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ACCESS TO MUSIC AUDITIONS BIRMINGHAM Last Friday saw two of Stoke-on-Trent College’s own bands enter the ATOM LIVE auditions for a chance to win a weeklong tour up and down the UK along with a host of other prizes. The Whiskey Dolls and Band of Gypsies were the two lucky bands who went down to Birmingham for this fantastic opportunity. The day was filled with very varied acts that all performed in front of a panel of experts who would later decide their fate. Not only that, but there was also an audience and a live radio broadcast from the event. The Whiskey Dolls were the first of the two bands to perform. They describe themselves as a ‘hard-rock quartet with southern rock influences’ which I think describes them perfectly with their gritty and edgy sound. They were very different to the other acts that performed that day and made use of heavy instrumentals and their songs really showcased each of the member’s abilities. They all had good musicianship and gave a powerful performance. The judges complimented their song structure and their solid, strong sound but told them to work on their stage presence. Despite having a very quick line up change before the day, Band of Gypsies performed well as a band and there was a really good connection between all of the members. Their songs were well rehearsed and well put together in terms of structure and lyrics; each member seemed to play their own role within the band and you would never have guessed that they had only been playing together with that line-up for a matter of days.

The judges commented on the fact that they are a radio friendly band and Rosie Radford, the vocalist, obviously meant the words that she was singing. They may sound slightly old fashioned but have an overall evocative sound. Both bands gave really did the college proud, and after an antagonising wait; we found out that Band of Gypsies will go through to the next round. Well done to both bands for such great performances! Â

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