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Standardized Education: The Fallacy of Failure

Ungovernables proposal

molly joy oberholtzer

Motivations: From The Ungovernables: TVCC Communism | The Shape of A Right Statement | Venn Diagram | Habemus Gasoline | PrayWay Outside Influences: John Dewey and progressive education Vygotsky's studies on child development Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences Addressing problems facing the American education system: The emphasis on standardized testing Pressure on students Pressure on school who are forced to compete and even cheat for funding The lack of attention to child development (holistic) The division of school from realities of life The division of classes/topics The focus on credentials The overall capitalist entity the Dept. of Education has created The society that we live in today that is indoctrinated by this system with a weak social and emotional development

Critical Design Thinking: What a cosmopolitanism-based education should/could be educational topics: CLASSES NOT DIVIDED BY TOPIC: foundational, theoretical, holistic, looking first to larger picture of meaning, various forms meaning is found in, and importantly the link in the chain of global life that it forms. Self-guidance: Introduce topics broadly and open them up to much discussion first, shared ideas, personal interpretations. After knowledge of a concept is covered, students invited to determine their own method of creation that meets the concept and/or tests it with a hypothesis from which they learn more. Organization: Classes of mixed ages, parents/grandparents invited as well, emphasis on respect and joy found in education not pressure, use of Vygotsky’s theory of proximal development and notions of community to foster multi-age camaraderie and reach a social education. teachers role: encourage the voice of the child, there are no wrong answers, track the interests and trajectory of the student and constantly be developing new lesson plans or topics to introduce them based of their personal interests. Goals: to create citizens of the cosmos who do not accept doctrine without question, who are education in self-sufficient skills for survival and do not look to hierarchy or commodity for instruction.

Standardized Education vs. Curiosity  
Standardized Education vs. Curiosity  

A proposal inspired by the 2012 Ungovernables Exhibit featured in the New Museum in NYC