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From The President

w a h S e l l e h c i R

Hello My Favorite Moms in Business!


t is time to get back to work, and concentrate on the last 100 days of the year! YIKES, that came fast huh? We have some exciting things planned in the next couple of months. To all of my fellow moms in Chicago – I will be speaking with Christie Hefner of Playboy, Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter and several others at the 26th Annual Entrepreneurial Woman’s Conference on September 20, 2012. Here is the link to the conference, please let me know if you are coming and we will make it a point to meet (as we fight through the other 2400+ women attending) Then, I will be back in Las Vegas attending the Blogilicious 3 Day event, September 28 – 30, 2012. If you are coming in town for the event– please reach out; we will be having an informal gathering for our members there! Be sure to check out the NEWS section of the magazine for all of the details. Now on to what we have to deal with as moms in business. Well, back to school – had some trying moments.

My 6-year-old daughter, Devyn all of a sudden decided that the same school that she had attended for preschool and kindergarten was scary and was nervous. I do have to say that last week was a trying week, she cried 4 out of the 5 days waiting on the playground for school to start. All of the kids were playing but they were not playing with her. My heart broke – watching her get more and more frustrated.

After the second day, as the crazy mom I am, I worried about her all day and when I picked her up – I asked tons of questions about why she was upset, what was different about this year and, she acted as if nothing happened.

Then the next morning, she cried again and I questioned, yesterday’s decision to let her work it out herself, but as the days went on, she became more and more comfortable and today, she did not cry.

As much as I wanted to run to her and put my arms around her, I had to let her work it out. AND learn the essential steps to resolving her problems, so that she can become a better leader than she already is. That is when I knew that I made the right decision. I love that she grew in the first week of first grade to see a very important lesson in life and in business. All things get better. Change is uncomfortable, but if being uncomfortable is the worst thing that is going to happen to you in your business, then you are truly blessed.


Have an amazing month!

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Letter From The President, Richelle Shaw Hello My Favorite Moms In Business!


Moms Minutes





Important Tips and Briefs



Why 5% Succeed How to Inspire, Engage and Empower


ReInvent & Jubilate

Pat Davis is an internationally recognized expert speaker and trainer…


It’s Time To Get It Together!


Looking at a Second Career?


Partners in Love and Business, Travel the Road to Success … Fun Matters

Whether you’re returning to work from summer holidays, or getting the kids ...


There are so many alternatives for re-inventing yourself, no matter what age.

“Love Like Kids, Act Like Adults”


Boost Your Online Mailing List


Create An Online Media Room


My Binder is My Best Friend


Smart Women, Niche Marketing & Yoga Johnny


Bits ‘n Pieces ~ “I Gave Her A Bath!”


10 Vital Tips

... wants media people everywhere to know that he has appeared on some of the top TV talk and news shows...

14 14

Sounds kind of lonely doesn’t it?..

...a frequent question is, “How important is it for me to finely niche my marketing message?”

“There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.”

—Susan B. Anthony

On The Cover

Pat Davis

Moms In Business Magazine • September, 2012 • PAGE 5


Moms Minutes

Age Proof Your Brain Keep Your Mind Fit

Nestle, a company using many GMO ingredients in their products, just lost a legal battle in a Brazilian court. Brazil has a law that anything with over 1% GMOs must be labeled accordingly.

Read all the details in: health/brain-health/info-01-2012/boost-brainhealth.1.html.


of business leaders around the globe interviewed in 2012 see gender diversity as a top priority, and 90 percent see a connection between diversity and their companies’ success. Read entire article: http://www. Articles/Pages/Strategic-Approach-toDeveloping-Women.aspx

To Label or Not to Label GMO (Genetically Modified Organism - Foods) ingredients are a major topic of concern in households around the world. Many companies do not list GMO ingredients on labels, even when mandated by law.

99 Get Moving 99 Pump Some Iron 99 Seek Out New Skills 99 Say “Omm” 99 Eat Like a Greek 99 Spice It Up 99 Find Your Purpose 99 Get a Social Life 99 Reduce Your Risks 99 Check Vitamin Deficiencies

Global Report Finds Gender Diversity is Emphasized Worldwide


Reddit is Becoming the Monster Traffic Referrer ”Reddit is becoming a monster for traffic referrals. A new pageviews record was set in July by Reddit topping 3.1 billion for the month with a jump of 64% in referrals.”

Smartphone is Mom’s Best Friend for Back-To-School Planning and Communications Survey shows that peer-to-peer communication, organization, contact with teachers/school, coordinating family calendars, coupon hunting and shopping routings are the key uses of smartphones during this time.

PAGE 6 • September, 2012 • Moms In Business Magazine

Moms Minutes

A Cow Up A Tree?

Firemen are accustomed to being called out for cats stuck up trees, but a crew in England went one better, helping to rescue a cow that fell from an embankment and got lodged in a large tree. Firemen donned body armor to protect them, then used a winch to lower the “reasonably happy” bovine to safety.

An App for Women and Wine Winemakers today are focusing on marketing wine to women, particularly mothers —­promoting wine as a break from juggling work, family and households. Now Chateau Ste. Michelle, the flagship brand of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates of Woodinville, Wash., is introducing a campaign pitched primarily to women. They have launched a Facebook app sending the message that it’s OK to indulge; “It’s where you become you again - not mom, not colleague, not chauffeur, cook or cleanerupper.”

Nestle Pure Life Looking to Latina Mothers For Insight Latina mothers are encouraged to share stories and experiences that promote “everyday hydration” as part of a Nestle Pure Life campaign on the brand’s Spanish-language Facebook page. TV personality Cristina Saralegui is also featured on the page, offering advice for healthy lifestyles. h t t p : / / w w w. m e d i a p o s t . c o m / publications/article/181811/nestlepure-life-promo-aims-to-engagelatina-moms.html.

Are you a planner with less than five years experience? Inspire us! - Call for Entries The 2012 4A’s Strategy Festival is all about bringing agility to strategy. What inspires you to be more agile? Who does things faster, better, smarter ... and what can they teach us? Think outside the business. Think outside the box. We call upon planners with less than 5 years’ experience to send us your top ideas,

and if you’re one of the chosen, you’ll get to present onstage at the festival, as well as receive complimentary admission to the entire event. You’ll have five minutes to make your case and share your vision with the audience. Visit the Strategy Festival site ( to learn more about the Inspire competition and to submit your entry.

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BREAKING NEWS! NAFMIB added 143 new members in August – Welcome! Check out the new I Love Being a Mom in Business on Facebook – click like – this is a place where we can share funny stories and pictures!

Our President, Richelle Shaw will be speaking at WDBC in ewc-26 for more information.

Blogilicious Weekend - Las Vegas, NV – Our President, Richelle Shaw will be attending and would love to meet you there! For details go to:

AT&T – The Texting While Driving Campaign – visit: - watch?v=2R1h8oW3kk4, so that you can Pledge for September 19 – Join US and support our great sponsor!

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Get to Know Our New President by Grabbing a Free Copy of Her Book

Moms In Business Magazine • September, 2012 • PAGE 9

Why 5% Succeed

How To Inspire, Engage & Empower M

ost busy working moms are not getting what they want because they don’t know the fast way to Inspire, Engage and Empower others. Does this look familiar?

• Your client(s) want your personal attention so you stretch yourself thin to be available WHENEVER THEY ASK. • Your employee(s) don’t immediately understand what to do so you do the project YOURSELF. • Your family doesn’t do the laundry/ dishes/trash the way you do it - so you do it ALL YOURSELF.

This perfectionist, my-way-or-the-highway approach, is a huge disservice to you and to those around you. There is no one-way to do things - in fact, when you Inspire, Engage and Empower others, you learn the unexpected! As background to a project we were working on, I explained to a client that, “Women earn an average of 20% less than men.” My client was FLOORED and stopped me to focus on this statement in more detail. She always thought of it as women earning 80% of what men earn, not 20% less - and that imagery made a significant difference in how she wanted to proceed on the project. It changed the trajectory of our work together! The key is to assume that this opportunity will teach YOU something and reward the other participants too. Here’s how

to get the most out of every situation and relationship:

1. INSPIRE: Communicate your Shared Values. No matter what the situation,

every relationship has shared values of excellence, abundance and fulfillment. - You crave an opportunity to share your innate strengths and talents. - You want to be rewarded and recognized for your contribution. - And you want to experience steady growth and progress that fulfills you. State these shared values in your own words to the other participants before you start to discuss the project. You ground the entire team, focusing them in unity when you start with your Shared Values.

2. ENGAGE: Explain the desired outcome clearly. Remind the team of

the ultimate outcome for the project. Let the participants know the immediate and long-term benefits. Identify the tiny signs of progress that will be evident as you approach your ultimate goal.

Perhaps your client has asked for your presence at another status meeting -but the ultimate outcome your client wants is to complete the project ahead of schedule. You explain that a key contributor will attend the meeting. You then mention a strength your employee has that complements the rest of the team. Having her attend the meeting saves time in briefing her on the work that

By Elaine Starling

needs to be done, she is very creative, and you want the client to see her innovation and ideation process first-hand.

3. EMPOWER: Identify the contributions and strengths of the participants. Comment specifically on what they are doing well and celebrate their contribution! Most people quickly lose interest if they don’t see progress and how they are personally contributing to that progress. It’s your job to help them see the value of their participation and how they benefit from it. Recognize participants using the Relevance Languages featured in the book, “Why 5% Succeed.”

Advertise the fact that you surround yourself with brilliant employees/ clients/vendors/family members who make you look good! Your employees gain confidence as you point out specific skills with concrete examples, your clients gain assurance that you aren’t a roadblock, your kids understand how they support and contribute to your work success, and you gain more time to do other things. Best of all, you’ll experience a happier work/home environment!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re able to get things done when you use the Inspire, Engage and Empower process with others.

Elaine Starling: President and Chief Marketing Insighter - Starling Media Services, Inc. Author of “Your Success is Social: Contribution is the New Currency,” and “Why 5% Succeed: The 5 Secret Strategies of Business Winners” with Gina Robison-Billups. Elaine is also a sought-after speaker, consultant, columnist, mentor, entrepreneur and Innovation Expert, teaches people how to double their business results with The Revenue FormulaTM. Meet Elaine at and connect with her about Why 5% Succeed at www., Twitter:, Facebook: http://www.facebook. com/why5succeed PAGE 10 • September, 2012 • Moms In Business Magazine

Moms In Business Magazine • September, 2012 • PAGE 11


It’s Time To Get It Together!

By Milissa Harding, Health Coach

PAGE 12 • September, 2012 • Moms In Business Magazine


hen we’re in the season of summer, many people crave time outdoors, a slower pace and a mental break from being “on schedule”, and it’s actually good for us to unplug and allow spontaneity and creativity to guide our days during this season. Our minds and bodies really benefit from it. If you’re like me, there’s a part of you, however, that sort of dreads when the fall season starts creeping in. Sure, the colorful leaves are beautiful and the abundance of produce is wonderful, but that’s not it. It’s that feeling of not wanting to leave the carefree experience of summer behind. It’s that nagging voice that tells you “It’s time to get back into a routine”. Are you beginning to feel this way? Whether you’re returning to work from summer holidays, or getting the kids back to school, there’s something about September that feels like a new start and a time to get organized. I think it’s actually a perfect time to begin to switch gears and find ways to keep ourselves from feeling out of balance and overwhelmed. We know that the shorter and cooler days are ahead; let’s not kid ourselves, okay? We also know that during the fall and winter season, it’s easier to feel less energized and motivated, and that leads to feeling frazzled with all of the responsibilities we have each day.

I suggest getting a head start now towards bringing in routines and structure that really allow you to experience a greater sense of balance, productivity and health. Ask yourself the following questions to get a sense of where you might need to begin: Do you wake up in the mornings feeling overwhelmed about all that you need to do? Do you find yourself jumping from one task to the next, not really completing anything properly because you’re distracted by all of the other things you need to do?

Having predictable routines teaches us to trust ourselves to not only tackle our to do lists, but to prioritize our self-care. We feel more confident when we are spending our time wisely and experiencing that wonderful sense of accomplishment. Having clear routines in place actually saves you time in the long run, because you have already pre-planned days and

times for doing the things that you need (and want) to do. Another benefit of having routines is that it frees our minds from wondering when we’ll get to do certain things if it’s already been thought out and planned.

add in to your life right now? Set yourself up for success by writing it down in your calendar or putting a reminder into your phone. Pay attention to how you begin to feel mentally, emotionally and physically as you begin to add that new routine into your life. When you’re ready, add another one! Notice how your energy shifts (in a good way!) during those sometimes

find a rhythm that works for you? Here are some ideas:

“challenging” seasons of fall and winter once you have some good, solid routines in place.

So, what are some ways that you can begin to organize your days a little more and

99 Have a morning routine, such as creating a to do list for the day, and try to limit your “absolute must- do’s” to 5 things you’d like to complete. Don’t overwhelm yourself! 99 *Make time throughout your day to fit simple exercises in, such as stretching or taking a short walk 99 *Try to enjoy at least one meal a day in a quiet environment; use that time to truly enjoy your food 99 *Plan your meals for the week, so that you’re not scrambling at 5:00 each evening to prepare dinner 99 *Create a way to unwind at the end of each day, whether that means reading a book, writing a short gratitude journal or listening to relaxing music. Unwinding prepares your body for a deep sleep. Can you think of one routine that you can

Milissa Harding is a Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She works with busy women to provide health and wellness support in areas such as: improving nutrition, increasing energy, decreasing stress, understanding and dealing with sugar cravings and weight loss. She shares a monthly newsletter filled with lots of healthy tips and recipes, and she conducts free health consultations. Milissa offers 3 and 6-month Health Coaching programs at affordable rates. Prioritize your self-care by contacting Milissa for a free health consultation. Visit:www. or email Milissa at

Moms In Business Magazine • September, 2012 • PAGE 13

Feature By Gina Robison-Billups

ReInvent and Jubilate Pat Davis is an internationally recognized expert speaker and trainer in the direct sales industry. She has “walked the talk” from both the corporate and the field development side of the business. She started her company, Network Marketing Tutor, Inc., in 1971 and today is going strong. Pat reiterates that she started the business when she was in kindergarten. GRB: It is such a pleasure to have this opportunity to interview you. Please tell us about your children/ family? PD: I have 2 children – son (Matthew) and daughter (Laura). 3 grandchildren: 2 boys and a 1 girl – Mason 7 yrs old, Walker 9 yrs old and Megan 12 years old. My wonderful husband, Ollie, and I will be married 51 years this month on September 16th. We met just 2 weeks shy of my 15th birthday and married when I was only 17½. Wouldn’t recommend that to girls of today, but

for us it has worked beautifully. We are still very much in love and have a great PAGE 14 • September, 2012 • Moms In Business Magazine

Pat Davis, as President & CEO of a multimillion dollar in-the-home direct sales party plan company, was instrumental in a twelve times growth, reinvention and turnaround for a company. She has captured her many years of successful proven experience into the most powerful and effective speaker and trainer in her field.

relationship. How? The relationship, just like my advice on life, has stayed true to its core values and has corrected and has had “mini” reinventions over the years. Even though I am very proud of my two children and love them dearly, our grandchildren, this third generation of little people are Ollie’s and my delight. I think everyone should be clear on their goals – or as I call them your ‘wannas’ in every aspect of their life. My favorite “wanna” in my personal life is to create and enjoy memories of travel with my family. Whether it is doing crafts at the kitchen table, a one-day fishing trip, Alaska cruise or European vacation, these loving experiences are like money in the bank to me. Also, they are so educational for the grandkids and I like to fancy myself as their world travel teacher.

As my 7-year-old grandson Mason watched the Olympics, it was so rewarding to know that we had just taken him to London a few months ago. He became our local announcer as he recognized and reported to us on so many areas of London he was seeing on TV. When my 9-year-old grandson, Walker was asked at school his favorite activity, he quickly answered and drew a picture of himself “cruising”. He is always planning the next cruise for us (he has already been on 4 cruises and is only 9 years old). Many people on cruises are so busy with activities, the funniest story is one day on a cruise, Walker sat in Grandpa’s lap on the balcony, just viewing the ocean – doing nothing but relaxing and cuddling. He said so prolifically – Grandpa – this is how you cruise. Yes, he knew how to enjoy the moment and I thought so

much wisdom, so young! Our 12-year-old granddaughter Megan has become an expert on geography and facts of every location we have traveled. Again, fun memories and education. In my Random House bestselling book (over 200,000 copies sold), “The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex”, I tell a little about our love story (but no personal passion secrets – that is just between us.) GRB: What brought you to build your company and what exactly does your company do? PD: At a very early age, I was first introduced to network marketing and Continued on next page

Moms In Business Magazine • September, 2012 • PAGE 15



Continued from previous page

party plan. My life as a secretary changed on that June evening in 1971 when I first joined a cosmetic party plan company. I had no idea of the path it would lead me down. How did it start? One of my best girlfriends, Frances, invited me to an in the home party. I remember vividly saying to Frances, I just don’t do these in home parties, so no thank you. But she kept pestering me and saying, “Pat this woman is coming and I promised to have at least 6 people there. You can at least be a body and you don’t have to buy anything, I just really need you to be there.” You have to understand that Frances was the kind of girlfriend who, if I didn’t agree, would never leave me alone. I decided it was easier to go than to have to deal with her later, so I told her I would go, but I wouldn’t buy anything. With that attitude and also

very little knowledge of how the party plan business worked I most certainly didn’t go to the party to make a career change. At that time in my life, I was a newly married young mother. Even though my husband had a good job and he worked hard, we were struggling financially to cover the cost of two young children, a new home, car payments and we didn’t even have money to buy living room furniture since we were just adjusting to the mortgage payments. So there was no way I could spend anything at what I thought was a frivolous home party. But I went and ended up buying $40 worth of products; to put that in perspective, my mortgage payment was $90 (no I didn’t live in a one room shack – it was the price of a mortgage payment in 1971. Looking back, that was quite a substantial amount to purchase, especially after I said I wouldn’t buy anything. It was almost equal to half

PAGE 16 • September, 2012 • Moms In Business Magazine

my mortgage payment. If I bought half of my mortgage payment today I would be a favorite customer. After the party, Frances called and asked if I would book a party. I reminded her that I rarely went to such parties much less held them. She said she needed one more booking to get a special gift that she wanted. I finally agreed again because she was the kind of friend that if I didn’t, she would never let me forget it. Then, before I could even host the party, knock knock on my door was Frances and her husband Gerald , who was my husband’s best friend. They stood there on my doorstep with a blue demo kit suitcase saying, “We are so excited, we have this great opportunity for you.” I told them to just stop right there...

you don’t understand, I came, I bought, I booked, 3 out of 4 is enough. Please leave me alone. “But you don’t understand”, Frances said, “they give cars.” She hit my hot button. At that time in our lives we only had one car. To fast forward, I joined the company, earned my car in 6 months, and went on to be the top leader in that company, earned an incredible income and life changed for my family and me. In the early days, my definition of success was earning a free car, and not running out of money before I ran out of week. That was when you get paid on Friday and by Wednesday you are broke. All of this had a great impact on my family – we traveled and enjoyed a nicer lifestyle from the additional money that I was able to earn. After 12 years as an entrepreneur and building a multimillion-dollar organization, I left the field to join the corporate staff. I became the U.S. Vice President of Sales for the $300 million dollar worldwide company. This was a huge change in responsibility and focus. Twelve years later, life changed dramatically with the sale of the company and I no longer had a job. I felt I had no place to go after so many loyal years with only one company. Then my daughter convinced me that I had transferrable skills. She was right. I became the GM of a network marketing training company. After a few years, the most exciting career move was the formation of my own company Network Marketing Tutor, Inc. I was back in business for myself and it felt good. I was using my transferrable skills to teach, train, speak, consult and help others achieve success. Then life changed again. Consulting led me to become President of a struggling

small sensual party plan company. I was instrumental in a twelve times growth, reinvention and turnaround. This positioned it to be the premier company of its type in North America. In the process I became the author of a bestselling book by the largest publisher in the world, Random House. All of this lead to me being sought after by news, radio, magazines, radio and TV media. But most important, as the President

and leader to thousands of women in US and Canada, I found rewards beyond belief as I watched these women succeed and change their lives and those around them. When it was announced that I had retired from this last company that I helped build, I didn’t feel retired. I knew I had more to give. Then I heard that the word for retirement in Spanish is jubilation. It means that it is a time in your life you get to do what you want to do. Therefore, I am in the jubilation phase of my life. So what does success look like to me now? From that young mother who ran out of money before she ran out of week to a financially secure woman – success to me is being able to help other women achieve success. My journey has been and continues to be changing and growing – but it has been and continues to be fun at every level.

GRB: What has been the single hardest part of being in this business/career? How did you deal with that? PD: I think change is the hardest action, emotion and challenge of any businessperson. As the saying goes, “Life is like a canoe — it can turn around quickly.” It’s never too late to make a change. Sometimes changes happen that are your choice and sometimes the change is thrust upon you by others. Even though the only persons who usually like change are wet babies, know that change can be good. I have always realized that you do have choices and they are yours to make. Change can be a choice in many disguises. Although defining what success means and developing strong intentions is something all of us can do and all should be doing, it isn’t something we’re used to doing in this society. I’ve found that most people will spend more time creating their grocery list than their life list. They don’t understand that they have choices in life, that they can do something to make life better. And in the same way that you have to have an open mind to be coachable, you need an open mind to learn from those around you and to grow from the experience. Don’t go into any circumstance just expecting to get — listen to the others and give of yourself. GRB: What is your greatest achievement (or what are you most proud of personally and professionally)? PD: I am very fortunate that I have received tens of thousands of cards, emails and messages over the years expressing to me what a difference I have made in the lives of so many women of all ages, background and experiences. Continued on page 30

Moms In Business Magazine • September, 2012 • PAGE 17



Looking at a Second Career? There are so many alternatives for re-inventing yourself, no matter what age. Find a field that you like and that inspires you. PAGE 18 • September, 2012 • Moms In Business Magazine

Fastest-Growing Jobs (Projected by 2018)

Home health aide Personal and home care aide Computer software engineer Medical assistant Network systems and date communications analyst Dental assistant Self-enrichment education teacher Veterinary technologist/technician Physical therapist assistant Physical therapist aide Skin care specialist Biomedical engineer Financial examiner

Jobs You Can Start Handy work Real estate appraiser Physical Therapist Senior Helper Financial Planner

Love Animals Jobs Pet shop operator Pet groomer Pet sitter Dog walker Veterinary technician

Jobs - No College Needed

Nonprofit Jobs

Loan officer Medical appliance technician Stationary engineer or boiler operator Postal service mail carrier Line installer and repairer Quality control inspector Floral designer Hazardous materials removal worker

Administrative Assistant Volunteer manager Marketing/communications manager Recreational therapist Fundraiser

Part-time Jobs Bookkeeping, accounting, auditing clerk Customer service Office clerk Laborer, material mover Janitor Stock clerk Retail salesperson Waitress or waiter

Home-Based Businesses Crafts Project-Based Consultant Patient Advocate Direct Sales Senior Move Manager This is only a portion of the jobs/ideas available. For more choices, details, requirements and salaries visit: kerry-hannon

Moms In Business Magazine • September, 2012 • PAGE 19


Partners in Love and Business Travel the Road To Success­­

... Fun Matters

t c A , s d i K e k i L “Love ” s t l u d Like A

PAGE 20 • September, 2012 • Moms In Business Magazine

By David and Jamillah Lamb


marriage is friendship, the Lambs say. Here are some of their tips:

dumping your bad day on someone else. It is poison for any relationship.

As the divorce rate hovers near an estimated 50 percent in the United States, many blame career stress as a major cause of separations. But somehow some couples grow stronger, especially when they work together.

Enjoy life

Remember Your Love

Some couples won’t go to theme parks until they have children. But letting one’s inner child out to play with their partner’s inner child strengthens a relationship’s bond.

Couples may fight, but guard what you say. There’s no need for ugliness even when you disagree.

arack and Michelle do it. Brad and Angelina do it. John and Yoko did it. How?

One couple that has worked together for nearly a decade in the stressful world of theater, producing Off-Broadway plays, has decided to share their secrets.

“Love is worth the sacrifice,” they agree. “Today, with stories of celebrity couples walking away after only days of marriage and even more people living as though sacrifice is nearly a curse word, we say: ‘It’s worth the sacrifice.’ For us, it means that we are willing to give up something that we thought was valuable or important for something even more important: love and our happiness.”

“In part, it is because we work together that our bond has strengthened after 10 years of marriage,” says Jamillah Lamb, co-author along with her husband, David, of Perfect Combination: Seven Key Ingredients to Happily Living & Loving Together (www. The couple has worked together professionally in their stage company, Between The Lines Productions, Inc., for nine years. But the Lambs say even couples that aren’t business partners are working together every day; because being in any relationship requires negotiating, compromising, and decision-making. Just think about the last time you had to decide whose mother’s house you were going to for Christmas or where you were going to go for vacation or even which movie you were going to see last weekend. “We get more opportunity to grow together because, between home and work, we’re making 100 decisions a day instead of 10,” Jamillah says. The couple live by their guiding rule, “Love like kids, act like adults.” “That means to love freely and completely, without a fortress around your heart, and behave responsibly,” David says. A crucial ingredient for any successful

Couples need to remember relationships take work, but they can also be a blast of fun, David says.

Love is, in part, the acknowledgement and deep appreciation for another human being, Jamillah says.

Forgive the Small Stuff No one is always right, and no one wants to be around someone who always needs to be right.

Appreciate Individuality Everyone needs to have their own identity, including those in a long-term relationship and couples who work together. David enjoys his comic book collection, while Jamillah keeps a library of romance novels.

Do Not Misdirect Anger In psychology, it’s called transference;

“Couples should never take each other for granted,” she advises. “In love, as in business, everyone wants to be appreciated. The simplest gesture can go a long way to help your significant other feel like they are making a significant contribution to your life, your family, or your business.”

David and Jamillah Lamb have been married for 10 years. They founded and have run Between The Lines Productions, Inc. since 2003. Born and raised in Queens, N.Y., David attended the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and New York University School of Law. He is the playwright of “Platanos y Collard Greens.” Jamillah Lamb grew up in the same Chicago neighborhood as first lady Michelle Obama. She earned her master’s degree in public policy at Harvard. Together they wrote Perfect Combination: Seven Key Ingredients to Happily Living & Loving to share what they have learned as successful partners in love and in business. They live in Brooklyn with their daughter.

Moms In Business Magazine • September, 2012 • PAGE 21



Your Online Mailing List

By Terri Seymour

10 Vital Tips PAGE 22 • September, 2012 • Moms In Business Magazine

One of the most powerful ways to build a successful online business is by creating relationships with your visitors so they can begin to trust you and feel comfortable ordering from you. One way of building these relationships is by having a mailing list so you can keep in contact with your subscribers. This helps form a bond and will start to build that foundation of trust and credibility. Sending out weekly online newsletters or mailings is a great way to solidify the trust relationship. But whom do you send it to? Taking the time and effort to build a responsive email list is not easy but it certainly can be done. The ten tips below will help you get started building that all-important list of names and email addresses!

1. Privacy Guarantee – One of the most important things you can do is guarantee the visitor’s privacy. Be sure to let them know their information will never be given out or sold to anyone under any circumstances!

2. Easy Sign-Up – Be sure to put a quick and easy sign-up form for your visitors. You do not want your potential subscribers chased away by having to click through a maze of forms. Make the sign-up as easy and fast as possible.

3. Multiple Forms – Don’t make the mistake of just putting one sign-up form on your site. Be sure to have one on every page. Not everyone will go to your homepage. Also, be sure to add subscription forms to your Facebook page and other social networking sites.

4. In Plain Sight – When putting the sign-up form on

every page of your site, be sure to put them on the top of the page on either the right side or the left side. I have read that the left side is more effective.

5. No Life Story – Don’t ask for a ton of information

when trying to get people to sign up for your mailing list. You don’t need to know their phone number, address, gender, birthday, etc. The person is going to wonder what you want all that information for and they will be inclined not to give it to you. A name and an email address is all you need.

6. Double Opt-In – Always provide double opt-in for

your subscriptions. So after they sign-up, an email will be sent to them to give them a chance to confirm their subscription. This will protect your subscribers from being added to unwanted lists and it will also protect you from being reported for spam.

7. Free Gift – Always offer a quality free gift to everyone who signs up for your mailing list. Show them you appreciate them and are willing to give something to them as well. I usually offer a free ebook with helpful, quality content. Put

the download link in the welcome subscriber email you send out so they can access their gift immediately. Don’t make them contact you or wait for it.

8. Email Signature

– Be sure to offer a sign-up form or link in your email signature. A lot of people will sign-up directly from an email.

9. Forward to a Friend – Encourage your subscribers

to forward copies of your mailings to their friends and associates. Offer incentive contests. For example whoever gets the most people to subscribe gets a free gift or big discount on their next order.

10. Ad Swaps

– Contact other newsletter publishers and ask them to do an ad swap. You will run a blurb about their newsletter if they do the same for you. You can also exchange blurbs on your welcome email that is sent to all new subscribers.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to offer quality content and products in your mailings. Add some contests (for example: a trivia challenge), some fun and encourage your readers’ interaction with you. This will go a long way in building that foundation of trust, which in turn will bring you much more business! Sending out weekly online newsletters or mailings is a great way to solidify the trust relationship. But who do you send it to?

Terri Seymour, successful online business entrepreneur and author. Don’t be one of the 95% of people who fail at their online business. Terri Seymour can help you make money online. Find out how to increase your traffic and sales with her popular “How to Build Your Online Business” ebook for FREE at: ==> Moms In Business Magazine • September, 2012 • PAGE 23


Create An Online Media Room

By Joan Stewart


Baggett wants media people everywhere to know that he has appeared on some of the top TV talk and news shows in the U.S. and in prestigious magazines like Biography. So in the media room at his website, under a button titled “For the Media,” ( he reprints the logos of media outlets where stories about him have appeared. What a great way to establish instant credibility. Bart is a handwriting expert and has appeared on more than 1,300 TV and radio shows. Is it any wonder? He does a great job letting the media know how he can help them. His media room also features press releases, including

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two that are tie-ins to Valentine’s Day and National Handwriting Week in January.

He also gives the media ideas on how they can dovetail stories on national news events to his areas of expertise. For example, on CNN, Bart analyzed the handwriting in letters sent during the anthrax scare. In other media outlets, he analyzed Timothy McVeigh’s prison letters and showed how McVeigh’s handwriting revealed a callous character. There’s lots more you can learn by visiting Bart’s site. He offers punchy testimonials from media people who love him. He supplies a list of questions for radio and TV

interviewers. And he gives specific instructions on easy ways for TV and radio show hosts to obtain handwriting samples from their audience members so Bart can analyze them on the air. What media person wouldn’t want to interview him? Bart says he used another publicity trick that paid off handsomely. When he was interviewed by Biography magazine, he sent the magazine photos of what he looked like as a child. If magazines print childhood photos of celebrities, he reasoned, and they print his, he too will be viewed as a celebrity. Sure enough, the magazine did. And he got more space that he would have gotten had he not sent the photos.  

If you want media people calling you for interviews, you must build a compelling online media room and media kit. More than ever, media people often check out sources’ web sites before calling the sources. They want to see if you’re worth the phone call. They want to find out if you’re media-savvy. And sometimes they want to see what other media have interviewed you. If no one else has, why should they bother?

You’ll find hundreds of tips on how to build an online media room and media kit in the onehour tape or CD called www.publicityhound. com/publicity-products/marketing-tapes/ electronicmediakit.html, in which I interview publicist Bev Harris. of It comes with a downloadable handout of my favorite online media rooms built by Fortune 100 companies down and sole proprietors. Also, make sure you have a compelling

bio. Most bios I read are more potent than sleeping pills. For tips on how to jazz up your bio, see

Joan Stewart is a speaker, trainer and consultant specializing in developing and maintaining good relations with the print and a broadcast media. Reprinted from “The Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week,” a free ezine featuring tips, tricks and tools for generating free publicity. All rights reserved. For information about Joan, contact FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email Susie@;. Moms In Business Magazine • September, 2012 • PAGE 25


My Binder is

My Best Friend By Tim Brown


ounds kind of lonely doesn’t it?

But it’s true.

The day that I was at my sister’s house, talking about how to organize household paperwork…, which had plagued me since my single days when I didn’t have a whole lot to look after, was probably the first day of the rest of my life.


It started simply enough. She said something like… “This is what I have been doing lately and it really is working well, hang on and I’ll show you”. Out came the binder… as I recall, it was a fairly basic binder, nothing fancy (any binder is lovely as long as it has rings!) It held all of her household bills complete with section dividers.

As a self professed office supply junkie, I was automatically attracted to the idea of a visit to Staples, just say “I need a paper clip”… and I’m on it!


But there was so much more to it than that. She could momentarily look up any bill that she wanted to see in the

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By Janice Ferrante, Queen of KAOS

past year – that meant a new binder for each year! Of course, if you don’t have that many bills, you can use the same binder for more than one, or if you have a lot to keep track of, you can use more! Come tax time, making a budget, or anytime she wanted to see what she was paying for this or that, she could quickly and easily access her hard copies.

And they weren’t lying in a pile somewhere cluttering up a corner somewhere either.


I have since applied this system to my business. I have a binder for almost everything that I need to keep track of. My binders have truly pulled me out the abyss - wayward invoices, receipts, bills, research, records – each banished to it’s very own binder. Each binder has a label on its spine so that I can easily tell what it holds with out taking it off the shelf.


And binders are so interesting to look at these days.

I have small, flexible binders that I bought at the dollar store for a buck! I have a series of the same binder in a multitude of two tone shades – translucent ivory cover with vivid purples, blues, pinks… every color in the rainbow on the spine – wonderful for color coding and easy access, and they look so inviting, I love to take them out and use them!

I have some older not so great binders that I use for past years, the ones that I don’t need to access very often. And I have a bright orange binder that has a very hard cover with a groove that works as a handle so that I can carry it anywhere easily. I use that for my project brain storming binder. I am going to be getting more of those!


And I have a zippered binder that I use for my time management workbook. This one is special. It contains a clear plastic pencil case that holds any tool that I may need when outlining my weekly schedule or goal planning sheets, highlighters, markers, pens, ruler…

even a mechanical pencil. I love the feel of it and the way it writes, so it is much more fun to make entries and keep notes.

It includes my day timer schedule sheets, my project sheets, my goal sheets and anything that pertains to my time management system – all in one place that I can take anywhere on a moments notice. This means that I can use odd moments that come up here and there if I go out to do a little planning, a little tracking or just a bit of snooping to see what I have been doing when I am feeling that I haven’t accomplished much! It is the backbone of my time management system. It takes a system that could be complicated and transforms it into something almost magical in its simplicity.


This binder has a special place on my “record keeping station/shrine/table”, a small space designated only for paperwork, which in itself has been a lifesaver. It takes its place of honor, smack dab center in front of my chair, open for instant access, so that I can tell at a glance anything I ever need to know about what I am doing with my day and I can add anything to it with no muss or fuss.


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I say a binder is a beautiful thing (and more binders are even more beautiful!). Try it, you’ll like it :0)

Janice Ferrante is the Queen of KAOS. You can learn more about how to Conquer KAOS and take CONTROL by visiting her website at Also be sure to sign up for her free ezine containing more practical tips, articles and resources at http://www.

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Smart Women, Niche Marketing & Yoga Johnny By Joy Chudacoff

In my work with women, a frequent question is, “How important is it for me to finely niche my marketing message?” My answer is always, important.” The reason is 3-fold:


1. You save more time because you know exactly who you’re looking for. 2. You save more money because you spend your marketing budget wisely. 3. When you provide a great service, you’ll get highly qualified referrals from your satisfied clients to people they know who have the same problem. Here’s a quick case study to illustrate how effective this is: In our community, little league baseball is quite popular. From February through June, parents spend 6-10 hours a week taking their kids to and from practice as well as attending games. It’s a huge commitment and one many parents take seriously. Enter Yoga Johnny Yoga Johnny is a pitching coach. He works with children who have a desire to be a pitcher in little league baseball. Yoga Johnny is a very smart guy. Baseball is played in every area of Los Angeles however; Johnny understands that our community is one where parents will do (and pay) just about anything to help their kids stand on the mound and pitch.

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Johnny knows exactly who his ideal client is. It’s not children who want to be pitchers. It’s parents whose children want to be pitchers and are willing to pay for this level of coaching. He simply hangs out at the park where all the games and practices are located. When I think about Johnny’s marketing model, it’s really quite brilliant: 1. He’s saving time because he knows exactly where his ideal client hangs out. 2. He’s saving money because he only markets to his ideal client. He doesn’t need to spend time running all over Los Angeles looking for his ideal client. They are all nestled together right here in one community. 3. He continues to get a steady stream of new clients because everyone talks about the results their child gets when they work with Yoga Johnny. Johnny also uses another effective marketing tool: Package pricing. You cannot hire Johnny one time. He requires that you commit your child to months of his training in order to see the desired results. He has a proven system that he uses and he doesn’t deviate from it. He knows what works for him and the clients he serves.

Moms In Business Magazine is read by thousands of readers around the globe monthly. As the National Association For Moms In Business continues to grow throughout the nation, Moms In Business Magazine also continues to expand, providing more and more information and tools to support, educate and inspire its readers.

Coming Soon!

I invite you to take a few minutes and answer these 3 questions: 1. Have I identified who my ideal client is? Can I describe her/him to someone? What problem do I solve for this person? 2. Am I spending marketing time and dollars wisely in places where my client will notice me? 3. Am I asking for rave reviews from my satisfied clients? Am I asking if they know others who might benefit from working with me? Smart Women Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from a guy like Yoga Johnny. Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

Joy Chudacoff, ICF, PCC, is the founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions®, a Professional Certified Coach to 1000’s of women, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur. She publishes a weekly buzz generating ezine, Reflections On Life and Business for Women Entrepreneurs. If you’re ready take your life and your business to the next level, get your FREE Tips, FREE Report and FREE MP3 now at Profits With Passion []. © 2011 Joy Chudacof

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ReInvent and Jubilate Yes, I have reinvented myself many times, and have stayed true to my core values. I am proud that I have had the strength and courage to survive with a positive attitude at every opportunity that sometimes was disguised as something else. GRB: What’s on the horizon for you and your business? PD: I want to use my plethora of experience on many levels to the help other women achieve their “wanna’s” in life and business. I feel that I can share and save other women time and money in their journey to success. I am so pleased to be a very-involved Moms in Business advocate. I want to use this wonderful organization to reach women and share my success journey. I hopefully can offer gems of wisdom to continue help other women reach all the happiness that I have been blessed with. GRB: How do you manage it all? (work/life balance tips, etc) PD: This is always a struggle for women. Three tips: 1. Always make time for you. Have nails, hair, spa, reading, and relaxing time for just YOU. Few of us are able to feel as entitled to treating ourselves well. After all, we face some barriers, including our tendency to put others’ needs before our own. Most of the time, we’re the nurturers— in the family, in the office, for our friends—and sometimes it seems that we nurture everyone but ourselves. Sometimes, though, it’s okay to put yourself first. It might even be an unselfish act to do so, because once you take care of you, you’ll bring a new sparkle and vitality into every situation, and your family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones will benefit accordingly. 2. Have a housekeeper. You can’t do it all. A clean house is important, but not important who does it. It is more important that you are present at family activities and outings and not cleaning. 3. When you are working, be present mentally and physically in the work. Don’t feel guilty. When you are with family, be with present mentally and physically with the family and don’t feel guilty. Wear PAGE 30 • September, 2012 • Moms In Business Magazine

your work hat or your family hat, but not at the same time and know when to change hats and when to hang the other one up. GRB: Where do you get the courage to change your life in the direction that you need to take, but can be difficult or unknown? PD: Lots of laughter, staying real and having true core values. Yes, I have reinvented myself many times, but I always have fun and stay true to my core values. I am proud that I have had the strength and courage to survive with a positive attitude at every opportunity that sometimes was disguised as something else. I am a visual, so I need visual help in achieving my goals. Think about what you want, what do you want life to look like in 6 months, 6 years. You’re hopefully are going to be someplace in 6 years, why not be where you want to be? GRB: What advice do you have for other moms in business? PD: With a clear vision and a clear what I call “wanna”, knowing what you want - the doubtful moments will be few, and if they do creep in, they will be very brief and disappear quickly in the face of your belief in yourself and your “wanna”. You’ll find the time and energy and determination to do all

daily tasks that is necessary to grow your business.

Moms in Business!

I am known as a visionary – but the reality is, I just got clarity and focus in my heart and head and didn’t waive from it.

I would also like to add that I am so very proud of this Honor and Award and wish all mothers happiness and success:

GRB: Tell us about your Reflection Rule: PD: I have a rule that whatever is happening in your life and business is a direct result of what was happening six months ago. Every so often if things are going great or not so great, stop – reflect. What was I doing 6 months ago that would have caused today to be as it is? It is amazing what wisdom this reflection can give you from time to time. GRB: Do you have a “breaking the glass ceiling” moment of your career?

The prestigious Moms in Business Network Nevada Luminary Award was presented to the working mother who had achieved greatness in her field and paved the way for other women who balance career and motherhood. She is a trailblazer and a role model. On May 10, 2008, Pat Davis was awarded with this impressive honor.

PD: I am sure there are glass ceilings, but I have always mentally considered myself equal and have not focused on this theory and therefore don’t feel it has ever been a challenge to me. I just function as if there is none. GRB: Who has been your greatest inspiration? PD: There is really not one person, but instead there are thousands of women’s stories that I have heard over the years. Every time I hear a story of a woman’s accomplishment, I am inspired. From the smallest hurdle to the largest, I admire women who know what they want and balance it all to achieve their goals, no matter the size. GRB: There has never been an association bringing together mom decision-makers and influencers until National Association For Moms In Business.  What do you think the world would be like if moms in business were in charge? PD: I am so thrilled that the vision of this organization has become a reality. I think Moms have been more in charge than they realize. We have heard the phrase that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. I think this organization is making that phrase more believed. There needs to be more awareness in the world of the contribution Moms make. I think we have been in charge, we just didn’t always know it. Moms have to have more confidence to express themselves so they can get the credit for the influence that they already own.

A Day in the Life of Pat Davis

This is such a personal and varying question. I can get so distracted; you would think I was a 3 year old with ADD. I make a list daily of what needs to be done that day to reach my goals. I live by my calendar. I am disciplined to book appointments for my personal and family time as well as business. All areas have to be booked or I will turn into that 3 year old and not accomplish what I had on my master plan and will totally get off balance in life as well. Don’t know what I did without iCloud. It keeps me on track no matter where I am. I use technology whenever I can to make my life easier and more efficient. Visit Pat at:

I’m so proud to be on the sidelines cheering for all the

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! h t a B a r e I Gave H

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Moms In Business Magazine September, 2012  

Moms In Business Magazine is a monthly Magazine of the National Association For Moms In Business. Pat Davis is featured in an indepth interv...

Moms In Business Magazine September, 2012  

Moms In Business Magazine is a monthly Magazine of the National Association For Moms In Business. Pat Davis is featured in an indepth interv...