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With User-Driven Site, Reebok Keeps Pace with Everyday Runners Around the World

“Unlike other sites tailored to the professional runner, the Run Easy movement emphasizes that running, for many, is not a competition, but a lifestyle. With creative leadership from Carat and Isobar, we were able to develop tools to translate this philosophy to the Web, offline and mobile channels. Consumers can completely customize their experiences and connect with others around the world, sharing their passion for casual running through sound, user-generated content and interactivity.” Marc Fireman Head of Digital Marketing Reebok

CHALLENGE Reebok wanted to reinvigorate its brand by focusing on the joy and fun of running and motivate consumers to enjoy the sport at a pace that is right for them. To support this strategy, Reebok engaged Carat and Isobar Global to launch an innovative global marketing campaign that would celebrate the casual runner and integrate Reebok into runner’s everyday lives. APPROACH Leveraging the skills of Carat and the Isobar Global network, Reebok launched “Run Easy,” a multi-media campaign designed to foster a deeper level of engagement between consumers and the Reebok brand. The integrated campaign combines the Web, TV, mobile, print, and outdoor media to encourage consumers to speak to and through the brand in a meaningful way. At the hub of the Run Easy movement is Featuring a mash-up of Google Maps, iTunes, Flickr and Jumpcut technologies, the site provides user-generated content capabilities that help runners share their experiences with other runners. Visitors can easily map out favorite running routes, post snapshots, upload music playlists, and join discussion groups. The “Run Easy” movement is also supported by out of home executions, digital advertising, and television spots. The outdoor promotions include a mobile component that enables consumers to use text messaging or SMS to join the movement no matter where they are or what they are doing, while digital advertising placed on high profile web sites worldwide encourage consumers to enjoy their run “at the speed of chat.” BENEFITS • With a highly specialized team from Carat, CaratFusion, Hypermedia, Isobar and Molecular, Reebok was able to launch of their groundbreaking campaign in 14 countries and 11 languages across the globe. • In just one week after the launch of the site, runs were created by visitors from all over the world, including the United States, France, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Australia and more. is part of a multi-media campaign designed to foster a deeper level of engagement and emotional relevance between consumers and the Reebok brand.

Featuring a mash-up of Google Maps, iTunes, Flickr and Jumpcut technologies, the site leverages existing tools and behaviors to create a running experience where visitors can easily map out and share favorite running routes.

Visitors can easily post snapshots of sights to take in while on a run, upload music playlists, and join discussion groups.

User-generated content capabilities help runners connect with other runners and share their running experiences.

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Reebok’s site is part of the “Run Easy” campaign which used television spots and race sponsorships to bring fun back into the...