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Nihilism\ Nolen Gertz (2019)

B 828.3 .G47 2019

What is epistemology\ Stephen Cade Hetherington (2019)

BD 161 .H46 2019

Good habits, bad habits: the science of making positive changes that stick\ Wendy Wood (2019)

BF 335 .W596 2019

Face to face: the art of human connection\ Brian Grazer (2019)

BF 637 .N66 G73 2019

The lost art of Scripture : rescuing the sacred texts\ Karen Armstrong (2019)

BL 71 .A76 2019

The accusation: blood libel in an American town\ Edward Berenson (2019)

BM 585.2 .B47 2019

The history of Christianity : facts and fictions\ Dyron B. Daughrity (2019)

BR 145.3 .D383 2019

To build a better world : choices to end the Cold War and create a global commonwealth\ Philip Zelikow, Condoleezza Rice (2019)

D 843 .Z37 2019

How to fight anti-Semitism\ Bari Weiss (2019)

DS 145 .W46 2019

On the brink: Trump, Kim, and the treat of nuclear war\ Van Jackson (2019)

E 183.8 .K7 J327 2019

America for Americans : a history of xenophobia in the United States\ Erika Lee (2019)

E 184 .A1 L4135 2019

A fool's errand: creating the National Museum of African American History and Culture in the age of Bush, Obama, and Trump\ Lonnie G. Bunch (2019)

E 185.53 .W3 N383 2019

Highway of Tears : a true story of racism, indifference, and the pursuit of justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls\ Jessica McDiarmid (2019)

E 78 .B9 M34 2019

Call sign chaos : learning to lead\ James N. Mattis, Francis J. West (2019)

E 840.8 .M466 A3 2019

Tough love : my story of the things worth fighting for\ Susan E. Rice (2019)

E 901.1 .R53 A3 2019

Lakota America: a new history of indigenous power\ Pekka Hamalainen (2019)

E 99 .T34 H35 2019

This land is their land : the Wampanoag Indians, Plymouth Colony, and the troubled history of Thanksgiving\ David J. Silverman (2019)

E 99 .W2 S55 2019

The gift of knowledge=Tthúwit Átawish Nch'inch'imamí: reflections on Sahaptin ways\ Virginia Beavert (2017)

E 99 .Y2 B43 2017

The smart Neanderthal: bird watching, cave art & the cognitive revolution\ Clive Finlayson (2019)

GN 285 .F56 2019

A rich and tantalizing brew: a history of how coffee connected the world\ Jeanette M. Fregulia (2019)

GT 2918 .F74 2019

Putting on the dog: the animal origins of what we wear\ Melissa Kwasny (2019)

GT 511 .K83 2019

Mascot nation : the controversy over Native American representations in sports\ Andrew C. Billings, Jason Edward Black (2019)

GV 714.5 .B55 2018

Narrative economics : how stories go viral & drive major economic events\ Robert J. Shiller (2019)

HB 74 .P8 S47 2019

The economists' hour : false prophets, free markets, and the fracture of society\ Binyamin Appelbaum (2019)

HC 54 .A66 2019

Radical candor : be a kick-ass boss without losing your humanity\ Kim Scott (2019)

HD 38.2 .S4125 2019

Heading home: motherhood, work, and the failed promise of equality\ Shani Orgad (2019)

HD 4904.25 .O74 2019

The drowning of money island: a forgotten community's fight against the rising sea threatening coastal America\ Andrew S. Lewis (2019)

HD 75.6 .L49 2019

The Green New Deal: why the fossil fuel civilization will collapse by 2028, and the bold economic plan to save life on earth\ Jeremy Rifkin (2019)

HD 9502 .A2 R537 2019

Superpower : one man's quest to transform American energy\ Russell Gold (2019)

HD 9502 .U52 S634 2019

Exposure : poisoned water, corporate greed, and one lawyer's twenty-year battle against DuPont\ Robert Bilott , Tom Shroder (2019)

HD 9651.9 .D8 B55 2019

Power-lined: electricity, landscape, and the American mind\ Daniel L. Wuebben (2019)

HD 9685 .U5 W84 2019

Secondhand: travels in the new global garage sale\ Adam Minter (2019)

HF 5482 .M568 2019

The triumph of injustice: how the rich dodge taxes and how to make them pay\ Emmanuel Saez, Gabriel Zucman (2019)

HJ 4653 .R6 S2347 2019

The turn-on : how the powerful make us like them--from Washington to Wall Street to Hollywood\ Steven Goldstein (2019)

HM 1106 .G654 2019

Civilized to death : the price of progress\ Christopher Ryan (2019)

HM 891 .R93 2019

The problem with everything : my journey through the new culture wars\ Meghan Daum (2019)

HN 59.2 .D34 2019

The revolution that wasn't : how digital activism favors conservatives\ Jen Schradie (2019)

HN 79 .N8 I567 2019

American radicals : how nineteenth-century protest shaped the nation\ Holly Jackson (2019)

HN 90 .R3 J37 2019

No stopping us now : the adventures of older women in American history\ Gail Collins (2019)

HQ 1064 .U5 C5335 2019

Superior: the return of race science\ Angela Saini (2019)

HT 1506 .S25 2019

Saving America's cities: Ed Logue and the struggle to renew urban America in the suburban age\ Lizabeth Cohen (2019)

HT 175 .C58 2019

Know my name: a memoir\ Chanel Miller (2019)

HV 6568 .S73 M55 2019

Crisis of conscience : whistleblowing in an age of fraud\ Tom Mueller (2019)

HV 6695 .M84 2019

Sandworm : a new era of cyberwar and the hunt for the Kremlin's most dangerous hackers\ Andy Greenberg (2019)

HV 6773 .R8 G74 2019

Motherhood so white: a memoir of race, gender, and parenting in America\ Nefertiti Austin (2109)

HV 874.82 .A94 A3 2019

When the sky fell : Hurricane Maria and the United States in Puerto Rico\ Michael Deibert (2019)

HV 636 2017 .P9 D453 2019

ndustry of anonymity : inside the business of cybercrime\ Jonathan Lusthaus (2018)

HV 6773 .L87 2018

Represent : the woman's guide to running for office & changing the world\ June Diane Raphael , Kate Black (2019)

JK 2281 .R37 2019

Why they marched : untold stories of the women who fought for the right to vote\ susan Ware (2019)

JK1896 .W37 2019

Whistleblowers : honesty in America from Washington to Trump\ Allison Stanger (2019)

JK468 .W54 S73 2019

The enigma of Clarence Thomas\ Corey Robin (2019)

KF 8745 .T48 R63 2019

Scan artist: how Evelyn Wood conviced the world that speedreading worked\ Marcia Biederman (2019)

LA 2319 .W656 B54 2019

Safe enough spaces: a pragmatist's approach to inclusion, free speech, and political correctness on college campuses\ Michael S. Roth (2019)

LB 2324 .R68 2019

Yale needs women : how the first group of girls rewrote the rules of an Ivy League giant\ Anne Gardiner Perkins (2019)

LD 6334 .P47 2019

God save the queens : the essential history of women in hip-hop\ Kathy Iandoli (2019)

ML 3531 .I26 2019

For the love of music: a conductor's guide to the art of listening\ John Mauceri (2019)

MT 90 .M287 2019

Ai Weiwei: good fences make good neighbors\ Nicholas Baume, Daniel S. Palmer, Kateriana Stathopoulou (2019)

N 7349 .A5 A855 2019 OVERSIZE

Shifting grounds: landscape in contemporary Native American art\ Kate Morris (2019)

N 8213 .M696 2019

Cosmos : the art and science of the universe\ Roberta J. M. Olson (2019)

N 8234 .O8 O47 2019

Hitler's last hostages : looted art and the soul of the Third Reich\ Mary M. Lane (2019)

N 8795.3 .G3 L36 2019

100 sculptors of tomorrow\ Kurt Beers (2019)

NB 198.6 .B44 2019 OVERSIZE

Kehinde Wiley: Saint Louis\ Kehinde Wiley (2018)

ND 1329 .W545 A4 2018 OVERSIZE

100 ideas that changed design\ Charlotte Fiell (2019)

NK 1175 .F54 2019

I will never see the world again: the memoir of an imprisoned writer\ Ahmet Altan (2019)

PL 248 .A525 A6 2019

Fake news nation: the long history of lies and misinterpretations in America\ James W. Cortada, William Aspray (2019)

PN 4784 .F27 C67 2019

Coventry: essays\ Rachel Cusk (2019)

PR 6053 .U825 A6 2019

The pencil\ Susan Avingaq (2018)

PR 9199.4 .A968 P46 2018 NEW READERS

Rise : from caged bird to poet of the people, Maya Angelou\ Bethany Hegedus (2019)

PS 3551 .N464 Z6934 2019 NEW READERS

Sontag : her life and work\ Benjamin Moser (2019)

PS 3569 .O6547 Z767 2019

My time among the whites: notes from an unfinished education\ Jennine Capo Crucet (2019)

PS 3603 .R83 A6 2019

How we fight with our lives: a memoir\ Saeed Jones (2019)

PS 3610 .O6279 Z46 2019

The incendiaries: a novel\ R. O. Kwon (2019)

PS 3611 .W68 I53 2019 FICTION

The Topeka school\ Ben Lerner (2019)

PS 3612 .E68 T63 2019 FICTION

The starless sea\ Erin Morgenstern (2019)

PS 3613 .O74875 S73 2019

The world doesn't require you : stories\ Rion Amilcar Scott (2019)

PS 3619 .C6833 A6 2019

At the mountain's base\ Traci Sorell (2019)

PS 3619 .O773 A8 2019 NEW READERS

Just because\ Mac Barnett (2019)

PZ 7 .B26615 Ju 2019 NEW READERS

The love letter\ Anika Denise (2019)

PZ 7 .D41495 Lo 2019 NEW READERS

The truth about grandparents\ Elina Ellis (2019)

PZ 7 .E4715 Tru 2019 NEW READERS

How do you dance?\ Thyra Heder (2019)

PZ 7 .H3557 How 2019 NEW READERS

Who wet my pants?\ Bob Shea (2019)

PZ 7 .S53743 Who 2019 NEW READERS

Home in the woods\ Eliza Wheeler (2019)

PZ 7 .W5623 Hom 2019 NEW READERS

The boring book\ Shinsuke Yoshitake (2019)

PZ 7 .Y82552 Bo 2019 NEW READERS

Most of the better natural things in the world\ Dave Eggers (2019)

PZ 7.1 .E296 Mo 2019 NEW READERS

Ho'onani : hula warrior\ Heather Gale (2019)

PZ 7.1 .G3465 Ho 2019 NEW READERS

Encounter\ Brittany Luby (2019)

PZ 7.1 .L788 Enc 2019 NEW READERS

Saturday\ Oge Mora (2019)

PZ 7.1 .M6682 Sat 2019 NEW READERS

I miss my grandpa\ Xiaojing Jin (2019)

PZ 7.1.X56 Iam 2019 NEW READERS

The favorite book\ Bethanie Deeney Murguia (2019)

PZ 8.3 .M9222 Fav 2019 NEW READERS

Letters from an astrophysicist\ Neil deGrasse Tyson (2019)

QB 460.72 .T97 A3 2019

Five photons: remarkable journeys of light across space and time\ James Geach (2018)

QB 461 .G38 2018

Mercury\ William Sheehan (2018)

QB 611 .S454 2018

The number of the heavens: a history of the multiverse and the quest to understand the cosmos\ Tom Siegfried (2019)

QB 981 .S5346 2019

Vanishing ice: glaciers, ice sheets, and rising seas\ Vivien Gornitz (2019)

QC 903.2 .A68 G67 2019

A brief history of geology\ Kieran D. O'Hara (2019)

QE 11 .O33 2018

The first cell : and the human costs of pursuing cancer to the last\ Azra Raza (2019)

RC 263 .R365 2019

Handbook of nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation\ Morris S. Clark, Ann L. Brunick (2020)

RK 512 .N55 C58 2020

Nursing documentation made incredibly easy!\ Kate Stout (2019)

RT 50 .N87 2019

Dog is love: why and how your dog loves you\ Clive D. L. Wynne (2019)

SF 427 .W96 2019

The propeller under the bed: a personal history of homebuilt aircraft\ Eileen A. Bjorkman (2019)

TL 540 .E335 B56 2019

Destined for the stars: faith, the future, and America's final frontier\ Catherine L. Newell (2019)

TL 790 .N49 2019

Mexico: masks, rituals\ Phyllis Galembo (2019)

TR 680 .G326 2019

Bloodflowers: Rotimi Fani-Kayode, photography, and the 1980s\ W. Ian Bourland (2019)

TR 681 .M4 B68 2019

Who shot sports: a photographic history, 1843 to the present\ Gail Buckland (2016)

TR 821 .B83 2016

The adventurous eaters club : mastering the art of family mealtime\ Misha Collins, Vicki Collins (2019)

TX 714 .C6145 2019

Oaxaca: home cooking from the heart of Mexico\ Bricia Lopez (2019)

TX 716 .M4 L57 2019

Supporting trans people in libraries\ Stephen G. Krueger (2019)

Z 711.92 .S49 K78 2019

Profile for Molstead Library at North Idaho College

New Books | December 2019  

New Books | December 2019