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Surviving the Holidays Melanie Smith

So, we survived Halloween. Whew! Now, comes Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. As we move into the Holiday Season life tends to get a little more hectic and chaotic. We pressure ourselves to get that perfect gift, prepare an impeccable Thanksgiving feast, bake the picture-perfect pie, and be the ideal parent, spouse and friend. The obligations pile on day after day until we are ready to snap. Sound familiar?

Now, add that to an already stressed out year where there never seems to be enough time in the day and the budget is stretched beyond it’s limits. No wonder we can’t just sit back, remember what we’re grateful for and watch the snow fall as we read that novel we’ve been dying to get to.

but it just might give you the strength you need to finish out the day. If you go for a quick walk to rejuvenate, will you have to skip buying that perfect gift for Uncle Joe? Can your kids get by with 12 gifts rather than a baker’s dozen... and will they even notice? No, the world will not fall apart if you engage in a little “me” time. And I submit, the world might actually be a tad bit better for it. Because, you will be in control and better able to cope with the chaos instead of teetering on that precipice about to fall over the proverbial 100 foot cliff. Here are three tips to get you started... • Utilize technology to help with planning and organization • Control Social Media, don’t let it control you • Develop and maintain a budget

Don’t give up. You can survive the holidays. But the answer might be counterintuitive. When we are pulled in a million different directions; family, work, Utilize Technology holiday obligations, etc... we tend to leave out time for ourselves. Well, don’t. (Oganization & Panning) So, “How do I get started?” you might Take a few minutes to decompress. ask. For most of us, our day to day life Read a blog, go for a walk, lock yourself is already hectic and chaotic enough. Between working full-time, to family in a room and meditate. Whatever helps obligations, to neighborhood events — you relax... take the time to do it. Daily. Seriously, think about it. Will ten minutes we find it hard to squeeze everything in already and still have time for ourselves. really make you blow that dinner? No, -8-