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Autumn Trees by Stan Phillips

We took to the open road today and meandered through golden October countryside.

This annual climax that is upon the trees as a million million leaves are thrust into the unknown in a vast arboreal orgasm.

And oh, did you see, the colours of the Autumn trees, clad as they were in browns and golds and reds?

Most will perish, inevitably, but here and there a leaf will settle, take root, and eventually become the start of the woodlands of tomorrow.

Full they were, mostly anyway, showing off their mature glory in this final moment before those leaves are shed. In this still and trembling space between the endlessly shifting seasons they are.

And what of all those lost and forgotten leaves? Maybe a price worth paying perhaps for an unknowable future. Stan Phillips(C)2019

Stan Phillips is an 80 year old poet, musical podcast maker, part-time wannabe male model, and occasional stand up comedian. “I used to be a psychotherapist/counsellor when I had an honest job. I was born into prewar London, and attended 17 schools (my father believed they couldn’t hit a moving target) and I eventually finished up here in Ireland. Still wondering what I will be when I grow up — but enjoying writing my quirky poetry as I do so.” Discover more about Stan on Mom’s Favorite Reads website: https://moms-favorite-reads.com/moms-authors/stan-phillips - 30 -

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