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BISON AND WOLF EP LAUNCH GIG FATCATS HANLEY 22-03-2013 The music coming from the basement of Fatcats is powerful and definite. It comes from relatively new three piece, Tempest. They have quite a unique sound with a number of layers running through their songs; each instrument seems to be playing something totally different to the rest of the music but it somehow sounds right and it is clear that the band are comfortable on stage. As their music is so varied, it keeps you listening and wanting to hear more and more from them. A sudden start and Adam French’s set is already in full motion. The tone in his voice is warm and full; despite being a singer songwriter and being the only one onstage, he dominated the audience to the point where they were singing the lyrics back to him. It is clear that he is a very talented musician and having previously gigged at venues such as Camden Barfly, he is a force not to be reckoned with. With friendly faces and extremely well written songs, Bison and Wolf take to the stage at their EP launch. Their sound remains the same but the new songs seem to have a fresher and more polished sound to them. The harmonies and the tone of the vocals are exceptional, that combined with their obvious ease on stage and all of the bands musicianship made for a very good gig. They are definitely as good live as they are on their recorded tracks and the instrumentals are so intricate and well rehearsed. Three great sets from some of the finest artists in the area; it will most certainly be a gig to remember. 

Bison and wold ep launch gig  
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