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From The Founder

Gina Robison-Billups; NAFMIB Founder, CEO

Use Your FREE Success Strategy


oday my horoscope (Libra) said, “Use your imagination to visualize the manner in which a situation could resolve itself. Chances are you should be able to successfully follow its blueprint to rock-solid success.”

Today’s horoscope reminded me of one of the best business and life success strategies available. It’s available to everyone, and it’s available for free.  However, it’s the one success strategy that many of us under-utilize, or worse, never utilize at all.  As the new year is here, time will go by faster, life will become more fast-paced and hurried, and before you know it, six months will have gone by and you won’t have even started on your resolutions.   The one way to beat the “New Year’s Resolution Blues” is through visualization.  Because life is so busy, it can be hard to take action because action takes time and no one has enough time.  Visualization takes time too, and that’s why we don’t use this success tool as much as we should — but here’s the thing:  Action takes less energy if you’ve invested in visualization first!  Visualization IS an action!  Visualization is an action that leads to more action.  It’s the action that leads to opportunities opening up for you to take more action.  Visualization is the catalyst that transforms your dreams into goals and transforms your goals into actionable opportunities, and transforms actionable opportunities into reality. It’s also the easiest action item of all the “steps to success”, because it only takes a few minutes a day right before bedtime.  So, why don’t we do it more?  Mainly because we are not all convinced it really works.  Secondly, because of that, we forget. For many moms our days are so busy that we have fallen asleep before our head hits the pillow. If that’s you, don’t worry, there is always one place that you are alone at least once a day — the bathroom.   Strange but true, busy moms have to make due with the precious time they get alone, and if that’s the time for you, then that’s your reality.  Deal with it, and use that time wisely. So this year has just one New Year’s Resolution:  Every day VISUALIZE. Then make goals with target timelines.  Get out of the way and let your catalyst do all the hard work!      Happy New Year!


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from the Founder/CEO, Gina Robison-Billups

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Moms Vote Matters

Instant Impact Legislative Update



Racing To The Top with Sarah Fisher Interview with Indie 500 winner and Mom


5 Essential Elements of a Great Linked In Company Profile Page


‘Mompreneur’ Weathers Economic Storm Through Reinvention


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10 Career Skills to Keep You Employable In the 21st Century 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Super Sales Success in 2012 Social Media Is Essential In Getting Mom to Buy

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Wishing You A Very Happy and Prosperous 2012!

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Got Extra Love, Space or Books?

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New Postal Prices Taking Effect

ating Politics Starts Very Young

A new federal report finds only 27 percent of 4th graders and only 7 percent of 8th graders can describe the three branches of government – a 20% reduction in four years!  Along with surging hormones, maybe a surge in making learning fun should also be on the list for middleschool civics classes.


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Surviving War, Surviving Autism

im Yen Nguyen has published her first book, an autobiography about the challenges of surviving war, only to fight again for the livelihood of her family years later when autism strikes all three of her children. Touching experiences from the author’s trip down memory lane, including a chance encounter with John F. Kennedy Jr., unconditional love for her children, and the dedication of staff and teachers, helped her to achieve an inner strength and enabled her to weather the turbulent storm of a divorce.

As a single mom raising three autistic children, she went back to school and earned her pharmacy degree. This book will serve as a source of inspiration to those who face extreme challenges in their lives. A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to Autism Speaks and the Autism Society of America. Contact: Kim Yen Nguyen
 Phone: (408) 358-3565

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Teen Pregnancy Drops to Historical Low The U.S. teen birth rate declined 9% in 2010 and is now at the lowest level ever reported, according to data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). The 9% drop is the steepest one-year decline since 1946/1947. “I am aware of no other social problem that has improved so dramatically over so many years,” said Sarah Brown, CEO of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. “Progress in reducing teen pregnancy has been nothing short of remarkable—the teen birth rate has declined a stunning 44% between 1991 and 2010. There have been impressive declines in all 50 states and among all racial/ethnic groups. Not so long ago, teen pregnancy was viewed as intractable and inevitable. This report shows that too early pregnancy and child-bearing are 100% preventable. “Teens are being more careful for a number of reasons, including the recession, more media attention to this issue—including the ‘16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom effect’—and more attention to and investment in evidence-based programs. But at the end of the day, the thanks and admiration go to teens themselves.” Visit to read the full 2010-birth report.


Colds and Bronchitis with Water Gargling with plain tap water three times a day can help cut the number of colds and respiratory infections and relieve symptoms if you do get a cold. A 2005 study of nearly 400 healthy volunteers in Japan ages 18-65 had nearly 40 percent few respiratory infections during cold and flu. When they did get sick, gargling reduced the symptoms of bronchial irritation. Adding lemon and honey or salt to the water also helped to soothe symptoms.  

Retail Therapy Really DOES Work! Here is the answer to many women’s prayers, a recent study found that shopping may help you live longer. It can boost longevity by offering social stimulation and walking.  Recommendations from “power shoppers” include wearing comfortable shoes that you can move quickly and painlessly in.  That will increase   the likelihood of “going the distance” and getting a better experience.  

Working Women

Automatically Reduce Poverty Amongst Women

M ore women are in the labor force than ever before.

Nearly 60 percent were working in 2010 up and paying into social security -- up from 43 percent in 1970. Their contributions not only boost their own retirement security, but also strengthen the system in an unforeseen way. If today’s mothers stayed home and collected benefits on their husband’s earnings, as women did in the 40s and 50s, social security have collected substantially less revenue but would have spent about the same in benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, in 2009 social security checks kept close to 9 million women 65 and older out of poverty.    A little known fact is that social security was never meant to be an alternative to savings (that’s what your 401k is for).  It’s an “insurance” program to help insure longer living individuals stay alive, secure and out of poverty when they are unable to work. Moms In Business Magazine • October 2011 • PAGE 7

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Cooking Oil Reduces School Budget Costs Louisville, Kentucky is now producing Waste Cooking Oil for the local production and distribution of High Grade Bio-Diesel Fuel to benefit School Children and Small Family Farmers in Louisville and Kentucky. Louisville Biodiesel is using the waste cooking oil to blend with its own

The Five-Year Hangover

Thinking about charging your way through the holidays? If so, be prepared for a five-year hangover.

waste oil collections to provide a lowcost, low polluting, high performance, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic alternative to petroleum diesel. The program is a free of charge recycling service by providing reusable 1-gallon kitchen recycling pails with easy-to-use plastic lids for residents to recycle waste cooking oils. Grease/ oil down the drain is an enormous issue for MSD in terms of overflows due to grease blockages. Residents can drop off their waste cooking oil at Louisville Biodiesel and feel good that this waste is being recycled locally into fuel for local school buses and small family farmers.

Contact details: Christian Thalacker: Louisville Biodiesel Cooperative,
1501 Portland Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40203, Tel: (502) 7275673
www. Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh: 9th District. Email: tina. 
Tel: (502) 574-1109
http://blog. Media Contact: Christian Thalacker: Louisville Biodiesel Cooperative, 502 727 5673, christian@ News distributed by PR Newswire iReach: https://ireach.

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Last year consumers spent an average of $688 on holiday gifts according to the National Retail Federation. According to USAA, it could take more than five years and a $1,000 in fees and interest to pay off that holiday debt just on the gifts alone if you are planning on paying it off with the minimum payment required. These spending figures do not include the holiday meal, gas, decorations and the food you consume while out shopping – that is extra Cha-Ching that can cost you more money and even more time to pay off.  Maybe this should be the ten-year hangover.  Ouch!    So this year put away a monthly amount (calculated on the amount you spend for the holidays divided by 12).  Some banks now offer free checking if you open up a savings account with automatic monthly deposits from savings to checking.  With some banks you can also open up many savings connected to the same checking account.  Create your own holiday fund savings account that collects automatic monthly deposits from your checking, and without really feeling it, you’ll have a nice, interest free holiday spending spree you can feel good about.

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Moms Vote Matters

Moms Vote Matters is a program for moms in business to learn, influence, communicate, and engage in community and national policies that effect their families and their businesses

Don’t Get Mad Get Elected!

This Month’s Mom’s Vote Matters is Powered by Women Impacting Public Policy

Calling on Moms to Run for Office Did you know that women hold just 17% of the seats in Congress and only 23% of state legislatures, where critical, life-altering decisions are often made? Yet women are 51% of the population -- and are leaders in their fields and in community, professional, and civic organizations like, National Association For Moms In Business, Moms Vote Matters, and WIPP. A once-in-a-decade opportunity is before us: open congressional and state legislative seats redrawn after redistricting and reapportionment are up for grabs in the 2012 election. Women win open seats as often as men do; there just aren’t enough women running. You have a track record of success, you know how to solve problems, you care about your community, and you have the skills and expertise to make a difference. Why not you?  Moms In Business leaders and The 2012 Project are asking: Will you run for public office?   The 2012 Project is a national, nonpartisan campaign seeking accomplished women in the private and public sectors to fill the new and open seats in Congress and state legislatures in the next election. The 2012 Project will connect you with campaign training programs, leadership institutes, think tanks, and fundraising networks that will help you launch a successful campaign.   Want to know more? Visit The 2012 Project website at  Ready to get involved?  “Take Action” or contact us or call (650) 326-2216.

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On The Cover

Racing To The Top with

Sarah Fisher you have to start so early to be able to learn all of those before your age peaks out. Your eye/hand coordination only lasts for so long, so there’s only a small window of opportunity to be in an Indy car driver. You have to train early and be prepared to take advantage of that window.

GRB: How many years have you been in business? SF: The team has been in business for five years, but I’ve been in this business since 2000, so twelve years. In racing you start your business as a driver, so I was racing, doing speeches, and presentations and those kinds of things, but the race team part of my business didn’t start until 2008. GRB: So, how old were you when you started racing? SF: At five years old. I started racing little quarter midgets, and go-carts. It’s kind of like the whole Tiger Woods concept. Our sport is so technique-based on the driver’s side that PAGE 16 • October, 2011 • Moms In Business Magazine

GRB: Is this something you wanted to do when you were five, or is this something your parents had a dream for you? SF: It was a lot of both. My mom and dad both raced, and I also have aunts and uncles that are in the sport. My grandparents were also both in the sport. It’s just like if your family really loved football. You’d grow up around football. When I grew up we didn’t go to the Indy 500 before I raced there. We weren’t big followers of the sport as much as we just loved doing the sport. GRB: You have one daughter who was just born in October, how is it being a new mom and working? Have

you already seen a dramatic difference from prior to having your first child to now and the first six weeks? SF: Yes. Before having a child, I was able to work all day at work and accomplish things with my team and our staff here, and then go home at night and continue working and keep doing things at home that were more on the creative side, instead of the day-to-day do list that you go through in team meetings and those sorts of thing at the shop because you have to continue to guide your staff as well as continue building the business. Before I had my daughter, I was able to work all the time, and now it’s not that way at all. I pick her up at daycare at 6:00 and then family time starts, and the time before she was born, I could slide in an hour of work here but now, that’s the time that I have to pick up on laundry where I left off, and it’s a lot more difficult to work at home having a newborn. Now my time at work is even more precious and being able to be creative while still leading the staff and their day-to-day activities; trying to condense that and reprioritize to get as much accomplished, and to be as efficient in less time, it’s just an ongoing challenge to do better at that. GRB: Have you already found something was maybe an “ah ha moment”, or “ooh this really works” to be equally as efficient as before and getting the same results with less time? SF: I’ve always been a really big list person, and now I am even more so. I was organized with my lists even. But now, I use Post-Its over lists because I’ve got to get those things down on paper or I’ll forget. Because I have so many different things going on within our company, and both myself and my husband Andy, who is our COO, touch all the different departments in our company. So to not drop anything, I have to write it all down on Post-Its. Those have become my best friend because I can easily drag and drop a Post-It without being on a computer. I also have a Post-It program on my computer though. “Efficient Post-Its” is what it’s called. It’s saving my life.

GRB: What exactly does your company do? SF: We own and operate an Indy car series racing team, so we own the cars, we contract the driver, and we employ the staff, the engineers, the public relations and the marketing to facilitate a car racing at the Indianapolis 500. We sell sponsorships in order to pay for that, that’s where our sales is at, and so we have to have a staff to manage that as well as a staff to manage the actual on track activity of racing the car. GRB: How many races do you race in a year? SF: About 17. It depends on what the Indy Car Series schedule. We’re like a NBA team or an NFL team. We compete in a series, so whatever the schedule is we “play” that schedule. GRB: So you’re like an NBA team owner? SF: Yes. I don’t own an NBA team, but it’s like I own a team within a series, so that’s comparable to the NFL or the NBA, or the MLB. We contract drivers just as an NBA team might contract basketball players, but we normally only have two drivers. GRB: Do you race anymore? SF: I don’t. I stopped at the end of last year, so 2010 was my last season. GRB: How do your fans feel about that? SF: They’re not real happy. They’re supportive I think. Here’s where being a female athlete can set you back because in order to have a family, you can’t be an athlete and be pregnant and have a family at the same time. Being a female athlete is a privilege, and I loved it. However, I can’t continue racing cars at 230 miles an hour and being strapped into a car pregnant. That wasn’t going to work. My fans understand that. GRB: Now that you do have a daughter, are you planning on going back to racing or have you retired? SF: I don’t know. Because I believe in “never say never” but the odds of it are pretty unlikely. I’m having a good time, and I enjoy the business side of racing and growing a race team. At least I enjoy it on most days. As any other small businessperson could attest too, there are challenges, but Continued on page 18 Moms In Business Magazine • October 2011 • PAGE 17

Racing To the Top

with Sarah Fisher

I’m having enough fun in this side of the industry that I don’t completely miss being in the seat. GRB: How many women are in racing? SF: When I started in Indy car racing, I was the third female to even ever compete at the Indianapolis 500, which is a 100

Continued from page 17

budget like that. GRB: Did you need a loan or any kind of capital investors for your business? SF: Well, it was tough, but we are fortunate enough to have banking opportunities that are here in Indiana who very

Sarah Fisher Pre-race Indy 500 year old event, so being only the third woman in 100 years means we are a pretty small group. Since then we’ve gained a couple more. The big name, one that has been through our series is Danica Patrick. We’ve also have Brazilian, Ana Beatriz, Swiss born, Simona de Silvestro, and one or two others that are in and out of the series. There are still only a handful of them, but it’s growing. All in all there are maybe 33 men and women in the Indy series. It’s a very prestigious opportunity to be one of those 33 drivers. GRB: What would you say has been the hardest part of being in your business? SF: I’d say it’s cash flow. Because we’re a scheduled based company, we are on track only nine or ten months out of the year, and the rest of the two or three other months we’re doing marketing campaigns and the business side of stuff. When we’re on track at the Indy 500, we’ll spend over $1 million dollars during the month of May, but we may only spend $100,000 in December, so it takes a lot of strategy and forecasting to figure out the cash flow to be able to PAGE 18 • October, 2011 • Moms In Business Magazine

much understand our sport. We had to have collateral and we have two cars here that are worth a $500,000 each. We also had to have our sponsorship layout, the contracts for those indicating the guaranteed monies that are coming in, and illustrate exactly where we need the cash flow. When we present all that, it really becomes a very viable business plan, but it certainly helps to have a banking institution that understands the sport. I started with about a quarter of a million dollars. That was all from my retirement fund. It was a very barebones, very minimal project. That was pretty much all the money that I had made that I could pull from for 2008. We started the racing team in December expecting to not even go on track to earn prize money and those things until May. We had to employ people, buy equipment, build equipment, rent some space to build the cars in, and all of that. We got very good at not spending in areas that we didn’t need too, that’s for sure. GRB: What has been one of the biggest hurdles in your

business and how did you solve it? SF: One of our big partners decided to spend their entire racing budget in NASCAR instead of Indy Car, so we lost one of our biggest customers. So, with that being said, we took on a partner, to help us with the cash flow outlay and with growing the business. I kind of can’t share a lot of that with you because we haven’t made any announcements yet, but there are a lot of really great things on the horizon as far as some new customers that we’re bringing on board, and new drivers. It was a really good decision to bring on a partner.

GRB: When did your business have a “breakthrough” (the glass ceiling) moment? SF: This season our team won its first race at Kentucky Speedway. We were the first team not in the top three big teams to win it. Those top three teams like Penske Racing, Ganske Racing, and Andretti Racing, those are the very top tier, fully funded, with millions and millions of dollars. We were the first team outside of that top three group to win a race since 2005 on an oval.

…we are on track only nine or ten months out of the year, and the rest of the two or three other months we’re doing marketing campaigns and the business side of stuff. When we’re on track at the Indy 500, we’ll spend over $1 million dollars during the month of May, but we may…

GRB: I would imagine in a sport like racing there may be some gender bias. SF: I hate to think that the last year I drove for another team owner beside myself that gender bias came into play, but my gut feeling tells me it is. The last year I worked for someone else, the staff that I had to work with did not want to work with me, and in fact, put parts in my race car that would allow for the car to fail after so many laps, and it would put me out of the race. Not necessarily endanger, at least I hope not. They put the oldest parts they had into my car. On our cars when you go 230 miles an hour, a lot of the fasteners, metallurgy and the things we use are aircraft grade. They can only last for x amount of hours, or x amount of laps, so we mileage all of our parts and we know how many hours, or how many miles each part has. Well, in knowing that, they put the worst -- the most-used pieces in my car so that it would only go so far. Well that’s just one example of that racing season. Of course, being a business owner in such a male dominated sport, I get a lot of “really?” “Really, are you really doing that?” It just provides me an opportunity to explain why my team’s going to be more successful than the next guy’s.

We’re a small team with only 16 people, whereas, a top tier team has hundreds of people. That was definitely a breakthrough moment. GRB: That’s really exciting and you had a baby too in the same month. SF: I know. I’m crazy. GRB: When your daughter is five, will she be racing? Are you already planning the grooming of the next greatest female racecar driver? SF: You know what; I want her to do whatever makes her happy. That’s what my parents allowed me to do. I love, absolutely love the sport of racing, and I am successful because I enjoy it. If you don’t do what you enjoy, if you don’t go after what really makes you happy, you’re not going to do well. GRB: What is your advice for other moms in business? SF: I think it’s so encouraging to hear people who dreamed big and had an idea, and knew that it was almost going to be insurmountable to get there. I look up to women like that. If you have a dream that’s big, don’t be afraid of it. If you put a lot of elbow grease in there, you can make it happen.

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Essential Elements of a Great Linked In Company Profile Page By Marisa Smith, Whole Brain Group CEO, (PowerMom Network Member)

features have been added to help companies market themselves on LinkedIn. If you haven’t looked at your Company Page on LinkedIn in a while, these features might surprise you: • Generate targeted business leads by highlighting specific products and services • Showcase powerful customer testimonials and recommendations • Attract new employees with job postings on an enhanced careers page • Drive traffic to your website by streaming your company’s blog content or Twitter feed • Create custom banner ads for your products & services that drive traffic to specific pages on your website

Google Visitors Care

If you Google your company name, you may see your LinkedIn Company Page show up on the first page of search results. Since a good Company Page provides a nice onepage snapshot of a business, lots of people will look at your company on LinkedIn before they visit your website.   If your page is incomplete or inaccurate, you’re missing an opportunity to make a good first impression!

If you’re a business owner, you probably have a Customers and Prospects Care personal LinkedIn profile, but haven’t paid much Savvy Millions of people use LinkedIn to research people and companies they want to do business with or work for. Let’s attention to your Company Page on LinkedIn.   Many companies have profiles that are left over from the early days of LinkedIn when anyone associated with your company could create or edit the profile, which means that information is frequently in accurate or outdated.   These days, the security settings on LinkedIn Company Pages can be restricted to authorized administrators, and a lot of new PAGE 20 • October, 2011 • Moms In Business Magazine

say someone is looking for a new vendor to provide stateof-the-art widgets, and they find your Company Page on LinkedIn. If your company description is 5 years old, your number of employees is inaccurate, and your latest news post is from 2009, your prospect might think you manufacture widgets in your mom’s basement, or that you’ve gone out of business!

#1: Be sure your company description contains keywords. Since LinkedIn provides a target-rich environment for business leads, it is important that your business is described with the right keywords that you want prospective clients to find you under.  You should update this description regularly and it is wise to make sure the messaging is consistent with other company language from your website, marketing, proposals, etc.

miss out on the tremendous opportunity to showcase its excellence to an audience that can benefit from the very products and services it offers!

#2: Stream online content to your LinkedIn Company Page. Add a critical dimension to your Company Page by integrating a feed from your company twitter account and blog.   These dynamic channels can keep your profile fresh and interesting without creating additional work.   It is important to note that if you are going to showcase communication channels such as twitter and your blog, you should make sure that they are active and engaging! #3: Link your team members to your LinkedIn company profile.  There is strength (and interest) in numbers!  If your employees are active on LinkedIn, make sure their individual profiles are correctly linked to the Company Page to spread additional awareness. This can be done with a few quick edits to an individual’s profile by updating their current place of employment field. When a LinkedIn member visits your Company Page, he or she can see everyone in their social network that works at your company.   It’s also important to note that the Company Page administrator must ensure that the list of employees appearing on the Company Page is accurate and up-to-date. #4: List your products & services.  Make sure you create listings for each major product and service category your company provides.  Use keywords in your descriptions, and spiff up your listings with attractive photos or YouTube videos.  Once you create these listings, a new “Products” and/or “Services” tab will be available on your Company Page so visitors can explore your offerings!

Marisa Smith is the CEO of the Whole Brain Group and a PowerMom Network Member. She teaches monthly social media workshops to business owners and speaks frequently to groups about using technology to work more efficiently. Marisa is a Social Media CoChair of the Communications Council and a member of the Executive Advisory Board for Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP). She is also a Board Member of the international Small Giants Community, and of the Washtenaw County Chapter of the American Red Cross. In 2010, Marisa received the WIPP/AT&T Innovator of the Year Award for the Detroit Region.

#5: Ask your customers for recommendations. Once you have your products and services listed, you can request recommendations from your satisfied customers that will appear right alongside your listings in LinkedIn. This can be especially persuasive for people who are considering doing business with you! If you want to see how we’ve implemented these suggestions for our own company, check out  The Whole Brain Group Company Page on LinkedIn.   Don’t let your company

This article and more resources and events can be found at

Moms In Business Magazine • October 2011 • PAGE 21


Moms Making A Million

Powered By: Moms Making A Million

Helping One Million Moms Creat a Path To One Million Dollars in Personal Net Worth One Million Dreams, One Million Moms, One Million Dollars

‘ Momp re n e u r ’

Weathers Economic Storm Through Reinvention


businesses were hit hard when the economy took a nosedive. But one mom-owned company is making it through with a combination of passion, experience and a willingness to adapt to less-than-ideal circumstances. DoubleBlessings. com has completely reinvented itself, thanks to owner Sandy Clark’s refusal to give up. Clark, a “mompreneur” from San Diego, had just begun nursing her twins when she started in 1995. Her mission at the time was simply to empower new mothers of twins to breastfeed their own “double blessings.” It was a labor of love for Clark, who wanted to give back to the nursing community that had helped her successfully breastfeed her own twins. Clark’s first product was the patented EZ-2-Nurse Twins® Nursing Pillow, which has since helped countless mothers make the choice to nurse their twins. But in 2009, faced with a slowdown in sales and watching other small businesses closing up shop at an alarming rate, Clark knew she needed to think outside the box if she wanted to keep her passion alive in the new economic reality. She was already watching every dollar that went into production, marketing and overhead. The daunting task ahead of her: deliver an even better product while staying competitively priced. Clark searched new manufacturers. She networked and asked for help. She sourced healthier materials and higher quality fabrics, negotiated better pricing, and committed to eliminating chemicals. In short, she drew upon every bit of experience she had gained in the past 16 years to change everything about her business. She added more features, changed factories, and insisted on more involvement from her factory representative and greater expertise from her suppliers. She expanded her product line, adding a singleton nursing pillow with the twinPAGE 22 • October, 2011 • Moms In Business Magazine

pillow features that had benefited so many families. “I redesigned, retooled, reconsidered, and repackaged,” Clark said. “Then I re-launched my existing website into a new store platform. I even renamed my product.” The resulting renamed deluxe privacy nursing pillows, San Diego Bebe® and San Diego Bebe® Twin Nursing Pillows, are made of hypoallergenic, non-toxic Eco*Loft®, a recyclable material free of fire-retardant chemicals. San Diego Bebe® nursing pillows feature a unique, built-in Privacy Cover® to provide complete discretion for mom and baby while nursing. Her products are available in over 200 stores around the globe.

Sandy Clark started her business the year her twins were born; today, they’re preparing for college. It seems only fitting that as her children begin a new chapter in their lives, Clark’s company does the same. Join for free membership, free workbooks, free workshops and advice to help you get the financial information you need in a supportive and safe atmosphere.


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Giveaway Marketing Opportunities!

Toolbar Rewards

We’ve partnered with some great companies to offer special rewards exclusively for members and users of our toolbar, and we want to partner with YOU! For each reward program you can sign up to win daily.  Win everything from electronics, to books, to business services.  It’s the greatest Giveaway Connection! This Moms In Business Super Toolbar Rewards program is only marketed to toolbar users.  You get a targeted group of people who WANT REWARDS FROM YOU! This is like Groupon in that we promote your business and the product you are giving through twitter, facebook and the instant access Rewards button on the toolbar, but unlike a Groupon-type promotion. We don’t take a commission.  We give you all that promotion, and just ask in return that you give one product/service for the Rewards program to giveaway. You also get the name, address, email and phone number of the happy winner receiving your product!  This Rewards program is separate from our Giveaway Connection Syndicate, but it will be promoted to over 1000 Giveaway Connection fans in addition to the 5000+ fans of Moms In Business. Download the Moms In Business Toolbar now at to see the Rewards Program in action.

Join the Giveaway Connection Syndicate The syndicate is a group of members who sign up to support and promote each other’s giveaways on their social media sites. Giveaway Connection also promotes your giveaways once you are part of the syndicate. You can also get a “This Site is Giveaway Connection Approved badge for your site. In turn, we will post your site on as an official Giveaway Connection approved and recommended site.   The Syndicate stays connected to each other and alerts each other to the new giveaways for promotion.   Log into your message account and send a message to MIBN that you want to be in the Syndicate. Join the Syndicate now at

Go now to and read more about these and other great benefits of our program. Moms In Business Magazine • October 2011 • PAGE 23



Hiring: Moms

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A Place for Moms to Find Great Jobs A Place for Companies to Find Great Moms

Career Skills to Keep You Employable In the 21st Century

By Karla Brandau

Here are 10 skills to acquire and define that will increase your professional confidence level and make you more employable in the 21st Century: 





Dependency on technology in the future will increase, not decrease. Spend time learning new computer programs but more importantly, make applications to your daily routine and strive to use technology as an enabler of productivity, not as a neat new toy with tons of cute features that you don't use. To decide if the new gadget is worth the time, ask yourself, "Does this make time or waste time?"


Get comfortable with other ethnic cultures, religions and customs. Be curious about what makes people from other cultures tick. Learn a little about the customs and attitudes that belong to workers from other countries. The time will be well spent as you begin to relate human-to-human, not human to inhabitant of another country. 



future work world will be even more global. If your job is not one that requires you to physically be in one place, i.e. serving food, washing windows and stocking grocery shelves, you will be competing with bright and hungry workers in India, China, Korea and other developing nations around the globe. Competing in the new environment will require higher levels of competence and necessitate looking straight ahead, not constantly glancing rearview mirror for warm fuzzy feelings about what you have achieved in the past. 

PAGE 24 • October, 2011 • Moms In Business Magazine

When you finished your last college course did you utter a sigh of relief and mumble something like, "Whew, glad I'm finished with my education!" Surprise… the new century will require you to be a continuous learner. Be prepared to reinvent yourself, the pool of information in your brain and your work-related skills every 4-5 years. 


Employers need to feel your spirit and have the quiet assurance that you are honest. Even one person in an organization who takes advantage of company assets for personal gain causes untold rules and regulations. Taking

integrity beyond just simple honesty, however, means that when you commit to a deadline, you are fully committed to producing results, not excuses. 

5. BE A SELF-STARTER. Fire yourself up or look forward to

being the first to go when bottom lines dip into the red, a recession lurks around the corner or the next merger takes place. Those who learn to work on the optimistic side of life not the pessimistic side of life are more valuable to the organization as they create a positive work environment that produces higher productivity. 


Contributing to your organization in 2010 demands thinking outside of the box and looking for creative ways to solve nagging problems, increase productivity or produce a new product or service. When a challenge presents itself, be the first to offer a new viewpoint, discover an alternative or recommend another course of action. Your ideas combined with the creative ideas from other employees will help your organization renew itself as necessary to be competitive in the 21st century. 


Immerse yourself in all the available positive mental attitude material you can find. Negatives are thrown at you the entire day from the news, next-door neighbors and the nerd in the next cubicle. Teams face hurdles to productivity, which causes dissention among members. Management faces stockholder dissatisfaction and product deadlines. To compound the problem, your mind naturally generates negative thoughts before positive thoughts. You have to train your mind to see the positive, to find the positive and to see the opportunity lurking in the obstacle. If you can master the positive can-do attitude, you will add value to everything you touch and be more employable in an increasing negative world. 


Employers want to hire people who have disciplined work habits and disciplined thinking. The more disciplined the worker, the less time managers must spend rethinking, retracing and reworking…basically worrying if you will be reliable. When you demonstrate personal discipline, you and your manager can spend more time on solving, problems and moving the company forward. 


Two of the biggest time wasters in the world are not knowing where to start when you get to work in the morning and working on low priority items. To compete in the global work environment takes meticulous prioritization of tasks and the ability to identify the highest priority item that you tackle first every morning. 

8. BE ADAPTABLE. To stave off obsolescence, organizations

must constantly change and regularly introduce change initiatives. Often employee resistance derails plans for updating processes and procedures and stalls company progress. To increase employability in 2010, learn to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Ask tough questions that define the future and actively look for ways to support the new change initiatives. 

Some of these skills will be relatively simple and others may be difficult for you to implement. As you improve in each area mentioned above, however, you will increase in confidence and competence and create an environment where you add value to the organization and a need for your personal services. You will have greater job stability.

Karla Brandau

Business Communication Employee Communications Goal Setting/Business Planning Hiring & Retention of Employees Life Balance Leadership Development Organization/Time Management Personal Excellence Karla Brandau, CSP, is an expert in change, leadership and team building in the flat world. She offers keynotes and workshops to improve personal and organizational competence. Sign up for her Competence newsletter and download free articles by going to Copyright© 2008, Karla Brandau All right reserved. Reprint Courtesy of FrogPond. For further information contact via email

Looking for a great job? Looking for great people? If you are, then you need to join the National Association For Moms In Business and start getting involved in our program. It’s brand new! Moms In Business Magazine • October 2011 • PAGE 25


Market Your Business Powered By: Market Your Business Without Money How do you grow your business without breaking the bank? Creativity, Ingenuity, and Resources are the answer.


By Daniel Milstein

New Year’s Resolutions for Super Sales Success in

2012 If your business did not perform to your expectations and its capabilities this past year, then it’s time to do something about it. So says Dan Milstein, author of The ABC of Sales, a book about his rise to Super Star Sales status in the finance business and how others can attain super sales success as well. “Wishing you had more sales will not make it happen- YOU have to make it happen,” says Milstein. “If you want to make more money selling products or services and close more deals, then check out my list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2012.” 1.

Don’t Leave Home without Your Passion. Wake up each morning excited about selling. There are several motivating factors that inspire people to have a passion for sales: the challenge, pride in doing a good job, being recognized in a group of top sales professionals, and of course, the salary/commission. However, ultimately you simply must enjoy the process of selling a product or service.

PAGE 26 • October, 2011 • Moms In Business Magazine


Be a Cheerleader For Your Product/Service. You have to believe in what you're selling. My clients see my enthusiasm and know that I truly believe in the service I'm providing. As a salesman, you must believe in your product, otherwise clients will "see through you" and not buy. If you don't believe your company's product/service is beneficial to consumers, you should consider moving to a company or industry that has a product in which you do believe. Essentially, if you don't believe in apples, then sell oranges.


Make it About the Customer. There is nothing more important than taking care of your customers. It can take years to build trust with a customer, but only seconds to break it. It is nearly impossible to overcome a negative impression. So do everything possible to make your customers consider working with you as being one of the best decisions they ever made.

7. Market Yourself Creatively. "Word of mouth" simply isn't enough. The sales profession is too competitive to think that you can make it without promoting yourself. Establish a personal marketing program, one that sets you apart from your competitors. You must let the world know that you exist and that you are different and better than the competition. When the market gets a little sluggish, don't stop marketing. Your competitors believe that somehow reducing their visibility is a good idea. It isn't. “While I offer 7 New Year's Resolutions, I offer my personal sales motto as an 8th resolution – Always Be Closing," says Milstein. In his book, The ABC of Sales, Milstein goes deeper in how to achieve sales greatness and discusses how he became a Super Sales Star in the mortgage industry. He shares what works and what doesn’t.  You can find Mr. Milstein’s book at


Plan for a Crisis (and everything else). All salespeople must have a formal plan that outlines target audiences, goals, strategies and measurement techniques. In today's more volatile marketing environment, you have to be more nimble, able to continually adapt your plan to meet new opportunities and obstacles. You also need to plan for contingencies; a disaster preparedness plan is essential. Look beyond next month's or next year's income and determine the best route to long-term success during both "good and bad" market conditions.


Look Beyond Your Own Backyard. Too many salespeople don't look beyond their backyards -- their designated market. Once you have conquered your town, move on to the next town, then the entire county and -- when you're ready -- the next state. Look for niche opportunities, such as seniors, immigrants, teachers, military personnel. Take advantage of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Answers Your Phone, Be There. Selling isn't a 9 to 5 job but is an all-encompassing job where you must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. High accessibility is the key component of business relationships. Being available to clients in the evening and on weekends shows your utmost commitment. Demonstrate your accessibility by providing your e-mail address or "after hours" cell number so that a customer can contact you with a question and know they'll receive a prompt response.

Daniel Milstein, is CEO of Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group an INC 500 company and is author of The ABC of Sales, http://www. Milstein has been recognized as the #1 mortgage originator in the nation, has been among the top 40 finance professionals in America for 10 years, and has been named the top employer in Michigan for three years by the Detroit Free Press. Milstein has achieved more than $3 billion in personal career mortgage sales, is a licensed mortgage lender in 20 states, and has 15 years in the banking industry as an executive, originator, underwriter, productions and operations manager with the highest track record in the industry. Media Contact: For a review copy of The ABC of Sales or to arrange an interview with Daniel Milstein contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications Book Marketing at scottlorenz AT or by phone at 734667-2090

Visit, a program of the National Association for Moms In Business providing marketing resources, tools and training for marketing without money.

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The #1 Resource and Information Center for Marketing to Moms

Social Media Is Essential In Getting Mom to Buy Moms today believe social media marketing impacts their retail purchasing, according to the results of a national survey of nearly 700 mothers by Fleishman-Hillard The study uncovered ways marketers should modernize their communications to bridge the gaps that exist between their brands and today’s mom consumers.

Most moms surveyed said social media is changing the in-store customer experience, and the top-ranked reason is because they use social media to get information about sales and coupons. Additionally, 63 percent of moms surveyed said blogger reviews are influential to their purchase decisions, whereas 56 percent of moms said they tend to avoid online ads because they are not viewed as trustworthy. Moms noted Facebook as the most trusted space online to receive brand communication. “Moms indicated they are being communicated with via a lot of digital means, and their digital communications are coming from a lot of brands in each online space,” noted Liz Hawks, senior vice president and co-chair of FleishmanHillard’s marketing-to-moms practice. “In fact, one-third of moms using Facebook and Twitter to receive branded communications are following more than 20 brands in each of those spaces.” Facebook was ranked as the space moms use most for brand engagement (84 percent), followed by blogs (69 percent) and online communities (63 percent). PAGE 28 • October, 2011 • Moms In Business Magazine

About half (48 percent) of moms surveyed said they are following a brand on Twitter. When asked to select all categories of branded products or services they interact with most online, clear category leaders included 1) food/recipes (88 percent); 2) health and beauty (86 percent); 3) children’s products (84 percent); and 4) clothing/fashion (73 percent). The study went beyond the channels moms use to uncover

…Additionally, 63 percent of moms surveyed said blogger reviews are influential to their purchase decisions, whereas 56 percent of moms said they tend to…

what captures their attention and keeps them engaged in these spaces. Moms said the dialogue with brands in these spaces should allow them to give feedback to the brand, read articles with tips and advice or get a sneak peek behind the brand. These social activities provide more value to them beyond learning about a product or service. “The study results show the extent to which social media is changing moms’ expectations of brands and even retail purchasing behaviors,” said Hawks. “They also reveal variances based on moms’ employment status and generational demographics, and overall paint a picture for marketers and communicators of how to break through to today’s mom in the modern ways she expects.”

3 Simple Ways to Engage with Moms Online – 99 Create a Facebook Store

99 Blog about your brand, products and services (if you don’t have one, use the blog that comes with your membership). 99 Take the course. Coming LIVE in Las Vegas in July 2012, but you can join us online. Register now for discounted pricing., a program of the National Association for Moms In Business, is leading the charge to affordably and effectively help members more effectively market to the #1 consumer in America. Moms In Business Magazine • October 2011 • PAGE 29

PAGE 30 • October, 2011 • Moms In Business Magazine

Wisdoms for Thought


heers to New Year and another chance for us to get it right.” ~ Oprah Winfrey


“ new beginning is perhaps the best time to say… It’s so nice to know you… And here’s wishing our friendship Continues to grow in the days to come.” ~ Author Unknown


n optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the Old Year leaves.” ~ Bill Vaughan


“ n the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, but never in want.” ~ Irish Toast

“B e always at War with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year

find you a better person.” ~ Benjamin Franklin


“ New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.” ~ Author Unknown

Founder Gina Robison-Billups Editor Design/Layout Eugenia Martini-Jarrett Advertising: Debbie Donaldson Published by NAFMIB, the National Association for Moms In Business. The Leading National Association Representing Executive, Entrepreneur and CEO Moms, Copyright 2011, © International Association of Working Mothers See for full copyright page All Rights Reserved

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