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6 WA Y S T O BURN BELLY FAT Get the Truth about Fat Loss

Here are 6 ways to burn belly fat, tone tummy blubber and blast bum flab WITHOUT starving yourself, spending hours on a cycle or giving up your favourite foods!

If you’ve tried to lose weight before then you re probably aware that the fitness industry is largely full of mis-information and often complete lies.. For example, did you know that counting calories is virtually useless?

Companies literally burn food in a box until it turns to dust to determine the calories in a food. Do you think it’s the way your body works? Of course not! This small fact makes it painfully clear why most diet programmes flat out fail for losing weight – they get you to count calories (either directly or via points or some other invention) when that’s not how your body works.

Here’s the reality... Weight loss (or even weight gain) is a complex mixture of hormones, brain chemistry and habits. So to get fast, easy and long term results, you must absolutely address these things to succeed. Simply counting calories will not get you very far at all.

But that’s just one example! I could go on all day about the myths and misinformation you’ve been fed by an industry that has openly admitted on national television that they design their programmes to make you fail!


are on a mission to get the real information out to people and we want to help people transform their bodies and lives not just for 5 or 12 weeks but for life. With that in mind here are...

starving yourself, spending hours on a cycle or giving up your favourite foods!!!

1. Eat Real Food It’s not about calories!

Slimming companies and fake health food companies want you to believe getting in shape is all about calories. Guess what? They’re dead wrong! is controlled by your diet. If you get this part right then fat loss and weight loss becomes easy, fast and automatic and best of all, easy to keep for life. Here’s a tip for you. Starbucks, Domino’s pizza, Ben and Jerry’s do not qualify. Before you feel too deprived though - you CAN eat these foods regularly and still get in shape. I know I’ve done it and so do many of our members!!


2. Focus on Weight Training It’s very straightforward. Muscle speeds up your metabolism and burns fat when you’re resting. This means that you burn fat even when you are sitting on the sofa. Long duration or distance running or aerobic exercise actually may slow down your metabolic rate over time and only burns fat whilst you are exercising and not afterwards. The best exercises are the ones that us e the most muscles in one go which means that you will burn the most fat. Here are some great examples: Squats: Dead-lifts: Bench-press: Kettle bells:

Focus on these or any other weight training exercise and you body will transform. An Important note for any women reading this... You won’t get bulky like a man – you haven’t got the right hormones. So enjoy the ride as you shed pounds of unsightly fat from your hips, bum, waist and arms. The key thing though is to get the best instruction on strength training safely – its

3. Focus on Progression Ever found that you get to a certain weight and everything seems to stop improving? We call it reaching the “body plateau” and it’s when the body gets used to the food you’re eating and the exercise your doing and it decides to start storing fat for a cold day. The only way to keep the improvement going is to “trick” your body by changing your diet or your exercise schedule. It’s something that the slimming companies and diet books omit to tell you. You get one programme and there is no progression.


Making the correct adjustments at the right time is mission critical. It’s vital you hire a professional or join a club where they really look after their members programmes. It means you avoid the mistakes that people so often make.

4. Make it Fun Sounds obvious but if it isn’t fun you won’t do it for long! Resistance training can be fun when done right and with a professional. But practically anything that involves lifting will work. • • • •

Free weights Machines TRX Kettle bells

Better still, you don’t need to do it alone. There are lots of partner based sessions, group sessions, ladies only sessions, instructor led events and Personal trainers to hire to give you advice and support when you need it. So even if you don’t want to lift bars with weights on, they can still ensure that you get the fat melting affect you’re looking for.


5. Stop making excuses Did you know that the average person in the UK watches 40 hours of television each week.

If you want super fast results – hire one of your local trainers who are EXPERT in getting the results you want in double quick time – so time is not an issue any more is it? The other key question you have to be honest with yourself about is how important is your health to you? Inactivity is now scientifically proven to be as dangerous as smoking or being obese so if you want to have fun with your grand children or really get the most of your retirement years or just avoid some horrible debilitating conditions soon, you know what you have to do don’t you? You know it makes sense. The average person will spend £25000 on weight loss products over a 10 year period on books, CDs, programmes, pills and potions. Imagine what you could do with that £25k in your wallet or purse! So here’s my heartfelt but brutal recommendation...

Make a vow to yourself that there will be NO MORE EXCUSES. SEIZE the MOMENT. DON’T PUT OFF AGAIN


Call or Visit your local gym They can help you get where you want to be!!


report matters.

6. Be Flexible And I don’t mean being able to wrap your legs around your neck or attend a yoga retreat. your training and your nutrition What s now become clear from the tons of clinical research that’s been done is that the people who are the strictest (and therefore enjoy life less due to not being able to socialise) Put another way not being as strict or as hard on yourself still can get you awesome results (especially if the other things we have talked about are in place). learn to eat for your body type , your tastes and your goals – we will show you how . Oh Yes ,I almost forgot to tell you something good – there’s compelling research that suggests that cheating and eating a lot once in a while may actually speed up weight loss – when done properly There’s a lot that goes into designing a personalised nutritional programme that with this ( more in a second )

So there you have it – 6 winning ways to burn belly fat, trim thighs and lose the jiggly bits without dieting, spending hours on a treadmill or starving yourself. Now you know what to do, it's time to put it into practice...