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Moms and Dads! We Need Your input!

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Redecorating With Lewa’s Designs

Roller Derby Mamas

Letter from the Editor Welcome and thank you for reading the first issue of Momstew Magazine! Being a mother of 2, an artist, and just all around, not your stereotypical mom, I would often feel out of place when picking up my daughter from school or taking my son to the park, or even going out to breakfast with my family. There’s nothing wrong with being a normal mom, but where do I, along with other moms and dads who may feel the same (a bit out of place) fit in? I have read countless parenting magazines and parenting blogs, which are for the most part excellent, but I asked myself, why isn’t there a magazine out there that looks like me and my family? This is where Momstew Magazine was born. Enjoy the first issue of the parenting magazine for creative, unique and offbeat parents. Our magazine will be online only until we are able to get it in print, so help us and spread the word!

<3 Naomi Naomi Valdivia Editor and Creator of Momstew Magazine


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Pierre de Reeder Mollie Tuff Cocktail Mona Sleaza Janie Lee Hurtis Scottie Magro Brittany Hughes

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Moms and Dads...




YOURSELF As moms and dads, we know what it’s like to stretch ourselves to thin, to put our needs last on the totem pole. We need to remember to make sure to take care of ourselves and our well being in the process. This could mean a number of things. I’ll fill in the first five. I would like you to fill in the rest of the spaces with what you can do with your “time out” time! Please email your answers to so that we can post them in the next issue! 1. Take a nice hot bubble bath. 2. Watch a movie that I can’t normally watch when the kids are around. 3. Have a glass of wine. 4. Work out! 5. Go see live music. Okay, your turn:

______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________


p o h S y a d i Hol Rarrrrr............ Dinosaur Hairpins Mr. Martian, Extraterrestrial Hairpins

Bobbies for Children and The Young at Heart

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Madam Buttafly Katkeshi Figurine These super cute Katkeshi Figurines are hand sculpted, casted and painted by tsai-fi.All Katkeshi figurines include a wooden base that is specially designed for them so they can be displayed. Each one is slightly different since they are made by hand. Collect them all! $29.00 at

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Handmade glycerin cameo soap. 5.5” x 4.5”. Approx. 1” thick. This soap is gorgeous! This soap is made of pure vegetable glycerin soap and enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E. The scents and colorants are skin safe. Available in 9 different colors (pink is shown) and 25 different scents. $3.50 at

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Maternity and Baby

Picasso Breastfeeding Pendant Necklace $10.00 at

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Heirloom Gifts in the Making Scottie Magro

Christmas shopping can be very generic and meaningless. Why not use this time to have family heirlooms created? A family heirloom doesn’t need to be ridiculously expensive, just something that each generation can pass down to the other. Scottie Magro is the creator of Seeds Studio. She makes beautiful pendants and bracelets from photographs. This is a great, and very reasonably priced, way to create beautiful and meaningful gifts that can be passed down from generation to generation. Without further ado, here she is! Hi there, My Name is Scottie Magro, My web site is: SEEDS My blog is: Here’s a little


about me and my work. I dabbled in photography when I was in high school and collage. For a while I wanted to be a photographer, I especially love taking pictures of kids. My photography path changed a bit, I didn’t quiet go that rout. Photography seemed to always be put on the back burner! Three kids and 15 years later, I knew I still wanted to do something photography oriented. Without a studio and proper equipment I was unsure how I was going to pull it off. Finally, I came up with an idea (it’s kind of a secret recipe) to try to attempt some kind of photo art with jewelry. After many, many sleepless nights and throwing away thousands of mistakes, I slowly got my items to where I was pleased with the results. My web site came about when a friend introduced me to etsy. I just love etsy and have received wonderful exposure on it. Because of the amount of exposure on my etsy, I now freelance for three photography studios. They use my photo pendants for special orders. Mother’s day and Christmas are my busiest times of the year. And my site name is the greatest, SEEDS Studio! S.E.E.D.S. is the first initial of each family member, how cool is that! The web site name not only has our family’s initials, but it seemed to fit so well. Like a seed it took a while to grow and reach this point. And of course I wear my own photo bracelet proudly. After all my kids, “my SEEDS” are my greatest works of art!!!

The processes: I usually have people e-mail me their photos. I ask for around five to six good clear ones. I go through the photos and pick the ones I think will work best. (Close ups are always best!!) Then I alter them on my computer. Adjusting the color, getting rid of unwanted backgrounds, converting to black and white and so on. This, believe it or not is very time consuming. After I have the photos altered or adjusted I e-mail them back to the customer. This way the customer has a better idea of how the photos will look. Many times I like to add an artistic twist to the pendants…my customers love it!!! After I know the customer is happy with the result of the photos I start the process of creating the pendants. This takes a good three days. Most of it is drying time. The initial development time of the pendant is about an hour. I am always touching the pendants between drying times…adding ink to the sides and back. There is also a way I add the protective coating to give it a kind of “orange peal effect” That is time consuming also, but I love how it looks and it is well worth the efforts. When totally dry I put the pendant components together. I use Swarovski Crystal along with Silver wire and wire wrap the pieces to form the bracelet, I add a chain or black silk chord for the pendants. Some times I’ll add a fanciful charm or a little saying to finish off the piece. I then wrap it up in a very cute way and ship it off to its destination. For my customers who have a difficult

time capturing their children on camera, I help them out by e-mailing a photo tip sheet with samples of photos. I have had so many photos sent my way with dirty faces, ratty clothes and a pile of dirty laundry in the background of the photo. And here’s the thing, were all NOT photographers! I defiantly try to help my customers take the beast pictures they possibly can because you want your pendant to be beautiful. The perfect example is my bracelet I made for my self. First it was almost a year of doing this before I finally broke down and took the time to make one for myself. Second I have two teenagers and an 8 year old who were not cooperating at all. So I pulled each aside and took a handful of individual pictures. My favorites are the ones where they have the greatest “belly” laugh. None of them are truly looking at the camera and by far these are my favorite shots. There expressions, the detail, how large the pendants are, plus the special effect I added. This very kitsch, large photo bracelet of my kids is my most favorite and prized piece of jewelry.. People stop me all the time and ask where did I get that done. I get so geeked , handing out my card and saying; “I made this and can make one for you too!” Photo Credit: The beautiful little brunette girl The beautiful girl in color for the senior 2009 pendant All done by the wonderful and talented Melany Hallgren Visit her site:

He’ll Be

Around Interview with

Pierre de Reeder

Pierre de Reeder, of Rilo Kiley fame, is stepping out on his own with a new solo album. He is also beginning this new chapter with a new baby! It is possible to be a family man and still be extremely successful doing what you love. Read on for our one on one interview with a great musician, dad, and extremely nice person! Momstew Mag: For those who don’t already knowwho are you and what you do, give us a little background information. Pierre de Reeder: Well now, it all started way back before the turn of the century, just a couple of kids banging on some old pots and pans in the garage. Ok, sorry. Though I must admit it’s fun to refer to things happening in a century past. Rilo Kiley started as a seemingly inevitable partnership between Jenny, Blake and myself. Inevitable in that both Jenny and Blake, and Blake and myself had nascent musical relationships that were just going get squished together at some point. Blake (Sennett, guitar and vocals) and I have known each other since we were kids in San Diego, and we kind of both inspired one another to really dive into playing music. At some point he moved to LA, and at some point later was introduced to Jenny by a friend who thought they might want to play music together. Yep. Over a couple years they played some coffee shops and friends houses as a duo. I would intermittently visit, and we’d do some little recordings and stuff. There was long the idea of forming ‘a band’ for real, but it wasn’t until sometime in ‘97 that Jenny had a friend suggest a drummer. And then, there it was. From there we just started as bands do... getting our first shows around town, doing that for quite a while... recording some stuff... all that. And then, years of touring, playing to some and then more and more people each time we did a big lap around the states. And that’s pretty much the same progression that leads to today. MM: How many kiddos do you have? PDR: We have one girl, Sophia (6), and one on the way!


MM: What was your very first thought as a father?

especially at infancy through toddlership, and knowing that killed me.

Oh sh..! No, I can’t tell you how excited I was in that delivery room...bouncing like a kid (it’s all on tape to prove it). So my first thoughts were just pure, in the purest sense of pure, awe and elation. All the cliches are true, you do just unlock this profound, unexplainable, true love... at least, that’s how I felt.

PDR: Of course there’s an instant realization that your life will change, but you never know what to expect if you haven’t been there before. And for all the seemingly realistic prophecies I had, there’s just nothing that can really set you up for it... So, realization that life will change, check. Really, in what way?... not a clue.

One great thing that I have to interject here first is that when I’m home, I’m home. Consecutive days, spending all day with my child. And during the first couple years of her life my wife worked full time, so I was Mr. Mom. As a result, we became extremely close. I’m very fortunate that music has afforded me this, as I’ve had the opportunity to become closer with my daughter than a lot of fathers get the chance to, simply because they have 9 to 5’s. But this closeness made it that much harder when I would all of a sudden be gone for a month or more. So I would do everything I could to maintain a presence in her life while I was away. This is before iChat, mind you, so I would make videos of myself talking, telling stories, saying good night, all sorts of things before each tour. And when I could, I would fly home for even only a day sometimes.

MM: What was your best moment being a dad so far and your most painful?

MM: How do you keep your inspiration and creative energy?

PDR: I’m racking my brain to try to distill a ‘best’ answer down to just one...let me get back to ya. I can say one of the scariest, well, that had potential of being the scariest, was a time not so long ago when Sophia had a weird sickness. Unusually long, recurrent fevers and lethargy... the docs were concerned and cited some potential, worst case risks. And after some blood work, there was still an anomalous thing that kept us concerned. But it ended up being totally fine. But in that time you just go in every possible direction in your head, and everything seems so fragile. Luckily I can report that that WASN’T the most painful.

PDR: Oh I don’t know, it ebbs and flows like anything. There’s no real secret to keeping it going, or getting it back if it’s not there at the moment. But more than anything, just doing may be the secret. (Nike on to something?) Just letting yourself getting immersed, or stepping back, or whatever the moment may call for.

MM: When did you realize your life would change (in terms of becoming a dad)?

MM: What are your biggest challenges juggling the responsibilities of being a good father and also being a creative person with creative obligations? PDR: The hardest thing for me has always been touring. There’s just no way for a child to rationalize a parents absence for that length of time,


MM: What’s your favorite thing about being a dad? PDR: That there are so many favorite things. Not to avoid an answer or anything, but that in itself is so true. I love sharing her discoveries, showing her things I loved to do as a kid, spending time together doing not much of anything, just the happy hugs I get when I come home from something, teaching her what I have to offer, being together as a whole family, being astounded by the things she learns and thinks about, and on and on. That is my favorite thing.

“I think I instill confidence in her, and give her encouragement for trying and doing things she wants to do.�


Pierre with daughter Sophia. MM: How would you describe yourself as a father, do you think you’re doing a good job? PDR: Oh man! That’s a big one, and a hard one to quantify. A fairly good job I suppose. I think I instill confidence in her, and give her encouragement for trying and doing things she wants to do. I always try to understand that she understands, I mean, I’m always looking for a kind of confirmation that she understands what I’m communicating, and vice versa... does that make sense? I just never want to be a parent that “rules” without communication and understanding. But first and foremost make sure she feels loved and safe. MM: What are you doing now that you’re home from the recent Rilo Kiley tour? PDR: So home now, and focusing on the release of my solo record, which comes out in August (Pierre de Reeder - The Way That It Was). And not surprisingly, spending a lot of


fatherly time. As well as painting walls, moving furniture, getting out the baby stuff... well now I’m alluding to your last question. MM: Any interesting family traditions? PDR: Nothing that would really qualify as a tradition, but we do tend to thematically dress on Halloween! Most notably The Wizard of Oz... Me the Scarecrow, my wife Melissa the Lion, and Sophia an incredibly convincing little Dorothy. But I do wish there was some long lived, quirky, bordering on embarrassing tradition that we’ve kept alive, but alas. Time to start one, yeah? MM: What can we look forward to in the future with Pierre de Reeder? Well, as I mentioned, I’ve got my record coming in the immediate future, and will probably do some limited touring for that. And my wife and I are expecting another little girl in September. So we’re all real excited.





We need more comments, blurbs, and articles from interesting, unique, and nurturing mothers like yourself! Please email go to and send us a message!

We need more comments, blurbs, and articles from interesting, unique, and role model fathers like yourself! Please email go to and send us a message!


Roller Derby Mamas Derby or bust!

These Mamas are tough on and off the track! See what it’s like to be a Roller Derby Mama! Read the interviews with some of the mamas and learn how roller derbyis played at the end of the article!

Mollie Tuff Cocktail

Mollie Tuff Cocktail Corinna Owens aka Mollie Tuff Cocktail #52 Age: 35 oh my I am 35... How many kids do you have and what ages? 2 Fabulous girls! Chelsie age 17 & Faera age 9. How long have you been on the team? Since it started Jan/Feb 2007 How did you get into it? My great aunt was in roller derby and I speed skated as a child. I always wanted to play roller derby but it was never an option due to age or geographics. As soon as I heard about the Ventura County League I checked it out and joined! What does your family think about it? My girls think it’s very cool. They both want to play roller

derby as soon as they can. They are involved in everything! They help out at bouts and are always my number one fan crew! My girls have roller derby names and numbers already! Faera is Tuff Turner #28 and Chelsie is Chelly Bo Belly #13! My family has been very supportive although they don’t understand why I willingly put my body through the physical demands and abuse associated with roller derby. I am sure if I was still married my husband would have become what is affectionately called “derby widow”. Derby consumes your life and everyone in your life becomes a part of it...willing participant or not! What are some things that you find challenging about being a mom? Being a mom is the most important and challenging job I will ever have in my life. I am a better person because of my two kids. The hardest thing is just trying to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes I have made in my life. It’s hard to want to be friends so badly with your teenager but know that they need a mother and not a friend. Some people may say the day to day monotony of being a mom is challenging but I revel in it. I love taking care of my kids, I can’t imagine life without that. I love seeing my daughters grow up and realize they can do anything in this life they set their minds to. It’s a challenge to keep them on track but I wouldn’t give any of it up for all the gold in the world. What are some things you’ve learned? Oh I have learned more from my kids and roller derby than I could ever teach any of them! I have learned that patience is priceless and you need it more with adults than kids at times. I have learned to not take life so seriously and sit back and laugh when I need to. I have learned that no matter how tough a person seems on the outside there is more to them and that everyone is worth taking the time to get to know. After my divorce and due to the circumstances around it I was a very untrusting person, particularly towards women. These girls have helped me break down those barriers and remember that people are inherently good and I need to see that. They have all been role models for me and my children. They are family, all of them!


How has being a Ventura Derby Darlin effected your everyday life? At first it just made everything busier! Lots of events and fund raising and running around here and there. Then I started having fans approach me outside of derby. People would come up in a grocery store or the mall and say “hey don’t you skate with VCDD?” then they would tell me all about my game or seeing me on TV or in an interview. It was the coolest thing ever but a little weird. I mean who am I? I am just a mom and I happen to skate roller derby...weird but great! Now it’s just my extended family. Any of the girls could call me for anything and I would do whatever necessary to help them. It is truly a part of who I am now. What would you say to moms who are interested in joining or starting a team? I say GO FOR IT! I hear women say they are too old or not in shape. This is a sport that embraces us all! The athletic type or not, we can teach you and you are guaranteed to have FUN! You become a part of something that is bigger than us all. You get to give back to the community and have a place to just be you. I promise you your kids will think you are the coolest mom on earth!

Mona Sleeza Dayna Klinshaw AKA- Mona Sleeza #108 Age: 37 and closing in on 38!!!! Kids & what ages: I have three anklebiters Jake10 1/2, Daughter Avery-8 1/2 (going on 30), and Luke-4 1/2 How long have you been on the team? I think I have been on about a year now. Can’t believe it’s that been that long! Time flies when your having fun! How did you get into it? Jessy aka Titty Kitty told my dad that she was starting it and my dad told me because he knew I loved Roller Derby and the rest is history. Thanks dad!!! How did your family feel about it? My kids at first didn’t really know what I was talking about. My mom was nervous that I would get hurt. My dad


Mona Sleeza

is the one that told me about it and he is at the games and our functions, he had our trading cards in his car. He rocks! My husband is supportive of it. He doesn’t like it when I get hurt, but I think all in all he is proud of me! What are some things that you find challenging about being a mom? Uhh...patience. I need to be more patient with my kids. Finding out that it is ok to take time for myself. That aside from being a mom, and wife and daughter, best friend, etc. that I am still an adult who needs her own time for myself. Derby is perfect for that. How had Derby affected your daily life? It has made my life busier for sure. I have never had so many emails on a daily basis in my life!! Just kidding, it has not only let me find an outlet for myself that I really enjoy, but it has led to many new friendships and connections that I would not have had otherwise. I have this great network of ladies that are my friends, teammates. There is a sense of protection like a pack of mess with one of us you’re gonna get the whole damn pride up your ass. We are all so different in may ways yet so completely alike. Derby has enabled me to

meet these women that I would otherwise never of had the opportunity. Can’t say enough about it! What would you say to other moms interested in joining Derby? Come watch a practice or two and see if you think you would like it. It is unlike anything you have ever done before. I guarantee it! It is fun, but on the flip side of that you really have to be willing to put time, money, and energy into it. So think it over. I am really glad I did!!!! Derby or bust!!!

Janie Lee Hurtis

nections I have made into the league. I feel proud to be a Ventura County Derby Darlin! What would you say to moms who are interested in joining or starting a team? I would say go for it! The kids create bonds with other kids of moms on the team. It’s definitely a family.

About the VCDD VCDD was founded January 2007. The Ventura County Derby Darlins is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting the sport of women’s flat track roller derby. We are dedicat-

Jane Hatfield aka Janie Lee Hurtis #442 How many kids do you have? 1, she’s 7 How long have you been on the team? Since it’s inception. Feb 2007 How did you get into it? My friend Lolapop from ACDG (Angel City Derby Girls) gave me the information and I showed up! How does your family feel about it? My daughter loves it, she can’t wait to become a Derby Darlin and in the meantime is a VCDD cheerleader! She has her own skate name and number - Helen Heaven #1/2 What are some things that you find challenging about being a mom? Childcare. Having enough time to do things meaningful with my daughter among all the obligations of the rest of our time. What are some things you’ve learned? Being a mom has taught me how to have A LOT more patience than I used to! Being on a roller derby team has taught me more about how all of these different women have similar stories even if they are on completely different levels, and how emotionally and growth-wise we all need this bond and outlet that gives us back so much more than we can say. How has being a Ventura Derby Darlin effected your everyday life? My time is dedicated as well as my self. Everywhere I go I’m representing my league and trying to put positive things and con-

Janie Lee Hurtis


ed to empowering women from all walks of life by providing a positive yet competitive atmosphere. We are a league created by the skaters and for the skaters. We are committed to training skaters in accordance with WFTDA rules and regulations. We are dedicated to getting our skaters into local, national and inter-league competition while giving back and strengthening the communities we live in. We practice and hold bouts at Freedom Park roller hockey rink located at the Camarillo Airport on Freedom Park Drive. Games are held monthly and a current schedule can be viewed at: We just had our annual Season closing event “Battle For The Coast” roller derby tournament held in October at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Be sure to come next year! Here are some ways that you can get involved! You can join as a skater, referee, volunteer or just show up to support us at games! All information on joining can be found on our Myspace page!

How roller derby is played Two teams of roller derby players skate around an oval track. The track can be flat or banked (raised up around the outer edges). There are 5 players on each team: 1 jammer, who races around the track faster than the rest of the team 1 pivot, who usually stay in front of the blockers and make them go faster or slower 3 blockers, who try to keep the other team’s jammer from passing them The jammer is the only player that can score points. The jammer’s team gets a point every time the jammer passes one of the other team’s players. To


score a point, the jammer has to play fair and stay on the track when they pass someone. Jammers get a 2-minute time period, called a jam, when they can score points. Before a jam starts, the teams line up sideby-side: pivots first, then blockers behind them, then jammers further back. The jam starts when a whistle blows. Then, everyone except the jammers start to skate around the track. They try to stay together in a “pack”. Then another whistle blows, and the jammers try to catch up to the pack. They have to get through the pack and go all the way around and catch up again before they can start scoring points. The first jammer to get through the pack without leaving the track gets to be the “lead jammer”. The lead jammer can put her hands on her hips when she wants to stop the jam early. Stopping the jam early keeps the other team from having time to score points. Blockers and pivots try to help their own team’s jammer get through the pack, and they try to slow down the other team’s jammer. When the jammers are near the pack, everyone is allowed to bump into each other. If someone is trying to push someone from the other team out of the way, then they have to be careful how they do it. They can only push from the side, and they have to use their shoulders, the top part of their arms, their hips, or the top part of their legs -- so tripping, shoving, punching, or pushing the other team’s players from behind is not allowed. Players who break the rules are kicked out of the game for a little while, and their team has to play without them. Even with these rules and safety equipment, roller derby players can get knocked down and get badly hurt, so usually only adults play roller derby. A roller derby game is called a match or a bout. It takes a certain amount of time, such as 60 or 90 minutes. The teams skate as many jams as they can until time runs out. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Retrieved from “ Roller_derby” Check out the illustration to the right to get a visual if you’ve never seen a roller derby before!


Adding Drama

Is Not Rocket Science ewa’s Designs L h it w g in t a r o c Rede You can create a great environment for yourself even if you don’t have much time or money. Even if you are renting and can’t paint the walls, these ready made vinyl decals are instant artwork for your walls.

Dandelion in the Wind Wall Decal. Comes with 18 seeds that can be arranged in any way you like. Large: 40” tall $35 Extra Large: 60” tall $60


Decorated Elephant Large Size 23” tall and 28.5” wide $35 Medium size 18.5” and 23” wide $25

The dandelion blowing in the wind add a whimsical element to any room. It is especially perfect for a nursery or little girls room, the long hallway or entryway wall. Put it anywhere you would like to walk by and make a wish! You can select the color of your choice, and even add on additional seeds in either the same color or a complimenting color. A great affect is white on a soft color for a subtler, dreamy look.

For a bolder effect, try a brighter color on a dark wall or black or dark brown on a bright wall. It really adds punch! This Decorated Elephant Decal can add that cultural flair to your bedroom, living room, office, hallway, anywhere. Place one on its own, or order two facing each other to add a unique touch to your space. Pictured above the bed for an exotic touch. Make your bedroom as an escape from real life. 26

Wall Lantern Decal approx. 15” by 7.5” wide $12

Add an air of mystery to your home with this classic lantern design. If you are the type of person who loves mystery novels and film Noir, bring that mystery into your home and put it on an otherwise boring wall, hallway, staircase, dark corridor, you name it. The image can be created facing either direction, so you can order two and place them on either side of the door or walkway. Just remember, mysterious is never boring! These music notes are great for a music room, bathroom, teen’s room, or even outside the home, in a music studio or classroom. As pictured, these are above a piano creating that flying notes animation effect. Want to make an extra room, basement, or garage feel like a music studio? All it takes is a few minutes. 25

Music Notes Medium size : Treble Clef measures approx. 10” tall and comes with 21 musical notes and symbols: $25 Large size: Treble Clef measures approx. 16” tall and comes with 21 musical notes and symbols: $35

Polka Dots Each set comes with 48 dots ranging from 1.5-5.5 inches. Select up to 4 colors for each set to accent your space. One package is $30. Add on another package of 48 dots for half off the second set. Here is a classic, fun, whimsical design that is very versatile. Such a simple shape adds a world of difference, These are great for your child’s room, nursery, bathroom, or really any space that can use a few fun bubbles! About Lewa’s Designs All the decals featured in this article were provided by Lewa’s Designs. When you order from Lewa’s Designs, every order is uniquely you-created in the size color and direction that is perfect for your space. With a number of designs and 23 colors available, it is easy to find the right decal and color for your space. Lewa’s Designs are all original artwork of Brittany Hughes. She lives in Gilbert, Arizona with her husband, 1 year old son, and dog Lewa (yes, that is where the shop name came from). She was an elementary school teacher prior to the birth of her son and now enjoys staying at home with him and creating her wall art.


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