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Fashion Journal "It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together." — Alexander McQueen

By: Molly Barry


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Journal Entry One- Women’s Wear Daily Demi Lavato, judge on Fox’s “The X Factor” and singer songwriter has recently partnered up with The New Black to launch three $14 three-piece kits and two $22 five piece kits with the nail lacquer brand. The kits will be launching at the beginning of November in Ulta stores. The New Black have been doing Lavato’s nails for red carpet events and they have recently got some high attention from social media. The chairman, cofound and creative director, Robin Hutshing, thought it would be a logical step for the company to pair up with the singer. Although they were not looking for a celebrity representative Lavato’s own taste are what landed her the deal. She is willing to take risks with her nails when it comes to color, texture and accessories, which have created a fun line for the company to launch. Some of her kits have already hit Ulta stores and are hitting performance standards. When they are launched this November they are expected to hit $1 million in sales. Social Media is an increasing way of promoting ones business. If you are not on social media today and you own a business, you are only hurting your business. It has taken such a huge role in every consumer’s day-to-day activities. The New Black is taking a logical step in using Demi Lavato to represent their brand. She has a huge following on twitter and can easily create more followers of the brand because she is so popular in the social community. By using her to showcase these kits they are making the public more and more aware of their name. This ultimately will help The New Black by creating more consumers and help Ulta by getting more customers in the door. Ulta also stated in the article that Demi’s kits were also “trend-right.” Demi’s kits are trend right because they are full of embellishments with texture and a wide pallet of colors. On the red carpets and everyday you are seeing different ways of painting your nails. Nail art has become such a trend they have even put “nail cameras” on the red carpet! This partnership in my opinion is a road to success, with Demi’s social media following and passion for her own nails the company has chosen an ideal rep!

Women’s Wear Daily Article October 3, 2013

Demi Lovato, The New Black Partner on Nail Polish Line The three $14 three-piece kits and two $22 five-piece kits will be available at Ulta officially in November. By Rachel Brown There is a new factor in nail polish: Demi Lovato.


The judge on Fox’s “The X Factor” and “Heart Attack” singer is doing a duet with The New Black by launching three $14 three-piece kits and two $22 five-piece kits with the nail lacquer brand, first at Ulta officially in November. Industry sources estimated the collaboration would result in sales of $1 million. The New Black has been handling Lovato’s nails for public appearances for about a year, and several of the nail designs she’s worn garnered considerable attention on Twitter. It was a logical next step for the brand to work with Lovato on products, according to Robin CoeHutshing, chairman, cofounder and creative director of Gold Grenade, the Santa Monica, Calif.-based product development, marketing and branding firm behind The New Black. “We weren’t particularly looking for a celebrity, and I don’t really view this in celebrity terms per se,” she said. “If she wasn’t known for her great nails and her forward style, this wouldn’t be happening.” When it comes to her nails, Lovato isn’t afraid to take risks. She will try out vivid hues, sparkles and studs, all of which are elements of the kits that Ulta shoppers can use to replicate Lovato’s nail choices at home. “They are unusual color palettes. The colors are very intense. She’s into bold colors and textures,” said Coe-Hutshing. “I love all the products that I have created because I think they embody all the qualities of a strong woman,” said Lovato. “It is fun to be able to create your own look down to your nails. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my nails, although you can’t always tell. I want to put something cool on my nails that expresses who I am and what I’m feeling.” Of her fondness for posting nail pictures on Twitter, Lovato added, “If you have badass nails, you are going to show them on Twitter. When I have cool, awesome nails, I want everyone to see.” Although their official retail introduction isn’t until November, Lovato’s kits with The New Black are starting to hit Ulta doors, and Janet Taake, the retailer’s senior vice president of merchandising, called herself “very pleased” with their early performance. She thinks the collaboration responds to beauty customers’ desire to customize their nails. “There is a lot more personalization to nails than there ever has been before, so it is actually very trendright,” said Taake. Lovato has enjoyed her sojourn in the beauty industry so far and wouldn’t rule out more brand partnerships down the road. “I’m always looking for things to keep me excited,” she said. However, it’s not as if Lovato is lacking for activities to fill up her schedule. In addition to being part of the panel of judges on “The X Factor” and preparing for a 2014 tour to support her album “Demi,” Lovato is guest-starring on “Glee,” playing Dani, a friend of Lea Michele’s character Rachel, and releasing a book titled “Staying Strong” on Nov. 19. Lovato is enthusiastic for her fans to get their hands on her book. “It’s an inspirational book,” said Lovato, who explained the book contains meditations, quotes and goals for every day of the year. “It helps start my day off right.” 4

Journal Entry Two—The Wall Street Journal

Fashion today moves quickly in and out of trends. Retailers today cannot afford the mistakes they make to manufacture a trend because most likely consumers have already moved on. The newest trend in fashion forecasting is using websites companies that offer analysis of fashion shows and data on the current market offerings. Retailers and customers of theses websites have the ability to know the latest ideas in colors, fabrics and cuts and more for an average annual fee of $7,000 to $15,000. Two fashion forecasters, Worth Global Style Network and WGSN, have seen increase in customers over the past few years. They are not only offering latest trends but also tools for specific retailers and products. This advancement in forecasting has given more confidence to retailers to buy because they know they are on the right track. Kohl’s Sofia Wacksman said “ Companies like Stylesight or WGSN, which are updated every day, are really useful in order to make sure we have the right information. They offer us an industry eye on all of the information, broken down by print, color and classification like sweaters of woven tops.” One by one retailers are joining this online forecasting to improve their business and stay in line with consumer opinions. Fashion forecasting websites have become a huge part of the fashion industry. They are a new way in which we foresee trends. The article mostly talks about how retailers and manufacturers are using them to make sure their buying is on trend, but I thought it was interesting because we use resources like WGSN at Columbia. WGSN is one of our student databases that Columbia offers to students who are in Fashion Design and Business. As a fashion student it keeps me on trend to know what the latest fashions are and helps me with my homework. It is a resource I cannot imagine not using while I study at Columbia. This kind of resource is key in running a business. The fashion cycle has increasingly become shorter and companies who wish to survive need to stay on trend. This kind of resource cuts down the time they would use to forecast trends and let them focus on manufacturing and buying. It would help strengthen those divisions in their company and therefore have a strong consumer base because they are up to date with trends. The Wall Street Journal Article

Fashion Meets Big Data --- High-Tech Forecasting Comes to an Industry That Dreads Being Out of Style Gordon, Kathy. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition [New York, N.Y] 09 Sep 2013: B.7. Turn on hit highlighting for speaking browsers


In the fashion business, faux pas can be costly. In order to hem back the risk, some retailers are increasingly turning to trend forecasting. For an average annual fee of $7,000 to $15,000, customers get access to forward forecasts of fashion trends and data offering ideas for colors, fabrics and cuts, often broken into categories like 'industrial' and 'aquatic.' The forecasting companies offer analysis of fashion shows, data on the current market offerings and -- for an added fee -- bespoke research and consultancy services. The data are generated by teams of staff employed to trawl art exhibitions, events, restaurants and even scientific journals. Fashion companies use the data to plan their latest collection or catwalk show, with the online services replacing the bulky and intermittent style books that designers and merchandisers used to receive. "We have seen double-digit growth over the last two years and in 2013 we are seeing the highest increase in customer growth for three years," says Julie Harris, chief executive of Worth Global Style Network, a U.K.-based forecaster that counts every Fortune 500 apparel brand among its 3,600 corporate subscribers. WGSN, which is part of the Top Right Group, in July bought the online division of Mudpie, a smaller rival that operates mainly in the children's market, for an undisclosed sum. The physical stylebook service that WGSN didn't snap up has now been liquidated. The company will also launch a retail analytics tool in the next month targeted specifically at comparison shopping, a service companies use to check up on the competition and gauge demand for similar products. "[Fashion forecasters] have always been used but they're more accessible now because of the technology," says Marks & Spencer creative director Belinda Earl, who has just launched her first collection for the U.K. high street bellwether. "They are important, not always to lead but to re-evaluate and help confirm you're on the right track." "We use [trend forecasters] to support, validate and give us confidence we're on the same page," said Anna Clarke, head of womenswear for J Sainsbury's Tu clothing range. "We can't get rid of risk but we can mitigate risk," says Frank Bober, founder and CEO of U.S.based fashion trend forecaster Stylesight. Mr. Bober's Stylesight has 3,000 different corporate subscribers, representing 40% growth over the past four years. Forecasters claim to save their clients travel expenses, the cost of freelancers who might be paid to photograph trendy people, and time spent trawling the vast cache of fashion data that 6

is already available on the Internet. Then there is the benefit of being on-trend, which can translate into increased sales. "They [forecasters] take the information and package it in a way that speaks the language of the retailers and manufacturers. Then it's our job to decide what makes sense for our business; we have to filter it again," says Sofia Wacksman, vice president of trend for Kohl's Corporation. She said that while the company relies heavily on forecasters, it also follows blogs and fashion websites, takes several annual overseas trips to leading fashion cities, follows the catwalk shows and trawls vintage trends. Retailers are also turning to number crunchers to improve execution. U.K. start-up EDITD trawls the Internet to gather data on who's selling what, how many products are flying off the virtual shelves and how much are they going for to guide companies in their merchandising decisions. Founders Julia Fowler, a designer, and IT developer Geoff Watts believe retailers need realtime data to decide when to put something into their storefront, when to discount it and when to take it away to make space for new items. With 20 staff and a handful of clients, the company expects to be twice as big this time next year. EDITD's database of images and information churns out frequent reports and reference tools including a comparison shopping tool and a social monitor function which looks at what people are commenting about online. New entrants are joining the market. ITC Limited, an Indian cigarettes-to-hotels conglomerate, later this year will launch a fashion analytics system that mines a company's own historical data to "analyze past designs and bring out the aspects that have been popular and feed this information back into the design process," the company said last month. It has yet to confirm the cost of the service. Many retailers say the information forecasters provide has become an important part of how they tap consumers, who spend less, shop online more and demand the latest outfits in increasingly tight time frames. "Fashion moves so quickly," Kohl's Sofia Wacksman said. "[Companies] like Stylesight or WGSN, which are updated every day, are really useful in order to make sure we have the right information. They offer us an industry eye on all of the information, broken down by print, color and classification like sweaters of woven tops."


Journal Entry Three- Vogue Vogue Daily covered the ever so controversial trend that appeared this fall on the runways, Fur. The trend that has taken so many routes in the industry and is always being discussed. It appeared on the runway in bright hues that accented garments, handbags and accessories. Vogue talks about how fun and practical the fabric can actually be in your day-to-day routine. Fashion writer Jane Herman Bishop explains how a small to medium size fur bag is prefect for almost all weather conditions, including rain! And Vogue Fashion Editor, Sara Moonves, also discusses how convenient a fur bag can be due to its unstructured form. Because of this form the bag looks less bulky when you need to carry around your notebook, computer, etc. Fur is such a controversial fabric because many people do not like how it is produced and the harm it can have on animals. We even read an article this semester on how West Hollywood has made it illegal to sell fur due to it being cruel to animals. I believe that fur will always be a touchy subject with some and the production of the fabric is not always right. The reality of it though is that fur has been in the fashion industry for a very long time and impacts trends almost every season. Seeing it this fall in different hues and small accents was fun and added more texture to garments. I believe that the relationship that fur has with the fashion industry will never die and the only thing that we can do is improve the way we produce it. Vogue demonstrates in this article how fabrics that we see as glamorous and only for certain occasions can be fun for every day. I think it was a great article for the magazine to do because many readers don’t know how to take a risk like this. They really embraced how the fabric is so versatile and can add to your everyday wardrobe. Vogue Article 8

Fur Real: The Practicality of a Fuzzy Purse by Chioma Nnadi

Fendi mink mini baguette with fox trim, $4,450; Fendi, NYC, 212.759.4646 Photographed by Eric Boman, Vogue, November 2013 With its fuzzy pink mink brows and fox fur chin, it’s hard to look at Fendi’s new Muppet-like baguette and not crack a smile. Jimmy Choo’s caressable white fur pompom clutch comes with just as much cheer, and there’s nothing particularly serious (or scholarly) about the striped fur satchel by 3.1 Phillip Lim. “For so long, fur has this connotation of being old and stodgy,” says Vogue’s Senior Accessories Editor, Rickie De Sole. “But I think there are so many fun ways to wear it right now. You don’t necessarily have to be hiking in some chic Swiss mountain village to try it.” The modern look of fur, it seems, comes in playful handheld doses, ranging in size from iPhone-shaped minaudières to weekender carryalls. So what exactly are the practical implications of, say, a shaggy goat-hair bag the color of freshly driven snow? According to fashion writer Jane Herman Bishop, you needn’t handle the idea with kid gloves. The trick is to go for a closely cropped style, like shaved mink or shearling. “I don’t like to think of my bag being a magnet for dust and debris in the city, so short fur works best for me,” she says. “My cream shearling Kara backpack doesn’t rub off on me, which was my other concern. And it’s surprisingly good in the rain.” As far as size goes, small to medium is best. A more casual style, like The Row’s mink shoulder bag, for example, instantly takes the formality out of fur. “I usually wear my bags to death. Computer, notebooks—everything goes in there. But because it’s unstructured, it never feels overstuffed,” says Vogue Fashion Editor Sara Moonves of hers. “It might be made of a really gorgeous fabric, but the shape of it feels everyday. I can pair it just as easily with my The Row slip dress for night as I can with a J.Crew turtleneck and pants.” Of course, given that the standout pieces of the season were usually designed with at least three colors in the rainbow, it makes sense to amp up the hue. Vogue Style Editor at Large Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis turned heads with a neon pink Nancy Gonzalez clutch during Fashion Week, even when she was wearing a comfy pair of jeans. “You know, I’ve always loved a touch of something furry, going back to when Prada did the faux fur bags in the nineties. It adds a bit of fun and glamour, and it’s much easier to pull off than a coat,” she says. “Plus it feels great under your arm. In Paris, I would set it on the table next to me and pet 9

it.” And while she has been known to carry white mink totes on expeditions out to the artic, Doctor Zhivago–style, there’s no accessory in her closest that’s quite as well-loved—or low maintenance—as her Fendi monster baguette keychain. All the fun of the life-size version with none of the fuss.

Journal Entry Four- Fall 2013 Women’s Apparel Observations This fall for the women’s 2013 runway there was a recurring theme of women in men’s fashions. I referenced to look at some of the designers who embraced this trend. The most popular silhouette for this trend was an oversized topcoat. The oversized top coats worn by the models were single or double breasted made with heavier fabrics and accented with fur and other embellishments. In the women’s 2012 runway for fall there were also themes of oversized coats. said “convex is the new concave for fall 2012.” Both years this trend was represented very well and it was also very similar. When comparing the pictures off the runway it was hard for me to decipher which year it was from because the trend was so similar. One thing that made it easy is that this year many designers used pastels for their lines. Their “candy coated” pieces lit up the runway and made it a distinct feature for this fall. Last fall the oversized spacious coats were made of darker hues. Both Fall 2012 and Fall 2013 though embraced fur embellishments.

Fall 2013



Fall 2012



Band Of Outsiders


Journal Entry Five- Trends spotted in home goods and apparel. 12

I visited Macy’s Department and found three trends that were evident in their home goods Apparel.

T R E N D #1: Plaid


T R E N D #2: Animal Print


T R E N D #3: Cherry to Berry (Deep Purple)


Journal Entry Six The three trends that I found at Macy’s were all found on this season catwalks for Fall 2013. From New York to Paris these trends were showcased in different ways. T R E N D #1: Plaid was an evident trend this fall that fell into line with the takeover of grunge wear this fall. Designers were influenced this season by 70;s 16

punk. They combined this look with the laidback vibe of 90’s grunge, like Courtney Cox. Key items in this style are plaid mini skirts, baby doll dresses, biker jackets and longer easier skirt shapes.




Saint Laurent

T R E N D #2: Animal Print was all over the runways this season from New York to Paris animal was a theme. Leopard prints especially took the lead with natural skin colours, shades of grey and black and re-coloured in fashion brights. The key items to have for this trend is a pencil skirt, jacquard knits and printed outerwear.



Burberry Prosum

T R E N D #3: WGSN refers to this wonderful color purple as Cherry to Berry. This season the color was shown worn with tonal layering with lots of textures and embellishments. Head to toe models were in this color, including accessories! Key items to have are dresses, casual separates and outerwear.




Burberry Porsum

Journal Entry SevenEntry #7: Fabric Trends: Provide 3 fabric swatches or images of current fabric trends. Include fabric name, fiber content and country of origin. You may use actual swatches or 22

WGSN. What designers are featuring these fabrics for 2013? Explain the types of garments using these fabrics? (4)

Fall 2013 Fibers Mohair: a natural animal fiber, Angora goat; typically from Turkey, now from South Africa, Texas and New Zealand


Eudon Choi autumn/winter 2013/14


Celine autumn/winter 2013/14

Felt: this fiber can be natural, made from wool and fur, or synthetic, made from acrylic; Middle English, from Old English, the first known use is before the 12 th century


Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Guy Laroche Autumn/Winter 2013/14


Silk Sateen: Satin is usually weaved with other fibers like silk which formed by the cocoon of a silkworm. Silk Sateen was first used in the Middle Ages .


Mulberry Autumn/Winter 2013/14


Helmut Lang Autumn/Winter 2013/14

Journal Entry Eight 29

1. E M E R A L D D E S I G N E R S:

2. S A M B A 30




Cedric Charlier

-Issey Miyake

D E S I G N E R S:



Oscar de la Renta

John Richmond

Naemm Kahn

3. C A R A F E

D E S I G N E R S: •




Massimo Rebecchi


Journal Entry Nine 1. Trend: Plaid and tartan Where: China This trend is showing up in China and has become a strong trend for the China youth market. The trend is shown with oversized or fitted silhouettes, long line cardigans and 90 influenced shapes. Designers and influential international brands are using heritage woven plaid with embellishments like tassel yarn and brushed effects. These silhouettes are coming in red based designs that keep the style timeless with pops of colours like mint, yellow, pink and dark purple. We are seeing these designs from Marc Jacobs, My Panda and Toga.

I believe this trend has already shown up here in the US. Our youth market has taken this trend and is embracing it fully. We can find it in stores like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and departments stores like Nordstrom.


2. Trend: Tucked in Sweatshirt Styling with a curved hem Where: Korea

This trend was first spotted on the Asian catwalk with plain and boxy sweaters. They are embellished with studs, applique, embroidered motifs or slashes on the front or sleeves. It has been seen with miniskirts, high waisted denim shorts or straight line dresses.

This trend will definitely be hitting the US market and I think that it will again be adapted by the US youth generation in full swing. It is a new take on the crop top that was taken on successfully and this similar silhouette I believe will have the same success.


Journal Entry Ten – Visual Merchandising The first store that I visted is Hot Mama. I chose this store because the colors are always bright and fun. Each photo represents the store and lifestyle that they are trying to embrace, which is why I love their merchandising. The first photo is the center table when you walk in the front doors. Surrounded by three mannequins and two simple racks the front is shoacsing lots of product. The layout of the store is centered around this entrance way and really feature the three mannequins. The folds are clean and highlight the detail of the garment and the items on the table create an outfit. This is easy for the consumer that needs help when putting things together.


The second feature area in the store that I picked is the table to the right of the door. I picked this table because standing right next to it is a jewelry fixture that really seems to bring in customers from outside. The fixture is covered in jewlry and really highlights each piece so that a customer can look at each one. Merchandising jewelry like this is a perfect way to bring in new customers. Jewelry is often something that people are on the hunt for, weather it is going to a wedding or party, they want to walk into a store and immediately find it. By placing this in the doors window it really brings in new people and gives Hot Mama the chance to make them regular customers.


The second store that I visited is Macy’s. Macy’s merchandising is completely different then Hot Mamas. Instead of merchandising outfits together, the company merchandises brands togethers. The first picutre I took of their merchandising is from the brand Kensise. Macy’s merchandises all of their similar silhouettes together on a freee standing four way rack. This makes it easy on the customer to find exactly what they are looking for. Also by merchandising one brand together, will also make it easy for customers to find if they are loyal fans. Employee’s too may prefer this merchandising because it is so easy to shop.


The second picture I took at Macy’s is of the brand Kensie as well. This picture really showcases more silhouettes of the brand and outfits different piceces of one brand together. Again this makes it easy for the customer to find and also gives them an idea of what they can wear together. The folds on the table showcased most of the garments and the mannequins were inspiring.


Journal Entry Eleven – TV Show Trend Watch A new tv show that aired this Fall is Super Fun Night on ABC. The show stars the emerging comedian Rebel Wilson. I watched an episode that involves her co-worker Kendal who is senior president at a law firm. In the show Kendal wears an all back suit with a pencil skirt. The shirt beneath her jacket is pinched at the waist with a statement belt. This statement belt 39

I believe will become a new upcoming trend. It adds to an outfit, highlights the waist and is a new way to make a statement. We have seen lots of statement nekclaces over the last couple of years and I think that a statement belt is a different way of creating this. Designers this fall played on the New Look with updated modern versions. They added peplums to create more of a durastic wasitline. I believe that designers will also be doing this kind of statement with blets. I think the redefinition of the New Look will only help the trend of belt statements.

Journal Entry Twelve- Designer Analysis The Row came out with their Ready-to-Wear collection for spring/summer 2014 and it is filled with long hemlines, layering and straight silhouettes. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen established the Row in 2006. This duo has teamed up to create a label with elegance, perfect fit and fine fabrics. These two fashion innovators have come a long way since their days on Full House and are really proving to the industry that they are here to contribute. In 2012 the twins were 40

named, Womenswear Designers of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers. Part of the labels mission is to create high-end fashion that is produced and manufactured in the US. There designs include apparel, handbags and sunglasses. This particular collection for spring/summer 2014 was stunning. Their neutral fabrics and classic silhouettes stood out with subtle embellishments and accessories. You can find the row at retailers like Barney’s and Bergdorf Goodman, high-end retail stores. I have always been attracted to this label because I love the simple silhouettes they use, as well as their neutral color pallets. Their designs are simple but make such a statement. I prefer a designer who concentrates on creating a simple piece that can wow the industry. Their shows are never this big theatrical production and rather focus on the garments themselves.


Journal Entry Thirteen –Definition of a fashion designer, buyer and product developmetn manager. Fashion Designer: A Fashion designer is someone who expresses their creativity and passions through the art and production of apparel and accessories. Their inspiration can come from anywhere. From television to nature and the earlier eras designers are reinventing and creating new looks that impact the industry and create trends. Designer’s designs also come from the demand of the consumer and the limitations they have on cost of production and fabrics. By overcoming these challenges and using them as a strength they create designs that are inspiring. There are three types of designers: High Fashion or “name” designers, stylist-designers and freelance designers. All three have different challenges, some having more freedom than the other but they all create what we look and wait for each season. Buyer: A Buyer’s job is to forecast trends for the next season that represents a company’s aesthetic. They work with the budget they are given and buy product that the consumers are asking for. Buyers attend markets and tradeshows that will house the best merchandise for 42

their company to succeed. They need to create relationships with vendors and their team to ensure this success. Buyers can work for small boutiques, chain stores or larger department stores. Typically when working in department stores buyer will be in charge of buying for one department in the store. This will give the buyer more time to focus on what that type of consumer is buying in their department. Product Development Manager: A Product Development Manager oversees the production development process to ensure the product is right for the company, manufacturer and the consumer. They make sure the six stages of the process, Planning a line, Creating the design concept, developing the designs, planning production, production and distributing the line all go as planned.

Journal Entry Fourteen- Fashion DONTS!

Fashion Don’t #1 There is a time and place for Uggs and the summer is not one of them. The ever so popular Ugg boots are made for cold weather. Although they are easy slip on, the embellished fur on the outside and lined fur on the inside give away that they are not for this season, especially with this dress!


Fashion Don’t #2 Socks and sandals have become a trend the last couple years but there is definitely a right and wrong way to do this trend. This particular look with Berkinstocks and socks does not come across trendy, it only comes across as lazy.

Fashion Don’t #3 Mixing prints is a fun way to depth to your outfit and create a fun trendy look. This trend has become very popular and if done right can be very cute. This woman decided to take mixing prints to an extreme when mixing these two floral patterns. Although it can be done this outfit is unsettling to the eye. It’s hard to look at and the patters do not compliment each other, which is key when mixing prints. I am not sure the green sparkle clutch and blue sunglasses are helping either.


Fashion Don’t #4 Pattern tights are fun way to add texture to your wardrobe but they are not pants. With the come back of leggings and popularity of tights, people seem to forget what they are exactly made for. Although cute they are not pants. We see this fashion don’t almost every day. Tights and most leggings are too sheer and do not have the structure that a pant is going to have. The fabric is not substantial enough and therefore tights need to be worn with skirts, dresses or even shorts!

Journal Entry Fifteen- Career Opportunities

Career Opportunity #1 VISUAL MANAGER | Roles & Responsibilities Reports To: Store Manager Objective To create a unique, innovative and inspirational customer experience encompassing the Free People lifestyle and brand image, while maintaining all store operations and goals, resulting in driving sales and ensuring a profitable store. The assistant visual manager will partner and support the Store Manager and the Assistant store manager. They will also have an open and direct line of communication with the District and District Visual Manager in order to most effectively hold a firm knowledge of overall brand direction and focus. Expectations People Lead, mentor and motivate the team regarding all aspects of leadership, visual execution and expectations through: Focused visual training workshops and innovative training exercises 45

Consistent and Continual Feedback and Accountability Promoting sense of ownership and delegation Team involvement and strategic planning Morning and any all store staff meetings Manage and motivate a high level of customer care. Ensure the use of all customer care resources. Process Meet or exceed store sales plan and payroll goal Partner with District and District Visual Manager, Store and Assistant Store Managers to complete weekly, monthly, and quarterly planning Partner with the Store Manager to follow, adhere to, and support typical week structure Manage all aspects of daily store operational controls Ensure daily restock is happening Promote and maintain a high standard for customer care, operations and loss prevention Uphold all company policy and procedure Presentation Interpret all home office visual communication to fit store specific environment and core customer Educate the staff on all home office visual communication and initiatives Utilize sales reports to track and analyze business and determine weekly objectives with the Store Manager Execute and/ or delegate all weekly objectives Partner with the District Visual Manager (and District Display Coordinator when applicable) to oversee and manage the roll-out of all product placement, store fixture layout, and visual displays Effectively manage and educate the staff on all accessible training processes that will result in consistent visual standards and execution Communicate product performance observations and offer feedback to District and District Visual Manager Maintain an awareness of apparel and accessory trends and relevance to the store environment Free People is a company that embraces a lifestyle that fits with mine. I also believe that I am strong visually but more importantly my experience in leading a team to achieve visual standards had been successful. My communication skills are effective to get the job done efficiently.

Career Opportunity #2 Manager at Hot Mama, Chicago (South Port), IL Manager:Do you love to learn? Are you a natural leader? Hot Mama is looking for a Store Manager to help us encourage, inspire and style moms. Managers create environments where their team grows, develops and truly loves coming to work every day. They are the lead engineer of positivity and are energized by fashion, relationships and making moms look and feel their best. They are the heart and soul of our brand. To apply, send resume and application to the corresponding store manager (see above Immediate Positions Available). Download and complete application here.


I qualify for this position at Hot Mama because my passion for empowering others and leading a team would help the store success and flourish in Chicago. My proven track record of sales and team building will also help myself be successful in a managerial role.

Career Opportunity #3 REFINERY29 SOCIAL MEDIA ASSISTANT- JOB DESCRIPTION Refinery29 is looking for a Social Media Assistant who can schedule, write copy, and select content for its largest social media outles, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Candidate will work with both editorial and marketing teams to ensure that every post finds an appropriate place on a social channel, as well as organize weekend and evening scheduling. This is an editorial position, and requires strong writing skills and the ability to be funny, concise, and catchy in under 140 characters. Nuanced understanding of fashion, beauty, and pop culture is a must. QUALIFICATIONS % A healthy addiction to the Internet, fashion, and pop culture % Experience working with social media and SEO strategies % Strong, almost-obsessive knowledge of fashion, shopping, style, and beauty % Must be team-oriented, responsive, and comfortable collaborating, but also able to work independently % Able to thoughtfully engage with and respond to readers and commenters through social media ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Does this sound like you? Let us know why we should meet. For consideration, you must submit your resume. Refinery29 will not honor resumes submitted by recruiters for jobs posted on our website. Refinery 29’s social media assistant is a perfect fit because I am familiar with social media and my passion to forecast and follow trends in the industry are strong. My take on trends will inspire readers to try and follow new ideas.


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