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Teaching dance gives me the opportunity to share the joy and expression of movement with others. Dance education encompasses a range of ideas. As a teaching artist, my goals include teaching about technique, individuality, artistry and creativity. I believe in the importance of movement in an educational setting; how movement is a tool for gaining knowledge in a classroom. Even more, dance is about self knowledge, understanding, and making connections in the world and within oneself. My background in dance incorporates ballet, modern and jazz technique, creative movement, musical theatre, improvisation, choreography, yoga and extensive knowledge of anatomy. I teach class to comprise different aspects of dance forms and anatomical terminology, which fits my style, yet presents the opportunity for students to make individual artistic choices. This approach offers students the opportunity to gain a diverse movement experience. I am most interested in teaching movement to elementary aged children. The goals of each class pertain to the population or specific group. I foster the group’s needs and the class structure is centered to benefit the students. Each class is planned with a central concept that strengthens technique and self-awareness, but also ropes in improvisation to supply students with a well rounded experience to build artistry and personal development. I demand students come to class open minded and bring what is important to them into the classroom in order to create an environment where individuals are seen, but assembly is built from what we can offer each other.

Teaching Philosophy  

My values and methods for dance pedagogy

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