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Molly Jennings

Hello, I’m Molly, a Desiger from Kent studying at Loughborough University and am currently seeking a 12 month intership beginning at the end of the 2014 academic year. If you think we could work together, I would love to hear from you.

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Tri&Give Volunteering App

Sleep Monitor

Live Brief set by O2



Surface Modelling

Hairdryer Redesign

Live Guinness Brief

An interrailers eating device

Bottle Redesign

A collection of primary and secondary research

SOMNUS Sleep Monitor


Context of use and Stylistic direction



02 SOMNUS is an intelligent sleep duration and quality monitor which logs the users heart rate and movement in order to track changes in their sleeping pattern. SOMNUS can analyse this data and alert a potential risk of sleep apnea if necessary.



O2 Tri&Give Volunteering App Live User Experience brief set by o2


o2 Tri&Give is an app designed to encourage young people to get involved with volunteering projects within their local area by making them easily accessible and sociable.

Wireframing and Design Iteration

04 The app makes use of GPS technology to generate live route plans, offers o2 priority moments as a reward and gives user specific options and searches in order to make their experience as personal as possible.

Photoshop Visualisations

USB Storage Device Surface model A USB storage device designed and constructed using complex 3D surfaces built upon suitable curves and edges, which share common boundaries displaying an appropriate use of surface modeling to illustrate an educated knowledge of CAD/CAM functionality.



Creo, Photoshop, Keyshot

Guinness Bottle Redesign Live innovation brief set by Diageo


As a group of three, our challenge was to come up with innovative redesign solutions for both the existing Guinness Extra Stout bottle and the way in which the unapologetic drink is served. The concepts should reflect, represent and appeal to Guinness’ African Male market and be pitched to Diageo.

Africa is you Whilst enjoying his favourite drink, the African male is reflected in the mirrored map of Africa.. Symbolising that he is a part of Africa.

The ‘glas

Changing the ser Twist bottom, Slide

ss’ bottle

rving experience: off, Pour Guinness.


Be edgy Unapologetically strong drink, unapologetically strong bottle.



Hairdryer Redesign - Group Project Dissassembly

As a group of four, we have taken on the challenge of redesigning the hairdryer. Having found that most users find their hairdryers ‘top heavy’ putting strain on their wrists, we decided a fairly drastic change in form to alter the users interaction with the product was in order. By removing the handle and taking stylistic inspiration from Braun, our design solution is: AIRFLOW.

User Research




10 Prototype




Natural, Organic Form

Grille Styling

An InterRailers eating device A summary of primary and secondary research


Working as a group, we created a Prezi to which we added and presented all of our research findings surrounding the activity of InterRailing along with information about our target user, heating methods and a detailed analysis of our chosen brand MUJI. Next, we will take what we have discovered and learnt from our research and design a food heating device suitable for people travelling who are constantly on the move.

Primary and secondary research

To view our full prezi interactively, please click the link below:

Initial form development

Thank you,


Loughborough University Industrial Design and Technology BA

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls 2005 - 2012

Skills Axure RP, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Creo, Keyshot, Prezi

I look forward to hearing from you.

07545763313 246 London Road West Malling Kent ME19 5AU

Industrial Design Portfolio  
Industrial Design Portfolio