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Sydney nodded, stood up and walked a short distance lost in her thoughts. The breeze had picked up and off in the distance she thought she could see lights on. That meant power was restored and possibly internet service. Just for fun she checked her cell and it worked; then she checked her bank account and the money was there.

waterspouts offshore just for show. Tapping his foot impatiently, Jardin said, are you ready to tell me yet? I’ll be gone by first light and you’ll blow this wish too. Sydney smiled, paused, then said, I’m ready – my third wish is -- I want two more wishes!

Jardin, sputtered, twirled, said, no one has ever asked that from me before. I guess I must honor your request. Disgusted, Jardin muttered more mumbo jumbo, crossed his arms, and said, here goes. The sand danced around him, the clouds swirled across the moon and the ocean glowed in an iridescent green.

She turned, walked back to her new friend Jardin, and said, I figured out what my third wish will be. Jardin said. Great, I thought you were going to drag this out all night. Lay it on me. Jardin started to get into his wish making pose, arm crossed; then waited.

Sydney woke up. She looked around and said, why am I on the beach, and why am I cradling this old brass lantern?

Sydney said, I kind of blew my first wish, my second wasn’t too bad. Now I have a chance to really make my third wish the best one yet. Jardin was getting bored, so he twirled the sand around and generated a few harmless

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