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Jose Martinez

About Me Some things I like to do is to play Sports on my free time, try to fix computer software when an issue comes up on it. I feel as I am pretty smart with an IQ score of 115 and I hope to use my knowledge to inform you in my magazine on what I would be capable of doing in my future. Please enjoy reading a little more about me.

Personality Emotional Stability: I am normally relatively calm. My emotional response primarily depends on the situation. Extraversion: I'm equally fond of having fun with others and being alone. In general, I am energetic but not overenthusiastic. Conscientiousness: I let my conscience lead me wherever possible. I'm a person who is relatively purposeful and careful. Agreeableness: I can be very friendly but also relatively direct. In general, I am interested in people and their motives, but can also be business-like. Openness: Part of me is practical. I like challenges and enjoy exchanging views at time.

Career When I am older I hope to become a Computer Software Engineer, Application. What they do is develop, create, and modify general computer applications software or specialized utility programs. In Fort Worth the annual salary is $78,804.00 with an hourly wage of $37.89

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