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LEARNING PLAN Scheme of Work Week Number : Four When

Learning Outcomes To note arrivals and absences


Topic: Consultation Activities to meet the needs of learners with approximate timings Register Health and Safety including were learners should store bags and coats (5mins)

To refresh knowledge

Recap- (15mins) Aims and Learning outcomes

Understand how to carry out consultation professionally practicing communication methods

Discussion on consultation activity and how to use flip cameras. Learners to work in groups of three, nominated by the tutor, Learners to practice hairdressing consultation skills.

Scheduled Assignments and Assessments

Register Oral questioning Pen Portrait

Observation Discussion Q&A

Interactive whiteboard

Speaking and listening:L2 give responses in appropriate language

Speaking and listening:L2 Make contribution to discussion

ICT: 2.1 Use of appropriate sources of information

1 as stylist

ICT2.3 use ict appropriately to communicate

1 recording consultation Swop over so each learner has been stylist (60mins) BREAK 15 MINS (ECM) Watch video uploaded on interactive whiteboard. For the group to peer observe and for each learner to identify strengths and weaknesses (60mins)

Flip cameras to record consultations

Functional Skills Description Coverage

Flip Cameras

1 learners as client

Identify strengths and weaknesses on consultation skills. Identify body language an personal skills. Team building skills through peer observation

Resources and planned use of ILT

Discussion Peer observation

Plenary Opportunities to:

Differentiate through Stretch and Challenge

Ensure active learning

This activity will really stretch learners to come out of there comfort zones and for them to identify their weaknesses. Learners will have

Activities are designed to be engaging for the learners through using scenes and also experimental. The activities are engaging to keep the learners focused and to help build their confidence.

to thick about how they are going top improve with the support of the tutor, therefore more learner focused

Differentiate through Support and Challenge

Special Points to note.

E.H has shown difficultly in reading and writing- support worker to scribe Previous session learners fed back they didn’t like table exercise, they would prefer to list. I have made sure there are no handouts were learners need to fill in boxes. Health and Safety Risk Assessment completed

Check learning Observation Question and Answer Nominated questioning Discussion Peer observation Flip camera video evidence



Learners to ensure all bags are clear of walk ways. Seating is accessible for people to walk around. Students to make sure their desks are clean and tidy for the next group to use the room. Learners will be given health and safety advice for experiment activities

Evaluation The Stated Outcomes were achieved:

Not at All.


The delivery methods used were:

Not appropriate

To some extent.

Appropriate to some extent.

By the majority of the group Appropriate for the


By everyone.

Very appropriate.


Notes and Comments: Learners enjoyed activity, it allowed learners to see and review not only their hairdressing skills but also their personal skills and body language. It identified what areas they need to improve on, it was a good tool for me as a tutor as I can put further training skills what learners are struggling with as a group. It worked very well for one particular learner who has a very negative attitude and can be very negative, it was a good tool to identify her professional behaviour.

What I would do differently next time… Could have done with more flip cameras, due to large group

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