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Hashoo Foundation (HF) is a progressive and dynamic NGO, leading the way in human development and poverty alleviation by implementing viable economic development, educational and capacity building programs in Pakistan since 1988.

Copyright: 2013 Hashoo Foundation, Islamabad. Content and Compilation by: Shahzad Ali Mirza Designed by: Mazhar Yaseen Printed by: Perfect Printers

Reflections of Empowerment

Our Vision Our vision is of an ethical, equitable, inclusive and progressive society in which people live with dignity and have power over their own lives.

Our Mission Our mission is to enable and empower communities to be independent by facilitating equitable access to opportunities, through working on programs that lie within our four core programmatic areas: Economic Development, Skills Development, Education and Humanitarian Assistance Program.

Our Values Hashoo Foundation draws on the values of equity; inclusivity, transparency, innovation, integrity, respect and fulfillment.


Message from the Country Director It is my pleasure and privilege to share with you this publication from Hashoo Foundation. The stories on the pages to follow tell of how the human spirit and the capacity of communities and individuals can, with the right support, overcome different kinds of adversity and move towards economic self-reliance with dignity, self-respect and a renewed level of confidence. Hashoo Foundation, through the dedication of its past and present Board and staff, is fortunate to have made an impact on numerous lives during the 25 years of its operations. Beginning as a charity, it has now developed into a full-fledged development NGO implementing programs and projects with local and international partners and donors in the fields of Economic Development, Skills Development, Education and Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Relief. Although this publication cannot cover the positive difference made to the lives of hundreds of thousands through HF’s interventions to date, it does however, tries to provide an overview of some of the success we have achieved. The sum total of our work is measured by the positive difference we bring to our beneficiary’s lives. We continue to strive towards this noble cause. Together we make a difference! Ali Akbar Country Director Hashoo Foundation Pakistan


Economic Development Hashoo Foundation’s (HF) interventions aim to create an enabling environment where vulnerable households and communities can prosper. This is achieved through implementation of livelihood projects that provide beneficiaries with adequate skills to promote their enterprise. In addition, communities are organized into business groups and HF works diligently towards value chain strengthening and sector development. Working since 2005 with vulnerable communities across Pakistan, HF works with honey bee farmers, dairy farmers and provides technical vocational training. Hf’s approach is women focused, as their economic empowerment is central to every program and project design.


At age 17, Zunaira is a confident and energetic girl with great ambitions. Living in a small village in Tehsil Yazman, District Bahawalpur,she recently passed her matriculation examination with flying colors and aspires to study medicine to become a professional doctor.

A Young Girl with Big Dreams Zunaira “As money is tight in my home, I cannot keep depending on my parents but

Zunaira's hard work is financially rewarding and although she

must support them” Zunaira notes with quiet composure. She is

can now indulge in shopping for clothes or other frivolities, she

certainly on the right track.

has a bigger goal in sight.

As the youngest Female Livestock Extension Worker (FLEW) of the

“I am contributing to my household income and saving up for my

USAID funded project “Improving Micro-Enterprises in Dairy”,

medical studies. Becoming a FLEW is a means to an end for me. My

Zunaira earns up to PKR 20,000 from practicing livestock vaccinations

real passion is to serve humanity and become a top medical doctor”.

and first aid that she learnt during her 18 day long training.

Livestock is a primary source of income for many households in

“I was so nervous in the beginning, wondering if I'll be able to put my

Tehsil Yazman. In the process of pursuing a noble cause Zunaira

knowledge into practice. People did not trust a young girl handling their

is fulfilling her talent and helping her community by providing

precious livestock. But as time went by, I got better and so did the animals

an essential service that is to keep milking animals healthy.

that I was treating. Now, I have a good reputation and travel to several villages if required”.

Zunaira has a long road ahead of her, but now has a head start.


Building capacity of honey beekeepers and building market linkages 06

Jamila belongs to village Murtaza Abad, Hunza, and shifted to village Danyore in 1994 after her marriage. Her husband was unemployed at the time with only a small house with an unproductive piece of land to his name. There was no other source of income to meet the routine expenses. The financial situation of the family deteriorated further after the birth of their three children.

A Sweet Deal Jamila Khatoon Committed to turn her family's fortunes around, Jamila decided, with

market linkages revived Jamila’s and other bee keepers’

the consultation of her husband, to start an income generating


business to meet the expenses of the family. She decided to adopt honey bee farming as it was already being practiced in the area.

“Due to Hashoo Foundation’s interventions I was assured a good selling price and a steady income. It has encouraged me to do better.

The beginnings were humble and she started with only one hive.

The training helped me improve the quality of the honey produce. The

Gradually she purchased more hives to increase production.

increased income has helped the education and nutritional needs of my young ones.”

The honey production increased but unfortunately there were no market linkages to sell honey at a reasonable price. She and the other

Jamila is now fully established in the honey bee keeping

honey bee keepers were discouraged and frustrated due to non-

business. She has also developed a fruit nursery out of the

availability of sustainable market to sell honey to.

savings of honey income to generate more resources.

In this situation, they were about to windup their businesses, but the intervention of Hashoo Foundation, especially the introduction of


Training dairy farmers, extension workers, milk collectors and strengthening value chain 08

Samina is another successful Female Livestock Extension Worker (FLEW) from the USAID funded project “Improving Micro-Enterprises in Dairy”. After an 18 days in-depth training, Samina is promoting her enterprise with passion and discipline.

A Woman of Substance Samina Ajmal Proudly displaying supplies and medicines, neatly stacked on shelves, Samina's house is clean and orderly. Underneath her calm disposition is a steely determination to improve the quality of her family's life. “I have treated more than 600 animals since I received the FLEW training and keep a record of every vaccination.” This micro enterprise comes at a very critical time in Samina's life. As a 32 year old mother of two, Samina's husband is in and out of work at

“My husband has supported me as he knows that together we can make

the textile mill, due to the massive energy crisis in Pakistan.

it through these tough times. I am a well-known FLEW in several villages. Hopefully, I can expand my enterprise and improve my

Her financial troubles started recently when she discovered that her younger child suffered from mental illness. The cost of his medicine and education was proving to be a huge strain. Samina's husband was very supportive of her endeavor.

income further.” Samina currently earns PKR 20,000 a month. When faced with adversity she always responds positively.


Training youth in marble polishing and installation services 10

Shoaib Mehmood hails from the outskirts of Islamabad and at 29 years of age has experienced harsh reality several times. Orphaned at a very early age and one of three brothers, Shoaib was forced to give up education after passing his Matriculation exam to take up a job as a daily labor in the construction business.

Shining On Shoaib Mehmood With no steady source of income, an ailing mother and 2 brothers,

Shoaib Mehmood is one of the 77 trained employees at the

Shoaib was forced to look for steady work. Problems compounded on

Marble Shine Associates, an income generating project that is

the family when Shoaib’s brother was involved in an serious accident

designed to promote youth employment and enhancing skills.

that left him paralyzed. In 2010, while looking for work he applied for a job as a helper in the Marble Shine Associate program operated by the Hashoo Foundation. “Hashoo Foundation trained me in marble shining and polishing services and is very kind to me” reflects Shoaib. With regular income coming in Shoaib supports his brothers and with his skill improvement has risen in rank at the Marble Shine Associates and continues to work in his free time. “I still have to struggle because I want my younger brother to have a better life than mine. It’s worth it.” 11

Strengthening enterprises for progressive farmers 12

Muhammad Zahid, 32, is a progressive farmer who works his land in Naran, harvesting off-season potatoes in the village of Bans, Naran, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Zahid spends 8 months of the year in Balakot, as Naran is too cold for harvesting. He highly depends on his crops for the well being of his family.

The Progressive Farmer Muhammad Zahid To achieve this, Zahid dedicates his summer to produce the best seed

Muhammad Zahid is just one of the proposed 2,250 farmers

potato and peas in his area. He owns 20 kanals of land, and when

who have received quality inputs and advice from expert

Hashoo Foundation approached him for a rapid assessment, he


identified the scarcity of quality seeds and lack of expertise as his major drawbacks. Hashoo Foundation with the support of Agri Business Support Fund are implementing a USAID funded project in District Mansehra to strengthen the enterprises of progressive farmers like Zahid by forming Farmer Enterprise Groups (FEGs) and building their capacity.

“I have received 500 kilograms of potato seed and my crop has shown great germination and is growing healthy. I am really excited, as this year may be my bumper crop year.” This optimism is shared by numerous beneficiaries under this unique project that aims to strengthen enterprise through improved techniques and market linkages.

“The training I received on pre and post harvesting, packaging methods, irrigation techniques and prevention of diseases have really been useful. With the quality of seeds provided to me I can easily double my produce and get my enterprise certified as a seed potato supplier.”


A Female Village Milk Collector (FVMC) conducting a lacto-meter reading test 14

Milk collection is traditionally a male dominated trade but Nasreen is the first female milk collector in her village in Yazman, Bahawalpur. She is not only a home maker but now contributes to her household income and is actively promoting a culture of selling and distributing milk that is pure and fresh.

The Middle Woman Nasreen Begum Operating from a clean little room that opens to the street, Nasreen's

“I have to reject a lot of milk as people tend to adulterate it and add water,

workplace is full of milk containers and devices that check the freshness

but I am trained to check these things. Hopefully, we can develop a culture

and purity of milk.

locally where pure milk is supplied and sold”.

This equipment was provided to her at the end of a 3 days training for

Nasreen is playing her part and though her income fluctuates

Female Village Milk Collectors (FVMC's) in the project “Improving

from season to season and depends on the availability of excess

Micro-Enterprises in Dairy”. Nasreen, 26, now collects milk and acts as

milk, she is earning enough to contribute towards essential

the middle person keeping a margin and selling local milk to sweet and

household expenses.

tea shops in Bahawalpur City.

She relishes the challenge to take her business forward.

Although it is the “lean” season and the milk supply is low, Nasreen is confident that things will change.


Skills Development HF is dedicated to equip the young and the old with marketable vocational skills that will contribute to the decrease in the unemployment rates and an increase in household incomes. Working through Human Development Resource centers in Rawalpindi, Chitral and Gilgit, HF provides a conducive learning environment for trainees to excel in their chosen profession. HF also links passed trainees to suitable on the job training and employment opportunities through its placement cell. Through donors such as the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration and Reach out to Asia, HF is training and sustaining vulnerable communities including Afghan refugees nationwide.


Irfan Haider is from Uch Sharif, an isolated village in Bahawalpur District. He applied for the Hashoo Foundation HTMP’s (Hotel Management Training Program) cooking course after seeing an advertisement in the Daily Jang.

At Your Service Irfan Haider He traveled from Bahawalpur (an 18 hour drive) and stayed in a

His “never quit” attitude makes him a source of inspiration for

private hostel in Rawalpindi to attend the training. He showed a keen

all. He now makes a decent livelihood and credits Hashoo

interest and talent for cooking during the theoretical learning and

Foundation for giving him a golden chance in life.

initial assessment.

“Hashoo Foundation changed my life as I never expected to be

Keeping in view his talent and potential, Hashoo Foundation referred

working in a five star hotel. Now I can support my family better and

him to Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban for on the job training along

can contribute in the development of my village. I will refer my

with complementary accommodation, food and uniform.

friends, colleagues and communities to join the Hashoo Foundation”.

During Irfan’s training, his supervisor appreciated his devotion and hard work and strongly recommended Irfan for a job in the hotel which was immediately approved. Within six months, Mr. Irfan’s designation was changed from Trainee to Cook.


Working to improve the plight of Afghan refugees 18

Respected by his peers for professionalism, timekeeping and dedication, Ahmad is the model employee at Suzuki Azam motors in Islamabad. Ahmad has earned the respect of his colleagues through hard toil and labor.

Working with Dignity Ahmad Raza “I used to work at the fruit mandi (market) which was humiliating and

Today, he credits the intensity of the training and the design of

exhausting, but then God gave me an opportunity and I took it.”

the project for his success.

Ahmad (41) enrolled for a three months auto mechanic course offered

“It is very hard for Afghan refugees to secure any meaningful work,

by the Hashoo Foundation under a skills development project funded

and many employers avoid us for security reasons. I had to work extra

by the US State Department, Bureau of Population, Refugees and

hard to prove myself, but had an advantage because Hashoo


Foundation steered me in the right direction, one where I see hope.”

After successfully completing the course, Ahmad Raza was placed

Apart from the financial and social uplift, Ahmad is trying to

with his current employer, who hired him after being impressed by

rise above the horrible memories of migration and the loss of his

his work ethic.

brother who was murdered in Afghanistan by the Taliban.


A “Shop for a Cause” established to exhibit products of trainees 20

Surayya Noor Mohammad is a true survivor. An apartment in Urban Rawalpindi is her home and tailoring workshop, where she is busy stitching clothes for the upcoming Nouroz festival. Things are looking up, but were not always this simple.

New Beginnings Surayya Noor Mohammad “Our house in Afghanistan was destroyed by a rocket attack, after which we

After completing the three month course Surayya started taking

lugged our belongings in a truck and first moved to Jalalabad and then took

local orders for dresses as the project had provided trainees with

refuge in Pakistan.”

sewing machines to kick start small business ventures.

Soon things took a turn for the worse as Surayya’s husband became

Today Surayya is 55, busier than ever, and looking forward to

addicted to heroin leaving her the sole breadwinner for three children.


Surayya was barely making ends meet when she heard about the

“Previously I would dread Nouroz as my children would want to go

Hashoo Foundation’s skills development project funded by the US

out but I could not afford it. Now things are different. I also avoided

State Department, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

going to the doctor for my thyroid treatment, but now stitching dresses

Surayya always had a keen interest in tailoring and registered for the

takes care of my treatment”.

course. “The training gave me confidence, as I always had talent but no confidence”


Supporting youth education and skills enhancement 22

As a researcher in the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Seemi could not imagine that one day she would scale these heights, but always dreamed big. From a small village in Hunza, Gilgit- Baltistan, Seemi had big dreams and excelled in her studies.

High Flyer Seemi Farman She earned a scholarship from the Aga Khan Education Services

Seemi has gone on to complete her Master’s degree in Gender

(AKES) for her graduation studies and pursued a degree in Zoology

Studies from Sweden and holds Hashoo Foundation close to her

and psychology. Moving to Islamabad presented obstacles.


“I was from a very conservative village and for a girl to move into a new

“Hashoo Foundation is like family as it helped me grow and

urban city was difficult due to social pressures and norms.”

encouraged me to get exposure. Now I am giving back to society and I

Seemi persisted, and was pleasantly surprised that Hashoo

have all the time for Hashoo Foundation if they ever need my help.”

Foundation was offering career counseling, life skills and other

Hashoo Foundation runs Youth Development Centers for boys

programs for youth education. She was soon accommodated in

and girls in Rawalpindi, Gilgit and Chitral.

Hashoo Foundation’s Youth Development Center (YDC) which supported her living costs. “At that time (2006), there was no concept of career counseling, so I am grateful to Hashoo Foundation for all their support in steering me to a successful career path.” 23

ICT training in HDRC Chitral 24

Afshan comes from a humble background. Her father was a food and vegetable vendor, who supported Afshan's basic education. Due to the limited options available to her in Hunza valley, she traveled to Rawalpindi and enrolled for Hashoo Foundation's Early Childhood Development (ECD) Diploma.

Early Riser Afshan Afshan stayed at the Hashoo Foundation's Youth Development Center

She envisages Pakistani mothers who are aware of basic

in Rawalpindi, where she attended several life skills trainings and

necessities and are capable of raising children intelligently.

exposure visits.

“I would also like to become an ECD master trainer and help

She completed a one year comprehensive learning program of

organizations like Hashoo Foundation who are creating awareness

Montessori Education and currently works at the Community

about such an important topic.”

Development Council Rawalpindi as a senior child facilitator. “The level of training was excellent and I had a chance to get hands on experience while attending a summer camp organized by the Hashoo Foundation. Now I have a job with a steady income and most importantly a skill that is very much in demand.” Afshan wants to enhance her ECD knowledge further and keeps up to date with all the new approaches in this field.


Education HF considers education a cornerstone for development and a pre-requisite for societal change. In this regard, HF operates a number of schools across Pakistan and supports the most deserving students nationwide by announcing and awarding yearly scholarships. In addition, HF also implements its Child Education Support Program in the most remote areas of Pakistan, with the aim of attracting out of school children back into mainstream education.


“We were the first batch of Hashoo Foundation scholars. I feel we were the luckiest ones. We are all well set in our respected professions.” Farzana considers herself the “lucky one”. After completing her high school studies, Farzana felt that her potential may not be fully utilized in her village of Aliabad, Hunza, Gilgit- Baltistan.

A Scholar and a Lady Farzana Ayub She migrated to Islamabad and saw tough times as her father was the

Hashoo Foundation gives out approximately 500 scholarships

sole breadwinner for her extensive family. Farazana eventually

annually across Pakistan to deserving students who excel in

completed her Bachelor’s degree and was introduced to the Hashoo

their academics.

Foundation scholarship program through a friend. She successfully applied for a scholarship and went on to complete her MBA from the Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad. Farzana is today a Team Lead in recruitment at the First Micro Finance Bank. “I am the most educated person in my family and my whole village is proud of me. I am grateful to Hashoo Foundation for their care and attention in helping me grow into a successful person. I am now adopting this tradition and sponsoring my siblings, because I know the importance of getting help.”


Humanitarian Assistance Program HF is at the forefront during disaster situations and has actively provided relief to the earthquake affected population of 2005, the flood victims of 2010 and the internally displaced persons in 2009. By providing access to basic health and nutrition, HF also looks to sustain the affected families. The Sahara Fund is one such initiative where the victims of the 2008 Marriot bomb blast were given emergency support and relief, during the course of the next few years HF provided them with access to livelihood opportunities enabling them to support themselves.


Bashir Wali Khan, had a dream to banish the haunting woes of poverty from his family and empower his sister Bibi Syeeda, to become an independent and capable woman. This was not a dream that could be easily achieved since he belonged to the remote area of Bang, Upper Chitral (KPK) an area where female education is still frowned upon by the strong traditionalist forces. Add to it an eleven member family for which he was the sole bread-earner and his dream easily had the potential to become just a fleeting memory.

Bashir Wali Khan’s Dream Bashir Wali Khan Bashir, however, had learnt not to cave in to the difficulties life was

victims with their children's education, medical needs and skills

throwing at him. He moved to Islamabad in search of better prospects

training and employment until they become self-sufficient. The

than that offered by his opportunity-strived native town. He started

case of Bashir Wali was approved and Hashoo Foundation

working as a restaurant cashier in Islamabad Marriott Hotel and life

sponsored the education of his children. Furthermore, his sister

became easier for the family. It was a horrific evening of September

Bibi Syeeda was brought to Islamabad and has recently

2008 when a deafening sound snatched away his life, taking away all

completed her Master’s degree in Education Planning &

his aspirations. In pursuit of his dream, Bashir lost his existence in

Management from the National University of Modern

flesh and blood. His family was devastated by an utter sense of

Languages (NUML), Islamabad. She is currently working with a

hopelessness at the loss of their sole supporter.

reputed organization in Islamabad and earning more than what

The delicate socio-economic condition of the 600 immediate family

Bashir used to make.

members of the victims prompted Sarah Hashwani, Chairperson of

“There are countless families in Pakistan who have lost their bread-

Hashoo Foundation to launch “Sahara Fund" for these people on

earners in the recent spate of terrorism in our country. I sometimes

September 20, 2008. In addition to providing medical care for the

wonder what would have become of us had Hashoo Foundation not

injured, the Fund sponsors programs to help the families of the

come to our rescue," says Syeeda. 29

A disabled friendly home constructed for a beneficiary under the SCIPPER project 30

Mian Rafiq was 15 when the worst earthquake in Pakistan’s history struck his school in village Jabri, Mansehra in 2005. He was found collapsed under the rubble by his relatives and suffered a severe back injury that left him paraplegic. His home was also destroyed, leaving his family in a state of total disarray.

True Grit Mian Rafiq “Many of my class mates died and all my hopes were shattered that day”

Rafiq’s ordeal has been heart wrenching but his recovery and

reflects Rafiq sorrowfully.

optimism is infectious. He is in constant contact with the

Now at age 21, Mian Rafiq is starting to walk with the aid of calipers and recently completed his Bachelor’s degree. Rafiq inspires to become a doctor despite all the odds he faces. He credits Hashoo Foundation and Real Medicine Foundation for their intervention in providing expenses for healthcare, tuition and the

Hashoo Foundation and is always keen to volunteer in causes that help others who are experiencing problems similar to his. Mian Rafiq is one of the 33 patients supported through the Spinal Cord Injury Project for Pakistan Earthquake Rehabilitation (SCIPPER).

construction of a disabled friendly home. “I was mentored, inspired, and given a home. I was allowed to dream. I know that maybe dreaming of becoming a doctor is a bit of a stretch, but I am going to try. I want to repay society for giving me a chance”.


Some of our Partners and Supporters Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection


Canadian International Development Agency




Mennonite Economic Development Associates


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