always looks good, people tend to think that she doesn?t ?get her hands dirty?


That she doesn?t get in the trenches and do manual tough labor! In fact, she prides herself on excelling in that as well! Top f avor it e m ovies! Cou ld w at ch it a t h ou san d t im es an d st ill be ok ay w it h on e m or e! >> Mama Mia! Prior to that, when she was younger, it was Sound of Music? ?How do you solve a problem like Maria!? Best pu r ch ase u n der a $100? >> Mom?s new Instapot! M om ?s best h ealt h t ips! >> Fitness is important but even more important is

NUTRITION! She follows the ?Eat less? C.R.A.P.!? Idealogy! C = Carbonated beverages (SODA!) R = Refined Sugar


A = Artificial Sweeteners


P = Processed Foods An d t h en eat m or e F.O.O.D.! F = Fruit and Veggies O = Organic Lean Protein O = Omega & Fatty Acids D = Drink water But then don?t forget to treat yourself! :) M om ?s daily eat in g sch edu le! (t h is is a good on e!) Br eak f ast : NO cereal! She eats eggs.

Mom & Her First Born, Sabrina (notice how Mom hasn't AGED!)

If she does have bread, it is using the Ezekiel bread with organic Hazelnut spread. Lu n ch & t h r ou gh ou t t h e day: Salads and veggies. Especially with black beans. Snacks: apples and almond butter Mom tries to eat every 3 hours! Wh at w ou ld you say t o you r 30 year old self Keep moving forward, keep doing your best! And Faith, Hope & Love are the most important aspects of following God. M essage t o M illion s M essage? She would do up those 4 agreements from earlier in 30 seconds! --Didn't she do great! Let her be your inspiration to keep "Mom-ing" so awesome! Go with the Greatness that you are, Mom Warrior! 22

Mom, Dad & Zayah! (see the similarity between Z and Sabrina? Isn't that cool!?) :)


You know how you wish you had a crystal ball into what's going on in that husband's head sometime? NOW YOU Do!

Let's See If W e Can't Head Off Some Of That Husband Stress,


...THAN THAT LOVE OF YOURS That is if Love is there. :)


If it's there, then it means there is reception problem, Mom. Meaning, one person is talking in love language they're not picking up. Nothing is more powerful in this universe than that love of yours, and here is how to show that to your others! Did you know that such a large number of problems with the husband could probably be solved with love.

Gary Chapman's ground breaking book, "The 5 love languages", rescued and impacted many a relationship and marriage.

and appreciation. Want MORE stress? Just do the opposite of all that) :) Let's say Hubz?love language is words. Here is the story... Hubz is showing your son how to do math? (which if you think you have stress arising from problems, just say to yourself? ?At least I?m not a math book? they really have problems? ;) And you notice that it was really genius how he showed that cute son of yours how to arrive at the solution. So you say to your hubz:

He taught us that we speak the ?Wow, honey, that was really language of love in 1 of 5 ways. genius how you explained that to Here is this guy's take on the 5, him. complete with stories and examples to make you laugh, cry You are a marvelous teacher! and then laugh again! Not only is he lucky to have you 1. LoveLanguageof W ords as a wonderful father... I am lucky Preferably words of to have you! thoughtfulness,7kindness, love, As you have taught me many 23

" wonderful things! Thank you. And by the way you are very handsome and I love your beard.?:) Nice job, wife! You just showed your hubz that you love him and now he understands! (And will keep his beard) ;) Onto number 2...

2. Qual itytime

kiddo. The world will still be there when you're done. If the hubz isn?t cooperating? let me talk to him ;) ) .No distractions, just talking, and LUVR communication: L-listen U- understand V- Verify

100% focused attention, alone time, with that (hopefully) wonderful significant other of yours.

An d t alk abou t f eelin gs! Good f eelin gs!:

Two way street, baby! Both in it together!

?I loved it when you did? .?

If you do the date night thing (which they say is pretty smart to do)?

?I think is was cool when you said? .? cell phones. Leave them at home,

R- resolve

?I like how you said? .? St or y t im e!... You are fond of your two dogs. Dogs need to go for walks (that's


their excitement). There is two of you: you and the hubz. There is two dogs.... Ummm, I think there is a Genius idea in there somewhere! As you two are walking the dogs, you leave the cell phones, theFacebook, the emails and the 4 bagillion things you can do on them... at home. You talk about your day, how so and so made you feel. You talk about your plans for the future... you would like the future to look. You talk about your son and his math problems and how it makes you feel. :) 24


You talk about how glad you are that you aren't a math book... ...because they really have problems :) still funny? no? Crap.) :) Words aren?t the main form of communication here, my dear Mom Warrior. It is the environment in which this beautiful exchange is taking place. That being that each person?s focus and attention is ON THEIR LOVED ONE. You talk about the pretty sunset. You toss in a little love lan gu age n u m ber 1 (why put all your eggs in 1 basket?) and compliment him on his nice butt and

manly beard! :)

Heath is all like?

Doesn?t really quite matter as long as you two are spending some good ol?quality time with each other.

?WHAAAAT! Why would I do that!? I am a champion and champions DON?T LOSE! (ps: you?re a champion, Mom Warrior :) )

With the other one is the main recipient of that person?s attention. Now let's go give each other some nice things!...

3. Givinggifts ?here, honey, I was thinking of you? Awwwwwwww! Doesn?t matter if we have zero use for that thing, or if it is butt-ugly? just the fact that the one we want to be loved by most in this world (outside of your children, of course ;) ) showed us their love to us. Remember that Eva Longoria and that Desperate Housewives show? I know, great show (yeah, I watched it? and LOVED it! Don?t tell anyone ;) ) She hooked up with that rich guy that was gone all the time. You know who I am talking about? Well, this guy had a wife that divorced him and in their house there, there was a

And then pretty princess was all like? walk-in closet full of expensive dresses, shoes, and outfits. The dude was gone all the time on business stuff. But he still loved his wife so he just kept buying her stuff hoping that that would be enough to keep her happy and hanging on? . wasn?t. :( She wanted to feel loved from love language numero 2, quality time? ...She wanted her husband around. Although the expensive gifts were nice, it wasn?t what she really seeked. It wasn?t what was really lacking in her soul.

reader, it started happening to her too! Uh-oh, so she left him to go back to Carlos. Oh, them love triangles! Let?s get into the often forgot love language of acts of service.

4. Acts of Service Performing actions for the other person in the name of love! It is one of my favorite movies, A Knights Tale. William Thatcher (aka Heath Ledger) says to his beautiful true love, that princess chick (before they hooked up) that he will win this match in her honor!

Then she is all like? So she left him to go ?That?s boring! How find it and that is how about you lose in my Eva ended up in a honor to prove your love closet full of her to me??? fantasy clothes. Before long though, gentle 7 And Handsome 25

?Exactly!... If you truly love me, you will do what is against your nature to prove it to me!? Then he is all disappointed and sad because he now knows what he must do? ? he begins to lose. Let?s himself get beat up and defeated all in the name of love... So that she will know how he feels. To show her he is not just all talk and full of crap like a lot of people are. So yeah, Mom Warrior, this love language is a lot like that. Except instead of pointy lances and great-haired knights (We miss you, Heath! R.I.P., great one!) and

stuck-up bored princesses (she gets over it, though)? . ? we have dirty dishes, long grass and empty cups of coffee that could use some attending to! So just do chores, activities and nice gestures that your true love can do on their own, but you do it anyway to show your love. Other examples besides losing jousting competitions include, but certainly not limited to? ? dinner, making sannwiches, changing the oil on the car, doing the dishes for them, mowing the lawn, getting them a beer, tucking them in at night, reading them a bedtime story... (Bethany reads me stories out of the Chicken Soup For the Dog Lover ?s Soul to me? isn?t she sweet?!).

massages, cuddling? .moving all the way up to the more adult themed actions. ? (and then even higher than that into the 50 shades category! Yikes!) Ever seen the hit tv show Everybody Loves Raymond? (yup, we just went from 50 to Raymond!)

alone time...

You know that awesome wife of Ray?s? Apparently this was her love language (she was pretty awesome, wasn?t she?) :) Handsome Heath?s acts of service,

She really wanted cuddles bad, and good ol?Ray wasn?t complying. He was too much of a non touchy feely, tough guy. (C?mon, Ray!)

She will be all ?cuddled?out and leave him alone.

One more to go and this is an easy one! (Pun totally intended, awesome one, you'll see!) :)

So there we have it, Mom Warrior. The 5 languages of love and some good lessons to be had from each!

Hand holding, back rubs,

Jump on over to

Coach Spiegel is the happily married Groom to the most wonderful woman he's ever met.

It didn?t work. :) Back to the drawing board for funny ol?Ray!

This one is pretty self-explanatory isn?t it?

...and then with 50 shades of ?close your eyes!? (okay, not quite that far!)

But he got good advice from his Mom (See the goodness you bring!) to be all cuddly all day as much as possible and then when Coach Spiegel, Happy Hubs To This One they go to bed together?

How is this sounding so far, not too over the top? Good!

5. GoodOl ' FunPhysical Touch giving and receiving nice thoughtful gifts,

Lessons learned from compliments of bearded manliness, some no iphone 26

By the time you read this it should be nearing our 2 year wedding anniversary. With everyday with her feeling like a blessing. He was smitten by her the very first day he laid eyes on her and couldn't believe that she was so into a goofball like him. She speaks his love language of Words all the time, with hers being the same. (yikes, writing in 3rd person is tough!) :)

SAUL'S NO GOOD, VERY BAD, ROTTEN DAY... (ORSOHE THOUGHT) ;) by...(youguessedit!) Coach Spiegel ! (don't worry, i'l l be gettingsomehel pherebefore l ong) :) 7 27

weren?t stopping anytime soon. So he put on his pants, fastened his belt, hastened his sword? and off he went to follow his charge to go do something about it. WARNING! We've got some controversial religion talk ahead, so if that's not your thing...

He had to do a bit of traveling to get to where the job was. To get the job done.

...feel free to skip!

It w as ju st su pposed t o be a n or m al day f or M r . Sau l. (no relation Saul Goodman, the lawyer from ?Breaking Bad?) Just another Thursday. Just another day at the ol?office. He had himself a job to do. That job was in another town.

Those troublesome Christians were causing quite the ruckus over in Damascus. He sh ou ld h ave f elt pr et t y bad f or t h e h u n t in g, ? the maiming, ? the killing? ? but really, he didn?t.

Yup, just another day at work. This would turn out to not be the case though, dear Mom Warrior. You are very smart. You got your stuff together. You obviously know a lot. You?ve likely heard this story before, haven?t you? So you know how this story unfolds for Mr. Saul, right?

Those rambunctious Christians were causing quite the stir over there and they certainly

In case you don?t k n ow ? According to the 28

Bible, Acts 9:1-19? ...Saul was one of the worst persecutors of Christians that ever was. On the road to the town of Demascus, he was struck by a powerful Light, and a powerful Voice. (More powerful than Blake Shelton?s, That tattooed guy from Maroon 5, and sweet Kelly Clarkson!) With Saul down on his knees with confusion and much ?What the (bleep) is going on-ness?!? he


heard the Voice say to him:

Somebody the crowd wouldn?t have held such a vendetta against?

?Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?? ?Who are you, Lord??Saul asked.

Som eon e a lit t le less ext r em e in t h eir cr im es.

?I am Jesus, who you are persecuting,?he replied. ?Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.?

Why oh why, dear Lord?

(don?t you love it when the good Lord/Universe is super clear on what you must do, Mom Warrior?)

Th at ?s n ot even t h e m ost pu zzlin g qu est ion of t h is st or y of Sau l t o Pau l, M om War r ior ?

So what follows forth from this Calling of Saul was a bit of a rebirth. Called by Jesus to be one of his Apostles. To carry his Message forth.

Why not more stories like this? Why not more transformational ones of sinner to Saint? It worked out pretty good for Paul and his transformation, why didn?t God do it some more?

To no longer be Saul. Step into his new life, his new Path, his new Calling, his new Mission.

Even if there were, why not in clu de more works and stories like that in the Bible and other Apostles?adventures?

? As Pau l. To be one of the baddest, boldest, coolest, most powerful of the Apostles. To go on and SAVE Christians, where before it was beheadings and crucifixions.

This was a pretty brilliant move by God and the Bible. Let me tell you why? ? Sh e didn?t w an t u s ch er r y-pick in g t h e best Apost le st or ies an d ch oosin g t h at r ou t e t o f ollow ?

To go from one of the worst offenders of the Faith, to one of it?s strongest Leaders. So w h y h im ?

? that life to emulate.

Why not some Joe Shmoe down the road that DIDN?T have the reputation of, oh, killing thousands and thousands of God?s people?

She wanted to give us as an extreme example of what is possible. That we would know that it would be okay.

God in Her ultimate power, and affinity, could have called anybody to carry out this job that needed to be done.

If a f allen sou l cou ld f all as f ar as Sau l did? ? enjoy in the beheading of men, women, and children for no other reason but their beliefs of a higher Power?

* * (p.s. I refer to God as a female, just so you know. Hence, the ?Her?. You?re welcome to disagree for sure.

? for no other reason than how they chose to have their life represented.

It?s just that when I think of God, I think of Love. When I think of Love, I think of a Mother?s Love. That?s why.)

To go from that? ? .to being an original superhero Avenger (that?s how I view those Apostles ).

So why did She choose the worst sinner the land has ever seen?

One of the best ones at that!

Why not somebody a little bit more believable when it comes to bringing His Message to the

To go from one super duper, really, really bad extreme to the other? 7 29

? surely there is plenty of hope for anyone!

to Paul. She wanted his story to stand out above the rest.

That way no matter where we were at, sinning wise?

So that we would know what was possible.

? one could always come back to the Light. Be forgiven. Still do some good with their time and energies on this planet.

You need to know something about your Coach here if you wish to be a part of this good fight we are on.

Our brains, our psychology, dear Mom? LOVES con t r ast . We notice it. It grabs our attention. We root it on. Rags to riches. Ugly to beautiful. Sweet to salty. Gross to delicious. Billionaire to homeless. 100 plus pounds overweight to cover model. Told never going to walk again to

I dabbled a bit on the dark side too, Mom. Made some mistakes before, I myself, was transformed. Nothing quite as extreme as what Saul was doing? ? Bu t st ill pr et t y w r on g all t h e sam e. But I don?t know if I could show up as your Leader & Coach if I didn?t make those mistakes. Maybe it was just something I had to go through. I felt the Call a while ago, my brave Mom Warrior. Was feeling it for quite a long time. Back

even when I was personal training at the gym and over the course of this last decade of my life. It was like a constant buzzing in the background of my thoughts. I wanted to ignore it. Tried running away from it. Ignored it because I knew the road ahead was going to be difficult. Did not believe in myself to carry forth that Call. Ignoring it was building up a like corrosive plaque within me. Lost my identity. Lost my Purpose. Lost my Way. I was scared, Mom. Frightened. Never felt good enough. Never felt worthy enough to Lead you. I should have trusted the Source of that Calling. That is my fault and something I will have to live with.

I wanted it to be easy. Wanted to stay in my little comfort box. Didn?t want this immense responsibility. Wanted God to Call someone else to take up the charge. Someone better? . ? ? Better qualified. ? ..Better educated. ? Better looking. (with a full head of hair, perhaps?) I tried drowning out that Calling with more busy work. With alcohol. With video games. With television. It led me down a dark path and I did things I am embarrassed by. I am ashamed of myself. (although at least nothing quite as bad as killing Christians, yikes! How did Paul ever bounce back from THAT!?) I am ask in g f or you r f or given ess, M om . Not for the crimes I created. For they weren?t the worst offense I did?

running marathons. Th e m or e ext r em e t h e con t r ast , t h e m or e st or y it is w or t h r em em ber in g.

But for ignoring my Calling for so long. For not following through and fighting through that fear.

God wanted us to know the story of Saul 30

For letting my fear and limiting beliefs keep me from helping you and your Mission.

For them to turn around and follow in your footsteps and do the same. For if ever obstacles, obscurity?

The good Lord has been very good to me. Blessed with many gifts to aid you in your journey.

? difficulty, self-doubt, wars within between good & evil. Light vs. Darkness?

Gifts I wasn?t using for how She intended them.

if one day their own demons and Darkness start winning.

With your new adventure to punch stress, fear, and tiredness in the face! So that you can discover your own Greatness that it?s keeping from you from! Pass that Greatness onto your Littles. I am sorry for that, my dear Mom Warrior. If you never want to hear from me again, to refuse my help & coachings? ? I understand. You deserve someone who hasn?t been an adjunct failure for most of his life like me. (although I do use cool, smart-sounding words like ?adjunct?here and there, don?t I?) You k n ow m y M ission n ow. Th e on e given t o m e by Her . 1% of Opr ah . By the time my good Lord says my end here on Earth is up? ? For this Mom Warrior Movement to have 1% of the impact towards the good people of this planet that that Phenomenal Force, known as Oprah, has had. Declar in g WAR on st r ess & t ir edn ess f or n ow. We?ll see where it goes from there, we?ll see. I?ll let God guide

Their own Light begins to fade. When you want nothing more than to give them Hope. me.

Give them Courage.

I am done ignoring the Call, because not only to do so would bring back my own self-sabotage and self-destruction. But even worse? ? it would be halting your Goodness. The Darkness & Bad guy businesses would continue to win. To continue to steal your Light. Your joy. Your happiness. You would miss out. Your children would miss out on realizing how beautiful life can truly be. How great it can be when you?ve got a handle on this stress. No longer bogged down with tiredness and feeling like a failure because you?ve been lied to and tricked. When you?re rocking life as YOUR real self! Letting your children be proud of you! Letting them know what it?s like to have a HAPPY Mom! 7 31

Because of you they will win! They will be all like ?If my Mom can do it! I can do it!? Now, to your Mission you go? your time to get after it is NOW, Mom Warrior! Honored to play my small part in your new self!

I s H ealing Y our A drenals The Secret To 300%M ore Energy? Here's The Often Overlooked "Pirate" Vitamin That Does Just That.. By That: Hard-Working Coach Spiegel Guy!


anyway, my Mom Warrior! Those adrenals are just sputtering along. You are doing everything right... Everything you are supposed to do. Yet, those adrenals are limping along, not functioning like they should. It's not your fault, Mom.

body ar e t h er e...

You put so much pressure on yourself... keep you and your loved ones safe.

You do so because of your caring nature and beautiful heart...

Safe from human eating monsters like tigers and bears. (whew, your coach almost typed 'oh my'...which, I apologize, stopped being funny around 40 years ago no matter how much of a classic Wizard Of Oz is :) )

...and, Darling, that is certainly not to blame. In fact that is what makes you special... ..and me in awe of you! But those poor adrenals of yours... All they are trying to do is keep you alive. They don't know that they are in the wrong century, the wrong country. They are just too slow to adapt with no signs of that changing anytime soon! (I know, what's wrong them, right?)

Causing those pant sizes to stay right where they are at. Causing you to be moody at odd times throughout the day. Causing you to be less the amazing woman you are. You just want to feel like your carefree, spontaneous, fun, energetic self again, don't you?

Adr en als ar e lik e a cr edit car d in t h at t h ey n eed a lit t le r ecover y t im e af t er m axin g ou t . Back in the cavewoman days, the female was a force to be reckoned with....

Now we are worried about money... ..getting to work on time ....the stressors of the job ......and our kids (who you love so much, don't you?)

....And she would have made you proud, my good reader. SHE is the reason humanity has survived through those tough times, not the dudes.

Where death and running for ....or how our butt looks in our lives isn't lurking around those jeans...I k n ow , big every corner. w or r ies, r igh t ?!

There is no limit to the greatness of the female, and that is why I am so in awe of you.

The stress systems that exists in your hard working

Now, despite all her powers of perseverance,

Yet that type of worry kicks 7 the ol' adr en als in t o action 33

(which you have in you too, by the way) that cavewoman would have been jealous of your lifestyle and the rich choices you have. (Oh, and of your cute outfits :) ) ...Bu t sh e w ou ld h ave been con f u sed. Her adrenals would k ick in when the family was about to get attacked by a neighboring rival tribe. They would k ick in when looking a tiger in the face, licking its chops (the tiger...not

the cavewoman ;) ) Her first instinct was to her family...much like it is for yours! ...Although death was a constant, she was able to handle herself and get by okay.

living as safe and secure as we ever have, our adrenals are more than ever taxed and burnt out. That in turn is causing huge fluctuations in weight gain as the hormones that normally regulate such processes are misfiring and lacklusting all day! (That's a word now) :)

She would be wondering why your adrenals are Looks like there is som e practically r u n n in g 24-7 when safety and security are a given h ope in a pr et t y pow er f u l vit am in that Captain Jack in your world. Sparrow (don't forget the 'Captain' part...he HATES it Today 's w or ld: when you leave it out!) Despite us humans of today and the other pir at es an d sailor s are pretty fond of...good ol' scurvy fighting Vitamin C! Are you feeling any of the following: -


chronic colds belly rolls that aren't frickin budging! (C'MON!)




constant tiredness, even though you would get plenty of sleep constant feeling of 'UGH, SO BUSY!' and seemingly having 4000 things to do all at once a night alone, you by yourself, just you, a book, and a bath...sounds SUPER NICE!

...Yup, sorry, amazing one...your adrenals are a-burning out. But remember...It 's n ot you r f au lt . You are just very caring, very full of thoughtfulness, very full of love for others...that it is wearing those hormone producers down. Please don't let it lead t o you r dow n f all. That is what makes you special and great at whatever

you do. Don't change that because within that greatness within you lies your secret to getting out...

Th er e is h ope. Turns out that Vitamin C is pretty amazing. If your adrenals are a credit card, Vit am in C is t h e paym en t cool is that! Vitamin C is the recharger! That and lots of quality sleep will work wonders. We are as overstressed and worrisome as we have ever been in the last 50ish years whilst (love that word) our vitamin C levels have actually declined.

Th at 's bad n ew s, du de! Sorry to be a bummer, sweetie, but I have to share with you a few of the pitfalls and problems of having low Vitamin C. 7 35

Let's walk that line of the negatory C intake for a bit, shall we? 1. St u pid belly f at ! With stress being a constant and adrenals wearing down (bc of not enough of that C), the body compensates by storing up a back-up supply of quick energy...aka that yucky belly fat you despise so much! 2. Tr igger s w eigh t gain cycles: Vitamin C is actual a magical slimming agent and so when it is lacking, what little does get in the body, stress eats it all up. For instance...C helps out immensely in creating carnitine, an amino acid that carries stored fat to working muscles. 3. Ar e you over 40?...list en u p t o t h is

par t , k iddo! With those child-bearing days of yours winding down to a close, the task of producing hormones falls soley (my shoes have soles, :) ) on those hard-working adrenals of yours. This is especially true for the king of fat-burning hormones, testosterone! With stress ratcheting up cortisol, and that hormone soaking up all the nutrients, there is none left for your team of t -r on es.

on their recovering way! Reducing cortisol production by 300%, (whoa, thats a lot) and restoring t-rone production AND firing up fat burn! (I don't know about you, but I really want to eat an orange right now ;)...

---Fat bu r n !


--belly bu lge begon e! ---jean s n o lon ger f eelin g t igh t !...all t h at t is ju st t h e begin n in g, m y dear r eader ! -

Of course!...

----Basically on e day of flooding your body with awesome C and your adrenals are well


more on the best places to get it in a sec...

Ok ay, Coach , w ou ld you m in d sh ar in g som e GOOD NEWS!? --Your body is incredibly forgiving! (Just as I suppose you are! :) )

make a difference!


Let's see, we've got an uptick in energy.. People will be amazed and jealous of how much energy you have...

...and somebody told me that you want gorgeous, young looking skin? You get that too! Hooray! (I feel kinda like Oprah, dealing out goodness, right now with her, " YOU GET A CAR! YOU GET A CAR! EVERYBODY GETS A CAR!"

(Ah, great times...boy, do I love that Oprah, how about you?) :)

Ok ay, I'm

Lessening cold symptoms by a sum 85% so that you don't miss any work and can continue to

con vin ced, Coach , h ow abou t let t in g m e in on h ow t o get it in t o m y body! Looks like good ol' USD of A recommends 75mg, but that is barely scratching the surface for your high flying the experts say. (they are so smart, those experts) :) Those smart hombres are saying that it should be closer to 2000mg of C goodness a day from a nice variety of natural sources and supplementation. But not 2000mg from day 1, okay? Work your way up and give your hard working bod some time to adjust. 500m g ever y 6 h ou r s. Day 1 cap of f


at a 1000m g f or t h e day. Th en add 500m g a day f or a cou ple of days in a r ow.


Vitamin C is water soluble, meaning it does its business in the presence of water, so make sure you drink your daily dose of that H2O goodness as well, got it?


Oh shoot, before I forget, here is that list of the bestest C packed vegetables


(ps: I can never spell that word right :P)

Hence the name supplement.

>> Bell pepper s (My wifey loves the green peppers on EVERYTHING!) 170mg

In sider secr et !

>> Kale -120m g

Because of the awesomeness of Vitamin C, another insider tip is that the food industry is well aware of our awareness of wanting to get it in our bodies.

>>Hot peppers - 70mg >>Kiw i - 70mg as well (ps: my beautiful Bethany is sadly allergic to this so they aren't in the house too often)

They advertise it and plaster it everywhere on substances they want you to buy!

>>Brussels Sprouts - 60mg

Th e big on e is f r u it ju ices.

Pin eapple - 55mg

The vitamin C in there is already pretty denatured (fancy talk for 'RUINED'!) in the 'turning-it-to juice' process.

Strawberries - 55mg (whilst one of my clients was preggers and still working out, she CRAVED this red goodies day and night and HAD TO HAVE THEM! (you know how it is)) :)

So that crap is just basically sugar water flavored fruit juice.

Or an ge - 50mg (orange you glad I wrote this article for you? :) )

It is pretty much a step away from soda so if you are in the business of bettering yourself and your health for your loved ones (you better be! ) then you deserve to know that.

Broccoli - 45mg (I have to be careful with these because they give me the farts :) ) Getting 2000mg a day is a lot, isn't it?! Holy cow!

They've found the best sources of Vitamin C to be rich vegetables that are raw, lightly steamed or sauteed (love that word).

That's where technology and some smart humans come into play.

A University of California study found that up to 55% of that stress defeating, fat blasting, Vitamin C was lost by long or high heat cooking.

Although supplementation is great and a fabulous way to bridge the gap, to rely on it soley for your daily dosage is setting yourself up for some faulty failure, I'm afraid.

...It's time to de-st r ess before it gets worse, Looking at your daily dosage, it should only isn't it? comprise 10-20% of what is left that you aren't 7 Do you feel better about your outlook on life getting n at u r ally. 37

a bit more? How about how to deal with that stupid stress? Do you need help in implementing this and keeping you on track? Is that stress leading to stress eating? -or other emotional eating? -Are you over 40? -A love/hate relationship with food? Have you been on a weight roller coaster for awhile and struggle with motivation. Gained. Lost. Gained. Lost. Tried about everything? Struggled with consistency, accountability? Has is it been difficult fitting "HEALTHY" in with your busy lifestyle? It's cause they've been lying to you, brave one.

Whoa, looks like you made it through issue #1 of Mom Warrior Magazine! How awesome are you!?

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M other On, M ighty M om Warrior, M other On!


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Special Thanks & Special Place In Our Hearts To: Pauline (Mom) Spiegel! ...Not only for a fantastic interview, but for showing us kiddos the way. - For loving us. -Forgiving us and all our mistakes, -For doing things that fed your soul so that your cup could run over and benefit us. - Loving you forever, Mom! 7


Mom Warrior Magazine Issue #1  

An Empowering PREMIUM Magazine For The Tired, Stressed But Loving Mom

Mom Warrior Magazine Issue #1  

An Empowering PREMIUM Magazine For The Tired, Stressed But Loving Mom