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“The music I listen to is really influential and inspires me to follow my dreams and pursue whatever I desire.” - Tevian

Music has a way of influencing many aspects of our lives including our mood and even the clothes we wear. A tune that makes you happy might inspire you to put on something bright and colorful, while a song with a funky beat could drive you to be more dark and daring with your style. Before you pick out your next outfit, check out these looks put together by True Star and the fashion studies students from Columbia College Chicago. There just may be something here you want to add to your wardrobe.

“I love artists from Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and India Arie to artists such as the Internet, Hiatus Kaiyote, and XXYYXX. I’d say these genres definitely inspire my style of dress, especially when I go out to hang with friends or even birthday parties. I love for my clothes to be very chill, simple, and chic, yet I also like for them to be bright, retro, and skaterboyish at times.” - Asia

Tevian doesn’t miss a beat in this colorful and fun zip-front hoodie that he pairs with a basic white tee, dark rinse jeans and white gym shoes. Retail Info: On Tevian: Jacket (Jordan Brand) Jeans (Model’s Own) Shoes (Jordan Retro 5)

Sometimes a little color can go a long way. Tevian shows of this vibrant zip-front jacket by combining it with dark rinse jeans, a basic white tee and white gym shoes. Asia lets her accessories do all the talking when she pairs a bold colorful necklace with a white dress and jacket. Retail Info: On Tevian: Jacket (Jordan Brand - Succezz) / T-shirt (Vanity Fever IG @ vanityfever) / Jeans (Jordan Retro 5) / Shoes // On Asia: Dress (Agaci) / Accessories (Stylist’s Own) / Shoes (Model’s Own) Stylists: Columbia College Chicago Fashion Studies Students Make Up:  Brittany Beach of Beauty Boulevard Hair:  Jori Thorns Photographer:  Jordon Clark & Mitch Clark,

The beauty of the color white is that it goes with everything. Here Tevian rocks a colorful graphic white tee with an acid wash denim jacket, a cap and jeans. Asia balances him out with a white lace mini dress and bright accessories. Retail Info: On Tevian: T-shirt (Vanity Fever IG @ vanityfever) / Brand Jordan Jacket (Succezz) / Jeans (Models Own) / Cap (Leaders) // On Asia: Dress White (Agaci) / Necklace & Purse (OMG! Accessories)

“I love the fact that I can relate to the music that I listen to. No matter what region the music comes from, I can always find something that matches my situation.” - Jamel

“I love that the music I listen to is so versatile and it can compliment my moods and personality so well. I love that I can listen to something and hear so many different things and understand what went into creating that song to appreciate it on a deeper level. - Mina

Mina and Jamel get things poppin with a pop of color and dark bottoms. Mina is guaranteed to turn heads in this lime green sweatshirt with graphics, and Jamel will no doubt get his fair share of attention in this bright blue Air Jordan sweatshirt. Retail Info: On Mina: Sweatshirt (Protocol) / Pants (True Star Closet) // On Jamel: Sweatshirt (Succezz) / Jeans & Cap (Model’s Own)

Whether it’s brightly colored, dark or faded, denim will forever be in fashion. Mina shows off a denim and leather jacket embellished with letterman graphics and worn with a white tee and white bottoms. Jamel layers a sleeveless denim jacket with a black and white graphic tee and dark rinse jeans. Retail Info: On Mina: Denim Protocol Jacket (Succezz) // On Jamel: Denim Jacket (Model’s Own) T-shirt (Villa) / Jeans (Villa)

Byron and Briana look crisp and cool in white denim. To complete his look Byron adds a white tee and a black jacket with leather trimmings to the mix. Briana keeps it casual with a cap and white baseball tee with contrast color sleeves that add some pop.

“I feel like my style is like a A$AP Rocky/ Wiz Khalifa/Tyga all merged together.” - Byron

Retail Info: On Byron: T-shirt (T. J. Maxx) / Jeans (Macy’s) / Jacket (Model’s Own) // On Briana: T-shirt (Diamond Supply – Succezz) / Jeans (True Star Closet) / Cap (Leaders)

“The music that inspires my clothing is hip-hop, R & B, soul, reggae and alternative rap. These genres inspire me to do a mix of different styles.” - Briana

Briana makes a simple style statement with this graphic L’Amour sweatshirt, jeans and bright clutch purse. Retail Info: On Briana: Shirt (H&M) / Jeans (T.J. Maxx ) / Purse (OMG! Accessories)

Byron mixes things up by teaming a camouflage jacket with a graphic tee, dark denim and bright colored graphic cap. Retail Info: On Byron: T-shirt & Jeans (Succezz) / Jacket & Cap (Villa)

Special thanks to: Center for Community Arts Partnerships – Columbia College Chicago Decision Making for Fashion Business – Fashion Studies Dr. Julie, Hillery, Professor Molly Chanthavong, Sienna Chesters, Stephanie Clark, Sarah Gaurkee, Ewelina Grabowska, Bethany Happach, Kelsey Kellgren, Virginia Laskowska, Jennifer Perkins, Hilary Reagan, Ashley Salazar, Lily Schnitzius

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