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MESSAGE By Christina Rowsell Midday Host soft rock 97.7 Christina Rowsell Media

A press release has to be able to do three things. First, your story needs to evoke emotion. Then, it has to be newsworthy. And thirdly, it needs to be of value to the readers, viewers and/or listeners. The biggest question I get asked is, “How do I make my story about my idea, product, or event newsworthy?” A news story is just that, a story that gives the readers, viewers and/or listeners something that’s interesting. However, your story isn’t about the product. Your story is the about the story behind the product. If you’re interested in just talking about the product itself, you might be better off buying advertising. But if you want to gain earned media you need to find a better story Here are some ways to find your story behind the story: How did you come up with the idea, product, or event? How does it solve a current problem? What challenges did you face when developing your idea, product, or event plan? What obstacles were in your way? How did you overcome those obstacles? What’s the passion behind your project? When you answer these questions, be 100% honest with your answers. You’ll soon see the story behind your story. The media won’t want to do a story about your product; they want the story that makes you and the product real. They want the story that can relate to their audience. They want the story that remembers the story they wrote and produced. However, there are times when the product is the story. In this case, remember to still ask yourself those questions. The biggest answer may come from, “How does your product help?” You have to find that element that evokes emotion. If your product cures an ailment, that’s the emotion. Your story will also connect emotionally if your product helps people change their lives. The newsworthy part will sometimes come out of the emotion that it evokes. Remember, you have a story, so tell it. You never want to be a best-kept secret. The only way people will learn your story is if you tell it. A press release can help present that story. 38


OPPOSITE: Here's a great example of a fact sheet that creates an easy to tell story! Contact the Calgary Food Bank if you'd like to know how they found, crafted, and learned to share their story.