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WAR Our Revolutionary War ancestor, that “splendid patriot” Lt. Daniel Knowlton, and his famous younger brother Thomas, founded the U.S. Special Forces and the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, known then as ‘Knowlton's Rangers’. There is a statue of Thomas in Connecticut.

Lt. Daniel Knowlton RESTORATION (Lt. Daniel is Martha Jane Knowlton Coray’s greatgrandfather. Martha is known as: • A co-founder, and first women’s dean of BYU • Pioneer & Frontier Women • Smith and Restoration scribe • Wrote articles for the ‘Women’s Exponent’, the second most popular women’s magazine in the U.S. at the time which help facilitate the women’s suffrage movement, and women’s right to vote. • Family legend tells us she was the first secretary of the Relief Society Presidency in Nauvoo when it was organized by the prophet, Joseph Smith. Not confirmed.

Martha Jane Knowlton Coray

Here is a Summary: KNOWLTON’S RANGERS

Col. Thomas Knowlton

* THOMAS KNOWLTON fought with GENERAL PUTNAM at the battle of BUNKER HILL. * ‘KNOWLTONS RANGERS’ – In the Spring of 1776 a special force of Connecticut men was formed for “special” operations. This was a ranger force. Major Thomas Knowlton was asked to command it and was promoted to Lt. Colonel. This was an elite hand picked independent corps which was under the direct command of George Washington. This is the origin of today’s army rangers and Thomas Knowlton is known as the founder. The soldiers he led were known as ‘ Knowlton’s Rangers’, and eventually earned the nickname “Congress’s Own”.

* In preparing for the defense of New York, General Washington felt the need for more intelligence about the British situation in the city. Lt. Col Knowlton was put in charge of the intelligence operation. NATHON HALE of Coventry, Connecticut was the volunteer to put the operation into effect. He was captured by the British and hanged the day after his capture. His words that day have been immortalized into American history: “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country”. on8/

DANIEL * Our great ancestor, Lt. DANIEL KNOWLTON, Thomas older brother, served as an ensign for the Knowlton Rangers. Danielle served with distinction in the French & Indian War. He was “distinguished for bravery and daring, particularly as a scout”. Nathaniel Hale NATHANIEL HALE * September 16, 1776 the rangers with Col. Knowlton and his 16-year-old son were scouting in advance of the main army at the battle of HARLEM HEIGHTS New York when they came into contact with the BLACK WATCH. It was during this scrimmage that Col. Knowlton was mortally wounded. He is reputed to say, “You see my son, I am mortally wounded; you can do me no good; go fight for your Country”. George Washington upon hearing the news said the next day “The gallant and brave Col. Knowlton, Who would have been an honor to any country, having fallen yesterday while gloriously fighting . . . Capt. Brown is to take command of the party lately led by Col. Knowlton”.

* He saved the life of ISRAEL PUTNAM (later a Revolutionary War General, noted for his command of our troops at BUNKER HILL) who had been attacked by Indians. Daniel arrived at the defining moment. An Indian was about to remove Putnam’s head with his tomahawk. Daniel came to his friend’s relief and “brought down the redskin by a timely shot from his musket”. * His friend, GENERAL PUTNAM, before leaving to assist in the relief of Boston, was heard to say, while gazing over to a field in Ashford where Daniel and others were training, “Gad, Zounds, had I only Daniel Knowlton to take with me, I’d lick hell itself”. * Upon his arrival after the Battle of Lexington, “OLD PUT” asked Thomas where his older brother was. Thomas resounded by telling the General that Daniel had gone in another direction. Putnam remarked “I am sorry that you did not bring him with you; he alone is worth half a company. Such is his courage and lack of fear. I could order him into the mouth of a loaded cannon, and he would go”.

Thomas Knowlton Israel Putnam

Gen. Nathaniel Greene GENERAL GREENE We are direct blood descendents of General Nathaniel Greene’s Father. Howard Coray’s Great Grandfather, Elnathon Coray, married Gen. Greene’s sister, Abigail. Howard was the prophet Joseph Smith’s personal secretary and friend. In Howard’s journal he writes: “Elnathon Coray, my great grand father, married Abigail Greene, Gen. Nathaniel Greene’s sister”.


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