Mom’s Favorite Reads eMagazine July 2021

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Mom’s Favorite Picnic Recipes Mom’s Favorite Authors July is the perfect month for picnics in the sun. Here is a selection of recipes from around the world, some are quick and easy, some need time to prepare, but all of them are delicious. Why not try something a little different for your next summer picnic?

Soft, Cinnamon Cookies By Ceri Bladen

Who does not like a cookie with a cup of tea? Ingredients • • • • • • • • • •

160g sugar* 60g softened butter ¼ tsp vanilla 1 large egg 240g plain flour ¾ tsp cream of tartar ½ tsp bicarb of soda ½ tsp salt ¼ tsp cinnamon For the coating: 1 ½ tbsp sugar and 1tlsp cinnamon

Method • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Cream the softened butter with the sugar and vanilla Add egg Mix well Sift remaining dry ingredients (in two or three batches Make into a ball of dough Place into fridge to chill (at least 45 mins) While chilling, turn oven on: 170c/GM 3 Mix coating (sugar and cinnamon) on a plate Roll dough into walnut-sized pieces Roll in coating Place apart on baking tray (they spread) Cook for 10-13 mins (they will still look pale) Allow to cool on tray before placing on cooling rack Enjoy

**These, while delicious, are high in sugar and should only be consumed as a treat. - 30 -