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Title: Using Nintendo DSi's and FIFA 10 in a Sports Studies Classroom Author: Gareth Evans Institution: Myerscough College as part of Moulton College's "IT is in Teaching" Academic Year: 2009-2010 Keywords: Player Profiles, Nintendo, DSi, FIFA 10 Technologies: Nintendo DSi's, Apple iTouch Main Subject Area: Sport Main Level: Level 3 Introduction and Overview: This Study was focused on a class of 20 National Diploma Football Studies students. They are mostly kinaesthetic learners who like to be engaged in practical activities. As such, it was designed to engage the learners using new mobile technologies to help improve motivation, namely Nintendo DSi's and iTouches. Aims: The aim of the study was to engage the learners with new mobile technologies and allow them the opportunity to design a player profile for a footballer, as required within their coursework assessments. This was done using a unique method that would allow them to put theory into practice and actually see their designed player perform on the pitch, albeit a virtual one, by creating a pro on FIFA 10 on the Nintendo DSi. Addressing the challenge: iTouches were used to allow learners to download the instructional videos, created by the tutor previously, from MoLeTV. These went through the various steps of using the DSi's with FIFA 10 and creating their football player's profile before allocating them to a team and ultimately using them in a 'real' game. The game allowed learners to evaluate and analyse football players examining certain physical, mental, technical and tactical attributes and their influences on performance. Outcomes and Challenge: •

Impact on teaching and learning There was a clear impact on the learning demonstrated by the group with Nintendo DSi use. There was improved motivation seen that led to better concentration and willingness to learn. The theory to the activities was understood more clearly by being able to put them into practice by using the DSi's and FIFA 10. The teaching was also more varied, with use of video both via projector & PC and iTouch, audio/

video instructions, written tasks to complete and practical use of the games. It meant a wider variety of teaching methods were used covering more learning styles. •

Learner’s reaction The learner's loved using the new technologies, stating they brought something new and interesting to the lesson and really enhanced motivation and concentration. They also noted that the ability to get to put into practice things they had been learning about through theory and classroom based activities was fantastic. Even though it was a virtual, game world it really helped them to understand the subject better.

Teacher’s reaction The use of the Nintendo DSi's made the lesson so much more enjoyable that the learners absorbed a great deal of information and knowledge, showing a real enthusiasm for the lesson. I will definitely continue to use new and innovative mobile technologies in lessons to enhance learning. The use of Nintendo DSi's and iTouches in this study proved a massive success and really helped to take the lesson up a level in quality. The lesson was observed by part of our college quality team and graded at a grade 1 'Outstanding', so it clear that something must be right!

Managers reaction It has been great to see such innovative teaching being used in the department and to such good effect. The students have really enjoyed using the mobile technologies and benefitted from them with higher motivation levels demonstrated and improved achievement. It will be good to see these technologies being used by more staff now as the expertise starts to get

Lesson learned: One issue is that the devices require power to work correctly. As such, it is vital that all equipment is fully charged prior to the lesson. This will require a number of access points and all the relevant charging equipment. Next steps: Future plans with this group of learners definitely include further use of mobile technologies. The Nintendo DSi's will be used as 'bell games' with programmes such as Big Brain Academy utilised by learners at the start of the class to focus them and allow everyone to arrive. Also, they will be used as a motivational tool with possible opportunity to use them at the end of a lesson if all the lesson objectives are achieved. Lessons will utilise the DSi's camera and voice recording functions along with the picto-chat. CPD sessions will be delivered to help share good practice across the institution on the various uses of Nintendo DSi's and encourage their use with learners. Lesson Plan on MoLeSHARE: http:?? ID=11&resi=Lesson+Plan+relating+to+using+Nintendo+DSis+and+FIFA+10 MoLeTV Videos: http:?? module=ALLMovies&User=f50756c0-f224-4f5d-a124-8cec6943fc2e inks:

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