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What Is an Earth Mole Doing in My Yard? "What is an earth mole?" one might ask. Entire colonies of them can live in someone's yard without ever begin spotted above ground. They are sneaky little creatures that love to burrow under lawns, eat the roots of tender plants, cause sinkholes and wreak havoc. They are small furry mammals that belong to the Talpidae family. Their cylindrically shaped bodies are covered with fur and their ears usually do not show. Their eyes are very tiny, because they spend most of their time burrowing in the dark. In addition to living in people's lawns, they are known to live in pastures, gardens and in woodland areas, but avoid high, mountainous areas. A lawn can be overrun with moles in a matter of weeks, and the question, "What is an one doing in my yard?" can become an exclamation of, "Oh no! Look at all these holes in my lawn!" The reproduction cycle of an earth mole is very short. A couple of moles can produce 7 offspring every 30 days, which, in turn can quickly produce more. Couple that with the fact that each single animal has its own network of tunnels, this can mean disaster for a lawn. The tunnels can be more than 70 meters long. When the animal digs them close to the surface of the ground, it pushes the displaced dirt up tunnels that run vertically, forming what most people recognize as molehills. Earth moles alternate between digging and eating between long naps. This is a continual mode of behavior. What is an earth mole going to do if it doesn't eat for several hours? It will die of starvation. What is an earth mole good for? Actually, they can be quite useful in maintaining an ecological balance. They eat a lot of pests such as cutworms, wireworms and leatherjackets. Additionally, their tunnels aerate the soil, which can be particularly useful in waterlogged parts of the country. However, once the mole population becomes too large, the scenario changes. This is when they become pests. If someone had asked, "What is an are they good for?" forty years ago, the answer would have been different. In the past, professional mole-catchers were hired to trap or unearth moles. Their skins would be used to trim hats and collars or as other garment embellishments. However, this is no longer a common practice. When someone asks, "What is an earth mole good for?" these days, they will be hard pressed to find anyone who will be able to come up with a positive answer. Earth moles are largely regarded as pests and they are frequently killed in areas where most people consider them to be nuisances. What is an earth mole going to do when someone tries to exterminate it? Earth moles can not only tunnel forward, they can run backward through their tunnels and can be very difficult to find. To know more information about Whatisan earth mole and NJGround Mole Removal visit

What Is an Earth Mole Doing in My Yard?