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Why we cook !

Consider this - everybody eats everyday! Some of us are three meals a day traditionalists. Some skip breakfast and grab lunch on the run and attempt to eat a fairly well-balanced dinner. Some eat as the spirit moves them. But regardless of our unique eating habits, we all eat! Even though most of us lead very hectic lives the age old question resonates in homes across the country - What’s for dinner? Many settle for fast food or frozen alternatives when presented with significant time constraints, but the prevalent trend seems to favor home cooking. We cook for many reasons. We cook because it is mealtime and we are creatures of habit. We cook because we are hungry. We cook because we are bored. However, today cooking has been truly elevated to an art form for everyone not just professional chefs and culinary talents. At Momma Vi, we view this home cooking trend as a tremendous opportunity for everyone to embrace his/her inner chef! We can and do cook to express our moods. We cook to celebrate joyous events and we cook to reflect and remember less than favorable times. We cook as a gesture of friendship and new beginnings. While it is true that we are busy and subject to time constraints, cooking affords us the opportunity to express ourselves in a very rudimentary yet creative way as often as time allows. It provides a built in excuse to enter our kitchens and escape from the stresses of the day. We encourage you to experiment with a few new spices and recipes and experience the joy a new taste sensation. Whether you cook everyday or just occasionally, try something new! Because at the end of the day, everybody eats everyday!

Momma Vi’s Northern Style BBQ Preparation: Clean and trim excess fat & membrane off ribs. Rinse ribs lightly, pat dry with cloth or paper towel. Place ribs in foil pan. Rub ribs with Momma Vi’s Northern BBQ Rub on both sides. Refrigerate for 2hours. Next soak wood chips in water if grilling. Preheat grill or oven 280-300 degrees. Fill spray bottle with apple cider & add juice of ½ lemon. If grilling, use indirect heat by placing coals on left side of grill. Ribs will be cooked on the right side of grill. Now you are half way there!

Serves 1 to 3

Ingredients: Cooking: Oven: Poke 3 or 4 knife holes in bottom of 2nd pan. Remove ribs 1 to 2 slabs of beef or pork ribs fridge then place ribs in 2nd pan. Using 2nd lemon, squeeze 1oz Momma Vi’s Northern Style Rub from juice over all the ribs bone side down. Place 2 large metal spoons at the bottom of 1st pan, place rib pan on top of spoons. Cook ribs ½ cup of wood chips, soaked for about 1 ½ to 2 hours. Baste them every 20 minutes or so with 12oz apple cider no sugar apple cider & lemon juice mixture. 1 med lemon 2 foil pans Grill: Remove ribs from fridge, squeeze lemon juice over all the ribs Visit us on the web for more spices & recipes Exceptional chefs and cooks alike know that fresh food is always best and that includes fresh Momma Vi's seasonings

bone side down. Place ribs on grill, one on top of the other. Then place wood chips on hot coals. Cook your ribs for about 2½ to 3 ½ hours. Spray them every 20 minutes with apple cider & lemon juice mixture, also once or twice place top rib on bottom and re-stack. Ribs are done when a toothpick goes between the bones like it's going through butter. When done, remove from grill, place ribs in foil for a few minutes, then cut. Good BBQ tastes great without sauce but if you want baste the last 10 mins of cooking & after you cut them.

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