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Debaters Place In Centralia Tourney


DIC I qalllat a auoa1 Ualftnll&J F'roU laUI. Coecll RollJ' WllllaJU wtll Geld • aqaad wllb onblluee aeutrmen-Doa Bamea. 8111 llloderlck. and 8111 Sdluetz-11111 baa au ..cai. ra ~ IDcllua and N<'• J•-1 aeel!DI apaea Oii lb IHlll Nlllt' or Ill• 11111111 squad att flolll Nortll ldallo. Pour ~ C<Mur d Al<'n<' and cme eacb COIDt' from Paa1 hlla. Wallace, K"llou. PrlHt Rlnr. aad Oronno. nu.e play•rw """'" from Mon· taaa, lllree rrom 0.11. lndlana. J<'l'8"1 and onr t10111 Wulllncton. Coac:b Wllllama otru•d lht'll<' com•nta ror lhe Cardinal Ren••. "'Jbl' Ii play~ra pioYlcll' lbl' lt'am w lib u · ceptlonal df'plb, which wlll be the SUODI point or th<' 1n111 wblle faclnc a lllOtll rl&Droua and nll'nd~ ached· ule. 'Ib• ll'am abould ha v" IOOd OYeiall apeed and acor· ln1 balanc.. " Wllb HrJ few r<'l11m1n1 lettenwa. our U•am la In· esperleaced and onl1 came compeUUoa wlll •bo• lh4'1r errecUYlnH•. "'Ib• •CIMdule lbl• HUon wW .,. lbe moat difficult •l' haft faced , •lib lb!' addition or a•• and • 1ron1•r oppo· aeata. Our uadlllonal appo. aeata are alao much auon1<'r. Our nrat cam• nnda ua qalaat a mucb auonser Oon· zap l"'n»b 1"8m lban •• baYe eacounll'red In lb" put. Jr we can aurvhe our Dec•m· ber same• •lib a r"uonable win percentace. we ahould baYI a aucceHful •Neon." Tnai manacera Ibis nuon anP Spettdy R•llb-. ro1umln1 from lut 1<'ar, and D•nnl• Rlcp. Team trainer la Da\'ld Prlano. UlllA~ll'"'Y.,..,T'""'O,...,C"'" L=os=E-



- ,,_ N••



C•dinal Squad Of 17 Includes


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h.-ad cbc rl.-aa : :-Ow, . 13. durU1i; actlrit} per od. Also dla;en "":' : Jill F'rena· RA-tu mine I• tter:nen Don t\';lf, Cork) Smltl'I, Ju1111IU1 Bamra. 8111 Brod•rick and Xyoori:. Call Rose. JL°llB Bill SchuelZ form tb" nueleul Hllarea la tl:at alteruate aad of SUC's \t.r.llt) buketball Palt; Hansen seco:id. &Quad this winier. seventeen The wlnnrra wue d te1· hopefuls are stlll seekin11 mined by a cc::imlttac co::· b<'rlba on the squad will poaed o! the 11tudent board r1>presmt sue this 61'UO!l. and srlectPd faculty membc .. lnd h1 dual into real.I oi; on 'Ibey °""e Jud;:cd aecordlr. uch of the Ii follows. t.o pPp, &kfll •l:IJ'th::: Q~

Three Lettermen




•PP< a:anc




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b • n proH.:l d t;;, Ui

business alu· d nl$. accordlni; to Mlsa Lo: llA Dllnnipn. hrad of lb tiuslr: ss d ran nt A cllc.uaphoc laboratory v.11icb can acco::iodate all· t n "tudenls has ~ n set up In •oom 8. Tbe laboratocr lnclud~ s v~flll professlooall)" record d tapl!s aad ~:orldes ~ choice or assla:n· ::ient.> ro: lh stud nt..s. The (lWpose of the !Jib I& to l~cb :stud~nls 10 take dictation •'lllch ~~phas!z s buslne&S Eagllsh. and to adjust 10 In· dhidWl. d1ffer~nec11. The dlc:aphone lab mll,)' be co· c.:d.iaatcd wttb Marvin Far· mer'& lab. ~Uss Dunntnn explll.lned. Re uses three tape recorders: one for dJciallon and 1•0 for studeat transcription. A phonOJ1'11Ph I::. also used for supplemen· tary 1ranscripllon. Also lo use is a stenorette transcrtbJng machine. The tapes on th is machine em· pbasize Kltneral business. !epl. and medical \'Ocabu· lary said '.Uss Dunnlpn. ~

por:m-'"nt :er


196• Ceatralla Collcc fc.1 nsl :auruament h Id Ill Centmlla \\UhlnClOn. X vcm· b<'l 3·~ Tb debatr sqi.-ad cons.steod of Krllll.Y Bello. C.audla Btawnlr Stt"r A:nes Biii Kacbn r Cllllrlrs Dodson, \al : e Pet ' n and Coach Richard I ff1nc=. Th oral la: :p• tatlon '1QUP Included Claudla ).!cl)t_:::ild, Ii:~ ~la: ur and c.:iac!l lJAr· pr t Gal • bead or Ille Dl'1l:la D put::icnt. lollss Belto and /.!!11$ 8: ...-nlee p!Aced tblrd lt<>m a !!old or 26 colle;es 11.nd un1'frs!· lies. Tb<'.1 r.osted a 4 Yln1 loss record 1ncludla1: ,..ins mer Puc.fie t.:nlnr:.;lcy. &; Clark Colle1e. t.:nl · .rrs.1.r of O:ei;on. and Pac:tllc LuU\el'lln Unl\erslly. The second tnm composed o! K.acbner 11.nd Am<'.S corn1>!1ed a -I win-I la:>s record. Dod· aon and \t!ss P 1erson won '.? and l~l 3, llCCC:.tdlnE to COtlCh HJ'nema.a. '.Ila;; ~:eoermld plac•d second In women's 1111.,rpre· SCHOOL RINGS ARRIVE tAUOn and ~Urcure wu a •.\ new Unc or school rtncs naall~t 1.::. n·~ .rrerpretaro: '1:Ls a r cord assort· .,. ~ fbc. .,an cea: ha\'e arm·ed 1n the book· YOUNG REPUBLICANS store. accordlnc to Eileen And.rson. ~·•er or Ille MEET NOV. 21 AT 4 boc"~tor 'I". • ,. c. "n R. . "' 1• .ac Tu ,da_, A.•l"t,1#1 C' O"C Na.-. :?I, at ~:00 In t -vn• .,..e Eat.1 pt"'1en' Sl"B. All apubl!can irnldents tun been lnYlted to this THE LIGHTHOUSE meet!~ accor.11n, to John SPORT/HG GOODS Ru on• of the 01· Ille




Th ~1JC d bo• and •iral ID! erpr IAUOD 11qunds 1>ttc-ndcd

1QJC'9 ~ bUkeuall ,_. wtll opea Ila at


W•d. N -


lettl'rman, bllh school AU· Amttlcan from Coeur d'Alea~. INTRAMlllAL CAGERS 811..L BRODERICK-forward. 6·2. letterman. all-state rror:: START PLAY NOV. 21 Mlaaoula. Montana. Th u: ;:.. .,,.., · ._ II ROS COBB-·crnte:, 6·-1. lroc :a.irn= "' u. ._rt;.; ••• I. Prtf'lll R!vl'r. Tb!.rt? •Ill be an "A" leai;ue CLARESCE HARRIS-·!or· co::ipoaeod o! mm with pre· ward. 6-4. fro::: Gary. lndlana. \1008 npe:ance In bl lOS S~........ ...... . MO~e•I 4.172 I HARRY ffAYWARD··forward. scbool o: c:ollece baaketbll . 6·3, all-state from 1Hld•ood. also, a "B" lr&iUC cocpa: FOR THE &EST HAMBURGER Sew Jerary . or any male student " IH TOWI( CO TO THE DOS ffOLOM··cuard, 6--0. w11hcs :0 pla)·. aCCOtlllnc ~ from Co<'ur d'Alen.,. Jaclt B.010::1. P E. lnstr~cto: HUOSOH S ''Oro. ... c. BILL JAMES-forwa:d, 6·2 All male 11tudent.s t<bO art 7 _, l•lllC."S. MISSOURI LUNCH from K<'lloca. Interested la plulnc latra· DICK MORRIS-auard , 6·1. mural t.altelball ha\'8 b<'en - ue!>:!c - ~:00 · !!:CC from Anaconda Montana. requestPd 10 contact Jack F.,.;ay - 3.Jt - 0:30 LARRY 01\ES··suard. 5·10. Bloxom 01 Roland lll!Uam So• '.GC · 0:3C rrom Clar)" lndlana. In room 0·2 or the c;yc u WILSON PHARMACY z,:o - 1 CHARUE PETERSON-tor· aooo u possible, Blc1om DUllllG VACATION The Ubrary wlll bt' cloa~d ward. 6·3. from C~ur d'AIPne. said, ::>;..,s - N CS· ::en·s BILL SCRUETZ··auard. 6--0. II -,11--.,.-t-tt_r_t_o~b-e_o_ld· durln1 Thank111lvlna vaca· S ~ 50: Sa..ino Bo•hs 1.00 fuhloned and rl1h1 , than to llon, accordln1 10 Ruaa~ll lotturman trom CD<'ur d'A!Pnc PAT Sii ELL.EN BERGER- II<' up·to·da1111nd •tons. \10 ~·l 55 60i' ll ••• Ph: H602 8od11lln1. hHd librarian. forward. 6·3, from llhlte Sl\aD, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __:-:_TI.!,.!!o:,:rt~o~-============ -========= ===I IOUOUITS. COUAeu • e 1m \\uh. ............. .....,......,....... -... ............ ... f'&- • 0 J>t..... , .... POl IYHY OCCASION Cl.YOE SMITH-suard, 6--0 COEUR D'ALEHE 'S all·stal«i from Oat). lnr1lana JOELSPECHT··lorward , 6·2, IYD•lllN PLOIAL rtom l\allace. AND •111T SHOP RICK S\\EENEY-1P-1ard, 5·9, • .... 0..ollty .... s-i.... group really l'rom Poat F'all1. MOli.-l 4-J l• I ., ,_..76 you the I 211 llwMM " -· • C:....t 4°Aloao TOSY TfflESSE.';·-ct!nter, 8-4, from Orotlno. JIM WALCZAK-forward , 6·.5, yOJ• i.onos ; from ffeleoa. Montana . ._.... )'our f,,.,..d o• •he s.,..., y ••• A4..,,... .. '



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cold shoulder.

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IALLAND CUE .., :oi........

Ewe~ t\eo,...uro.,. '• l..ocU•• Nf9"' i.-,. T• Pi.r

For • Lifetime of



BOWL Whde 'You Are Young

JEFFRIES' TY S.. UI fot ~ •s,. •.. :>es


•ooe "eto'ce's

, ,.,.o , •. ' . rec 0$ Or rep0 '• er 4"> c• '"- c':xlve

lallt City lants, Inc. 2414 N. '-tlo St•• C:..... 4°Alo..

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C-4' Alo .., W.lio

So flght ice with ice. Bribe them with o bottle of ice·cold <;:oco -Colo. F?r Coke ~as the refreshing taste you never gel tired of. Thot s why things go better with Coke, ofter Coke, after Coke. ................ .... C-...C.C-.-, ....




N.I.J.C. Cardinal Review, Vol 22 No 5 Nov 22, 1967  

Published Semi-Monthly During The College Year By Journalism Students At The North Idaho Junior College

N.I.J.C. Cardinal Review, Vol 22 No 5 Nov 22, 1967  

Published Semi-Monthly During The College Year By Journalism Students At The North Idaho Junior College