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If you notice mold on your drywall, remove it immediately to protect your health. If drywall contains significant mold, it has likely absorbed into the wall and needs replacement as drywall is a porous material that easily absorbs and harbors mold spores. How you come to know about that you need to remove mold? Well there are some signs that you should look to inspect the mold growth and its spreading before you start to remove mold. • • • •

Inspect the mold growth below the surrounding wall and baseboards of affected area. Mold growth include discoloration Bulge and cracked paint Use black light to observe mold spreading if yellow glow appears then it is the sign that mold growth has begun.

Pre-requisites: • Goggles • Gloves • Respirator mask • Air scrubber • Plastic sheet • Spray adhesive • Hepa vacuum • Drywall knife or razor blade Steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Assess the mold growth. Consult a certified professional if mold is larger than 10 sq. ft. Stop the moisture before removal can take place as mold needs moisture to grow. Wear appropriate respirator mask, Goggles and two sets of latex gloves. Close all the doors to surrounding rooms. Cover openings with carpet, fabric and appliances with plastic and tape it down to secure it from spreading. Utilize an air purifier to remove the spores from the air as you clean. As you work to prevent broad contamination place air scrubber inside containment to filter air. Vacuum surface of drywall to remove the mycelium, possible mycotoxins and mold spores. Cut a 4*4 inches box of 6 mm plastic just a bit longer than moldy area. Spray adhesive to plastic and wait 30 seconds for plastic to become tacky. Place plastic box over the moldy area. Cut the plastic sealed moldy area with drywall knife or razor knife from the wall and place inside a garbage bag. Place the materials in an airtight container or bag. Until proper disposal set the container or bag outside of the home through a window to avoid contaminating other surfaces. Dry area out as thoroughly as possible. Inspect the area regularly to avoid future growth of mold.

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