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LAW AND BUSINESS The College of Law and Business (CLB) is now offering you the opportunity to become a successful lawyer and businessperson. Choose to earn an undergraduate degree in law, business or both in less time and at a lower cost than American colleges and universities. This highly-practical degree study program is aimed at committed and eager individuals who are looking for an international college experience and the opportunity to learn in the StartUp Nation - Israel. You have the options of choosing between a unique Bachelor of Law in 3.5 year, an exciting Bachelor of Business in 3 years, or the dual degree track which can be completed in only four years.

LAW DEGREE Use Israel as the gateway to the world with an international Law degree The College of Law and Business offers a global LL.B Bachelor of Law degree in Israel for English and Hebrew Speakers. This 3.5 years program is an amazing opportunity for students who are looking to gain international experience and prepare themselves professionally for a successful career in law. Students live in Israel, study in both English and Hebrew and get everything they need to practice law in both languages, including intense Legal Hebrew ulpan classes in the first year to learn legal jargon.

FAST-TRACK TO A BRIGHT FUTURE In Israel, bilingual lawyers are in high demand. Well known as the “Start-up Nation”, Israel boasts more R&D investment and start-ups per capita than any other country. Yet with a small population of only 8 million people, majority of businesses survival and success are contingent on strong international ties in the form of export, international patents, and trade agreements. Jurists that can operate within both the Hebrew speaking world of technology and business and the world of international law, patents and contracts are highly sought after by corporate and international law firms. If practicing law in the USA is your goal, CLB’s Bachelor of Law degree (LL.B) program qualifies you to take the New York and California State bar. Additionally, top students can earn a fast- track Masters of Law (LL.M.) from Chicago Kent College of Law or from Fordham University spending the final semester in Chicago or New York. Studying in Israel allows you to cut down the time towards an American law graduate degree down to only four years. From the 2nd year, students choose to focus on one of four majors within the Law degree program: • Hi-Tech and Venture Capital Law • Criminal Law • Human Rights • Business and commercial law






The College of Law and Business offers its law students many international programs and internships across the world. These options include:

Jurisprudence Constitutional Law

• Internships at the Immigration and Refugee clinics at Harvard University & University of Pittsburgh

Israeli and Comparative Law

• Student Exchange Program at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Kent College of Law, Chicago IL United States.

Contract Law

• Vis Moot Commercial Arbitration Competition in Vienna, Austria. CLB's team won the prestigious first place in 2015.

Corporate Law

• Summer internships with the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT), Rome, Italy

Family and Inheritance Law

• Internships at Linden Partners law firm in Berlin, Germany

Administrative Law

• Copyright Law course at Oxford, United Kingdom.

Legal Thinking and Writing Criminal Law Law and Economics Tort Law Criminal Procedure Academic Writing Private International Law

• Global Business Law courses at Kassel University, Germany.

Labor Law

• Summer course regarding International Commercial Arbitration at the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) in Paris, France.

Civil Procedure – Theory and Practical

• China Business Study Tour - along with Business Degree students.

* Subject to change

Property Law Professional Ethics for Lawyers

BA IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Study & Intern: Academic excellence and professional experience The School of Business Management in the College of Law and Business is devoted to preparing students to enter the business world. This degree is for self- motivated students who want an international college experience in the field of business. Through internship in startups and small companies in the Tel-Aviv area, students develop practical skills and gain valuable knowledge and experience in real-world business settings.

Study the vast field of business administration at the College of Law and Business. By focusing on Business Law and Global Management students build an efficient and practical toolkit to be a successful business, knowledgeable of the global marketplace and legal aspects of business. The CLB Career Center will assist students in finding relevant internships so they can experience the business models and theories firsthand. After three years, graduates will have a well-rounded international business education, professional experience and an enriched resume. STRONG FOUNDATION FOR THE BUSINESS-MINDED Study alongside both Israeli and international students and engage in thought-provoking lectures, workshops, discussions and assignments. Degree studies cover the building blocks of every business: Business Environment: The cultural context, the markets and the legal, financial and ethical constraints under which firms operate. Business Strategies: Marketing, entrepreneurial direction and resource investment. Business Operations: The internal aspects of the firm: human resources, organizational behavior, executive management, finance and accounting.


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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: SME CLINIC & INTERNSHIPS CLB runs a Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Clinic where students train and practice working with business clients as consultants for real firms and entrepreneurs. Here, students bridge the gap between class material and the practice of business.


By participating in internships in startups and businesses in the Tel-Aviv area, students gain practical professional experience, understand real work environments, as well as enriching their resume towards their future career.

The College of Law and Business is offering a dual bachelor degree in business (BA) and law (LL.B) in


Business Ethics

Business Tour in China

Statistics for Business

Introduction to Organizational Behavior

Managing Organizational Change

Introduction to Finance Accounting Management Micro Economics Macro Economics Introduction to Finance

Decision Making

Management and Development of Products & Services

Academic Writing

Financial Reports

Research Methods for Business Management

Business Entrepreneurship

Customer Behavior

Introduction to Behavioral Sciences

Global Career Management

Introduction to Human Resources Management

Emerging Markets Management

Financial Management

The Israeli Capital Market International Finance International Marketing Regulating Global Energy Corporate Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law

Modern Marketing Management

Corporate Law

Introduction to Information Systems

American Sales Law English Business Writing

Corporate Law: A Comparative Perspective on Israel and Delaware

Business Law

Advanced Managerial Approaches

* Courses subject to change


BUSINESS DEGREE AND LAW DEGREE Best of both worlds The College of Law and Business offers a dual bachelor degrees track in business (BA) and law (LL.B) in Israel! This program is for motivated students who are looking for an international experience that offers the best of both worlds. Students learn everything they need to become successful lawyers in the multinational corporate world, law-savvy business leaders or empowered social-change catalysts.





In four years of full-time study, motivated students can earn two undergraduate degrees in the College of Law and Business Dual Track for international students: a Law Degree (LL.B.) and a Business Degree (BA) in Business Administration. All business courses are taught in English. Half of the law courses are offered in English and half in Hebrew.

LAW-SAVVY BUSINESS LEADERS Stand out from the business people around you with an in-depth understanding of business law in Israel, the USA, and the global marketplace. Having a law degree from CLB with its strong international and social responsibility emphasis, practical experience and academic depth would give you a distinct advantage in different business settings and in finding future employment.

CORPORATE LAWYERS FROM THE START-UP NATION Whether you choose to stay in Israel to work as an independent or corporate English-speaking lawyer or practice law in New York or California as an Israeli law expert, the dual track enriches your understanding of businesses and how they are built and operate. This valuable knowledge would set you apart from other lawyers, and furthermore empower you with the tools to establish and run your own law firm in the future.

EMPOWERED SOCIAL-CHANGE CATALYSTS The world needs out-of-the-box thinkers who use their knowledge and experience to bring about real improvements for the betterment of all. When you choose to earn both Business and Law degrees from CLB, you acquire the skills to implement meaningful social responsibility policies within businesses, establish your own humanitarian for-profit company (4th sector), or simply help others as a law and business expert.



The College of Law and Business (CLB) in Ramat Gan is one of Israel’s most prominent academic institutions in the fields of law and business. CLB strives to cultivate leaders who champion over values of Excellence, Professionalism and Human Rights. In fact, Forbes magazine voted CLB as one of the most prestigious law schools in Israel.

Part of the Tel-Aviv metropolitan area, the city of Ramat Gan is the spearhead of economic growth and is Israel’s center for the booming high tech industry. CLB's central location makes it highly accessible to the vibrant Tel-Aviv city life, with its hip nightlife, cultural richness and great internship opportunities as the startup capital of Israel. For the more active, the College of Law and Business is located a short walking distance from Tel-aviv’s HaYarkon River park, perfect for outdoor sports of all kinds, and the great Ayalon mall with its many shops and cinemas.

The college has created academic partnerships with leading law institutions in the world for the benefits of the students in the form of internships and workshops. More so, CLB is proud of its top Israeli faculty members as well as visiting professors and lecturers from NYU, Chicago University and Brown University. CLB promotes a strong and diverse student body. We believe in providing individuals with all the necessary tools and knowledge to realize his or her potential. CLB’s Alumni now work in prestigious law firms and companies in Israel and abroad. We take pride that some are heavily active in bringing about social change and upholding corporate responsibility. As a non-profit, self-supporting institution, the College of Law and Business is able to offer its student affordable tuition rates and some scholarships.

ABOUT LIROM GLOBAL EDUCATION LIROM: GLOBAL EDUCATION, PERSONAL TOUCHWE ARE HERE TO HELP At Lirom, we have the information, the experience, and the will to guide you through your Israel journey. We’re excited that you’re on your way, and we’re here to make the whole process much smoother. Lirom’s CEO and founder, Shlomo (Momo) Lifshitz, has brought more than 150,000 young adults on trips to Israel.



READY TO APPLY? • Classes start October 2016 • Tuition for single degree track: $10,000 per year • Dual Degree track tuition $12,000 per year • $250 application fee

ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENT: • High School Diploma with a GPA of 3.5 • or a SAT score of 1500 or ACT score of 23 • Language Proficiency Test • No LSAT required

LIROM GLOBAL EDUCATION LTD. 87 Weisman st. Kfar Sava 4436401 Israel

Tel. From North America :



email: info@universityinisrael.com

(718) 838-3533 Global:

Facebook: studyabroadisrael

• Get your law degree in only 3.5 years, business degree BA in

3 years, or both in only 4 years

• Dual Degree track, Earn two Bachelor Degrees:

Law (LL.B) and Business Administration (B.A.)

• Grants eligibility to sit for the New York & California States

Bar exams

• Choose a fast-track LL.M. in your final semester from Chicago

Kent College of Law or Fordham University in New York

• Internships and workshops in Harvard, Oxford, Kassel, Berlin,

Paris and more are available!

• Learn from top faculty from around the world • Vibrant student life in the Tel-Aviv Metropolitan Area • LSAT not required CONTACT US: LIROM GLOBAL EDUCATION LTD. 87 Weisman st. Kfar Sava 4436401 Israel

Tel. From North America :



email: info@universityinisrael.com

(718) 838-3533 Global:

Facebook: studyabroadisrael

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College of Law and Business Undergraduate degrees  

Be a Business Leader & International Law. Study in Israel in English!

College of Law and Business Undergraduate degrees  

Be a Business Leader & International Law. Study in Israel in English!