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Ronesa Aveela is “the creative power of two.” Two authors that is. The main force behind the work, the creative genius, was born in Bulgaria and moved to the US in the 1990s. She grew up with stories of wild Samodivi, Kikimora, the dragons Zmey and Lamia, Baba Yaga, and much more. She’s a freelance artist and writer. She likes writing mystery romance inspired by legends and tales. In her free time, she paints. Her artistic interests include the female figure, Greek and Thracian mythology, folklore tales, and the natural world interpreted through her eyes. She is married and has two children. Her writing partner was born and raised in the New England area. She has a background in writing and editing, as well as having a love of all things from different cultures. Together, the two make up the writing of Ronesa Aveela. https://moms-favorite-reads.com/moms-authors/ ronesa-aveela/

A broken country. The will to survive. Is the cost too high to abandon the life you know? https:// ronesaaveela.wordpress.com/ ronesas-books/thewanderer/


A book the whole family can enjoy. Take a journey and discover Bulgarian folk tales, legends, and mythology. https:// ronesaaveela.wordpress.co m/ronesas-books/ light-love-rituals/


Nonfiction, Folklore, Social Customs

Past, present & future come together in this explosive modern tale of love and revenge.

https://ronesaaveela.wordpress.com/ ronesas-books/household-spirits/

https:// ronesaaveela.wordpress.com/ ronesas-books/mystical-emonasouls-journey/

Nonfiction, Folklore, Social Customs https://ronesaaveela.wordpress.com/ ronesas-books/a-study-of-rusalkislavic-mermaids-of-eastern-europe/

The day fire and ice erupt from the sky, everything changes forever for twelveyear-old Theo.

Discover the life of the Vodyanoy, Slavic water spirit. https://storyoriginapp.com/ giveaways/11590b3e-e201-11e9-b12f -f38cdb616e11

https:// ronesaaveela.wordpress.com/ ronesas-books/the-unborn-hero -of-dragon-village/ - 70 -

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