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An Introduction to Psychic Protection by Val Tobin Most people don’t think about protecting themselves from lower vibrating energies, entity attachments, or earthbound spirits, but this is something that should be done daily. In her book Angel Medicine: How to Heal the Body and Mind with the Help of the Angels (236 –237), Doreen Virtue says that lower energies are associated with angry or ill people, and she defines entities as “thought-forms of fear, which have a life-form.” She defines earthbound spirits as “deceased humans who haven’t gone to the light in the after-life plane.”


Aches or pains

Where do You Find Lower Energies, Entities, or Earthbound Spirits?



Obvious places you can find these types of attachments are antique stores, cemeteries, funeral parlours, hospitals, or anywhere associated with intense emotions or painful experiences. Not so obvious places would include the mall (think of the mall during the Christmas season when people are stressed and rushed) or the dentist’s office. Any public place could have them.


General malaise



Spirits can attach to objects, which is why antique stores are common places to find them. They can transfer from the object to a person who picks up the object. Spirit attachment should not be confused with possession. These spirits do not take over your body. But they can affect how you feel.

I once experienced some of the above symptoms as I strolled around an antique shop in a converted barn. After clearing and protecting myself, I felt the toxic energy flow out and all my discomfort eased. Walking through a cemetery without putting up my protections first also resulted in similar feelings. Experience is an excellent teacher. I don’t often forget to clear and protect myself anymore.

Signs of an Entity or Energy Attachment

Removing Entity or Energy Attachments

One or more of the following are signs that you may have an entity or spirit attachment, or are affected by lower energies (rule out physical or psychological causes first; do not stop or alter medications without consulting a qualified

When you have established that there is an attachment, there are some simple ways you can remove it: •

Call on Archangel Michael, who is the angel of strength and protection, and ask him to remove any lower energies.

Have an energy clearing done by someone who has training and experience in this area.

healthcare practitioner): •



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