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We are not a fair, nor a festival. Not a museum, a showroom or a gallery. We are a temporary place for contempo rary design, with only the best i ntentions.

Ab out The self-initiated project was found in June 2011 in Basel, Switzerland.

Laura Pregger Moritz Walther Matylda Krzykowski Elias Sch채fer

We are not a fair, nor a festival. Not a museum, a showroom or a gallery. We are a temporary place for contemporary design, with only the best intentions.


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Prelude 01

A Dialogue

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Screening 02

The house in the park

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Insight 03


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Insight 04


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Workshop & Exhibition 05


Bring A Ding

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Screening 07 Clivio’s Objects

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Exhibition 08 Craft & Scenography

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Exhibition 09 Musterzimmer

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Pre lude 01

F lo ri a n H a u swi r t h

D a mi e n G e r na y

August 2011 For the first happening, nine designers were invited to produce pieces exclusively for DEPOT BASEL. They spent 6 days in the DEPOT BASEL location and interacted with the building and its distinctive silo structure ‘What does the future DEPOT BASEL need so it can operate as a place for contemporary design’? was the starting point of the project. The designers delivered answers in form of a unique infrastructure that forms the core of the location for the forthcoming years.

K a sp a r H a ma ch e r

J uli e n Re n a u lt & C a m i l l e Bl i n

0 7

Tr i st a n C o c hr a ne

M i eke M ei j er

Pre lude 01

Tob i a s S c hä fer

0 9

Camille Blin Damien Gernay Florian Hauswirth Julien Renault Kaspar Hamacher Max Lipsey

M a x L ip s e y

Mieke Meijer Tobias Schaefer Tristan Cochrane

Scre ening 02

The House in the park

Friday 30th September Screening & Conversation 8 pm We presented a short documentary of our first event PRELUDE 01, which explains how all the furniture pieces at DEPOT BASEL came into existence. Additionally, we screened The House In The Park directed by Swiss local Hercli Bundi. The film follows the work of four Basel-based architecture offices, which were asked to design a new city park in China. It explores the challenges of working in and for another culture. Through this the viewers get the possibility to reflect on their own expectations towards design. After the screening we initiated a conversation between architect Andreas Br端ndler (Buchner Br端ndler), the film director Hercli Bundi and the designers of INCHfurniture, who provided the Swiss pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai with furniture.

In sight 03 Friday 14th October 2011 DEPOT BASEL wants to create a regular podium space to introduce individuals from the creative industry to the public. The focus is on design, craftsmanship, and people who want to tell their personal story. The first SWITZERLAND edition gave an insight into the national market. We invited people from Basel and other parts of Switzerland to present themselves and to exhibit their own work during this past weekend at DEPOT BASEL. All videos on

Dimitri B채hler: Industrial and Product Designer, Lausanne Linn Kandel: Industrial Designer, Lausanne Luzia Vogt: Jewellery Designer, Basel Noah Baumgartner: Scenography, Basel Rebekka Kiesewetter: Journalist, i.a. Ideales Heim, Magazin Z, NZZ, Annabelle, Hochparterre, The Weekender, Zurich Rolf Inderm체hle, Mattias Mohr and Magnus Zwyssig: ZMIK Spacial design studio, Basel

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Involved in

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Dimitri B 채hler Camille B lin Tristan Cochrane Damien Gernay Kaspar Hamacher Florian Hauswirth Linn Kandel Max Lipsey Mieke Meijer Julien Renault Tobias Sch채fer Rebekka Kiesewetter Luzia Vogt Noah B aumgartner Zmik Inch Furniture Hercli Bundi Andreas B r체ndler

Insi ght 04

Friday 17th February 2012 W채scherei Zurich The second edition of INSIGHT, a regular podium space that focuses on design, craftsmanship and people, who want to tell their personal story. The ZURICH edition gave an insight into the national market of Switzerland. We invited people from Zurich and from other parts of the country to tell us what they eat for breakfast, how they live, what kind of smells excites them and what they are working on right now. Additionally, we invited them to a second part of the event, where we had drinks designed by the invited designers and listened to music selected by various creative people. All videos on

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Livia Lauber: Product Designer (Loris&Livia), London Tido von Oppeln: Cultural Scientist, Author and Curator, Zurich Milo Keller: Photographer, Paris Christian K채gi: Industrial Designer, Zurich

b y M il o Ke l l e r & Ju l ie n G a l lic o

Matteo Gonet: Glass Specialist and Designer, M체nchenstein Aleli Leal und Kaspar Fenkart: Interior Designer and Gastronome, Cultural Manager, Shop Curators, Zurich Thomas Walde: Industrial Designer (Postfossil), Zurich

MU SIC Mark Braun Moritz Schmid llot llov Moritz Walther Julien Renault Outofstock Kai Linke Judith Seng Kueng Caputo Tomas Alonso Paul Loebach Adrien Rovero Pepe Heykoop Tomas Kral Jörg Boner Rich Brilliant Willing Rebekka Kiesewetter & Damien Gernay BCXSY Martino Gamper Bashko Trybek Earnest Studio Valentin Loellmann Uli Budde Matylda Krzykowski Mieke Meijer Marco Dessi Christian Keagi Florian Hauswirth Livia Lauber Milo Keller Jens Praet

Morgens immer müde — Laing On Battleship Hill — PJ Harvey The Things That Dreams are Made Of— The Human League Forget (Shlohmo Remix) — Lianne La Havas Get Innocuous! — LCD Soundsystem Jag kommer — Veronica Maggio Mouth [Brad Peep’s Remix For Friends] — Iz & Diz Blind — Hercules and Love Affair Feito Gente — Walter Franco Azealia Banks — 212 ft. Lazy Jay Endless Rain — How to Dress Well Ciao Ragazzi — Adriano Celentano Fire — Etta James We are the People — Empire of the Sun Who’s Gonna Save My Soul — Gnarls Barkley Under Your Spell — Desire Eisbär — Grauzone Atomic — Blondie Raggio Di Luna (Moon Ray) — Comanchero All my friends — LCD Soundsystem Gut Feeling — Devo Babooshka — Kate Bush Ne Touche Pas — Vive la Fete Salt ‘n’ Peper — Push it Someone that I used to know — Gotye Taboo — Charles Blackwell Orchestra Ritual Union — Little Dragon Matilda — Harry Belafonte Madame Hollywood — Felix Da Housecat Muscolo Rosso — Cicciolina Boy From School — Hot Chip

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Comm ission

Numisma Charlotte Dumoncel d’Argence

Numisma is a donation box commissioned by DEPOT BASEL. Considering the provenance of the worldwide visitors of Depot Basel, different currencies will be mixed up inside of the box. Numisma showcases this diversity and becomes the vitrine of the visitors’ contribution. The box has the spirit of a traditional numismatics vitrine, and was inspired by wish fountains, where you throw a coin in blue water and expect good things to happen.

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A regular chair consists of four legs and a backrest. However, according to demand, a chair can also have three legs, diverse dimensions, shapes and outlines. We took a close look at the past, present and future – of how chairs have taken shape and how they have changed in time. Sibylle Stoeckli and Christian Horisberger re-interpreted Enzo Mari’s DO IT YOURSELF chairs from 1974 for Depot Basel. The workshop organised to build them was put into practice in a collaboration with the School of Design Basel – Renata Borer and Kuno Nüssli. The project TAKE A SEAT initiated by AEKAE for Café Z am Park showed Horgen Glarus chair Classic 1-380 re-designed by various designers. Additionally, we showed the favourite chairs of diverse people from Basel.

Ta ke a se a t : Ku e ng/ C a p ut o

C hr i s t i a n H or i s b erger, E nz o M ar i , Si b y l l e St oeckl i

Se ats 05

Take a s eat : St efan Gni r s

2 3

Se ats 05

2 5

In co-operation with the Czech design collective OKOLO we presented an illustrated selection of unusual seating in the history of Modern Design in the form of a limited edition publication.



Radical Sitting, Hidden Experiments in Seating Furniture 1900 – 1990 Presented in the context of the SEATS exhibition by the DEPOT BASEL, this concise publication deals with various principles of lesser known experimental seating furniture made from 1900 to 1990. The publication presents hidden icons from the history of design over the last century that still offers a fresh perspective on the theme of sitting in its diverse forms.

2 7


Fabia Zindel from MATRIX collaborated with DEPOT BASEL on a limited edition of 100 foulards. The beautiful piece that was designed by Fabia herself is based on the icon design by our graphic designers DEUTSCHE & JAPANER. The special piece is available at Depot Basel and at the MATRIX shop in Basel. You can order it also by mail: Price: 180 CHF MATRIX SHOP BASEL St.Johanns-Vorstadt 38 CH-4056 Basel Tuesday – Friday 11–19h, Saturday 10–17h DEPOT BASEL Schwarzwaldallee 305 CH-4058 Basel

PLANS 2012 BRING A DING 10th May – 1st June Workshop 06 OB JECTS 11 th May Screening 07 CRAFT & SCENOGRAPHY 11 th June – 11th July Exhibition 08 INTERNATIO NAL June Insight 09 MUSTERZIMMER 17 th August – 16th September Exhibition 11

2 9

Bring a Din g 06 “Bring a ding” educates young people by having them explore the use, meaning, and emotions of and connected with the objects in their everyday life. Teenagers bring an object that is broken, damaged, no longer cool, or simply “doesn’t shine” any more. Anything can be brought, from mobile phones to torn pillows. First, teenagers will be guided to tell the stories of their object's life cycle (Where was it born? How did it come to your home? How is going to die?) and its personal meaning (Where did it sit in your house and why? What's a funny memory involving your object? Or a sad memory?). Then, participants will work closely with designers to bring their object 'back to life' by giving it a new look, new features or a different purpose. The teenagers’ revitalized objects will be housed and exhibited at DEPOT BASEL. Team Gesamtschule Drei Linden (Camilla Schuler, Teacher) Katharina Altemeier (Journalist), Julia Landsiedl (Designer),

Bring a Ding is an education project in the context of DEPOT BASEL, supported by “education projekte region basel”

Screen ing 07 Friday, 11th May 2012 Adrien Frutiger & Franco Clivio The documentary Clivio’s Objects devotes itself to the collection of Franco Clivio and his way of enquiring into the world of hidden forms. Although, or maybe because he used to teach industrial design at the Zurich Academy of Art and Design, he is passionate about trivial and seemingly ‘undesigned’ objects. Directed by: Anne Cuneo Talk moderated by with Mick Lehmann

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C h ri s to ph S a g e l

11 June – 11 July 2012 There is nothing more thrilling than a good conversation between different disciplines. We bring together a range of contemporary cultures to create an impressive set of references around craft and scenography – some of them are visually pleasing, some of them are collectable. ACE Bastard Collection Bashko Trybek Charlotte Talbot Clemence Seilles Dik Scheepers Earnest Studio & Emelie Pallard Johannes Nagel Julia Walter Kaspar Hamacher Tina Roeder Tobias Schäfer Valentin Loellmann IN Residence LaVague & other guests

Opening 11 June 4 – 10pm Opening times during Art Basel Daily 11 – 8pm

What does the future Musterzimmer look like? According to the integral principles of the Swiss Werkbund in the 1920ies, Swiss designers show their vision of the essential elements in respect to material, construction, form and function. In cooperation with

Credits: Co-op. Interieur, Hannes Meyer, 1926. Cover image: Schweizer Typenmöbel 1925-1935, Sigfried Giedion und die Wohnbedarf AG; Friederike Mehlau-Wiebking, Arthur Rüegg, Ruggero Tropeano. 1989, GTA Verlag, Zürich.


3 3


BLÁHNJÚKUR Livia Lauber Vodka & Tia Maria - Light it and drink it with a straw 10 CC Tido von Oppeln Gurkin, Lemon, Kamillensirup, Gin, Soda, Ice COSMOMILO Milo Keller Vodka, Campari, Martini Red, Cranberry Juice, Lime, Roses Lime, Ice CALIMOTXO Christian Kägi Spanish or Argientinian Redwine, Coca Cola, Orange, Ice PORT POPULAIRE Aleli Leal & Kaspar Fenkart White Port, Roses Lime, Tonic Water MATEO SODA Mateo Gonet 5-6 cl Campari, Soda, Ice

F l o r i a n H a u s wi rt h

FRICKTALER KIRSCH USEM EBELÄND Thomas Walde Eigebrand, 46% by Thomas Walde’s Dad

Supp ort 00 Currently Depot Basel is a place that transforms with every occurrence that happens in the old grain silo. For the first event Prelude 01 we invited 9 designers to build the first infrastructure for the location. The intention was also to acquire unique pieces that Depot Basel wants to sell in order to continue with the work we do. Price on request

Roll In Bench by Damien Gernay & Kaspar Hamacher

Display Tables Edition of 11 by Damien Gernay

Side Table by Kaspar Hamacher

3 5

Units of Progression by Tristan Cochrane

Drawn Shelf and Stools, ready to rumble by Tobias Sch채fer

3 7

Tree Bark Benches Edition of 5 by Max Lipsey

Dissquared Box by Tobias Sch채fer

DEPOT BASEL Ort f체r kontempor채re Gestaltung

Schwarzwaldallee 305 CH-4058 Basel

Thank you

Rebekka Kiesewetter Katharina Altemeier Julia Landsidl Adrian Sennrich Mick Lehmann Tom Astrella Romy Wendle Christian Kägi Fabrice Aeberhard Isla Ward Julien Renault Christian Pregger-Laufner Beatrice Pregger-Laufner Brigitta Spalinger Felix Burrichter Fabia Zindel Renata Jori Raphael Schicker Christian Metzler Katharina Baur Herr Manger Hercli Bundi Moritz Firchow Ina Yamaguchi Julian Zimmermann David Wolpert Adam Št ch Simon Denzler Thierry Bruder

Depot Basel – Brochure Milan 2012  

Depot Basel is: Design Craft Exhibition Workshop Talk Movie Dialogue Design: Deutsche & Japaner,

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