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Our team Five notable winemakers of Attica, with a common goal, have joined forces to create Wines of Athens. In this wine making region with a history which spans 3500 years, they cultivate their vineyards with dedication and vinify with passion, working with both indigenous and international varieties. Their aim is to produce wines of high quality which express the personality and the distinctive characteristics of their vineyards.


Our vision Wines of Athens was created by the need of the winemakers to put the vineyards of Attica and the local grape variety, Savatiano, on the map . Tradition and modern technology collaborate to give a wine of special character and personality. Wines of Athens envision the return of Retsina, the oldest wine in the world, as well as creating a network connecting the wineries with the abundant archaeological sites of Attica, thus allowing the visitor to take a dream journey through history, enjoying the beauty of the Attican landscape and discovering the wonderful world of wine.

‘Wines of Athens’ launched with the support of the Small Enterprises Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE), in the context of the project “Actions for the strengthening of the role of innovation and cooperation in small enterprises”, Operational Programme “Human Resources Development 2007-2013”.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mrs Eleni Kefalopoulou, Wine Journalist and Wine Lover, who has given her valuable support to our vision since its inception.

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Ktima Kokotos Stamata, 14575 Attiki Τ: +30-210-8145113

Ktima Kokotos In the late 70’s we decided to abandon the big city to live close to nature. We fell in love with the property in Stamata and began by building our family home and planting the vineyard of 7 hectares. Then came the winery, small but equipped with the latest technology, the olive grove, the chickens, the vegetable garden and the beehives. All cultivated according to the principles of organic farming, with respect for the environment. Here our children, and now our grandchildren, grew up. It gives us great pleasure to share our way of life with friends and visitors. George and Anne Kokotou


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Anastasia Fragou’s Winery 26th klm Marathonos Av., 19009 Rafina Τ: +30-22940-32508

Anastasia Fragou's Winery I took over the winery in 1999 aiming at the production of a high quality Savatiano that would rival the Greek and international varieties. My ally was the more than 50 year old vineyard with its low yield. After years of testing different areas and methods of vinification, we identified a vineyard in Voulia, in the Spata & Pikermi region, which always gave surprising results. This vineyard became my passion, rewarded me with many awards at international competitions and gave me the answer I had anticipated. Yes, Savatiano could earn a place among the renowned white varieties. Anastasia Fragou

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Markou Vineyards 1st klm Peanias-Markopoulou Av., 19002 Attiki Τ: +30-210-6644711

Markou Vineyards It was in the late 19th century that our great-grandfather Spyros Markou planted the first vineyards. In the 20s he opened the “Spataneiki Mantra” , a tavern famous for its wine. In the 50s his son renovated it and expanded the vineyards. In 1983 the next generation, Spyros and Costas Markou, founded the winery and housed the family collection of wine tools in the ‘Wine Museum’. We are the 4th generation of winemakers proudly continuing a winemaking tradition of over 100 years. Markou family


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Papagiannakos Domaine Poussi-Kalogeri, Markopoulo Mesogeas, 19003 Attiki T: +30-22990-25206

Papagiannakos Domaine Growing up in the heart of the Attika vineyard, with two generations of winemakers-viticulturers behind me, I appreciated the potential and the uniqueness of the products of this region and especially of the Savatiano. The limestone soil, the Mediterranean climate with the sea breeze, 320 days of sunshine, mild northern winds, the lack of humidity, especially during the summer months, no rain from May to harvest and an unirrigated vineyard with an average age of fifty years old, together with the centuries old winemaking experience, create the basis for great wines. Vasilis Papagiannakos

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Mylonas Winery 3 Ippokratous st., 19001 Keratea, Attiki T: +30-22990-68156,

Mylonas Winery Dealing with the “misunderstood� always conceals a charm and it takes perseverance and a kind of refined perversity. This accurately describes my preoccupation with Savatiano. The classic variety of Attica, which was supplanted and forgotten, presents a challenge for me. The variety shows its dynamics only when you treat it with respect. I want to identify with it. It is a flexible variety that changes roles easily. Vinified in stainless steel tanks, barrels, or clay amphoras, revealing a different character each time. I can t wait to see a Savatiano with bubbles! Stamatis Mylonas


Wines of Athens wineries are within easy reach of the center of Athens, where you can visit the historical center of the city, the Acropolis and the museums. Next to the wineries are found important archaelogical sites, monuments, beautiful landscapes and breathtaking beaches. In one day you can easily visit the wineries, taste the wines, wander around the archaeological sites and take a swim in the blue waters of Attica. By the end of the day you can have a gourmet experience in one of our selected tavernas, tasting our wines and the local products. The following map can help you organize your wine trip according to the sites you l’ d like to visit and the points of interest.

Ktima Κokotos: Mount Penteli / Sanctuary of Dionysus / Amphiareio Oropos / Marathon (Marathon Tomb, Marathon Lake, Schinias National Park). Anastasia Fragou’s Winery: Sanctuary of Artemis / Sanctuary of Egyptian

Gods in Brexiza, Nea Makri / Beaches of Rafina, Porto Rafti etc. / Marathon (Marathon Tomb, Marathon Lake, Schinias National Park).

Markou Vineyards: Koutouki Cave of Paiania / Vorres Museum / Chapels / Mycenaean Tombs / Vravrona (Vravrona’s Tower-Vigla, Temple of Artemis, Archaeological Musem). Papagiannakos Domaine: Attica Zoological Park/Wind Tower / Church of Varaba / Old

Railway Station of Markopoulo / Porto Rafti Beach / Vravrona (Vravrona’s Tower-Vigla, Temple of Artemis, Archaeological Musem, Vravrona’s Beach) / Olympic Equestrian Centre.

Mylonas Winery: Thorikos (Acropolis of Thorikos, Mycenaean Tombs, Ancient Theatre) Sounio (Sanctuary of Poseidon, National Park, Beaches) / Lavrio (Olympic Marine, Mineralogical Museum).


Wines of Athens 34, 25 Μartiou str., 19003 Μarkopoulo, T/F: 22940 32508 /

Editing of text and photos by Eleni Kefalopoulou and Aris Fotiadis respectively. These actions are implemented in the context of the project “Actions for the strengthening of the role of innovation and cooperation in small enterprises”, under the code MIS 352717 of the O.P. Human Resources Development of the Ministry of Labor with the co-financing of the European Union (European Social Fund-ESF) along with national funds.