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Bad Neighbours Mollie Thorpe Wednesday 7th May 2014 Cast: Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne, Dave Franco Director: Nicholas Stoller Running Time: 96 minutes (approx.) Released in UK Cinemas: 3rd May 2014 Certificate: 15

Rogen and Byrne star as Mac and Kelly; a young couple with a newborn baby who recently invested all their money into a house on a nice neighbourhood. The couple find parenthood difficult to adjust to but manage well. Until the frat pack move in next door...

Mac and Kelly meet Teddy as the fraternity move in.

Zac Efron stars as Teddy, head of the fraternity, who certainly holds the image and charm of a leader but somewhat lacks the brains. However his Vice President, Pete, played by Dave Franco brings this to the table as a budding architect. Whilst Teddy is determind to make the 'frat pack wall of fame' through several eventful parties including a homage to icons such as Robert De Niro. His neighbours Mac and Kelly are determind to do right by their child, let her sleep but remain cool infront of the kids. The chemistry between Rogen and Byrne is undeniable with some great improvisation between the pair. Both are as conniving as the other with Kelly having as many moronic ideas as Mac to bring down the frat pack. Their is a similar bromance between Efron and Franco that has some great comic effects. Whilst the film had the cinema in stitches, it lacked a gripping plot. It was an extremely funny comedy, saved mostly by the performances of Rogen and Byrne without whom would have left the film medeocre. The crass nature of the comedy was smart and effective in places but lost at others.

Bad Neighbours  

A brief review of the new release, Bad Neighbours.

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