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LATEST MUSIC, FILM AND THEATRE UPDATE the best reviews from this weeks top three single, cinema releases and theatre shows.


Adele – Rolling In The Deep Rolling In The Deep is the first single taken from the young artist’s second debut album ’21.’ Written and produced by Adele herself she describes the song as a “dark bluesy gospel disco tone.” The song gives Adele’s voice the credit it deserves and just five seconds into it you are pounded with the bluesy tone to her remarkable voice. Her sound paired with the powerful lyrics makes hairs stand on the back of any one’s neck. It’s a song to turn up loud and put on repeat again and again.

The Wombats – Jump Into The Fog Jump Into The Fog is The Wombats forthcoming single taken from their second album “The Wombats Present… This Modern Glitch.’ You would think that after a year or so break from when they stormed the charts with hits such as ‘Moving to New York’ and ‘Lets Dance to Joy Division’ a new set of songs would blow us away. Annoyingly they did not really follow through. The song itself and keyboard sounds are catchy and you find yourself tapping your foot but sadly that’s as good as it gets.

Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know What You Know is the fourth single released from the three-piece bands debut album ‘Tourist History.’ The song sounds like all the rest of the songs from the album but catches your attention and makes you wish you lived by the seaside and can turn any unhappy mood into a good one. Many artists such as Radiohead, Bloc Party and The Editors sound like they help influence the bands work. Two Door Cinema Club seem to stand out from the rest.

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127 Hours REVIEW Based on the true and thrilling story of the canyoning mountain climber who gets trapped in the middle of two canyons and is forced to take desperate measures in order to survive. A cross between Saw and Pursuit of Happyness the fact that this is a true story paired with the gore and blood of the film makes it all that more acceptable. James Franco who was only really known for his role as Harry in the Spiderman films has finally shown and proved himself as leading man material and we can probably expect many more outstanding performances from him in the near future.

The Kings Speech Set in the 1920s and 30s this is the story of monarch King George VI and his speech therapist that helps him overcome his problems with public speaking and his stutter. The film makes you proud to be English and is extremely patriotic with an excellent starring role from the most English and posh speaking actor Colin Firth. This hearty, emotional film is a must see film and you would be stupid if you were English and not see it.

Black Swan Dark, mental illness and ballet is not something you would think falls into the same film, but this deep psycho-melodrama is an unmissable box office hit. It centres around a girl Nina who lands the role of a lifetime playing white swan and black swan in the ballet The Swan Lake and has to delve into her deepest emotions to do so. Natalie Portman excels herself in what could be the performance of her career and hopefully she will get the credit she deserves for her remarkable work in Black Swan.


Wicked Based on the film Wizards of Oz, Wicked is everything a musical should be. It is poignant, sincere, funny and inspiring. With songs that make you want to download as soon as you leave the theatre and sing over and over again it makes you upset when you realise you just do not have the voice to sing it. Four years after its premier Wicked has not lost its touch.

Blood Brothers Captivating, thrilling and emotional Blood Brothers is a must see play. Based on two main characters one rich and one poor not knowing that they were brothers separated at birth. The storyline is deep and hits every emotion. If this comes to a town near you it is a must to go and see it and once you do it will make you want to see it again and again.



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