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Candle Making Fragrances

Using a candle making fragrance adds another dimension to our enjoyment of our handcrafted candles. Not only can we enjoyed the look of the candle and its gentle light, but now there is the added sense of scent. Although the sense of smell is not highly developed and most people and is sometimes considered the least used sense, is still very powerful. I think we've all had the experience of an aroma triggering immediate and powerful memories. Maybe the smell of freshly cut grass reminds us of the summers of our childhood or the smell of a certain perfume triggers thoughts of past romance. These experiences are powerful enough that we immediately noticed them. However, current research is proving that aromas can influence our mood and level of alertness without even being aware of them. Not only that, but there's some evidence that aromatherapy can actually improve our physical well-being. All of this is to indicate that there are reasons beyond simple enjoyment of an aroma for adding scent to a candle. Some candle makers actually make their own fragrance oils to scent their candles. I'll give you the address of a webpage that tells you how to do that in a moment, but most of us will probably be purchasing the scents that we use. Candle making fragrance is usually available as an oil. In general, most essential oils will work when blended with paraffin wax, even if the essential oil wasn't specifically manufactured for candle making. Most oils will also work with soy wax, but not quite as universally. Gel candle wax is a special case. This is not a true wax but instead is mineral oil that's been chemically treated to give it a gel-like consistency. Not all oils will blend with it. The easiest thing to do with gel wax is to buy candle fragrance made specifically for gel candles. For that matter, it's easiest and safest to do that with any type of wax. As you'll discover if you visit a well stocked craft store or shop online, there is an almost overwhelming assortment of candle making scents available. In addition to the quality of the oil that you're adding, you need to pay attention to the amount. As you add more oil the finished candle will have a stronger fragrance. However, if you add too much the candle will burn poorly and its appearance will be adversely affected. You almost always be safe adding 1 ounce of oil per pound of candle wax and even one in 1/2 ounces per pound will usually work well. Going above 2 ounces will usually be problematic unless you're using a wax that the manufacture specifically states can blend with that much essential oil.

Another point to consider when making scented candles is when to ad the scent. My recommendation is to add it immediately before you're about to pour the wax to form the candles. Essential oils are volatile, so if you heat them for a long time you will vaporize the scent and won't be stored in the candle. Your house will smell very nice why you're making candles, but there won't be much aroma in the finished product. I've seen candle makers add both the dye and fragrance to the wax melter with the hard wax and stir it altogether as the wax melts. I consider this poor technique. I think it's better to melt the wax, then thoroughly blend in the dye and finally add the fragrance.

Oil Making Candles Making candles is a wonderful and exciting craft because it offers so many possibilities for the expression of creativity by the candle maker. Candles can be made in just about any size, shape, color or aroma. There is another member of the candle family that offers additional fun and excitement. It is time to introduce yourself to the oil candle making. Oil candles are a little different from the traditional wax candles in their construction but they are close enough to be called a “candle� and they offer just as large opportunities for creativity. Essentially an oil candle is a container of flammable oil with a wick. That is the basic definition of an oil candle but they are much more. They are similar to container candles in that they need a container to hold the fuel and the containers can be any object with a concave surface that will not burn. This includes jars, bottles, tin cans, stones, etc. They can be a thing of beauty or a practical lighting device. Oil candles are a great choice as a centerpiece on a dining room table for a special occasion. They burn odorless and clean without any soot or smoke residuals. The warmth of glowing candles make them a great gift. So oil candles are definitely something the candle maker should consider

Oil candle making is newer skill that can be easy to learn for beginners, or an addition to the varied skill set of an experienced candle maker. The containers for these can be just about anything you would like. Glass bottles and canisters of various shapes and sizes are commonly used. It is possible to use containers make of other materials as well, such as stone or brass. It needs to be a container that will hold up to the heat of the candle without melting. Since liquid paraffin is used instead of solid wax the shape of the bottle can be very unique with plenty of curves. You are able to personalize the candle even more by putting various items inside the candle. Adding marbles or shells can be a nice touch. For a kitchen accent candle putting fruit or even different peppers into the candle will really make it stand apart. You can create with your d?cor in mind so that it contributes to any existing theme that you may have. These are perfect for centerpieces or entryways as being an elegant welcome to your ho SOY CANDLES Soy candles are only among the many kinds of candles that are now out in the market. It is gaining popularity and is the object of interest to many because of the excitement and thrill brought about by the use of a so-called challenging material. Making a piece with soy candle making supplies is very similar with the process undergone using ordinary wax. It is a little tricky at first but once a person gets to master the basics, he is sure to enjoy throughout and produce candles that are not only functional and useful but also beautiful and worthy to be placed

in a display rack. Soy candles also make a good gift to friends, family and loved ones because it is a lot healthier that the other types. There are a lot of soy candle making supplies available in the market and up for grabbing to enthusiasts and those who are in the business. They differ in terms of quality and prices and design. Because of the wide selection, one must be very discriminating and critical about it so as to come out with the best product. The most basic material is of course the soy wax. For starters, the flake form is still better to use. Next there are the fragrance oils that are to be combined to the wax to make beautifully scented candles. There are also different varieties available. Some scents are that of flowers, fruits and even food. The choice will of course depend on what the maker thinks to be the most pleasant to the smell. Other soy candle making supplies are wicks, and containers. They are also readily available and also come in different varieties. Containers are essential for holding the candles and making it look lovely in itself. In the end, one must always remember to go for beautiful materials without having to sacrifice quality.

Candle Making Fragrances  
Candle Making Fragrances  

The best part of making candles is the variety of fragrances you can add, here is a report on te different styles and mellsof canlde making...