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Leaf Mandalas by Sylva Fae I first met Brigit Strawbridge Howard, author of Dancing with Bees, when I was looking for a bee expert to check my book, Bea & Bee. Brigit was immediately recommended and kindly checked my bee facts. Since then, I have followed Brigit's adventures with joy. As well as a love of bees, we share a love of the natural world, both enjoying the beauty of the little things that most people pass by without noticing.

Brigit's Leaf Mandalas (in her own words)

I take pleasure in observing the changes from one season to the next. The shades of autumn are a particular delight to me, as the green leaves mellow to hues of russet and gold. We often collect these beautifully coloured leaves on our walks to later create leaf art. It is a simple way to creatively engage with the beauty of nature. For a brief moment, the haphazard scattering of leaves takes on an ordered pattern. Then later, the wind rearranges them with its artistic flurry, and they settle back into randomness. It was no surprise to discover Brigit also creates leaf Mandalas.

Have you ever made a Nature Mandala? If not, maybe today's your day. You don't need to be artistic, just gather whatever is lying around - nuts, berries, leaves, twigs, stones, crab apples - arrange them in a circular design on the ground, and leave for others to find & enjoy‌ Brigit Strawbridge Howard is a bee advocate, wildlife gardener, naturalist, and author of Dancing with Bees. She writes, speaks, and campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of native wild bees and other pollinating insects. She lives in North Dorset, England with her husband, Rob.

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