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Making Your Club More Attractive To The De-Conditioned!

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Our One Day Regional Seminars How to Maximise Your Members Secondary Spend Attracting the Deconditioned User to Your Club Secondary Spend and Improved Member Satisfaction Using Social media, Online Advertising Utilising a CRM system for Fitness Clubs Why a Sales, Marketing and Service System is essential? Claim your Online & Advanced Marketing Strategy Session! “Developing the Gold Standard“ - a service excellence programme

Editor’s Note

Welcome, Our aim is to be the natural ‘Go - To Support’ Company for UK Fitness Club Operators. Our role is to help you solve your sales, retention and service challenges. We source & market innovative online & offline applications, services & products for you to use.

Duncan Green

Managing Director Momentum Business Development

We have developed a range of ‘turn - key’ structured and proven business solutions to help you drive your club profitability.

Here’s the list of the ‘Blueprints’ we are giving away: √ Online Lead Generation √ Offline Lead Generation √ Membership Sales Accelerator √ Customer Value Maximisation

We are delighted to launch our new website As a thank you for new visitors to the site we’re opening up our considerable vault of Fitness Club Resources, to let you have access to some of our most closely guarded Consulting secrets. We have developed a comprehensive programme of proven, successful blueprints suitable for adoption by any Club operator.

√ Club Success Planning System √ Member retention & Engagement Plan √ Club Managers Leadership programme   √ Website Effectiveness √ Email Success Blueprint

So once you’ve read the newsletter go to the website and download the ‘Blueprints.’ Enjoy ! You can simply parachute these ‘blueprints’ in to your business and your club can start to enjoy the dramatic sales and revenue increases that Momentum clients have been achieving since we were ‘born’ in 2001.

Free Webinars to help you understand ‘the Blueprints’ … Behind every blueprint is a completely FREE Webinar that gives you all the background theories and details that make the blueprints come alive We hope that these webinars will help you gain a level of new found confidence to make the necessary changes to your business Our Webinars are ALWAYS on a TUESDAY and are generally repeated the following week You can find details of these on our website www. 2 | Momentum Business Development Newsletter

Internal Campaign Club Database Lists


Landing Pages • Nomination Scheme • 25/25 Scheme • Health Check • Wear the t-shirt • Reactivation • 12xmas voucher • 50 health check

• Member & Guest Day • Xmas Party ....



snippet of a blueprint scheme

Our One Day Regional Seminars

At the heart of our services to Fitness Clubs are our one day workshop training programmes (Sometimes just being in the room is better than a Webinar!) This year we are running 4 different topics covering some of the most vital marketing areas of your Club service Our website will give you current dates, venues and ticket information. Here are the Seminar subjects we will be covering: • The Science of Fitness Club Marketing • Creating the Ultimate Fitness Club Blueprint – ‘The Formula’ • Utilising The Power of Email Marketing – A fitness operators guide • Maximising your member Spend – Adding £100k - £200k to your clubs bottom line NOW!

Your No. 1 Aim as a Fitness Club Operator – Maximise Customer Value ! Sometimes we are guilty as operators with obsessing about signing new members. Of course that’s important but NOT if we leave vast potential profits on the table by neglecting the vital activity of maximising customer value of every new member you sign. If you could double or treble your members’ annual secondary spends, how happy would your boss be? What if you could retain more members per quarter by reengaging ‘sleepers’, all keen to enjoy a range of targeted fitness programmes?

Imagine Your new members’ delight with a range of starter programmes chosen according to exercise history: a training motivation that could put your club streets ahead of the competition? Think of the delight of your personal trainers when they can advertise their skills and services to your members 24/7, for their own financial gain and the satisfaction of helping customers stay active? And your members? They’ll be overjoyed by your club that not only remembers them if they fall off the exercise wagon, but tracks them down before their sleep-state becomes comatose.

It’s time to get S.M.A.R.T. at your Club

Momentum Business Development Newsletter | 3

How to Maximise Your Members Secondary Spend We reckon you’ve seen it all. You’ve read the research on successful member retention. You’ve done the seminars on customer focus. You understand the problems of member engagement, and the damage done by a constant turnover of personal trainers.

training groups, 6-week programmes and many more) √√ We’ll make sure the site is seamlessly plugged in to your existing club website

√√ Full design support to make changes to personal trainers, programmes, activities and events when you need them √√ Full start-up and ongoing training to get your team website-ready √ Template emails to relieve the headaches of services marketing

Now you’ve done the math, isn’t it time to give your members what they want? S.M.A.R.T. Fitness is not just another customer tracking system.

S.M.A.R.T. Fitness is the business class of customer service for your fitness club members.

Here’s what you get as a S.M.A.R.T. Fitness services club: √√ A branded, customised website pre-loaded with more than 50 chargeable fitness services (personal training, small group training, weekly gym clinics, events, member holidays, reprogrammes, specialist 4 | Momentum Business Development Newsletter

√√ An integral online event booking system to help you run your member and guest days √√ 24/7 support from us to ensure the platform generates the revenues you want

You know that future success will be based on giving customers a more varied exercise experience than they’ve enjoyed to date. That the successful club of the future will appeal to a wider exercise population, attracted by specific service, not low price.

√√ Purpose-built P.T. pages to let your members select and easily contact their trainer of choice

√ Professionallyproduced fitness programme resources to add value to your programmes (access to a complete catalogue of promotional artwork for banners, posters and flyers to support all programmes)

√√ A built-in data-capture function so your members can register their interest in the fitness activities they fancy √√ A built-in email platform so you can promote easily and directly to your members √√ A quarterly online promotional system, ‘Reactivation Fortnight’, to reengage your sleeping members and turn them back into serious fans

√√ Ongoing video and offline training support on how to maximise programme effectiveness

It’s a potential £100k per annum increase and you are only a phone call away from getting hold of that missing revenue!

Contact us before your competition does!

Attracting the Deconditioned User to Your Club

Adult membership of UK fitness clubs is now at just over 13% Many smart operators are looking at ways to broaden their market appeal and here’s how we have helped them with these case studies.

GCLL launch the ‘Medi-Fit’ Scheme in conjunction with Momentum

clients to their GP for a letter of authorisation, then never seeing them again. Everyone knows how exercise can offset the effects of ill health… Yet while people certainly benefit by following an exercise programme, many don’t know where to go for the right advice. And even the most obvious sources of information aren’t always reliable – or available.

(Please note: This is NOT A G.P REFERRAL PROGRAMME )

* Recent research showed that individuals are 40 times more likely to ask a doctor for advice about exercise than a personal trainer.

Rob Swain, Chief Executive at Gravesham Community Leisure Ltd saw immediately the benefits of retaining their own club Medical Director:

* Yet a survey of more than 700 UK GPs has revealed that 1 in 4 practices currently have a 2-week wait for an appointment.

* A doctor qualified in sports & exercise medicine that screened GCLL members and DEALS DIRECTLY with those who have a positive risk factor

* Almost 20% of GPs say that by 2017 the wait will exceed 3 weeks.

* An indispensible in-house resource that can only increase your clients’ confidence in your club. * An end to referring potential

Even assuming you’re lucky enough to see your GP quickly, will you get the RIGHT advice, or any at all? Given the facts – a recent Scottish study of GP practices found that just 5% of doctors actually ask about a patient’s exercise history during a

consultation – the smart money’s against it.

So why do you think the stats are so low? Aren’t these so-called professionals medically trained in the benefits of exercise? Don’t doctors advocate the idea that ‘exercise is medicine’? Apparently not! It’s a shocking and little known fact that sports & exercise medicine is not on the curriculum for new doctor training in the UK or the USA. So imagine the community benefits – not to mention commercial advantages – of your club retaining its own Medical Director. With Medi Fit, clients will choose YOUR club because it’s the only nearby facility they’ll enjoy a prescribed, medically-supervised exercise regime. This is NOT an exercise referral scheme, but a bespoke fitness programme that’s pronounced safe and effective by those most qualified. And as it’s all part of your clients’ cost of membership – a unique benefit you can proudly flag up in your promotional activities – they’ll be beating a path to your door! Momentum Business Development Newsletter | 5

fitness team. They’ll know the client is ready for induction and can review the doctor’s recommendations. • Finally the doctor sends an email to the client, with a copy to notify the client’s own GP of the intervention.

On any level, Medi-Fit has to make sense… √√ Community engagement √√ Social responsibility √√ Practical heath initiative √√ Gives your club a powerful USP in a crowded market √√ Makes you money through increased sales √√ Establishes you as an authority, enhancing your reputation as a professional club

How the Medi-Fit programme works The medical screen • Clients are screened at point of sale using an adaptation of the Canadian Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q). • Clients are enrolled as club members as normal. Automatic Alerts to the Doctor • The completed PAR-Q is scanned and uploaded to our Momentum CRM system. This monitors the progress of the new client, with a reference point for all programme stakeholders. • If the screening form identifies risk factors, the individual’s record will be registered as having a POSITIVE PAR-Q 6 | Momentum Business Development Newsletter

result. • The medical practitioner is then automatically notified of the customer’s need for a consultation. • As a club you need do nothing more than load the system with the PAR-Q. And it all happens using the magic of technology and the web! Automatic notification to the fitness team • Alerted automatically, the doctor can view clients’ complete contact details and their PAR-Q results via the CRM system. • The doctor then carries out the telephone consultation, after which the next action will be one or more of the following: ○○ Safe, suitable exercises for the client are noted on the system, for the information of the fitness professionals setting the client programme. ○○ A further face-to-face consultation is arranged in the Centre to obtain more information before proceeding with an exercise prescription (as above). ○○ Individuals may be rejected as unsuitable for exercise and the system notified. The client will then receive a refund of any programme payments made. • After consultation an automated email alerts the

The whole Medi-Fit process is seamless, automatic and needs NO EXPERIENCE on the part of your club management or your fitness team! Interested? It only takes about 4 weeks to set up Medi Fit – a programme that could be improving your bottom line for years to come. We can supply you with ready-toroll Medi-Fit promotional support packs. These cover both online and offline campaigns and PR activity to keep prospects in the loop by way of your local media. Medi-Fit really is the easiest programme of its type we’ve seen – as well as one of the most immediate generators of revenue and profit for your business.

For an online demonstration or an informal chat about how your club can benefit from Medi-Fit, call Duncan Green on 0207 917 2780 or email:

Secondary Spend and Improved Member Satisfaction

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames: “The platform runs very smoothly for us. We have 6 sites and the platform runs on all of them - customers just book online, which means we have less calls on our really busy lines. When we have issues the Momentum team helps us straight away, whether it is by email or call - issues are resolved really quickly.” Caroline, Hub Duty Manager

Slough Leisure, Mike Corby Clubs, and The Atrium Club launch Momentum’s Online Booking System to develop non member secondary spend and improve member satisfaction. The Clue is in the numbers… • 13.2% - Adult membership of UK fitness clubs • 38%- Adults interested in taking a group exercise class if available to them!!! THREE times the market size compared to Membership !! Do the Math! The rise of spinning and other group exercise classes alongside this increasing number of customers interested in taking classes has led astute operators to spot the commercial opportunity of advertising there class programme to a fee paying customer. In many cases by selling classes in bundles of 10, 20 and 30, operators are able to realise financial transactions which totally dwarf what they generate from

membership fees. For many operators, it’s another £2- £3k per month and it’s straight to the bottom line! What’s needed to be successful is a combination of a great website that helps market the club to non-members and a technology that makes it easy for everyone to use and buy from as well as facilitating member online booking use. Several years ago we saw that there was a weakness in the quality of online booking technology being supplied within larger management systems. We sourced a really clever application and gave it to our web design team to create something very bespoke and super easy for customers to use The scheduling and reservation system that gives you all the features you need to manage and rapidly grow your club. It’s very flexible and can be used by any size fitness business – from yoga studio, small clubs to fitness chains and much more. Call us for FREE online demonstration 0207 917 2780

Godalming Fitness “Momentum Booking platform is just great, it just does the job! Very usefull, seamlessly integrates with our website. The main benefit is that nonmembers and members can book from their mobiles, tablets, and desktops leaving us more time to focus on the gym floor. The support is absolutely the nuts!” Peter Niblett, Club Manager

Synergy Leisure Centres “We are extremely happy with the service at Momentum, I find the Momentum Booking platform good and easy to use. I can email Momentum at any time and all my requests gets sorted out quickly, so I have no complaints.” Linda Kidd, Studio Coordinator

Momentum Business Development Newsletter | 7

Promoting to the Deconditioned Market

Promoting your Club to Deconditioned Users via the Active Leisure Card!

go to the club and buy a Voucher card over the counter.

Get More Active Card (£49) NOW and you will get £205 worth of fitness vouchers

How it works? It’s a dual online and offline health awareness initiative supported by Facebook advertising and a direct sale tool. Customer are driven online via email campaigns , Facebook advertising or web links to our compelling offer of purchasing a Promotional voucher card promoting a range of 10 fitness offers for a special price of £49. The vouchers cover fitness products such as month membership, group ex classes , PT. tasters, Guest passes, swim session etc. The Programme is also promoted via Corporate outreach, events or via traditional leaflet, direct mail and press advertisings. Customers 8 | Momentum Business Development Newsletter

The promotions allows GMA voucher card holder to use the vouchers themselves or to give the vouchers to their friends family and colleagues. We drive scores of leads to your clubs and you have 3 months to persuade them to join. you have their data given when they subscribe for the promotion. As a follow up we include them in our ‘Get Active At home‘ scheme where we offer quality home exercise advice through our regular wellness bulletins These cover exercise tips as well as Membership offers from the club. The Promotion has been tested and improved with over 10 clubs and its a winner on a number of levels.

It’s popular and drives leads in to your club who upsell to membership! Its self-financing as the income from the cards recoups and generates a marketing surplus for you the operator! WIN – WIN! Momentum builds the online support for the promotion and design all the artwork, Club customisation, etc in house. Steal the idea or call us and we can support you setting it up!

What you need √√

Online – Attractive Landing page with all offers promoted and a secure payment portal to get customers to sign up


Offline - Printed A4 voucher cards to retail and leaflets

If you are interested in launching your own card scheme – Get in touch and we can show you how we can save you money and fast track its development

Take a bow …

Momentum at The National Fitness Awards We are really proud of the innovation that these Industry leaders and their Clubs have shown in standing out from the crowd and we are delighted to have played a part in helping them hit the heights of National Industry recognition So without further ado step up and take a bow ….

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR - 2015 Healthaus, Jersey


REGIONAL GYM OF THE YEAR - 2014 MIDLANDS & WALES The Warehouse ,Leicester

CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD - 2014 Club Kingswood ,Basildon

Active Life,Kent

Momentum Business Development Newsletter | 9

Social media, Online Advertising • Personal training promos • Member retention schemes • Google pay-per-click campaigns • Email marketing • Blogging • Tweets • Facebook posts

Are you Baffled by Social media, Online Advertising, pay Per Click advertising, Blogging or simply just don’t have the time! Join the growing number of clients like Bodyworks West, Notting Hill who let us do it for them.

Your Online Marketing done for you PROFITABLY – OR You DON’T PAY! It’s all about leveraging the marketing power of the Web. Internet marketing is a minefield. It demands a geek’s head for detail and a seasoned nose for marketing fundamentals. You need the right technology aligned to appropriate designs and the most seductive offers. You must have a flair for lead generation, sales and customer retention. Making the time to manage your programme is essential: to watch those coverage-&-reach numbers ebb and flow as prospects meet your online advertising with 10 | Momentum Business Development Newsletter

mixed interest. And you need a gymnast’s agility to safeguard your marketing spend by making the right call… at the right time. But it’s not so hard you can’t toughen up Fit Digital: the super-profitable turnkey online marketing system - GUARANTEED.

We’ll design, supply, support and maintain all this good stuff for just one amazing-value monthly management fee. And don’t forget our double-whammy promise to you: • NO lengthy contract of hire – 90 days will do us • Unconditional 60-day money back guarantee on all starter clubs • Sounds too good to be true?

Simply put, Fit Digital makes profits for your club, or you simply DON’T PAY. It’s a programme of 25+ unique and distinct promotions, individually crafted, branded for you, delivered and ready to perform:

• The only downside is that the intensity of preparation limits us to starting only a few clubs at a time. Also, we only take ONE club in any given geographical catchment area.

• Prospecting promos

• Will YOUR club be in the frame next month?

• Video sales vehicles • Slow-joiner follow-ups • Fitness At Home engagement schemes • New-member referrals • Regular member and guest events • Corporate schemes • Ongoing referral campaigns • Quarterly online newsletters • Ex-member reactivation schemes • Managed Facebook advertising • Secondary-spend promos

• Don’t delay. Contact us ahead of your competition. We’ll discuss a programme that suits you and see if we can reserve one of the available spots in your area. We can then discuss this year’s possible start times. Whatever your price point, let’s really push your club to the Big Lebowskis out there – and keep it filled with high-kicking, bigspending punters. Then we can get the digital marketing and retention work off your bucket list and filed happily away in the ‘jobdone’ folder. For informal Chat or Online Demo Contact me - Duncan Green on 0207 917 2780 or

Comment Piece

vs Source:

I’ve just put down last month’s issue of Health Club Management

great sales people like we need them now

One of the industry’s leading research companies Pro Insight have published some insights into membership sales performance

The poor consumer can’t understand, when all clubs roughly look the same, some are offering memberships as low as £15- 29.99 and another group from £40 northwards.

Often I take these sorts of reports with a LARGE pinch of salt. After all 86% of leisure research is made up!!! (That’s a very bad joke I’ve just slipped in by the way) But in this particular case I take this article from Pro Insight very seriously for 2 reasons:

Of course there are fundamental differences in the way the clubs operate and, service members and adds value. This is where the role of the membership advisor comes into its own…

1. I know them and I know they’re very very good at what they do.

As I said in the browser ‘frankly I’m astounded‘ and I am. Here’s why …

2. They do a lot of it so I know these results won’t be skewed by a small data set

Here are the headlines (so you don’t have to read it yourself)

Which makes it all the sadder when you digest the results of this survey :

Read and WEEP …..

Ladies and gentlemen, may I take this opportunity to remind you that we, the fitness industry find ourselves in a state of commercial ‘civil war’ between the ’wicked’ low cost clubs on the one hand and those who represent the Premium and serviced club market on the other. We have never had a need for

Brace yourselves –

SAD FACT 1 Only 60% of face to face enquiries are asked for contact details at all! (What !!!! ) SAD FACT 2 44% of all face 2 face tourers are not asked to join! (Picky aren’t you!!! SAD FACT 3


ONLY 35 % of face to face enquiries are followed up within 48 hours SAD FACT 4 33% of face to face tourers felt that there NEEDS were not being properly considered SAD FACT 5 25% felt a good level of rapport had not been established The report went on to look at sector differences and COUNCILS cam BOTTOM! Only 28% of prospects were EVER asked to JOIN!!! (WOW!) It doesn’t make great reading does it? Hopefully we can help if your club COULD be committing any of these ‘crimes’ We carry out a range of membership sales services for our clients We invent sales systems for fitness clubs

Duncan Green Lead Consultatnt Momentum Business Development

Momentum Business Development Newsletter | 11

CRM System for Fitness Clubs When Vivacity Leisure Trust wanted to boost sales and upgrade their CRM services across 5 sites,they came to Momentum. Our system is built in conjunction with one of the world leaders in CRM technology. We have worked with Salesforce to produce something that fitness operators can customise and use to make a dramatic difference in the sophistication and consistency in the services they deliver.

8. Email automatically your ‘Member Online Education’ Programmes 9. Set Your Member Renewal promotion to automatically trigger 10. Identify and segment your P.T. customers and communicate based on their interests from within the system 11. Schedule your ongoing Member Re-Programmes sessions and appointments automatically 12. Never lose touch with any of your members! If you do it’s because you wanted to!! 13. Access the system online 24/7 from your PC, Mac, Tablet or smart PHONE √√ inform √ support √ motivate √√ track √ engage √ survey √√ invite √ mentor √ advise

The system enables you to: 1. Track progress from interested prospects to die hard members 2. Manage the Members whole experience using a simple to use platform 3. Creat an automated series of tasks for your Membership Team to progress Prospects 4. Create a series of Templated emails that your team can send at the click of a button 5. Manage different ‘Member Starter Programmes’ easily 6. Automatically send notifications to your fitness team of who has bought whaht and that they have to do 7. Segment your ‘big spenders’ from the ‘main streamers’ 12 | Momentum Business Development Newsletter

Whatever your customers need to be motivated to join you, stay with you or buy more from you ...give them Momentum - The easy to use fitness communication tool! There are real business benefits associated with improving customer relationships and offering great customer service to your Fitness Members. Research has shown Fitness clubs that prioritise customer experience generate 59% higher profits than their competitors.

Interested? Momentum Salesforce 30 Day Free Trial For more detail go to our website

What People are saying about Momentum Salesforce ‘Momentum Sales System will help every Club “Inspect what they Expect” from their Sales Team, by holding each and everyone accountable. Inevitably, this leads to: better communication between management and sales > increased sales, increased commissions for the Sales Team and increased profits for the facility. A Win - Win - Win situation... When you consider that you only need to sell TWO additional memberships in a year to pay for the System - the only question that remains is; “When do YOU activate the Momentum Sales System” Melanie Rieger, Sales Makers UK

“We have been using Momentum Sales System now for just over a year, the monitoring and tracking of both our prospects and members have vastly improved. The system can be fully customized and is easy to use. Any issues that i have had have been rectified quickly and efficiently. It’s a winner!” Lee Addy, Gravesham Community Leisure Limited

“The feedback from our sales team is great and we believe it has added 10%-15% to our monthly sales.” Pascual Soares, Bolton Arena

Get in touch (0207 917 2780) for an online demonstration

Why a Sales, Marketing and Service System is Essential ?

you really want to hit the Membership sales mark in this increasingly competitive sector. Take a minute and ask yourself the following 64 million dollar questions…, Do you have a system for ……..? 1. Identifying your most probable customer 2. Training your people to use your sales presentation

Systemising Your Fitness Club Developing a ‘branded business’ that regularly and consistently touches the lives of your customers is to a lesser or greater extent the product of 3 vital components: 1. Engaging staff personalities 2. Solid business processes that are replicable 3. Management prowess to ensure that your people are motivated to deliver the agreed behaviours and trained completely in the processes. Systemising your business is therefore one of the major keys to success. Its important to ensure that the processes you use are replicable and trainable to others in your organisation. There isn’t a successful business out there in any sector you like to quote that’s not based fundamentally on robust, replicable and easy to follow by your lowest denomination of staff There are about 25 fundamental systems that I recommend you ensure are fully deployed and ingrained on your business if

3. Creating trip wire offers to romance cold and warm prospects 4. Getting to know who your customer type(s) is and directing your marketing to that customer 5. Replacing yourself with a sales system you can teach to others 6. Create a scripted presentation your people can use consistently with your customers 7. Recruiting and hiring effective sales people 8. Designing effective online & offline advertisements directed to your most important customer 9. Creating effective multimedia information for your business to attract more customers

13. Documenting what YOU know how to do so you can train others to do the same 14. Establish sales goals and track the effectiveness of your system 15. Developing effective responses to your customers most often asked questions 16. Identifying evaluating and correcting problems in the sales process 17. Evaluating past advertising effectiveness and calculating the cost effectiveness of those ads 18. Tracking and evaluating sales performance based on the results your people produce 19. Long term Follow up systems for the conversion of ‘slow’ prospects 20. Coaching system to ensure your team remain appropriately trained and highly effective 21. A triple sandwich upsell process at the point of sale to boost joining fee revenues 22. A 6 week New Joiner Upsell and cross sell programme 23. A communication strategy for maintaining the interest of existing members

10. Using a sales presentation to uncover your customers needs

Read enough to know that it’s now Time to make a change?

11. Tracking and evaluating the results of your advertising

Here’s how we can help …

12. Understanding how buying decisions are made and developing a multi – step sales process based on these principles

99 minutes that could change the Shape of your Fitness Business Forever Just £99! Momentum Business Development Newsletter | 13

Claim your Online & Advanced Marketing Strategy Session

99 minutes of New Ideas to generate much more from your Online and Offline Sales & Marketing and Automatically bring you more prospects and Members Usually £295.........NOW £99 If you want more members – We can Help You – Without Obligation Over the last 20 years we have worked with literally 100s of fitness clubs across the UK improving the profitability of their business and growing their revenues. This session will not work for all operators and Is NOT suitable for the following businesses: • Fitness Operators who enjoy wallowing in self pity and enjoy complaining about how bad business is. • Fitness operators who think that it is totally acceptable to have a website built 10 years ago representing their business. • Fitness clubs that think price is everything and customers will only pay what the lowest cost competitor is charging. • Fitness Clubs that THINK THEY SELL THEMSELVES • Fitness clubs who want state 14 | Momentum Business Development Newsletter

of the art equipment but NOT the latest Online technology to generate MORE members • Fitness operators that think that generating ‘likes’ on a facebook page is the key to successful online marketing. • Fitness Clubs that believe that sales and retention are two entirely unlinked activities and concentrating on one rather than the other is a blueprint for success.

catchment 7. Understand how your fitness programmes can be targeted at EXACT markets with pin point accuracy 8. How to find the buyers who WILL pay more 9. The secret of effective email marketing and the 5 vital uses in Fitness clubs 10. The power of using data capture on your website

THAT’S SO CRAZY! - If any of the characteristics above are you, then the 99 minutes will be a waste of your time and your money.

11. How to generate significant revenue from your fitness services

If not – Here’s what we can promise you will find in the 90 minute session

12. How to dramatically improve the conversion on your website so you get more new prospect enquiries

1. We will uncover some previously untapped markets you had forgotten existed

13. We will investigate the new member journeys you offer

2. We will show you how to get much, much more from the customers you have already got 3. We will improve your sales system to make it easier for more people to say ‘yes’ 4. We will investigate whether your online marketing is really as good as it could be 5. How to make video marketing work for you 6. Unlock the latent group exercise market in your

14. We will investigate the customer service model you run 15. We will look at the effectiveness of your members exit strategy 16. You will discover the importance of having a structured marketing and service system


‘Developing the Gold Standard’- a service excellence programme for health & fitness operators. ‘Helping you to maximise the financial potential of your business’ Sometimes it does you the world of good to stop, take a look at your fitness business and review what it does, why it does it and check its relevance and appropriateness. I’d like to suggest that you take this opportunity to book a day soon, along with your top colleagues to take a long hard critical look at your customer experience model and to analyse from the top down whether it needs any tweaking, development or dramatic overhaul. Momentum has developed a combined seminar and workshop day that does exactly that......

The core of the day is a seminar presentation based on global industry best practice, the 7 key foundations of customer service excellence and innovative strategies from the commercial fitness field. We encourage you throughout the presentation to engage in sessions of debate where we stimulate your team to discuss your current programmes, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, leading to the end result of the formulation of a new plan of what, how, when and where. The day will cover reviews of sales and marketing philosophy, promotional offers, sales processes, membership and pricing policies, member journeys, retention strategies and fitness service offerings. It will also look at the role of technology, staff structure, planning systems and the actions of management. Because we want to help you to make change quickly in an easily adoptable framework , we will also be showing you a planning framework and adoption timetable which you will be able to take away to act on the best parts of the day as soon as your team return to work. Whenever and wherever we do the session, clients tell us how

valuable an exercise it has been. They find it enormously beneficial to take an all too rare opportunity to review their operation (particularly the customer service model ) for quality, direction and to ensure it matches their overarching vision. Here’s some feedback from our most recent day with Wellington Fitness Clubs management team: “Just a quick line of thanks for what was a very informative, productive and enjoyable session. I haven’t spoken to my guys yet but from their initial responses they also thoroughly enjoyed the day.” Ian Davis , General Manager “It was a very good seminar. Lots and lots of great ideas of which we could definitely capitalise on.”Scott – Fitness manager “Lots of great ideas to pick from and implement from January.”Lorraine – Customer Service Manager “A great day – thanks. Lots to think about – changes to make – but not all at once!”- Nikki – Group Exercise Co –Ordinator If you are interested in running a session with your team then please give me a call. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks for reading If you think it may help you go to our website and register for our Marketing tip sheets – They’re Free! And finally As a big thank you for taking the time to read all of our magazine, here’s a gift from us to you … It’s our famous 21 Powerful Membership Sales Script Books The very best script manual we developed for membership Sales teams.Covers everything from prospect calls to closes ,referrals and follow up conversation. Essential reading for Club managers & Sales leaders ! Let us have your address and we will send you a copy – Absolutely without charge!!! Go to this URL and register

Momentum Business Development Newsletter | 15

Imagine all the Qualified Leads You Could Possibly Need – Without You Lifting a Finger! Fit Digital: the super-profitable turnkey online marketing system - GUARANTEED! Online Lead Generation

Simply put, Fit Digital makes profits for your club, or you simply DON'T PAY.

It's a programme of 25+ unique and distinct promotions, individually crafted, branded for you, delivered and ready to perform:

What Our Clients Say

Great Service, I'm really impressed! Momentum has improved our services more and more with every month. The combination of unique landing pages and emails campaigns, in addition to the speed with which the team turn things around works really well for leads.

Fit Digital is amazing !It just gets the message out to people.People have started calling us more just because we have a specially designed programme for a season. The Facebook ads are attractive and target the right people .We can now track the source of all of our leads

Robbie Hunter Marketing Manager

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Majid Alamgir Club Manager

Making Your Club More Attractive To The De-Conditioned!  

Go - To Resources for Fitness Club Operators. √ “Turn-key” Marketing for Fitness Clubs √ Cutting Edge Online & Offline Marketing √ Lead G...

Making Your Club More Attractive To The De-Conditioned!  

Go - To Resources for Fitness Club Operators. √ “Turn-key” Marketing for Fitness Clubs √ Cutting Edge Online & Offline Marketing √ Lead G...