Mom’s Favorite Reads eMagazine January 2021

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January 24 - Global Belly Laugh Day

January 28 - National Kazoo Day

This is a feel-good day, so laugh your hardest. Goodness knows we all need it after the last twelve months!

Invented by Alabama Vest from Georgia in the 1840s, Kazoo Day celebrates almost 200 years of kazoo music.

January 25 - Opposite Day

January 29 - Puzzle Day

A favourite children’s game, did you know it actually has its own day? References for it date right back to the 1920’s.

Exercise you brain. Whether it’s with a jigsaw, sudoku, brain teasers or trivia questions or word searches, sharpen up your problem-solving skills today.



January 26 - Spouse's Day th

We have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Brothers and Sister’s days, so why not a day to appreciate your other half.



January 30 - Croissant Day th

Start of your day with a delicious, flaky croissant.

January 27 - Chocolate Cake Day th

Sure to be a popular day, if you need an excuse to enjoy a delicious slab of chocolate cake, this is the day for you.

January 31 - Inspire Your Heart with Art Day st

A day to appreciate ‘Art’ and consider how it makes you feel. Monthly observances include: National Oatmeal Month, National Blood Donor Month, National Hobby Month and National Soup Month.

Poppy Flynn was born in Buckinghamshire, UK and moved to Wales at eight years old with parents who wanted to live the 'self-sufficiency' lifestyle. Today she still lives in rural Wales and is married with six children. Poppy's love of reading and writing stemmed from her parents' encouragement and the fact that they didn't have a television in the house. "When you're surrounded by fields, cows and sheep, no neighbors, no TV and the closest tiny village is four miles away, there's a certain limit to your options, but with books your adventures and your horizons are endless." Discover more about Poppy on Mom's Favorite Reads website: - 50 -

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