Mom’s Favorite Reads eMagazine September 2020

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New Mornings by Stan Phillips

And the world trembles on the brink of new beginnings. The oceans roll majestic neath fire edged clouds.

And new mornings will come to replace the ones that went before. With new leaves fresh upon the blossom clad trees of spring.

And the land blooms with the exuberance of being. Trembling as it always is on the brink of endless tomorrow's.

And birds return singing with a newborn April. Cobwebs created like a veil upon rose clad bushes.

Stan Phillips ©2020

And a sliver of a silver moon will be reflected in a shining pool. Music is made anew to celebrate awakening love.

Stan Phillips is an 80 year old poet, musical podcast maker, part-time wannabe male model, and occasional stand up comedian. “I used to be a psychotherapist/counsellor when I had an honest job. I was born into prewar London, and attended 17 schools (my father believed they couldn’t hit a moving target) and I eventually finished up here in Ireland. Still wondering what I will be when I grow up — but enjoying writing my quirky poetry as I do so.” Discover more about Stan on Mom’s Favorite Reads website: - 46 -

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