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MOMAZINE The FALL issue | 2013

A Fall Fairytale

From the Editors

Each season with Momazine is an exciting new adventure. Always at the forefront of our thoughts and dreams with each issue is this idea of childhood exaggerated. Lauryn and I could not think of a better way to portray this notion than with fairy tales. Page by page, we invite you to dream with us as you did as a child. Get lost in Neverland! Run through the forest in Red Riding Hood. Dance by light of the moon in The Owl and the Pussy Cat. You will also find the characters in each tale serve as an inspiration for Halloween costumes unlike any other! As always with each issue you will find simplicity. Thanksgiving brings you easy and affordable ways to turn a child’s table setting into a fun way to pass the time before dinner or glitter pumpkins to adorn the table with year after year. In Baking with the Jones, you will find simple and affordable recipes that are easy to make and are fun to do as a family. There is so much to share and many details for you to discover. This issue was truly a pleasure to create. We are so excited you are here with us again as we continue to make our dreams a reality, in Momazine.

Jaime Compton & Lauryn Crowley

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Meet the

Photography by Kim Adams | Kim Adams Photography Article | Jaime Compton

Have you ever met someone that

has moved you to stop and re-examine your life, question your priorities, and inspire you to look deep within yourself? Most often it is uncomfortable to look at oneself and determine whether you are doing your share in God’s eyes.. Questions arise like, how will I ever be worthy of such a gift given to us in Christ’s death and resurrection, as our salvation? Will I ever be able to do enough to help others? After meeting the Saints recently I have discovered you take it one day at a time. Through the ways in which they live their lives I have learned you answer where and when God calls. My priest’s homily was not lost on me a few Sundays ago even though I took three trips to the bathroom with my three year old to gain control of his less than savory church behavior. Yet, I still managed to tune in when he spoke about what it means to participate in your Christianity. He began his message with a story of a young parishioner whose parents were very unhappy with him. Father suggested that the boy take action instead of waiting to be told what to do. Early one Sunday morning, the boy took his wise

advice and cut the grass before his parents had a chance to ask him. Obviously this had the desired affect and the boy’s parents were very pleased. From thence, numerous ways were mentioned in which a person could go above and beyond to help others. Father Pat suggested some minister to the sick or pick up a shift at the soup kitchen, take dinner to their neighbors or lead a Bible study. As Father pointed out these ways in which a person can actively take part in what it means to follow Christ; I began to question myself. Does painting the Happy Hearts birthday chair count or how about signing up for room mom at my boys’ schools? Was I doing enough to help others without God having to ask me? Then, I meet Jessica Saint and the entirety of my Church homily the previous Sunday came to fruition. Here is Jessica Saint, a mother to six beautiful girls that has found herself answering God’s calling, often. Most recently His calling has led Jessica and her husband Jaime to a mother and her children in need of a loving home and support without judgment. The Saint Family for the time being has grown from eight to twelve as they help care for the mother and her three children. As

the interview progresses, one of the small children Jessica and Jamie are now responsible for helping, happily plays around us. I watch her gently pat his back and smile as he makes his way to us on the couch. Jessica mentions that hopefully the seeds of faith will become planted in those

people and God, I found myself not wanting to leave. There was more I wanted to hear, or rather I needed to hear. As humble people typically do (thinking I’m not one of these types), Jessica Saint most certainly downplays her role as a mother of six. On a good day with my two children I find myself biting my nails to the quick and stepping up my Sudoku puzzle activity as an approach to dealing with stress. Her, not so much, instead she sews and creates gorgeous things (like converting a Target table cloth into an entire set of curtains in the kitchen).


entrusted to her care, if only for a short while she has the opportunity to plant them. As ironies would go, this one act is of enormous measure because that small seed the Saints plant in those around them can grow into eternal life through Christ and so my Happy Hearts birthday chair pales in comparison. I find myself, in the midst of conversation, examining my own life. So with her soft and humbling words about loving

Throughout the summer, her husband Jaime traveled on Vision trips to Ecuador, Bolivia, and Africa as she managed all six Saint Girls by herself. The Saints prefer to call their travels VISION TRIPS instead of Mission trips. Mission trips often create a dependency on those in need of help whereas VISION TRIPS, like those that Jaime Saint embarks on, create independence by teaching those less fortunate how to care for themselves. Jaime

is grateful to his wife Jessica for handling things so well when he takes such long and far away trips. When I met with him, Jaime described Jessica in our interview with a glimmer in his eye and a smile upon his face, as a “strong woman� who takes excellent care of their girls As I continued to learn in my journey, meeting the Saints was one of those moments in life where you come to know God is truly present and has an active role in leading you places. My interview began in the coziest of homes (with a beautifully hand upholstered Chevron chair I might add). That interview moved me to contemplate what I have done or should I say, have not done enough to help others around me. I then found myself asking this very same question in an airport hangar located at the Dunnellon airport filled with beautiful things you would only find in the Amazon Rain Forest. You know, things like a very large snake skin (perhaps a 16 foot long snake) and a blowgun constructed by the hands of an indigenous tribe member.

minute breakdown of events that began some fifty or more years ago with Jaime Saint’s grandfather, Nate Saint. His grandfather, Nate Saint, managed to befriend one of the most violent tribes in the Amazon Rainforest in an attempt to bring the Gospel to them. In doing so, Nate and four other men lost their lives in an unfortunate turn of events that eventually lead his sister to live among this very same tribe that killed her brother. Rachel Saint lived with the Waodani tribe until her death in 1994. However, two years after Rachel went back into live with the

As luck would have it (and a very understanding hair stylist willing to change my appointment), I pulled into the hangar parking lot for the interview with Jaime and had plenty of time to spare. My early arrival served as an advantage by allowing me to examine all the unique finds that lay before me. It is not every day you actually come upon flying cars or an exotic Leopard’s skin. All of these finds are in the lobby and hangar at I-TEC where I waited. Prior to this meeting, Jaime and I had not met but it was quite easy to spot him as he entered ITEC. While chatting with Jessica, their twin daughters were home from preschool that afternoon and it is quite apparent they share their tribe, Jaime Saint’s father, father’s eyes. Steven Saint, got to go in for the very Our interview began with a twenty first time. Through time and

enous People’s Education Center, based out of an airport hangar in the Dunnellon Airport. It was founded by their father Steven Saint in an effort to help those in need domestically and abroad. “At I-TEC, our goal is to develop tools and training systems that will enable the church, wherever it is, to meet the physical needs of their own people. By showing Christ’s love in a tangible way, they will develop meaningful relationships through which they circumstances, Steven Saint became will be able to share the gospel” – like a son to the Waodani man that killed his father Nate. From that fateful day in which Nate Saint decided it was time to make contact with the tribe; the Saints’ history would be forever connected to the Waodani. As family histories go, Jaime Saint’s is one of the most interesting I have ever had the privilege to hear. Numerous books, articles, and even movies have been made and written about the Saint Family’s journey. To this I will not do them justice so I will recommend some excellent links to bring you further along Notably, I-TEC is home to The Mavin this remarkable story of courage erick LSA “Flying Car” to which research and development has gone and faith. on for nearly six years. The MavToday, Jaime and Jesse Saint help erick LSA “Flying Car” will allow run I-TEC, which stands for Indig- those in remote areas where travel

can take hours if not days a much faster mode of transportation, especially in emergency type situations. After interviewing the Saints, I have

discovered a faith in God that could move mountains. I want a faith like that; one in which I place more of my trust in God and less worry in myself. As a friend recently shared, our faith should be one in which we do not merely dip our toes in the River Jordan but rather submerge ourselves there. She went on to say that, “when the Israelites were crossing the River Jordan to reach the Promise Land, God commanded them to step into the river without hesitation and to put all of their faith into Him”. I’m not sure how to become that way but after meeting Jessica and Jamie Saint I am inspired to try.

A Family Legacy

Nate Saint is born on August 30, 1923

September 1955, Nate Saint and four fellow missionaries begin giving gifts to the Waodani by lowering a bucket from a plane to where the Waodani lived. The bucket contained gifts each time for the Waodani. January 3, 1956, using the beach as a landing strip, Nate Saint and

four other fellow missionaries set up camp four miles from the Waodani. Contact is friendly at this point with the Waodani Tribe. Sunday, January 8, 1956 Nate Saint and the four missionaries were speared to death by the Waodani tribe. In February 1959 Rachel Saint returned to the Waodani tribe that killed her brother Nate in Ecuador

and, together with Elisabeth Elliot, the wife of James (Jim) Elliot, they were able to move into a Waodani settlement.

Technology and Education Center, Inc. (I-TEC) whose projects include an airworthy flying car, the Maverick.

Two years after Rachel enters, Steve In 1997, Mincaye travelled to the United States for the first time. Saint aged 9, goes into the settlement for the first time. In 2004 a documentary film BeMincaye, the Waodani Tribe mem- yond the Gates of Splendor was ber that speared his father Nate to released. Steven Saint appeared in death has now become like a father and narrated it. to Steve and he like a son to him. He stayed summers with the tribe. In 2005 Steve Saint published his memoirs, a book titled End of the Rachel Saint lived among the Wao- Spear. dani until her death from cancer The 2006 film End of the Spear on November 11, 1994. largely tells the story of Mincaye The Saint family came to live per- and Steve Saint’s lives. manently with the Waodani in On June 13, 2012, Saint was seri1995. Shaun, Jaime, Jesse, and ously injured by a falling piece of Stephanie become like grandchilequipment while testing it. He was dren to Mincaye. partially paralyzed from the neck down and was scheduled for surSteve Saint left Ecuador in 1996 gery on June 20, 2012 to relieve with his family. Shortly later he pressure on his spine. founded the Indigenous Peoples

Keep up with I-TEC on facebook

facebook | I-TEC Steve Saint

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Once upon a time...

Join us as we travel through some of the most beloved fairy tales.

Photography by Laurie Wilson | Laurie Wilson Photography Styling by Jaime Compton Models | Mother - Stephanie Cortes Daughter - Katy Cortes

the lagoon



“Surely you know what a


Photography by Amanda Capps | Amanda Star Photography Assistants | Helen Duttenhaver & Leana Spencer Mermaid Tale by Sea Star Studios | Pirate Necklace & Indian Pendant by Curiously Clayful | ~ curiosly-clayful Wendy Dress/Mermaid Top by Ursula’s Handmade Treasures | ~ ursulaglassgoddess Models | Mermaid - Sophie Capps, Wendy - Chloe Kostowicz , Captain Hook - Hagan Peltz

Royal Family Kids Camp is a week long summer camp for kids who have been abused or neglected. The purpose of Royal Family Kids Camp is to create positive memories in the lives of children who have been abused.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Royal Family Kids Camp needs donated Halloween costumes and other dress up clothing for their Dress Up Station during the week of camp. The kids love the Dress Up Station so much that one camper this year swam in the wolverine costume because he didn’t want to stop wearing it. The costumes can be dropped off at Fresh Vintage Hair Salon | 23 NE 12 Terrace, Ocala, FL 34470 | during regular business hours. Contact | Tiffany Bagasan at 352.426.8664

‘And, Wendy, there are mermaids.’ ‘Mermaids! With tails?’ ‘Such long tails.’ ‘Oh,’ cried Wendy, ‘to see a !’

“...just one heavenly moment; if there could be two moments you might see the surf and hear the singing.�


Hagan Peltz


“Cooler weather and playing in the leaves.”

Chloe Kostowicz


“Sleeping Beauty because she gets kissed.”

‘I am James Hook,’ replied the voice, ‘captain of the

Jolly ’ Roger .

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” –Albert Einstein

Photography by Laurie Wilson | Laurie Wilson Photography

the island


Photography by Amanda Capps | Amanda Star Photography Indian Girl Dress by Creole Sha | ~ creolesha Arrows by Fletcher and Fox | ~ fletcherandfox Models | Tiger Lily - Avery, Chief - Riggs Retz

Blaine was only 19 months old when she and her parents --Vanessa and Lance-received her diagnosis of ALL leukemia. After two years of difficult treatment, this strong little girl beat cancer and successfully went into remission. Blaine is now a beautiful, outgoing, and fun-loving young girl. On August 12, 2013, just before she started 6th grade, Blaine learned that she would once again have to fight; the Leukemia was back. She began her journey of treatment at Shands hospital in Gainesville with her family, friends and community supporting her. Sadly, on September 18, 2013, Blaine faced unspeakable tragedy with the loss of her father, Lance. Blaine and Vanessa need the support of their community now more than ever. Your prayers and financial support are invaluable to them as they face this unimaginably difficult time. By the grace of God and the love from their community, these two incredibly strong women will undoubtedly persevere. Please help in any way you can.

SUPPORT TEAM BLAINE on facebook | pray for Blaine Baxley

October 3 | Shocker Park

upcoming events

Benefit for Blaine Baxley Bracelets and t-shirts for sale, softball equipment raffle, 10% of concessions for remainder of year to benefit Blaine.

Suntrust Bank | Fund

October 25 | Golf Tournament @ Golden Ocala

4 person scramble $125 Entry Fee/Per Player Includes Lunch, Prizes, Tee Gift & Beverage.

other ways to help

Name of Blaine Baxley Donations can be made at any Suntrust branch in Marion or Alachua County

Go Fund Me Account

St. John Lutheran School

checks -memo “social ministry�

hief CGreat Big Little Panther


Needtobreathe Concert

OCTOBER 5 | 7:30pm WEB | ADDRESS | 151 SE Osceoloa Ave DETAILS | Gates open at 6:30pm

Kitchen Khemistry at DISCOVERY SCIENCE CENTER OCTOBER 19 | 11am - 1pm ADDRESS | Discovery Science Center 701 NE Sanchez Ave WEB | DETAILS | Pre-Register!


OCTOBER 26-27 | 10am - 5pm WEB | ADDRESS | 110 SE Watula Ave




Victory academy fall festival

NOVEMBER 16 | PHONE | 352.622.4410 Blessed Trinity Carnival OCTOBER 24-27 | Th/F 5pm - 11pm, ADDRESS | Bible Baptist Church 3401 SE Lake Weir Ave Sa 11am - 11pm, Su 11am - 9pm WEB | PHONE | 352.622.5808 ext.356 DETAILS | Coming Soon ADDRESS | Blessed Trinity Parish 5 SE 17th Street

Mini MOnster Boo-Bash

OCTOBER 25 | 5:30pm - 8:30pm, PHONE | 352.622.5808 ext.356 ADDRESS | Discovery Science Center 701 NE Sanchez Ave WEB | DETAILS | Costumes, Hay Ride & Science Related Halloween Fun


NOVEMBER 23 | 4pm - 9pm PHONE | 352.368.5517 WEB | ADDRESS | Downtown Ocala DETAILS | Jr. Sunshine Christmas Parade begins at 4:30, Flipping of the “Switch” 7:30, Vendor sales continue through 9pm.

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Photography by Laurie Wilson | Laurie Wilson Photography

Red Riding Hood Photography by Sarah Miller | Pink Rae Photography Styling by Jaime Compton, Pam Rudnianyn and Morghan Najour Models | Wolf - Skylar Red - Alex Special thank you to | Rudnianyn family for location Decadence a la Carte for cookies & cake Mowery Sweets for candied apples


leblogduprintable. com/2013/07/17/le-marquepage-du-petit-chaperon-rouge


Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

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Photography by Laurie Wilson | Laurie Wilson Photography

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the Owl and the

Pussycat poem by – Edward Lear Photography by Kristie Griggs | Pure Joy Photography Costumes by Jaime Compton & Pat Chuchian Models | Owl - Megan Griggs Cat - Kara Griggs

...And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, They danced by the light of the moon, The moon, The moon, They danced by the light of the moon.

at Shannon Roth and Olivia & Co.

Custom Solutions for Professional Photographers Brydka– “I started designing in 2008 when I discovered digital scrapbooking. That meant learning Photoshop from scratch, but through sheer love for the art and dedication, I’ve developed my skills as a designer and branched out to designing clip arts and custom solutions for professional photographers. I’m head over heels in love with my work and I can’t see myself doing anything else. It’s a wonderful outlet for my creative soul.”



Photography by Kim Adams | Kim Adams Photography Styling | Jaime Compton, Jenny Burzotta, Deborah Bullard Location | Deborah Bullard Models | Snow White - Claire Kostowicz Pumpkin - Max Burzotta

Halloween Banner Tutorial

Printables at

SUPPLIES: 1/2 Yard Burlap 2 Sheets of Black Felt with Sticky Back Halloween Ribbon or Fringe Hot Glue Gun Sharpie & White Chalk DIRECTIONS: Print pdf files from Momazine

Cut out Shapes and Letters Trace Reverse Side of Letters on the Back of Felt with Sharpie Trace Bunting Template on Felt with Chalk Cut Out Stick Letters on Burlap Hot Glue Bunting to Ribbon or Fringe and Hang Your Banner!

Give Thanks Photography by Becca Jellis | Becca J Photography Styling | Shannon Roth, Cass Retz, Kristine Spencer, Annie Shepherd & Cindy Werner Location provided by Buddy & Annie Shepherd Models | Walker & Shealy Harrell, Braxton & Kylin Harris, Holland & Keeghan Hatchet, Austin, Jacob & Ethan Buss

Shannon Roth • Collection • 22 South Magnolia

22 South Magnolia

Printable Name Cards at

CORN MAZES Brown’s Farm •CANCELLED for 2013•

Coon Hollow


Fridays - 5pm - 12am Saturdays - 10am - 12am Sundays - 1pm - 7pm

ADDRESS | 22480 N Hwy 441 Micanopy, FL 32667

ADMISSION | $12 {for all events and maze}, $8 {maze & spook trail only}, $8 OCTOBER 4th - NOVEMBER 3rd {all events excluding maze}, under 3 FREE

Fridays - 4pm - 9pm Saturdays - 12pm - 9pm Sundays - 2pm - 7pm

ADMISSION | Kids/Adults $8, Military/Law Enforcement/Firefighters $7 {must have ID}, under 4 Free •MAZE | 5 Acre Crop Maze •ACTIVITIES | Pasture Putt Putt Golf, Haryride/Feed the Cows, Train Rides, Goat Tree House, Hay Fort, Antique Farm Equipment, Old Fashion Farmival Games, Photo Scavenger Hunt, Texting Maze Game, Corn Cribs, Tire Swing, Corn Hole, 50ft Sack Slide, Farm Animal Exhibit, Old Country Store

•MAZE | 12 Acre Corn Maze { Fri/Sat 8pm - 12am scary maze } •ACTIVITIES | Duck Races, Cow Train, Hay Rides, Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, Giant Slides & Swings, Vortex Tunnel, Jumping Pillow, Corn Cannon, Dunk Tank, Speedball, Strength Monitor, Cow Milking •FOOD | Burgers, Hot Dogs, Fries, Deep Fried Oreos and other Concessions.

Timberline Farm

PHONE | 352.454.4113 ADDRESS | 3200 SE 115th Street Belleview, FL 34420

•FOOD | Concessions


Roger’s Farm

Fridays - 4pm - dusk Saturdays - 10am - dusk Sundays - 10am - dusk *admission closes at dusk- farm closes at 9pm

PHONE | 386.462.2406 ADDRESS | 3831 NW 156th Avenue Gainesville, FL 32609

ADMISSION | Adults $8, Students $6, Military/Seniors $7, under 3 Free {Timberline cont’d}

Rides, Clowns, Face Painting, Educational Center, Hay Rides, Corn Crib, Bird Display, Babe the Pig


•FOOD | Concessions

•ACTIVITIES | Saturday Mud Trucks, •VENDORS | Country Store, Blacksmith Carnival Games, Petting Zoo, Pony Shop and Craft Vendors Rides, Music, Pumpkin Patch, Train


•DETAILS | Car Show, Automotive Vendors, Car Corral & Swap Meet, Displays & Demonstrations, Hay Maze, Hay Rides, Pony Rides, Games, Pumpkin Decorating, Trunk or Treat, Drag Racing, and much more!

•VENDORS | over 280


ADDRESS | Van Ness Park Ave G & NW 7th Street McIntosh, FL 32667

8am - 5pm

PHONE | 352.466.3327 •DETAILS | Antiques, Crafts, Art, WoodADDRESS | Hwy 441 working, Food, Music from 10am - 4pm, Micanopy, FL 32667 and Old Fashioned Family Fun

OCTOBER 26th & 27th

Ocala Pumkin Run

PHONE | 352.466.3327 ADDRESS | Castro Farms 7700 NW Hwy 27 Ocala, FL 34482

OCTOBER 25th - 27th

Daily 8am - 4pm

•ADMISSION | Adults $12/day, Military {with ID} $10/day, Kids 11 and under are Free

Saturday 9am - 5pm Sunday 9am - 4pm •VENDORS | over 240

•DETAILS | Arts, Crafts, Antiques, Plants and Food

Mount Dora

PHONE | 352.466.3327 ADDRESS | Hwy 441 Micanopy, FL 32667

OCTOBER 26th & 27th

Saturday 9am - 5pm Sunday 9am - 5pm •VENDORS | over 400

•DETAILS | Arts, Crafts, Sculptures, Ceramics and Paintings •NOTES | Parking $0-10, No Pets Allowed with Exception of Service Animals

32nd Chili Cook-Off

PHONE | 352.466.3327 ADDRESS | Livestock Pavillion 2232 NE Jacksonville Rd Ocala, FL 34470


Saturday 9am - 5pm

{Chili Cook-Off cont’d} •ADMISSION | Adults $5, Students/ Seniors $3, Kids 3-12 $1, under 3 Free •BENEFIT | The Cornerstone School

PUMPKIN PATCH The Pickin Patch

PHONE | 352.533.4344 ADDRESS | 11000 Rolling Hills Rd Dunnellon, FL 34431

SEPT 28th - OCT 27th

Friday - 3pm - 7pm Saturday 10am - 7pm Sunday 12pm - 7pm

OCTOBER 10th - 31st

Monday - Saturday 9am - 8pm Sunday 12pm - 6pm •DETAILS | Pumpkins for Sale, Picture Cut-outs and Carriage

Uncle Donald’s Farm

PHONE | 352.732.2882 •DETAILS | Pumpkin Picking, Hay Rides, ADDRESS | 2713 Griffin Avenue Lady Lake, FL 32159 Kiddie Corn Maze, Hay Forts, Ornamental Indian Corn, Sunflower Garden and OCTOBER 11,12,18,19,25 & 26 Ornamental Pumpkins

7:30pm - 9:30pm

Druid Hills

PHONE | 352.629.5688 ADDRESS | 1712 SE Lake Weir Road Ocala, FL 34471

•ADMISSION | $9.50/person •DETAILS | Pumpkins for Sale, hayride, nocturnal animal walk, creepy crawly barn, hay maze. *bring flashlight

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with the Jones's 2 FAMILIES SHARE THEIR HOLIDAY BAKING TRADITIONS Photography by Rebecca Rosin | Brick City Photography Family 1 | Dan, Melanie, Daisy , Isaac & Colbie Jones Family 2 | Theda Jones, Carey, Greycen, Grant & Weylin Jones, Gayle & Misty Theewis Amber, Brittin & Brynlee Stevens and Sheila Cook

C R ecipes D •Peanut Butter Truffles• •Peppermint Patties• •Kix Bar k• •Cranber ry Apple Casserole•

•Peanut Butter Truffles•

Ingr edients: 1 lb margarine or butter 2 C Peanut Butter 3 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract 2-3 lbs Powdered Sugar {sifted}

1 Bag Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips ½ Bar Paraffin Wax {8oz)

Dir ections: Cream together butter and peanut butter. Add vanilla and sugar {a little bit at a time} mixing until consistency will form balls. Roll into marble-sized balls and chill on wax paper. Melt together chocolate chips and paraffin wax in a double boiler until smooth. Dip balls into chocolate sauce and chill on wax paper.

Greycen Jones -age 7 “My favorite holiday treat is Maw Maws peppermint patties!�

•Peppermint Patties• Ingr edients: 2lb Bag Powdered Sugar {sifted} 8oz Cream Cheese {room temp} ¼ cup Evaporated Milk ⅛ tsp Salt

1 tsp Pure Mint Flavoring 12oz Bag Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips ½ block paraffin wax {8oz}

Dir ections: Mix cheese, salt, sugar and milk until smooth and malleable. Chill in refrigerator until dough stiffens and you can form into 1/2 dollar sized patties. Melt chocolate chips with parafin in double boiler. Dip patties in melted chocolate and chill on wax paper in the fridge.

•Kix Bar k• Ingr edients: 2 ½ Cups Kix Cereal 1 Cup Butter 1 Cup Butter

Dir ections: In large saucepan heat sugar and butter. Bring to a hard boil stirring constantly. Cook about 10 minutes or until mixture carmelizes {becomes light brown and thickened}. Remove from heat and gently fold in Kix cereal until evenly coated. Spread onto ungreased cookie sheet. Cool {mixture will harden} and break into pieces.

•Cranber ry Apple Casserole• Ingr edients: FILLING 3 Cups of Cut and Diced apples {NOT Granny Smith} 2 Cups Fresh Cranberries {may substitute cherries} 2 TBS Flour 1 Cup Sugar

TOPPING 3 Packages Instant Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal 3/4 Cup Pecans 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar 1 Stick Melted Margarine

Dir ections: Grease 2 Quart casserole or 13 x 9 dish Dust apples and cranberries with flour. Add sugar, mix well and pour into dish. Stir together topping ingredients and spread over the top of apple/ cranberry mix. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes. When bubbly take out of the oven and serve warm.

Fall 2013 | A Fall Fairytale  

Momazine's fall issue is full of beautiful child photography, fairytales, event calendars, craft tutorials for Halloween and Thanksgiving, h...