Momentous Institute's 2015 Annual Report

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In 1920, Salesmanship Club of Dallas formed and members determined they would develop programs dedicated to transforming kids’ lives. Now, 95 years later, Salesmanship Club stands at 650 members strong — each one dedicated to sustaining that commitment which has always been at the heart of the Club. In pursuit of that vision, Momentous Institute is now comprised of Momentous School, Therapeutic Services and Research and Training, including our annual Changing the Odds conference (which will celebrate its 5th anniversary this October!). After nearly a century of learning and growing, our vision has crystallized: Social Emotional Health for all kids so they can achieve their full potential. Social Emotional Health because it is predictive of long-term success. Social Emotional Health because it acts as a buffer for children managing toxic stress, trauma and abuse. Social Emotional Health … because it is a brain changer.

Social emotional health for all kids Michelle Kinder

Bill McClung

Executive Director

Chairman of the Board, 2014-2015

so they can achieve their full potential.

Children with strong social emotional health are in control of themselves, communicate well, problem solve, and are empathetic, grateful, gritty and optimistic. 2

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Momentous Institute,

owned and operated by Salesmanship Club of Dallas, has been building and repairing social emotional health for kids since 1920. Each year, we directly serve more than 6,000 kids and family members through our nationally acclaimed Momentous School and innovative Therapeutic Services.

We also invest in research and training, including the annual Changing the Odds conference, to reach far more children than we could ever serve directly. We use our direct work with families to equip educators, mental health professionals, parents and decision makers with trauma-informed strategies that strengthen social emotional health. 4

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Teaching kids the basic biology of their emotions gives them a sense of control and helps them manage their behavior.

Safe Relationships:

Just one attuned and predictable relationship with an adult can make all the difference in a child’s long-term success.


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Awareness of Self:

Kids who develop gratitude, optimism and self-awareness are able to monitor how their behavior impacts others.


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Integrated Inuencer: Stressing the importance of contribution over achievement inspires kids to become change agents and make a positive difference in our world.

Understanding Others: Kids who take the perspective of others and empathize are able to develop respectful and caring relationships.


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Momentous School Results


High School Graduation Rate

A snapshot of the 6,951 kids and family members we directly served in 2015.

Enroll in Higher Education





Momentous School Students






86% 88%

College Scholarship/ Mentoring

(248 students per school year)

Higher Education Persistence

Momentous School



State of Texas


Momentous School Parents

Momentous School


Therapeutic Services


Clinical Services

4% African American 2% Anglo

Gender 50%

Qualify for free/reduced lunch




Parent Education 94% Latino



........................................................................................................ Therapeutic Services

In Therapeutic Services‌ Where are clients being seen?





Parent Education


Oak Cliff Campus


Family Sessions



| 2015 Annual Report

Therapeutic Groups 1,437

16% African American 24% Anglo

Median Client Income




197 1.5% Other



Unique therapeutic clients over 5 years

$21,650 National Poverty Line

58% Latino



of parents surveyed who completed the Fortaleza en la Familia (Strong Families) parenting program indicated a significant reduction in the use of corporal punishment




Household Income


Parents/ Caregivers


Harry Hines Campus 1,501








0.5% Asian

By age and number of clients

63% 15%


Family/Group Sessions:

How are clients being seen?


of youth surveyed who completed eight sessions of Huddle Up in-school groups indicated significant improvement in self-control | 13

EXPANDING OUR REACH Helping Kids We Will Never Meet



Count includes duplication of attendees at multiple trainings.


Places we trained States represented at our Dallas trainings


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The goal of our 4th annual Changing the Odds conference was three-fold: stir your mind, stir your heart and stir you to action.

The 2015 conference focused on the importance of safe relationships as the foundation for strong social emotional health.

Featured speakers Dan Pink, Sir Ken Robinson and Jessica Lahey were welcomed by Salesmanship Club of Dallas member Allan Duck, Momentous Institute Executive Director Michelle Kinder, and Momentous Institute Director of Innovation and Impact Heather Bryant.


| 2015 Annual Report

I loved the creativity of the presentations. It connected to both sides of our brains!

Glennon Doyle Melton, founder of the blog, shared her wit and candor, encouraging everyone to show their real, messy and beautiful selves. With record attendance, we welcomed more than 1,400 educators, mental health professionals, parents and decision makers from 25 states.

Kevin Carroll capped the two-day conference, reminding everyone the importance of play. | 17


GRATITUDE TREE Special thanks to our valued partners — volunteers, donors, foundations and corporations — who help make our work possible (gifts received directly to Momentous Institute in 2015 greater than $100,000 reflected below).

Since 1968, the AT&T Byron Nelson, hosted and managed by Salesmanship Club of Dallas, has raised more than $143 million to benefit Momentous Institute.


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FINANCIALS Momentous Institute Operating Financial Summary 2015 OPERATING REVENUE AT&T Byron Nelson and Salesmanship Club Foundation Philanthropic Gifts and Contributions Fees (Families, Training and Misc.)

8,373,562 2,561,737 1,065,377





2% 2%

21% 70%





19% 28%

2015 OPERATING EXPENSES 9% Therapeutic Services


3,590,792 3,183,334 2,139,181 172,387 238,201 450,437 323,932 1,301,873

Momentous School Innovation and Impact Youth Camp Scholarship Program 70% Information Technology Development Administration TOTAL EXPENSES

3% 4% 2% 2%

11% 31%

19% 28%




Bill McClung,

Scott Dennis

Ken Malcolmson


Bill Flaherty

Robert McCulloch

Jeff Barnes

Duncan Fulton

Leslie Melson

Kelly Compton

Mike Haggerty

Jeff Porter

Mark Connell

Walter Henderson

Greg Potter

Emily Corrigan

Walt Humann, Jr.

Richard Schubert

Martin Cox

Guy Kerr

Andy Smith

Mark Crites

Mike Lafitte

Andy Stern

Dow Crocker

Jim Littlejohn

Mac Wesson

Brooks Cullum

Jack Lowe, Jr.

Jim Yoder

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WITH GRATITUDE This list includes members of Salesmanship Club of Dallas, individuals, foundations and companies that have made donations of $500 or more to Momentous Institute, and individuals, foundations and corporations that have sponsored the AT&T Byron Nelson at a level of $5,000 or more. We regret that space limitations make it impossible to list all our sponsors. Anonymous C. Tom Abbott Peter Aberg Accuvant ACE Group ACT Event Services Quincy Adams Vicki and John Adams William J. Adams Don A. Addington Bill Addy Ron Adkison E. Jack Adleta Adobe Aetna Inc. Aggreko LLC J. Michael Alcantar Joseph Alcantar Alcatel-Lucent Mark C. Aldredge John Aldrich Steven J. Aldrich Frank M. Aldridge III Michael F. Alessio John A. Alexander All Pro Classics Alliance Residential Company All-Tex Pipe & Supply Inc. Alpha-Barnes Real Estate Services Adrian Alter Altschuler and Company Amdocs Inc. American Airlines American Express American InfoSource American Terrazzo Co. AmerisourceBergen Anheuser - Busch Richard D. Anigian Apartment Realty Advisors Apttus Mary & Horace Ardinger Foundation Victor Arias Jr. Howard L. Armistead III John L. Aspinwall Astellas Experience


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AT&T Marilyn Augur The Marilyn Augur Family Foundation Austin College Austin Commercial Aviall AvidGolfer Magazine Avison Young B.C. Williams Inc. Ralph W. Babb Norman P. Bagwell K. Brock Bailey Ginny and Randy Bailey Robert R. Baillargeon Thomas C. Bain Jr. Baker & McKenzie LLP Baker Botts LLP Rhodes S. Baker III Rhodes S. Baker IV Richard V. Baker George W. Baldwin Peter W. Baldwin M. Allen Ball Bane Machinery Inc. Bank of America Bank of Texas Bankston Nissan Barclays Stephen W. Barley Estate of Arthur Z. Barnes Jeff Barnes Robert V. Barnes Jr. Stephen N. Barnes Ben G. Barnett Foundation Michael A. Barnett Mr. & Mrs. James C. Barragan Jr. Warren C. Barry Beth and Brad Bartholomew Peter B. Bartholow Harry W. Bass Jr. Foundation Paul M. Bass III Frankie Basso Walker H. Bateman IV Baylor Emergency Medical Centers Baylor Family Medical Center at Riverside

Baylor Medical Center at Frisco Baylor Medical Center at Irving Baylor University Medical Center Scott Bays – Home Point – DME W. Brice Beaird The Beck Group John A. Beckert Bob Beckham Robert F. Begert C. Huston Bell Benchmark Bank Allison and Rick Benners Brant Bernet Edward N. Bernet Gil J. Besing Charles M. Best Nancy and Randy Best Charles R. Biddle Robert J. Bigham Jr. BKM Sowan Horan LLP Black & Veatch Aubrey C. Black Rebel E. Blackwell Jr. M. Robert Blakeney Susan and Brett Blakey Lloyd D. Blaylock Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Pat S. Bolin Stanley C. Bould Jane R. and Donald Bowles Renita and Steve Boyd Bracewell & Giuliani LLP Jon M. Bradley George W. Bramblett Jr. Brandt Bill G. Brewer Bridge Title Company Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty Robert Briggs Travis J. Briggs Ralph F. Brinegar Scott T. Brock Brodnax Printing F. Stephen Brooks Donald R. Brown

Glen R. Brown Larry G. Brown Randal J. Brown W. Phil Brown W. Phillip Brown Jr. Browning Oil Company Inc. Hal Browning Brownlie & Braden LLC Michael Bryant The Budd Center: Involving Communities in Education Bob E. Buddendorf Robert M. Buell Sam P. Burford Jr. David W. Burgher Sr. David W. Burgher Jr. Frederick W. Burnett Jr. Jim D. Burnham BURY Byron Nelson Foundation David G. Cabrales Cadillac Caelus Energy LLC Michael S. Caffey Cain Food Industries Inc. Caliber Collision Drew A. Campbell Mary B. Campbell Michael Campbell Campisi’s Capital Commercial Investments Capital One Bank Capital Title – Bill Shaddock The Carbon Companies Cardinal Capital Partners Inc. John W. Carpenter III W. Plack Carr Jr. Carrollton Mineral Partners Amon G. Carter Foundation Harold D. Carter J. Dodge Carter J. Robert Carter III John W. Carver Ronald J. Case J. Michael Casson James E. Castellaw Catch Up & Read Inc. Catlyn Capital Corp. CBRE CBRE Capital Markets CDW Corporation Melinda and Blake Cecil CFP Foundation Fred Chaney George C. Chapman J. Brett Chapman Patton C. Chapman Charles Schwab Chase Bank

Chatham Hill Investment Partnership Richard Cheatham Cherokee Crossroads Inc. Cherry Petersen Landry Albert LLP Chicago Title – National Commercial Services A.L. Chilton Foundation Chrysler Capital Wilson Chu Chubb Group of Insurance Companies Citi Private Bank Donald L. Clark J. Coley Clark Steven Clay Pat and Gill Clements Foundation Bobby J. Cline Club Wyndham ClubCorp Inc. CNM Connect Dr. James S. Cochran Quintan Cockerell B. Raye Collier Bruce H. Collins Comerica Bank Comerica Bank Texas Commonwealth Land Title Commonwealth Title – Patriot CommScope Communities Foundation of Texas Communities in Schools – Dallas Region CommVault Howard A. Compton Jr. George K. Conant Mark W. Connell Michael J. Connelly Serena Connelly Consolidated Restaurant Operations Inc. The Container Store Continental Battery Co. Contran Corporation

Convoy Servicing Co. Cool River Cafe Stephen B. Cooper William R. Copeland Edward A. Copley Jr. Corgan C. Jack Corgan Corrigan Investments Inc. Catherine A. Corrigan Fund of The Dallas Foundation Emily and David R. Corrigan Corrigan-Goddard Foundation CoStar Group Timothy P. Costello Martin S. Cox Christopher C. Cozby Thomas W. Craddock Matthew R. Craft John F. Crawford Jack Craycroft John T. Crist Mark E. Crites Critical Start LLC J. Dow Crocker Crockett McBride & Assoc. at Merrill Lynch Andy Crosland Noël and Bobby Crotty Robert B. Crotty King A. Crow Peter Crow David M. Crowley Foundation Crown Castle Dale and Philip Cullum Mr. & Mrs. George P. Cullum Jr. Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas Mark Cullum R. Brooks Cullum Cully W. Culwell Cumulus Media – Dallas | 23

Curtain Wall Design & Consulting Inc. D Magazine and D CEO Dahlgren Duck & Associates James K. Dahlgren The Dallas Foundation Dallas Cowboys Football Club Dallas Fort Worth Association Executives Dallas Mavericks The Dallas Morning News Dallas Stars Darling Ingredients Inc. Darr Equipment Co. DARR JCB Erik B. Daugbjerg David F. Davidson Charles K. Davis Charles T. Davis Jr. Daniel M. Davis Helen Buchanan Davis Jack H. Davis James B. Davis Levi H. Davis W. Richard Davis William F. Davis Dean Foods Company David A. Dean Robert J. DeBeer Dee Brown Inc. Michael D. DeGrazier Walter J. DeLaRosa Ann and John Delatour Dell Services J. Averill Deloache Deloitte E. Larimer Delzell R. Scott Dennis Dent Zone Companies Nelson DeVega Dexter & Company Inc. DFW Door & Hardware Diamond Realty Investments Inc.


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Mark P. Dickenson T.D. Dickey III Dickey’s Barbecue Pits Inc. Robert M. Dickson Slayden Diehl John Dienes Bernie DiFiore Robert L. Dillard III Daryl L. Doggett Ben C. Doherty Anthony Dona Dr Pepper Snapple Group Jon Drago Robert D. Dransfield DriveTime Allan D. Duck George C. Dunlap George C. Dunlap Jr. Thomas M. Dunning Glenn L. Duphorne Herbert A. Durham W. Clayborne Duvall Jr. Dycom Industries Inc. John Dyett of Salem Partners Eagle Audio Eagle Oil & Gas Co. Eagle Pipe & Supply Inc. Joe Eastin Thomas M. Echols Jr. Jeffery T. Eckert John A. Edrington III Richard D. Eiseman Jr. Elemetal James T. Elliott Patti and Jimmy Elliott Alfred W. Ellis James A. Ellis III Emerson Electric Co. Enclave at TPC Energy Square Randall R. Engstrom

R. Robert Engstrom Jr. Enterprise Holdings Foundation Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ericsson Inc. Ernst & Young LLP Hector Escamilla Jr. James W. Esquivel Ruben E. Esquivel Dr. B. Henry Estess Jr. Blake H. Estess Lance Etcheverry Jason Evans Pame and Roy Gene Evans Ewing Automotive Group S. Finley Ewing III Exco Texas Exco USA Exxon Mobil Corporation EY Facebook Robert M. Farrell Jerry S. Farrington Alan D. Feld J. Robert Ferguson III Thomas D. Ferguson Brian A. Ficke Fidelity Charitable Fidelity Investments Fidelity National Title Company Fifth Third Bank Jonathan W. Filgo Robert J. Finegan Knox Fitzpatrick Mattia J. Flabiano III Ann and Bill Flaherty Christie S. Flanagan Tracy G. and Robert E. Flint Ric L. Floyd Fluor Ola and Randall Fojtasek Steve Folsom C. W. (Bill) Foose Herschel V. Foster Joseph H. Foster Jr. Robert J. Frank Franklin American Mortgage John C. Franklin Susan and Dick Frazier W. Michael Freberg Freeman Auto Group Denward L. Freeman D. Gilbert Friedlander Alan D. Friedman Frost – Banking Investments Insurance Dr. Steve M. Frost Fujitec America John D. Fulkerson Duncan T. Fulton III Gregory Galbraith

Timothy A. Gamso Lori and Gerald Gansert Lawrence F. Gardner Stanley D. Gardner Gaston Episcopal Hospital Foundation GDT GEICO Generational Equity Genesis Networks Enterprises LLC P. Michael George Joan L. Germany Dr. John T. Gill David W. Gleeson Mitchell S. Glieber William R. Goff Donald F. Goldman Golfsmith Larry Golman John J. Gomez Oscar C. Gomez Mike A. Goodall William J. Goodwin Robert M. Gorsky GoVision Jerry L. Grable Louis J. Grabowsky Rick J. Graham Granite Properties Grant Thornton LLP Warren L. Gravely Jr. Robert L. Gray Arthur W. Green II Grey Goose Vodka Garry R. Grier Guy U. Griffeth Terry R. Griffin Irrevocable Trust T. James Grisham R. J. Grogan Jr. Irwin J. Grossman C. Christopher Groves Richard A. Gump Jr. H&E Equipment Services J.M. Haggar III Family Joe M. Haggar III J.M. Haggar Jr. Family Foundation Mike Haggerty Steven D. Hahn J. Randall Hall John H. Hall II Howard Hallam Sara and Robert Hallam Mollie and Robert T. Halpin Jr. W. Fredrick Hamm Kurt W. Haney Stephen E. Hanna Hanson Pipe & Precast Inc. Happy State Bank Arthur J. Harding Jr. Cindy and Art Harding Charitable Fund

Harry Hargrave Hargrove Electric Co. Inc. Howell Harralson Steve Harris Virgil E. Harris III Donald L. Harrison Jr. Lisa Hartman Charitable Account John S. Hawkins Matthew K. Hawkins Douglas D. Hawthorne Hayden Company H. David Hayden Harrell S. Hayden Haynes and Boone LLP Larry J. Haynes Hazel’s Hot Shot Inc. Jan and Fred Hegi Carol and Jeff Heller Scott C. Henderson Walter T. Henderson Samuel P. Henry Herb’s Paint & Body Shops Darrell L. Hernandez Dr. Rick F. Herrscher HFF Paul E. Higgins Highland Park Village Highlander Partners LP Hill & Wilkinson Ltd. Sandy and Randy Hill William T. Hill Jr. Hillcrest Foundation Hilton Anatole Hotel Mrs. Morris Hite The Hoglund Foundation HollyFrontier Corporation A. Ran Holman III Houston E. Holmes Jr. Robert C. Holmes The Horchow Family Fred Hoster HourlyNerd Don M. Houseman Frank B. Houseman L. Ben Houston Jr. Patrick V. Hrncir HSBC Bank USA N.A. David H. Hudnall The M.R. and Evelyn Hudson Foundation Mimi and Ward L. Huey Jr. Walter J. Humann Sr. Walter J. Humann Internal Hunt Cares Operating Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas Hunt Realty Investments Bruce W. Hunt W. Herbert Hunt Ray L. Hunt

Todd M. Hunt Graeme Hunter Hunton & Williams LLP Robert T. Huthnance Jr. Hydro Aluminum Metals USA IBM Global Services Michael W. Imhoof Independent Bank Infomart Data Centers Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation Inwood National Bank Inwood Village Jack E. Irons Irving Convention & Visitors Bureau Irving Economic Development Partnership Teri Isaacs iWire365 LLC J.B. Williams Investments J. Culley Imaging J.P. Morgan Asset Management Jackson Walker LLP Jim Jackson Stephen Jackson T. Gregory Jackson Clay Jenkins John L. Jenkins JLB Partners JMEG LP John and Kathy Yeaman Charitable Family Trust John and Loretto Giving Account John Hancock Retirement Plan Services Johns Manville Johnson Supply – Armstrong Air James M. Johnston Jones Lang LaSalle Craig A. Jones George F. Jones Jr. Gregory A. Jones Harry M. Jones Jr. James Jones Phillip R. Jones Thomas E. Jones Darrell E. Jordan David W. Jordan Lee Roy Jordan Stephen T. Jordan Timothy J. Jordan William K. Jordan JPI & TDI Company JPMorgan Chase & Co. Juniper Networks Kairos Academy of Austin Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP Daniel K. Kearns Ben E. Keith Foods R. Kinne Kell Kathy and Kevin Kelley | 25

Terry Kelley Guy H. Kerr Dave V. Kesler Kforce Inc. Kim/Hong Charitable Fund Michelle and Patrick Kinder Thomas W. Kindred King of Texas Roofing Company Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation Frank-Paul A. King Luther King Capital Management Delane Kinney Drs. Judy and Randall Kirby Phillip C. Kistler Bruce W. Klingman Michael L. Knapek Richard Knight Jr. Graham R. Koch Dominic G. Koeijmans Kohler / Ferguson KPMG Frederick W. Kraft Mrs. Paul J. Krebs Richard S. Krumholz Amy and Jason Kulas KWH Capital L & P Rentals Inc. L&B Realty Advisors LLP Michael R. Lacy D. Gregg Laffitte Jo Ann and Darrell Lafitte Michael J. Lafitte Richard R. Lafitte Lajitas Golf Resort Robert G. Lambert Roger Lambourn James R. Lancaster John L. Lancaster III John L. Lancaster IV R. Payne Lancaster Jr. Land Rover Dallas Michael K. Lane Douglas S. Lang Robert W. Law Lawns of Dallas Daniel H. Lawson Howard L. Lawson Tom Lazo Sr. Richard E. LeBlanc G.C. Ledyard Jr. The Lee Family Foundation Linda Lee Wayne E. Lee LegacyTexas LegacyTexas Bank Lehigh Hanson Level (3) Communications J. Michael Lewis Michael S. Lewis


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Liberty Mutual Insurance Lightbeam Health Solutions Fred F. Ligon III Lincoln Harris CSG Lincoln Property Company Lincoln Property Company Residential Gary V. Lindsey Stephen M. Lipscomb David G. Little James R. Littlejohn Lockton Companies John W. Lodewick Peter A. Lodwick Michael G. Loftis Sarah M. and Alan W. Losinger Jack Lowe Jr. James L. Lozier Jr. Lynn Tillotson Pinker Cox M & M The Special Events Company M&S Technologies Inc. The M.O.B. Family Foundation Michael N. Maberry William B. Madden Daniel M. Mahoney Nathan D. Maier Consulting Engineers Inc. Main Event Kenneth S. Malcolmson Matthew E. Malouf Mario Sinacola Companies Timothy Marron Jr. The Marshall Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Schuyler B. Marshall Richard K. Martin Mary Kay Inc. Michael P. Massad Sr. Michael P. Massad Jr. Robert A. Massad MasTec Network Solutions LLC MasterCard Mattress Firm Inc. Maverick Capital Charities Preston L. McAfee McAlister’s Deli James K. McAuley Libby and Murray McCabe William L. McCann Carl G. McCaslin Jr. J.D. McCaslin William B. McClung Robert A. McCulloch P. Mike McCullough Sr. P. Mike McCullough Jr. Wayne C. McCullough A. Patrick McEvoy Jr. Robert C. McFarlane David H. McGuire Donald B. McIlhenny

Jes D. McIver Jack I. McJunkin Kirk E. McJunkin Michael D. McKenzie Peter H. McKenzie Mike McKinley MCL Construction LLC McManemin Family Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas Stewart H. McNairy Jon C. McNeil The Meadows Foundation Amy and Michael L. Meadows MEDCO Construction LLC Medical City Dallas Todd C. Meier Leslie and Jim Melson Blair G. Mercer Jr. Earl Merrell Jr. Joseph Merritt Methodist Health System MetLife Christian T. Metten Sandi and Douglas Metten Steven K. Meyer MHBT Inc. Michelob ULTRA MIINC L.P. Mike Massad Agency Inc. The Miles Foundation Millennium Directional Drilling Inc. Miller Egan Molter & Nelson LLP Chas Bolanz Miller J. Frank Miller III Family William D. Miller Mimecast North America Inc. Dr. Roby D. Mize William G. Moize Regina and Kristopher Moldovan Baker Montgomery Benjamin H. Montgomery J. Porter Montgomery W. Jefferies Montgomery William A. Montgomery Moody Oil Company Inc. Edward W. Moore Jr. S. Louis Moore Jr. Samuel S. Moore Moran Capital Michael W. Moran George E. Morgan III Moriah Real Estate Company The Morris Foundation Morton Foundation Ryan D. Moss Mother Murphy’s Flavors Mark S. Moussa MSD Capital

William G. Mundinger II William G. Mundinger III Carlos Munguia Lupe Murchison Foundation Benjamin M. Murphy Brian Murphy Mark Murray Mutual of Omaha Bank Myers Financial Jack C. Myers Robert L. Myers Michaux Nash Jr. Noble W. Nash National Family Care Life Insurance National Roofing Contractors Association Bill R. Neale Richard S. Neely James R. Neitzel Sarah C. Nelson NetApp Joe O. Neuhoff Jr. Joseph B. Neuhoff Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Neuhoff Steven R. Neuhoff Thomas H. Neuhoff New York Life Volunteers for Good Newman Foundation Cary S. Newman L. Lynn Newman Layne C. Newman William M. Newman III Newstone Capital Partners LLC NexBank Nieman Printing Nimble Storage Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation Laurence W. Nixon Nolan Consulting Inc.

J. Michael Nolan Jr. John M. Nolan Noranda Aluminum Inc. Northern Extrusion Tooling Inc. Northern Texas PGA Junior Golf Foundation Norton Rose Fulbright Daniel P. Novakov Edwin E. Nowlin Patrick Nugent E. Allen Nye Jr. Erle A. Nye Oak Farms Dairy Sonny Oates M. Blair Oden William J. O’Dwyer Old Republic National Title Insurance Oldcastle Oleen Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting Thomas W. Oliver Omnitracs OMG Roofing Products Oncor Oracle Resources LTD ORIX Americas Oslin Nation OsteoMed LLC The Outing Lee W. Owen Page Southerland Page Inc. G. Schuyler Page Jr. Steffen E. Palko PaperCity Ida and Sam Papert Estate Samuel W. Papert III Paragon Services Parmenter Brooks T. Patrick John B. Patterson Wendy Patton PDS Tech Inc. C. Matson Pearce Don S. Pearce Howard E. Peck Martin C. Peck Harold F. Peek PegasusAblon Carlos J. Peña Perkins Coie LLP The Perot Foundation Christopher W. Peterie Dr. Paul C. Peters Joseph N. Petet Petro-Hunt LLC J. Jason Petty PGA TOUR Superstore PGA TOUR Inc. Amy and John Phelan Phillip B. Philbin

Phoenix Property Company Robert H. Pickens Pierce Hardware Charles C. Pierce Jr. J. Allen Pierce Pioneer Natural Resources PlainsCapital Bank James W. Porter Jr. Jeffrey J. Porter John B. Poston Mary Potishman Lard Trust Potter Concrete Ltd. Gregory D. Potter Darryl D. Pounds Prairie Creek Partners LP Premier Transportation Services LLC Presidio Prime Lending Mortgage Protective Packaging Corp. Proteus On Demand Ralph W. Pulley Jr. Clark S. Pulliam Clay B. Pulliam Paul A. Pulliam Pure Storage Pursue Energy Corporation QTS Data Centers QuadGen Wireless Solutions Inc. David N. Quisenberry Richard N. Quisenberry R4 Foundation Howard E. Rachofsky Alphonso Ragland III W. Scott Ragland Robert E. Rain Rainwater Charitable Foundation David Rambie Hardin R. Ramsey James S. Ramsey Jr. Rapid Power Management LLC Robert E. Ratelle Jr. Dr. Karl Rathjen Mary Ann and Kurt Rathjen Rebel Services Inc. Redi Mix Concrete W. Wallace Reed Michael E. Reeder The Rees-Jones Foundation Edmund Reese III Foster Reese III Stuart Reeves Refinery Specialties Inc. Regency Centers Region 10 Education Service Center Republic Services Republic Title Commercial Republic Title-Residential Division Rex’s Seafood – Rex Bellomy George T. Reynolds III | 27

George T. Reynolds IV J. Burton Rhodes Jim Rice Sid W. Richardson Foundation Ridgemont Equity Partners Scott Ritter John B. Roberson Harry M. Roberts Jr. James C. Roberts Robertson Griege & Thoele Robin Robinson Scott Robinson Gary D. Roden The Rogers Mfg. Co. Rogers-O’Brien Construction Romco Equipment Co. Roofing & Insulation Supply Inc Edward W. Rose III The Rosewood Corporation Rosewood Court The Rosewood Foundation David E. Rupley John C. Rutledge Sr. Ryan S&W Properties Santander Consumer USA Sapphire Foundation Inc. J. Steve Saunders Christie and Frank Scardino Louis J. Schaufele Pete Schenkel William L. Schilling Victor J. Schmerbeck Schmidt & Stacy David A. Schmidt Lisa and Ken Schnitzer George R. Schrader Dr. Richard D. Schubert F. Patrick Schultz Dr. John R. Schumacher Michael S. Schwartz James S. Scofield


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Scott Sabolich Prosthetics & Research Michael D. Scott John F. Scovell Debbie and Ric Scripps William H. Seay Jr. Robert F. See Jr. Sequel Holdings LP SERVPRO SettlePou Sewell Lexus Sewell Village Cadillac Peggy and Carl Sewell Robert F. Sexton Shackelford Melton McKinley & Norton LLP George A. Shafer Scott D. Sherer Stan Shipley David W. Shuford William C. Shuford Jr. The Side by Side Foundation Sierra Auto Finance Bruce A. Sifford Silverleaf Resorts Simmons Family Foundation Robert H. Simmons Ellis M. Skinner II Skorburg Company Richard Skorburg Gary G. Sleeper Douglas C. Smellage Brett A. Smith Donald E. Smith G. Stacy Smith Jim Ray Smith Michael G. Smith Patty and Andy Smith Robert B. Smith Russell B. Smith Vernon S. Smith Jr. Wade C. Smith Anthony C. Snell Donald H. Snell James R. Snell John D. Solana Charles M. Solomon Somerville Companies Inc. Southeastern Extrusion & Tool SMU Maguire Center for Ethics & Public Responsibility Southern State Rebar Southwest Construction Services Southwest International Trucks Southwest Securities Inc. Webb Sowden Jr. M. Paul Spain Ben H. Sparkman Sparkman/Hillcrest Funeral Homes & Cemetery

Spencer Stuart Sport Clips Haircuts Charles D. Spradley SSI John A. Stabler Stagen Kent Stainback Joe H. Staley Jr. Anne P. Stark Starwood Hotels & Resorts Statewide Remodeling Status Jet Marianne and Roger Staubach Dayna Steele Don-Trudy Steen Charitable Foundation Stellarris Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas Warren A. Stephens Don C. Stephenson Sterling Family Partners LLC Andrew M. Stern Fred Stern Kurt M. Steves G. Michael Stewart Homer L. Stewart Jr. Thomas H. Stewart Tom Stewart Jr. Case T. Stockton Stonebriar Commercial Finance LLC Stonelake Capital Partners Robert G. Storey III Strasburger & Price LLP Stephen Straty The John and Bonnie Strauss Foundation Stream Realty Partners L.P. Strong Capital Dan P. Strother McCullough Strother William E. Strother Lisa and Paul Stroud John T. Stuart III John F. Stull SturdiSteel – Johnny Bledsoe Jenifer and Tommy Summers Megan and YJ Sun Sunbelt Rental Suncoast Post Tension LP Sunwest Communications Ronald L. Sussman Sutherland Global Services Samuel R. Swanson III Michael R. Sweet Thomas S. Swiley Swingle Collins & Associates Frank Swingle Symantec Corporation Synchronoss Technologies Systemware Inc.

T&B Equipment Co. T5 Data Centers Cindy and Bill Taormina – Clean City Inc. David B. Tabor Mike M. Tabor TAC Peter M. Tart D. Blakley Taylor John R. Taylor Jr. Paul B. Taylor TDIndustries Technologent/VCE Tenet Health Wayne A. Tenney Mary and Mike Terry Texas Health Resources Texas Monthly Texas Mutual Insurance Company Texas Rangers Baseball Club Texas Tribune Thackeray Partners Thermo King of Dallas Milton H. Thomas Jr. Thompson & Knight Foundation Thompson & Knight LLP Cullum Thompson Jr. H. Douglas Thompson John P. Thompson Jr. Lisa W. Thompson Scott M. Thompson Time Warner Cable Kip Tindell III Tiseo Paving Titan John W. Titus W.L. Todd Jr. Unified Credit Trust Tolleson Wealth Management TopGolf G. O. Touchstone Jr. Gifford O. Touchstone Randolph G. Touchstone The Towers at Williams Square Robert H. Townsend TracyLocke TRAILBLAZERS Trane Commercial Systems Michael E. Trapp Trigon Tubulars Inc. Triumph LLC Trojan Battery Company Jessica and Justin Trudeau John M. True TSI USA David O. Turner Jeff Turner – Duke Realty Corporation Ralph Winkie Turner Tom E. Turner TurningPoint Foundation Turtle Creek Management LLC

Brian J. Tusa Charles J. Tusa 2000 McKinney TXU Energy U.S. Risk Insurance Group Inc. Uber UCS Group LLC Under Armour Timothy C. Underwood Jr. Unite Private Networks United Benefits Inc. United Site Services United Way of Central Indiana United Way of Metropolitan Dallas UnitedHealthcare University of Dallas UT Southwestern Medical Center Tommy A. Valenta John E. Van Amburgh Steven W. Van Amburgh William H. Vanderstraaten VanTrust Real Estate LLC VariDoc LLP Velocis ViaWest Eugene E. Vilfordi Vinson & Elkins LLP Visionworks VMG Health John C. Vogt Vollero Beach Capital Partners Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz Keith A. Waggoner Thomas J. Waggoner III C. Price Wagner John L. Wagner John R. Wagner W. Kelvin Walker The Wall Street Journal Mike M. Wall Wallace Capital Management Webb L. Wallace James M. Walley Jr. Julie O’ Connell Wallis Walter A. Walne Jean and Tom Walter John H. Walter Libby and Jeff Walter Robin F. Wantland Bryan A. Ward David S. Watson WCS Oil & Gas Corporation James H. Webb III Garry A. Weber Wells Fargo Bank N.A. Lawrence M. Wesson Jr. Westcliffe Western Extrusions Corporation Westwood Management Corp.

Westwood Trust Which Wich Kate Whidden C. Stevens White II Jon B. White Leland B. White William D. White Jr. Judy and Paul Whitman Jim Whitten Roof Consultants LLC Mary D. and Joseph P. Wilbert Jr. Robert E. Wilbur Worthey D. Wiles III George E. Wilkin Jr. Robert G. Wilkinson J. Bowman Williams Jr. Joel T. Williams III Dr. Phillip Williams Jr. Todd and Abby Williams Family Foundation Williamson Jerry B. Williamson Chris Willis Charles B. Wills Donald H. Wills James R. Wills III William C. Wilshusen John S. Wilson Lawrence A. Wilson Lindsay and Craig Wilson Terry M. Wilson Tricia M. Wilson Ward P. Wilson Winners for Life Foundation Winstead PC The Witter Kistler Philanthropy Fund Robert A. Womble Alan Wood C. Peery Wood Scott A. Wood Woodson Incorporated C. Andrew Woodward World Golf Hall of Fame World Wide Technology John D. Worley Joseph A. I. Worsham Joseph I. Worsham II Wyndham Hotel – Love Field Xencom Facility Management Yardi J. Matthew Yeaman Kathy and John Yeaman YellowFolder LLC James Yoder Joe Young Younger Partners Zayo Zeller Realty Group Zendesk Zotec Partners | 29


These individuals and estates made planned gifts as of December 31, 2015: C. Thomas Abbott John Howard Aldrich Anonymous Anonymous Robin and Norman P. Bagwell Thomas C. Bain Jr. Estate of Arthur Z. Barnes Robert V. Barnes Jr. Ben G. Barnett Foundation Trust Peter B. Bartholow Estate of Paul M. Bass Jr John A. Beckert Barbara and Robert J. Bigham Aubrey C. Black Pat S. Bolin Glen R. Brown W. Phillip Brown Jr. John W. Carver Steven Henry Clay Estate of Chester R. Cole Estate of George T. Connell Edward A. Copley Jr. Carol and Jack Corgan David R. Corrigan Timothy P. Costello Mark E. Crites Robert B. Crotty Charles K. Davis Robert J. DeBeer Edwin L. Delzell Estate of T. D. Dickey Jr. Bernie DiFiore Jon Drago Randall R. Engstrom Estate of Gene and Jack Evans Alan D. Friedman John D. Fulkerson Gregory Alan Galbraith Estate of Felix B. Goldman Robert L. Gray Arthur W. Green II Estate of Terry Griffin Michael P. Haggerty J. Randall Hall Arthur J. Harding Jr.


| 2015 Annual Report

Harrell S. Hayden Janie and Walter T. Henderson Estate of A. C. & O’Rene Horn Estate of C.O. Horn Kathleen and Fred Hoster Don M. Houseman Frank B. Houseman Estate of J.L. Huffines Teri Isaacs James M. Johnston Kevin L. Kelley Estate of Roy Kennedy Jr. Guy H. Kerr Michelle Kinder Delane Kinney Barbara and Nick Koeijmans D. Gregg Lafitte Michael J. Lafitte Roger Lambourn Estate of Katherine Lang Peter A. Lodwick Michael N. Maberry Schuyler B. Marshall Michael P. Massad Jr. Michael P. Massad Sr. Robert A. Massad William Lee McCann Carl G. McCaslin Jr. Robert A. McCulloch P. Mike McCullough Sr. P. Mike McCullough Jr. Patrick McEvoy Jr. Jack I. McJunkin Louise Nelson Trust Henry Neuhoff III Joseph Boyd Neuhoff Laurence W. Nixon John M. Nolan Anne and M. Blair Oden Estate of Ida and Sam Papert C. Matson Pearce Don S. Pearce Charles C. Pierce Jr. J. Allen Pierce Estate of Charles H. Pistor Jr. Jeffrey J. Porter

Gregory D. Potter Alphonso Ragland III David Rambie Edmund Reeve III Estate of B.C. Robertson Rowland Robinson Louis J. Schaufele William L. Schilling George R. Schrader Frederic N. Scripps George A. Shafer Stan Shipley William C. Shuford Jr. Kent Skipper Douglas C. Smellage Robert B. Smith James R. Snell John D. Solana Estate of Harold Star Jr. Andrew M. Stern Estate of Charles P. Storey Frank Swingle Cullum Thompson Jr. John W. Titus Gifford O. Touchstone Randolph G. Touchstone Ralph E. Turner Timothy C. Underwood Jr. Tommy A. Valenta Steve W. Van Amburgh Estate of Rose S. Van Wert Eugene E. Vilfordi Keith A. Waggoner Estate of Alden E. Wagner Webb L. Wallace Robin F. Wantland Estate of James H. Webb Jr. Estate of William M. Weiss Lawrence M. Wesson Jr. Paul Whitman Robert E. Wilbur Estate of Joel T. Williams Jr. Missy Wilson Robert A. Womble Joseph A.I. Worsham Joseph I. Worsham II | 31

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