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Stand out in a crowd

How can you differentiate yourself from others who do what you do and go on to say so?

Getout out of the business Get the commodity commodity business

• Provide an experience • Prevent your prospects and clients from falling into the default position - Price

Core Message ProcessProcess Core Message • Commit to a position • Create a purpose statement • Can a “Talking Logo” help you • Craft a simple core message

Capture a difference Capture a difference • Perception Sticks – whether right or wrong • Your value is in their perception • Offer an Astonishing Gaurantee • Ancillary Products

What can you dodo to to communicate What can you communicate the difference the difference 1. 2. 3. 4.

Unique habit Over-the-top service generates raving fans What competitors are NOT DOING Experience – how do you make it easy and painless for your potential clients and prospects to buy from you? – this one is not for everybody, but those brave enough make huge impact.

Who knowsWho best? knows best • Who uses your products or services – might it be useful to ask them? • What kinds of questions should you ask?     

Why did you hire us in the first place? What do we do that others don‟t? What‟s missing from our industry as a whole? What could we do that would make life easier for you? What are you „putting up with‟ ?

What do youdo really What you“Sell”? really “Sell”

What do your prospects and clients “really buy”

Your purpose? Your purpose

What needs to be present Throughout? What do you stand for?

Talking Logo! Talking Logo What do What you really do do? you really do

• Are you an IFA? Are you a supplier of recliners? Are you a designer? Really? • Contrast this with “I help disabled people stay mobile?”

Talking Logo! Talking Logo You be ready You must bemust ready with Partwith 2! (2)

If people ask how. . . What will you say?

Put it together Put it together Why should you be clear on all these things as a point of departure in your Networking?  Because Networking is Marketing – your colleagues in Momentum ared going to represent you  They need to accurately describe you to induce appointments and referrals – it can‟t be guess work. You‟re paying good money to be here...  Who has experienced the „Referral gap‟?

. . . and Finally . . . and Finally

• Etiquette: Follow up • Who needs to be informed • How frequently

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