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urban structural park | thesis 2008 urban space: live work lofts proposed Newschool of Architecture & Design art exhibition & performance center re_sidence.vis.inert_ia | perisic design studio Peri-scope | perisic design studio

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Urban Structural Park | Downtown San Diego, California

In response to the need for public space & facilitation of future revitalization processes of Harbor Drive, the structural park is a new urban fit for downtown San Diego; connecting Gaslamp to Barrio Logan through Harbor Drive. The “Structural Park� acts as a blurring agent, blurring out the boundaries of Downtown zoning system by acting as a node, making mental & physical connection from Gaslamp to Barrio.

Site & Zonings Gaslamp

03 Convention center


Trolley Depot


Barrio Logan


01 02 03 04

industrial zone. Harbor operations residential + commercial zone. Barrio Logan commercial + residential zone. Gaslamp commercial zone. Hilton hotel + Convention center

Urban Structural Park | Process

Barrio Logan

Petco Park

Trolley Depot


Harbor Drive

Convention Center

01 02 03

Meta diagram | exploring macro + micro conditions Program analysis Circulation | connecting Hilton parking + Convention Center to Urban Structural Park & Gaslamp

projection screen exhibition space



primary design for projection screen cafe customized exhibition skylights = park seating cafe

exhibition space

connection over Harbor Drive


Urban Structural Park | Site plan

Petco Park

02 03

trolley depot


04 01 Harbor operations 02 Barrio Logan 03 Gaslamp + Petco Park 04 Hilton hotel + Convention Center

proposed project

Urban Structural Park | Nodes + Connections

[Trolley Depot Parking Connection]

[Exhibition Space]

[Petco Park & 8th Street Connection] [Media Projection Wall] [Gaslamp Connection]

[Structural Park Main Open Space]

[Hilton Parking Connection] [Convention Cntr Connection] [Open Space, Crossing Over Harbor Drive]

[Cantilevered Cafe Over Harbor Drive]

[Trolley Viewpoint]


Cantilevered Cafe + Gaslamp-Barrio Logan Connective Path

02 03

Media Projection Wall & Dual Function Exhibition Skylights & Seating Section: Entrance to Exhibition Space & Media Projection Wall


west section

04 05

north section

Cantilevered Cafe over Harbor Drive with a view of Structural Park, Petco Park & Gaslamp Section: Cantilevered Cafe & Exhibition Entrance

06 07

Cafe’s Hall with tilted Art-Wall Installation Section: Cantilevered Cafe Hall + Stair & Elevator Connection

northeast section

08 09

east section

Urban Structural Park connection over Harbor Drive + Iconic Cantilevered Cafe Section: connection over Harbor Drive

Urban Space | Live Work Lofts 01 | Interior rendering | lift open garage doors

Project Concept Designer Instructor

Proposed Little Italy Live Work Lofts | San Diego, California Over-sized balcony featuring lift open garage doors Ben Mokri + Marc Pakbaz Eric Epstein- Felhman La Barre

Sustainable Design | Energy Efficiency 02 | Process 03 | Model

Project Concept 01 02 03 Instructor

proposed newschool of architecture & design Creating an integrated studio-auditorium space using sustainable design principles Industrial motif Energy efficiency features Seismic consideration [heavy material bottom: concrete | light material top: corrugated metal] Drew Atkins

04 | Program + Sustainable Design Features Natural ventilation system [sawtooth opening + operable glazing] Underground mechanical hvac system: generated heat from mechanical room is filtered & distributed through bldg Raised flooring system: displacement vent system | cool air distribution from floor [bottom to top] Raised flooring system: flexible space + easy maintenance North & South lighting considerations

stack effect + cross vent

sawtooth opening + operable glazing

06 light weight material selection

07 08

06 05 04

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10





parking shops + naab storage classes + library + entrance live work studios + special functions administration + offices studio + computer lab + pin up studio + computer lab + pin up auditorium gallery/lounge/cafe open space + seating

10 01 heavy weight material selection

Art Exhibition & Performance Center

Project Concept Instructor

Proposed City College Art Exhibition & Performance Center | San Diego, California Inspired By Nature & Spiritual Cleansing Ed Holakiewicz | Carrier Johnson

Project Firm Architect Client About Concept

re_sidence.vis.inert_ia Perisic Design Studio Petar Perisic Sculptor (artist) Located at Harbison Canyon burned after the Cedar fire, client needed a new residence. Client programatic needs did not change, therefore the original house was the starting point for design process. The square footage and the number of bedrooms did not change, to quality for free and expedited plan-check and to allow reuse of existing septic system.

aerial map (Cedar fire, San Diego)

site plan

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

kitchen dining living laundry walk-in closet master bedroom bath bedroom bath studio


1 6



7 8

4 10

9 0 2 4 8 12

3D model

floor plan


3D model

1030304 MO A

design development

construction phase

Project Firm Architect Concept

Peri_scope | San Diego, California Perisic Design Studio Petar Perisic bringing awareness to global issues through effective dialogue and communication

benmokri portfolio  

school & professional projects that Ben Mokri has designed, worked on and created.

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